Warrants etc.: April 1697, 21-25

Pages 120-138

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 12, 1697. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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April 1697, 21-25

April 21. Royal warrant dated Kensington to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Geo. Booth, Esq. (for good, faithful and acceptable services and for other good causes and considerations) of an annuity or yearly pension of 600l. for 7 years from Xmas last: to be payable out of the Tenths of the Clergy by tallies of pro or assignment thereon. (Dormant Treasury warrant hereon dated May 7 to the Receipt for tallies of pro accordingly. This warrant quotes the privy seal as dated April 30). King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 244, Money Book XIII, p. 277.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for a grant to Henry Foubert of an annuity, yearly pension or sum of 500l. for the support and maintenance of the Royal Academy which is now under his care, inspection and government: to be payable from Lady day 1696 out of the rent of the Royal Oak Lottery or other lotteries or out of the Exchequer if such rent happen to be paid into the Exchequer an entire year hereon to be paid forthwith.
In the margin: this warrant was cancelled and another issued 1697 Dec. 1. King's Warrant Book XIX, pp. 248–9.
Same to Edward Nicholas to pay (upon the list of yearly pensions allowed by the late Queen Consort and confirmed by the King's sign manual of 1695 Dec. 18) to Edward Godfrey gent. the pension of 795l. 8s. 0d. then directed to be paid to Hanna Vann Golstein to be by her distributed and paid in such proportions as therein laid down, the said Golstein being now dead whereby the various recipients thereof have received nothing since midsummer 1696. Further there is hereby to be paid to the said Godfrey 290l. per an. making in all 1085l. 8s. 0d. per an. which is to be distributed and paid by him to the following persons as from 1696 June 24.
Appending: list of said persons
£ per an.
Mris Mary Lee 23
Mris Manning 40
Mris Doyle 40
Lady Prestwich 40
Tho. Lewin 20
Alice Antwine 20
Mary Clark 20
Agarde Corpe daughter 6
the Turkish children 80
Mris Nannup 50
Monsieur De Villaneave 50
Mr. Hermon's widow 40
rent of Mr. Nevel's house 20
a poor woman at Hampton Court 12
rent of Mr. Gilbert's house 36
Mr. William Worthington 30
Mr. Harris's child 16
Elai Clark 10
Mr. Steward, the Lord Mountjoy's brother, the King's scholar 30
Mr. Haughton's daughter 10
Marquis De la muse sister 66
Mris Donovant 22
Mr. Sparrow's daughter 35 4 0
Mr. Gufton 22
Mr. George 22
Agarde de Corpe's widow 13 4 0
the French Church 8 16 0
the Dutch Church 8 16 0
Mris Miller a blind woman 13 4 0
Mris Lonep 20
Margaret Stephens 13 4 0
Eliz Duke 4
Mris Gourney 20
Mris Barker 20
Mr. Lany, chaplain at Kensington 60
one of Moun Bracely's children to be kept at Cambridge 44
Mris Eliz Willoughby 100
1085 8 0
Ibid, p. 260–1.
April 21. Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for an indenture between the King of the one part and John Cremer, John Knapp and John Ellison gent of the other part for a grant to them of all wrecks, jetsam, flotsam &c., at any time heretofore or before 1704 April 21 cast away or lost in the river Shannon betwixt the city of Limerick and a line to be drawn between two points on the remotest headlands at the entrance from the sea into the said river: reserving a full tenth thereof to the Crown.
King's Warrant Book XIX, pp. 262–4.
April 21. Royal warrant dated Kensington to Edward Nicholas to pay the several pensions as follow which the King is pleased to grant of the royal bounty as from Michaelmas last viz.:
£ per an.
to Mris Marshall 60
to Mris Ireland 50
to Mr. Elphinston 100
to Mr. Vassur 60
to Sarah Ross for a debt of 800l. 30
to Eliz Gargrave for a debt of 220l. 30
to Mr. and Madame Lagere 60
to Madame Belford 33
to Widow St. Hellen 20
to Mris Duncan 20
to Mris Acere 20
to Mris Perigert 20
to Mris Marriot 50
to Mris Benson 50
to Mris M. Craken 40
to Widow Harleckenden 40
to Widow Richbell 40
to Widow Okeover 20
to Widow Frances Mackenzie 40
Ibid., pp. 265–6.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal to authorise the Treasury Lords to appoint officers to survey the Duties on marriages, births and burials and on bachelors and widowers (as by the Act, 8–9 Wm. III, c. 20 and 6–7 Wm. III, c. 6) and of the Duties on houses (as by 7–8 Wm. III, c. 18) to survey and inspect the several rates and duties arising thereby in the several counties, cities and places in England, Wales and Berwick-on-Tweed. Ibid., pp. 267–8.
William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to me [Lowndes] on the [unsatisfied] order in my name for secret service 4800l. out of the money that shall be paid into the Exchequer for the proceed [after recoining] of 5000l. of hammered money received there from George Parker at 5s. 2d. an ounce for a fine for a grant of Wyke Parker's estate. In the margin: 550l. [? paid hereon]. Disposition Book XIII, p. 248.
Same to same to issue to me [Lowndes] on the like order for secret service the 600l. this day paid into the Exchequer by Thomas Pitt, Esq., for the fine of a lease.
(Cancelled and replaced on the following day by a like letter for the application of the said 600l. fine as follows viz.:
to Rudolf Kien Esq. 50
to me [Lowndes] for secret service 550
Ibid., p. 249.
April 21. William Lowndes to Lord Coningesby enclosing the report made by Charles Fox and said Coningsby concerning the arrears due to the troopers of Brigadier Villiers' Regiment. It is the King's pleasure that the accounts should be stated so that right be done to the petitioners. Please state same accordingly. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 213.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh. On your report concerning the petition of Isaac Teal and other apothecaries of the Army it is the King's pleasure that you insert so much for them in the lists now making up as will enable them to go on with the service.
