Minute Book: August 1660

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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August 1660

Aug. 1. A petition read from Christopher Hanby, gent., for the collectorship of the rents belonging to St. Mary's abbey at York. The auditor to certify a particular of the said office. [Ibid. I. p. 31.]
Same read from Nicholas Armour (Armorer) for a farm in Longbredy, co. Dorset. Referred to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands, he sending to the auditor of the county for a particular of same. [Ibid.]
Aug. 2. By the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury.
William Pateshall to be sworn as one of the waiters of Bristol port. [Ibid. VIII. p. 20.]
The like orders for the following: John Norris as Customer of Bridgwater port [Ibid. p. 21.]; William Thornton as Comptroller of Kingston upon Hull; Edward Wagan as Customer at Cardiff; Thomas Geale, as searcher of Bridgwater; Thomas Marshall and Thomas Greenfield as searchers of Chichester; Thomas Farwell as Customer of Bristol; John Rowe as same of Chichester; Jo. Wynn as same of Newcastle [Ibid]; William Burrough as same of Newcastle [Ibid. p. 22]; Edward Ball as Comptroller of Newcastle; George Slee as Comptroller of Boston; George Owen as Customer of Milford; Charles Lawrence as same for Poole with Lyme; George Ley as searcher at Exeter. [Ibid.]
A petition read from Sir William Poulteney to be continued tenant to certain lands and houses in Chelsey and St. Martin's, in the bailiwick of St. James's. Referred: to Sir Charles Harbord. [Ibid. I. p. 35.]
Same from Mr. Fisher read. My Lords will report to the King that at present the Exchequer is not furnished to pay any arrears of pensions. Nor can they advise the renewing of the pension, but when the time is seasonable they will have a consideration of Capt. Fisher's daughters. [Ibid. p. 78.]
Aug. 4. By the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury.
John Martyn to be Comptroller of Chichester port, loco Robert Benlose, deceased. [Ibid. VIII. p. 22.]
Petition from William Boucher praying the place of surveyor of tidesmen, lately enjoyed by him. Recommended to the Customs Commissioners for that employment. [Ibid. p. 25.]
Petition read from George, Viscount Castleton for a lease of the honour and manor of Bolingbroke. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands. [Early Entry Book I. p. 43.]
Upon consideration of the re-charging of the King's revenues, heretofore in charge before the auditors of the Exchequer, ordered that all manors, lands, tenements, fee farm rents and other hereditaments be put in charge at such rents and values as they stood in charge before the said auditors in 1642: and for all such parcels of the same as have since grown out of lease the same to be charged and accompted for at such rents as they were charged at in 1642 until further order. The values of all improvements in the forests, parks, chaces, and wastes to be ascertained by the Surveyor General and put in charge by certificate from him. The auditors of the Exchequer to send forth their proclamations and precepts in such sort as have been accustomed and warranted by law and by the course of the Exchequer. No Receiver to receive any rent out of which any deduction is to be made for taxes or otherwise but by debet from the auditor and his acquittances for suchrents. For all such other rents as he shall receive his acquittance to be brought to the auditor to be entered that so he may charge the Receiver and discharge the accomptant. And it is further ordered that the auditors give allowance of salaries to poor vicars and such other perpetual allowances as the Receiver was usually charged with before and in 1642, and for such taxes as the same is or shall be charged with by Act of Parliament. Touching His Majesty's revenue out of the estates of Recusants, ordered: that the same continue in charge and from time to time be charged in the proper counties before the auditors of the Exchequer and not elsewhere; the arrears thereof to be levied and answered as in the case of the King's other revenues. The auditors to make up accompts of same yearly, and declare them before the Treasury Lords or Barons of the Exchequer in such sort as their other accompts of His Majesty's revenue are declared. And in case where any Recusant by plea or otherwise shall discharge the rent now in charge upon their estates, in respect they were only certified by new courses or orders from Haberdasher's Hall, and not grounded upon any lawful conviction, that for such of them as were before lawfully convicted, and their estates leased or held at such values as have been found by inquisition, the auditors shall put same in charge at such rents and values as same were chargeable with before the sequestrations by authority from the Commissioners at Haberdashers Hall. For such of them as were not formerly convicted order to be taken for the speedy conviction of them. The auditors to give allowance for such quit rents and charges as are found by inquisition out of Recusants' estates, likewise for taxes charged on them by Act of Parliament. All expired leases and improvements to be certified to the Treasury, with their values, immediately upon the auditors' returns. [Ibid. pp. 43–5.]
