Entry Book: November 1660

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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November 1660

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Nov. 1 Same to the Clerk of the Signet attending, for a bill to contain warrant to the Exchequer to allow the Archbishop of Canterbury to pay his First Fruits in 4 years, by yearly instalments, and on his own security. Ibid, II. p. 45.
Nov. 2 Same to the Customs Commissioners, to permit the ship "Holy Trinity," Pasquall Deyriarte captain, to depart for the West Indies, said ship having been taken up in Spain by the Spanish Ambassador to transport his baggage to England and not having broken bulk in England, the ship's lading being originally and properly intended for the West Indies. Ibid, VIII. p. 100.
Nov. 3 Same to the officers of the Receipt to levy a tally for the discharge of the Baronet fee of 1,095l., due from Sir John Drake, of Ash, co. Devon. Ibid, II. p. 43.
Money warrant for 311l. 10s. 0d. to Bernard Grenville, being so much money as hath been by him disbursed for His Majesty's service. Ibid. p. 40.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to William Twining to execute his office of Comptroller of Gloucester port. Ibid, VIII. p. 101.
Nov. 6 Treasurer Southampton's warrant for Robert Swale, merchant, to pay a third the duty on some hops sent over from Flanders, said hops being old and comparatively worthless. Early Entry Book VIII. p. 108.
[?] Commission by Treasurer Southampton to John Reeve (one of the Messengers of the Chamber in ordinary), to assist the Customs Commissioners either by water or land and to attach all persons hindering the said Commissioners in the execution of their commission as such of Sept. 20 last. Ibid, pp. 106–7.
Nov 7 Letters patent for the issue of 1,000l. to Sir William St. Ravy and John Carey for His Majesty's service. Ibid, XIV. p. 3.
Nov. 8 Lord Treasurer's warrant to the Barons of the Exchequer Court to admit and swear Peere Williams into the office of Clerk or Keeper of the Foreign Extracts of the Exchequer Court granted him by letters patent of date 1660, August 13, in as ample manner, &c., as Francis Fuller, Noell Sotherton, Anthony Williams, or any other heretofore enjoying same. Ibid, I. p. 229
Same to Richard Hutchinson, Esq., late Treasurer of the Navy, to take in bills of exchange and debentures to the value of 1,938 7s. 11d. paid by the Excise Commissioners (by order of the late Commissioners of the Admiralty and Navy) for provisions delivered into the stores in the Tower and for wages due in the Office of Ordnance: and in lieu of said bills and debentures so to be taken in and made paid upon his account, to deliver out bills of debentures to the like value that are proper to the accompt of the Navy. Ibid, p. 230.
Same to Sir Charles Harbord for a particular of lands in the parish of St. Anthony in Meneage, co. Cornwall, part of the manor of Porthea Prior and Duchy of Cornwall, of which Samuell Spry, gent., prays a lease. Ibid, pp. 231–2.
Prefixing:—Note of the reference of said Spry's petition and report thereon from said Harbord, Surveyor General of Lands.
Royal warrant to Treasurer Southampton for a lease to Percy Church of the capital messuage or farm of Laverton, co. Somerset. Ibid, VI. p. 33
Nov. 9 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Customs Commissioners for discharge of a seizure of French wines sent by transire from Great Yarmouth to London by James Johnson, of Great Yarmouth, merchant, said wine having paid the custom in Scotland in May last, and the Excise in Yarmouth on being brought thither, the ship whilst being in Yarmouth Roads having been chased and seized by a Swedish man of war and forced into Scotland, where it was regained and the customs paid as above. Ibid, VIII. p. 105.
Letters patent for the issue of 900l. to Thomas Chaffinch to be paid to Monsr. Fevrier for goods sold to the King. Ibid, XIV. p. 3.
Same for 4,000l. to Charles Lord Stanhope as promised him by the late King in consideration of the surrender of his patent as Master and Comptroller of the Posts, viz., 2,000l. thereof forthwith, and 2,000l. in December next. Ibid, pp. 4, 5.
Nov. 9 Letters patent for the issue of 3.033l. 6s. 8d. to Robert, Earl of Leicester, due to him by his late Majesty on his allowance of 400l. per month as Ambassador Extraordinary to Lewis XIII. (Money warrant dated Dec. 7.) Early Entry Book XIV. p. 5; II. p. 60.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt. &c., to levy a tally purporting payment by William Humble of 1,095l., being his baronet fee. Ibid, I. p. 234.
Money warrant for 300l. to William Macdowell without accompt, for money lent to the King in Ireland. Ibid, p. 245.
A particular Commission from Treasurer Southampton to Henry Lord Paulett to act as Deputy Lieutenant of said county. Ibid, p. 211.
Commissions by Lord Treasurer Southampton as follow for commands in the Hampshire Militia:— Ibid, p. 210.
Sir Humphry Bennett, Captain of a troop of Militia Horse and Volunteers in co. Southampton; Richard Knight, Lieut; Henry Henley, Cornet; Jo. Allen. Quartermaster.
Henry Wallop, Capt. of a troop of Volunters, ibid., with blank Commissions for his Lieut. and Cornet.
Edwd. Hooper, same ibid., with Henry Skilling as his Lieut., and Edwd. Talbott as his Cornet.
Richard Compton as same, ibid.; George Perry, Lieut., and Edw. Lewin as Cornet.
Sir John Norton, Bart., Col. of a regiment of the Militia Foot in Altondivision; Nich. Mason. Lieut., and Hen. Mathew, Ensign.
