Entry Book: September 1660

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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September 1660

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Sept. 3 Royal warrant to Treasurer Southampton for a lease to the Earl of Portland of the manor of Berkhampstead, at a reserve rent of 150l. only, although it is rated at 543l. per an., besides the old rent of 53l. 14s. 9d. "In respect we otherwise disposed of a place we intended to confer upon the Earl of Portland, our pleasure is that you yield obedience unto us in signifying our pleasure to the Lord Chancellor that the patent of the Earle of Portland pass the Great Seal notwithstanding the diminution of rent." Early Entry Book VI. p. 7.
Note of the constitution of the Earl of Southampton as Treasurer. Ibid, II. p. 1.
Sept. 4 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Customs Commissioners. "His Majesty's affaires in the Navy requiring a more imediate despatch then by reason of the late change the Treasury can admitt of a formall discharge in the Exchequer or orders to be drawn and tallies struck as is usuall. Though it be an extraordinary thing yet I desire you forthwith to pay to Sir George Carterett Vice-Chamberlain in His Majesties Household and Treasurer of his Navy, the sum of 4,000l. and to take his receipt for it under this my warrant and within this week you shall have talleys struck for the same: upon which you are to returne this my warrant to my owne hand to be cancelled." Ibid, VIII. p. 48.
Same to John Reeve gent., one of the Messengers of the Chamber in Ordinary and Messenger attending the Treasurer, to accompany Thomas Blinckerne (who has discovered a great quantity of Spanish tobacco which has not paid its customs and which is now concealed in several places, and practically the greater part of it in several warehouses about Leadenhall) and to enter any place or warehouse and seize the said tobacco and carry same to His Majesty's warehouse in the port of London, or else (in case it should be desired by the parties interested that the tobacco should not be removed till their allegations be heard) to leave same where found upon conditions of a proper inventory and security for non-removal. Ibid, p. 49.
Treasurer Southampton's letters patent constituting Nicholas Parke, gent., to be a King's waiter of the Custom House, London, upon the surrender of said place by Laurence Lowe. Ibid, p. 50.
The like to Francis Duckett as a same, ibid, upon the surrender of Thomas Nevell. Ibid.
[Treasurer Southampton's] order for letters patent constituting William Durie, of Berwick-on-Tweed, Comptroller of Customs of that port, loco John Greenhead. The like to John Cape as Customer of said port, loco Jo. Marshall: and to John Fitzherbert as Customer of Bristol, loco Tho. Farewell. Ibid, p. 53.
Sept. 5 Warrants by the Lord Treasurer Southampton, to Sir Robert Crooke (Croke), Clerk of the Pipe, for a grant to Francis Watson during pleasure of the collectorship of St. Oswald's Monastery, Pontefract Monastery, and Kirkham Priory, co. York; to William Rame of same of the Priories of Egglestone and Ellerton, and the rents of St. Robert of Knaresborough, co. York; to Richard Beane, of same of the Priories of Swine, Kirklees, and of the College of Jesus, Rotherham, co. York; and to Christopher Hanby, of same of St. Mary's Monastery, near York. Ibid, I. pp. 98–100, 96–8.
Prefixing:—Entry of a warrant, undated, under the royal sign manual to Treasurer Southampton, Francis Lord Seymour, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, the Attorney and Solicitor General, the Surveyor General of Lands and auditors of the Exchequer, touching the granting of leases, &c., of Crown lands, to prevent the losses to the Crown arising from grants of same in fee or on long lease. "Calling to mind the great and manifest losses . . which have befallen us and our royal progenitors by granting in fee and making long lenses of the manors and demeasnes lands and other heredittaments of the Crown of England, whereby all the demiseable and improveable revenue is either passed away or turned into fee farm rents" to the loss of fines and extinguishment of dependencies due from farmers and tenants besides the loss of the ancient means of gratifying servants by grants of lease; all leases hereafter a reservation to be made in rent of a full moiety or more of the improved value of whatsoever manors, lands or hereditaments demised. No lease to be for more than 31 years in possession, and so many years in reversion as shall with the term in being make up 31 years in the whole. In cases of mills, woods, fishings and other uncertain yearly profits good security to be taken for the due answering of the yearly rents, and that no tenant of parks or lands, &c., be permitted to take any timber for reparation of houses but by special warrant from the King on advice of the Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer or Chancellor of the Duchy. Good security to be taken for the sufficient repairing of all houses, lodges, &c., at the charge of the tenant. In all grants of custodies of parks and chases the herbage to be granted no longer than same shall continue park or chase. In all grants of receiverships and collection of rents and profits of tolls and other annual or casual profits good security be taken for the due accompting for same. In all grant of stewardships a special provision to be made that no copyhold estate be made or fine set without warrant of the Lord Treasurer or Chancellor of the Exchequer or Chancellor of the Duchy upon advice of the Surveyor General of Lands. Said stewardships not to be granted for life, but during pleasure.
Sept. 5 Treasurer Southampton to Sir Edmond Sawyer, auditor for Sussex, for a particular of the manor of Aldborough ("Oldbury") and Seabeech with the appurtenances and divers other lands in Boxgrove ("Bosgrave"), Halveake, Eartham, West Dean, Singleton, Westergate, Tortington and Aldingbourn, in Sussex, part of the possessions of Sir Richard Sackvill, deceased. Early Entry Book I. p. 90.
Sir Philip Warwick to the Solicitor General conveying the Earl of Southampton's allowance of Humfrey Wild's (Weld's) patent, prefixed in abstract of the office of Captain of Sandsfoot Castle, co. Dorset. Ibid, p. 91.
Treasurer Southampton to the Surveyor General of Lands for a constat of the manor and house, with the park and demesne lands of Berkhampstead, co. Herts, of which the King intends to give a lease to the Earl of Portland. Ibid, pp. 91–2.
Prefixing:—Royal sign manual, dated Sept. 3, ut supra p. 54.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Samuell Harwarr and Christopher Hussy to execute their office of one of the King's two searchers at Gravesend. Ibid, VIII. pp. 51–2.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to require William Wilson to execute his office as searcher of Boston port. Ibid, p. 54.
