Minute Book: December 1664

Page 577

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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Page 577

December 1664

Dec. 6. The order of the King in Council of the 30th ult., read and entered, for directions to be given to the Customs Farmers for their officers to seize all goods belonging to subjects of the States General of the United Provinces, and entered in any of His Majesty's ports. Order: to the Customs Farmers to put same in speedy execution. [Ibid. X. p. 294.]
Same of same date, read and entered (made upon the report of the Committee of the Privy Council for the affairs of the Admiralty and Navy concerning perishable goods taken in the Dutch ships that are brought in) for orders to be given to the Customs Officers who have the charge of prize goods, until the appointment of Commissioners for Prizes, to appraise and sell such perishable goods till further order: care being taken to preserve all papers that shall be found in the said ships. Ordered: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 295.]
Dec. 12. Petition from Dame Barbara Villiers, read and entered, setting forth that the King by letters patent of 1662–3, Jan. 6, granted her a pension of 500l. per an., payable half-yearly out of the casual revenue called the Greenwax; that by virtue of her said letters patents her acquittance should be a full discharge to the several farmers of the said revenue as if the same were by tally paid into the Exchequer; that by virtue of said grant petitioner received one year on said annuity from said farmers but at present is obstructed from receiving any more because the Earl of Berkshire, one of the farmers thereof, has commanded the receiver to pay the same into the Exchequer: and therefore praying signification of the royal pleasure to the Earl of Berkshire, Sir Robert Howard and Lord Brouncker, the present farmers, for payment of her annuity according to the terms of her patent. Followed by: a royal warrant, dated Whitehall, 1664, August 18, expressing the King' pleasure and express command to the Earl of Berkshire to so pay the annuity from time to time to petitioner out of the Greenwax. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "Let this command be observed by the farmers and receivers of the revenue of the Greenwax." [Ibid. V. pp. 259–60.]
Dec. 17. The salary bill of the Excise Office, London, for the 1664, Xmas quarter, read and entered. (Total, 940l. 2s. 6d.) Ordered: allowed of. [Ibid. XII. pp. 133–4.]