Sir Nicholas Stuart. Bart., Lieut. Col.; Nicholas Wither, Lieut.; Thomas Moorey, Ensign.
Leonard Bilson, Major; Thomas Jaques, Lieut.; Jon. Fleet, Ensign.
Robert Pharr, Capt.; Stephen Greene, Lieut. (in place of Nicholas Mason, erased); Peter Ewen, Ensign (in place of Henry Mathew, erased).
Francis Dickens. Captain; Charles Cranley, Lieut.; Roger Aylewood, Ensign.
Richard Love (in place of Thomas Cole, erased), Captain; _ Beale, Lieut.; John Newlin, junr., Ensign (in place of Anthony Palmer, erased) Ibid, p. 211.
Sir Andrew Henley, Bart., Col. of a regiment of Militia Foot in Basingstoke division; Jo. Henley (in place of Ben. Rudiard, erased), Lieut. Col.: William Feilder, Lieut.; Richard Stansley, Major; Anthony Bathurst, Lieut.
Eustace Hooke, Capt.; Richard Soames, Lieut.
William Wall. Capt.; William Baker, Lieut.; George Rutter, Ensign.
William Moore, Capt.; Richard Spitle, Lieut.; Francis Moore, Ensign.
Henry Tooker, Capt. of a Volunteer troop of Horse; Henry Webb. Lieut.; Heroules Tarent, Cornet.
Sir Robert Howard, Col. of a regiment of Militia Foot in Kingsclere division; William Ayliffe, Capt. Lieut.; Hen. Holdip, Ensign.
Sir Jo. Trott, Lieut. Col.; John Kingsmil, Lieut.; John Burrard, Ensign: William Bishop, Major.
William Withers, Capt.; Thomas Clark, Lieut.; William Deane, Ensign.
William Goddard, Capt; John Atfield, Lieut.; James Knight, Ensign.
_Hyde, Esq. as Capt. in Sir Robert Howard's regiment Ibid, p. 212.
Sir John Norton, as Capt. of a Volunteer troop; Nichs. Bowell, Lieut.
Similar commissions for the militia of the town of Southampton, as follow:—
William Horne, Capt.; Edward Downer, Lieut.; Ferdinando Knapton, Ensign.
James Clengeon, Capt.; Arthur Bracebridge, Lieut.; John Combes, Ensign.
Same for the city of Winchester:—Edmund Clarke, Capt.; John Oolson, Lient.; William Hancock, Ensign.
Same for New Forest division:—Sir Jo. Mills, Col. and Capt.; Philip Leigh, Lieut. Col.; William Pawlett, Major.
Nov. 9 Warrant under the royal sign manual to Treasurer Southampton to admit Barnaby Love, clerk, to compound for the remaining term in several leases held by his brother, Nicholas Love, of the Bishop, College or Church of Winchester, and meanwhile to be appointed bailiff or receiver of the said leases, he having undergone great losses for his loyalty, and having been further defrauded by his said brother of his patrimonial right. Early Entry Book I. pp. 249–50.
Subscribed:—With Treasurer Southampton's notification of same to Sir Charles Harbord.
[?] Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Attorney General for preparation of a warrant to the said Lord Treasurer, &c., to make annually (during the present term of Viscount Brouncker's patent of the farm of the issues of jurors) an allowance and defalcation of 400l. per an. reserved thereupon, which the King as a matter of special grace is resolved to abate, yet resolving not to draw it into precedent: likewise for an extension of said grant of same to same for an additional 21 years. Ibid, pp. 232–3.
Nov. 10 Same to Richard Kinnesman, Auditor for the county of Somerset, to make forth a particular of the office of bailiff and collector of the rents of the chantry of St. Nicholas, alias Bishop's Chantry, in the [Arch] Deanery of Taunton and Deaneries of Dunster, Bridgwater and Pawlett. co. Somerset, all as formerly held by one Tho. Brooke: same being upon the petition from William Dicconson. Ibid, p. 244.
Treasurer Southampton's fiat for letters patent to constitute Thomas Darcy searcher of Berwick port, loco Richard Orfuer. Ibid, VIII. p. 237.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant for the delivery to Peter Lalier, master of the ship "St. Peter." of Calais, from Bordeaux, certain wines by him ignorantly put on shore. Ibid, p. 112.
Treasurer Southampton to the Attorney General concerning the instructions from Sir Richard Fanshaw, Master of Requests, for a grant of the Mulberry Garden, with the buildings thereon, to George Lee in trust for the Earl of Norwich, according to a former grant thereof prepared by Sir John Bancks, formerly Attorney General, and signed by the late King, but interrupted in passing the Great Seal by the distractions of the ensuing times. Proposes to alter the terms of said grant from fee farm to a lease, even though the lease exceed the 31 years limited by the King. Ibid, I. pp. 246–7.
Nov. 12 Sir Phil. Warwick to the Surveyor General of Lands for an account of the difference betwixt Mr. Barlow and Sir Richard Price; prior to the passing [of a lease] to said Barlow, Ibid, p. 245.
Nov. 12 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt, &c. to levy a tally, importing the payment of 1,095l., each being the baronet fee due from John Beale, of Maidstone, Kent, and Sir John Lewis, of Ledstone, co. Yorks. Early Entry Book, I. p. 241, 243–4.
Same to the King's Remembrancer, for a particular of the lands and estate of William Gaudy, late of the Inner Temple, as found by inquisition upon an outlawry at the suit of John Glean, Gent. Ibid, p. 263.