A petition read from George Strangeways for a lease of lands in the manor of Ryme, co. Dorset, part of the Duchy of Cornwall. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 45.]
Same read from Lawrence Blomley for renewal of grant of the office of bailiff and collector of the King's rents, issues, and profits in London and Middlesex part of the possessions of the late monastries and chantries. Mr. auditor Phillips to certify a particular of said office. [Early Entry Book I. p. 45.]
Petition read from Hugh Scudamore for same of the office of collector of the profits of the monastry of Whitby, co. York. He attended. His patent allowed and he restored for his loyalty and sufferings. [Ibid. p. 46.]
Aug. 7. By the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury.
Petition from Thomas Raggatt for a landwaiter's place in Hull port. Petitioner recommended to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. VIII. p. 23.]
Lewis Stucley, junr., to repair to his office as Comptroller of Plymouth port. [Ibid.] Miles Lavington to be admitted as a waiter of Bristol port on the fiat of appointment, of date 1623, April 21. [Ibid. p. 25.] Robert Sanderson to be customer of Boston port, loco Thomas Houghton, Esq., deceased. [Ibid. p. 26.]
By letters patent of 1634, April 11, there was granted an imposition of 4s. a chaldron on coals exported. By same of the 26th of said month Sir Job. Harby was made Collector of the said imposition. By same of July 2, of same year, said imposition was granted for 31 years to Henry Lucas, Jo. White, and said Sir Job. Harby, for the uses of the Earl Holland, Earl of Dorset, and said Harby. By an act of the present session for the subsidy of tonnage and poundage there is a greater sum made payable on coals exported, as appears by the book of rates of the said act, the said 4s. becoming involved in the said greater sum so payable. Therefore my Lords pray Mr. Secretary Nicholas to acquaint the King here-with that by his order Sir Job. Harby may collect and receive the said 4s. to the uses expressed in the aforesaid grant for the term unexpired. [Ibid. pp. 27 and 28–9.]
Jo. Dawes to be restored to his place as Surveyor of the outports under the grant of 1640–1, March 25. [Ibid. p. 28.] The like to Edward Watkins, as head searcher of London port, as by grant of 1633, Feb. 19. [Ibid.]
A petition read from John Rame, collector. Mr. auditor Brinley to certify a particular of the office of collector of chantry and other rents of the Priory of Egglestone, and monastries of Fountains, Durham et al. in the counties of York and Durham. [Ibid. I. p. 58.]
Same read from Edward Arundell for a lease of two meads called the Prince's Meads, containing 24 acres, and a wharf called the City Wharf, with a piece of ground or ozier bed in Lambeth parish. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 46.]
Same read from Sir William Killigrew and Richard Lane for a grant under rent, &c., of the revenue of Greenwax (fines, post fines, americiaments, issues, and sums of money, commonly called Greenwax). Referred: to the Barons of the Exchequer, the Attorney and Solicitor General, and the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid.]
Same read from Col. Christopher Roper for his pension of 6s. per diem, granted by King James and interrupted by the late troubles. Recommended to the Lord Deputy and Council of Ireland, as same was payable out of the Irish Exchequer. [Ibid. p. 47.]
The Surveyor General to make a survey of the New Park near York, the King being resolved to dispark same, and parts thereof being petitioned for by Sir Henry Cholmley, Col. Henry Darcy, and Sir Thomas Goore (Gower). [Early Entry Book I. p. 47.]
A petition read from Philip Earl of Pembroke to be continued tenant to the manor or Ogmore, co. Glamorgan, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 48.]
The auditor of the Duchy of Lancaster to deliver to said Surveyor General a particular of the forest of Ashdown, and manor of Duddleswell ("Dodleswell"), in that forest, co. Sussex, and the Castle, &c., of Bolingbroke, co. Lincoln. [Ibid.]
A petition read from Col. Robert Broughton for a lease of the rectory of Anstey, co. Warwick, Fasley Milnes, in Tamworth (Stafford) and the manor and rectory of Westgate ("Westcoate") co. Lincoln) and Humphreth Wood, co. Essex. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 49.]
