Entry Book: October 1660

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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'Entry Book: October 1660', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667, (London, 1904), pp. 70-80. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-treasury-books/vol1/pp70-80 [accessed 24 June 2024].

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October 1660

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Oct. 1 Instructions under the royal sign manual to the Earl of Southampton for his guidance and observation as Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire. Ibid, pp. 24–6.
The like for same as same of co. Norfolk Ibid, p. 26.
Report to the King from the Lord Treasurer on the petition of Mr. Heydon for the forests of Neroche ("Roch") and Selwood. Finds that though tallies were struck at the Exchequer for the payment in of 20,000l., and for about 3,000l. more, yet the money was not paid in but retained by Sir John to his own use. Ibid, I. pp. 168–9.
Oct. 1 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Sir Jo. Watts, Receiver of Crown Revenues, cos. Essex and Herts, Middlesex and London; and to John Phillips, Esq., Auditor of same; the former to proceed to the exercise of his office as such, the latter to deliver to him a charge of the revenues accordingly. Early Entry Book I. p. 170.
Same to the Surveyor General of Lands to give order to the several stewards concerned to grant to Henry Pengelley certain premises, detailed, in the manors of Landulph, Leigh Durant and West Anthony. co. Cornwall, by copy of Court Roll according to the custom of those manors. Ibid, p. 174.
Oct. 2 Same to Dr. Walter Walker, of His Majesty's Counsel at Law in Civil and Ecclesiastical affairs, recommending to his particular care and zeal the matter of the prizes at sea, "His Majesty having appointed you of his counncell in all his Courts of Admiralty and Delagacy and you having in these late times of distraction and interruption of the just governmt. bin imployed and intrusted as Advocate General to prosecute such causes as related to prizes at sea," there appearing now very fair appearances of very great sums that are due to His Majesty on those accompts. Ibid, p. 262.
Oct. 3 The like instructions as under date 1660, Sept. 17, supra, p. 61 to John Maidston, George Clarke and Henry Currer as surveyors for the outports. Ibid, VIII. p. 89.
The like warrant as of date July 14 last to same as to Richard Ward, ut supra, p. 23, under date 1660, Sept. 14. Ibid.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Thomas Price to execute his office of Customer of Gloucester port. Ibid.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a bill to grant the office of gauger in the port of Kingston upon Hull to John Palmer for 21 years from Sept. 29 last under the same rent and provisions under which the mayor and burgesses of said town formerly enjoyed same. Ibid, p. 90.
The Lord Treasurer to Sir Horatio Townsend and 15 others, named, his deputies in the Lieutenancy of Norfolk, transmitting to them a copy of the King's private instructions to himself in the said Lieutenancy, for them to observe carefully. "I am assured you are sensible how dangerous the times are, and that suitable to the same wilbe your vigilancy." Ibid, I. p. 176.
The like letter to Henry Lord Pawlett and five others, named, as his deputies in the Lieutenancy of co. Southampton. Ibid.
Order by same appointing as [additional] deputies to him in the Lieutenancy of Norfolk Sir Thomas Rant and four others, named. Ibid.
Lord Treasurer's warrant to the Surveyor General of Lands for a constat of the two tenements called Old Tamerton, part of the manor of Boyton, and parcel of the annexed Duchy of Cornwall, for which Richard Hawke, gent., prays to be admitted to compound. Ibid, pp. 177–8.
Money warrant for 10l. to Robert Abbott as royal bounty in respect of his sufferings for His Majesty. Ibid, p. 172
Oct. 3 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Surveyor General of Lands to make forth a constat for a lease of a messuage in Yaddlethorpe, in Bottesford ("Botsworth") parish, co. Lincoln, to William Lincoln, D.D. Early Entry Book I. p. 172–3.
[?] Same for the Customs Commissioners to allow 40l. to John Clement. Ibid, VIII. p. 90.
Oct. 4 Letters patent for the issue of 1,000l. to John Bayspoole, Surveyor of His Majesty's Stables in the Mews, being imprest for repair of said Stables. Ibid, XIV. p. 3.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Customs Commissioners to take off the seizure of elephant teeth belonging to Richard Terry. Ibid, VIII. p. 90.
Letters patent by same appointing John Halliley, of London, gent., to be Usher of the Custom House, loco Robert Bois, late of London, gent., deceased. Ibid, p. 91.