[?] Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of Dr. Clayton, concerning a discovery made by him of 4,600l. in fines ascertained by decree of the Duchy Court in King James's reign, upon composition with Commissioners for that purpose, half of which money was paid upon passing the decrees, the other half to be paid on passing an Act of Parliament for confirmation thereof upon a bill to be preferred by the tenants of the several manors, which having never been done for 50 years, is not likely now to be done. Ibid, p. 264.
Nov. 13 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Attorney General for a bill for the royal signature containing a grant of premises as below to the Duke of Albemarle. Ibid, II. 53–6.
Prefixing:—A certificate, together with a ratal made by Sir Charles Harboard, Surveyor General of Lands, of the several manors, lands, tenements and hereditaments, to be granted by the King to said Duke in part of the value of 7,000l. per an. according to the royal warrant of August 30 last, set out in full, viz:—
Value per an.
£ s d
Manor of Theobalds, Crossbrookes, Periors and Beaumonts (Herts and Midd.) 594 14 4
Park of Theobalds and Palace of Theobalds House (ibid) 1.749 10 0
Park of Cheshunt (Herts) 400 0 0
Old Enfield Park (Midd) 191 0 0
Moate Park in Windsor Forest (Berks) 264 0 0
Manor and demesnes of Clewer (Berks) 262 0 0
Coppices, &c., called Fynkeley Walk, part of Chute Forest (Southants) 211 15 10
The three parks called Great Lodge Park, Old Close Park, and Goosegreen Park in Alice Holt Forest (Southants) 140 0 0
Bestwood Park in Sherwood Forest (Notts) 457 15 6
New Park in the late forest of Galtres (Yorks) 200 0 0
£4.470 18 4¾ [sic]
Leaving a remainder yet to be passed of 2,529l. 1s. 7¼ d.
Nov. 14 Petition to the King from Thomas Stonor, of Stonor, co. Oxford, for a lease of Kildridge Wood, vested in Adrain Scoope, one of the persons lately executed for treason. Ibid, II. p. 77
Referred:—To Treasurer Southampton.
Nov. 15 Letters patent for 5,421l. 5s. 10d. to Giles Lytcott, 6 months after date hereof, without accompt. Ibid, XIV. p. 122.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant [to the Customs Commissioners] for the delivery to Thomas Hall, of Bishops Castle, Salop, mercer, of several goods and commodities bought in London, &c., and intended to be carried by water to his lodging, in Wapping, but seized by a searcher of London port as if intended for export. Ibid, VIII. p. 111
Nov. 15 Treasurer Southampton's order to the Customs Commissioners and officers for the delivery to Arthur Bettsworth, merchant denizen, of 45 tunns of whale oil brought over in the "Mary and Ann" of Newcastle, Henry Carlisle master, and seized as contrary to the Act of Navigation which passed the 13th of September last. Early Entry Book VIII. p. 113.
Same to the Auditor and Receiver General respectively of the Duchy of Cornwall for the payment of an annuity or yearly rent of 300l. to Sir Peter Killegrew and Peter Killegrew his son. Ibid, p. 114.
Money warrant for the issue of 100l. to the Earl of Dover, being money lent by him to the late King. Ibid, I. p. 248.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Receiver and Auditor of the County of York to pay 25l. to Sir John Temple, Surveyor of Woods, Trent North, for the half year ended Michaelmas [last], and to continue same in future. Ibid, pp. 250–1.
Money warrant for 500l. to Sir William St. Ravy and Jo. Cary in part of the 1,000l. ordered by letters patent of the 7th instant. Ibid, p. 252.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Sir Thomas Fanshaw, [King's] Remembrancer in the Exchequer, for a commission to issue from the Exchequer to John Shalcross and three others, named, for an inquiry as to certain encroachments on the King's forests and wastes in co. Cheshire, not being in charge before any Auditor or the Clerk of the Pipe; and as to the houses or buildings built upon the said land and by whom; and what the said encroached lands, tenements and buildings are worth by the year above all reprises, who are the pretended owners and occupiers and who have received the issues and profits thereof and by what title or warrant. Ibid, pp. 254–5.
Prefixing:—Articles of said inquiry.
Letters patent for a grant to George Hudson of the office of one of his Majesty's musicians in ordinary for composition and practice for the violins loco, Estienne Nau, deceased; with the fee of 200l. per an. Ibid, XIV. p. 6.
Nov. 16 Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of Lady Katherine Byron. relict of Sir Thomas Byron, for repayment of 700l. lent to the late King by her said late husband and for a pension for herself and children in view of her husband's services and suffering. Proposes to repay the 700l. by 100l or 200l. per an. "As your Majesty's treasure is at present even this provision may well stand for that tyme in lieu of the pension petitioned for." Ibid, I. p. 257.
Prefixing:—Said petition.
Nov. 17 Treasurer Southampton's warrant for the discharge of certain cattle laded from Waterford for Barnstaple Sept. 14 last, said vessel being seized under the Navigation Act which came into force on the 17th Sept. only. Ibid, VIII. pp. 114–5.
Same for the discharge of a small seizure of calico imported in ignorance by Mathew Nuby, mariner. Ibid, p. 116.
Same to the Auditor, &c. of the Receipt to strike a tally purporting the payment by Jeremy Whichcot, of the Inner Temple, of the baronet fee of 1,095l. Ibid, I. p. 253.
