Treasury Books and Papers: July 1744

Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5, 1742-1745. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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July 1744

July 5. 117. Warrant under the royal sign manual, countersigned by the Treasury Lords, to the Auditors of Imprests to pass and allow in the accounts of Henry Pelham, late Paymaster General of the Forces, all such sums as shall appear to have been issued and paid by him for the pay of the Hanoverian troops in the pay and service of Great Britain from 1742, Dec. 26 to 1743, Dec. 25, agreeable to the establishment signed for that time, without [i.e. notwithstanding the absence of] muster rolls the said muster rolls not being, by means of some errors and omissions, so exact and regular in their form and method as is required to be observed in the muster rolls of the British Forces.
Appending:—Certificate dated 1743–4, Feb. 13, by Thomas Watson, one of the Deputy Commissaries appointed to muster said forces. “In pursuance of the directions tome given, I did muster the Electoral troops of Hanover in the service and pay of Great Britain from the 26th day of December, 1742, to the 25th day of December, 1743, both inclusive, consisting of one troop of Life Guards of 192 men, officers included, 7 regiments of horse of 300 men each, making 2,100 men besides officers, 13 battalions of foot of 609 men each, making 7,917 men besides officers, 3 companies of the train of Artillery of 70 matrosses each, making 210 men besides officers, the whole … amounting to 16,601 men, and I do hereby certify that I found the said troops compleat according to their establishment.”
[King's Warrant Book XXXV. pp. 444–5.]
July 5. 118. Warrant under the royal sign manual, countersigned by the Treasury Lords, to the Auditors of Imprests for the passing and allowing in the accounts of Henry Pelham, late Paymaster General of the Forces, of all sums issued for the Danish forces in the pay of Great Britain from 1741, March 25 to 1742, April 14, notwithstanding the like absence of muster rolls as above.
Appending:—Certificate of same date by said Deputy Commissary Watson of his having mustered the troops of the King of Denmark in the pay of Great Britain, and found them complete according to their establishment for said period, as follows, viz., 3 regiments of foot of 398 men each, making 1,194 men with officers, 1 regiment of Grenadier Guards and 1 regiment of Foot Guards of 644 men each, making 1,288 men with officers, 6 regiments of foot of 734 men each, making 4,404 men with officers: or 6,886 in all.
[King's Warrant Book XXXV. pp. 445–6.]
119. Same to same for the passing and allowing in same of same of all sums issued for the Hessian forces in the pay of Great Britain from 1741, March 25 to 1743, Dec. 25, notwithstanding the like absence of muster rolls as above.
Appending:—Certificate of same date by said Thomas Watson of his having mustered the said Hessian troops and found them complete according to their establishment for said period as follows, viz., 4 regiments of Horse of 316 men each, 1 regiment of Foot Guards and 1 regiment of Grenadier Guards of 818 men each, 4 regiments of foot of 818 men each: the whole, with officers, amounting to 6,172 men.
[Ibid pp. 446–7.]
July 5.
120. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
The Customs Commissioners' report read on the Duke of Bolton's memorial relating to salvage of a wreck on the coast of the Isle of Wight and of a brig stranded in Sandown Bay, which he demands as Governor of the Island and Vice-Admiral of co. Southants. The Commissioners having no objection to the delivery of the goods to the Duke or his deputies upon their indemnifying the officers of the Customs in case any claim shall be made within a year and a day, and also against all actions that may be brought against them on account of salvage, my Lords agree thereto and order a warrant accordingly.
A state read from the Taxes Commissioners of the arrears of Richard Gildart, Receiver General of land tax for co. Lancaster, amounting to 15,847l., and of Philip Chapman, as same for co. Huntingdon, amounting to 9,428l. “My Lords not thinking the reasons the said Receivers allege sufficient to induce them to take off their respite, direct the Commissioners of Taxes to acquaint them therewith.”
A petition read from the Marquess of Tweeddale for a grant of certain Blench, Petty, Feu, and Castleward duties and casual rents during the time his ancestors were sheriffs of Haddingtonshire. Same read from the Earl of Haddington for same. Both referred to the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland.
