Treasury Books and Papers: August 1744

Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5, 1742-1745. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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August 1744

Aug. 2. 133. Treasury warrant to the Earl of Leicester and Sir John Eyles, joint Postmaster General, to enter into a new lease, on behalf of the Crown, of the capital messuage and mansion house, and the several other houses where the Post Office is now kept for a further term of 21 years from the expiration of the present lease.
Prefixing:—Representation from said Eyles to the Treasury, concerning the expiry at Xmas next of the lease of the above, made in January, 1706, for 38 years with Thomas Vyner.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXVII. pp. 250–1.]
Aug. 2.
134. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
A memorial from the Postmaster General read, with an estimate of the increase of the expense of the packet boats since the war. My Lords agree to increase the Dover, Harwich and Lisbon boats. Write to the Postmaster to explain [to the Treasury] where the Mahon and Gibraltar packet boats go [are] at present and why he thinks they should be increased.
A letter read from Mr. Corbett, with a report from such of the Commissioners of the Navy as act as Commissioners for Transports, on a memorial of Mr. Pybus for freight of officers and soldiers between Dover and Ostend, “which the said Commissions say may be paid by bills made out in course, as the transports are paid.” My Lords direct that Mr. Pybus be paid accordingly, but for the private men only.
Auditor Benson's state read of Charles Stanhope's account of money imprested to him towards paying the arrears of the late King in the office of the Treasurer of the Chambers. Warrant ordered.
A report read from the Surveyor General of Woods on a memorial from the Ranger of Richmond New Park for works and repairs there. Agreed to, but to be paid out of wood sales, not (as proposed) by debentures on the receivers of land revenues.
Same read from the Customs Commissioners on a petition of Albert Nesbitt for the delivery of French wine seized. Report agreed to.
Same from same read on same of George and William Hawes, sureties of James Bayly, tobacco merchant, concerning the payment of Bayly's debt by instalments. Agreed to.
A letter of the 17th ult. read from Mr. Cassa Maijor to the [Treasury] secretaries informing that he has entered a protest relating to the “St. Joachim” prize. A report also read from the Customs Commissioners with an account of Mr. Cassa Maijor's behaviour in the examination of the goods of said prize. Report agreed to.
A petition read from Thomas Heath to be discharged of an estreated recognizance. Referred to Mr. Sharpe.
A letter read from the Board of Greencloth to Lord Sandys, the Cofferer, to apply to the Treasury for a further imprest of 500l. [for] a month to the several purveyors on account of the backwardness of payments in that [the Cofferer's] office, and for 350l. to defray the prime cost and freight of Rhenish wine coming from Germany. Lord Sandys's memorial for same also read. Agreed to.
A memorial read from the Navy Treasurer for 3,000l. on the head of wear and tear.
Order for the issue out of the Civil List revenues of 1,000l. to the Treasurer of the Chamber for messengers, and 3,000l. to the Privy Purse.
Sir William Yonge attends with General Cope's answer to said Yonge's letter relating to the making the new road in Scotland; in which he acquaints Sir William that he cannot send a certain estimate of the expense, but desires 1,000l. may be issued to him towards carrying on same. Warrant ordered accordingly.
Sir William Yonge is desired to enquire at the offices of the Paymasters General of the Forces and of the Marines respectively if there is any money in their hands that may be applied to paying the officers of the late American regiment two months' subsistence to 1743, Xmas, and 6 months' pay afterwards.
A memorial read from Mr. Woodford for 819l. for 3 months' victualling of Placentia to 1744, June 30. Referred to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts.
Same read from the Paymaster of the Forces of the 27th ult. enclosing the proposal from Messrs. Burrell and Bristow for furnishing subsistence money for the forces in Minorca and Gibraltar, 1744, August 24 to Oct. 24. Agreed to as follows, viz.: 22,000 dollars for Minorca at 55d. per dollar, 24,500 dollars for Gibraltar at 54½d. per dollar.
Order for the issue to the Paymaster of the Forces of 50,000l. for the King of Sardinia.
Order for the issue to the Paymaster of the Forces of 94,982l. 12s.d. to complete the 524,023l. 8s. 3d. granted last session for extra charges in Flanders in 1742 and 1743, not provided for by Parliament.