Nov. 17 Royal warrant to Treasurer Southampton for the following issues to releave their distresses, Elizabeth Yates 40l., Thomasen Thompson 20l., Josue Kingvinton 20l., Martha Hatt, alias Arundell, 20l.; Widow Jerome, a French woman, 30l.; Jo. Bovan, a chirurgeon, 10l. Early Entry Book VI. p. 35.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a bill for royal signature for a grant to Robert Bruce of the office of Keeper of the Palace and site of the late monastry of St. Mary, near York: to be held by him in as ample manner, &c., as Christopher Stevenson or any other formerly held same. Ibid, I. p. 253.
Same to Sir Thomas Fanshaw, King's Remembrancer, to take the securities, detailed, of John Troute, as Receiver General of Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Canterbury, being thereto appointed by letters patent of July 20 last. Ibid. pp. 261–2.
[?] Money warrant for 30l. to Meredith Vaughan, as his petition for a toll in Worcester cannot at present be gratified. Ibid, VI. p. 36.
Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of Sir Vivian Molineux for a messuage called Coldstaple and Chesworth Lodge, co. Sussex. Ibid.
Appending:—Surveyor General's report of date 1660. Oct. 6.
Nov. 19 Letters patent for a grant to Thomas de Champs of the place of a falconer to attend the King in his recreation of hawking: with the annuity of 44l., loco Lewis Latham, deceased. Ibid, XIV. p. 6.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Surveyor General of Lands for a constat of the capital messuage or farm of Laverton, co. Somerset, with a view to a lease thereof to Percy Church. Ibid, I. p. 258.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt for the issue of 650l. to William Legg. Lieutenant of the Ordnance, viz.: 150l. thereof for the payment of three companies raised for the defence of the Tower of London at 50l. each to the 10th instant; and 500l. thereof for removing the arms left in several quarters of the kingdom by the late disbanded army into the nearest garrison as the Master of the Ordnance shall appoint. Ibid, p. 259.
[?] Entry of the establishment of the garrison appointed for the Isle of Jersey, consisting of two companies (consisting each of 100 men with one Captain, one Lieut., one Ensign, 2 Serjeants, 3 Corporals and a drummer) and two gunners, two gunners mates, four mattrosses, a chirurgeon, and allowance for fire and candle (total establishment 3,464l. 1s. 4d. per an.). Ibid, p. 260.
Nov. 20 Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the various petitions relating to the man or of Kennington, near Lambeth, viz.:—From Mr. Kirke, Lord [Viscount] Moore, Mr. Buck, servant to the Marquess of Ormonde; Mr. Arundell, servant to Mr. Henry Howard; Col. Jeffry Shakerley, and Dr. Quaterman. Ibid, VI. pp. 33–5.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Auditor and other officers of the Receipt to levy a tally purporting payment of the baronet fee of 1,095l. by Thomas Boothby, of Friday Hall, in the parish of Chingford, Essex. Ibid, II. p. 1.
Nov. 20 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Robert Burton, late steward of the manor and soke of Kirton in Lindsey, co. Lincoln, to deliver to Sir William Hinckman, appointed steward of same by letters patent of Sept. 3 last, all court books of pleas and suit rolls of the said manor and all verdicts of juries and other writings of rolls and muniments belonging to the said court or the manor and soke thereof. "And that he forthwith bring into the Treasury of the same manor all Court Rolles made up or to be made up by him and wch are yet not by him delivered into the same Treasury." Early Entry Book II. p. 2.
Same to the Auditor and Receiver of co. York to pay to George Stanhope, gent. (constituted by letters patent of August 17 last Steward and Keeper of the Court Leets in the several manors and lordships of North Frodingham, Wawne, Hambleton, &c., co. York, 10l. for half-year's fees to Sept. 29, and to continue said payment in future. Ibid, p. 3.
Same to [Col. Hen.] Bishop. Esq., master of the Post Office, and others, officers of same, to pay to Charles Lord Stanhope 2,000l. in part of 4,000l, promised to him by the late King in consideration of the surrender of his patent of the office of Master and Comptroller of the Posts. Ibid, pp. 3–4.
Same to Sir Mathew Apleyard to repair to the exercise of his office of Collector of Customs of Kingston upon Hull port. Ibid, p. 5.
Same to Sir Robert Croke, Clerk of the Pipe, for a lease to Thomas Mills, gent., of several lands and tenements of Jo. Hamond, alias Hamont. of Ascot, co. Oxon, gent., outlawed. Ibid, p. 6.
Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton, on the petition, prefixed, from Sir Francis Doddington on reference from the King of 1660, Oct. 2) for the estate of Gregory Clement, lately executed for treason, said estate consisting in lands in Ireland and certain advances on the public faith. Ibid.
Treasurer Southampton to the Attorney and Solicitor General to reconsider the petition of Sir Humphry Bennett concerning the estate of Freeman Sandys, attainted for the murder of his brother George. Ibid, p. 7.
Prefixing:—Report dated 1660. August 20. from the Attorney General on said petition.
Same to Sir Jeffery Palmer, the Attorney General, to insert a fee of 600l. per an. as payable to Sir John Shaw in his warrant of appointment as officer to see to the execution of the Navigation Act. Ibid, VIII. p. 116
Nov. 21 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Sir Richard Prideaux, Surveyor of the Duchy of Cornwall to restore George Glyn, of Westcott, co. Cornwall, and his servants, to peaceable possession of his tenements purchased under the late usurped authority in the manor of Boyton, co. Cornwall, until the Annunciation next. Ibid, VI. p. 37.
Same to the Customs Commissioners for the discharge of a seizure of spices and cloth put on shore at Colchester by John Rebowe, of that place. Ibid, VIII. p. 117.
