Minute Book: February 1662

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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February 1662

Feb. 1. Petition from John Harris, of London, merchant, concerning the ship "Golden Wheatsheafe," James Conaway master, daily expected from Virginia with tobacco, but which in regard of the deadness of the market here for that commodity has been appointed to touch at Dover in order to her return with her lading to Holland, first paying His Majesty's Customs. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. X. p. 34.]
Feb. 3. The Surveyor General's report of Nov. 15th last, read and entered in full, on the petition of Martyn Wright, one of the Aldermen of Oxford, ut supra, p. 169, for confirmation of reversionary grants made by him of certain copyhold estates in the manor of Shippon, co. Berks. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "This being a case I admit to no other person I thinke fit to disallowe the coppies graunted. But out of the profits of such as shalbe renewed to the old tenants [I order] that the peticoner procure a Privy Seale, if His Majesty so please, for allowing him 200l. out of the same." [Ibid. VII. pp. 213–4.]
Feb. 5. Petition from Adam Brooker for discharge of a seizure of linen cloth. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. X. p. 36.]
Feb. 6. Petition from Walter Scudamore concerning a fee farm rent in the manor of Wheatenhurst, co. Gloucester, purchased by William Baily (who was seized of said manor) who married petitioner's sister: praying that the said Baily being ready to deliver the deeds of the purchase to be cancelled he may be allowed the 1660 Michaelmas rent thereon. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "I thinke this reasonable if Mr. Surveyor Generall have nothing to offer mee to the contrary and direct him and the auditor of the county to allow the same." [Ibid. VII, p. 218.]
Same from William Midwinter for a new lease of several parcels of land in the soke of Kirton, co. Lincoln, and two ferries over the Trent and the fishing of that and some other waters within the soke formerly. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Early Entry Book VII. p. 218.]
Petition from Sir John Lewis, Sir Richard Ford, Edward Bolle and others their partners in the ship "Blessing," Jo. Shaw master, concerning the Customs in the various classes of goods in said ship, viz., Amsterdam, French and English. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners to examine the fact and certify what has formerly been done in cases of this nature in such part of this business as was before the Act of Navigation. "The case seems extraordinary and the equity of it depends cheifly upon the proofe that the goods returned be the same with those shipt out." [Ibid. X. p. 36.]
Feb. 7. Petition from Sir Thomas Reynell, agent for licensing taverns, to retail wines in Devon, Cornwall and Exeter at the rent of 130l. per an., the grant of which office was sequestered by the late usurped powers. Represents that the grant expired at Lady Day, 1660, to which date the rent has been paid into the Exchequer, "that it hath been the course in all branches of His Majesty's revenue where the receavour answers the charge without putting in rents in super the Lord Treasurer or Chancellor have granted warrants of assistance to a messenger in ayde of the accountant to levy such arreares:" and therefore praying such a warrant of assistance to a messenger for the collection of several rents in arrear and sums due to petitioner from the vintners before the expiration of his term. Referred: to the Attorney General. [Ibid. VII. p. 226.]
Feb. 9. Petition from Edward Sandford, of Norton Mandeville, co. Essex, for a grant of the bailiwicks of the hundred of Dengie and the half hundred of Thurstable, now out of grant and the subject much damnified for want of a settled officer to execute process of law: petitioner having been bailiff to the sheriff of that county for many years. Referred: to the Surveyor General to take some order for petitioner's appointment if for His Majesty's service. [Ibid. p. 237.]
Feb. 11. Petition for Col. Christopher Gardiner for a grant of the fourth part of certain parcels of waste and sandy grounds lying between the continent of the county of Northumberland and the Holy Island in Durham, containing 1,500 acres which are overflowed by the sea and yield no profit. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 231.]
Same from Daniel Souch [Zouch] (on reference from the King of 1661, Nov. 14). Sets forth that he has discovered to the Commissioners of the Savoy a quantity of lands in the county of Somerset gained from the sea never in the King's possession but used by private persons, which lands are called King's Sedgemoor, about seven or eight miles in length and about a mile in width, and entered for 17,000 acres: also one other called Bentley Moor, of above 1,000 acres with little improvement. "And because the said Commissioners are not active the petitioner discovers the same to be of great value least his Majesty bee surprised in granting the same in fee farme." Offers a rent and fine to be admitted tenant in fee farm for those lands lying in the parish of Pawlett joining the common of Puriton. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 232.]
Petition from Anthony Senhouse for a lease of a discovery made by him, viz., a mill called Dubmilne, in the parish of Holme Cultram, co. Cumberland. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Early Entry Book VII. p. 232.]