Sept. 5 Treasurer Southampton to the Solicitor General transmitting a warrant for seizing a considerable quantity of uncustomed Spanish tobacco. "It hath ever been used and yet it was never well likt that the Treasurer's warrant required a forcible entry and breaking open of doors and therefore having had this reference in my first warrant I thinke it fit timely to advise you how great a losse will be to His Majesty in his customes and soe consequently to the publick unles some coercive power be agreed upon, which I pray you move the House in." Early Entry Book VIII. p. 55
Sept. 6 Surrender in the form of letters patent, in Latin, by Sir Edward Hide, Chancellor of England, of the office of Under Treasurer of the Exchequer. Ibid, VI. pp. 21–2.
The like by same of the office of Chancellor of the Exchequer. Ibid, p. 22.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Customs officers of London to swear in Nicholas Sparke as a King's waiter, London port. Ibid, VIII p. 51
Same to Cadwallader Jones to execute his office as Customer of Sandwich. Ibid.
[Treasurer Southampton's] fiat for letters patent constituting John Brett searcher of Chester port, loco Henry Manwaring. Ibid, p. 53
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Customs Commissioners, London, to permit Richard Baker, who is going as Consul to Smyrna, to transport with him to Smyrna 500 ozs, of wrought plate for his private use, free of Custom and subsidy, without any let or molestation. Ibid. I. p. 94.
Warrant by same for the observance of a royal grant or warrant of August 31 last to Katherine De Luke, widow, of all the roots and stumps of wood and trees remaining in the earth in New Forest to a height of under three feet, with power to set men on work to dig up the said roots, and afterwards levelling the ground, to carry same away and employ them to her own use. Ibid. p 95.
Fiat by same in Latin for letters patent to constitute Philip Mansel searcher of Cardiff. Ibid. p 96.
[?] Treasurer Southampton's to the Customers, Comptrollers, and Searchers in all the outports to admit Richard Ward and William Dickinson, appointed Surveyors of the outports, to have place and sit with them in the Custom House during the time they shall remain in any port; and to be present at the despatch of business for the King's service in receiving and passing entries of all sorts whatsoever, with free access and recourse to all Customs books, accounts of entries, bills, cocquets, and warrants, and to take notes out of them, and to make search in any place within any port by land or water for goods unlawfully landed or shipped. Ibid, pp. VIII. 53–4.
[?] Same to Thomas Lysons to put in security with the King's Remembrancer for his office as Customer of Kingston upon Hull, and to take the oaths of allegiance and supremacy and the oath of his office in like manner as formerly hath been accustomed, and thereupon to repair to the execution of said office. Ibid, p 56.
Sept 7 Order from the Lord Treasurer to John Catcher, supervisor of the Coinage Custom of tin, to repair to the several blowing houses in Cornwall and Devon and prohibit the masters thereof removing any blown tin until the duty of the Coinage Custom (viz., 4 shillings or 8 lb. of tin per cwt. of tin blown) be paid or security given. The said masters to keep an exact account of all tin blown in future, the name of each tinner, the weight and number of each slob blown. The blowing house books and accounts to be kept for the last six months, and an account given of all tin blown since June 24 last. Early Entry Book I. pp. 107–9.
Enclosing:—A warrant from same of same date to the masters and owners of the said tin blowing houses in Cornwall in accordance with the above, requiring them on sight hereof to take and keep an exact account of all the tin now lying blown and unremoved in their blowing houses and of all tin blown in future, and to allow none to be removed thence by the blowers before the payment of the duty or security given, &c., as above.
Sept. 8 Money warrant for the issue of 50l. to Katherine de Luke Ibid, p. 95.
Treasurer Southampton to the Auditors of Crown revenues for a particular of the manor and demesnes of Waltham, Theobalds and Cheshunt, with a view to the grant of same to the Duke of Albemarle. Ibid, p. 100.
Same to the Surveyor General of Lands for constats of the parks of Theobalds, Cheshunt and Enfield and the lodges, &c., of Enfield chace. cos. Midd. and Herts, and Bestwood park, co. Notts, and the forests, &c., of Holt, Eastbere, Westbere and Finkley, co. Southants and Wilts, and the park of Galtres, co. York, or of any other His Majesty's parks which shall be chosen by abovesaid Duke for the purposes of the said grant. Ibid, p. 101.
Blank form of a Lord Treasurer's warrant to Sir Robert Pye, Auditor of the Receipt, William Wardour, Esq., Clerk of the Pells, and the other officers concerned for the levying of a tally purporting the payment of 1,095l. by _ [blank] in respect of the dignity of a baronet. Ibid, p. 114.
Same to Sir Robert Pye for the issue of 50l. to Bridget Devereux, wife of Col. Nicholas Devereux, to carry her into Ireland. Ibid, p. 103.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet attending, for a bill to pass the Great or Privy Seal for the issue of 300l. per an, to Lady Williams in like manner as granted to Sir Abraham Williams, deceased, by Privy Seal of 1633, March 1, and for the like purpose as formerly in her husband's case. viz., that she keep her house in New Palace, Westminster, for His Majesty's use ready furnished with hangings, bed and linen for bed and board, and all other furniture and household stuff both above and below stairs to receive and lodge such Ambassadors and their train as by the Chamberlain of the Household shall be thought fit to be accommodated with lodging there at His Majesty's charge: and also for lodging such part of their train amongst her neighbours as her house will not contain. Ibid, pp. 103–4. 125.
Together with (detailed):—A copy of the order of the Privy Council (19 persons, detailed, present) ordering the contract to be made to the above effect.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant for John Cape to execute his office of Customer of Berwick-on-Tweed. Ibid, VIII. p. 55.
Sept. 8 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Adam de Cardonell to put in security as Customer of Southampton port. Early Entry Book VIII. p. 56.
Same to George Ward to execute his office as Comptroller of Yarmouth port. Ibid, p. 57.
Royal letters patent by the King granting to Thomas, Earl of Southampton, the office of Treasurer of the Exchequer, in as ample form, &c., as formerly William Cecil, Lord Burghley, Thomas, Earl of Dorset: Robert, Earl of Salisbury; Thomas. Earl of Suffolk; Henry, Viscount Mandeville; Lionel, Earl of Middlesex; James, Earl of Marlborough; Richard, Earl of Portland, or William, Bishop of London. Ibid, VI. p. 8.
Sept. 10 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Henry Pinkney to execute his place as Comptroller of Customs in Bridgwater port. Ibid, VIII. p. 64.