Same read from John Catcher, of Truro, for the office of stamping of tin in Cornwall, and receiving the Excise duty for same, and to be supervisor of the tin blowing house. Find that said office is not a patent office but is nominated unto by the tin farmers for the time being. Think fit that Catcher be employed as above, as said revenue is now out of farm, and when in farm Catcher to be recommended to the farmers. [Ibid.]
Same read from William Francklyn, of Grays Inn, Gent., to repurchase a messuage called Little Bray, and certain lands, co. Essex, extended as the estate of Richard Bateman. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 50.]
My Lords understanding that there are divers great sums of money in the hands of the undermentioned, as late Receivers of Revenue in the several counties in England and Wales, viz.:—Marke Coe, Col. Jo. Barker, Mr. Salter, Mr. Gifford, Mr. Nicholas, Mr. Arthur Butler, Capt. Braddock, Christopher Percehay, Mr: Harrison, Mr. Whitewick, and Mr. Bedford; order the same to forthwith pay into the Receipt all sums remaining in their hands as abovesaid; and further to personally attend the Treasury at the Council Chamber, Whitehall, on the 18th instant with a brief state of their accounts. [Ibid.]
John Bennett ordered to be admitted to the office of Receiver of royal revenues in Somerset and Dorset. The King's Remembrancer to take his securities, detailed. [Ibid. pp. 51–2.]
Aug. 10. By the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury.
Peter Barrett to be readmitted to his place as searcher in Yarmouth port. [Ibid. VIII. p. 26.]
Aug. 11. By the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury.
Capt. Luke Whittington to be searcher of Hull port, void by the death of Emanuell and Richard Fenton. [Ibid. p. 29.]
Petition from Richard Pepper to be restored to his place as warehouse keeper in London port. Sir Raph Clapham to attend on Tuesday next and bring with him the late King's warrant for said office. [Ibid. p. 30.]
William Halke to be Comptroller of Rye port, loco Mr. Cockeram, deceased. William Christian, gent., to be Customer of Carlisle port, loco Sir Richard Graham, deceased. [Early Entry Book VIII. p. 30.] George Williamson to be Comptroller of Carlisle port, loco Richard Orfear. [Ibid. p. 31.] Henry Metcalfe to be searcher of Chester port, loco Henry Mainwaring. [Ibid.]
The King having referred to my Lords a petition of Sir Philip Musgrave for a lease of the Customs, tolls, and imposts in the port of Carlisle, and other ports in Cumberland and Westmorland, my Lords find that the like grant had been formerly made to the Earl of Berkshire at the rent of 18l. 17s. 8d. for the Customs, and 40s. for the tolls, which lease said Earl prays a renewal of. Mrs. Rebecca Cholmley likewise petitioned for same, her husband being heretofore an under-lessee of the Earl of Berkshire. Upon the whole business, my Lords considering both upon this and other like cases that the letting to farm the Customs of particular ports had been and was very probably like to be prejudical to the Customs in general (for when one port or one commodity was appropriated to some single person such invitation was given to traders to frequent that port, or such use was made of the commodity particularly granted as that damage did arise thereby to the Customs in general), therefore not only in this case but in others as concerning the duties on Rhenish wine, for which the Countess of Dysart and her sisters petitioned, and also Mr. Trelawney, my Lords rejected the proposal of letting these Customs, and this they represent to His Majesty as their humble opinions. But for the tolls, which are of a distinct nature from the Customs, the one being an inland the other a maritime duty, my Lords conceive these may reasonably be leased. The duty, as far as my Lords understand, is only a small sum of money set upon the head of every beast that passes betwixt Ireland and England or Scotland and England. By all my Lords can inform themselves the true value hereof may be 100 marks or 100l. per an. at most. My Lords leave it to the King to decide which of the petitioners shall have the said lease. [Ibid. pp. 35–6.]
The above entry is followed by the following memorandum: "that the order of the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury of the 18th of August, 166[0], which should have bin here entred touching the Earl of Kinnoul is entred in the Booke of Orders touching the business of the Exchequer." [Ibid. p. 36.] [The reference is apparently to Early Entry Book I. p. 71; see infra p. 53.]
The business touching the office of keeping the original seal for the counties of Denbigh and Montgomery and the pre fines and other fines and profits of said seal to be considered Tuesday next. Mr. Mathews and Mr. Pugh to attend then. [Ibid. I. p. 52.]