Nov. 22 [Treasurer Southampton's warrant made upon the Surveyor General's report on the petition of Thomas Woodhall, chirurgeon in ordinary to His Majesty.] Ibid, VI. p. 37.
Appending:—Said report dated 1660, Nov. 12.
Nov. 22 Treasurer Southampton to the Attorney General concerning the term of the lease to the Earl of Manchester, Lord Chamberlain of the Household, of the Timber Yard lying between Wallingford House Garden and Mr. Kirk's house extending backward to the wall of Spring Garden. Whitehall. Early Entry Book II. pp. 8–9.
Prefixing:—(1) Royal sign manual to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a lease of said ground. (2) Report [to Treasurer Southampton] from the Surveyor General of Lands concerning said ground.
Money warrant for payment of the usual salaries to Serjeant Earle, Serjeant Bernard, and Serjeant Waller, they having been appointed Justice of Assize and Nisi Prius for various counties, detailed. Ibid, pp. 15–16.
Prefixing:—Said Pye's certificate of the allowance paid at the Receipt in the time of the late King to a Serjeant at Law employed as a Justice of Assize: and further note of the length of time allotted for the Summer Assizes of the counties in question.
Same for 300l. to Mary Woodford for the service she did the late King in his obscure passage to the Scotch. Ibid, I. p. 263.
[?] Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of Capt. Edward Morgan for a farm of Clarendon Park and Barnard Castle, co. Durham. Ibid, VI. pp. 40–1.
Same to same from same on the case of the estate of Lord Abergavenny, part of which, being lands entailed on the Crown, that noble and royal house is obliged by its necessities to make sale of. Details the manner of the entail of said lands by the will of George Lord Abergavenny and under the Act of 2 and 3 Philip and Mary; there being above twenty persons issues inheritable to the said entail. Considers it a fit occasion for the royal goodness to oblige said Lord to enable him to sell certain lands, detailed, the possibility of the Crown's advantage therein being so remote. Ibid, II. pp. 10–12.
Prefixing:—Attorney General's report on the petition of said Lord Abergavenny.
Nov. 23 Royal warrant to Treasurer Southampton for a grant to Stephen Fox, Clerk Comptroller and [formerly?] Clerk of the Kitchen, of the term forfeited to the Crown by [Francis] Allen, of London, goldsmith, a regicide, in the lease of the manor and park of East Meon, co. Southampton, with two farms called Court Farm and Church Farm, which said Allen held of the church of Winchester. Ibid, VI. p. 42.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Clerk of the Signet attending for a bill for the issue of 500l. to the Earl of St. Albans as a temporary provision for the garrison lately established but not yet fully settled in Jersey. (Letters patent dated Dec. 3. Money warrant dated Dec. 18.) Ibid, p. 40; XIV. pp. 6–7
Same to the Surveyor General of Lands for a particular of a piece of ground formerly partly within Hyde Park and the rest in St. Martins in the Fields which John Bonnick, labourer, prays for, having built a house there. Ibid, VI. p. 38.
Prefixing:—Surveyor General's report on said Bonnick's petition.
Same to the Auditor and other officers of the Receipt to levy a tally at the Receipt purporting the payment of the Baronet fee of 1,095l. each, by Nicholas Gold of London, and by Sir John Howe of Compton, co. Gloucester. Ibid, II. p. 13.
Nov. 23 Treasurer Southampton's warrants to William Perkinson, appointed by letters patent of the 13th instant a King's waiter, London port, loco John Pegg, surrendered, to repair to the exercise of his said place. Early Entry Book II. p. 13.
Same to the Auditor of the county of Cumberland to make out a particular of the stewardship of the manor of Ennerdale, in said county, which Richard Tolson prays to be admitted to. Ibid, p. 14.
Money warrant for 5,000l. to John Viscount Mordaunt, Constable of Windsor Castle, being imprest for and towards the necessary reparation of said castle and lodges there. Ibid, p. 15.
Same for one quarter's salaries to Michaelmas last and for same quarterly henceforth, to the Customs officers of London and the outports respectively. Ibid, VIII. pp. 118–22.
Appending:—Schedules of the establishment of said officers in London and the outports respectively.
With the following note:—"Some of the searchers and wayters together with the pricker of the Stillyard had grants for their respective offices, and entered upon the execution thereof since the 24th June last. The rest were ancient officers and restored since His Majesty's returne, to beginn and take charge of their several offices from the 24th of June aforesaid."
Nov. 24 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Sir Robert Crooke, Clerk of the Pipe, for a lease for 21 years to George Barlo (Barlow) of the fines, &c., and perquisites of courts (except certain forfeited recognizances) in the county of Cardigan at the rents of 10l. and 30s. Ibid, II. pp. 16–17.
Prefixing:—Report by Sir Charles Harbord on the several pretences of Sir Richard Price and Mr. Barlow to said farm. "I have bin long carefull not to admit any tennant to compound for a further estate in his Majesties lands upon a right of tenancy which would exclude his Majesties power of granting reversions to his servants and others as the Crowne hath used to do in all ages. But I have bin willing to preferr good tennants to renew their estates before others."
Same to the Attorney General for a lease to William Cockcroft and Edm. Rigge of certaintithes of corn, and herbal and hay, of the towns and villages of Warley, Midgley, Wadsworth, Heptonstall and Stansfield, co. York, and of the tithes of lamb and wool on the South and North part of the water of Calder, in the vicarage of Halifax. Ibid, pp. 18–19.