Lord Treasurer's warrant to Henry Guy and Mr. Withered concerning Henry Kingham's debt of 180l. secured to him upon the corn sowed on the Crown lands in Berkhampstead Park. Ibid, I. p. 111.
Appending:—An order by the King dated at the Court at Whitehall for the satisfaction of Kingham's just debt.
Sept. 11 Note of exemplification by inspeximus of letters patent of 1642, Oct. 11, granting to Francis de Champs, one of the grooms of the Privy Chamber, and Thomas de Champs, his son, the office of keeping the game .... in and about the palace royal of Westminster, viz.: from Chelsea to Fulham. Chiswick, Old Brentford, Acton, Willesden, Kingsbury, Hendon. Finchley, Hornsey. Tottenham, Newington, Kingsland, Hackney, Islington, Knightsbridge, Kensington, Hammersmith, Kilburn, Highgate, Holloway, Kensington, Paddington, Maribone, Hampstead Heath, and so from thence to the palace royal of Westminster, with the fees of 8d. per day, and 26s. 8d. for a livery coat. Ibid, XIV. p. 7.
Sept. 12 Royal letters patent by the King empowering the Earl of Southampton, Treasurer of the Exchequer, to pay moneys out of the Receipt by orders under his own hand only, during the present vacancy of an under treasurer of the Exchequer, viz.: all sums appointed by letters patent under the Great Seal by the late Kings Charles I or James I to be paid and yet remaining unpaid, or which already are or hereafter shall be ordered to be paid by letters patent under the Great Seal, or by letters under the Privy Seal: and to execute all other things usually done by the Under Treasurer of the Exchequer, either by himself alone or together with the Treasurer. Ibid, VI. pp. 9–10.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Attorney General to prepare a commission to Henry Lord Herbert, Constable of [St.] Briavels Castle, and 13 others, detailed, as nominated Commissioners to view the Forest of Dean, viz., all parts thereof, and especially those that have been in grant to Sir John Winter, the late Earl of Pembroke, Sir Robert Bannester, Lady Villers, and others, by letters patent from the late King, being part of His Majesty's demesne lands or wastes of the said forest, and to certify the state of them severally, with their opinion as to the advantage to the Crown of purchasing same: also to view the timber, deer, &c., &c. and iron works certifying whether the latter be fit to be kept up and if so how they may be best employed for the King's benefit without prejudice to the King's growing timber or other timber servicable for the Navy. Ibid, pp. 3–5.
Prefixing:—Instructions for the said Commissioners.
Sept. 12 Royal warrant to Treasurer Southampton. Many inconveniences daily appearing by sundry warrants obtained upon pretence of discoveries and concealments, whereby moneys that should be regularly paid into the Exchequer are drawn into private hands: also many other warrants are prepared about granting leases of Crown Lands which are immediately directed to the Attorney or Solicitor General without the knowledge of the Treasurer and without previous direction to the Surveyor General of Lands or the auditors for particulars or constats: all which is a declining of the old form of the Exchequer: and further in order to prevent other abuses in point of the revenue, such as multiplying pensions, granting stewardships for life instead of during pleasure or for less than 31 years, which the King has fixed upon not to be exceeded: or again in leases for lives or in securing old debts not formerly stated: "Our pleasure is that our principall Secretaries of State address the person soliciting any business of these or the like-kind to our High Treasurer or Chancellor of the Duchy therein" before any such warrants touching the revenue be submitted, and that in all things touching the revenue the opinion of the Treasurer be first had before anything be presented for royal signature, "that in all things of this nature the dignity of the place of our High Treasurer, as it hath ever formerly beene, may be preserved and the old form and laudable course of our Exchequer maintayned." Further that no leases be granted of any manors which have not been usually leased and demised, "whereby the dependencies of our tenants may not be cut off from us." Early Entry Book VI. p. 1.
[?] [Treasurer Southampton's warrant] to the Surveyor General of Lands to appoint persons to repair to the several manors and lands of the Duchy of Cornwall in all parts of England, and to require all tenants and occupiers thereof to attorne and become tenants to the King for the lands they occupy, and to pay their rents, fines, &c. accordingly, to His Majesty's Receiver General of the said Duchy: all in view of the fact that the office of Auditor of the said Duchy remains unsettled, and that no bailiffs are yet placed in the several manors thereof. Further to nominate persons fit to be sheriffs and bailiffs of the same, and to enquire by new Courts of Survey what estates or admittances have been granted by copy of Court Roll in any of the said manors since 1642, and by whom and for what fines; and what estates are now in being in any of the copyhold or customary lands of the said Duchy: further to give warning to all the stewards and tenants of the said manors that no more copyhold estates are to be granted within any of the said manors until such enquiry and certificate as aforesaid and the King's further pleasure known herein. Ibid, p. 6.
[?] Same to Thomas Lysons to execute his office as Customer of Kingston upon Hull. Ibid, VIII. p. 60.
Sept. 13 Same to William Durey (Dury) to execute his office of Comptroller of Berwick on Tweed port. Ibid, p. 58.
Sept. 14 Same to Sir Jeffery Palmer, Attorney General, for a bill for the grant of the office of one of the Chamberlains of the Exchequer to Sir Nicholas Steward, of Hartley Mauditt, co. Southants, with reversions to Nicholas and Miles, his two sons, during life, all in as ample manner, &c., as Sir Nicholas Carey or any other Chamberlain. Ibid, I. pp. 114–5.
Sept. 14 Treasury warrant to Sir Robert Croke, Clerk of the Pipe, for a grant to Robert Roper of the office of bailiff and collector of the rents. &c., of the Archdeaconry of Richmond. part of the possessions of the late college within said Archdeaconry and of the late Priory of Newsham ("Neseham") Monastry of Guisbrough, co. York, and Priory of Kirkham, co. York. Early Entry Book I. p. 119.
Prefixing:—A particular of said office.
Letters patent for the issue of 100l. to Edward Martyn and Ann Yate, relict of Francis Yate, without accompt. Ibid, XIV. p. 2.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Customs Commissioners for the discharge of a small seizure of lead clandestinely shipped by William Wright, Rowland Anderson, and three others, mariners, bound on a voyage for Lisbon. Ibid, VIII. pp. 59–60.