The sheriff of Northumberland's bill of allowances (cravings), read and entered. (Total, 99l. 3s. 4d.) Order for 65l. (as allowed by Baron Turner) to be allowed on his account to Michaelmas last. [Ibid.]
Petition from Lord Herbert of Ragland (on reference from the King of the 23rd ult.) for a grant of certain lands in the Forest of Dean, called Whitemead Park, with the profits and perquisites of the manor of St. Briavels, in the parish of Newland, co. Gloucester, heretofore demised to Philip, late Earl of Pembroke, then Constable of that forest. Referred: to the Surveyor General of lands. [Ibid. p. 233.]
Same from Thomas Shemonds for a lease of the manor of Langton Herring, co. Dorset, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall: in lieu and recompense of the custody of Bagshot Park, granted in 1645 to petitioner, but subsequently possessed by the Earl of Newburgh without recompense to petitioner. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 236.]
Same from Abraham Biggs (on reference from the King of the 22nd ult.) for a lease of the manor of East Goorham, co. Cornwall, being amongst other lands of Sir James Bagg, deceased, extended for a debt owing to the late King. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid p. 237.]
Same from Samuel Jefferies for a new lease of the farm of Portland, co. Dorset, as granted to Robert Layno. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
The certificate of the 3rd ult. from the Commissioners of Excise, read, for allowance of the 469l. paid by the late [Sub-]Commissioners of Excise in cos. Wilts and Gloucester to Mr. Cleave and Mr. Olleridge by directions of the Grand Commissioners of Excise in pursuance of a warrant from the Admiralty Lords, directing the same to be furnished for the accommodation of the Navy. Ordered: the Navy Commissioners to be first attended with this certificate. If they allow it it is fit to be discharged by a Privy Seal, the sum being a considerable one. [Ibid. XI. p. 98.]
Petition from John Elsworth, of Redland, co. Gloucester, concerning his dismissal from hsi employment as Sub-Commissioner of Excise for co. Somerset. Referred: to the Excise Commissioners. [Ibid. p. 99.]
Same from Thomas Smith for discharge of a seizure of the ship "Golden Doublet," arrived in London port with wines from Malaga. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. X. p. 37.]
Same from Luys Cornelison for discharge of the ship "St. Jacob," of Gothenburg, in Sweden. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Feb. 14. The representation to Treasurer Southampton from James Scudamore, Tho. Tomkins, Tho. Prise, Herbert Westfaling, Humfry Cornewall, John Barnely and Ranald Graham, knights, citizens and burgesses for the county of Hereford, read and entered: complaining that divers miscarriages are committed by the present Sub-Commissioners of Excise for the said county and city, and the inhabitants thereof much oppressed by their unjust exactions, "the said Sub-Commissioners intending only their owne private interest without any regard to His Majesty's benefit; they also having contemned our summons given them by your Lordship's order to give us any accompt of the management of the Excise as it now stands under their inspeccon, whereby wee might be enabled to give accompt thereof when wee should be thereunto required," and therefore praying for the removal of said Sub-Commissioners and for the instituting Edward Cornwall and Fitzwilliam Coningsby, gent, in their place, being persons of great fidelity to his Majesty, fitly qualified for the trust and very acceptable to our country. Referred: to the Excise Commissioners. [Early Entry Book XI. p. 100.]
Feb. 15. Petition from John Pordage for some post in the Customs as collector or landwaiter, he having lost all his estate by his loyalty. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "The officers that are employed are much complained of. Such as .. this petitioner .. deserve well and are proper for the service they pretend unto. Upon any vacancy by death or demerit I desire all places may be filled up by such as have meritted of the Crowne." [Ibid. X. p. 43.]
Feb. 18. Petition from Robert Wickins for a lease of two yard lands in the hundred of Greensnorton, co. Northampton. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. VII. p. 243.]
Feb. 21. Sir John Jacob's petition, read and entered. Sets forth that in 1641 he was collector of pretermitted customs for the term of two lives with a fee of 150l. per an., said duties being upon cloth, and amounting in London to 12,000l. per an. or thereabouts. Further, that for His Majesty's service he had by his single credit advanced upon that collection about 8,000l. more than he had received. That the Parliament in 1641 quarrelled at that imposition, and first struck at that part of the revenue, and with such violence that His Majesty to content them yielded to their desires, and in August, 1641, passed an act to take it off, not doubting of some amends, and did then promise petitioner satisfaction out of some other part of his revenue. The act being passed, the Parliament made an order that all collections and farms should cease as to His Majesty the 24th May previous, but petitioner finding this not taken away till August opposed the order, alleging that he was upon oath and security in the Exchequer, and could not yield up His Majesty's interest until the passing of the said act; upon which he was threatened with imprisonment. But he sent his books to the auditors upon oath and passed his accompt to that time, by which remained due to him about 8,000l. Further, that there was due also to him 8,000l. more by two tallies taken from Sir Paul Pindar struck upon that receipt for the year 1642, which tallies he accepted as money and was creditor for. Ordered: that Mr. Auditor Wood and Auditor Beale consider this account and prepare it. [Ibid. X. p. 42.]