Money warrant for 800l. to William Gamelton for three jewels for the King. Ibid, I. p. 177.
Treasurer Southampton to Sir Robert Pye to strike tallies of loan for 10,000l., now lent by Sir John Cutler to the King towards the payment of that week's pay which the King promised to the non-commission officers and common soldiers of the army upon their disbanding. Cutler to have a Privy Seal for repayment of same out of the 70,000l. lately given by Parliament. The said loan to be strictly applied to said purpose, with a view to which a Privy Seal is now passing for payment of 10,628l. 9s. 6d. to Mr. Clarke, Secretary to the Lord General. Ibid, pp. 178–9.
Warrant from same to same and to the Commissioners of the Post Office, for 125l out of the Post Office for the 1st quarter to Michaelmas last, on Sir Samuel Morland's pension of 500l, per an. Ibid, pp. 180–1.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt, et al. concerned, for the discharge of the Baronet fees of 1,095l. each from Peter Lear, of London, gent., and from Henry Massingberd, of Bratoft Hall, co. Lincoln. Ibid, p. 182.
Same to said Auditor for the issue of 75l. to Dame Rebecca Williams for Michaelmas quarter's rent of her house for the use of Ambassadors. Ibid, pp. 183–4.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet attending for a bill to pass the Great Seal, granting to Sir John Cutler the office of Receiver of the Crown Revenues, co. Notts and Derby, loco Edward Bass and Edward Darling. Ibid, p. 185.
Same to same for same for 100l. to Richard Backwell, Alderman, to enable him and the other goldsmiths of London concerned, to prepare three indented trial pieces of the several standards mentioned in the indenture of July 20 last, between the King and Sir Ralph Freeman for the coinage; viz. of crown gold, fine gold and silver moneys, the said 100l. being additional to the 70l. 3s. 7d. remaining in the hands of said goldsmiths from the making of former trial pieces. Ibid, pp. 186, 191–2.
Oct. 6 Same to the Attorney and Solicitor General and the rest of the King's learned counsel for strict prosecution to be made in the Exchequer for recovery of the particulars mentioned in a schedule annexed [missing] and for all assistance to be given to Ferdinando Parkhurst, the discoverer, who is hereby appointed to prosecute. Ibid, VI. p. 145.
Oct. 6 Letters patent for the issue of 2.747l. 3s. 10d. to Stephen Fox, Clerk Comptroller of His Majesty's Household, as imprest: said amount being in arrear from Martin Noell for his composition of the two farms of Customs and Excise. Also Treasurer Southampton's warrant hereon dated 1660, Dec. 7. Early Entry Book XIV. p. 6; II. p. 61.
Oct. 7 Commission by Lord Treasurer Southampton as Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk to John Kendall as Muster Master General of the Militia forces, both of horse and foot, to be raised in said county: he observing all orders from said Lord Treasurer or his Deputy Lieutenants. Ibid, I. p. 202.
[?] Notes of like commissions severally for a foot regiment in said county, as follow:— Ibid, pp. 203–7.
Lord Richardson as Col. and Captain; Richard Harvy as Captain Lieutenant; Francis Layer as Ensign.
Robert Suckling, Lieutenant Col. and Capt.; Robert Lullman, Lieutenant; Daniel Newton, Ensign;
Edmond de Gray, Major and Captain; John Ward, Lieut.; William Tomson, Ensign;
Maurice Skelton, Captain; William Marsham, Lieutenant; Henry Marsham, Ensign;
Philip Harbor, Captain; Henry Pitelme, Lieutenant; Richard Greenwood, Ensign ("dead, and so sent down with a blank");
Robert Gallop, Captain; John Porter, Lieutenant; Henry Stoulton, Ensign;
Symon Britiffe, Captain; Henry Parr, Lieutenant; Robert Munford, Ensign;
John Jennison, Quartermaster.
