Treasury Books and Papers: July 1745

Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5, 1742-1745. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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July 1745

July 3.
97. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Lyttelton.
Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer of 29,406l. 5s. 0d. for services as in his memorial of this day.
Same for 50,000l. to the Paymaster of the Forces for the third payment to the King of Sardinia on his 200,000l. granted last session.
A report read from Mr. Sharpe on a petition of Richard Mason concerning his discovery of an estate of John Britton, found by inquisition to belong to the Crown as an escheat. Agreed that any suit necessary to be had to support the Crown's right be at the Crown's expense.
A memorial read from Sir John Hind Cotton, Treasurer of the Chamber, for 221l. 4s. 0d. for disbursements during the residence of Marshal Belle-Isle at Windsor Castle. Ordered.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List funds:—
£ s. d.
For the Treasurer of the Chambers for messengers 1,000 0 0
For the Judges for Michaelmas term 6,582 10 0
For the Speaker of the House of Commons 500 0 0
For the Privy Purse 3,000 0 0
For Mr. White, a chaplain 20 0 0
For Sir John Hind Cotton 221 4 0
For the Board of Works 4,321 2 11½
For Lord Tyrawley 1,300 0 0
For the Huntsmen 541 0 0
A memorial read from the Earl of Halifax for repairs in Bushey Park. Referred to the Surveyor of Woods.
A letter read from Ralph Strickland proposing to discover a concealment of 200l. due from a late receiver of land tax. “If he will attend the Commissioners for Taxes and lay his discovery before them they will report their opinion to my Lords.”
The Navy Treasurer and Navy Commissioners attend and their letter of the 26th ult. about issuing money to Sir John Rushout to complete the ships' books begun in his treasurership was taken into consideration. After hearing them the following minute was directed to be made, and a copy thereof transmitted to them, viz..
“Mr. Dodington, the Treasurer of the Navy, and some of the Commissioners [of the Navy] attend my Lords upon a letter from the Navy Board to Mr. Scrope, dated the 26th of June last, concerning the issuing money to Sir John Rushout, late Treasurer, for completing the payments of ships' books begun in his Treasurership (which letter was writ in consequence of one to the said Commissioners from the said Sir John Rushout, acquainting them that the money in his hands on the head of wages was almost all paid away and a great sum wanting to complete that service), and the said Commissioners having in their said letter proposed two waies of carrying on the said payments, the one by issuing money to him, the other by abstracting the pay books for enabling the present Treasurer to carry on those payments, which last they say as it would be a work of near a twelvemonth, would be very injurious to the persons who have wages due. Their Lordships upon consideration of the said two proposals are of opinion that Sir John Rushout's letters patent being entirely revoked and all powers therein superseded by the letters patent to Mr. Dodington, they are not authorized to issue any money to Sir John Rushout for any service of the Navy. And they agree with the Commissioners that the other way may take up too much time. But my Lords recollecting that the Commissioners of the Navy, in a letter of the 20th of November, 1742, to Mr. Clutterbuck on a like necessity with respect to Mr. Onslow, his predecessor, gave it as their opinion that the money then wanted might be issued to Mr. Clutterbuck, and by him to Mr. Onslow, and Mr. Clutterbuck be discharged by a perfect bill made payable to Mr. Onslow, their Lordships think that method the more elegible in the present case, if the Commissioners of the Navy have no objection, and [if] a memorial comes to the Treasury accordingly.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 164–6; Letter Book XX. p. 176; Reference Book X. p. 281.]
July 4. 98. Treasury warrant to the Excise Commissioners to pay to William, Duke of Cleveland and Southampton, 1,333l. 6s. 8d. per an. from Midsummer last: same being the one third portion of two annuities of 3,000l. and 1,000l., of which Charles, late Duke of Cleveland was in possession. By deed of settlement said Duke Charles granted said third portion to trustees for 21 years from 1724, for raising portions for his daughters, and by Treasury warrant of 1737, Dec. 29, the said third portion was ordered to be issued as to 666l. 13s. 4d. thereof per an. to Thomas Pulteney, and as to the remaining 666l. 13s. 4d. thereof per annum to William Dawson for the remainder of said term. As said term expired at Midsummer last the present Duke, as heir male of said Duke Charles, is entitled to the said yearly sum of 1,333l. 6s. 8d.