Same to same for discharge of eight Coxall bayes and two Manchester bayes, wrongly entered by Francis Lodwicke as single bayes. Ibid, p. 61, 69.
Same to John Fitzherbert to execute his office as Collector of Customs of Bristol. Ibid, p. 62.
Same to John Martin to execute the place of Comptroller of Chichester, Rye, and the rest of the members of that port, as against Mr. Howkes. who pretends separately to the Comptrollership of Rye. Ibid.
Same to the Attorney General for a bill to allow to the Customs Commissioners all sums which they shall disburse as part of the 3,000l. authorised for the reparation of Dover harbour, the pier of the harbour having been broken down by the extremity of storms in February last, and a great part of it carried away, so as, unless speedy reparation be made thereof, it may lead to the ruin of that port. "and it being found since and certified by the Commissioners of that harbour that the rents belonging thereunto amount not to little more then 225l. per an., and that the other droits amount not to above 50l. per an. more, and that of neither of these there is anything at present in Banke, and that they have expended 936l. 18s. 0d. upon creditt," an estimate having been further made by Sir Arnold Breams and Sir Bernard de Goome, His Majesty's Engineer, together with the Commissioners of the said harbour, amounting to 5 250l. for the cost of said repairs. His Majesty is pleased to allow the above sum to be paid and defalced out of the Customs of that port for the said reparation to prevent the further ill-consequence of storms this winter, and until such further course may be had in the future as from trade was formerly made use of for repair of that harbour. The money to be paid by the subcollectors of Customs from time to time and as the Customs Commissioners shall order until the whole 3,000l. be paid. John Raven to be treasurer to the Commissioners of said harbour for the purposes of said expenditure. Tallies to be struck in the Exchequer for discharge of the Customs Commissioners of the said 3,000l. or any part thereof when and as paid to said Raven. Ibid, pp. 62–3.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a bill to grant to Thomas Houghton the office of gauger of Plymouth and Fowey ("Foy"), under the same rent and provisions as William Hitchins formerly enjoyed same under. Ibid, p. 64.
Sept. 14 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the following persons to have the charge of erecting the light at Tynemouth Castle, viz., Thomas Bonner, Mayor of Newcastle; Sir Nicholas Cole, Sir Francis Anderson and Robert Ellison, burgesses of Newcastle;—Villers, Governor of Tynemouth Castle; William Gibson, Clerk of Trinity House; and Rowland Pithy, Master of Trinity House. In order to expedite same (in respect the despatch of it may be of concern to the merchant ships) the Customs Commissioners are to order their collectors to pay any sum of money, within 100l., as shall be desired by the above persons for re-erecting said light as formerly. Early Entry Book VIII. pp. 65–6.
Prefixing:—Royal sign manual to the Earl of Southampton for same. "A petition having been presented to us by severall masters of shipps and seamen using the port of Newcastle upon Tyne representing to us the great use and convenience of a certain light formerly erected in the east end of Tynemouth Castle, 20 yards in height for the direction of shipps at sea and that the passage thereunto is lately decayed, to the great prejudice of the marriners frequenting that coast"; therefore ordered by the advice of the Privy Council that the said passage be forth-with repaired, and the light erected to its former wonted height.
Sept. 15 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Customs Commissioners to fail not in collecting the duty on the coin of tin of tin (viz., 8lb. or 4s. per cwt.), the said custom on coinage having been long neglected, and the King's revenue prejudiced thereby. Failing payment of the duty, transport of tin to be forbidden either beyond sea or from port to port within the Kingdom. This to be signified to all the outports, especially in Cornwall and Devon. The Commissioners to be particular to give to the Lord Treasurer an account of all duties paid hereon. Ibid, I. p. 116.
Sept. 17 Same to the Customs Commissioners in the port of London to restore to William Jenings certain gold and silver ware shipped on the "Mary Gold" for Lisbon, and seized at Gravesend for omitting payment of Customs in the time when the Custom House was shut up. Ibid, VIII. pp. 66–7.
Same [to same] for the passing of the goods of the Earl of Roxburghe to be sent to Scotland. Ibid, p. 68.
Prefixing:—Inventory of said goods.
Instructions given by Treasurer Southampton to Richard Ward and William Dickinson, Surveyors of the outports. Ibid, p. 70.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Rowland Thrupp to execute his office of Customer of Bristol port. Ibid, p. 71.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to take off the seizure of silk stockings and bone lace belonging to Thomas Marshall, for which said Marshall petitions the Lords Treasurer, said petition setting forth that as the act for payment of customs determined July 23 last no entries were taken in the Custom House for some days, during which time above said goods were shipped for Amsterdam with the intention of paying such duties afterwards, as should be by the Parliament appointed "but the ship comeing to Gravesend his Majesties searchers there did take out and seize the aforesaid stockings, &c." Ibid, pp. 71–2.
Letters patent (and Lord Treasurer's warrant to the Receipt thereupon) for the issue of 3,000l. to Thomas Chiffinch for the Privy Purse. Ibid, XIV. p. 2; I. p. 132.
Sept. 17 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Sir Edmond Sawyer, one of the [Exchequer Court] Auditors, for a particular of the Monastery of Reading and all those lands part of the possessions of Cardinal Wolsey and other rents. pensions, and tithes, in Berks, in the charge of Charles Breech, collector thereof. Early Entry Book I. p. 126.
Same to same for same of certain chantry rents, &c., co. Oxon, formerly granted to Thomas Trist, and certain foreign rents, &c., ibid., lately granted to Jo. Bigger, deceased. Ibid.
Same to Sir Robert Pye, Auditor of the Receipt, to pay 50l. to Joane Carey, relect of Capt. Jo. Cary, on her pension of 50l. per an., granted 1644, March 9, and to pay same half-yearly in future as it falls due. Ibid.
Same to the King's Remembrancer for a particular of the lands of Rowland Langborne, Esq., of St. Brides, co. Pembroke, as found on two several inquisitions and certified unto the Remembrancer's office, being on an outlawry of said Langborne, at the suit of William Rutland. Ibid, p. 127.
Same to Sir Rob. Pye to strike tallies from time to time on the Excise and Customs on the various warrants for payment of several sums of money [not detailed], part of the 100 000l. assigned to the Navy, as by the King's letters patent and the money warrants thereupon for the various sums and "as you did formerly." Ibid, p. 128.
