Minute Book: July 1660

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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July 1660

July 3. By the Treasury Lords, His Majesty being present.
Petitions read from John Southcott, Samuel Bordman, Francis Craddock, Mr. Burrington, and Col. Samuel Tuke, each of them for the office of Clerk of the Bills or Tickets in the Custom House, London. His Majesty declared his pleasure to be that the said office be conferred on John Evelyn, Esq., during the life of said Samuel Tuke. [Ibid. p. 5.]
Walter Taylor to be appointed one of the King's waiters in London port for good service performed to His Majesty. [Early Entry Book VIII. p. 5.] Richard Walker to be Comptroller of Southampton port loco Thomas Dingley, deceased. [Ibid.] William Booth to be Customer of Ipswich loco Edward Nutall, deceased. [Ibid. p. 6.]
Mr. Attorney General to be attended with Mr. Dowdswell's patent for the surveyorship of the petty customs and the subsidy of tonnage and poundage in London port. [Ibid.]
Ordered that the several petitions referred by His Majesty to this board for the several offices and places of customer and searcher of Plymouth port be referred to Mr. Secretary Morrice, who is Governor of the garrison of that town. [Ibid.]
Sir Mathew Apleyard to be Customer of Hull, loco Robert Morton. [Ibid.] Thomas Greenwood to be same of Great Yarmouth, loco William Greenwood, deceased. [Ibid. p. 7.] Peter de Cardonell, gent., to be Customer Outwards of Southampton port, loco Thomas Wulfris, deceased. Francis Mansell to be Customer Inwards ibid. loco Henry Champante, deceased; Thomas Burton to be undersearcher, London port, loco Jo. Bennett, deceased; Lewis Stucley to be Comptroller of Plymouth port, loco Richard Deane, deceased. [Ibid. p. 8.] Richard Yeamans, gent., to be same of Bristol port, loco John Ham, deceased. [Ibid. p. 10.] Rowland Thrupp to be Customer Inwards, Bristol port, loco John Thrupp, deceased. [Ibid. p. 12.] Henry Edwards to be Searcher of Poole port, loco Theophilus Mann, deceased. [Ibid.]
Henry Hildeyard confirmed by the King in the office, lately granted him, of Chamberlain of the Exchequer Court. [Ibid. I. p. 7.]
The Treasury Lords pray one of the Secretaries of State to signify the royal pleasure to the Clerk of the Signet for a warrant for the royal signature for discharging the receipts upon several tallies of assignation levied at the Receipt upon the Receivers General of the respective counties for 12,700l., part of 20,000l., conferred on General Monck by a pretended act of 1659–60, March 16, and for entering vacates upon the records of the said tallies, there having been no moneys received by Monck thereupon, but the 20,000l. satisfied in other ways, detailed. [Ibid.]
A royal sign manual of June 17th [read] for John Loving to be admitted and sworn into the office of one of the four Tellers of the Exchequer, loco Arthur Squibb, senr deceased. [Ibid. p. 9.] Same of the 13th June [read] for Leonard Pinckney to be admitted to the house belonging to the place of a Teller, loco Jo. Brooke, deceased, and to be sworn and admitted as a Teller of the Exchequer. [Ibid.] The King's Remembrancer to take his securities, detailed, in 3,000l. [Ibid. pp. 8–9.] The King's Remembrancer to likewise take John Loving's securities, detailed, in 3,000l. [Ibid. pp. 10–11.] The like order for Lawrence Squibb for the like office and with the like securities, detailed. [Ibid. p. 11.] The like order for Sir George Downing for the like office and with the like securities, detailed. [Ibid. p. 12.]
Richard Harland (who was appointed by the House of Peers to preserve the game in New Park, near York city) is to take care of same and be answerable for the profits of corn, hay, or joysting. [Early Entry Book I. p. 12.]
July 7. Thomas Swallow, restored to his office as Clerk of the Irons and Surveyor of the Melting House in the Mint. Thomas Burgh, gent., recommended by their Lordships to the King, per Mr. Secretary Nicholas for the office of Teller and Weigher in the Mint. Thomas Rawlins restored to his place as Graver of the Mint. David Ramage to be continued in his present employment of preserving all the mills, presses, cutters, and other engines for making money at the Mint. [Ibid. p. 13.]
John Brattell to be Assay Master of the Mint till Thomas Woodward, senior, who has a patent of said office, returns to England and procures signification of the King's pleasure concerning said office. [Ibid. pp. 13, 18.]
