Treasury Books and Papers: June 1744

Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5, 1742-1745. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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June 1744

June 4. 94. Petition to the Treasury from Col. James Stuart. Has enlisted a man who claims the benefit of the King's proclamation for the relief of smugglers: has applied to the Excise and the Exchequer Court for the discharge of said man, and moved the Exchequer Court to have the resolution of the Barons of said Court, which said Barons came to a resolution that the Treasury must give an absolute order to the Commissioners of Excise or Customs to order their solicitor to attend the Barons whenever any person desiring the benefit of the aforesaid proclamation demands a supersedeas from the said Court of Exchequer, to be directed to the sheriff for his or their discharge out of custody, and that the said solicitor do back the supersedeas, and produce to the Barons the judgment entered up against such smugglers, that the Barons may be able to determine whether the fact comes within the proclamation. Prays such order that he may with more ease get such smugglers out of custody as may be of service to the King in the Army or Navy. Referred to the Excise Commissioners.
[Reference Book X. p. 256.]
June 7.
95. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Gybbon, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
The petitions for Robert Austen and John Turner as Receivers for Surrey and Wilts respectively, their respites being taken off, referred [to the Taxes Commissioners].
Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer of 62,174l. 12s.d. for services as in his memorial of the 5th instant; and 20,000l. for bills of exchange and imprests in further part of his same of the 29th ult.
Mr. Secretary at War attended with an estimate for the forage, baggage money and bas horses for the 6 regiments which are going to Flanders. He is desired to prepare proper warrants, but the allowance for the forage to be agreeable to the regulation made by a minute of Feb. 28 last. The money for the whole to be paid out of the contingencies for the army at home for the present year.
A report of the Excise Commissioners read on the petition of Col. James Stewart for the discharge of a smuggler in gaol, being enlisted by him, and for orders to be given for the more easy getting out of custody such smugglers as shall desire to take the benefit of the King's proclamation by entering the Army or Navy. Referred to the Attorney and Solicitor General for their opinion.
A petition read from the town of Market Jew (“Margashiew”) for setting out a port. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
A memorial read from the Excise Commissioners for offering a reward of 100l. for apprehending the assaulter of William Kird (Kind), one of their officers. Agreed to.
A petition read from Edmund Waller for a reversionary lease of Abbs Park Wood, co. Bucks. Referred to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
A memorial read from Genl. Frampton for exemption from the tax of 4s. per £ in Ireland as Col. of a regiment late on the establishment there, he being in service in Germany when the King gave him said regiment. Agreed to.
A petition read from James and Hen. Douglas, merchants, agents for the captors of the “Neptune,” a condemned prize, praying that they may, on the ship's reporting inwards, land the cargo till the species and quantity thereof can be ascertained, as was done in the case of the “St. Joachim.” Referred to the Customs Commissioners. [Petition wrongly, dated, May 7 in Reference Book X. p. 257.]
Hubert Tassell to be collector at Jamaica, loco Bacon Morris, deceased.
A memorial from the Customs Commissioners read for repaying land tax to deputed officers of under 60l. salary.
Order for the issue out of the Civil List revenue of 6,945l. to the Cofferer of the Household to complete 1743, Lady Day quarter.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 36–7; Customs Book XV. p. 427; Letter Book XX. p. 140; Reference Book X. p. 257.]
June 8. 96. Petition to the Treasury from the Corporation of Market Jew (“Margashiew”), in Mounts Bay, Cornwall, concerning the great inconveniencies they are put to by being obliged to make entries of their goods at Penzance, and pay the duties there, although by a charter of 37 Eliz. they are only required to enter their goods at the said port. Referred:–To the Customs Commissioners.
[Reference Book X. p. 257.]
June 8. 97. Royal warrant with signification by the Treasury Lords, for the issue of 342l. 17s.d. to each of the colonels of the 6 regiments of foot as below ordered on foreign service, same being an allowance for forage money to enable them to take the field, viz.: Lieut. Gen. William Barrell, Cols. John Price, John Mordaunt, James Cholmondeley, James Fleming, and Lord Henry Beauclerk.
[King's Warrant Book XXXV. p. 442.]
98.Same for 155l. each to same, being an allowance to enable the officers belonging to the said regiments upon their going to Flanders to provide themselves with baggage horses.
