Treasury Books and Papers: September 1744

Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5, 1742-1745. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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September 1744

Sept. 3. 152. Sir William Yonge, Secretary at War, to John Scrope, dated War Office, transmitting for the Treasury the several reports as below, concerning the officers of the late American regiment, and desiring the extension to 1743, Dec. 24, of the allowance of the royal bounty, equal to half pay, to those officers to whom it has been already granted from 1742, Dec. 25 to 1743, June 24. Further informing the Treasury that from 1743, Dec. 25, all the officers of the said late regiment are placed on half pay.
Minuted:—As under date Sept. 6, infra 514. “My Lords agree to the rest of the report.” 2 pages.
:—(a) Report to the King, dated Horse Guards, 1743–4, Jan. 12, from the Board of General Officers of the Army. In accordance with the royal command as signified by the Secretary at War, have met to examine into the particular pretensions of such officers of the late American regiment, commanded by Col. Gooch, as have arrived in Britain since the last meeting of the Board. Enclose a list with remarks set against the name of each officer examined. By their service and sufferings said officers merit some provision by way of half pay or otherwise. 1 page.
(a) (1) List of those officers of Col. Gooch's late American regiment with their particular pretensions, and the station each served in before he belonged to the said regiment; examined before a Board of General Officers at the Horse Guards on the 12th of January, 1743–4. 4 pages.
(b) Report to the King from the Board of General Officers, dated Horse Guards, 1744, May 1, enclosing similar list (b) (1) infra, and recommending same for half pay, except Ensign Robert Pateshall, who was justly superseded in his commission for reasons stated. 1 page.
(b) (1) Further list of officers of Col. Gooch's late American regiment, and their pretensions, &c., ut supra. 4 pages.
(c) List of such officers of Col. Gooch's regiment who have been examined by a Board of General Officers, and have not received any bounty, with an account of what the same will amount to from 1742, Dec. 25, to 1743, Dec. 24, when they were placed on half pay. (2 pages.)
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXV. No. 1.]
Sept. 3. 153. Sir William Yonge, Secretary at War, to John Scrope, dated War Office, being by way of report to the Treasury, concerning the several articles of the demand made by Mr. Van der Hoop for extraordinaries for the Dutch troops in the service of Great Britain. Article 1, for 175l. 7s.d. (for pay of staff officers of the 6 regiments from their engagement to the commencement of their establishments), is well founded from the 5th article of the capitulation and may be allowed. Article 2, for 120l. (for 6 chests of medicine), having been formerly granted on the like occasion seems reasonable. “As to the 3rd article, of 458l. 0s.d., being a demand of 2 per cent. for charges of remittance [of the Dutch pay from the commencement of their establishment to 1744, July 3, when they landed at Ostend] I desire you would acquaint their Lordships that this is a demand made by Mr. Van der Hoop for the expenses they have been at in Holland during the continuance of the troops here, the several regiments being maintained and paid by different provinces, and were quartered and paid therein respectively; but on their embarkation for England it became necessary that the pay of all these regiments must be first remitted or brought from the said several provinces to Amsterdam or Rotterdam before bills of exchange could be obtained for England, which has been attended with considerable charges; and that each regiment has been obliged to maintain an agent in Holland for the aforesaid services, and that therefore the allowance at the rate of 10 guilders 16 stivers, according to the establishment, has not been sufficient in any degree to defray their expenses of remittance. And I having consulted General Wentworth thereupon, together with Mr. Van der Hoop, I am humbly of opinion this demand may reasonably be allowed. As to the 4th article, amounting to 494l. 3s. 9d., I herewith enclose the particulars under several heads, and am of opinion that the sum of 295l. 6s. 10d. for waggons for the regiment, and for fire and candle …, as likewise the sum of 8l. 11s. 3d. for carriage of the sick, ought to be allowed. But as to the [item of this] article amounting to the sum of 159l. 17s. 0d., for carriage of the baggage of the General and Staff officers, I desire you would acquaint their Lordships that no such allowance has been made that I know of to the General and Staff officers here. But as it appears to me by an account produced by Mr. Van der Hoop that an allowance of the like nature was made to the General and Staff officers of the Dutch troops, in the year 1716, and as it is pleaded in their behalf that they were strangers in this country and had no conveniencies of their own, this article is humbly submitted to His Majesty's consideration.” The fifth article is referred for another consideration.