A representation read from the Customs Commissioners for discharging the Receiver General of the Customs (in order to enable him to pass his accounts) of a bond that is missing, and charging the King's Remembrancer therewith. Send it to the Deputy Remembrancer for him to certify whether he has any objection to that method.
A state read of money in the hands of the late Sir Charles Wager's executors for redemption of captives, viz., 900l. in old South Sea annuities, with their dividends from 1739, Lady Day, and 112l. in money. Send a copy to Mr. Stone to acquaint the Duke of Newcastle that it will be necessary an account should be sent to the Treasury of the sum paid by Mr. Stanyford for the redemption of captives in order to the reimbursing him out of the abovesaid money.
Mr. Legge's report read on a memorial from the Duke of Grafton for repairs in Whittlewood Forest, and the purchase of Capt. Brudenall's house for a keeper's lodge. Warrant ordered for the repairs. The Duke of Grafton to be written to, to know in whose name the conveyance of the house to the Crown may properly be taken.
A letter from the Duke of Newcastle read signifying the King's pleasure for a present to the value of 500l. to be sent to the Dey of Algiers. See what has been done before on the like occasions.
A letter read from Mr. Woodford about his provision ship wanting convoy. My Lords are of opinion said ship may sail under convoy of the man of war which he informs them is going to New England.
A letter from Mr. Corbett read acquainting my Lords that the Admiralty had issued a warrant for letters of marque to Betts, but have countermanded it on the Treasury representation that he was a notorious smuggler, and might make ill use thereof.
Same from same read with a list of the land tax assessed on the salaries of the clerks of the Admiralty for the usual repayment thereof. Ordered.
Order for a warrant for stay of Exchequer process against Sir Charles Hanbury Williams to Michaelmas next as Paymaster of Marines.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
To the Huntsmen, a quarter 585 5 0
To Exchequer salaries and pensions, 1743, Lady Day quarter 5,369 17
To Foreign Ministers, same quarter 6,705 18 0
To Lord Henry Beauclerk, hay for deer 90 0 0
Mr. Presgrave to pay out of money in Mr. Lowther's hands when he died 50l. to Mr. Renard for the Dutch news for one year to 1744, June 24.
A memorial read for 4,000l. for Westminster Abbey. Ordered.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Ordnance of 60,000l. for the current year, half for land and half for sea service.
A memorial read from the Duke of Athole waiving an application some time since made by him for certain ecclesiastical duties belonging to the Cathedral Church at Dunkeld in favour of Dunkeld only. Warrant ordered.
Same read from Dr. Graham for his salary as Physician General to the American Expedition, and for 36l. 15s. 7d. expended by him.
Leave of absence to Robert Sparke, tidesurveyor of Dartmouth.
The Paymaster General's memorial of May 24th last with the proposal from Messrs. Burrell and Bristow for furnishing subsistence money for the forces in Minorca and Gibraltar agreed to to as follows: 25,000 dollars for Minorca at 55d. per dollar, 25,000 dollars for Gibraltar at 54½d. per dollar.
A representation read from the Taxes Commissioners on the petitions of Mrs. Sorrell and Mr. Douglas for allowances in relation to Mr. Burridge's debts recovered in Holland, which said Commissioners submit to my Lords.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 46–9; North Britain Book XIV. p. 71; Letter Book XX. pp. 144, 145; Customs Book XV. p. 453.]
July 5. 121. Treasury warrant for the issue of 256l. 4s. 8d. to Onslow Burrish, His Majesty's secretary at Antwerp, in satisfaction of one bill of extraordinary disbursements in that service, 1742 and 1743.
Followed by:—Said bill in detail. (Said bill including the following items: “For a list of the French Army, with a minute description of the uniform and other military distinctions of each troop and batallion for His Majesty's own use, 31l. 10s. 10 d. Paid a correspondent at Namur for intelligence of the French motions, 26l. 5s. 0d. To several other correspondents in Charleroi, Mons and the Barrier for 2 years, 52l. 10s. 0d. Expenses on a journey from Liege to the Hague and back by way of Antwerp and Brussels in November, 1743.)
[Money Book XLI. pp. 374, 375.]
and after
July 12.]