[?Sept. 17] Same to the Customs Commissioners to take off a seizure of butter short entered by Michaell Clipsham and Co. in the ship "Guift of God" from the river Stockden in the North. the mistake being due to the inadvertence of their factor abroad, who employed another person to make an entry of goods loaded. Ibid, VIII. p 67.
[?] Note or entry [by way of precedent] containing a particular of the fees paid to the two Customers and Comptrollers of Newcastle port in the year 1640. Ibid, p. 72.
[?] Lord Treasurer's warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease during extent to Thomas Nourse (Nurse) of the lands in co. Pembroke, belonging to Rowland Lawharne, seized by outlawry at the suit of William Rutland. Ibid, I. pp. 175–6.
Sept. 18 The Lord Treasurer to [? the auditor of co. Southampton] to certify as to the nature of the arrear which the widow of Jasper Cornelius proposes to discover and prosecute with a view to get repayment on the loan of 600l. made to the King at Oxford by said Cornelius on the security of the Customs of Southampton and Weymouth, and at 8 per cent. interest, "which ports being then out of his Majesties possession he [Cornelius] received no satisfaction." Ibid, p. 135
Royal warrant to Treasurer Southampton to reserve, in the lease now passing. only the ancient rent of 53l. 14s. 9d. for the lease of Berkhampstead to the Earl of Portland in place of 150l. per an., ordered to be reserved by royal warrant of the 3rd inst.: and to reserve to the Crown the manor which consists of about 37s. in quit rents, in accordance with the general directions. The stewardship to be granted to said earl. Ibid, VI. p. 7.
Sept. 19 Letters patent and money warrant thereupon for the issue of 50l. to Capt. John Maxwell, for his charge in bringing over from Dunkirk Thomas Scott, now prisoner in the Tower. Ibid, XIV. p. 2; I. p. 160.
Same for 100l. to Capt. Rich. Beach without accompt Ibid, p. 3.
Sept. 19 Warrant from the Customs Commissioners, London, to the Collectors and other officers of Customs in the ports of Chester and Liverpool. "After our hearty commendacons. Howsoever the port of Liverpoole may otherwise be accompted as a member of the port of Chester, yet in the execucon it is and hath bin absolute of it selfe and distinct soe that in case where any goods and merchandize are imported into the river of Mersey or other place belonging to that port for which due entry shalbe made in the Custom House of Leverpoole and the customes and duties for the same due and payable duely answered and paid; if the merchants or owners shall afterwards desire a certificate or lett pass for such of those goods as they shall from thence carry or dispose into any port or place whatsoever whether on Lancashire side or Cheshire side to testify the due entry and payment of the Custome at Leverpoole, wee desire and order that in this case the merchants and others may freely pass without any interruption or stay other than by due examinacon of the certificates as lawfully comeing from the port of Liverpoole." Early Entry Book VIII. p. 73.
[?] Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Customs Commissioners in London port to permit the Earl of Winchilsea, who is going as Ambassador Extraordinary to Turkey, to carry with him, custom free, plate to the value of 500l. for his domestic use, and 200l. in money for his present expenses, "and that he receive all respect and accomodation in this particular or ought else may concerne him in his preparations for this voyage." Ibid, p. 74.
Sept. 20 Letters patent by Treasurer Southampton. Raph Newman to be one of the waiters in the Custom House of London on surrender of said place by Thomas Elliott, gent. Ibid, p. 75.
Sept. 21 Sir Philip Warwick to the Customs Commissioners concerning a present sent to the daughters of the Lord Treasurer, and brought over by the Marquess of Ruvigny, brother-in-law to said Lord Treasurer. "I shall pray you to use that kindness and civility you can in this affaire." Ibid, p. 74.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Jo. Roope to execute his office of Customer of Exeter port. Ibid, p. 76.
Same [to the Customs Commissioners]. "Whereas I am informed by the Commissioners of His Majesties Customes that there being a place called the wine office in the port of London, which of late yeares hath bin used by the Commissioners for the Excise and their deputies which place formerly did belong to the Commissioners of His Majesties Customes; and because the customes of the wynes are increased and so greater confluence of persons must require a larger roome: these are therefore to order the Commissioners of the Customes [to] use that place called the Wyne Office for the service of the wynes, and that the Commissioners of the Excise, whose work is now contracted, remove to that place which is now used as the Wyne Office." Ibid, p. 77
Same from same to John Brett to execute his office of searcher of Chester port, he being appointed by letters patent under the Great Seal and having put in security with the King's Remembrancer for the due execution of his offer, and having taken the oaths of supremacy and allegiance and the oath of his office. Ibid.
Sept. 21 Warrant to the Customs Commissioners to observe an order of the Privy Council, for the free importation to Dunkirk of 500 chaldron of coal for the use of the garrison. Early Entry Book VIII p. 78. VI. p. 27.
Prefixing:—Said Order in Council dated Whitehall. Sept. 19, "upon a proposition made this day at the Board by the Duke of Albemarle," directing the Customs officers at Newcastle and Dunkirk to permit said importation.
Same to same for some of their body to wait upon the Steward of the Princess Royal, by the blessing of God safely and happily landed in this kingdom, and to tender all the civility and despatch that may be used in landing the goods of so great a princess and a daughter of England, "and those that are really of her train. And by this meanes as you may pay all obserance to her soe you may prevent such deceipts in his Matys Customes which probably at such a time by some not concerned in her traine may be endeavoured." Ibid. VIII. p. 78
The Earl of Southampton to the undermentioned, dated from Essex House. "I understand that in your hands are many books, papers, writings, &c. which concern His Majesty's Crown Lands and revenue, all which ought to be brought into some place of record for His Majesty's service. And it hath lately bin in the care of two Houses that they should be disposed accordingly. And now having ordered Mr. Cogan and Mr. Reeve my messenger to go to you to demand all such books, papers, writings, &c. I require you for His Majesty's service, and as you'l answer the contrary. to cause to be delivered unto them all such books papers, writings, &c. whom I have commanded to carry them into the office of Sir Thomas Fanshaw His Majesty's Remembrancer in the Exchequer and leave them with Mr. Payne an attorney there. And as I expect your obedience so in case of disobedience I require a seizure of them." Ibid, I. pp. 133–4
Directed to Messrs. Jo. Baker, Geo. Billinghurst, Jo. Smith, Edw. Greene, Randall Mainwaring, Henry Coates, Edw. Tooke, Abraham Browne, Jo. Hopkins, Jo. Borrodall, Robert Curtise, Geo. Greene, Isaack Morgan, Raph Darnell, Jo. Fisher, Jo. Smith, Jo. Leech, Fra. Royley, Richard Browne, Clement Baker. Tho. Rutter, William Webb, Raph Hall, and John Benson.