Prefixing:—Certificate dated 1660, Nov. 17, by the Surveyor General of Lands on the petition of said Cockcroft and Rigg for same and memorandum by same upon the auditor's particular of the premises.
Treasurer Southampton to the Attorney General recommending to his consideration and care a paper of observations as below, and likewise "another paper of what hath bin built (as is supposed at least) on the King's waste," same being conceived unfit to be continued unless clearly granted, and further to consider the validity of the pretences as below of the town of Portsmouth. Ibid, p. 20.
Prefixing:—A note of a paper of observations made by G. W. [Auditor Wood], upon taking the accompt of His Majesty's stores at Portsmouth 1660. "That His Majesty cannot land a gunn upon the wharfe at Keygate without paying 4d. for the wharfage: nor any other provisions to be landed there without payment for wharfage: that the storehouse is near Keygate: that His Matie. pays rent for that storehouse to a private person, 24l. per an., whereunto belongs a small yard wherein all the round shott are placed which are dayly subject to be imbezilled by marriners the walls being very low: the town by their charter granted 4 Nov. 3 Caroli naper regis hath graunted unto them (inter al) tot tanta talia et eadem hujusmodi &c. to hold to them in perpetuum, whereby they clayme for [sic=from] the King's ships asumme of money for groundage and anchorage if they come into harbour. Note that the King hath great waste there and great encroachmts. And above 100 houses pay now a rent to the towne which is conceived have been built twixt the high and low water marke being the King's wast. Therefore to advise with the King's Councell whether a commission of survey be not necessary and the towne forced to sett out their title to several messuages and incroachments: by this meanes if the King's Commissioners lease those incroachments at small rent he may be bound to build the King a large storehouse to lay in all his provisions."
Nov. 24 Treasurer Southampton to the Governor and merchants trading to the East Indies, warning them against any diversion or alienation of the following stocks in their Company, viz. 750l. belonging to Mr. Berkstead, 1,500l. to Mr. Tichborne, 800l. to Mr. Andrews, and 250l. to Mr. Allen, all of them citizens of London, and engaged in that execerable act for which they stand at present excepted, which may entitle the Crown to what belongs to them. Early Entry Book, II. p. 26.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Surveyor General of Lands for a constat of the premises as under in order to a lease thereof to Mr. Knollis: but first "to confer with the Master of His Maties Ordnance, to consider whether the great roome be usefull for that purpose it is desired; it seeming unfit to me as well as to your selfe that His Maties stores of that nature should lye out of the Tower." Ibid, pp. 27–8.
Prefixing:—The Surveyor General's report on Mr. Knollis' petition. "I find that the old artillery ground menconed in Mr. Knollis' petition did antiently belong to the Crowne and was used by the Master Gunner of England as belonging to his office for the tryall of cannon &c. and King James in 1622 did make an order that the Artillery Company of the city should exercise their armes there on certaine dayes of the weeke, wch. they accordingly used and built a room thereupon about 63 foote long and 24 foote wide and some other rooms adjoining fitt for that service. And having since gotten a new artillery ground nere Moore fields, they have taken upon them to make sale of said roome and other buildings and of a strip of ground for a passage to the said buildings about 10 feet wide together with a small yard to the east end thereof unto one Richard Wollaston for petitioner's use for 300l. and the petitioner believing it to be the right of the said Company and not His Maties inherritance as he professeth was induced soe to purchase it and bath since laid out 400l. more in altering and new buildings upon the premises and hath since obtained leave under the late usurped authority to inclose a small parcel of ground adjoyning, containing about 20 perches, parcell of the said old artillery ground for a garden plot and doth teach a school and exercise his profession as a preacher to a congregation of persons of his owne opinion in the said roome or Armory House and seemeth to be a man of a peaceable behaviour and good life having bred up his owne sonn and others now preachers and conformable to the Church Government now established." Cannot think the said Company had any grant of the premises or other interest therein than the order of King James of 1622, though they alledge that they had other evidence which has been embezzled and lost. The Master Gunner seemed to think the said Great Room or Armory useful for the King's service to keep the carriages of his cannon there dry and free from the weather. Thinks however these may be much better kept in the Tower or in His Majesty's yards in the Minories.
Nov. 24 Treasurer Southampton to the Attorney General to certify whether the case of Simeon Bonnell et al., may be dispensed with in regard of the importation of goods and silks from Italy under the [Navigation] Act. "it having byn usuall to shipp goods and silkes from Itally in the Provinces and probability best for His Maties Customes as the Commrs. certifie. However I would not willingly doe ought contrary to the Act, nor yet exact a thing might be prejudiciall to His Maties Customes and the merchants." Early Entry Book VIII. p. 123.
[?] Same to Sir Richard Prideux concerning his care taken in the King's revenue in Cornwall, "which relating to some survey books which you had not yet time to perfect I expect that returne and for a more exact survey of the Duchy than hath bin at present made I thinke very fit to be proceeded in since we cannot have too much light of what concerns His Maty. revenew." Ibid, II. p. 23.