:—Memorial to the Treasury from said Duke William representing as above.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXVII. pp. 319–20.]
July 4. 99. J. Scrope to Mr. Sharpe, Solicitor for the Treasury, forwarding a petition of Peter Devisme and John Dupre, assignees of Aaron Richardson, a bankrupt, praying leave to prosecute Herman Hendrick, merchant, in the King's name, for taking 30 per cent. for moneys lent the said bankrupt. The Treasury consent to petitioner's request if the Attorney General has no objections.
[Letter Book XX. p. 176.]
July 10.]
100. A state of the case of Francis Winnington, Solicitor and Comptroller of the Rights and Perquisites of Admiralty, concerning his rights over three large French ships seized by three English non-commissioned ships and taken into Leghorn harbour, and taken out of said harbour by Mr. Mathew's order by Captain Berkeley, late commander of the “Revenge” man of war. Winnington was appointed to his said office of Solicitor in 1733, May 11, with a salary of 200l. per an. to be paid out of said rights and perquisites. He has carried on said office by himself or deputy at great trouble and expense by appointing and holding correspondence with all his agents at the respective ports of the kingdom, paying fees to counsel, &c., and to the proctors, &c., at Doctors Commons, although in many cases the supposed perquisites have been decreed to the lords of manors or restored to claimants “by means whereof the solicitor hath never yet received any part of his salary or any satisfaction for his trouble whatsoever.” His predecessors, whenever there were perquisites of Admiralty, paid themselves their arrears of salary out of same. The action, detailed, of Captain Berkeley and of Messrs. Young and Jasper, said Captain's agents, threatens to make it impossible for Winnington to recoup himself his 2,400l. salary arrears and his law charges, which he prays the Treasury to allow him out of the said ships. 3 pages.
:—(a) Copy of Winnington's constitution as Solicitor as above by the Admiralty. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXVII. No. 22.]
July 10.
101. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Lyttelton.
The Duke of Devonshire's letter read as late Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, for paying Capt. Weller 343l. 18s. 0d. for supporting the sailors on board the French ships stopped in Ireland at the time of the intended invasion. Referred to the Navy Commissioners to be laid by them before the Commissioners for Sick and Hurt.
A memorial read from Capt. John Byng for 200l., which he expended in bringing over Marshal Belle-Isle. To be paid by Mr. Davis.
Order for the issue to Mr. Dodington, Navy Treasurer, of 10,000l. in part of his memorial for 80,000l. towards carrying on payments of ships' books begun in Sir John Rushout's treasurership: and 3,130l. 14s. 0d. (on his memorial of this day for 203,768l. 5s. 3d.) for purchasing lands for building a hospital, in part of 12,000l. granted last session for that service: and 10,000l. on the head of wear and tear to pay bills of exchange and imprests.
Same for 39,879l. to the Paymaster of the Forces (in part of his memorial of this day for 139,287l. 13s. 9d.) for two months' subsist and pay to the forces in the Plantations, to August 24 next: and 15,000l. for provisions at Gibraltar.
A petition read from William Cookson, of Kingston upon Hull, praying delivery of some wines and raisins seized there on his paying the Crown's charges and such other satisfaction as my Lords shall think proper. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
A memorial read from Chauncey Townshend to be paid for the provisions lost in the u “Tygar,” at the rate of 6d. per man per day, as made up by the Comptrollers of Army Accounts in their report. To be sent to said Comptrollers with the report already made concerning this affair.
A report read from Mr. Phillipson on the petition of John Bernard for 1,243l. 7s. 11d., due to him from Mr. Whitworth, and 527l. 7s.d., due from Mr. Legge, as predecessors of said Phillipson in the office of Surveyor of Woods. Mr. Whitworth's executors to inform my Lords what progress has been made towards passing Mr. Whitworth's accounts, and whether any or what balance remained in his hands at his decease.