July 10. By the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury.
Daniel Calwall to be restored to the place of undersearcher, London port, as granted 8 Charles I. [Ibid. VIII. p. 8.] Nicholas Opie to be restored to the place of customer in the ports of Plymouth and Fowey ("Foy") and the ports and places adjacent. John Martin to be searcher of Plymouth port. [Ibid.] Humphrey Prideaux to be customer of Barnstaple port. [Ibid. p. 9.]
"Upon reading the petition of Thomas Safe the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury conceiving the place of a tidesman therein menconed not to have bin formerly granted either by His Maty. or the Lord Treasurer but by such Commisioners or farmers as managed His Maties. customes, whereunto there are no persons yet constituted, doe nevertheless, reflecting upon the service of the petitioner and His Majesties gracious referrence, thinke fit to recomend the petitioner as a fit person to be qualified by the Commissioners that shall be appointed and accordingly the petitioner is ordered to attend them." The like order for John Clarke. [Ibid.]
"The peticon of Colonell Henry Washington for the revercon of Mr. John Robinson's place, His Majesties cheife searcher at Gravesend, being moved this day and His Majesty accidentally coming in, Mr. Secretary Nicholas is acquainted with His Majestyes pleasure and the petitioner is to attend him accordingly." [Ibid.]
Richard Ham to be waiter, Bristol port, loco Thomas Milward, in view of the sufferings of his father, late Comptroller of said port. [Ibid. pp. 12–13.] Morgan Jones to be a same ibid. loco George Brookes. [Ibid. pp. 13–14.]
John Mullock for his services and wounds to have the next avoidance of one of the Yeomen Warders at the Tower, or such place as is void there. [Ibid. I. p. 14.]
John Trowt's petition read for the reversion for himself and his son, Marke Trowt, of the Receivership of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey, on the death, &c., of Henry Sanford. Though petitioner's services were known to their Lordships, they were determining to lay aside the suit for the present on the King's former rule against reversions. "But His Majesty accidentally comeing in among their Lordships and saying that he had made this promise before that he had taken the other resolution, the petitioner is hereby ordered to attend one of His Majesty's Principall Secretaries of State that they signifie what His Matie hath directed therein." [Early Entry Book I. p. 14.]
Sir Charles Harboard, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, to peruse the lease of Walsingham House to Arthur Prodger, since come to the Duke of Buckingham, and certify in accordance with the King's order of reference. [Ibid. pp. 14–15.]
Petitions read from Humphry Noy and Col. Lewis Tremaine concerning the stewardship of the manor of Cornanton, Warwick, and Spensers lands and the Hundred Courts in the county of Cornwall. Mr. Major, clerk to the Commissioners for the revenues of Cornwall whilst it was the present King's, as Prince, to certify details in the matter. [Ibid. p. 15.]
Sir Thomas Stucley's petition read for the place of herdsman of Creslow, co. Bucks, late in the possession of Cornelius Holland. The officers of the Green Cloth to certify the nature and value of the office, &c. [Ibid.]
Report to the King from the Lords of the Treasury on the rival claims of Thomas Lanier (Lannier) and Charles Read to the office of Receiver of the Crown Revenues of Suffolk and Cambridge. "All which wee humbly certifie in obedience to your Majesty's referrence, leaving the persons and place to your Majesties dispose. ." [Ibid. p. 16.]
The like report on the like application for the like Receivership of the seven Western counties petitioned for, in whole or part, by respectively Sir William Courtney; Lieut. Col. Thomas Daniell; John St. Loe of Dorset; and John Bennett of Wilts. [Ibid. pp. 16–17.]
The like report on the like applications for the Receivership of London and Middlesex, Herts and Essex, all petitioned for by severally Nicholas Veel, Sir John Watts, and John Collins. [Ibid. pp. 17–18.]
July 16. On Lord Bellon's [sic for Belasyse] petition, Sir Charles Harbord, the Surveyor General of Crown Lands, is ordered to state to the Treasury the great business of the fens, to set forth to what parts of the whole fens His Majesty has a right, and by what title, and what sums of his late Majesty's proper moneys were expended on the draining any part of same. [Ibid. I. p. 19.]
On the like from John Windebank, touching the manor of Clewer, co. Berks, said Surveyor General is to report concerning valuation, &c., of said manor. [Ibid.]
