Minute Book: July 1700

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 15, 1699-1700. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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July 1700

July 1. Present: all the five Lords.
Desire my Lord Jersey to transmit to this Board an extract of any letters he hath received from my Lord Bellomont, so far as the same concern the ship belonging to Bass at [sic for and] Lofting which was seized at Perth Amboy.
Desire the Customs Commissioners and the Attorney and Solicitor General to be here on Friday morning about the wines imported from St. Sebastian.
The Earl of Montagu [is] to be inserted on the scheme for 2200l. Ibid., p. 91.
July 1,
Present: all the five Lords.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. Mr. Weeden and several other wine merchants are called in concerning the wine imported from St. Sebastian in several ships other than the 11 ships for which an agreement is made [ut supra p. 99]. My Lords defer the further consideration of this matter till another time.
Let Mr. Devereux have a copy of Mr. Baker's answer. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 91.
July 2,
forenoon. Hampton Court.
Present: all the five Treasury Lords.
My Lords order [the issue of] 500l. in part of the sum recovered by Bass and Lofting.
The King comes in.
The Earl of Ranelagh and Mr. Blathwait are called in. Ordered [that there be issued to the said Earl] 7446l. 10s. 6d. for 14 days' subsistence [to the Forces, England] to the 17th inst.
The tallies and [Lottery] tickets in the hands of the Dutch Ambassador are to be disposed (to the best advantage) for satisfying the debt owing thereupon to the States; and the overplus thereof is to be applied towards the debt owing for [Forces late in] Flanders [to wit for their] subsistence.
The King (upon a petition of the Colonels and in consideration that they furnished full clothing for their men) is pleased to take off a fourth part of all the respits. "But upon further consideration this cannot be done."
Lord Arran [his petition is read]. The King will allow the respits of [the Earl] himself and three servants, but not of his Troopers.
Pereyra's petition [is read and] referred to Lord Coningsby.
The King will not have the fire and candle [for the Guards and Garrisons] to exceed 1200l. a year.
Col. Harvey's petition [is read and] referred to Lord Coningsby.
Col. Blood [his petition is read and] referred to Mr. Blathwayt.
Capt. De la Vall's petition [is read. The King orders] my Lords "to consider what is reasonable; [but] afterwards ordered 40s. a day during the time he was on shore and till his return."
Lord Hastings [his petition is read. The King orders him] 300l.
Col. Webb [his petition is read] about respits. [Decision] nil.
Andrew Lloyd [his petition is read. The King orders] my Lords to see what can be done in this.
The Receivers of the Two Millions [their petition is read]. Left to my Lords to consider them for the charges of their account.
Mr. Bush his petition [is read] for an augmentation of his salary as Judge Advocate [of the Army] in Ireland. Not granted.
Charles Killigrew [his petition is read]. The arrear of rent will be paid in convenient time but the King will be at no further charge.
Mr. Ryley's representation is read concerning Sir Robert Smith and Mr. Dickens.
The order of Council on a memorial of Col. Quarry [is read. The King orders] my Lords to see whether the money he desires can be paid out of the revenue of Pennsylvania.
The Earl of Macclesfield [his petition is read. The King orders that he is] to be discharged of his plate in consideration of so much of his [pension] arrear.
Capt. Lang's petition for a further reward [is read. Ordered] nil.
Lady Mary Kirk [her petition is read and] ordered.
Duke of Schonberg [his petition is read]. The King will consider of 5l. per cent. another year.
Duchess of Southampton's petition [is read].
The report of the Council of Trade concerning Lord Bellomont's allowances is read. My Lords are to examine it.
Philip Guibert [his petition is read]. The King orders my Lords to] speak with the Earl of Montagu. It must be included in one of the quarterly payments [of the Great Wardrobe].
Mr. Methuen [his petition is read. The King orders him] 500l. for extraordinaries.
Col. John Meautys [his petition is read. The King orders him] 50l. [as royal] bounty.
Lord Roscommon [his petition is read. The King orders him] 100l.
The order about respits for Detachments is to be general.
[Order for the issue to William Lowndes of] 1000l. tomorrow for secret service; "and half the 1612l. 5s. 0d. recovered from the Africa Company per Lord Romney and Mr. Gloar."
Col. Gibson his memorial for taking off respits [is read].
The King is pleased to allow the respits made for men detached during two musters: and this order [as to respits] is to be general for all detachments. Ibid., pp. 92–3.
July 5,
forenoon. Treasury Chambers. Cockpit,
Present: Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
Serjeant Charnock to have half a year.
The letter for making out a bill for 500l. lost by Robert Trevers is read and approved.
My Lords are of opinion that Mr. Chute have [from the Treasury] half fees for such commissions as he made forth by the King's order without fees.
The letter for issuing 7446l. 10s. 6d. for two weeks' subsistence [for the Forces, England] to the 17th inst. is read and approved.