Endorsed:—1744, Sept. 6. Read and agreed to (each of the above 4 items being marked separately “Agreed to”). 3 pages.
:—(a) Item of said demand made by Mr. Van der Hoop as above for extraordinaries, with observations thereupon. 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXV. No. 2.]
Sept. 6.
154. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Mr. Gybbon, Earl of Middlesex.
Dr. Nicholl's letter and the report from the Customs Commissioners read concerning Badcock's debt. Report agreed to, and that Dr. Nicholl may have a copy of it.
A letter read from the Secretary at War relating to General Philip's regiment. A warrant signed for the levy money. An establishment to be prepared.
A letter read concerning the officers of the late American regiment. A warrant ordered for paying them out of moneys that have been or shall be saved out of half-pay.
A petition read from — and Campbell. Referred to the Secretary at War.
A letter read from said Secretary relating to the extras craved for the Dutch troops which were in England. The several articles, Nos. 1–4, agreed to.
Docquets signed for Lord Carteret's grant of one-eighth of Carolina.
Mr. Loyd's letter read acquainting my Lords with the disposition of the Forces ordered to assist in preventing smugglers. Copies to be sent to the Commissioners of Customs and of Excise.
A petition read from Richard Drakeford et al. concerning the “Nra Senora del Camino,” taken by Lord Augustus Fitzroy. Referred to Mr. Greenly.
Mr. Legge's report on the Duke of Bolton's memorial for repairs in New Forest read and agreed to.
A letter read from Mr. Ridge, of Portsmouth, complaining of the removal of a bound stone set up, as he alleges, to mark the extent of ground purchased for the fortifications at Portsmouth.
A petition from sundry merchants read about Navy premium bills. Nothing done.
A memorial read from Mr. Anstis, Garter King at Arms, for a further 400l. (having already received 200l.) in full for his services in carrying over the Order of the Garter to the Prince of Hesse and the Duke of Saxe Gotha. Warrant ordered.
Same read from the officers of the salt duties for repayment of their land tax assessments on salaries of under 100l. Agreed to, if according to former practice.
The report [on the petition from Henry] Grubb to be considered.
The same from the Board of Works concerning repairing Mr. Swiny's lodgings in the Mews, as Storekeeper under the Master of the Horse, read and agreed to.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
To the Gentlemen and Grooms of the Bedchamber 4,900 0 0
To Mr. Davis 400 0 0
To the Earl of Warwick 200 0 0
To Mr. Villiers 849 0 0
To the Privy Purse 3,000 0 0
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 65–6 Letter Book XX. p. 150.]
Sept. 13. 155. Edward Lloyd to John Scrope, dated War Office, certifying, in the absence of the Secretary at War, that transports are ordered to take on board 2 officers and 250 men of General Phillipps's men to sail with them before the end of the month to St. John's, in Newfoundland, “and that Lieut. Gen. Phillipps will send orders by the first opportunity to the commanding officer of his regiment at Annapolis Royal, to send forthwith from thence so many commission, non-commission officers, and private men, as will be wanting to make up the above officers and men and the Company now in garrison at Placentia, equal to four Companies consisting of 324 men, commission and non-commission officers included.” All for the Treasury to give such orders as they think proper for sending one year's provisions for the said 4 companies, as well as for the 85 marines with their officers left at St. John's by Capt. Smith, late commodore on that station, which detachment it is the King's pleasure should remain there till further order.
Endorsed:—Sept. 13, read. 1 page.
:—(a) Copy of an Order of the King in Council, dated Kensington, 1744, July 19. “Whereas application hath been made to His Majesty at this board, touching the bad state and condition of Nova Scotia, as also of Canso, His Majesty having taken the opinion of a Committee of this Privy Council thereupon doth hereby order that the regiment commanded by Genl. Phillips, Governor of the said province, which at present consists of no more than 380 men, officers and soldiers included, be forthwith augmented to the highest establishment. And Sir William Yonge, His Majesty's Secretary at War, is to give the necessary directions for carrying His Majesty's pleasure, hereby signified, into immediate execution.” 1 page.