By the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury.
July 17. Sir Andrew King to be sworn and admitted to the execution of the place of Clerk of the Bills. [Ibid. VIII. p. 10.] Richard Blatchford's warrant for the office of Collector of Customs, Lyme Regis port, to pass the seals, but to be only during pleasure "the order being generall that all grants of this nature pass but during His Maties pleasure." [Ibid.] Richard Godfry to be Customer of Lynn port, loco Henry Cremer, deceased. [Ibid. p. 11.] Edward Bromley to be Searcher of Lynn port, loco William Bird, deceased. John Auguish to be Comptroller of Lynn, loco Roger Bungy. [Ibid.] Thomas Hudson, gent., to be restored to his place as a waiter, London port. [Early Entry Book VIII. p. 14.] Stephen Smith to be admitted as Customer of Chester port, granted to him by letters patent of 1635, May 28. [Ibid.] Evan Edwards to be admitted Comptroller of Chester, Beaumaris, and Liverpool, granted him by letters patent of 1639, March 29. [Ibid. p. 15.]
Petition from Gracian de Perenant for a lease of the Customs and Excise of all the silk and millinery commodities made and wrought in France for seven years, he giving 500l. per an. more than ever was made. A letter written to the Customs Commissioners to examine the business, my Lords not well understanding the nature of it, how it may be known or kept distinct from the other Customs of silk. [Ibid.]
The petition of Sir Richard Fanshaw concerning a lease referred to the auditor of the county in question. [Ibid. I. p. 20.]
Treasury order to Sir Gervase Lucas to deliver to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands and the auditors of His Majesty's revenues respectively concerned all the surveys lately remaining at Worcester House, but taken into and remaining in his custody, of divers manors, parks, lands, and tenements belonging to His Majesty. [Ibid. p. 21.]
The petition of Charles Gifford, of Chillington [Park], co. Stafford, gent., read for a farm of the mines in the Lower Peak about Wirksworth, co. Derby. The Auditor of the Duchy to certify the state of said mines, and the Surveyor General of Lands to certify a valuation. [Ibid. pp. 21, 75.]
Same from Richard, Earl of Dorset, read for renewal of lease of the profits of courts in the three Wards of Ashdown Forest and all hundred courts and swainmote courts. The like order as above. [Ibid. pp. 20, 21–2.]
Several petitions, particularly from Sir Theophilus Gilby, for a lease of those fens lately in the occupation of Mr. Say. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. pp. 19–20.]
July 22. Sir Thomas Clarges's petition for a grant of several lands in the Forest of Dean referred to the auditor of the county concerned. The Surveyor General of Lands to certify a valuation. [Ibid. p. 23.]
Col. John Griffen's (Griffin's) petition for a grant of an estate in the possession of John Urlyn, of Grafton [Regis], and of certain lands of Grafton, co. Northants, referred to the said Surveyor General, to whom the whole business of Grafton is already recommended. [Ibid.]
The like order on a petition of Sir Gervase Lucas for lands in the same manor of Grafton. [Ibid. p. 24.]
Petition from Thomas Wade. The Attorney or Solicitor General is to be attended with the papers tendered by petitioner as a discovery, and they are to take care of the King's right, and to give a summons to the executors of the Earl of Mulgrave who are alleged to be liable to leave the quantities of alum and the stock mentioned in petitioner's papers. [Ibid. p. 20.]
July 24. By the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury.
The Attorney General's certificate read, and entered in full, on Mr. Dowdeswell's patent for the surveyorship of Petty Customs, and the subsidy of tonnage and poundage in London port. Dowdeswell to be admitted to the execution of that place. [Early Entry Book VIII. p. 16.]
Walter Rought to be searcher of Southampton port, void by the death of Fra. Courtney and John Knapp. [Ibid.] William Ivie to be Comptroller of Poole port, loco Richard Turnor, deceased. [Ibid. p. 17.] John Holle and Scipio Stucley to be Comptroller of Exeter port, loco George Kendall, deceased. [Ibid. p. 23.]
The petition of Sir Charles Compton touching the Greenwax office referred to the Lord Chief Baron and Sir Charles Harboard. The Clerk of the Pipe to attend them with a certificate of the average of the Greenwax revenue in former times both before these troubles and since. [Ibid. I. p. 25.]
Same read from James Buck, gent., for a lease of the demesne lands of Kennington, co. Surrey. The Surveyor General of Lands to certify a valuation, &c. [Ibid.]