[Ibid. pp. 442–3.]
99.Same for 100l. each to same, being allowance to said Colonels for their first campaign, in order to purchase one carriage or bass horse for carrying the tents of each company in the said regiments, as likewise one horse for carrying the respective surgeons' medicines belonging to those corps, there being no fund this year for the same by stoppages from those troops during their residence in winter quarters.
[Ibid. p. 443.]
June 11. 100. The Commissioners of the Navy to Sir John Rushout, Treasurer [of the Navy], forwarding a letter from the Secretary of the Master and Wardens of Trinity House, and a petition from several pilots licensed by the said corporation on behalf of themselves and their brethren, setting forth their necessitous circumstances, and the hardships they suffer from want of payment for their services. Recommend their case and pray the issue of 12,400l., being the pilot course as already solicited by letters of dates 1743–4, Jan. 22, 1744, April 25 and 28. 1 page.
:—(a) John Whormby, Secretary of the Master and Wardens of Trinity House, to the Navy Commissioners, dated from Trinity House, London, concerning the petition presented by the pilots on the 6th instant to a General Court of the Corporation of Trinity House, setting forth that the pilot bills made out for their services are omitted and not ordered to be paid them as usual, and that some of their said bills, dated in 1742, are yet in arrear and unpaid: and representing their great hardships herefrom. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIV. No. 13.]
June 13. 101. Report to the Treasury from the Attorney and Solicitor General on the report, dated June 5, from the Excise Commissioners to the Treasury, upon the petition of James Stuart, said petition concerning the more easy release from prison of smugglers who desire to take the benefit of the King's proclamation by entering the army or navy. Think the method of allowing the benefit of the King's pardon by supersedeas is the proper way, but it ought to be guarded in the most effectual manner by requiring the necessary evidence of the enlistment, and further that the person so enlisting be not discharged the service without special orders of the King. Propose other precautions against fraudulent enlisting done with a view to obtain a discharge, by which the Crown may lose the debt due from the enlisting smuggler. 4 pages.
:—(a) Said report from the Excise Commissioners, dated 1744, June 5, on said petition of James Steuart. 2 pages.
(b) Said petition of James Stuart, with order of reference, dated 1744, June 4. 1½ pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIV. No. 14.]
June 14 102. Statement of opinion by the Attorney and Solicitor General concerning goods condemned as prize and reported for a foreign port: being in reference to the case of “L'aimable Vanqueur,” a French ship from Martinico, taken by one of His Majesty's bomb ketches, Captain Thomas Hanway, carried into Portsmouth and condemned for prize, the agent for the captors having applied to the Customs Collector to make a report of the cargo of said ship and for liberty to proceed therewith to a foreign market. 3½ pages.
[Ibid. No. 16.]
June 14.
103. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Gybbon, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
The Secretary at War being present, the Chancellor of the Exchequer acquainted him of having seen a proposal of the Earl of Stair about the augmentation of the troops, and recommended to him the going to the said Earl and taking the King's direction.
Respites taken off three Receivers of land tax, detailed.
A petition read from Nathaniel Pigram. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Same read from Jose Elsome, collector of salt at Poole. Referred to the Salt Commissioners.
An account read from the Customs Commissioners of all French ships or vessels that were seized, or stopped, or detained in any ports of South Britain before declaration of war with France. To be sent to the Clerk of the Council in waiting.
A letter read from the Duke of Richmond for 1,000l. to clear the extraordinaries of the Stables when His Majesty was abroad last year.
A representation read from the Stamps Commissioners concerning the enlargement of their office. My Lords would know what will be the increase of expense by this proposal.
A memorial read from Mr. Revell, contractor for victualling Gibraltar, concerning the premios for insurance of provisions thither with respect to a French war. Mr. Revell being present, my Lords on hearing him hereon, and seeing some policies which he produced to them, agree to make trial of 10 per cent. insurance on the provisions certified to be delivered out to the garrison whether sent with or without convoy; to commence the 9th instant.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 38–9; Latter Book XX. p. 141; Reference Book X. p. 257.]