The like for a Regiment of Foot for the City of Norwich, as follow:—
Sir Joseph Payne, Colonel and Captain; Sir Joseph Payne, junr., Capt. Lieut.; Peter Enton, Ensign;
Christopher Jay, Lieut. Col. and Capt.; Felix Horby, Lieut.; Walter Beckham, Ensign;
Robert Bendish [in place of Alderman Thomas Johnsons, erased]. Major and Captain; John Heyward, Lieut.; Alexander Croshold, Ensign;
Augustin Briggs [loco Robert Bendish, erased], Capt.; Thomas Bradge, Lieut.; Thomas Neve, Ensign;
Thomas Wisse, Captain; Jaffreeman Sheffield, Lieut., Anthony Mingay, Ensign;
Augustin Skottow, Capt.; Abraham Castell, Lieut.; Robert Clayton, Ensign.
Appending:—In the margin a note dated 1660, Oct. 25. of the alteration as above relating to the Companies under Bendish and Briggs in consequence of Johnson being taken with a palsie.
The like for Companies for Lynn Regis, as follow:—
Henry Bell, Captain; Robert Clark, Lieut.; John Hall, Ensign;
William Wharton, Captain; Edward Bromley, Lieut.; Thomas Carter, Ensign.
The like for a regiment of Foot in said county, as follows:—
Sir Ralph Hare, Col. and Capt.; Edward Barber. Lieut.; Thomas Brady. Ensign;
Edward Walpole, Lieut. Col. and Capt.; Richard Browne, Lieut.; Francis Barrett, Ensign.
Butts Bacon, Major and Capt.; Mathew Munning, Lieut.; Nathaniel Tubbing, Ensign.
Roger Spelman, Capt.; George Fowler, Lieutenant; Robert Thorsbye, Ensign.
Lawrence Hewer Oxburgh, Capt.; Robert Wright, Lieut.; Thomas Say, Ensign.
Richard Godfrey, Capt.; Jo. Stileman, Lieut.; John Portington, Ensign.
John Le Strange, Capt.; Samuel Gurling [in place of Thomas Cunham, erased] Lieut.; John Woodcock, Ensign.
The like for Companies for Great Yarmouth, as follows:—
Sir Thomas Meadowe, Major and Captain; Thomas Muriell. Lieut.; John Cubitt. Ensign.
George England, Captain: Richard Huntington, Lieut.; James Harmer, Ensign.
James Symonds, Captain; John Malham, Lieut.; Robert Ferrier [in place of John Hall, erased], Ensign.
The like for a regiment of foot within the hundreds of Blofield and Walsham as follows:—
Sir William Doyley, Col. and Capt.; Richard Fowler, Capt. Lieut.; Roger Reynolds, junr., Ensign.
William Crane, Lieut. Col. and Captain of a Company in the hundred of Taverham; Arminian Browne [in place of John Tibenham, erased], Lieut.; Thomas Smith [in place of Thomas Holt, erased], Ensign.
Peter Gleane, Major and Capt. of a Company in the hundred of Henstead; Martin Earle, Lieut.; Nicholas Sayer, Ensign.
Thomas Gawdy, Capt. of a Company in Clavering hundred; John Bokenham [in place of Francis Clarke, erased], Lieut.; Miles Herring. Ensign.
Anthony Freeston, Captain of a Company in the hundred of Earsham; Capt. Thomas Barnes, Lieut.; Thomas Baxter, Ensign.
William Cooke, junr., Capt. of a Company in the hundred of Loddon; Thomas Verdon, Lieut.; John Wrongry, Ensign.
Longly Mapes, Capt. of a Company in the hundred of Flegg and East Flegg, Blackburne Colvile, Lieut.; Nicholas Coates, Ensign.
The like to:—
Sir Ralph Skipwith, Capt. of one Volunteer Troop of Horse in said county; John Anguish, Lieut.; Francis Bell, Cornet: John Grymes, Quartermaster.
John Knyvett, Captain of one other Volunteer Troop of Horse in said county; Peter Gleane, Lieut.; Thomas Wood, Cornet; Edward Cawson, of Tibenham, Quartermaster.
[?] Commission by Lord Treasurer Southampton as Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk, to Sir Thomas Rant, Christopher Jay, and Thomas Corey, as Deputy Lieutenants in the city of Norwich, with like powers, &c., as granted in the like Commission of Sept. 26 last. Early Entry Book I. pp. 207–8.
Oct. 9 Letters patent for the issue of 1,988l. 15s. 0d. to Morogh, Earl of Inchiquin. (Money warrant hereupon dated 1660, Dec. 7.) Ibid, XIV. p. 5; VI. pp. 50, 69.