A petition read from George Paule for a grant, in order to set the poor people of this nation on work by mining, to inn and game certain lands commonly called mudd or oozy lands between full sea mark and low water mark. The Attorney General and Surveyor General of Lands to consider same and the former grant made to Lady Wandesford. [Ibid. pp. 53–4.]
The question of the lease of the Ballast Office considered, and the petitions relating thereto of Col. Thomas Veele, William Clayton, Edm. James, Col. William Carlos, and Mr. Sandis, together with the claims of Trinity House to said office. Mr. Veele brought counsel to show that the words in the Trinity House patent of Lastage and Ballage did not include the Ballast Office, and that, upon hearing, the same was determined by the late King. and his Privy Council, who in the 12th year of his reign erected this office, with liberty to dig gravel and lade ships for ballast with it. Counsel for Trinity House produced an order from the Lords of the present Parliament settling them in possession till determination of title. My Lords understanding the matter of the Ballast Office is in consideration before the Committee of Parliament for His Majesty's revenue, and that in all these times it hath been kept distinct from the interest of Trinity House, make no order herein, but await what the House of Commons will determine. "And their Lordships pray Mr. Secretary Nicholas to certifie His Majesty the reasons of such their proceedings which they hereby submit to His Mats. wisdom." [Early Entry Book I. pp. 55–7.]
Aug. 13. A petition read from Sir William Hudleston, of Millom ("Milham") Castle, co. Cumberland, for a grant of the Lordship of Barnard Castle. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 53.]
Mr. Secretary Nicholas to be prayed to procure a royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet attending for a bill to pass the Privy Seal or Great Seal for the issue of 5,000l. out of the Exchequer upon account to the Earl of Sandwich, Master of the Great Wardrobe. [Ibid.]
Aug. 14. By the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury.
Giles Waters to be water bailiff of the town of Rye in as ample manner, &c., as Thomas Milward and Jo. Huggesford, both deceased. [Ibid. VIII. P. 31.]
William Ivie to repair to his office of Comptroller of Poole port. [Ibid. p. 32.] The like order for John Martin as Comptroller of Chichester, and Edward Dendy as searcher in Bristol port. [Ibid.]
"The Commissioners of His Majesties Customs are prayed to repair to the Graver of the seales and to direct the like seales which were formerly used by the Customers in the several ports &c. to be made for the present service and to order anything else in this kind which was formerly used and is now necessary." [Ibid. p. 33.]
Thomas Thory to be restored to his place as Customer of Boston port. [Ibid.] Henry Pinkney to be Comptroller of Bridgwater port, loco Mr. Muttlebury, deceased. [Ibid. p. 34.]
On the motion of the Surveyor General of Lands, the Attorney and Solicitor General are to hear Sir Peter Ball, the Queen [Mother's] Attorney General, on he behalf, touching her claims to the honor and parks of Ampthill, Brogborough, and Beckering, co. Bedford, and the castle, manor, and parks of Kenilworth ("Killingworth") and Rudfen and Rowington, co. Warwick, and the manor of St. James's, and all the lands and new buildings thereabouts in Middlesex, and all other things which shall come in question touching Her Majesty's jointure. [Ibid. I. pp. 58–9.]
A petition read from Robert Chreighton, D.D., Dean of Wells, for a grant of a third part of the soil of the Forest of Neroche ("Roch"), co. Somerset. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Early Entry Book I. p. 60.]
The rival claims, detailed at length, of Mr. Pugh and John Mathewes, senior and junior, for the office of Keeper of the Original Seals for the counties of Pembroke and Montgomery, with the annual fees of 16s. 8d. are considered. The determination thereof left to the King. [Ibid. pp. 61–3.]
Order for a commission under the Exchequer Seal to Maurice Wynn, as Receiver General of the King's Revenue in North Wales (Anglesea, Carnarvon, Merioneth, Denbigh, Flint, Montgomery, and the County Palatine of Chester). [Ibid. pp. 63–4.]
(?) Order for John Bennett to be admitted to the execution of his office of Receiver of Crown Revenues in Somerset and Dorset, on the royal letters patent of July 25 last; and for the King's Remembrancer to take his securities, detailed. [Ibid. pp. 60–1.]
Aug. 15. A petition read from Major General Robert Montgomery, on reference from the King, to be admitted tenant to the Honor of Penrith and manor of Holme Cultram, co. Cumberland. The Surveyor General of Lands to certify a particular. [Ibid. p. 58.]