Order for a letter for repaying out of old stores the land tax to the officers of Plymouth yard, amounting to 307l. 4s. 0d.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 57–60; Letter Book XX. p. 147; Reference Book X. p. 261.]
Aug. 6. 135. Petition to the Treasury from James Trant, of Ireland. Sets forth that he was stopped by the Custom House officers at Holyhead, in Wales, with a small cloak bag of cloths, for a fee of 2s., which they claimed as their right, and extort the same from all travellers. Prays that a stoppage be put to so unreasonable a demand. Referred:—to the Customs Commissioners.
[Reference Book X. p. 261.]
Aug. 9. 136. Warrant under the royal sign manual, countersigned by the Treasury Lords, appointing the establishment for the General and Staff Offices for South Britain: same to date from Feb. 26 last inclusive. (Total establishment 60l. 10s. 0d. per diem, viz. for a Commander in Chief, a General, 3 Lieutenants General, 5 Majors General, 6 Brigadiers General, a Quarter Master General, a Deputy Quarter Master General, a Deputy Adjutant General and their respective aides de camp.)
Subscribed by the Treasury Lords with an order as follows, dated Whitehall, Treasury Chambers, 1744, Sept. 6. “Let the Paymaster General of His Majesty's Forces, the Auditors of His Majesty's Imprests, and all others herein concerned take notice that it is His Majesty's pleasure that this establishment do cease from the 8th day of August, 1744, except the allowances to the Commander in Chief, his 4 aides de camp and secretary.” 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIV. No. 33.]
Aug. 9. 137. Report to the Treasury from the Customs Commissioners, Scotland, on the petition of the late Neil Buchanan, praying on behalf of the merchants of the city of Glasgow that the deputy collector and comptroller at Glasgow may administer all such oaths to the said merchants as may be necessary, and that they may be as good and valid as if they are made before the collector and comptroller of Port Glasgow. As the prayer of this petition turns on a point of law, have taken the opinion of His Majesty's Advocate thereupon, whose opinion is that it is not proper that the desire of the merchants should be granted.
Minuted:—As under date 1744, November 22, infra.
:—(a) Petition from said Neill Buchanan to the Treasury. The port of Glasgow is 16 miles of very bad road from the city. There is a Deputy Collector and Comptroller of Customs at Glasgow, but they are not empowered to administer the necessary oaths required by the Customs laws, whereby the merchants are often put to great charges and yet greater avocation from their necessary business at home in going to the port to make such oaths, which they cannot do in less than 2 days, one going, the other to return home. Therefore prays as above. Together with:—Treasury order of reference of date 1743–4, Jan. 12 (13). 1 page.
(b) Copy of the opinion of Lord Advocate Robert Craigie, as above, dated 1744, August 2. The oath of identity and (in case of re-export) of the intention to re-export ought to be made to the same officers who receive the duty upon importation. This is settled by the second rule of the Book of Rates, which has in this matter the force of a statute. Further it is universally known that great frauds are committed in the tobacco trade. Although great quantities of the tobacco imported into Scotland are consumed within the country, yet the most part, if not all, the tobaccos entered are exported and the duties drawn back upon exportation; which is real evidence that debentures are unduly obtained for tobaccos which are not exported, the presumption being that the tobacco exported is not the identical tobacco imported, but smuggled and substituted tobacco. 4 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIV. No. 35.]
Aug. 9. 138. Warrant under the royal sign manual, countersigned only by the Secretary at War, to Thomas Winnington, Paymaster General of the Forces, to pay to Lieut. Gen. Henry Hawley, Sir James Campbell, Brig. Gen. Humphrey Bland, Sir Robert Rich, Fieldmarshal John, Earl of Stair, and Sir John Cope, Colonels of dragoon regiments, 200l. each, same being, with 400l. each already granted, to make up the 600l. allowed by royal warrant of Feb. 29 last to a regiment of horse consisting of 9 troops for providing tents and camp necessaries, as the proper stoppages could not be made from the pay of the several corps of horse and dragoons serving in Flanders by reason those corps did remain on dry forage during their residence last winter in quarters: the said royal warrant having granted to a regiment of dragoons only 400l. for the like, and the Colonels of the regiments of dragoons having represented that the numbers which compose a regiment of dragoons are equal to three squadrons of horse, and having therefore besought the like allowance. 2 pages.
[Ibid. No. 36.]