Oct. 9 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Sir Jeffrey Palmer, Attorney General, for a grant under the Great Seal to Allan Lamont and Thomas Roper, in trust for the present respective tenants of divers messuages and cottage, parts of the manor of Thwing, co. Yorks. Early Entry Book I. pp. 189–90.
Prefixing:—Surveyor General's constat and ratal. and report on the petition of said tenants.
Oct. 10 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Sir Robert Pye, Auditor of the Receipt, William Wardor, Clerk of the Pells, and other officers of the Receipt concerned. By the warrant under the Great Seal of the 5th instant 10,628l. 9s. 6d. is to be issued to William Clarke, Esq., Secretary to the Duke of Albemarle, for one week's pay to the army upon disbanding, for the non-commission officers and soldiers. By computation the whole amount due appears to be only 10,198l. 9s. 6d. No more than this sum is to be issued, and the previous order for the large amount, already signed, is to be returned and cancelled. Ibid, pp. 216–7.
Sir Charles Harbord, Surveyor General of Lands, to Francis Phillips, Esq., steward of Kennington Manor, conveying the King's pleasure for a grant by copy of the Court Roll of their several cottages on the King's waste of the said manor called Lambeth Butts to Margaret Rose, widow. whose husband was slain at Oxford, and Humphrey Griffin. Ibid, p. 191.
Oct. 13 Treasurer Southampton to the Attorney General for the preparation of two commissions to pass the Great Seal as follows:— Ibid, XI. pp. 9–15.
Prefixing:—Draft of said two commissions.
(1) Commissioners of Excise, viz., to Sir George Bynion, Francis Finch, Nathaniell Manton and Edward Wingate.
(2) Commissioners for appeals and for regulating the duty of Excise, viz., Sir Richard Browne, Kt. and Bart, now Lord Mayor of London, Sir William Doyley, Kt., Sir Henry Vernon, Bart., William Prynn, Robert Scowen, and William Coward.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Attorney General for a lease under the Great Seal of the mansion house of the manor of Thwing, co. Yorks, to Robert Stafford, gent. Ibid, I. pp. 188, 193.
With:—Surveyor General's constat of the premises.
Letters patents for the issue of 300l. to Sir William Mackdowell, Kt., for money lent in Holland to the King. Ibid, XIV. p. 3.
Oct. 14 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to John Busby to execute his office of searcher of Carlisle port. Ibid, VIII. p. 93.
Fiat from same for letters patent to constitute William Twining (Twinning) Comptroller of Customs. Gloucester port, loco Robert Norton. Ibid, p. 94.
Oct. 15 Warrant from same to the Customs Commissioners to forthwith pay to Sir George Carterett, Vice-Chamberlain of the Household and Treasurer of the Navy, 4,000l., the affairs of the Navy requiring a more immediate dispatch than ordinary. "And within a very short time you shall have tallies struck for the same. upon which you are to returne this my warrant to my own hands to be destroyed." Ibid, p. 93.
Oct. 15 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Customs Commissioners to take off a seizure of 636 quilates of rough diamonds shipped from London three weeks since by Samuell Venega, and seized at Gravesend. Early Entry Book VIII. p. 95.
Same to same to take off the seizure of the ship "Katherine," of St Malo, John Levesey, a Frenchman, owner, seized at Weymouth on account of a small quantity of sheep tails and combed wool on board. Ibid, pp. 96–7.
Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on a petition of John Atkinson servant to the Duke of York, on a discovery of 370l., collected between 1649 and 1654 by William Somerfield, collector of Hull port, and retained by said Somerfield instead of being paid in. Ibid, I. p. 194.
[?] Treasurer Southampton s warrant to Sir Joseph Seymour, one of the Auditors [of Crown Revenues] for a particular of the office of collector of the revenues of the College of the Blessed Mary of the New Work of Leicester, part of the Duchy of Lancaster, same being petitioned for by Thomas Newce, gent. Ibid
Oct. 16 Same to the Customs Commissioners for a discharge of a seizure of Hinderline linen, carried on shore by John Newton and Richard Cox, seamen. Ibid. VIII, pp. 95–6.