(b) Copy of an Order of the King in Council, dated Kensington, 1744, July 19, made after reading at the Board a report from a Committee of the Lords of the Privy Council of 1744, June 19; said report being as follows: “The Lords of the Committee of Council having had under their consideration many papers which your Majesty has been pleased from time to time to referr to them relating to the security and defence of the respective harbours in Newfoundland, their Lordships thought proper to refer the same to the Duke of Montagu, the Earl of Winchilsea, and Lord Monson, to examine into the same and to collect from the whole what they should think most proper and necessary to be done for the better securing the said island of Newfoundland, and protecting the fishery, which is of so much consequence to the trade of this nation. Who have thereupon reported to this Committee that they have perused and considered the said papers, and have discoursed with Captain Thomas Smith, who was Commodore upon the Newfoundland station in the years 1741 and 1743, in order to be informed in what condition he left the said island at his return from thence, and are of opinion that the several fortifications and batterys projected for the defence of Placentia, St. John's, Ferryland, and Carbonear harbours by the engineer now in Newfoundland, should be completed as soon as possible, according to the respective plans transmitted to the Board of Ordnance: that all the fortifications, except those at Placentia, to save time and expense may be erected with sod work and palisades only, and that some defence, according to the discretion of the engineer, may likewise be provided for Trinity harbour at as little charge as the nature of the place will admit: that magazines for powder, storehouses, and barracks, be forthwith erected in such places where they may be wanted, and of such materials as shall by the engineer be thought most convenient: that establishments may be formed for the garrison at St. John's, and for such other places as are proposed to be fortified: that the Board of Ordnance may lay before your Majesty estimates of ordnance and artillery stores proportioned to the plans projected for these works, and likewise an establishment for such officers and artillery people as may be requisite for the several forts, batterys, and fortifications now proposed to be erected. that your Majesty may be moved that a detachment of land forces or marines be forthwith sent to Newfoundland, sufficient to man and defend the said forts and batterys; for besides the 85 marines, with their officers, left at St. John's by Captain Smith, there is at present in Newfoundland only one company of General Phillip's regiment, consisting of a captain, 1 lieutenant, 1 ensign, 2 sergeants, 2 corporals, 1 drummer, and 31 privates, if they are compleat. This company is at present quartered at Placentia, and by no means capable of defending that place. They apprehend that the marines left at St. John's by Captain Smith should be relieved, and that the same allowance for provisions should be made to the forces employed on this service as is now given to the garrison of Placentia, and that Lieutenant Governors should be appointed for the forts of Placentia and St. John's. Upon consideration whereof the Lords of the Committee do humbly report to your Majesty that they agree in opinion with what is above proposed by the Duke of Montagu, the Earl of Winchilsea, and Lord Monson, and that it may be adviseable for your Majesty to signify your pleasure for carrying the several particulars into immediate execution: and that with respect to the detachment of land forces or marines proposed to be sent to Newfoundland to man and defend the forts and baterys, the Lords of the Committee conceive the same may be supplyed out of General Phillip's regiment, which has been already proposed by the Committee to be augmented to the highest establishment, and to be made equal with the other regiments in your Majesty's service.” On consideration of said report the King approves thereof, and has given the necessary orders herein to the Master General of the Ordnance, the Principal Secretary of State, and the Secretary at War: and doth hereby order that the Treasury take care that the same allowance for provisions be made to the forces to be employed on this service, as is now made to the garrison at Placentia. In duplicate. 3 and 3 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXV. No. 4.]
Sept. 13.
156. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Mr. Gybbon, Earl of Middlesex.
“Look out for the Attorney General's report and the Commissioners of Excise's report about discharging smugglers.”
The Dutch troops to be paid all their demands for extraordinaries.
A letter read from Mr. Lloyd about victualling the augmentation of General Philips's regiment, and the companies of marines at St. John's. Mr. Chancey Townshend's proposal read for victualling these troops. Agreed that said Townsend and Woodford do victual the old troops and the said augmentation jointly. As Townsend desires an advance of 1,000l. see if there was any advance on the old contract.
Mr. Greenly's report read on the petition of the agents for the captors of the “Nra Señra del Camino.” Warrant ordered.
A memorial read from the Paymaster of the Forces for 41,426l. 1s. 0d. to complete the 191,426l. 1s. 0d. for subsidies “pursuant to the clause.”