Please consider with Mr. Blathwayte how much of the arrear due to them is necessary for this. Ibid.
Treasury reference to Mr. Blathwaite of the petition of Charles Pilsworth, chaplain to a Regiment of Foot Guards, shewing that he was at the expense of above 40l. sterling in getting intelligence of the French design against Newfoundland: therefore praying for reimbursement. Reference Book VII, p. 205.
Royal warrant dated Kensington to the Lords Justices of Ireland to place on the establishment of Ireland as from Lady day last the annuity of 1600l. per an. to Col. George Rodney Bridges; being the annuity granted by Charles II 1674 July 30 to Lawrence Hyde now Earl of Rochester, which pension was in trust for the Countess of Shrewsbury, wife to the said Bridges (as appears by a declaration of trust under the hand and seal of the said Earl): the said pension having been constantly paid to Michaelmas 1688, from which time it is in arrear: wherefore the said Bridges has prayed that same may be inserted on the establishment of Ireland in accordance with a special clause in the original patent of grant.
The arrears hereon as above to Lady day last are to be excluded from this present grant. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, p. 201.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a patent under the great seal of England for a grant and release to Lord William Pawlet (younger son to Charles, Duke of Bolton) his executors, &c., of one moiety of the reserved rent of 500l. (and all arrears thereon to Lady day last) as follows viz. for and during the rest and residue to come of the 41 years term in the grant made to him under the great seal of England 27 May 1690 of all fines and penalties on all judgments Quod Capiatur and Capias pro fine and all the revenues of Greenwax of the Exchequer at Westminster commonly called or known as part or parcel of the Greenwax, for 41 years from 1690 May 27 under the yearly rent of 500l. The present grant is in consideration of the good services of the said Pawlet. Ibid., pp. 203–4, King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 243.
April 21. Royal warrant dated Kensington to the Lords Justices of Ireland for a patent made under the great seal of Ireland for a grant, release and confirmation to Sir Richard Pyne of the several lands of Ballyneglass [? Ballinglanna], Glenagurteen and Ballydorgan in Cos. Cork and Waterford; with power for creating such of the said lands as lie in the county of Cork into a manor with liberty for holding Courts Baron: the late Solicitor General Ireland, Sir Richard Levinge bart, having reported that the Crown can have no detriment by gratifying said Pyne's request for such confirmation for his future quiet and security and for such erection of a manor.
In the margin: a second warrant was signed by the King in the camp at Genap 3 June 1697 with the addition of the lands of Ballylaken [? Ballyluck] and Killeenleagh and no other alteration. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, p. 204.
Same to same to direct that Isabella, Countess of Roscommon (relict of Wentworth late Earl of Roscommon) and Thomas Carter, and their heirs &c. be discharged of the 150l. 10s. 0d. rent as follows viz.: in or about 1641 Robert, Baron of Kilkenny West and Sir James Dillon his son (who was father of said Wentworth, Earl of Roscommon) mortgaged for 700l. the lands of Phillistown and Dunganny, Co. Meath to Richard Dillon of Clonbrock and the said Richard Dillon and his son Robert were in possession thereof till the late troubles, but the inheritance and right of redemption descended to said Wentworth, Earl of Roscommon who devised to the said Countess, who being advised that the mortgagee has received the mortgage money with interest and charges out of the issues and profits of the estate did accordingly call for an account, but the troubles in Ireland coming on did prevent same; but soon after the victory of the Boyne the Commissioners of Forfeitures seized the said lands as the lands of Robert Dillon a forfeiting person and thereupon the Countess directed her agent to take the premises in his own or some other's name from the said Commissioners as in trust for her and accordingly same are taken in the name of Thomas Carter at 55l. per an. rent, on which rent there is now an arrear of 150l. 10s. 0d. which would at this time be a very great difficulty for said Countess to pay and she has accordingly prayed a discharge thereof; which desire the King is pleased to grant. Ibid., pp. 205–6.
Same to same to insert on the Civil List of the present and of all future establishments of Ireland a pension of 100l. per an. to Jane Jones: during pleasure: as from Lady day last. Ibid., p. 213.
Same to same to similarly insert a pension of 100l. a year to Katherine Wynn, widow of Brigadier James Wynn who was killed in service in Flanders: during pleasure: as from Lady day last, but to cease if she marry again. Ibid., p. 221.
Same to same to similarly insert a pension of 60l. per an. to Ann Humphreys, widow of Capt. Finch Humphreys who died in service: during pleasure: as from Lady day last: but to cease on marriage as above. Ibid., p. 223.
April 22. Royal sign warrant for 20,000l. to Bartholomew Burton to be by him paid and applied in reward for loans and such other services as the Treasury Lords shall direct. (Money warrant dated April — hereon). (Money order dated April 23 hereon). King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 245, Money Book XIII, p. 270, Order Book IV, p. 358.
Establishment under the King's sign manual for an Adjutant General to the Army in Ireland: to commence from 1697 May 1: total establishment 1l. per day or 365l. per an. King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 274.
Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a further grant to William Dockwra of an annuity or yearly pension of 500l. out of the profits of the Penny Post Office: for 3 years from June 24 next: to be in continuation to the 500l. per an. granted him for 7 years from 1690 June 24 out of the like revenue for his good service in inventing and settling the business of the said Penny Post Office. Ibid., p. 276.
Money order for 10l. to John Broadhurst, porter at the Exchequer gate, for half a year to Lady day last for attendance at the said gate and for attending the [Exchequer] officers. Order Book IV, p. 359.