Same to same to pay to George Pley, a merchant appointed treasurer for that purpose, 100l. a year for 10 years for the reparation of the port of Weymouth, to be paid out of the Customs arising in the ports of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis. Ibid, p. 97.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt, the Clerk of the Pells, &c., &c., to levy a tally purporting the payment of the baronet fee of 1,095l. by Henry Wright, of Dagenham, co. Essex. Ibid, I. p. 196.
Oct. 17 Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on Sir Thomas Reynolds's case, who had a grant from the late King of the agency of licensing taverns to retail wines in Devon, Cornwall, and Exeter, at 130l. per an. rent. Ibid, VI. pp. 26–7.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to George Powell to execute his office of Comptroller of Milford port. Ibid, VIII. p. 99.
Money warrant for 50l. to Lord Richard Christophilus, Duke of Negropont, a convert Turk, being an advance, in respect of his present necessities, on the pension of 40s. a week, granted him by the King. Ibid, I. pp. 195–6.
Appending:—Petition to the Privy Council from Richard Christophilus Cornaro: and copy of an order of the Privy Council dated Whitehall, 1660, Oct. 5, the King being present, ordering said payment.
A proposal [from Col. Veel] for a commission to be issued to Daniel Searle, Governor of Barbados, and Owen Marten and Humphrey Seaward, and likewise to Clement Everard, Governor of St. Christopher, to call to account all Commissioners for Prize Goods in said two islands, and to receive of them all prize goods remaining in their hands, with powers of process, &c.: cosigning the one half of the value thereof for the King's use to Mr. Loving, a Teller of the Exchequer, and retaining the other half of the value thereof for their discovery and pains, "which His Majesty is pleased in this proportion to allow to them in respect of the interest therein he intends to Col. Veel, who hath both faithfully served him and his royal father." Ibid, pp. 220–1.
Subscribed:—By Lord Treasurer Southampton. "Mr. Secretary Nicholas: I have acquainted His Majesty with the contents of this paper, and His Majesty is pleased that letters be written to the Governors of both these islands according to the effect thereof."
Commission by Lord Treasurer Southampton as Lieutenant of Norfolk, appointing Sir Horatio Townsend Colonel of the militia of horse raised or to be raised in said county, and Captain of one of the troops under said Southampton's command, observing such orders as should be received from the King, the Lieutenant. or Deputy Lieutenants of said county. Early Entry Book I. pp. 197–8.
Note of a like Commission to Sir Horatio Townshend for a Volunteer troop of Horse. Ibid. p. 198.
Same of same to John Kynvett, Esq., for same [erased] Ibid.
[?] A like Commission to Nicholas Rookwood as Lieutenant of a troop of the Militia Horse under Sir Horatio Townshend. Ibid, pp. 198–9.
Notes of the following like commissions, mutatis mutandis. John Dallingham as Cornet; Richard King as Quartermaster. Ibid, pp. 199–201.
Sir Robert Kemp as Lieut. Col. of the Militia troops and Captain of one of the said troops; John Burney as Lieutenant to Sir Robert Kemp's troop; Nevill Potter as Cornet; Thomas Dawson as Quartermaster.
Sir Charles Mordant [in place of John Knyvett, Esq., erased] [as Captain]; Nathaniel Knyvett as Lieutenant; Charles Gawdy as Cornet; Thomas Allen as Quartermaster;
William Guybon as Captain; Charles Perkins as Lieutenant; Thomas Earle as Cornet; Edward Eldrington as Quartermaster;
Nevill Cattelyne as Captain; Edward Chamberlain as Lieutenant; Edw. Cattelyn as Cornet; John Brereton as Quartermaster;
Francis Crane as Captain; Thomas Wright as Lieutenant; Richard Mason as Cornet; Robert Blagrave as Quartermaster;
Sir Jacob Astley as Captain; Thomas Weld as Lieutenant; Augustin Messenger as Cornet; Andrew Brereton as Quartermaster;
Sir William Nevell as Major; Francis Thursby as Lieutenant; John Drury as Cornet; Thomas Playter as Quartermaster.
Oct. 18 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Anselyne Nash to execute his office of searcher of Gloucester port. Ibid, VIII. p. 99.
Report to the King from Lord Treasurer Southampton recommending the petition, etc., ut infra, as concerning that noble and suffering family of the House of Derby. Ibid, I. pp. 217–9.