Order for the issue out of the Civil List revenues of 97l. 11s. 8d. to Dr. Wilson, sub-almoner, and 1,000l. to the Duke of Cumberland.
Leave of absence to James Chandler, a stamper.
A report from the Customs Commissioners read on a petition of Daniel Saunders, of Bristol, merchant. His desires agreed to.
Respite taken off Mr. Reddall, Receiver General for co. Beds.
A report from the Customs Commissioners read on the petition of Mr. Nesbitt and Mr. Jernegan for passports to import wine and other goods from Bordeaux to Dublin. To be sent to Mr. Stone, Secretary to the Lords Justices.
Same from same read on a memorial of Sir Philip Honeywood for the King's share of wines seized belonging to him. Agreed that his request is not reasonable.
A state read of the case of Mr. Wilmington, Solicitor and Comptroller of the Rights and Perquisites of Admiralty, with respect to his salary of 200l. per an. and his bill of law charges [which he prays may be paid] out of the produce of three French ships condemned in a Court of Admiralty.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 167–9; Letter Book XX. pp. 178, 179; Inference Book X. p. 282.]
July 10. 102. Treasury order for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant to the Duke of Montagu, of date 1744, June 23, for the provision of furniture, detailed, for the King's service at St. James's and Kensington, including items for the Countess of Yarmouth, Mrs. Rupton, Baron Steinberg, and rods for a fishing punt for Princess Amalie: all to an estimate of 980l.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book II. pp. 220–1.]
103. Same for execution of same to same of date 1744, Oct. 15, for the delivery to James Calthorpe, Yeoman of the Removing Wardrobe, of furniture, detailed, for King Henry the Seventh's Chapel, against the occasion of the installation of Knights of the Bath, viz.: Crimson harateen to cover two seats for the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cumberland, the front of the Gallery, and the rails of the Altar, crimson baize to cover the ceilings of the seats and the front of the Music Gallery, and for covering a seat at the West door of the choir: all to an estimate of 138l.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book II. p. 225.]
July 11. 104. Thomas Bowen to the Navy Commissioners. By letter of the 19th ult. the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland represented to the Treasury that Capt. Weller had pursuant to His Majesty's commands subsisted all the French sailors in Ireland who were on board the French ships stopped there about the time of the intended invasion from France, and who were afterwards sent back to France on board the empty French ships. Weller's two bills for same amounted to 325l. 14s. 0d. and 18l. 4s. 0d. These are enclosed herewith in order to be sent to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded Seamen for report.
[Letter Book XX. p. 179.]
July 16. 105. The Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to the Treasury, dated Grosvenor Square, for preparation of a royal warrant for a lease to the Crown from Joseph Gascoyne of ground adjoining the new passage into the Castle of Dublin at 84l. per an. (being 1l. 4s. 0d. per foot): same being a means to prevent annoyances which otherwise might attend the entrance into the passage by letting it to tradesmen to build upon, in which case the Castle would be deprived of both air and proper lights, and if any accident should happen by fire it might be very dangerous. 1½pages.
:—(a) The Lords Justices of Ireland to said Lord Lieutenant, dated Dublin Castle, 1745, April 26, enclosing (b) and (c) infra. 2 pages.
(b) Said Gascoyne's memorial to the Lords Justices offering to let his land as above, together with the whole range of vaults belonging to him, and lying under the new passage into said Castle. 2 pages.
(c) A plan of said plot and of said new entrance to the Castle, as drawn up by Arthur Jones Nevill, Engineer and Surveyor General, Ireland. 1 sheet.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXVII. No. 24.]
July 17.
106. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Arundell, Mr. Lyttelton.
A letter from the Secretary at War with proposals for the best method for raising three Independent Companies in South Carolina read and ordered to be sent to the Paymaster of the Forces: said proposals being as follow, viz.: (1) The subsistence for one month to be issued to the agent to enable the officers to raise their companies. (2) The recruiting officers to draw upon the agents for this sum on their arrival in the province where they are to recruit, and to be allowed 3l. as levy money for each recruit, and the subsist for such recruit to be likewise allowed from the day the governor shall certify his being entertained, and so from time to time till all the men are raised. (3) Care to be taken here that the agent be supplied with money sufficient to answer future bills on his producing certificates of the men raised.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Ordnance of 20,000l. for sea service and 40,000l. for land service.