Same read from same for 50,000l. to complete the 100,000l. for extraordinary forage for 1744. Ordered.
Same read from Mr. Churchill for repairs in Hyde Park. Referred to the Board of Works.
A petition read from Mr. Gilman, late contractor for victualling Minorca, for sundry allowances. Referred to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
To the Treasurer of the Chambers for messengers 1,000 0 0
To the Band of Pensioners 1,500 0 0
To the purveyors 2,500 0 0
“Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer layd before the board a demand of Mr. Van Overstraten for forage furnished to the troops in the British pay, pursuant to an agreement made by him with the Earl of Stair in the year 1743, with several strong recommendations for the payment thereof: which demand and recommendacons Mr. Chancellor had received from Monsr. Wasnar, minister of the Queen of Hungary. My Lords on reading and considering the same were pleased to observe that no copies of the contracts which were made with the Earl of Stair had been transmitted to them, therefore it was impossible for them to judge whether the demand was reasonable or no; and their Lordships observed (by the copy of a certificate of Mr. Hume, the Commissary General, among the papers now laid before them) that he certifies that some articles contained in Mr. Van Overstraten's account were not agreeable to the contract made with the Earl of Stair; and that the deduction from the Hanoverian and Hessian troops was made in Brabant money, whereas the Earl of Stair ordered it to be in money of Holland, which would make a considerable difference in the demand: however my Lords declared their opinion that they thought it just that what was really due to Mr. V. Overstraten ought to be paid, and therefore directed that the account and recommendacions annexed to it should be transmitted to Marshal General Wade, who is to be desired to cause the account to be stated and adjusted, and to give directions to the deputy paymaster to pay what shall appear to be due to Mr. V. Overstraten.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 67–8.]
Sept. 13. 157. Treasury warrant to the Postmaster General authorising the several packet boats, as below, to be put on the footing detailed, during the present war with France: at a total additional yearly charge of 7,045l. 14s. 0d. to be paid by the Receiver General of the Post Office revenues.
Prefixing:—Sir John Eyles to the Treasury forwarding estimate as below, “agreeable to the restriction and limitation His Majesty was pleased to make of his first more enlarged order of which by your Lorship's direction Mr. Scrope lately acquainted us.”
Appending:—Estimate of said increased annual charge as follows:—
Number of boats employed. On what Station. No. of men to be added. The increased yearly charge on account of the French War.
£ s. d.
4 Lisbon 22 1,521 13 0
2 Gibraltar 20 762 8 6
4 Harwich 20 1,560 14 6
6 Dover 24 2,178 6 9
2 Mahon 26 1,022 11 3
[Warrants not relating to Money XXVII. p. 266.]
Sept. 17. 158. The Duke of Devonshire to the Treasury, dated from Chatsworth, for preparation of the instruments proper for the following matters as laid before the King from Ireland and approved of by him: viz., a lease from the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church for the purpose of the Exchequer Chamber; and that the Chancery Chamber, which is small and inconvenient, be made commodious by taking a lease of a piece of ground which the Vicars Choral of Christ Church, Dublin, are willing to let for 40 years at 3l. 10s. 0d. per an.: further, that 945l. 12s.d. be issued for the rebuilding of the Exchequer Chamber and the several Grand and Petty Jury rooms, and 384l. 8s. 1d. for rebuilding a Chancery Chamber. 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXV. No. 6.]