Aug. 9. 139. Treasury warrant (cancelled, corrected and a new warrant signed 1744, Oct. 11) to William Benson, one of the Auditors of Imprests, to prepare for declaration the account of Daniel Race, the Cashier of the Bank of England for transacting the affairs of the Bank annuities, of the moneys contributed on the 1,000,000l. in 3 per cent. annuities, and the lottery of 800,000l., anno 1743.
Prefixing:—State of said account as prepared by said Benson.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXVII. pp. 253–5.]
Aug. 9. 140. Treasury orders for the execution of two Lord Chamberlain's warrants to the Master of the Great Wardrobe of date 1744, July 31, for the provision of furniture, detailed at length, for the House of Commons, and of same for the House of Peers: to estimates respectively of 445l. and 485l.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book II. p. 213.]
Aug. 9.
141. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Earl of Middlesex.
Mr. Gildart's respite as Receiver General for co. Lancaster to be taken off.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
To the Great Officers 8,629 2 1
To Mr. de Salis 450 0 0
To Mr. Janssen 290 0 0
To Mr. Selwyn 1,041 15 0
To Mr. Jourdan 502 3 6
To Mr. Burrish 494 0 0
Same for the issue to the Paymaster of the forces ot 121,711l. for services as in his memorial of this day's date.
Same for same of the following to the Navy Treasurer: viz. 14,779l. 1s. 11d. to pay bills of exchange and imprests on the head of victualling in part of the article of 22,000l. in his memorial of the 26th ult.; 3,000l. on the head of wear and tear as in his same of the 31st ult.; 5,000l. on head of same as in his same of this day's date; 5,000l. on head of wages as in his same memorial; 6,000l. on the head of victualling for necessary money, &c., as in his same of the 26th ult.
The Secretary at War attended my Lords with the establishment of the staff here, and acquainted my Lords that the King has ordered the same to cease as [from] yesterday, except as to the Earl of Stair, Commander in Chief, his four aides de camp and secretary.
A letter read from Sir William Yonge with a petition inclosed of Capt. Alexander Wilson in behalf of Major Caulfield and the 4 companies of foot under his command which were formed in Jamaica out of Col. Gooch's regiment, and sent from thence to Ruatan in August, 1742. Referred to the Secretary at War, the Paymaster of the Forces, and the Comptrollers of Army Accounts to examine into the allegations and report a state, with their opinions what is fit to be done.
A memorial to Sir William Yonge from John Stewart, Commissary for the Dutch forces here, read for an allowance of 1l. 10s. 0d. a day for himself and clerks from 1743–4, March 8 to July 24 following, and for whatever more shall be thought reasonable to reimburse his expenses. Warrant ordered for 1l. 10s. 0d. a day.
A letter to be written to the Paymaster of Marines for an exact account of the savings upon the subsistence of the 6 regiments of Marines that went to America with Lord Cathcart, consisting of 70 men per company.
A report read from the Customs Commissioners on Mr. Chitty's petition for an allowance for oil lost during performance of quarantine. Agreed to; being adverse to the making any allowance.
A petition read from Dominick Ross, a sailor on board the “Centurion,” Commodore Anson, to be admitted to pay duty on a small parcel of goods he bought when in China. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
A report read from the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, on a petition from William Campbell, of Lochdochart, for a lease of some mines in Scotland.
My Lords adjourn their meeting again to this day three weeks.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 61–2; Letter Book XX. p. 148; Reference Book X. p. 261.]
Aug. 9. 142. Treasury warrant to the principal officers and Commissioners of the Navy to pay to Brian Pybus, agent for the packet boats at Dover, 563l. for passage money and provisions for several non-commission officers and soldiers carried in the packet boats between Dover and Ostend between 1742, August 25 and 1744, June 24 at the rate of 5s. each.