June 14. 104. Petition to the Treasury from Nathl. Pigram, commander of the “Amelia” sloop at Rye, in the service of the Customs. Is allowed only 20 men to sail said sloop, and has been obliged out of his own pocket to carry a greater number, especially since the war. Has lately made very large seizures of uncustomed goods, and proposes, as his sloop is a prime sailer, to take a letter of marque against the French, and to find what extra men are necessary for that service at his own expense and all other necessaries (arms and ammunition excepted) that he may be of service to the revenue in seizing the smuggling vessels, and also be able to cope with the French privateers, who very much infest the coast of Sussex. Prays to be allowed provision for his crew as is usually done in the like case. Referred:–To the Customs Commissioners.
[Reference Book X. p. 258.]
June 21. 105. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to observe an Order in Council dated Whitehall, the 19th inst., and prefixed in extenso, for His Majesty's ships of war from the Mediterranean to be permitted to proceed to their respective ports without performing quarantine, divers of the said ships of war being soon expected from those parts.
[Customs Book XV. p. 446.]
June 21. 106. Memorial to the Treasury from the Customs Commissioners, England, dated Custom House, London. Have lately had under consideration the state of the Customs sloops, being desirous to lessen the great charge thereof in this time of war with France. In the last war the then Customs Commissioners made a presentment, dated 1702, June 5, proposing to Lord Godolphin the laying aside several of the Customs sloops and vessels, which was approved. For the same consideration propose that the several sloops as in (a) infra be laid aside during the war. In order that the coast may not be left quite unguarded propose to continue certain of the sloops as in same list. 2 pages.
:—(a) Paper containing the following lists. (1) Of the sloops at present employed in the service of the Customs, with the annual charge thereof, which are proposed to be laid aside. (13 sloops with a total cost of 7,325l. 17s.d. per an.) (2) Of the sloops to be continued. (6 sloops at an annual cost of 4,723l. 6s.d.) (3) Of sloops at present employed to guard the ships under quarantine. (5 sloops at an annual cost of 2,400l. 14s.d.) 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIV. No. 18.]
June 21.
107. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Gybbon, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
The Secretary at War attended and delivered by the King's order an estimate of the charge of making a road from Dumbarton to Inverary, in Scotland, 44 miles, viz., 4,258l. 12s. 0d. To be returned to said Secretary to let my Lords know why this estimate is so much more than the whole charge of making the road in the year 1730 from Crieff to Inverness, which was 53¼ miles long, and did not exceed 3,370l. 8s. 0d.
Two letters read from Mr. Wood of the 15th and 16th instant about the insolence of a gang of smugglers near Pevensey Bay, who assaulted the Custom House officers and 2 dragoons. To be sent to the Secretary of State in order to their being laid before the King.
George Osmond's respite as Receiver for part of Devon to be taken off.
A report read from the Comptrollers of Army Accounts on a memorial of Messrs. Burrell and Bristow for 1,344l. 1s. 0d. for salt beef furnished by them for the forces in Minorca, and for 472l. 11s. 0d. for insurance of 9,900l., the amount of beef sent thither by them. Said Comptrollers to inform the Treasury whether the provisions for which they demand insurance appear by proper certificates to have been delivered.
A petition read from Gybbon Hawker and a report from Mr. Sharpe on a former petition from said Hawker concerning treasure found in Kent in December, 1737. To be sent to the Attorney General to do therein as he shall judge necessary.
Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer of 24,400l. for services as in his memorial of the 14th inst.
Same for same of the following out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
To the Privy Purse 3,000 0 0
To the Speaker of the House of Commons 500 0 0
To the Band of Pensioners 1,500 0 0
To the Board of Works 4,306 0 0
To the Treasurer of the Chambers for messengers 1,000 0 0
To same for rent of the Russian Minister's house 118 17 3
An answer read from the Stamps Commissioners concerning the increased expense from the enlargement of their office. My Lords agree to the enlargement.
A report from the Customs Commissioners read on the petition from Popham and Davis for stay of proceedings against them for exportation of bandannoes for Ireland on the “Nancy,” James Neal, master. Agreed to, viz., that they may deserve favour.
Same from same read on same from George and William Hawes for remission of interest on their bonds for James Bayley for tobacco duties. Agreed to the remission of interest, but a second proposal from said Hawes to be sent to the Customs Commissioners for them to make such a proposition to the Treasury for payment of the principal as may be consistent with the interest of the Crown and the circumstances of petitioners.