A report from the Customs Commissioners read on the petition from Admiral Martin. Agreed that his request be not granted.
Same read from the Board of Works about taking a lease of a house belonging to Mr. Edwin for an office for the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army. Agreed to.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
For Mr. Vansittart 322 8 0
For the Earl of Warwick 400 0 0
For the Gent. and Grooms of the Bedchamber 4,900 0 0
For the Earl of Hyndford 1,910 0 0
For Lord Tyrawley 1,300 0 0
For Mr. Davis 500 0 0
For the Great Wardrobe 3,264 8 6
For the Master [of the Wardrobe]'s salary 500 0 0
My Lords having considered the reports from the Customs Commissioners of June 8 last on the cases of Mr. Whitfield and Mr. Beard concerning wine under seizure, and likewise the three reports of the 10th instant concerning the cases of the same relating to Spanish wines imported from Scotland, and it appearing to my Lords from the said reports that said wines were admitted to an entry and the duties paid by order of the Customs Commissioners, and that the petitioners had on trial severally submitted judgment to be given for the Crown, whereby the expenses of trials have been saved, and an important point gained for the Crown to discourage such practices for the future, and in regard further of petitioners' expenses in the prosecutions, &c., and that the prosecutions first arose by directions of the Commissioners themselves upon information given them, my Lords are of opinion, upon a full consideration of the case, that one moiety of the third part of the appraized value of the said seizures will be a very reasonable reward for the officers who made the seizures; “the said Commissioners having regard in the distribution thereof to Mr. Proctor, who by a memorial this day presented by him to the [Treasury] Lords has alleged himself to be the person who introduced Mr. Corderoy to the Secretary of the Customs, and thereby gave the first informations of the said wines.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 170–2.]
July 19. 107. Petition to the Treasury [marked cancelled] from Joseph Bazely, Commander of the “Eagle” privateer of Devon. Sets forth his services in taking several notorious smuggling vessels going to France, and in getting them condemned in the Court of Admiralty, particularly a cutter called the “Queen of Hungary”: that he is informed he is entitled to only a third of the said services on account of his having a deputation from the Commissioners of the Customs; which is not a sufficient recompense for himself and owners. Prays the King's share and other encouragement.
[Reference Book X. p. 283.]
July 19. 108. J. Scrope to Mr. Savry. “The Bank having complained to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury that the fund for the annuities of the lottery, 1726, which is under your receipt, has of late proved deficient, their Lordships are pleased to direct you to use your utmost diligence in getting in the same, and to pay in forthwith what money you have in your hand, and to continue to do the same as you shall receive money from time to time, a stop being at present of the payment of those annuities.”
[Letter Book XX. p. 180.]
July 23.
109. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Lyttelton.
Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer of 195,121l. 10s.d. for services as in his memorial of this day, and for a quarter due 1744, Midsummer, to the yards and officers et al. of the Victualling.
The respite taken off Mr. Appleyard, Receiver of land tax and house duty for part of Yorkshire, and Mr. Williams, same for part of South Wales.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
For the Treasurer of the Chamber 5,725 14 11
For the purveyors for the month of July 2,500 0 0
For Mr. Odiarne 429 19 0
For the Clerks of the House of Peers 400 0 0
For the Band of Pensioners 1,500 0 0
For Mr. Harding 273 15 0
For Mr. Jephson 80 0 0
For the Clerks of the House of Commons 770 0 0
For Mr. Reid 305 0 0
A report read from the Customs Commissioners on a petition of Samuel Artis of Yarmouth. His petition agreed to.
Same read from the Board of Works with an estimate for repairing the King's barge houses. Agreed to.
A memorial read from Mr. Schicke, Secretary to the Ambassador from the States General, concerning malt seized by the Customs officers at Newark, as the goods of a smuggler though the property of Samuel de Loos and Samuel Tall, Dutch merchants at Vlissingen. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
A petition read from James Gardiner et al. watermen. Referred ut supra.