Sept. 20. 159. Warrant under the Royal sign manual, countersigned by the Treasury Lords, to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, for indentures of lease to be drawn, between the Dean of Christ Church, Dublin, and the Crown, of such rooms and ground adjoining the Four Courts as might be necessary for the accommodation of said Courts: and likewise indentures of lease, between the Vicars Choral of same and the Crown, of the piece of ground adjoining the Chancery Chamber on the eastward: also to authorise the issue of 945l. 12s.d. for the expense of rebuilding the Exchequer Chamber and the several Grand and Petty Jury rooms, and 384l. 8s. 1d. for rebuilding the Chancery Chamber as above: all upon a report from said Lord Lieutenant, dated the 17th instant, as also a report made by a Committee of the Council in Ireland, agreed to by the Justices and Council there: which said latter report sets forth that according to the information given by Arthur Jones Nevill, Surveyor General [of Works, Ireland] the Exchequer Chamber and the Grand and Petty Jury rooms belonging to the county of the city of Dublin were in a ruinous condition, supported by props and likely to fall, and that the garrets over the said Exchequer Chamber and over the Fourt Courts were possessed by spinners, who were a great annoyance to the said Courts, and that it was the opinion of the said Committee that the Exchequer Chamber ought to be fitted up as a Court, the same having been formerly made use of for that purpose, not only for the Court of Exchequer Chamber, but for the Court of Delegates and Appeals, till the floor fell in; the Bishop of Kildare, Dean of Christ Church, being willing to make a lease of the said garrets, pursuant to the power given him by a late Act of Parliament: the abovesaid report from the Lord Lieutenant having also informed the King that the Chancellor of Ireland has represented to the Lords Justices there that the Chamber belonging to the Court of Chancery there was extremely small and inconvenient for the purposes for which it was intended, but might be made commodious by taking a lease of the abovesaid small piece of land.
[Irish Book IX. pp. 432–5.]
Sept. 20. 160. Same, countersigned by same, to Abraham Hume, late contractor for furnishing the British forces in the Low Countries with bread, to pay over to Henry Pelham 3,912l. 1s. 3d., being the balance remaining in said Hume's hands of 5,000l. advanced to him on his contract for the above after deduction of 1,087l. 18s. 9d., said latter sum representing the loss sustained by said Hume on the sale of provisions of corn made by him at Bruges and Ghent in pursuance of said contract, and which had to be sold at a loss by reason the British troops did not take the field in 1742, and therefore took no bread from said contractor: all as appears by a certificate by Thomas Orby Hunter, Deputy Paymaster of the Forces in Flanders.
[King's Warrant Book XXXVI. p. 11.]
Sept. 20. 161. Royal warrant countersigned by the Treasury Lords to Henry Pelham to pay out of the 3,912l. 1s. 3d. to be repaid by Abraham Hume as above, 3,648l. 14s. 8d. for payments for particular services, detailed, warranted by Sir Philip Honywood, General of the Horse, during the time he was commander in chief of the forces in the Netherlands.
[King's Warrant Book XXXVI. pp. 11–12.]
Sept. 20.
162. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Mr. Gybbon, Earl of Middlesex.
A memorial read from the Colonels of Marines for their offreckonings, having been paid no further than to 1742, Dec. 25. To be sent to the Paymaster of Marines.
A letter read from Mr. Holden to Mr. Wood concerning the enlarging from prison of Cockburne and other smugglers.
Order for the issue of 30,000l. to the Treasurer of the Ordnance, half for land and half for sea service, in part of a memorial from the Ordnance of the 11th instant for 60,000l.
Same for same to the Navy Treasurer of 31,199l. 0s. 1d. for services as in his memorial of this day.
Send to Mons. Wasner a copy of the minute made in Mr. V. Overstraten's affair.
A memorial read from Lord Tyrawley for exemption from the tax [of 4s. per £] in Ireland. Nothing done.
Same read from Mr. Woodford concerning victualling the augmentation to Philips's regiment. To be equally divided between Mr. Woodford and Mr. Townsend. But Mr. Woodford not to be injured in his present contract if any reduction of this augmentation shall be made.
A petition read from Mr. Brounker containing a complaint against Mr. Dinwiddie for dismissing him from his office of Collector of Basse Terre, and for prosecuting him in a very extraordinary manner. Referred to the Customs Commissioners (my Lords thinking it of a very extraordinary nature) who are to consider it forthwith, and to permit Brounker to return home to pass his accounts.
Same read from Thomas Haswell (Hartwell) concerning an arrear due to the Crown from 2 houses in Fleet Street. Referred to Mr. Sharpe.
A report from the Surveyor General of Lands read on a petition from Lady Isabella Scott for a lease of lands in Lincolnshire.
A petition read from Richd. Baily for a reversionary lease of 4 messuages in Jermyn Street and Rider St., St. James's. Referred to said Surveyor General.
