Treasury Books and Papers: August 1745

Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5, 1742-1745. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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August 1745

Aug. 13. 116. Hen. Fane (in the absence of the Secretaries of the Treasury) to Allan Whitefoord, Receiver General of land tax, Scotland, conveying the commands of the Chancellor of the Exchequer “that Sir John Cope, Commander-in-Chief of His Majesty's forces in Scotland, having occasion for money for the public service, he [the said Chancellor] desires you will advance the same, taking his [Cope's] bills on the Paymaster General of His Majesty's Forces here.”
[North Britain Book XIV. p. 195.]
Aug. 20. 117. Warrant by the Lords Justices, countersigned by the Treasury Lords, to the Clerk of the Signet attending, for a bill to pass the Privy Seal to direct the method of payment of the 600l. per an. ordered by the Privy Seal of April, 1728, to be paid according to the order of John, Earl of Sutherland, et al., who were at that time appointed Commissioners for preparing accounts of papists and public recusants and their goods: a great part of which Commissioners are since dead or removed: therefore order and direct the said sum to be issuable according to the order of any three of the said Commissioners (Privy Seal dated 1745, Sept. 10).
[King's Warrant Book XXXVI. pp. 187–8.]
Aug. 21.
118. Present : Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
A representation read from the Justices of Peace for co. Middlesex on behalf of John Thomas, a headborough, who was dangerously wounded on occasion of apprehending notorious rogues, desiring a reward of 20 guineas for his surgeon and 20 guineas for loss of time. Mr. Sharpe to pay same if he has no objection.
A letter read from Mr. Wood enclosing letters from Mr. Carr, collector of Deal, giving an account of a correspondence carried on with France by one John Mitchell, master of a packet boat at Dover. Write to the Customs Commissioners to take effectual care to prosecute him.
A memorial read from Mr. Sharpe for an imprest of 1,000l. for law charges, &c. Warrant ordered.
A letter read from the Duke of Newcastle for 1,000l. for the messengers. Ordered.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List revenues:—
£ s. d.
To Mr. Sharpe 250 0 0
To the Master of the Robes 556 14 1
To the Solicitor General 185 10 0
To Mr. Minors for plate 3,979 2 5
To Mr. Montagu 500 0 0
To the Attorney General 195 16 8
To the foreign ministers 8,458 4 8
To Mr. Basket in part 500 0 0
To the Treasurer of the Chamber for messengers 1,000 0 0
A petition read from Mr. Nelson, Secretary to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts, praying that two rooms and a garret adjoining Mr. Edwin's house agreed to be taken as an office for said Comptrollers may be granted to him, and the rent (24l. per an.) added to the rent agreed to be paid for said office. Referred to said Comptrollers to cause said rooms and rent to be inserted in the lease directed to be prepared.
A petition read from several gentlemen (attorneys) of the West Ruling praying that a distributor of stamps may be appointed at Wakefield. Referred to the Stamp Commissioners.
A presentment read from said Commissioners for repaying land tax, 1744, to their officers of under 100l. salary. Agreed to.
Mr. Sharpe's report on the Earl of Berkeley's memorial for renewing the present lease of St. Briavels, &c., read and agreed to.
A letter read from Mr. Wood about 34 sailors running from a ship under quarantine.
A petition read from Richard Ryley for 82l. 10s. 0d. for hay for the deer in New Lodge Walk, Windsor Forest for 1746. Warrant ordered.
A memorial read from the Officers at Arms for their droits on the creation of peers therein named. See what has been done on former occasions and how these droits are due.
A petition read from Stephen Long to be placed on the list of superannuated officers of the Customs. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
A report from said Commissioners read on a petition of Hibbert Newton, collector, surveyor, and searcher of Customs for the province of Nova Scotia. Said Commissioners to acquaint my Lords if they think the erecting the office he desires may be of benefit to the revenue; if so, what they think the salary should be.
Same read from Mr. Jeffrey and Mr. Beresford on the Trial of the Pyx of the copper moneys in the Tower of London, viz.: that the said copper moneys have been made by Mr. Arundell, when Master and Worker of the Mint, according to the directions contained in the respective sign manuals in that behalf.
Order for the issue of 40,000l. to the Paymaster of the Forces in part of his memorial of this day for 70,032l. for two months' subsistence and pay of the land forces in Great Britain from August 25 to Oct. 24 next.
[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 175–7; Letter Book XX. p. 181; Reference Book X. p. 283.]
Aug. 28.
119. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Earl of Middlesex, Mr. Fox.
Order for the issue of 15,000l. to the Westminster Bridge Commissioners.
Same for 30,032l. to the Paymaster of the Forces to complete 70,032l. for two months' subsist and pay for the land forces in Great Britain to 1745, Oct. 25.
Same for the following out of the Civil List revenues:—2,500l. to the Cofferer for purveyors for the present month; 4,815l. 12s. 9d. for salaries and pensions payable at the Exchequer; 290l. 4s. 0d. to Sir Theod. Janssen for Mr. Walton.
Leave of absence to Samuel Dicker, Comptroller of Customs in Jamaica. Same to Thomas Hindes.
A memorial read from the African Company for issue of the 10,000l. addressed for by Parliament. “As the subject matter of the said memorial and the prayer at the end of it are not relative one to the other my Lords cannot give any direction or order upon it untill the Company lay before them a distinct plan or scheme in what manner they propose the said sum of 10,000l. should be expended agreeable to the said address.”
A memorial read from Messrs. Whitfield and Baird, merchants, for delivery of their wines free of any new demands or charges. The petitioners in a new memorial are to state the facts only.
A report read from the Customs Commissioners on the petition of William Cookson of Hull, merchant, concerning Spanish wines and raisins under seizure. “My Lords agree that the prosecution of the raisins be carryed on, but as by the answer of Mr. Musgrave, the collector, it does not appear that he has agreed to any one of the allegations of the petitioner, my Lords do not think his case similar to those of Messrs. Whitfield and Baird, and cannot now give any directions upon it.”
A representation read from the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, concerning the ship “St. Mathew” of Dublin, under seizure for having French goods on board. Mr. Nesbitt to inform my Lords what he knows of this matter, he having been concerned in procuring a pass.
A report from the Comptrollers of Army Accounts read on Mr. Townsend's memorial concerning provisions lost on the “Tyger.” Townsend to be allowed 1,961l. for said provisions.
Sir William Yonge to attend my Lords with the estimate of the charge of the garrison of Louisburg in Cape Breton.
A report from Sir William Yonge read on the memorial of Lieutenant General Phillips advising 1,221l. 17s.d., as reasonable to be allowed for the loss of clothing, and for replacing recruits of said Phillips's regiment on board the “Tyger.”
[[Treasury Minute Book XXX. pp. 178–9; Letter Book XX. p. 182.]