Appending:—(1) Said Pybus's petition. Was appointed agent of His Majesty's packet boats at Dover 1742, August 5: in consequence whereof, and as the custom is, he became bound to the Postmaster General by a contract to keep and maintain always in readiness an extra boat to sail with the mails, messengers and expresses in the absence of the other packet boats, as also to take upon him to carry backwards and forwards and at his own cost and charge all such His Majesty's poor natural-born subjects as should have occasion to pass between Dover and Ostend and Dover and Calais, and, moreover, to pay at his own cost and charges the whole expense of carrying the mails of letters overland from Calais to Ostend when by reason of contrary winds the same shall be landed short of the said port of Ostend: in return for all which the Postmaster General contracts to give up to petitioner all the passage money due from passengers between Dover and Calais and Ostend. Instead of enjoying any benefit by this contract it has been, ever since His Majesty's forces have been abroad, a great burthen and loss to him by means of a claim made by the officers and soldiers of the army to have their passage gratis to and from Flanders on board the said packet boats, thereby exposing petitioner to the burden of victualling and providing for great numbers of persons he is not bound to provide for. It has never been known nor understood that the packets are liable to serve as transports, and they have never in any degree so served but upon extraordinary occasions, for which they have always in times past been paid according to the usual transport rates by the Commissioners of Transports. (2) Thomas Corbett [to John Scrope], dated Admiralty Office, transmitting (3) infra. (3) [The Commissioners of Transports] to the Admiralty forwarding copies of previous letters and entries of the years 1708–10 relating to the question of the transport of soldiers on board the packet boats.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXVII. pp. 255–7.]
Aug. 9. 143. Royal warrant, countersigned by the Treasury Lords, to Thomas Winnington, Paymaster of the Forces, for the issue of 893l. 14s. 6d. to Lieut. Col. Edward Pole for the commission and non-commission officers who were ordered to conduct to Ostend 558 drafts made from the several regiments of Horse and Dragoons in Ireland, for the difference of pay between the British and Irish establishments during the respective times they were employed in this service.
Appending:—List of pay items of said officers accompanying the drafts from said regiments.
[King's Warrant Book XXXV. pp. 478–80.]
144. Same to same for same of 1,768l. 6s.d. to Major Charles Jefferys, appointed to command the drafts of 1,399 men from the regiments of foot in Ireland, being the difference of pay as above for the commission and non-commission officers, together with allowance of subsistence and incidents from 1743–4, Feb. 1, the day of their embarkation at Dublin, to 1744, April 19, to which time they were paid by said major at Ostend.
Appending:—Account of said disbursements, &c.
[King's Warrant Book XXXV. pp. 480–2.]
Aug. 9. 145. Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet attending, for a bill to pass the Privy Seal in terms recited in full for the passing of the final account of George Feilding, only surviving son of Israel Feilding, Commissary and Comptroller General of stores and provisions for the forces employed in the reduction of Ireland, and afterwards Commissary General of stores in England: viz., of moneys received by him upon said account from 1689 to 1692. (Total imprest 14,941l. 8s. 0d., total allowances 26,167l. 8s. 11½d., surplus 11,226l. 0s. 11½d. due to accomptant, but hereby understood to be waived by accomptant, and all pretensions, claims and demands whatsoever with respect thereof.)
[Ibid. pp. 482–8.]
146. Same for an imprest to the Paymaster of the Forces of 191,426l. 1s. 0d. being for the payment of such subsidies and other charges as should be due upon treaties made or to be made with our allies and other expenses for the service of the war for any time before 1744, Dec. 25, viz., being for the following:—
£ s. d.
Queen of Hungary 150,000 0 0
[Elector of] Mainz [1st quarter] of 50,000 [crowns] 8,620 0 0
2nd same 8,620 0 0
[Elector of] Cologne on 260,000 Gil. at 10g. 15st. per £ 24,186 1 0
Total £191,426 1 0
[Ibid. p. 489.]
Aug. 23. 147. Sir William Yonge, Secretary at War, to Lieut. Gen. Dalzel, dated from the War Office. “Several difficulties having arisen in mustering the 4 last raised regiments of Marines in order to their being cleared from June, 1741, to Christmas, 1742, and the Commissary of Marines having been directed to inspect the ships' books on board of which they served, which he has now performed in order to the obtaining His Majesty's warrant to supply the defect of muster rolls, and the Colonels of the said regiments having represented in a memorial to His Majesty here inclosed [wanting] the several losses they have sustained and difficulties they have lain under, and praying in consideration thereof to be mustered compleat” the King has referred to said Dalzel, Major Gen. Folliott and Brig. Wolfe what is proper to be done herein. 1½ pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIV. No. 37.]