William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue (out of loans which are or shall be made at the Exchequer in new moneys or guineas on credit of the Duties on malt) 4,000l. to the Earl of Bradford on the unsatisfied order in his name for the service of the Household; and 1,000l. to the Master of the Horse on account of the extraordinaries of the Stables and to be paid over to Mr. Ireton. Disposition Book XIII, p. 249.
Same to same to issue 3,000l. to the Earl of Bradford on the like order for the service of the Household: out of the first moneys that shall be paid in for loans on the Malt Duties: to be paid over to Sir Joseph Herne in satisfaction of so much furnished for the service of the Household in Flanders. Ibid., p. 250.
Same to the [King's] printers to deliver to Edward Noell Esq., for the use of the Excise Commissioners (who are appointed to manage the Duties on malt and leather) so many copies of the Acts for said Duties as they require, not exceeding 200 copies. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 214.
Same to the Customs Commissioners returning their draft [missing] of instructions for the Governors of the Plantations. Add thereto what further matters you have to offer and perfect the same for the King's sign manual. Ibid.
Same to the Excise Commissioners to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from Thomas Webb of Middlewich concerning the demands made by your collectors there of the new Duty on salt from Lady day last. Ibid., p. 215.
April 22. The Treasury Lords to the Lords Justices Ireland to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of John Neale gent praying a grant of the estates of Col. John Burke, commonly called Lord Buffin [Bophin] and of the late Lord Galway [Ulick Burke, Visct. of Galway]; in consideration of petitioner's many faithful services. Out Letters (Ireland VII), p. 193.
April 23. Royal warrant dated Kensington constituting Thomas Neale, Christopher Montague, Richard Trevor, John Isham, Nicholas Fenn, John Packer, William Glanvill, Peter Hume, John Thrale, William Congreve and Dalby Thomas to be Managers of the Lottery (Managers and Directors for preparing of books, delivering of tickets and to oversee the drawing of lots for the Lottery) as provided in the Act [8–9 Wm. III. C. 22] for the Duties on malt &c. King's Warrant Book XIX, pp. 245–6.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a lease under the great seal of England and under the seal of the Duchy of Lancaster, to Abell Tassin D'Allonne of the honor and manors of Pickering and manor of Scalby Co. Yorks. and other premises as follows: to him and his assigns for 99 years from the death of the Queen Dowager (concurrent with such terms as she or her Trustees may grant [to him] of any part of the premises): at the rent of 10l. per an.: without fine in consideration of good and acceptable services: with the usual clause for the Trustees of the said Queen immediately on her decease to assign to him any Crown interest they may be possessed of in the premises.
Appending: particular and Surveyor General's memorandum and ratal of the premises; viz. the castle of Pickering; the manor of lordship of Pickering; the park of Blansby of the clear yearly value of 49l. 18s. 4d.; the bailwick of the soke of Pickering and all manors, tenements &c. charged in the account of the said bailiff besides the rents of tenants in Goathland of the clear yearly value of 94l. 3s. 8d.; the manor or lordship of Scalby in the said honor of Pickering of the clear yearly value of 58l. 11s. 2d.; perquisites of courts and casualties in said honor 6l. 13s. 4d. per an.; felons and fugitives in same 1l. 6s. 8d.; concealed lands lately found of John Carpenter gent. deceased 24l. 6s. 0d.;: total clear yearly value 166l. 15s. 2d.; all parcel of the ancient possessions of the Duchy of Lancaster: all as assigned by Charles I 1629 July 11 to Henry, Earl of Holland et al in trust for Queen Henrietta Maria and by Charles II assigned by indenture of 1660 Nov. 26 to Trustees for the Queen Mother and by indenture 1672 July 31 to Trustees for the now Queen Dowager with a further term of 43 years therein by a subsequent indenture of 1673 Aug. 13; and subsequently as vested in fresh Trustees for same by indenture of 1687 April 26.
The present state of the premises is as follows:
the rents of the honor of Pickering, with the Castle lordship and manor: in lease to John Hall 107l. 12s. 2d.
Langdon close on the west part in the tenure of Mathew Johnson 2l.
the New Close in Sawdon and 2 other parcels of lands in Scalby 15s. 4d.; 15s. 4d.; 59s. 9d.; 32s. 5¾d.
parcels in Burneston and Cloughton, Newby, Dalby, Langdon, the high moor in Wheeldale Kigg: respectively 8s. 2½d.; 13l. 11s. 3d.; 10l. 14s. 0d.; 4l. and 2l.
cottages &c. in Cloughton, Burneston &c. 4l. 13s. 11d.
lands in Goathland and Scalby 4l. 2s. 5d.
the tollage, stallage and pickage of the markets and fairs in Pickering and Brompton 5s.
2 haggs called Dalby Haggs 20l.
All the above 6 items being in lease to said Mathew Johnson.
land called Crabtree Car in lease to Roger Storey and Roger Hobson 24l.
cottage called Allan Tofthouse in lease to same 13s. 4d.
meadow called Edush Marsh in lease to Luke Robinson and William Grey in reversion of William Vernon's grant (1662) in reversion to Eliz. Howard's grant (1641), in reversion to Ingram Frizer's grant (1604), in reversion to Maurice Berkly's grant (1572): 4l. 16s. 0d.
Pickering Haggs in lease to Francis Dickenson for the lives of Eliz. and Sam North: 5l.
divers lands in Brompton in lease to William Fairside for the lives of Thomas and Adam Fairside and William Bridekirk: 4l.
Hounsgate Thicks and the Mill Rase held by Francis Constable gent. under the pretence of a lease 15l.
all the fishing in the Derwent 2l.
copyhold rents in Scalby 1s. 6d.
dry or quit rents there 3s. 4d.
soake or fee farm rents in Burneston and Cloughton Sol 65s. 8d.
total of the above 70l. 2s. 2¼d.
