Minute Book: March 1662

Pages 332-333

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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March 1662

March 3. Petition from Edward Mico, of London, merchant, for an allowance on defective Malaga wines. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Ibid. X. p. 53.]
March 6. Petition from Thomas Hill et al., of London, merchants, complainting that for divers goods consigned to them from Barbados in the ship "Black Horse," aliens' Customs are demanded, although petitioners are English, and on pretence that said ship is not navigated according to the Act of Navigation. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 52.]
Same from Walter Browne for leave to unlade a parcel of salt from the ship "Fortune," and that said ship and goods may be freed from the penalty of the Act of Navigation. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 53.]
Same from Andrew Anderson, of London, mariner. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid.]
March 11. Petition from Charles Richards, of London, merchant, for an abatement of Customs on damaged Malaga wines. Referred: to the Customs Commissioners. [Early Entry Book X. p. 55.]
March 14. Petition from James Drax, John Bateman et al., for discharge of their bonds entered into at Falmouth for delivery of corn and tin in London, which by stress of weather was driven over to Calais. Referred: ut supra. [Ibid. p. 56.]
March 17. The Duke of Albemarle's warrant, read and entered, for the free transport to Ireland of 60 horses for the particular use of the Duke of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant. Order: to the Customs Commissioners to observe same. [Ibid. p. 58.]
March 24. The Duke of York's letter of the 15th inst. to the Lord Treasurer, read and entered, desiring preference over himself to be given to his sister the Duchess of Orleans in the matter of the payment of the 600l. remaining unpaid of the present given to her by Parliament out of the Excise. Ordered: that the Excise Commissioner observe same. [Ibid. XI. p. 107.]
March 25. Petition from Peter Van den Anker concerning some black silk lace belonging to him, and seized by one Robert Martleton, belonging to the Commissioners at Weavers' Hall, whereupon a letter of licence to compound was granted, on which petitioner paid to Marleton 30l. for composition money and 30l. more for the King's part; notwithstanding which the Commissioners at Weavers' Hall refuse to deliver the lace. Order to the said Commissioners to forthwith deliver the lace. [Ibid. X. p. 63.]