Feb. 22. Petition from Henry Aldrich for a lease of a waste piece of ground lately gained out of an old sewer or ditch heretofore called the College Sluice, situate in Westminster, in or near the Old Palace. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Early Entry Book VII. p. 244.]
Same from John Sutcliffe for same of a piece of ground called Mayill Moor or King's Ings, in the parish of Corringham, co. Lincoln, and certain fines belonging to the manor of Kirton in the said county. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Same from Sir Francis Wortley for same of divers tenements, &c., in the several towns and places called Marske, Fulford Ings, Halsham, Darton, and Ruston, co. York, as formerly granted to one Mr. Smith. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 245.]
Same from Nicholas Pollard for same of a toft and close in the north part of Ox Street, in Abingdon, called the Bakehouse, with half an acre of meadow in the Conduit field and other lands, detailed, in Abingdon, Oxbridge, Rushook, and Wrigsley. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Same from Nicholas Staples for same of a small tenement in Badger Row, in Salisbury. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Same from Henry Orneult for discharge of the seizure of the ship "Mary," of Newnham. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. X. p. 38.]
Same from Arthur Betsworth, merchant, touching a seizure of cinnamon and cochineal. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "When the seizer is satisfied lett the petitioner attend me as to his Majesties moiety, at which time Mr. Metcalfe is to be heard therein." [Ibid. pp. 41–2.]
Memorial to Treasurer Southampton from the Commissioners for Arrears of Excise concerning the account of Thomas Williams, Thomas Wagstaff and John Huntingford, late farmers of Excise in Derby, Nottingham and Stafford, viz., for Derby and Nottingham for half a year to 1658, March 25, at the yearly rental of 6,400l., and for Derby, Nottingham and Stafford for three years from that date at the yearly rental of 10,300l. There is an arrear of rent due from them of 7,625l. 2s. 9d. to the 15th of September, 1659, after which time the said farm was reassumed to the state, and the said farmers did not intermeddle therewith. Propose to accept 2,250l. from them by way of settlement, largely in view of the arrears contracted by the victuallers owing to the Justices of Peace, in whom the coercive power was, refusing to act, which said arrears are become wholly desperate. Ordered: the said composition agreed to, and the farmers to be recommended to the Barons of the Exchequer for their discharge. [Ibid. XI. pp. 101–2.]
[?] Petition from William Allington, William Street, Robert Welding et al., for a warrant to authorise them in future to pay the half subsidy and additional duty on goods exported, they performing all things required by the Book of Rates. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. X. p. 39.]
Feb. 24. Petition from Francis Young and John Kirke (on reference from the King of Dec. 5 last) for a new lease of certain inclosures in the forest of Macclesfield, in Cheshire, discovered by them and of which they had a lease in 1641, with a covenant to try the title for possession in three years, which they could not effect because of the troubles breaking out. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Early Entry Book VII. p. 246.]
Same from Charles Lord Gerard (on reference from the King of the 29th ult.) for a grant of certain of the lands forfeited to the Crown by the attainder of Sir James Harrington, 1 Henry VII., viz.: the manor of Brierley, the moiety of the manor of Hemsworth, co. York; the manor of Farleton, in Kendal, co. Westmorland; Farleton in Lonsdale, co. Lancs., and the rest of the said lands which were granted by Henry VII. to Sir Edward Stanley and his heirs male: the issue male of the said Sir Edward Stanley being long since spent, by reason whereof the said manors, &c., ought to revert to the Crown: which said estates being in several men's occupation, it will be a great charge to recover them. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 247.]
Same from Sir Henry Felton for a lease of the bailiwick of Bosmere and Claydon, and the hundred of Samford, co. Suffolk. Order: to the Clerk of the Pipe for a particular of the premises. [Ibid. p. 248.]
Same from John Deacon for a reversionary estate in a moiety of a tenement in the manor of Portlooe, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall. Referred: to the Surveyor General of Lands. [Ibid. p. 249.]
Same from Christopher Leigh for same in two tenements called Quantishayes, parcel of the manor of Bradninch, co. Cornwall. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 250.]
Same from Robert Shapcutt for a new estate in two copyhold tenements in the said manor. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
Same from William Griffin for the like of four water grist mills and one horse mill in the manor of Mansfield, in Sherwood, co. Notts. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]