The park of Blandesby [Blansby] leased by the Queen's Trustees to Sir William Temple 1689–90 Jan. 30 for 60 years terminable on the life of Martha Gifford in reversion of the lease of 1677 for 40 years to Sir John Temple son of the said Sir William, which was itself in reversion of a lease of 1661 to Sir John Temple terminable on the lives of the said William (now Sir William) and John (now Sir John): total 72l. Sum total of the above 249l. 14s. 4d.
deductions: 45s. per an claimed by John Hall for the tolls of Pickering and Brompton and for the fishing in Derwent; 5d. for rents which cannot be found; 50s. 2d. for the auditors' secretary money and 10l. for the fee of the Steward of Pickering Honor: leaving a clear total of 234l. 18s. 10¼d. In Sir Charles Harbord's ratal on which the Queen Dowager's jointure passed they were valued at 234l. 13s. 9¼d. with 46l. 19s. 10½d. abated thereout for decayed rents and officers' fees, leaving 187l. 13s. 10¾d. clear.
The demesne lands (including Blansby Park) and other profits of said honor and manors have been formerly surveyed and valued together at 1,125l. 10s. 2¾d. per an. Ibid., p. 250–7.
April 23. Royal sign manual for 655l. 4s. 0d. to Thomas Neale Esq., Groom Porter, for so much due on several bills for supplying and providing most of the private lodgings in the royal palaces or houses with tables, stools, sconces, fire pans, forks, tongues, backs, grates, bellows and other things by particular order from the proper officers, Ibid., p. 258.
April 23. Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal to direct the Treasury Lords to give warrant to the Surveyor of Woods, Trent south, with the approbation of two Justices of the Peace of Co. Gloucester to fell in Dean Forest, in places where the same can be most conveniently taken or spared, such quantities of scrubbed beach, birch, holly, hazle, thorns and orle as shall within 7 years from 1697 Dec. 25 raise 6,000l. clear of all charges; and from time to time to pay the money raised thereby to Charles, Visct. Dursley as the King's free gift and royal bounty; without accompt; in consideration of good and faithful services: the privy seal of 1691–2 Feb. 29 having directed similar felling there to the total value of 20,000l. in 7 years, and it is certified by the return of a commission now remaining in the Exchequer Court "that further sales of like woods may be made in the said forest to a greater value than hath been already directed." (Treasury warrant dated May 28 hereon accordingly to Phillip Ryley, Surveyor General of Woods Trent South). King's Warrant Book XIX, pp. 258–9; Money Book XIII, pp. 298–9.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Charles Cornwallis Esq., son and heir apparent of Charles, Lord Cornwallis, of an annuity or yearly pension of 1,000l. for 21 years from 1701 Lady day: to be paid out of the Tenths of the Clergy within the dioceses of York, Exeter, Winchester, Lincoln and Sarum or failing same then out of the Tenths of any other diocese: quarterly by tallies of pro or assignment. King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 262.
Same to same for a great seal for a grant to William, Earl of Portland, Groom of the Stole and Keeper of the Privy Purse, of the office of Ranger or Keeper of Windsor Great Park, and all the lands or soil thereon and all the houses or lodges commonly called the Manor Lodge, Hill Lodge, Middle Lodge, and Lower Lodge, and the walk called the Paddock Walk, the lodge called Lister's Lodge belonging to the said Walk and sometime heretofore granted therewith to Simon Smith Esq. since deceased: and also to grant him the herbage and pannage within said park ("over and above the sustenance of our wild beasts there"): to hold during pleasure as amply &c. as Baptist May Esq., Simon Smith or Edward Nicholas or any other predecessors therein: with command to the said Earl to plough or put in tilth land in any part near the said lodges not exceeding 300 acres in all for the better support and increase of the game of pheasants and partridges. Ibid., pp. 264–5.
Royal sign manual for payments as follow without imprest or charge: viz.:
to Bernard Glanvile as royal bounty 150
to Jeremy Sap as same 149 10
299 10 0
(Money warrant dated April 28 hereon). Ibid., p. 269; Money Book XIII, p. 274.
Same for 33,600 to William, Earl of Portland: for the Privy Purse: without account. (Money warrant dated April 28 hereon). (Money order dated May 4 hereon). King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 269; Money Book XIII, p. 271; Order Book IV, p. 362.
April 23. Royal warrant [to Edward Nicholas] to pay as follows as the King's free gift and bounty out of money imprested to you [Nicholas] for the King's service viz.:
to Monsieur Antoine de Massane 100
to Monsieur de Therice 80
to Eliz. Lennen 120
to Eliz. Willoughby 100
to Edward Lany, chaplain at Kensington 104
to Dame Anne Windham 400
to Mris. Katherine Leslie 200
to Col. Robert Phelips 200
to Monsieur Brassaly's two children at Eton 120
to Monsieur Vasseur 60
to Thomas Povey 200
King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 270.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal to direct the Treasury Lords to issue their warrant to the Surveyor General of Woods Trent South to fell so much timber in Dean Forest (of kinds and in manner and for the reasons ut supra p. 128) as shall within 7 years from 1697 Dec. 25 raise 14,000l. that is to say 2,000l. per an. and to pay the proceeds thereof to Henry Segar gent. as the King's free gift and royal bounty to him: without account: in consideration of many good and faithful services. (Treasury warrant dated May 10 hereon accordingly). Ibid., pp. 271–2; Warrant not Relating to Money XV, p. 293.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Alexander Johnstowne Esq., his assigns &c., of all the manors, lands, tenements, tithes and premises in Co. Yorks late of Sir Roger Strickland, for 21 years from Lady day last under the rent of 6s. 8d. per an. and of all the arrears and mesne profits of the premises due since the forfeiture thereof; the said Johnstowne being first to surrender the annuity of 300l. (and all arrears thereof) granted to him by a great seal of 1696 June 29 for 31 years and charged upon the said premises: the said premises being found by inquisition taken under a commission of 1690 Oct. 23 as forfeited by the attainder of said Strickland for high treason committed 1689 May 1; the premises comprising 13 small messuages and farms in the manor, lordship or parish of Catterach alias Catterick Co. Yorks. of the value of 350l. 11s. 4d.; the manor or lordship of Thornton Briggs and the capital messuage called Thornton Briggs Hall, and a park and 2 messuages in said lordship or manor or parishes of Brafferton, Kerperby [Carperby], and Cundall of the yearly value of 200l.; a messuage or tenement and several tithes of grain, sheaf, hay, wool and lamb and other tithes within the vill and lordship of Difforth alias Difford [Dishforth] Co. Yorks. of the yearly value of 90l and also (for the lives of John Crosland, Barbara the wife and John the son to said Crosland) the tithes of hay, grain &c. in the vill of Helperby and parish of Brafferton of the yearly value of 65l. King's Warrant Book XIX, pp. 272–3.