Money warrant for 100l. to Edward Martin and Ann Yate, relict of Francis Yate. Ibid, p. 136.
Sept. 22 Same for 1,453l. 0s. 9d. to Hugh May, Paymaster of the Works, for reparations of Whitehall, St. James's House, Somerset House, Westminster, Greenwich, and other the King's houses. Ibid, VI. p. 18.
Treasurer Southampton's order to the Clerk of the Signet not to pass any grant of the Castle and ditches of Exeter without direction from the Treasury. Ibid, I. p. 146
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Sir Thomas Fanshaw, the King's Remembrancer, to stay all Exchequer process arising out of the debt of 1,050l. due from Richard Powell, deceased, on his rent of 100l. per an. out of the forests of Shotover and Stowood, co. Oxon. Ibid, p. 138
Same to Sir Robert Croke, Clerk of the Pipe, for a certificate of the names of all sheriffs, mayors, and bailiffs who have not passed and finished their accompts in the Exchequer Court; and of the moneys remaining in their hands respectively not pardoned by the late act of indemnity. Ibid, pp. 143–4.
Sept. 24 Treasurer Southampton's fiat for letters patent constituting Thomas Price Collector of great and small Customs in the port of Gloucester, loco William Wrinch. Ibid. VIII. p. 79.
Sept. 24 Report to Treasurer Southampton from Sir C. Harbord, Surveyor General of Lands, on Mr. Heydon's petition. Petitioner's father, Sir John Heydon, then Lieut. of the Ordnance, was authorised by Privy Seal to strike tallies purporting payments into the Exchequer up to 20,000l. out of sales of land and other profits arising from the deafforestation of Selwood and Wroche ("Roche") Forests, co. Somerset, but to retain the same in his hands for His late Majesty's use upon accompt to be employed in the Office of Ordnance, and to retain anything over the said sum for his own use without accompt. "and I believe him to have bin soe vigilant as well for the benefitt of the said Office of Ordnance as for his owne advantage [as] not to suffer any of the moneys to be paid into the Receipt, but to take them off by means of the said tallies as he might justly doe, being to accompt to His Majesty for the said 20,000l. and to retain the surplusage without accompt, and I thinke it just that his son the petitioner be allowed to make the benefit of the lands left unsold in said forests and of all other profits that may arise thence." The various tallies struck as above by said Sir John Heydon, appear to amount to 22,713l. 16s. 0d. Early Entry Book I. pp. 170–1.
Sept. 25 Money warrant for 5,000l to Edward Earl of Sandwich on account for the Great Wardrobe. Ibid, p. 147.
Treasurer Southampton to Sir Charles Harbord. "I doe approve of what you have done for quieting the possessions. [and] enabling the Coldstreamers to receive their arreares and permitting them to enjoy their rents until Lady day next; before which time I hope His Maty will obtain from the two Houses of Parliament such a recompence (as they have promis't) to each person and suitable to their satisfaccon. His Maty very graciously intending the Coldstreamers and such others as you have or shall really find to have corresponded with the Lord General or Sir George Booth in order to His Maties restoration shall reape the fruit of his grace and goodness towards them. And therefore both to them and the other perticular persons you have named as such correspondents in that good work you may proceed according to this direccon. To others be carefull yon extend not this favour but upon security to answer their rents and then you may quiet their possessions and referr them to waite the good pleasures of the Houses to them. And for other purchasers you may likewise give them the benefit of their arrears till Midsummer next and quiet their possessions upon security as you see cause." Ibid, p. 159.
Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of the Duchess of Hamilton concerning a principal debt which in January, 1641–2, was stated by Auditor Povey to be 14,365l. 0s. 8d. Gives the history of said debt, and the various claims upon the honor and lands of Grafton. all of which must yield legally to the actual grant under the Great Seal made to Sir George Strowd and Dr. Duck. "which gives me occasion to pray your Majesty before you allow any debts of this nature ... to consult whether you should allow interest for all loanes. The principall debt to those many persons of honnour which is due will amount to a very great summe, such a summe as considering your Majesties former misfortunes and present fortune the Exchequer will not beare and the vastness of the pretence will but discourage to make any such payment in prospect of what importunities it will bring upon your Majesty and what impossibilities upon your Exchequer. And therefore when your Majesty at present renews any Privy Seale (whereof there is a necessity when yow meane to make any part of payment, even of principall) you will extend it further than the principall I humbly submit it to your owne wisdome. Besides I have made a representation to the Howse of Commons of these debts and hope at their next meeting they may ease your Majesty of a great part of them. And soe its fit for your Majesty to suspend them for some time." Ibid, VI. pp. 10–12.
Sept. 25 Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of Col. Daniell Treswell, who had a grant from the King when at Paris of the office of Surveyor General of Woods, Trent South. So much can be put in force. But Treswell's claims that the grant to him included the office of Surveyor General of all woods, parks, chases, and lands South Trent would include the better half of the office of the Surveyor General of Lands. This claim cannot be made, as it was in dispute before Sir Charles Harbord's patent lately passed as Surveyor General of Lands. Early Entry Book VI. p. 13.
Same to same from same on the petition of John Windebanke, who served as Gentleman Usher of the Privy Chamber to the King when abroad, which office has been disposed to another since the King's return; and who further prays a new lease of the manor of Clewer, near Windsor. Details the other petitions which have been made for the same manor, viz.: in behalf of Mr. Simon Smith, Mr. Tulls, And Mr. Hartgill Baron, the last named having been the first messenger of the happy tidings of the Restoration. Ibid, pp. 14–15.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Customs Commissioners and officers to take off the seizure of goods (various kinds of hose) belonging to Giles Travers, of London, merchant, shipped on the "Amity," Jonathan Hide master, for the Canaries. Ibid, VIII. pp. 80–1.