Said Surveyor's report read on a petition of Samuel Bever for a new lease of 55 messuages in High Holborn, Newton Street, and Little Prince's Street. Agreed to and warrant ordered.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
To Mr. Villettes 346 18 10
To the Treasurer of the Chamber, for 1743, June 24 quarter's establishment 5,795 14 11
To the Robes 1,245 18
To Mr. Baske[t] 526 7 2
To the Sheriffs 500 0 0
To the Huntsmen, 1743, Xmas quarter 585 5 0
Order for a warrant for 1743, June 24 quarter to the late Queen's servants.
Look whether any report is made by the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland on Mr. Robinson's petition.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 69–70; Letter Book XX. pp. 150, 151; Reference Book X. p. 263; Crown Lease Book VI. p. 454.]
Sept. 24. 163. F. Van der Hoop to [? Henry Pelham], dated London, concerning item 5 in his demand for extraordinaries for the Dutch troop in the pay of Great Britain, ut supra, pp. 513–4, said item being for damages sustained by the regiment of Lieut. Eck van Panthalion by a storm on their passage to Ostend. A separate report on this item of demand has been made to the Duke of Montagu to the effect that the Board of Ordnance could only make good the damage done to the arms. As this would entail dividing the payment of the [whole] money [demanded] between different offices, prays that the Treasury will take the whole payment upon them; and further, the item of 9l. 2s. 88/9d., being the pay of the 4 companies of the said regiment for the 2 days longer they remained at sea by the stress of weather. 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXV. No. 9.]
Sept. 25. 164. Richard Spence, Secretary of the Royal Africa Company, to John Scrope, dated African House, praying the issue of a further 10,000l. being the remainder of the 20,000l. granted in the last session of Parliament, for the maintenance, support and defence of said company's forts and settlements in Africa; the Court of Assistants of said Company having provided and fitted out sundry ships with the necessary supplies of goods and military stores and also recruits of soldiers, artificers and others for said maintenance, &c. as above to the full amount of said money so granted. 1 page.
[Ibid. No. 10.]
Sept. 27.
165. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Compton, Earl of Middlesex.
“Read a report made by the Comptrollers of the Army Accounts relating to frauds about forage abroad on a memorial of Mr. Baptiste Zanier. And my Lords observing that the Comptrollers have not made any state or mention of Mr. Lefevre's account, direct them to take the same (as contained in several papers to be returned to them) into their consideration and to report a state.”
Several papers read relating to demands for extraordinaries of the Dutch forces employed in Great Britain amounting to 1,506l. 13s. 6d. Order for paying same to Mr. Vanderhoop, their agent.
Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer of 101,021l. 14s. 9d. in part of his memorial of this day's date for 174,327l. 3s. 4d.
Write to the Navy Commissioners for an account of the amount of the non-interest bills, and what of them are for premiums on importation of naval stores and what for other and what services.
A petition read from John Cockburne for enlargement from prison. Agreed to, the Earl of Winchilsea having assured my Lords that the statements of the petition are true.
Mr. Gledhill's bills for 497l. 4s. 0d. for repairs done by him at Fort Frederick, in Newfoundland, to be sent to the principal officers of the Ordnance.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. p. 71; Letter Book XX. p. 151.]
Sept. 28. 166. J. Scrope to the Board of Ordnance. Mr. Joseph Gledhill having by letter, dated Placentia, August 23 last, acquainted the Treasury that he has drawn a set of bills upon them for 497l. 4s. 6d. sterling, for repairs done by him to Fort Frederick, pursuant to an order sent him last year by Thomas Smith, Esq., then Governor of Newfoundland, to repair said fort and to draw to the value of 500l., the Treasury desire you will enquire of Captain Smith concerning this service, and report a state thereof to their Lordships.
[Letter Book XX. p. 152.]
167. Same to the Commissioners for victualling to know in what manner the 85 marines left at St. John's, in Newfoundland, by Capt. Smith, have been victualled, by whom and upon what terms, and whether any deduction has been made from the pay of the said marines or their officers for their provisions when on shore or in garrison.
Sept. 29.]
168. (a) An account of the income of the Aggregate Fund for the two quarters, 1743, Xmas, and 1744, Lady Day; and same of same of the General Fund for same quarters. 2 pages.
:—(a) (1) Same of the income and charge of both said funds for said quarter. 1 page.
(b) Same of same of the Aggregate Fund for 1744, Midsummer and Michaelmas quarters; and same of the General Fund for same quarters. 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXV. No. 11.]