April 23. William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 1684l. to Edward Nicholas on the unsatisfied order in his name for such uses as the King shall appoint by sign manual: to be issued out of loans made in the name of Bartholomew Burton on credit of the 6,000l. a week of the Excise. Disposition Book XIII, p. 252.
Same to the Earl of Romney [Master General of the Ordnance], to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Thomas White praying some compensation for his service and charge in inventing and making an engine to destroy all fireships, which hath been of great service to his Majesty. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 218.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ John Clark as a riding surveyor on the coast of Kent on the establishment of Dover port loco Robert Underwood who has quitted the service. Daniell Pitman as a tidesman in the inferior list of 35l. per an. in London port loco Henry Sincock deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, p. 339–340.
The Treasury Lords to the Lords Justices Ireland enclosing the petition [missing] of Frederick, Leticia and Eliz. Porter, children of Sir Charles Porter deceased. It is the King's pleasure that you grant them 400l. a year in fee out of the forfeited estates in Ireland. Please send us forthwith a list of such forfeited lands there, undisposed of, as shall amount to 400l. per an. clear of incumbrances and quit rents, in order to such a grant. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, p. 202.
Same to same to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Patrick MaGauly praying that the King's hands may be removed and that petitioner may be put into possession of several lands as therein pursuant to the Articles of Limerick. Ibid., p. 205.
Royal warrant to same for a patent under the great seal of Ireland for a grant to Maurice Annesley of so many of the debts, judgments, mortgages, and incumbrances in the schedule below (certified by the Commissioners of Forfeitures Ireland) to be discovered by him as shall amount to the clear yearly value of 2,000l. over and above the fourth part due to him by Royal Proclamation as discoverer: and if the total fall short of such sum and such fourth part then a grant is hereby to be passed to him of such other forfeitures in Ireland as will complete and make up the same: the said Annesley having petitioned shewing the many great losses he has suffered by the war in Ireland, he having a very valuable wood in Co. Monaghan consisting of 30,000 oak trees, which being the only wood in that country [county] and contiguous to the camp at Dundalk was cut down and destroyed by our soldiers for their use in the camp and further that he has a great family of small children: on which petition the Attorney General Ireland reported confirming his great losses and suffering and his eminent affection and forwardness in the King's service.
Appending: (a) said schedule certified by Ja. Bonnell, Register to the Commissioners of Forfeitures.
600l. [per an.] incumbrance on the lands of Moortown in Co. Kildare and the half Barony of Kilcullen by two elegits: the land is the property of Patrick Sarsfeild a Protestant but 'tis the forfeiture of Thomas Eustace of Yeomanstown.
1300l. [per an.] incumbrance of Mich Chamberlain's on the lands of Littlerath &c., which takes place [precedence] of the many Protestant creditors to [of] Christopher Sherlock, the forfeiting person.
57l. per an. being the forfeiture of Hen. Fitzgerrald of Blackwood which he had in right of his wife's jointure.
The first and last of the above are in charge in the rent roll of forfeitures for the year ending 1696 Lady day.
(b) certificate dated 1695 Dec. 16 by Rich. Darling, solicitor to the Commissioners for Forfeitures, that the above particulars were discovered by Maurice Annesley and the King's title was found by several inquiries at Naas.
(c) Certificate dated 1695 Dec. 16 by 5 of the said Commissioners (Rich. Cox, Edw. Corker, Edw. May, Jos. Stepney and Cha. Deering). "According to the rate by which we have agreed with discoverers the within named Maurice Annesley Esq. ought to have the fourth part of the clear profits accruing to his Majesty out of the withinmentioned discoveries." Ibid., pp. 207–8.
April 23. Same to same for a patent under the great seal of Ireland for a grant to William Spencer, his heirs &c., of the forfeited estate of Hugoline Spencer, to whom said William is next Protestant heir; being of the clear annual value of 67l. 17s. 6d. above all quit rents, Crown rents and incumbrances: to hold to him, his heirs &c. for ever as of the Castle of Dublin in free and common sollcage: in consideration of the services, sufferings and losses of the said William in the late troubles in Ireland. Ibid., p. 209.
Same to same for a same for a grant to Thomas Prendergast Esq. of all the estate real and personal of Roger O'Shaghnussy Esq. deceased, forfeited to the Crown: to hold &c. ut supra: in consideration of good and acceptable services performed. Ibid., p. 210.