Same read from Thomas James, one of the Commissioners to take care of the King's stock of iron in Dean Forest, concerning his accompts, &c. Referred to said Surveyor. [Ibid. p. 26.]
Same read from Philip Viscount Lisle for a lease of the monastry of Sheen, co. Surrey. Order of reference ut supra. [Ibid.]
Same read from Sir Edward Savage and Edmond Windham for a lease of certain fen lands. Order of reference ut supra. [Ibid.]
Same read from Ann Powell, widow &c., of Richard Powell, late of Forest Hill, co. Oxon, for discharge of her husband's arrears of rent as tenant of the forest of Shotover and Stowood, co. Oxon. Order of reference ut supra. [Ibid.]
Same read from the purchasers and builders upon St. James's Field in St. Martin's in the Fields, commonly called Pall Mall Field, praying to be admitted as fee farmers to the Crown. Order of reference ut supra. [Ibid. p. 27.]
Same read from the Earl of Portland for a lease of the manor of Berkhampstead, co. Herts. Order of reference ut supra. [Ibid, p. 27.]
July 25. "An informacon being given the Lords Commrs. of the Treasury concerning arreares upon prize goods their Lops. knowing that there is a committee of Parliament that had that business before them they pray on Saturday next, being the 28th of July, Colonell Edward King, Tho. Rich Esq., Jo. Knight Esq. and Arthur Spry Esq. to meet them at the Councell Chamber at Whitehall there to conferr about that busines." [Ibid. VIII. p. 15.]
July 28. A petition read from Francis Cornwallis for a lease of houses, &c., in Holborn, belonging to the White Hart Inn. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. I. p. 27.]
Mr. O'Neale's proposition touching the making of gunpowder for His Majesty's service, to be transmitted to the Master and Officers of the Ordnance, to prepare heads or articles for a contract with said O'Neale, "and upon the return of this certificate their Lops will proceed to the conclusion of this contract." [Ibid. p. 28.]
A petition read from Walter Long for a lease of a house in Richmond, co. Surrey. Order of reference to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 29.]
Ordered John Harvy to be admitted Receiver of Crown revenues, co. Lincoln, on his grant of same in reversion to John Harvy and William Halke. The King's Remembrancer to take his securities, detailed. [Early Entry Book I. pp. 39–40.]
Like order for Maurie (Maurice) Wynn, of Crogen, co. Merioneth, as Receiver of same for North Wales (Anglesea, Carnarvon, Merioneth, Denbigh, Flint, Montgomery, and co. Palatine of Chester) on a like grant in reversion after Humphry Jones. [Ibid. pp. 40–2.]
Like order for Sir John Watts as Receiver of same in Essex, Herts, Middlesex, and London city. [Ibid. p. 42.]
Petition from Christopher Chilton for the place of collector of Stockton, in the Bishopric of Durham. Recommended to the Customs Commissioners for employment in regard of the loyalty of father and son. [Ibid. VIII. p. 24.]
Same from John Hallsley to be confirmed and continued as usher to the Customs Commissioners in London port at a fee of 4l. per an. To be so confirmed. [Ibid. p. 25.]
Same from Vincent Delabar for a confirmation of the office of Chief Customer of Sandwich, Kent, granted by the late King in 1641. Petitioner is to attend the Attorney General, as is also Mr. Cadwallader Jones who produced a revocation of Mr. de la Barr's patent, and a grant thereof to himself. [Ibid. p. 17.]
Same from Vincent Den for the place of Surveyor of Customs, Deal port. Petitioner recommended to the Customs Commissioners for some employment in view of his long fidelity and activity, the place intended for him, viz., deputy customer of Dover, being understood to be of little value. [Ibid. p. 18.]
Thomas Lysons, junr., to be Customer of Hull port, now in the possession of Mathew Alured. [Ibid.]
July 31. A petition read from William Johnson for a lease of Brogborough Park, co. Beds. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. I. p. 28.]
Same read from Bridgett Devereux, wife of Col. Nicholas Devereux, for satisfaction out of rebels' lands in Ireland of 3,521l. 17s. Od., being arrears for service at the beginning of the wars, also for an allowance for her transportation to Ireland. Recommended to the consideration of the Lord Deputy of Ireland. [Ibid. p. 29.]