122. Representation to Field Marshal Wade from the officers of the Foot Guards concerning the difficulties they lie under with respect to forage. During the last war in Flanders rations were allowed to the officers of the Foot Guards in proportion to their rank in the army. This was likewise practised in the winter of 1742, and when the allowance for a battalion of foot was 100 rations, that of the Guards amounted to 150 for the first battalion, consisting of 10 companies, and 135 for each of the others, being 9 companies: which said rations were disposed by orders of the Earl of Stair of 1742, November 23 and 27, in certain proportions, detailed. The allowance being now reduced to 60 only for each battalion of Guards upon the [same] footing as all the battalions of the army, the Captains being Lieutenant Colonels can have no more than 2 rations, and the Lieutenants being Captains no more than one each, and this only in the second and third battalions, for the first battalion having one company more the officers belonging to it cannot be entitled to so great a proportion. The officers of the Guards provided themselves with horses in proportion to the number of rations distributed to each, which they were forbidden to part with by a very strict order of 1742, Dec. 15, and the said order being never revoked they looked upon themselves as obliged to maintain the like number ever since. Whereby a Captain keeping 8 horses will be obliged to pay 4s. a day to the contractor, while by the present regulation he receives only 1s. from the Government: and other officers in the same proportion.
Followed by three papers which possibly formed inclosures in a later report to the Treasury on the above petition.
(a) Memorandum as to forage for the Foot Guards. 2 pages.
(b) Account of extraordinaries for the British troops, viz. of forage from the different times of their landing in Flanders, to 1742, Dec. 24, of same for 1743, and of bread, bread waggons, hospital, secret service and intelligence, additional and staff officers, sundries, and to the Duke of Arenberg for 1742 and 1743. 9 pages.
(c) Observations on the account of British forage. 4 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIV. No. 23.]
July 12. 123. Memorial to the Treasury from the Customs Commissioners, England, concerning the superannuation funds of the inferior Customs officers. In order to raise a fund for the support of the inferior officers of the Customs who are past their service or disabled 6d. per £ has been deducted out of the salaries of all officers in London and the outports (except watchmen and noontenders) of not more than 60l. per an. salary. The number of old officers who were at first put upon the [superannuation] list was so great and has since been so increasing that the income settled to pay them is not sufficient, the receiver and comptroller of that money having certified that the pensions amount to above 2,000l. per an., whilst the income of the fund is only 1,400l. In consequence the payments of the pensions have fallen short, and the officers have received same no further than to 1743, June 24, so that there is wanting 946l. 16s.d. to discharge the arrears to Xmas last. In view of the deplorable distress of the pensioners, pray to be empowered by the Treasury to direct the Eeceiver General of the Customs to pay to William Leach, Receiver of the Superannuation Fund, the said sum out of the Old Customs (being the branch out of which the salaries of the Customs officers are paid). Pray also that the sum of 800l. similarly advanced to the Superannuation Fund in 1736 may be allowed in credit to the said Leach in order to his more regular discharge; there being no probability of the fund ever repaying that amount. 3 pages.
:—(a) A list, dated Custom House, London, 1744, June 4, of superannuated officers as they stood at Xmas, 1743, with their annual pensions, distinguishing those placed on the list by order of the Treasury; together with a state of the fund at Xmas last. 6 pages.
(b. c. d. e.) Copies of 4 previous representations, memorials, or reports concerning said fund as follow, viz.: (b) Representation from same to same, dated 1712, April 30. “By two warrants of the Treasury, dated the 15th May and 24 Septemr., 1708, on a presentment from this Board of the 22nd April preceding, it was directed that the sum of 14l. per an. should be allowed as a pension to each of the 12 tidesmen then found superannuated, to be deducted by way of average out of the salaries of the 12 junior tidesmen as should from time to time be established, and such deduction to cease in proportion as any of those superannuated tidesmen should dye; which establishment has since that time been observed, and at present only 5 of the 12 superannuated remain: and the Commissioners considering that at present there are several other tidesmen who are by age and infirmitys unfit for the service, and that it may be proper that a like provision be made for the watermen and weighing porters as may be superannuated and disabled, do humbly offer that if a deduction of a sum not exceeding 6d. in the £ be made out of the salaries of the whole body of tidesmen, watermen, and weighing porters of this port [London] as are or shall be establisht., the same would raise about 240l. per an., and be sufficient to allow 14l. per an. each to such of those officers as are now or shall hereafter become superannuated or disabled ….” Together with:—Lord Treasurer Oxford's warrant hereupon of date 1712, May 3. 2 pages.