Same to same for a same for a grant to William, Earl of Rochford of the farm of Little Croynstown and all and every the lands and other things passed in lease or custodiam dated 1693 Oct. 2 to Daniell Wybrantz by virtue of the late Queen Consort's sign manual of 1693 Aug. 18: which custodiam expired 1696 Oct.: the King having intended after the passing of the said custodiam and long before the expiration thereof to grant same to said Earl, then known as William D'Nassau, Seigneur D'Zulesteyne and his heirs as from such expiration. The present grant is to except the portions lately granted to Thomas Keightly: to hold &c. ut supra. Ibid., 211–12, 184.
Same to same to direct the Commissioners of Accompts, Ireland, the Barons of the Exchequer there, the Auditor General there, the Clerk of the Pells there, and all other officers concerned in the allowing and passing the accounts of the King's Receivers and Paymasters General, to remove and discharge the sum of 5,000l. 8s. 5¼d. from the head or fund of Military Contingencies so as the said fund may remain clear and discharged on the 25th March last, Contingencies being limited to 3l. a day in the present Establishment of Ireland and it appearing from an account signed by the Deputy Receiver and Paymaster General, Ireland that from 1692 to 1697 March 25 the sum of 10,727l. 8s. 5¼d. has been paid and placed on the head of Military Contingencies which exceeds the allowance by the said sum of 5,000l. 8s. 5¼d.: and the King being satisfied that the said excess has been expended for his necessary service in Ireland. The said sum is hereby to be allowed on the accounts of the said Paymaster General as payments made by virtue of this warrant. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, pp. 213–4.
April 23. The Treasury Lords to the Lords Justices, Ireland to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of the Baron de Courthny (Courthy) Ronselle praying a grant of 1,200l. or 1,400l. or a pension of 200l. a year for the lives of him, his wife and daughter in consideration of his great sufferings in his Majesty's service in Ireland and for his service in seizing a frigate in Galway at the time that town was beseiged which [frigate] belonged to King James and was loaden with provisions and ammunition for Scotland. Ibid., p. 216.
Royal warrant to same for a patent for a grant to William Visct. Mountjoy his heirs &c. for 21 years of such and so many of the forfeited lands contained in the custodiam granted to him supra Tr. Cal. Vol. XI p. 84 and of the lands in the schedule hereto as shall be desired by said Earl and as shall not exceed in the whole 1,000l. per an. clear: all upon surrender by him of the said custodiam: all by reason that said Earl has petitioned the late Lords Justices shewing that in consideration of his losses, services and sufferings a custodiam was granted him of 1000l. per an. out certain lands as therein but upon a general Commission of Inquiry since held it appears that most of the said lands are either so incumbered as not to be worth the charge of passing a patent or the persons [are found] not indicted or outlawed, for want whereof the King's title cannot be made out; and therefore praying a reprisal for same: which petition was reported on favourably by the said late Lords Justices to the Earl of Shrewsbury, Principal Secretary of State.
Appending: two schedules of the said lands.
(1) Lord Mountjoy's first list.
Garret Dillon in Co. Roscommon, about 100l. per an. not enquired into and much encumbered.
Christ. Dillon worth about 80l. per an., found on the enquiry much encumbered.
J. Marnell not enquired into: as I am informed there is a settlement: it is no value.
Ja. Plunkett not indicted but the estate worth about 60l. per an.: found on the enquiry upon Pat[rick] his father's attainder.
Col. Farrell all settled by deed except 600l.
Garret Dillon's estate in Co. Mayo not enquired into. It is encumbered beyond its value.
Hen. O'Neile indicted on the statute of foreign treason but not yet outlawed: encumbered with several debts: worth when clear 80l.
Sir Maurice Hurly; found on the enquiry to be tenant in tail; his lady has most of the lands in jointure and there is a son an infant alive.
Ja. Talbott: not inquired into: it is credibly reported there is a settlement.
John Tobin, Feagh Eagan, Flyn Egan, neither indicted nor outlawed.
Geo. Talbott: all settled by deed in his life time, which is found on the inquiry.
Valentine Russell in Co. Down: about 260 acres which is contested by the managers for Mris Villiers.
Tho. Sutton of the city of Dublin, no value for 4 years to come; then the houses only to be depended on, worth about 20l. per an., for the gardens will no more than pay the ground rent, being 30l. per an.
Michael Chamberlain: found on the inquiry to be but tenant for life: his estate consists but of old houses some not worth repairing: now set at 50l. per an.
(2) Lord Mountjoy's second list whereout he is to be reprised In Co. Cork, in Imokilly Barony.
several houses and parcels of land in Youghal: 20l. per an. Ballynehenry [? Ballynaheila] and Gortnagappul: 216 acres, 26l. 10s. 0d. per an.
100l. mortgage in Carhoo from Patrick Galdun: 10l. per an. all the above being forfeited estate of Nicho Ronan, outlawed in France.
In Muskerry Barony
Dromdarig, Rathleige, Brighands [? Brehaun], Inety [? Inches], Brakane East, Dromreague, being 2 ploughlands and 2 gneeves 1,013 acres.
Westdromreague, Shanball, Strand, Keelefunction, Knockroe Clancollidagh [? Clanclud], Aghycowny, Carignegillagh [? Carrigleigh] being 3 ploughlands and 9 gneeves 1,336 acres: all the above being worth 100l. per an.
Dromleigh and Derryfeshime [Derryfineen] 1 ploughland; Gornabasy [Gortnabinna], half ploughland with 12l. per an.
All the above being forfeited estate of Cha. McCarty of Towren Dromagh.
Knockranre [Knockraheen] one ploughland, Glenleigh ditto, Oughtikery ditto, 444 acres: 50l. per an.
Nadrid one ploughland 282 acres 32l. per an.
Aglish one ploughland 267 acres 46l. per an.
All the above being forfeited estate of Dermott McCarthy of Aglish.