The Postmaster General's report read relating to the appointing packet boats for the West Indies. Agreed to. The Postmaster to take care to put it immediately into execution.
The petitions of the Duke of Buccleuch and Lady Isabella Scott read. To be further considered.
The Customs Commissioners' report read on the petition of William Cookson, of Hull, merchant, concerning Spanish wines under seizure. To be further considered and the last orders given to the port of Hull in relation to Spanish wines to be looked out.
The report from the Comptrollers of Army Accounts read on Mr. Gilman's petition for [pay for] furnishing the troops at Minorca with salt beef on the two late augmentations between 1739, June 25 and August 25. Send to the Paymaster of the Forces to know if he has any money in his hands to satisfy this demand.
“Ordered that Mr. Jefferys and Mr. Beresford do go to the Mint in the Tower of London on the 3rd of August, 1745, and then and there trye the copper monies reserved in the boxes appointed to be kept, by the warrants of royal sign manual, both for the coynage of the said monies for Great Britain, as also for those for the kingdom of Ireland by the Honoble. Richd. Arundell, Esq., late Master and Worker of His Majesty's mint.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 173–4; Reference Book X. p. 283.]
July 23. 110. Warrant by the Lords Justices, countersigned by the Treasury Lords, to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to authorise the completion of an agreement with Joseph Gascoyne for a lease by him to the Crown for ever of ground adjoining the passage into Dublin Castle, 70 feet in front and 128 feet in rear, with the whole range of vaults; at a net annual rental of 84l.
[Irish Book IX. p. 451.]
July 23. 111. Treasury order to the Customs Commissioners, in England and Scotland respectively, to give orders for the observance of an Order of Council, dated Whitehall, the 4th inst., for granting passes to carry tobacco to France as follows, viz.: “Whereas Gerard Van Neck and Joshua Van Neck, of London, merchants, have by their petition to this Board set forth that for ten years last past, and upwards, before His Majesty's late declaration of war with the Crown of France, 20,000 hhds. of tobacco of the growth of His Majesty's Plantations (amounting to 16,000l. sterling, which hath been constantly paid in present money to His Majesty's subjects) have communibus annis been bought up in this kingdom for the account of the French King's subjects commonly called Les Fermiers Généraux, and exported to some of the ports of France: that the consumption of these tobaccos in the kingdom of France hath annually increased and about 60 British ships or vessels are employed in this branch of trade, which is the more beneficial to His Majesty's subjects in regard the particular sortment consumed there is only used in France, and not fit for any other market in Europe: that in case His Majesty's faithful subjects should be restrained or impeded on account of the present war from vending to the French King's subjects and exporting these tobaccos into France, the petitioners humbly conceive the subjects of France may probably be induced to cultivate the growth of them in the French colonys (which they have already attempted) in consequence whereof should they not be supplied from hence they may in process of time furnish great part of Europe with other sortments of tobacco in prejudice to the trade of His Majesty's kingdoms, in like manner as experience shews they now do sugars of the growth of their colonys: that the French Court has given liberty to the Farmers General to import into France in English or neutral bottoms all such quantitys of tobacco as they shall think proper, since which the Farmers General have applied to the petitioners to use their best endeavours for the obtaining His Majesty's royal licence to the petitioners for the exporting such tobaccos.” Said petition is hereby approved of and liberty granted for the exportation of tobacco of the growth and manufacture of the British Plantations from any of the ports of Great Britain to the ports of France in British ships of not less than 150 tons burden, and to that end that passes should be granted according to the form annexed, on application to be made therefor to the King in Council:—such passes to be for three months for channel ports, and six months for Mediterranean ports, to be under the Great Seal and enrolled in the Court of Chancery, the masters of the ships giving 2,000l. security in each case for the due performance of the terms of the pass.
Appending:—Form of said pass.
[Customs Book XVI. pp. 10–12.]