Same to same for the like in the case of goods (gold and silver lace) belonging to Francisco Gonsales, shipped in the "Ann and Judith," John Stafford master, for the Canaries. Ibid, pp. 81–3.
[?] [Treasurer Southampton's] warrant to the Clerk of the Signet attending for a bill to pass the Great Seal for the payment of 10.628l. 9s. 6d. to William Clerke, Secretary to the Lord General, to be paid by him to the respective colonels for a week's pay to the army for the discharge of the several regiments, viz. as follows:— Ibid, VI. pp. 15–6.
£ s d
Lord General's Regiment of Horse 386 5 8
Col. Ingoldsby's Regiment 385 9 11
Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper's Regiment 385 9 11
Sir Hugh Bethell's " 386 5 8
Sir Raph Knight's " 384 14 2
Sir John Cloberie's " 386 5 8
Lord Hawley's " 386 5 8
Col. O'Neale's " 323 5 8
Earl of Oxford's " 386 5 8
Sir Edward Rossiter's " 386 5 8
Earl of Sandwich's " 385 9 11
Viscount Falconberg's " 386 5 8
Lord Howard's " 429 18 11
Life Guard " 207 15 8
Lord General's Regiment of Foot 311 17 0
Col. Read's " 311 17 0
Earl of Peterborough's " 271 6 9
Col. Birch's " 272 18 3
Sir Edward Massie's " 379 9 6
Lord Herbert's " 266 7 0
Earl of Cleveland's " 242 4 0
Viscount Mordaunt's " 280 0 0
Earl of Northampton's " 267 2 9
Lord Widdrington's " 242 19 2
Duke of Buckingham's " 271 12 0
Col. Fairfax's " 279 9 6
Earl of Peterborough's " 271 6 9
Lord Ossory's Regiment 270 0 6
Lord Belasyse's " 272 13 0
Sir Henry Cholmley's " 243 10 3
Col. Norton's " 285 5 0
[Sept. 25?] Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of Percy Church (who was promised the office of a Teller of the Exchequer in 1653, which has since been granted to Sir George Downing) for a lease of the farm of Laverton, co. Somerset. Early Entry Book VI. pp. 16–17.
Sept. 26 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Attorney General for preparation of a lease to Samuel Enys of the manor of Oldbury and Seabeach, in Sussex. Ibid, I. pp. 149–51.
Prefixing:—Particular of the premises and memorandum by Chr. Crowe in the absence of Auditor Edm. Sawyer, and ratal thereof by the Surveyor General of Lands.
Commission by Treasurer Southampton (appointed by letters patent of date 1660, Sept. 24, Lieutenant of Norfolk and Norwich) under his hand and seal appointing Sir Horatio Townsend and 15 others, detailed, Deputy Lieutenants for the same. Ibid, pp. 154–5.
Appending:—Said Lord Treasurer to said Townsend excusing the crowding of all the names into a single commission for the sake of greater dispatch, and urging him to put in execution all the particular powers in the commission "that in these crazy times, that exact from all that are in trust their utmost endeavours, your preparedness and diligence may prevent and withstand that ill spiritt that of late hath too much distracted this nation."
The like commission from same to Henry Lord Pawlet and five others, detailed, to act as his deputies in the Lieutenancy of Southampton, he being appointed Lieutenant of said county by like letters patent as above. Ibid, pp. 155, 156–8.
Together with:—The like letter as above.
Treasurer Southampton to Auditor Brinley for a certificate of the tenor of a lease granted by the late King to William Sandis, Esq., John Smith and others of a certain duty of 12d. upon every chaldron of coal, home vent, shipped at Newcastle and other places. Ibid, VIII p. 83.
Treasurer Southampton's fiat for letters patent to constitute Anselyne Nash searcher of Gloucester port, loco Robert Robinson. Ibid, p. 84.
Sept. 27 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a grant of the office of Receiver General and Steward of His Majesty's honors, manors, Lands, tenements, &c., part of the possessions of Matthew, late Earl of Lennox, and Margaret, his wife, in the county of York, to Charles Read. Ibid, I. p. 166.
Sept. 27 Report from Treasurer Southampton to the King on Mary Woodford's petition. Cannot recommend the grant in the fens which she asks, but recommends her for some royal bounty "because in his obscure passage to the Scots the petitioner was serviceable to his late most gracious Majesty in his person." Early Entry Book I. p. 169.
Constitution in the form of letters patent by Treasurer Southampton to Edward Agberowe, of London, gent., to be pricker of the Stillyard, in the port of London, heretofore enjoyed by Gregory Towers, deceased. Ibid, VIII. p. 85.
Sept. 28 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Customs Commissioners, London, for the issue of 50l. per an. to Sir Edward Walker, appointed Garter Principal King of Arms. Ibid, I. p. 184.
Same to the King's Remembrancer for a particular of the estate of John Hamond, alias Hamont, of Ascot, co. Oxford, on his outlawry at the suit of Thomas Mills. Ibid, p. 185.
Royal warrant to Treasurer Southampton for the felling of 1,000 trees in Dean Forest by the appointment of the Duke of York for His Majesty's service. Ibid, VI. p. 23.
Privy Seal dormant to the Lord Treasurer to pay from time to time all sums due to the Lords of the Privy Council for diet according to the books of parcels of same, signed by the Lord Chancellor of England, and of the fees, wages, diet, and rewards of the Treasurer, Under-Treasurer, Chancellor, Barons, and Chamberlains of the Exchequer, and all other officers of same, in as ample manner as in the time of Charles I., and the arrears of same due at the departure of Charles I.. also for the rewards of the Judges, Sergeants at Law, &c., &c.: also for the Customs officers of the outports, or any others heretofore rewarded in the Exchequer: also for parchment, paper, ink, and other incidentals: also to make repayment out of the Receipt of any sums paid in wrongly or in excess, "wee tendring equity and due contentment to all our loving subjects." Ibid, pp. 18–21.
Treasurer Southampton's fiat for letters patent to appoint Charles Laurence, senr, and junr., to be collector of the great and little Customs, Poole port, co. Dorset, in like manner, &c., as said Charles Laurence, senior, held same. Ibid, VIII. p. 92.