A memorial read from Capt. Thomas Smith, late Governor of Newfoundland.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 40–2; Letter Book XX. p. 142; Reference Book X. p. 258; Customs Book XV. p. 446.]
June 22
and 28.
108. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners, England and Scotland, to observe an Order in Council prefixed in extenso, dated Whitehall, the 22nd instant, for the release of all ships and vessels belonging to the subjects of France, with the persons and effects on board, before the proclamation of war, now detained by virtue of the Order in Council of March 24 last: the French King having given orders for the discharge of all British ships, vessels, and effects, similarly detained in France upon the French King's declaration of war: all in pursuance on both sides of the 19th article of the treaty of Utrecht.
[North Britain Book XIV. p. 68; Customs Book XV. pp. 447–8.]
June 23. 109. Petition to the Treasury from Isaac Cocart, commander of the “Duke of Cornwall” sloop, in the service of the Customs, stationed at Bideford. Proposes to fit out a vessel of 90 tons instead of the said sloop, with 12 carriage and 8 swivel guns, and to add 40 men to the number now belonging to the said sloop without any additional expense to the revenue (their provisions excepted), which will enable them not only to prevent the smuggling trade in those parts, but also to be a check upon the French privateers. Referred:—To the Customs Commissioners.
[Reference Book X. p. 259.]
June 24.]
110. An account of the income and issues of His Majesty's Civil List revenues between Midsummer, 1743, and Midsummer, 1744 (total income and expenditure 808,743l. 0s.d.). 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIV. No. 20.]
June 25. 111. Treasury warrant for the issue of 105l. to Richard Morley for himself and 3 clerks for 1744, June 24 quarter, for sorting, digesting, &c., the records and writings in the Court of the Receipt of the Exchequer.
Appending:—Said Morley's certificate of the work done in said quarter. “Since Lady Day last Mr. Farley has sorted loose fines in the reign of Queen Eliza. and put them into bundles, Mr. Smart has made indexes to Forest Rolls, Mr. Strachey has been methodizing State letters and papers in the reign of Henry the 8th, Mr. Cole has made indexes to the Star Chamber records, and Mr. Morgan has been sorting Star Chamber records into reigns.”
[Money Book XLI. p. 348.]
June 26/July 7. 112. J. Pouchoud to [? Henry Pelham], pressing for the issue of the sums necessary for the proper execution of his commission, in particular the 5,000l. demanded of him from the Treasury for [the receipt of] which he has authorised John Gore. Has to-day concluded to contract with the undertakers for the train horses, and thereupon made an advance of 25,000 f. florins. Has twice by letter demanded of Lord Carteret permission to come to London to pass his accounts of money received for this service in the past year. Hopes to do so on the conclusion of the campaign. French. 3 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIV. No. 21.]
June 27. 113. The Duke of Newcastle to the Treasury, dated Whitehall. An account has been received from Mr. Stanyford, Consul at Algiers, that several of the King's subjects have made their escape thither from Oran, who say that being prisoners in Spain they were forced by ill treatment into the service of that Crown, and that upon their coming to Algiers the Government there made them slaves on pretence of their having been in the Spanish service. Stanyford having applied to the Dey in their behalf, 3 of them were released, but 8 others, being slaves to private people by whom they were purchased, the Dey pretended he had no right to them. And more of the King's subjects, Mr. Stanyford thinks, may be in the same case. They can be redeemed for between 25l. and 28l. each. The King has directed Stanyford to agree for their release at the lowest possible rate, and has further thought fit that the 900l. or thereabouts contributed by several well disposed persons for the redemption of their fellow subjects in captivity, and lodged in the hands of the late Sir Charles Wager, should be applied to the said redemption as above, agreeable to the intention of the contributors, and that a royal warrant be accordingly prepared to authorise and direct the persons in whose hands the said money now is to pay the amount to be disbursed by Stanyford as above.
Minuted:—Substantially as under dates 1744, June 28 and July 5 infra, pp. 493, 496. 2 pages.
[Ibid. No. 22.]
June 27. 114. Royal warrant, countersigned by the Secretary at War and attested by the Treasury Lords, to Thomas Winnington, Paymaster of the Forces, for the issue of 420l. each to Col. Scipio Duroure and 20 other colonels of regiments, detailed, being for levy men for 140 privates at 3l. a man, the said regiments being forthwith commanded to be augmented by the said number.