Order for a royal warrant for the issue of 300l. without account to Col. Robert Broughton in discharge of so much disbursed by him for the late King's immediate and special service in 1643. [Ibid. p. 64.]
Aug. 18. By the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury.
Ordered that Sir Thomas Fanshaw, King's Remembrancer, provide blank parchment books under the seal of the Exchequer Court to be sent to the several officers of Customs in all the ports of England and Wales for their entries from June 24 last past inclusively till Xmas next, and that the said Remembrancer continue the same yearly as has been hertofore accustomed. [Ibid. VIII. p. 33.]
John Martin to repair to his post as Comptroller of Chichester port, he having taken the oaths, &c. [Ibid. p. 34.] John Bird to be restored to his place as Comptroller of Cardiff port. [Ibid.]
A petition from the Earl of Leicester referred to the Treasury by the King for the office of Steward and Keeper of all Courts Leet, &c., of the manor of Hildenborough ("Hilden alias Hildenberrow"), co. Kent, loco Henry Dixon, lately deceased, and with the fee of 13s. 4d. Secretary Nicholas to move the King for a warrant for grant of same accordingly. [Ibid. I. p. 64.]
Same read from Thomas Westlid, gent., for a lease of a farm called Colbidge Grange, in Surfleet, co. Lincoln. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 65.]
The report of the Master, Lieutenant, and other officers of the Ordnance read concerning the heads or articles of an agreement between the King and Mr. O'Neale for the making of gunpowder and serving the same duly into His Majesty's stores, viz.: for 21 years, being the time as appointed by His Majesty's own hand, and at a price of 9d. per lb.; which is an increase in price in respect Mr. O'Neale in this contract provides his own petre and has no liberty to dig any the subjects' houses for it. Mr. Attorney General to prepare a contract between O'Neal of the one part, and the Treasury and the Master of the Ordnance of the other, in accordance herewith.
Prefixing:—Said report from the officers of the Ordnance, dated August 3. [Early Entry Book I. pp. 66–70.] N.B. This order not signed (see infra 1660, August 28, p. 53.)
Aug. 21. By the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury.
Walter Rought to put in security and repair to his duty as searcher of Southampton port. [Ibid. VIII. p. 37.]
The Attorney General's report, dated August 4, on the petition of Cadwallader Jones read and entered in full; also a letter from said Attorney General to Sir Philip Warwick, dated August 17: all concerning the office of Customer of Sandwich port, and the revocation of Mr. De la Barr's patent for same. To be communicated to the King by Mr. Secretary Nicholas. [Ibid. pp. 37–8.]
Edward Mann to be restored to his office as Comptroller of Ipswich port. [Ibid. p. 38.]
Secretary Morice is to move the King for a grant to John Roope of Customer of Exeter and Dartmouth and the usual members thereto belonging, except Barnstaple: all upon surrender of the letters patent of 1634, March 28, which granted same office to Anthony Roope and Henry Dotting. [Ibid. p. 39.]
William Hinton to be restored to his office as searcher of Milford port. [Ibid.]
The Customs Commissioners to be made acquainted with Mr. Page's two petitions for restoration to his place as undersearcher in London port, formerly resigned by order to one Whaley. [Ibid.]
George Ward to be Comptroller of Great Yarmouth, co. Norfolk, loco William Barrett, gent., deceased. [Ibid. p. 40.]
John Perin (Perwyn) to attend the Attorney General on his petition for his place as a searcher, London port. [Ibid.]
George Ward to be Comptroller of Great Yarmouth, co. Norfolk, loco William Barrett, gent., deceased. [Ibid. p. 40.]
William Wilson to be searcher of Boston port, loco George Trigg, gent., deceased. [Ibid.]
Mr. Secretary Nicholas is prayed to direct the Clerk of the Signet attending to prepare a bill to pass the Privy Seal or Great Seal for the issue of 50l. to Mrs. Bridgett Devereux, wife of Col. Nicholas Devereux, as royal bounty to carry her home to Ireland. "And Mr. Secretary is prayed to signifie to all the offices in respect of the petitioner's low condition that they receive no fees of her." [Ibid. I. p. 72.]