Same read from William Urwin, of Morpeth, co. Northumberland, to be continued as collector of His Majesty's fen farm rents in Northumberland, Newcastle, and the Bishopric of Durham. Mr. Auditor Brinley is ordered to send to the Treasury a particular of eight several collections, detailed at length, concerned herein. [Ibid. p. 30.]
Same read from Geo. Lea, gent., to be continued as bailiff and collector of rents and revenues in Worcester, Hereford, and Stafford, belonging to divers priories, monastries, colleges, chantries, &c., there. Sir Joseph Seymour, auditor, to make out a particular of said office. [Ibid. pp. 31–2.]
Same read from Francis Watson to be restored to the collectorship of several rents of St. Oswalds, St. Leonards, and three other monastries, detailed, co. York. Auditor Brinley to make a particular as above. [Ibid. p. 32.]
A petition read from Sir Sackvill (Savill) Crow, Bart., for a grant for 21 years for the making of all brass and iron ordnance, shot and granadoes for His Majesty's peculiar service, together with such sorts thereof as may be necessary for merchants or export, on such conditions as were granted by the late King to John Browne. Ordered: that the Attorney General consider the nature of the patent referred to, ordnance being by Act of Parliament particularly exempt from being a monopoly, and as to whether there is any patent in being. [Early Entry Book I. p. 33.]
Ordered that the stewardship of the Hundred Courts of Cornwall, viz., Powder, Trigg, Lesnewth, and West, be granted to Col. Lewis Tremaine; and those of Pyder, Kerrier, and Stratton to Nathaniel Lugger, both for life. Mr. Secretary Nicholas is to move the King for a warrant for grant accordingly. [Ibid. p. 34.]
A petition read from Edward Manning for a lease of Finkley (Finckley) Walk, co. Southampton, with a clause of de-afforestation. Referred: to Sir Charles Harbord. [Ibid. p. 35.]
Same read from Lancelott Walker, of Torpenhow, co. Cumberland, for a grant of the office of bailiff of the Lordship of Holme Cultram and manor of Ennerdale. Sir Joseph Seymour, auditor, to forthwith return a particular of the said offices and two others, detailed, appertaining thereto. [Ibid. p. 36.]
Same read from Samuel Morland for a grant of two tenements and a garden in Pall Mall, near the Pond. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 37.]
Same read from Thomas Jane and four others, children of Joseph Jane, late Clerk of the Council, for a lease of the Barton of Bradridge (part of the manor of Boyton in the Duchy of Cornwall), and of other premises named. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Same read from Marthana Wilson, widow, for a new lease of land in Potterspury, co. Northants. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Same read from William Killigrew for a farm at the usual rent, of the fines raised by the Clerk of the Markets in England and Wales. The Attorney General to report what he conceives of farming said fines and how they stand affected by late statutes. [Ibid. p. 38.]
Same read from Richard Beane to be restored to his office of collector of the rents of the Priory of Esholt and Monastery of Newborough et al., co. York. Auditor Brinley to certify a particular of said office. [Ibid.]
Same read from Lucy Anna Sanderson to be admitted tenant to the manor of Kirton. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. pp. 38–9.]
Same read from Capt. Roger Sleeman to be admitted tenant for toll tin in the manor of Helston in Ker[rier], Tywernhayle and Tewington, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall. Referred ut supra. [Ibid. p. 39.]
Same read from Joseph Batailhe for a place granted to him by the late King for payment of impost bills on wine. The Customs Commissioners to certify the nature of the bills of imposts and who officiated last in this place. [Ibid. VIII. p. 18.]
Mr. John Martyn to repair to his office as searcher of Plymouth. [Ibid. p. 19.]
George Cock to be searcher of Newcastle port, loco Henry Wormeworth, deceased. [Early Entry Book VIII. p. 19.]
Richard Yeomans (Yeamans) to repair to his office as Comptroller of Bristol port. Appending:—Form of the oath of the officers of the customs in the outports as sworn by said Yeomans for his said office. [Ibid. pp. 19–20.]
The following to be admitted to the execution of their places as old waiters, usually called King's waiters, in London port, viz.:—Thomas Harrison, Charles Pittfeild, George Braden, Thomas Hudson, John Glascock, Col. Charles Fowke, Tho. Elliott, Thomas Nevill, John Reeve, Edward Wingfield, Thomas Allen, Thomas Hathorne, Mr. Pegg, Mr. Cole, Walter Taylor, Lawrence Loe. [Ibid. p. 24.]