[King's Warrant Book XXXV. p. 448.]
June 28. 115. Treasury warrant to the Stamp Commissioners to take a lease of chambers in Lincolns Inn, contiguous to their office, for the better convenience of their office.
Prefixing:—Memorial to the Treasury from said Commissioners. Since the passing of the clause in the act of last session for preventing hawking and vending of unstamped newspapers, the business of the rolling press office has increased so much that another press has had to be provided, for the proper placing of which it has been hitherto necessary to hire a house in one of the adjacent streets. Have now an opportunity of taking chambers as above at a rental of 100l. per an., whereby the rolling presses may be laid together and the supervisor have a nearer and easier inspection of the officers under him.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXVII. pp. 264–7.]
June 28.
116. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Gybbon, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
A petition read from John Thornhaugh, son of Andrew Thornhaugh, executor to Sir Thomas Hewet, concerning wind-fallen trees in Sherwood Forest, blown down in 1714, and praying stay of all proceedings, and such acquittal as my Lords in justice shall think fit. Referred to the Taxes Commissioners to make a state of the case.
Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer of 115,153l. 16s. 11d. in part of 162,829l. 7s. 1d. for services particularly mentioned in the memorial of this day's date by Mr. Hervey for said Treasurer.
A petition read from Thomas Maillie, Esq., Surgeon General to the late expedition to America, for a warrant to the Paymaster General for 182l. 10s. 0d., being the remainder of an additional pay of 10s. a day. Write to the Secretary at War to certify what is due to Dr. Dalrymple upon his additional 10s. a day, as he did in the case of Maillie.
A letter to Mr. Wood read with the copy of one to the Customs Commissioners from Captain Martin, commander of the “Princess Mary” sloop, setting forth that Samuel Betts, a notorious smuggler, has applied to the Admiralty for a letter of marque, which it is apprehended he will make an ill use of. To be sent to the Admiralty.
A memorial from the Excise Commissioners read for soldiers to be sent into several parts of Suffolk to prevent smuggling. To be sent to the Secretary at War to be laid before the King.
A letter from the Duke of Newcastle read signifying the King's pleasure that the money in the hands of Sir Charles Wager, contributed for the redemption of captives, and said to be about 900l., may be applied to the redemption of such captives as Consul Stanyford shall agree for at Algiers, and be paid him to reimburse his expenses (certified by him) therein. Write to Sir Charles's executors to certify what money for the redemption of captives was in his hands when he died.
Order for the issue to Mr. Winnington of 26,109l. 13s. 10d. to complete 66,109l. 13s. 10d. granted last session for extraordinaries in Georgia.
Same for a warrant for 50,000l. to Mr. Winnington for the third payment to the King of Sardinia of the 200,000l. granted last session for that purpose.
A report read from the Customs Commissioners on the petition of Mr. Dunlop and others, hair merchants, for a parcel of hair coming from Boulogne to pay only the Flemish duty. Agreed to, viz., that it ought to pay the French duty.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
To Sir Cyril Wich 2,005 0 0
To Rob Nun 282 9 1
To the Treasurer of the Chambers for 1743, Lady Day quarter's establishment 5,705 14 11
To the Master of the Robes 585 16 3
To the Master of the Great Wardrobe for 1743, Lady Day quarter 4,559 19 0
To same for his own salary 500 0 0
To the Gent. and Grooms of the Bedchamber 4,863 13 11¼
To Mr. Hooper for pensions 7,110 5 11¼
To Sir Clement Cotterell Dormer 607 6 0
To Same 330 1 6
To the purveyors for June 2,070 0 0
To the Earl of Loudoun 500 0 0
To Mr. Hatton 400 0 0
To Mr. Sharpe 1,000 0 0
To the Whitehall Preachers 375 0 0
To two Chaplains 40 0 0
Thomas Dean to succeed Rowland Pritchard as waiter and searcher at Swansea.
A report read from the Taxes Commissioners with a proposal for new securities for John Shepherd as Receiver General of house duties for Hants. Agreed to. Respites taken off 4 Receivers General, detailed.
Leave of absence to William Dunbar, Comptroller of Customs at Parham, in Antigua.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 43–5; Customs Book XV. pp. 453, 456; Letter Book XX. pp. 143, 44.]