July 23. 112. Warrant under the sign manual of the Lords Justices, countersigned by the Treasury Lords, directing the establishment of rangers, Highland Company, boatmen, officers and men, and schooners, &c., in Georgia, to commence from 1744, Sept. 30. Followed by:—Said establishment in detail, with abstract of the charge of same for 15 months. 4 large pages.
(b) Same, countersigned by same, for the establishment of the General and Staff officers to attend His Majesty's service in South Britain to commence from 1744, Dec. 25. 1 large page.
Followed by
:—(b) (1) A computation of the pay of the General and Staff officers in Great Britain paid and to be paid out of the 12,000l. granted for that service last session of Parliament. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCXVII. No. 27.]
July 26. 113. Report to the Treasury from the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, dated Edinburgh, Exchequer Chamber, on the petition of Charles St. Clair and Joseph Pringle, ut supra, p. 682. By the Commission of 1728, July 22, five of the judges of the Court of Session are constituted a Court of Delegates for cases relating to the Forfeited Estates, Scotland. It appears by the minutes or sederunt book of the said Court that they met regularly every Friday from 1728, Novr. 29, to 1728–9, Feb. 28; after which their meetings were not so regular, but they met sometimes as they had business until the 2nd Feb., 1732–3, which appears to have been their last sederunt. Set forth the funds existing towards meeting abovesaid demands, but point out that Patrick Haldane has a preferential claim thereon to the amount of 600l.
:— R[ead] 13 Aug., 1646. 1746–7, Feb. 17. “My Lords agree that the money remaining be equally divided between St. Clair, Pringle and Haldane.” 2 pages.
:—(a) Said petition of St. Clair and Pringle. 1½ pages.
[Ibid. No. 29.]
July 26. 114. Treasury warrant to the Postmaster General approving of the method proposed for carrying on a correspondence with the West Indies by employing in that service the two boats now stationed between Lisbon and Gibraltar, and two other boats to be provided for that purpose: to estimates as below.
Prefixing:—Report to the Treasury from the Earl of Leicester, Postmaster General, as to the methods of the packet boat service with the West Indies during the late war. In said war said boats were sometimes four and sometimes five in number, of the burden of about 140 tons and of 26 hands each, and contracted for by the Post Office with Mr. Dummer at the rate of 12,000l. per an., which, however, does not seem to have been sufficient to bear the contractor harmless, as appears by the very considerable sums paid or allowed or remitted to him at times over and above the moneys due from the post office on his said contract. In order to provide for this service propose to contract for four boats of 100 tons and 28 hands each after the rate of 8,372l. per an.; which sum may be very considerably reduced by the product of the postage of letters to and from the West Indies, which in the late war was computed at nearly 5,000l. per an.
To still further lighten this burden, if necessary, propose as an expedient that the two pacquet boats, which in time of peace with Spain are stationed between Falmouth and the Groyne, and in time of war have been usually stationed between Lisbon and Gibraltar, where they at this time are, may be taken off from that duty, where during the course of this war they have been but seldom wanted, and put upon that of the West Indies, for which they are very proper except that at present they want sheathing. This would reduce the annual charge to 5,433l. 17s. 6d., the greatest part of which may be made good by the produce of letters: so that this useful branch of the service may be revived or restored at a moderate additional charge to the office.
Appending:—Two estimates of the additional charge of said packet boats.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXVII. pp. 321–3.]
July 30. 115. Warrants by the Lords Justices, countersigned by the Treasury Lords, to the Treasury to issue, and to the Paymaster of the Forces to apply, 10,000l. towards the expenses of defending Ostend: it having been represented “that the town and port of Ostend are threatened to be beseiged by the forces of the French king, and that the said town is in great want of necessaries to make a proper defence, and it being of the utmost importance to the common cause as well as to the trade and navigation of Great Britain that the said town and port should be assisted in case it shall be beseiged, for which purpose we have directed a considerable number of forces to be transported thither, and have given such further orders as we have thought necessary for the aid and assistance of the said town”: the said sum of 10,000l. to be paid over to such persons and in such proportions as Lieut. Gen. Chanclos or the Commander-in-Chief of the said town for the time being shall appoint.
[King's Warrant Book XXXVI. pp. 184–5.]