(c) Presentment from same to same of date 1713, June 4, proposing a superannuation scheme for the outport officers: together with Lord Treasurer Oxford's warrant thereupon of date 1713, June 10. 2 pages.
(d) Same from same to same of date 1717, Sept. 4, for the extension of the superannuation scheme to inspectors of the river, and 10 other species of Customs officers of between 14l. and 25l. per an. salary: together with Treasury warrant hereupon of date 1717, November 6. 2 pages. (e) Memorial from same to same of date 1720, July 20, for extending the deduction of 6d. per £ to officers of up to 60l. salary, and for making the deduction in the outports 6d. instead of 4d., as hitherto, all with a view to enable the fund to meet the too great demands upon it: together with Treasury warrant hereupon of date 1720, July 26. 2½ pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIV. No. 24.]
July 12.
124. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Earl of Middlesex.
A report read from the Customs Commissioners, Scotland, on a petition from the Glasgow tobacco merchants for leave to export tobacco on British or neutral ships to France, and licences for such ships as shall export same. They being of opinion the prayer may be granted, the trade being beneficial to the public, my Lords direct the Attorney and Solicitor General to attend on Thursday next relating to this affair.
A petition read from Mr. Pybus, agent to the Dover packet boats, concerning the loss of passage money on his present contract by officers and soldiers having their passage gratis, whereas formerly such passage money was paid by the Transport Office. Write to Mr. Corbett to desire the Admiralty to consult with such officers of the Navy as act as Commissioners for Transports concerning the proper directions to be given in relation to this claim, and to certify what sums were paid for the like services in the last war, and by whom.
A memorial read from the the officers of the Foot Guards to Marshal Wade for an increase of forage according to their ranks, they being now allowed no more than officers of the same titles in any other regiments of foot. To be examined by next Thursday.
A memorial read from Col. Duroure, Adjutant General, for payment of 338l. Order for same out of contingencies of the army.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
To the Treasurer of the Chamber for bills for 1743, Lady Day quarter 3,249 6 0
To the King's goldsmith for plate 4,607 18 6
To Sir Archer Croft 500 0 0
To Mrs. Howard 100 0 0
To Mr. Compton 920 0 0
To the poor Knights of Windsor 287 0 0
A petition read from John Pegram, late Surveyor General of Customs, North America (superseded to restore Mr. Lechmere, whose office was disposed of upon a false representation that he was dead), setting forth his case, and praying employment. My Lords will consider him upon a proper vacancy.
Order for the issue to the Royal Africa Company of 10,000l. in part of 20,000l. granted last session of Parliament.
A petition read from John Brown for discharge from recognizances for assaulting Eliz. Wood. Warrant ordered.
A representation from the Board of Works read concerning the purchase from the Directors of Greenwich Hospital of several things left in the King's house there on Sir John Jenning's death. Also a memorial from the Directors of said Hospital proposing to sell some tapestry hangings now in the Palace there, and belonging to the Hospital. Send to the Board of Works the schedule of things mentioned in their representation, as also the proposal of said Directors, for them to inquire by what authority the Hospital claims those things; also to have the hangings valued by a skilful person, and to advise the Treasury what is reasonable to be paid therefor.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 50–2; Letter Book XX. pp. 145, 146.]
July 17
(? 19.)
125. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Earl of Middlesex.
The Attorney and Solicitor General attend concerning the liberty of exporting tobacco to France. And my Lords agree with them in opinion that the granting licences desired by the tobacco merchants cannot be granted by (erased and altered to is not properly before) their Lordships, and as to the other part of the merchants' memorial my Lords will take it into consideration at a convenient time (erased and altered to would have the Commissioners of the Customs to proceed in their usual method.)
A report read from the Customs Commissioners on a petition from Joseph Cockburne, master of the “Good Intent” cutter, praying the King's share of the forfeiture of said ship and cargo for the services he alleges to have done the Government, and whereby he subjected said ship to forfeiture. Warrant ordered.
Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer of 193,010l. 14s. 6d. for services as in his memorial of the 12th inst.: and 3,500l. for same as in same of this day.
A memorial read from the Paymaster of the Forces for 215,489l. for the forces abroad.
A representation read from the Auditors of Imprests with a state of the accounts of Israel Fielding as Commissary to the Duke of Schomberg, and for provisions for the Dutch forces in Scotland in 1689 and 1690. The Auditors [of Imprests] to prepare a proper warrant for a Privy Seal.
On the Lord Chamberlain's letter, order for a warrant for 200l. as a present to Sieur Jordan, Resident to [sic for from] the Elector Palatine.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
To the Master of the Horse 1,000 0 0
To the Privy Purse 3,000 0 0
To Mr. Walker 1,009 5 4
To Mr. Walpole 2,087 2 7
To the Deputy Chamberlains 30 17 0
To Mr. Russell 137 6 4
To Mr. Burrish 270 0 0
To Mr. Jennison 700 0 0
To Mr. Latton 215 13 0
To the Earl of Holdernesse 2,410 0 0
To Sir James Gray 150 0 0
To the Clerks of the House of Commons. 770 0 0
To same of the House of Lords 450 0 0
To Mr. Jephson 84 10 0
To Mr. Basket in part of 4,526l. 7s. 2d. 500 0 0
To the Cofferer for purveyors for July instant, 2,000l. and 70l. to Sir Clement Cotterell Dormer for the Tripoli Ambassador 2,070 0 0
To Sir Archer Crofts, three quarters to 1744, Midsummer 750 0 0
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 53–4.]
July 18. 126. Warrant under the royal sign manual, countersigned by the Treasury Lords, to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to cause the following annual pensions to be inserted on the civil establishment in Ireland from 1744, June 24: viz., Richard, Earl of Rosse 250l., Ford, Earl of Cavan 250l., Hugh, Earl of Mount Alexander 150l., John, Viscount Mayo 250l., William Sherman, in trust for Nicholas, Jerom and Margant Netiwell, children of the late Luke Netiwell 100l., Alexander Nesbit 200l., Robert Butler 150l.
[Irish Book IX. p. 425.]
July 20. 127. J. Scrope to the Customs Commissioners enclosing from the Treasury extracts of letters from Sta. Cruz, in Barbary, relating to the plague now raging at Morocco; with Treasury directions to be cautious in admitting any goods to be entered from those parts until an Order in Council can be obtained for obliging ships coming thence to perform quarantine.
[Customs Book XV. p. 454.]
July 20. 128. James Vernon, a clerk of the Privy Council, to John Scrope, dated Whitehall, Council Office, transmitting (a) infra for the information of the Treasury.
Appending:—(a) Order of the King in Council, dated Kensington, 1744, July 19, made on a report from the Lords of Trade of 1744, June 19, said report being made upon a letter from Edward Trelawney, Governor of Jamaica, to the Duke of Newcastle, of date 1743, July 20, which said letter had set forth the advantages that will accrue from settling some sort of civil Government upon the Mosquito shore, and had further proposed an independent company to be constantly kept there, and 300l. per an. allowed as presents to the Indians to retain them in the King's service, and 500l. for contingencies. The said letter was considered on the 6th Feb. last by the Lords of the Committee, and referred to the Board of Trade, who have been attended thereon by Lieutenant Hodgson, for some time a resident in said country, and recommended by Mr. Trelawney. Hodgson informed the said Lords that the tract of land possessed by the Mosquito Indians extends upwards of 80 leagues upon the coast of Honduras; that the said tract is commodiously situated for maintaining a correspondence with the island of Ruatan and the logwood cutters lodged at the river Belize (“Bellese”) in the Bay of Honduras, and likewise for opening a trade with the Spaniards on the continent for the sale of British manufactures; that there are at present about 50 British familys settled among those Indians.” Hereupon the Board of Trade, having learned by a letter lately received from Mr. Trelawney that there is a disposition in several others to settle there upon proper encouragement, reported favourably as to the several allowances proposed by Trelawney and for the despatch of troops thither, but as to the proposal to establish a civil government could not propose any form suitable to the circumstances. Upon the whole matter the Lords of the Committee report, and the King hereby orders in Council that instead of sending an independent company thither, which must be raised on purpose for that service, Governor Trelawney is to send a detachment from his regiment to the Mosquito shore consisting of one company or otherwise as he shall judge necessary, and that the Governor of Jamaica for the time being shall lay out such sums as are requisite for the above service, drawing from time to time on the Treasury for same, and transmitting accounts therefor vouched by the proper officers. In triplicate 5 and 3 and 4 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIV. No. 27.]