Prefixing:—(1) Petition from William Stanley, third son of James, late Earl of Derby, and Charles Stanley, Esq., and Lady Vere Wilkinson, for a lease of lands to be discovered, viz., the manor of Brighton, in Yorkshire, given by Henry VIII. to Mathew Earl of Lennox and Lady Margaret his wife, who had issue Henry Stuart Lord Darnley who had issue King James whereby His present Majesty is heir in tail and the fee simple expectant in the estate tail is descended to him.
(2) Report thereupon from the Attorney and Surveyor General of Lands, dated 1660, Oct. 5.
Oct. 18 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the King's Remembrancer to take the security of Charles Read as Receiver General and Steward of His Majesty's honors, manors, &c., parcel of the possessions of Mathew, late Earl of Lennox and Margaret his wife, in co. Yorks. Early Entry Book I. p. 213.
Oct. 19 Same to Sir Robert Pye to strike tallies from time to time on the Excise and Customs for the 50,000l. remainder of the 100,000l. assigned to the Navy. Ibid, VIII. p. 98.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to take off the seizure of silk stockings shipped for Amsterdam by David Eger. Ibid, pp. 98–9.
Copy of the verdict of the Jury of Goldsmiths, London, upon making three standard trial pieces of gold and silver, by virtue of the warrant from the Lords of the Treasury of August 18 last: said warrant requiring same to be made in accordance with the indenture made July 20 last between the King and Sir Raph Freeman. viz.: of gold 23 carats, 3½ gr. fine, and ½ grain allay; of same 22 carats fine and 2 carats allay; and of silver 11 oz. 2 dwt. fine, and 18 dwt. allay. Ibid, I. pp. 227–8.
Followed by:—Entries of the receipts of indented portions of said trial pieces by (1) Sir Anthony St. Leger and Sir Raph Freeman, respectively Warden and Master Worker of the Mint: (2) the Wardens of the Company of Goldsmiths, London. 1660, Oct. 26: (3) Sir Robert Pye and Edward Falconberge (Fauconberge), Chamberlains of the Receipt, 1660, Nov. 12.
Money warrant for 100l. to John Nelson and seven others, detailed, who have been sent for out of Ireland to give evidence against the regicides. Ibid, VI. p. 28.
[?] Copy of the condition of Sir John Prettyman's recognizance in 10,000l. as Receiver of First Fruits and Tenths. Ibid, pp. 29–30.
[?] Lord Treasurer's warrant to the King's Remembrancer to take the securities of John Eccleston as Receiver General of [Crown] revenues, co. Suffolk and Cambridge, the late King having granted a patent, 1642, Dec. 14, for said office to Richard Crewdson and said Eccleston, and said Crewdson being since deceased. Ibid, I p. 193.
Oct. 20 Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of Lady Rowe, widow of Sir Thomas Rowe, for a new lease of fen lands in co. Lincoln. part of those drained by the late Earl of Lindsey, but laid waste by the violence of the late times and now lying overflowed. Ibid, VI. p 17.
Oct. 22 Lord Treasurer's warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt et al. to levy a tally importing the payment of the Baronet fee of 1,095l. by Sir Samuel Morland (Moorland). Ibid, I. p. 208.
Money warrant for 10l. to William Harding, trumpeter, in respect of his sufferings for his present Majesty and his necessities. Ibid, p. 222.
Oct. 23 Lord Treasurer's warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a bill to pass the Great Seal to grant to Sir John Cutler of London, Kt. and Bart., and Edmond Lloyd, gent, the office of Receiver General of Crown revenues in cos. Notts and Derby, locis Edward Bass and Edward Darling, thereto appointed by patents of 17 May, 1639, said Darling being dead and Bass willing to surrender. Ibid, pp. 222–3.
Oct. 23 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a bill to pass the Great Seal for a warrant to the Lord Treasurer to repay to Sir John Cutler 5.000l. with interest at the rate of 6 per cent. being paid into the Exchequer by him as a loan, 6 Oct., 1661. Early Entry Book I. pp. 223–4.
Same to [my very good Lord] for tallies to be struck for 1,000l. to assist the Earl of Inchiquin to get letters of credit speedily sent away, he having a Privy Seal for 1,900l. odd payable out of the Exchequer, being royal bounty for the redemption of his son, a captive in Algiers. Ibid, p. 224.