Nov. 26 Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of the East India Company for permission to export 60,000l. in foreign coin. By their first charter made by King James their licence was only to export foreign coin of silver or silver bullion brought in by them not exceeding 30,000l., they being obliged upon every return, or within six months, to bring in as much bullion or foreign coin of gold or silver as they transported: and the silver transported to be shipped at London, Dartmouth, or Plymouth, after an entry in the Custom book before shipment. By letters patent of 1616, July 11. the amount was extended to 60,000l., but only for that time. On the 6th Jan., 1617–8, they had leave to export 100,000l.; 40,000l. in 1632; and 30,000l. in 1635 in foreign gold. "Now I find that for the more ease of themselves they import their forrain coyne not by themselves but by goldsmiths and others upon their accounts ... and they brought me an account of 37,000l. brought in by them in the year 1650; since they have had interruption by the interloppers and others" Sees no inconvenience in the grant, on condition of bringing in returns as above. Ibid, VI. pp. 41–2.
Nov. 27 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Customs Commissioners for the discharge of a seizure of canvas unshipped by Henry Carlisle, master of the "Mary and Ann." Ibid, VIII. pp. 123–4.
Same to same for same of 1,000 last of cole seeds exported by Simon Taylor, of Lynn Regis, and seized for short entry. Ibid, p. 124.
Same to same for same of 16 piggs of lead belonging to William Page, et al. poor mariners. Ibid, p. 125.
[?] Entry of a fine and composition rated on Alexander Herriot, goldsmith, for sword hilts, &c., seized. Ibid, II. p. 24.
Nov. 28 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Sir Thomas Fanshaw. King's Remembrancer, for commissions to be awarded to inquire of and seize the estates of the following persons in the respective counties, the names of the Commissioners being given in each case. Early Entry Book VI. pp. 64–8.
Prefixing:—Lists of traitors that have estates in the several counties, together with the names of the persons nominated as Commissioners.
The names of said traitors as follows:
Co. Bucks Isaack Penington.
Cornelius Holland.
Thomas Scott.
Symon Meyn (Mayne).
George Fleetwood.
Beds Daniell Axtell.
John Okey.
John Cooke.
Berks Henry Martin.
Daniell Blagrove.
Cheshire John Bradshaw.
John Jones.
Cambridge and Isle of Ely Oliver Cromwell.
Valentine Walton.
William Say.
Edward Whaley (Whalley).
Dorset John Fry.
Devon John Carew.
Kent Sir Hardresse Waller.
William Say.
Sir Michaell Livesey.
John Dixwell.
Gregory Clement.
Andrew Broughton.
Robert Titchborne.
Essex Thomas Andrews.
John Hewson.
Richard Deane.
Augustin Garland.
Herts Daniell Axtell.
London and Midd Thomas Harrison.
John Barkstead.
Robert Titchborne.
Owen Rowe.
Robert Lilborne.
Thomas Andrews.
Francis Allen.
Thomas Pride.
Edm. Harvy.
Augustin Garland.
Hugh Peters.
Richard Deane.
Thomas Scott.
Co. Leicester Henry Smith.
Francis Hacker.
Thomas Dighton.
George Palmer.
Notts Edward Whalley.
Gilbert Millington.
Henry Ireton.
Norfolk Miles Corbett.
Will. Heveningham.
Yorks Sir Thomas Malevery
Sir John Bouchier.
John Aldred.
Oxfordshire Adrian Scroope.
James Temple.
Peter Temple.
Rutland Thomas Waite.
Henry Smith.
Francis Hackett.
Sussex William Cawley.
Anthony Stapley.
Peregrine Pelham.
John Downes.
Co. Southampton John Lisle.
Nicholas Love.
John Cooke.
Francis Allyn.
Somerset Edmond Ludlow.
John Venn.
Suffolk Will. Heveningham.
Surrey Thomas Pride.
Edmond Harvey.
Francis Allen.
Warwick William Purefoy.
Wilts Edward Wallop.
Edm. Ludlow.
Gregory Clement.
Wales John Jones.
Nov. 28 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Sir Robert Croke, Clerk of the Pipe, for a grant of the Hundred of Ock and Moreton, co. Berks, parcel of the ancient inheritance of the Crown, with the office of steward and bailiff of the same, waifs, strays, felons', fugitives' and outlaws' goods with the fines and other profits and privileges to the said hundreds belonging to Sir George Stonehowse, Bart., for 21 years, at the rental of 10l. 10s. 0d. Early Entry Book II. p. 39.
Same to Sir Heneage Finch, for a bill for the royal signature granting to Thomas Corbyn, Esqr., the office of Surveyor General of Woods, Trent North, with the yearly fee of 50l.: all as granted by a royal sign manual of August 29 last, all in as large and ample manner as Sir John Temple now doth or at any time heretofore enjoyed the same. Ibid, p. 44.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to order their sub-collectors of Customs in Dover port to pay John Ravin 3,000l. ordered by letters patent of Oct. 24 last to be paid for the reparation of the harbour of Dover, in consideration of the decay of the pier of said harbour. Ibid, VIII. p. 126.
Treasurer Southampton to Sir Edward Nicholas, one of the principal Secretaries of State, by way of report on the petition of Thomas Smart, of Dantzio, merchant: said petition concerning provisions furnished for the Protestants in Ireland, in response to the invitation of the late Parliament called in 1640, as also for the garrison of Exeter. Finds reason enough for the King to recommend to the two Houses, when they consider debts of this nature, to examine and allow same, "it importing the publique good to preserve the publique credit which by those orders of invitation seeme to me to be somewhat engaged thereby." Ibid, II. p. 29.
Nov. 28 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Surveyor General of Lands for a constat of Pointon Cow Pastures alias Godscales in the manor of Pointon, co. Lincoln, of which Henry Heron prays a lease. Early Entry Book II. p 32.
Prefixing:—Said Surveyor General's report dated 21 instant on said Heron's petition.