Cooldrum Corncarrig one ploughland 274 acres 8l. per an.
Garraneleigh half ploughland, 149 acres, 20l. per an.
Ardeclugg 2 ploughlands, 457 acres, 70l. per an.
both Shan Dongan [Shandangan] 2 ploughlands, 617 acres, 50l. per an.
Garranhongigh 2 greaves, 407 acres, 10l. per an.
all the above being forfeited estate of Cha. McCarthy of Ardechigg.
Gorinely Killneclonig and Kergline Dorlane one ploughland: 40l. per an.
Carrignevar with the mill: 20l. per an.
April 23. Knockandagh and Ballycuskin with the mill, one ploughland: 30l. per an.
in Ballymoe Barony.
Ballyvolane Ballynure, one ploughland 152 acres 40l. per an.
Gorenlagill, half ploughland 166 acres.
Eastbully rodig: 256 acres: 10l.
Scartanarrow [Scartbarry], half ploughland 204 acres: 10l. in Barretts Barony.
both Killbraffers 286 acres and Lissandrum 183 acres: worth together 30l.
all the above being forfeited estate of Cha. McCarty of Carignavar.
Co. Galway [? Roscommon].
350l. by mortgage of one part of Lord Clanrickard's estate: 35l. per an.: being forfeited by William Bourk.
Cloonegeragh, 116 acres and Clonesalgas in Ballintober Barony 125 acres: worth together 15l.
80l. mortgage on Cormuck Hanly and Rich Dillon acres in Lackagh and Mariscan in the Barony of Roscommon: 8l. per an.
1,000l. in [junction] in the Exchequer against Roger and Francis Farrell: 100l. per an.
All the above being forfeited by Pat Everard.
[Co. Dublin]
Davistown [Deanstown] in Nethercross Barony Co. Dublin: 168 acres: 20l. per an.: forfeited by Tho. Sutton.
half of several houses in Wexford: 19l. per an.: and a third of several houses in Dublin: 18l. per an.: forfeited by John Cowell.
2 houses in Kesarslane in Dublin city: 10l. per an.: forfeited by Mat Barnwell.
in Roscommon Barony.
Knockne Carnaghby and Criggan: 37 acres.
Turneweny: 83 acres: 15l. being forfeited estate of Alex Lynch.
Clomragh Clonelehan: 20l.: forfeited by Edm. Butler.
Killincleneagh in Athlone Barony 63 acres: 9l.: forfeited by Langs. Kelly.
Co. Sligo, in Qeney [Leyny] Barony.
Carrey [Carns] one quarter 146 acres.
Carrow Wilkin 215 acres: worth together 27l.: being forfeited estate of Ja. French.
Carrownewevy [Carrowneweden] one quarter 40 acres and other lands 200 acres in Tyrrarah [Tereragh] Barony: worth 20l.
Co. Galway.
Drumharsury [Drumharsna] 72 acres 7l.:
Carragh leige 144 acres the above being forfeited estate of Jeremy Thornton.
Calursyaly and Killysyny in Kiltartan Barony 414 acres: worth together 46l.
being forfeited estate of William Tente.
Cragemore 77 acres in Leitrim Barony and
Gertincapoge in Leitrim Barony 17 acres: 9l. worth together 19l.: forfeited by Thomas McJonack Bourke.
Pallas Town Co. Meath: 18l.: forfeited by Mat Barnwel.
Co. Louth.
Mullincross 17l.
part of Bouly 2l.
part of Kippah 2l.
part . . . . 66l.:
the above being forfeited estate of Tho. Clinton.
[Co. Galway]
Tiaquin Barony.
the town and lands of Killyron alias Kilcowan: 225 acres: 22l.: forfeited by William Talbott.
a lease from Lord Clanrickard for 81 years: 40l.: forfeited by Moragh Flaherty.
Co. Cork.
Ballinterry [Ballintra]: 254 acres: 40l.: forfeited by And. Murragh.
Luckandarragh one ploughland: 10l.: forfeited by Mat Mulkakel.
Beaghigolane 6l.; Aghivoughill [Aghyohil] 3l.; Gortaline 9l.: in Carbery [Barony]: forfeited by Robt. Casey.
Derry Lone Knock and others: 14l.: in Ibane Barony: forfeited by Jo. Barry.
Kinny in Fermoy Barony: 332 acres: 37l.:
impropriations of the parish of Kinny Kinneigh, Temple Boady [Templebodan] alias Killbody, parish of Owens [? Omey] and parish Bruiny [? Boyounogh] in Co. Galway: 52l.
Chevers alias Lord Mount Linster: 80l.
the above being forfeited by Hugolin Spencer. Ibid., pp. 217–20.
April 23. The Treasury Lords to the Lords Justices Ireland to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of William, Earl of Portland praying a grant of the forfeited estate of Donogh, Earl of Clancarty. Ibid., p. 229.
[?] Same to same to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Sir John Edgworth praying a grant of some forfeited lands as in a schedule thereto [missing] in consideration of his services and losses in Ireland. Ibid.
April 24. Privy seal dated Westminster for 4l. a day to the Commissioners of the Privy Seal (Sir Thomas Mompesson, Sir Cha. Cotterell junr. and James Tyrell Esq.) to be divided equally among them for and in lieu of the ancient diet of 16 dishes of meat heretofore allowed to the Keeper of the Privy Seal: to date as from April 12 inst. King's Warrant Book XX, p. 24.
Treasury allowance of the 1697 Lady day quarter's incidents bill detailed of the Stamp Office: total incidents 647l. 14s. 8¼d.; together with 420l. 8s. 6d. paid and deducted at the Mint in the Tower for the charges of the first and second melting, refining, coining and other incidents for 51,827 ounces of hammered silver money paid there at 5s. 8d. per ounce to be recoined; and 1,307l. 2s. 10d. paid for deduction for loss or deficiency on the same: total bill 2,375l. 6s. 0¼d. Money Book XIII, p. 272.