Letters patent for the issue of 50l. to the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of St. Martin's in the Fields, as royal bounty for the poor of said parish. (Money warrant dated Nov. 23.) Ibid, XIV. p. 4; II. p. 14.
Sept. 24 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Attorney General for preparation of a lease to the Earl of Portland of the park of the manor of Berkhampstead, co. Herts, containing 376 acres: forming part of the possessions of the Duchy of Cornwall: for 31 years, with a grant of the stewardship of the manor during pleasure. Ibid, I. pp. 141–3.
Prefixing:—Constat of the premises by the Surveyor General of Lands.
Oct. 24 Warrant from the Lords of the Privy Council to Treasurer Southampton (and Treasurer Southampton's warrant for a Great Seal thereupon) for the issue to Col. Edward Harley, Governor of Dunkirk, of 250l. for the cost of conducting to the waterside 1,000 foot soldiers for the recruiting of said garrison, and out of the regiments now disbanding. (Money warrant dated Nov. 30.) Ibid, VI. p. 30, 32; II. p. 38.
Same for 5,000l. to said Harley for paying off and reducing 200 horse and disbanding 400 foot of said garrison as un-serviceable. Ibid, p. 31.
[Before Oct. 27] Treasurer Southampton to the Attorney General forwarding a draft of a commission to issue forth as quickly as possible for hastening the payment of the arrears of Excise: the Commissioners names to be "such persons as upon conference with you I shall agree; whereof I conceive it necessary to have some of the Barons of the Exchequer with such others as shall be named. Ibid, XI pp. 2–6.
Prefixing:—Extracts from the two Acts of Parliament relating to said arrears, viz., the Act of Indemnity (1660, April 25), and the act for continuing the Excise to 1660 Dec. 25, the said extracts forming the preamble to said draft commission, which is set out in full.
Followed by:—
Oct. 27 Treasurer Southampton to same approving of the changes made by the latter in the above draft commission, and ordering the preparation of same for the royal signature: said commission to be directed to the Barons of the Exchequer, Sir Richard Browne, now Lord Mayor of London, Sir William Doyley, Sir Henry Vernon, William Prynn, John Birch, Robert Scowen, Sir George Bynion, Francis Finch, Nathaniell Manaton and Edward Wingate: with powers to delegate their powers within the several counties and outports. Ibid, p. 7.
Oct. 30 Letters patent for the issue of 200l. to Montagu Earl of Lindsey [as Keeper of Woodstock Park, &c.] towards the repair of His Majesty's park wall of Woodstock. (Money warrant dated Nov. 29.) Ibid, XIV. p. 5; II. p. 37.
Oct. 30 Letters patent for the issue of 300l. to William Ashburnham upon account for the use of the Household. Early Entry Book XIV. p. 19.
Oct. 31 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the King's Remembrancer to take the sureties, detailed, of Sir John Prettiman, for the office of Receiver of First Fruits and Tenths, he being appointed thereto by letters patent under the Great Seal of date 1660, August 11. Ibid, I. pp. 225–6; II. pp. 30–1.
[?] Same for a Great Seal for the issue to William Clarke, Secretary to the Lord General, of 1,417l. 17s. 0d. for one week's pay to the Army in Scotland, upon their disbanding, His Majesty having been pleased of his bounty, and as a testimony of his favour to said army, now upon their disbanding to give the said one week's pay to all the non-commission officers and soldiers. Same to be issued to the several non-commission officers and soldiers aforesaid without any further accompt than the registering of the several acquittances of the persons who receive the same, and the office of Sir Robert Pye, His Majesty's Auditor of the Exchequer, viz., as follows:— Ibid, VI. Pp. 32–3.
£ s d
5 Troops of Major General Morgan's Regiment of Horse 320 2 6
9 Companies of Col. Hughes's Regiment of Foot 207 0 6
9 Company's of Col. Robinson's Regiment of Foot 209 13 0
Viscount of Falkland's Regiment of Foot 386 5 8
Col. Clarke's Regiment of Foot 240 3 9
Capt. Mason's Company in Col. Daniell's Regiment 22 18 6
Capt. Tong's Company in Col. Robinson's Regiment 23 3 9
Artillery Train 2 13 8
Gunner's Mate and 2 mattrosses at Edinburgh Castle 1 5 8
4 men belonging to the Marshal General 3 10 0