[?Sept. 28] Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Attorney General for a bill to authorise the Treasury to allow to the Customs Commissioners all such sums of money as they shall allow to their sub-collectors as part of the annual allowance of 100l. for 10 years, granted by the King for the repair of the harbour of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, on the petition of the mayor, &c., of said port, said petitioners representing how good and profitable said port is both in point of trade as of safety for the Navy, and how dangerous it is now grown by reason it is of late years choked up with sand, and in few years more may be utterly lost if not timely cleared, all which has been certified to His Majesty by Sir William Batten. Sir William Penn and divers other chief and experienced seamen and Commissioners of the Navy. Ibid, pp. 88–9.
Sept. 29 Same to Sir Robert Crooke, Clerk of the Pipe, for a grant to Laurence Blomley of the office of bailiff and collector of the chantry rents (divers rents belonging to the late monasteries, priories, and chantry rents) of the city of London, and county of Middlesex. Ibid, I. p. 209.
Prefixing:—Auditor Phillips certificate of the total charge of the said collection (viz.: 607l. 0s. 10d. per an.). "The chantry rents. &c., lye dispersed through the whole city of London and county of Middlesex, and consist of very small parcells very troublesome in the collecting."
Sept. 29 Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Sir Joseph Seymour for a particular of the stewardship and clerkship of the Marquess [Fee] and of the Richmond fee within the Barony of Kendal, co. Westmorland, "certifieing me what you shall think fitt to be considered in making a grant of the said office." Early Entry Book I. p. 161.
Same to same for same of the stewardship of the Lordship of Holme Cultram, co. Cumberland. Ibid.
Treasurer Southampton's order requiring that as the present Michaelmas audit of His Majesty's revenues in the counties is now going on Sir Henry Vernon, appointed Receiver General of Crown revenues for Worcester, Hereford, Salop and Stafford, be accepted as such, though there is not time before the said audit for him to enrol his patents and to give security. Ibid, p. 162.
The like order for William Spencer as same for Lancaster, Cumberland and Westmorland. Ibid.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant to Sir Thomas Fanshaw, King's Remembrancer, for a commission to pass the Exchequer Seal to Sir Joseph Seymour, Auditor, and to the Receivers for the respective counties of Northampton, Rutland, Warwick, Leicester, Worcester, Hereford, Salop, Stafford, Lancaster, Cumberland and Westmorland, and to William Chislett, gent. [to be Commissioners for the better answering and preserving the Crown revenues in the said Counties]. Ibid, pp. 162–4.
Prefixing:—Articles of instruction to be executed by said commission. viz.:—(1) To examine on oath all sheriffs, bailiffs and other persons accomptable for any fines, heriots, amerciaments, waifs, strays, felons' goods and other casual profits; and any person who can give information of frauds and concealments by any officer or bailiff touching the above. Also to examine the above sheriffs, &c., touching their rentals. (2) To inquire of the decrease or decay of rent, by the oath of good and lawful men, and further to inquire in whose hands or custodies the ancient ledger books, surveys, accompts and rentals remain which set forth the same, and to take same into their custody, delivering the said ledger books to the Exchequer Court to be kept by the King's Remembrancer. (3) To inquire of arrears of rents and allowances for any taxes or assessments.
The like warrant as above for the like commission to William Gwynn, Auditor, and to the Receivers of the counties of Lincoln, Notts, Derby, Chester, City of Chester, and Lennox lands in Yorkshire, and to William Chislett, gent. Ibid, p. 165.
Like warrant to Sir Joseph Seymour, Auditor of co. Lancaster, for a particular of the stewardship of Warton in said co. Ibid. p. 167.
Same [to the Auditor of the county in question] for a particular of the office of bailiff of Borough Fen, co. Lincoln. Ibid, p. 168.
Same [to the Customs Commissioners] for the re-delivery of train oil imported into London in several ships by Thomas Pearle, Thomas Davall, Symon Clarke, Christian Burr and their company, said oil being detained by pretence of the Act of Navigation; although said goods were imported before said act was passed by His Majesty. Ibid, VIII. p. 87.
Sept. 29 Fiat by Treasurer Southampton for letters patents to constitute John Busby searcher of Carlisle port, loco Thomas Cholmley Early Entry Book VIII. p. 87.
The like for George Powell as Comptroller of Milford port Ibid, p. 88.
Sept.— Treasurer Southampton to the Surveyor General of Lands, forwarding for his observance a copy of the royal warrant as follows: Ibid, VI. pp. 1–2.
Prefixing:—Copy of royal warrant dated 1660, Sept.—, to Treasurer Southampton and to Francis Lord Seymour Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. "Forasmuch as Sir Charles Harbord our Surveyor General in obedience to the order made by the Commissioners for our Treasury the 18 day of July last past upon the petition and proposalls of the officers and others [of the Army] under their hands, is reducing the same into an orderly certificate for our, better information therein and hath also by our direction taken care in quieting the minds as well of the said officers and others of our army as also of other the present tenants of our lands within the survey of our Exchequer and Duchy of Lancaster, by continueing and setling them or their undertenants in the possession of our lands and rents by them purchased or holden, for the year ending at the Annunciation next" ordered accordingly that said Surveyor General may proceed forthwith to give leave to all the tenants of Clarendon, Theobalds, and other royal parks and demesne lands to continue their possession thereof. to sow and reap. &c., &c., for one year more, to end at the Annunciation, 1662: also that he proceed to perfect his certificate of the claims made by said officers for lands and rents by them purchased bone fide for their own use and not in trust; noting the time and considerations of the said purchases, and which of them are parcel of the jointure of the Queen Mother, and distinguishing those lands and rents that were purchased before Michaelmas last by the officers and soldiers which were of the army under the immediate command of our General in Scotland on Dec. 20 last, or adhered to him at his marching into England, from those lands and rents purchased by officers and others of the army, which were in the royal service on May 8 last, and to admit of none others: and to give leave to all to continue their possession until the said certificate be perfected.
Sept.— Royal warrant to the Customs Commissioners to appoint in every port officers to compute the burden of every ship or vessel belonging to the subjects of the French King entering any port, creek, harbour, or road of England, Ireland or Wales, and loading or unloading there after Oct. 20 next: all in accordance with the late Act of Parliament for encouraging shipping and navigation, which imposes a duty on every such French vessel of 5s. per tunn. Ibid, p. 23.