April 24. William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 4,000l. to the Earl of Portland on the order in his name for the Privy Purse: out of the first money lent at the Exchequer on the Duties on Malt. Disposition Book XIII, p. 250.
Same to same to issue 2,000l. to Bartholomew Burton on the order in his name for 20,000l. for rewards of loans &c.: to be issued out of loans on the Duties on Malt. Ibid.
Same to same to issue as follows out of the like loans: viz. £
to the Earl of Oxford in part of 2,000l. 200
to Mr. Beaubuisson 125
Same to the Excise Commissioners to examine the following applicants for employment in the Duties on leather and malt, and to employ such of them as they think fit and to dismiss the rest from further attendance. viz.
Thomas Mathews of London, leather seller and Tracy Pauncefort of the same for a place in the management of the leather Duties.
Joseph Wilmot, leather seller for same.
Richard Fifield and John Parker for same.
Henry Ingol, citizen and sadler of London: for same.
Jonathan Spilsbury, for a collectorship of the same.
Richard Markham, William Richens and William Dent for any place in the said Duty.
John Lander, tanner, for a collector's or supervisor's place for same Duty in Coventry.
Richard Milton, currier, for same.
Silvester Stuckley for a place in the Malt Duty.
John Foster of Farleigh Co. Kent and John Layfield of Surrey for same.
Out Letters (General) XV, p. 214.
Same to same. My Lords recommend Mr. William Waller for some employment suitable to his faithfulness and skill in clerkship. Ibid., p. 215.
Same to the Agents for Taxes. My Lords recommend for employment in the surveying and inspecting the Duties on marriages &c. and on the windows of houses Mr. Samuel Burton, Mr. — Smith of Westminster, Mr. — Alderton of Seaford and — Montague of Idlestree.
The like letters severally for Hinton Rogers, Hugh Champneys, Thomas Twiss and Mr. Berry. Ibid.
Same to the Excise Commissioners. My Lords recommend John Gore for employment as a collector of Excise and other Duties in Co. Surrey. Ibid.
April 24.
et postea.
The like recommendation of the following for employment in the leather Duty viz.
John Dowse as collector thereof in the City of London.
John Waterson, as same.
Phillip Baily, as same.
William France, as an officer for same in the Hundred of Bassetlaw Co. Notts.
Richard Jones, as a supervisor.
John Wood, Ralph Bucknall, John Mason, John Whitley, Nicho Thornburgh, Thomas Aldcroft, William Tindall as same.
Joseph England: as an officer in the malt Duty.
Thomas Corbet: as same.
Mr. Botley: as same.
John Flindell: for the leather Duty in Co. Hunts.
Richard Blackwell for employment in the leather Duty.
John Goodwyn, Francis Speke, John Daws, John Thurston, Michaell East and Richard Goodall for same.
Michaell Arnold for a place in the malt Duty.
John Parker as surveyor or collector of same.
Thomas Lowndes as an accountant.
Henry Greenway, in the leather Duty about Cirencester in Co. Gloucester.
Richard Hopper, Mr. Walley, Mr. Gregory, Richard Symonds and Thomas Orbell and Thomas Rowe as officers of the malt or leather Duty.
Samuel Ellar in the leather Duty.
William Fossel in the Excise, malt or leather Duties: (reference dated May 21). Ibid, p. 216.
April 24. William Lowndes to the Transports Commissioners. My Lords recommend Edward Courtney for the office of Register of Hawkers and Pedlars. Ibid., p. 217.
Same to the Agents for Taxes to write to the respective Receivers of Taxes to send you an account constantly every week of their receipts and how they pay same and that they do exactly comply with the answering and paying thereof according to the several Acts of Parliament in that behalf. Ibid.
[?] Same to Mr. Blathwaite to lay before the King for his signature the enclosed warrants
(1) for 2,000l. to the Earl of Oxford.
(2) for 300l. to Henry Killigrew.
April 24. Same to the Excise Commissioners forthwith to perfect the articles and security which are to be executed by Mr. Bartholomew Burton for the office of Receiver General and Cashier of Excise. Ibid., p. 218.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Charles Eggerton Esq. for a grant of the Duty of 5s. per ton on all French ships trading into England, same having been granted by Charles II to Sir Bernard Gascoyne for life without rent, who died a little before the Revolution and said Duty has remained ungranted ever since. Reference Book VII, p. 205.
April 24. Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Edward Visct. Villiers praying a reversionary grant for 99 years of the Office of the Alnage granted by Charles II in 1664 to Charles, Duke of Richmond for 60 years, of which term 27 years remain unexpired. Reference Book VII, p. 206.
Same to same of the petition of Christopher Brewer for a re-grant on surrender of his present estate in the manor of Laverton, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall. Ibid.
The Treasury Lords to the Lords Justices Ireland. We have laid before the King your report on the petition of Dr. John Leslie praying a grant of certain forfeited lands, mortgages and leases in the schedule here inclosed [missing]. It is the King's pleasure to grant him 400l. a year out of same during his life. Please set out so much of the undisposed lands therein as will amount to that value above all incumbrances and transmit [the list of] same to us in order to its being submitted to the King. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, p. 216.
April 25. William Lowndes to Mr. Neale to make an addition to the advertisement sent to you yesterday for the Gazette to-morrow concerning the Exchequer Bills: viz. as follows:
"And their Lordships do also give notice that the Rolls for the subscriptions for circulating of the said Bills will be closed on Tuesday night being the 27th inst after which time no further subscriptions to this contract will be admitted."
Out Letters (General) XV, p. 218.