A petition read from Thomas Earl of Berks, and Ferdinando Thweng, of Heworth, concerning the royalty of the sea between Runswick and Yarm, co. York, and the tenancy of all the weed which grows and is driven by the waves of the sea to the shore, called sea-wreck or sea-weed, and also certain pible stones useful to burn the said sea-weed within the dominion of England, Wales, and Scotland. Like petitions read for the same from Mr. Halsalls and from Ben. Bradburne. Resolved, before treating with petitioners, to know the nature and use of this sea-weed and stones, and stones, and whether it may not be prejudical to the alum works. The Attorney General to certify his opinion. [Ibid.]
Petition read from Jacque Bourgier, of Normandy, for 60l. seized by the searchers as he was setting sail for the Isle of Wight. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Early Entry Book I. p. 73.]
Same read from Frances Marchioness of Hertford and from William Leving and John Monck for a grant of the Rectory of Austrey, alias Auldestry and Fusley Mills, cos. Warwick and Stafford. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid.]
Same read from Richard Brooking for a patent for holding the castle of Launceston, which appears to be used only as a common gaol for the county. Their Lordships, not disapproving thereof, remit him to the King, and pray Mr. Secretary Nicholas to acquaint the King herewith. [Ibid. p.75.]
Same read from Sir George Stonehouse for a grant of the two hundreds of Ock and Moreton, co. Berks. The Clerk of the Pipe to certify a particular. [Ibid. p. 76.]
Same read from Robert Roper for a renewal of his patents for the office of collector of divers small Crown rents in York, Durham, and Northumberland et al., detailed. Auditor Brinley to certify a particular. [Ibid. p. 76.]
Same read from John Thelwall, of Bathavarne Park, co. Denbigh, for the arrears of a fee of 20l. per an. as Steward of Ruthin, co. Denbigh. My Lords think it no way reasonable that the King should pay fees for those times when his revenue was detained, and the service performed to usurpers. The Auditor concerned is to certify his opinion. [Ibid. p. 77.]
[?] Same read from Alice Beck, of Moreton in the Marsh ("Moreton-Henmarsh"), co. Gloucester, widow, for the reversion of the office of Constable of Gloucester Castle to her grandchildren, detailed. My Lords, agreeing not to reversions, against which the King has also taken a resolution, recommend it to the King for Mr. Secretary Nicholas to add one life more to petitioner's grant on surrender, and in view of her compassionate circumstances. [Ibid.]
[The above is the last minute made by the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury. All subsequent minutes or orders, &c. up to May 1667 are made by Lord Treasurer Southampton.]
Aug. 24. Petition from William Bell, gent., for the lease of a shed adjoining his house in King Street, Westminster. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 74.]
Aug. 28. Petition from Ann Houghton, widow, praying the place of gauger of liquid casks in the city of Bristol or Plymouth for her son Thomas Houghton. To attend the Customs Commissioners to certify of his fitness for said office. [Ibid. VIII. p. 47.]
Aug. 29. Sir Vivian Molineux and Sir William Hinckman both petitioning for the manor of Kirton in Lindsey, co. Lincoln, referred to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. I. p. 83.]
James Tunsteed's (Tunsted's) petition read for renewal of his patent for preserving the King's game of heath poult in Derbyshire. Ordered: to be renewed. [Ibid.]
Aug. 31. Petition from William Boreman, Clerk of the King's Kitchen, on reference from the King, for a lease of the Pike Garden at the Bankside. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Early Entry Book I. p. 94.]
Mr. Secretary Nicholas to acquaint the King with the petition of the soldier Henry Kingham, concerning the sale to him by Henry Axtell of all the crops growing on land belonging to him in the parish and park of Berkhampstead, co. Herts.
Prefixing:—Said petition and report thereon by the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. pp. 83–5.]
A petition read from Thomas, Lord Windsor, for the manors of Stoke under Hamdon, co. Somerset, and North Ingleby, co. Lincoln. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands, who is also to consider the petitions for same from Lord Gorges and Col. Charles Wheeler. [Ibid. pp. 85–6.]
Same read from Mr. Gunter for the lease granted to Sir Edw. Sydenham. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 90.]
Same from Thomas Marshall concerning silk stockings and bone lace seized. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. VIII. p. 52.]
Same from William Jenings for the release of gold and silver lace seized by the searchers for not paying the Custom. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "The fact seems foule and the pretence slight, and I intend not to encourage frauds. I therefore refer it" ut supra. [Ibid.]