July 25. 129. Warrant under the royal sign manual countersigned only by the Secretary at War, to Thomas Wilmington, Paymaster General of the Forces, to pay to Col. Edward Pole 893l. 14s. 6d., in full satisfaction of the difference of pay between the Irish and British establishments for the commission and non-commission officers who were ordered to conduct to Ostend the 558 drafts made from the several regiments of horse and dragoons in Ireland, which he was appointed by the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to command: so as to make up the pay of each respective said officer equal to the allowance borne on the establishment of Great Britain for an officer of the same rank during the respective times they were employed on this service. 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIV. No. 28.]
July 25. 130. Entry of renewal of contract between the Treasury and the Bank of England for the circulation by the latter for 1 year to 1745, July 24, of all Exchequer bills by any act then in force not exceeding 2,500,000l.; at 3 per cent. for premio and interest.
N.B.—An additional contract was signed 13 August, 1744, for circulating 1,400,000l. Exchequer bills on land tax, 1744, and 750,000l. on malt, 1744, notwithstanding the clause for 2,500,000l.: which bills were to be at 3 per cent. and in all other respects the contract was the same as that of date 1745–6, January 8, infra.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXVII. p. 182.]
July 26.
131. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
To the Duke of Richmond for Mr. Pouchoud 1,500 0 0
To the Judges 6,582 10 0
To the Chancellor of the Garter for the Poor Knights [of Windsor] 285 2 6
To Mr. Davies 500 0 0
To the Master of the Great Wardrobe, salary 500 0 0
To the Treasurer of the Chambers for house rent for the Russian Minister 113 17 3
A memorial read from the Mayor et al., of Barnstaple, concerning infringements upon the officers of the customs of that port by those of Bideford. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Order for the issue to the Deputy Paymaster of Marines of 24,816l. 16s. 8d. for 2 months' subsistence to 1744, June 24, on his memorial of the 15th inst. for 84,498l. 11s. 8d.
Same for same to the Paymaster of the Forces of 165,489l. on his same of the 17th inst. for 215,489l. “The last article not directed.”
Same for same to the Navy Treasurer of 142,229l. 19s. 5d. in part of his memorial of this day for 233,225l. 12s. 1d.
A memorial read from the Postmasters General for a warrant empowering them to renew the lease of their office in Lombard Street. Agreed to.
The Excise Commissioners' report read on the petition of Harthory Brudenall, late Collector of Excise for Exeter collection, for his expenses in detecting fraudulent practices in the Excise. Agreed to allow him 200l.
The Customs Commissioners' memorial read for selling Sir Maltus Ryall's estates, seized for duties on coals. Warrant ordered.
The report from the Surveyor General of Lands read on a petition from John Merril and Frances Killigrew for renewal of a lease, to the Crown, of Castle Hill, Cornwall, on which Pendennis Castle is built.
Order for the issue of 10,000l. to the Royal Africa Company in part of 20,000l. voted last session.
A memorial read from Capt. Thynne, late of the American regiment, for 158. 9s. 0d. expended by him in lawsuits and otherwise in Pennsylvania in defending enlisted recruits (some of them indented servants) raised in Pennsylvania for the said regiment. To be sent to the Secretary at War to inquire into.
Leave of absence to Thomas Cox, a tidesman, London port.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 55–6; Letter Book XX. p. 147; Reference Book X. p. 260; Customs Book XV. p. 455.]
July 27. 132. H. Fane to the Customs Commissioners, England, and Scotland, with Treasury directions for them to observe an Order in Council, prefixed in extenso, dated Kensington same date, for ships coming from West Barbary to perform quarantine; information having been given that the city of Morocco is visited with the plague, and that the infection has spread to Taradank and Sta. Cruz, in West Barbary.
[North Britain Book XIV. p. 94; Customs Book XV. p. 460.]