Aug. 28. 148. A bill of ambassadorial extras from 1743, Dec. 25, to 1744, March 25, as craved by Anthony Thompson, late minister at the Court of France, and as allowed by the Duke of Newcastle (total 650l. including, inter al., 40l. for extraordinary intelligence about the Pretender's son, and 150l. for losses, &c., in being obliged to put off his house and servants and dispose of part of his effects at a short warning and bringing home the rest).
Endorsed:—Prepare a sign manual. 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXIV. No. 38.]
Aug. 30. 149. The Board of Works to the Treasury, in reply to the Treasury order of July 13 last as signified by Mr. Fane for an inquiry as to how the hangings at the King's house at Greenwich became the property of Greenwich Hospital, and for a valuation of said hangings. Find that they were paid for by the Hospital, as appears by [entries in] their books of date 1708 and May, 1715. The valuation of same is 81l. 15s. 6d. “The other things specified in our report to your Lordship, the 24th January last, we find was likewise put up at the expense of the said Hospital,” at a cost of 79l. 3s. 6d. 1 page.
:—(a) Extract from the books of household accounts for Greenwich Hospital. Disbursements for hangings:—
£ s. d.
May, 1708. Paid Philip Bodham for 3 pieces of tapestry, 95 ells, at 2s. 6d. 11 17 6
To John Hayward, for forest do. 107½ ells at 3s., and for 4 pieces of imagery, 159 ells, at 1s. 6d. per ell 28 1 0
To Thomas Gamlin, 6 pieces landskips, 170 ells, at 4s. per ell 34 0 0
May, 1715. Paid Mr. Henry Heasman for 9 pieces of fine tapestry containing 245 ells, and 4 other pieces of tapestry qt. [? quite] 81 ells 45 0 0
1 page.
[Ibid. No. 39.]
Aug. 30.
150. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Earl of Middlesex.
A petition read from John Philipson for a reversionary lease of certain mines in the lordship or hundred of Prestatyn, co. Flint, as against Arthur Glegg et al., whose executors obtained the present grant surreptitiously. Referred to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer of 158,119l. 17s. 5d in part of his memorial of the 29th inst. for 225,125l. 0s. 11d.
A memorial read from the Paymaster of the Forces for a warrant to authorise the payment of bills drawn by Major. Gen. Wentworth amounting to 7,699l. 2s. 1d. Warrant ordered.
A letter to the Taxes Commissioners read informing them of the death of George Osmond, Receiver of land tax for part of Devon.
A petition read from Samuel Lewis, Samuel Lewis, junr., Thos. Enchmarch, Richard Enchmarch and George Lewis, of Tiverton, makers and exporters of woollen goods, “acquainting my Lords that by the receipt of the land tax for that part of the county being in the hands of one of the merchants there, has occasioned their trade to decay for some years past, and praying that the receiver of the land tax for Devon may not be of the town of Tiverton or any way concerned in this trade there.”
My Lords order the Agents for Taxes to write to Mr. Chapman, Receiver for Huntington, to acquaint him that he must return immediately the money in his hands or they will dismiss him.
Mr. Secretary at War attended and laid before my Lords an estimate of the 3 Independent Companies at South Carolina amounting to 5,666l. 12s. 6d. per an.: also of the charges of augmenting Gen. Phillips' regiment to make it equal to a regiment of foot in Great Britain, viz., 7,374l. 3s. 4d. per an.
My Lords desire Sir William Yonge to make a report of the claims of the several officers who came from America.
The Postmaster General's letter read in reply to Mr. Scrope's letter concerning increasing the Port Mahon and Gibraltar packet boats, in which said Postmaster gives it as his opinion that said packet boats ought to be increased as the other packet boats have already been. Agreed to.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
To Mr. Basket 500 0 0
To several sheriffs 500 8 2
To Mr. Hardinge 215 0 0
To the Cofferer 17,705 0 0
To the Works 5,718 1 1
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 63–4; Crown Lease Book VI. p. 451.]
Aug. 31. 151. J. Scrope to Edw. Hooper, Paymaster of Pensions, conveying the Treasury's instructions for him to punctually observe for the future the directions given by the King in the establishment of pensions made payable by Hooper, viz.: that a certificate should be made quarterly to the Treasury of such of the said pensions as should not be called for at any time for the space of 6 months, to the end the Treasury may give such instructions therein as they may think fit.
[Letter Book XX. p. 149.]