Same to the Auditor and other officers of the Receipt to levy a tally purporting the payment of the baronet fee of 1,095l. by Thomas Herbert of Tintern, co. Monmouth. Ibid.
Same to Sir Heneage Finch, Solicitor General, for a bill for the royal signature for a grant to Thomas Corbyn, Esq., of the office of Surveyor General of Woods beyond the Trent, with the yearly fee of 50l. Ibid, p. 33.
[?] Same to the Surveyor General of Lands for a particular of the Pike Garden and the ponds at the Bankside of which William Boreman, first clerk of the Kitchen, prays a lease for 41 years. Ibid, pp. 29–30.
Prefixing:—Order of reference upon said Boreman's petition and said Surveyor General's report thereon. The Pike Garden in question contains about 3½ roods, wherein are four ponds which have been used for conservation of fish for the King's house; and certain buildings thereon, described. Petitioner offers to cleanse the ponds and wharfe them and to keep tkem for his Majesty's use and service better than formerly. Ibid, pp. 29–30.
Same to John Reeve, the Treasurer's messenger, to apprehend Thomas Bond, Esq., late Receiver of the Alienation Office, who is behind with his accompts for that office for seven years past, though often required by fair means to accompt, and who is believed to have a great sum of money in his hands; also same for Mr. Russel, his deputy. Mr. Auditor Hill to take this accompt. Ibid, pp. 34–5.
Prefixing:—Memorial from Thomas Tuder deputy to William Hill, Auditor of said office.
Copy or model [inserted apparently as a form or precedent] of a commission [of date 1629 ?] from the Duke of Buckingham, Lord High Admiral of England and Lord General of the fleet and army employed in this present expedition, to Sir Henry Sprye. knt., to be Col. of a regiment of 10 companies of foot and Captain of 90 foot in the said regiment, and to repair to same presently at Southampton or elsewhere. Ibid, VI. p. 69
Nov. 29 Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of Mr. Jamot concerning the estate of Henry Smith, of Withcote, co. Leicester, a person engaged in the murder of Charles I. Ibid, pp. 42–3.
Same to same from same on the petition of Nicholas Armorer, for lease of a farm in Longbredy, co. Dorset. Ibid, p. 46.
[?] Same to same from same on the petition of Jam Van Steclant of Dunkirk, setting forth that he at sea by commission from the King of Spain in 1644 took a prize of good value from the Hollander, which before it was carried into Dunkirk was retaken by some men at war set out by Sir Hugh Cholmley, then Governor of Scarborough for Charles I. Thinks the matter is to be examined only by the Admiralty. "I being unwilling to determine the same without better grounds then yet appeares to me. Besides if reparacons be sought in such cases I apprehend they may multiply upon your Majesty to the great importunity or charge." Ibid, p. 47.
Nov. 30 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Attorney General for a grant to Percy Church, of a term in the manor of Laverton, co. Somerset. Early Entry Book VI. pp. 44–5.
Prefixing:—Surveyor General's particular of the premises.
Money warrant for 100l. to Edward Backwell for making three indented Trial Pieces of gold and silver. Ibid, II. p. 36.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Sir Robert Crooke, Clerk of the Pipe, for a lease to Walter Kendall of a water mill &c. in the manor of Lostwithiel, co. Cornwall, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall. Ibid, p. 79.
Prefixing:—Particular of the premises and Surveyor General's ratal.
Same to same for a lease to Thomas Jackson of certain lands in Rawmarsh and Ickles, late in the possession of Thomas Mountforth, part of the possessions of the late monastery of Roche. co. York. Ibid, p. 37.
Prefixing:—Constat and ratal by the Surveyor General of Lands.
Letters patent for the issue of 100l. to Capt. James Smith as royal bounty for faithful and loyal services. Ibid, XIV. p. 6.
Same for an annuity or pension of 2,000l. per an. to Prince Edward [fifth son of Frederic V., Elector Palatine] and the Princess Ann de Gonzance, his wife, to date from Michaelmas last. Ibid, p. 4.
Treasurer Southampton's warrants to the Customs Commissioners to permit 15 horses and certain chests, trunks, &c. belonging to the Earl of Middleton, to be shipped for Scotland, and for Lord Wotton to ship for Flanders or Holland certain horses and servants, &c. Ibid, VIII. pp. 127–8; VI. p. 45.
Appending:—Royal warrants for the said shipments in both cases.
[?] Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition from _ for the concealments of waste and buildings upon those wastes in England and Wales. Words of such latitude would comprehend lands deserted by the sea which were not in charge, and whereof nothing had been answered. On reference the Surveyor General has reduced the proposal to the counties of Kent, Southampton, Norfolk, Sussex and Middlesex, and directed that the prosecution be in a legal way and by inquisition, and then proposes a lease to them for 31 years, reserving a fourth part to the Crown for a rent. This for the concealed lands absolutely. For the lands deserted by the sea and the houses built upon highways not already granted or in charge, he proposes a lease of the like term and rate. In advising thus the Surveyor General has taken counsel of the Attorney General. "Your Majesty may hereby perceive that these grants wilbe extensive in several counties and being to frame titles for your Majesty and make discoveries of concealments may be vexatious if not managed by discrete persons." Therefore proposes that the Attorney General and Surveyor General should agree of such commissions for inquisitions. Ibid, VI. pp. 43–5.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a bill for the issue of 500l. to John Van Haesdonk, on account for arms and ammunition furnished to Charles I. (Money warrant dated Dec. 20.) Ibid, p. 45; XIV. p 12.