Issue 37,349l. to the Navy Treasurer to be applied to the course [of the Navy: and to be issued] by tallies on the overplus of the Civil List funds arising in the year ending at Xmas next; with 6 per cent interest: according to the clause of appropriation.
[Order for] 20,000l. to be issued [to the Navy Treasurer] for Sick and Wounded as by the minute of June 26 ult. supra p. 103.
[Write] to the Earl of Ranelagh to be here on Tuesday morning and to bring with him an account of the arrears of the Flanders subsistence due to the Troopers lately reduced.
[Order for] 50l. to Mr. Baptist, as [royal] bounty: [to be paid] per Mr. Tailor.
[Order for] 20l. a year to Mris. Pinckney alias Bodingham: out of the Royal Oak Lottery. Ibid., p. 94.
July 9,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
The Earl of Ranelagh [is] called in.
There being in the new Establishment [for the Forces] commencing 25th April last a sum of 3359l. 19s. 2d. per an. allowed for Contingencies, whereof 1200l. a year is designed for fire and candle [for the Guards and Garrisons]. Write to Mr. Blathwait that he do not procure any warrants to create an expense [on that head] exceeding that allowance.
Mr. Elrington to have 200l. for his pains in disbanding Fox's Regiment; and his clerk to have 60l.
The remainder of the money arising by tallies and malt tickets in the Dutch Ambassador's hands, after the redemption thereof, is to be surcharged on the Earl of Ranelagh [in his account as Paymaster of the Forces]; and out of the same he is to pay the arrears of the Flanders subsistence due to the reduced Troopers and Dragoons and — [to the various towns and innkeepers &c. concerned for so much] due [to them] from the Invalids in their quarters at Tinmouth [Tynemouth] and places adjacent.
My Lords have resolved that any person or persons who will lend 2000l. more upon credit of the Exchequer in General shall be repaid with interest at 6 per cent. per an. out of the money applicable to the charge of reducing the Forces, [and next in course] after the 6000l. mentioned in the minutes of June 12 last supra p. 95.
Besides the two sums of 6250l. each already in the scheme for the Wardrobe my Lords will, at or soon after Xmas next, pay a further sum of 6250l. to that Office; and they do order that 2200l. for one year's salary due to the Earl of Montagu and his deputy be paid upon Oct. 16 next. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 95.
July 9,
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
The Customs Commissioners called in. Their report on Mr. Devereux's proposal is read. My Lords concur with the Commissioners in their opinion.
Write to Mr. Devereux and Mr. Baker to attend [here] to be heard to-morrow week.
Prepare a warrant to [the Attorney General to] acknowledge satisfaction on [record of] the judgment against George Pope and Philip Paris upon their paying 300l. and giving security not to fall into the like practice for the future.
The Excise Commissioners are called in. Ibid., p. 96.
July 10,
Present: all the five Lords.
[Order for the issue to William Lowndes of] 1500l. for secret services.
The Commissioners of the Ordnance are called in.
Mr. Bush is called in. My Lords deliver to him the great seal for Ireland to carry to the Lord Chancellor [for Ireland].
The Victuallers are called in. [Write and] direct Mr. Papillon forthwith to repair to the Exchequer and receive the sum of 12,918l. 10s. 0d. mentioned in my Lords' warrant of June 22 last. The Earl of Orford is to be charged therewith in the prest certificate and to apply same to pay for bills and short allowance money according to such orders as he shall receive from the Victualling Commissioners.
They desire 30,930l. 17s. 3½d. for their [Victualling] course for June and July 1699.
Direct Sir Richard Haddock and the other old Victuallers forthwith to adjust all the debts of their time [of being Victuallers] and to present a state thereof to this Board.
[Order for] 20,000l. to be issued to the Navy Treasurer for the Victuallers: to be issued out of loans on the Land Tax and to be applied to the [Victualling] course.
The Farmers of the Royal Oak Lottery are called in. They will pay 1050l. for a quarter's rent due at Xmas last and they will pay 1600l. for the half year's rent due at midsummer 1700 after the rate of 3200l. per an. and they will pay from henceforth 800l. quarterly during their term [of farm] abating 2100l. (which was advanced) out of the last year's rent. And hereupon my Lords resolve to allow them from Xmas last the complements of their full rents; which gives them a defalcation after the rate of 1000l. per an. in consideration that the small Lotteries which were [included in the farm] granted to them are taken away by Act of Parliament.
Prepare a warrant for 600l. a year to the Vice-Chamberlain [of the Household: to be payable] at the Exchequer. Ibid., p. 97.
Eodem die, afternoon. Present: Earl of Tankerville; Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Hill.
Order for 2450l. 2s. 5½d. to the Earl of Ranelagh as follows: to be issued out of money which shall remain in his hands of the tallies and tickets now in the hands of the Dutch Ambassador after the debt is cleared: [to be applied as follows:] viz.
£ s. d.
for Flanders subsistence to the reduced Troopers of Major General Lumley 552 1 3
for same to ditto of Col. Wood 598 6 7
for same to ditto of Brigadier Windham 376 8 9
for same to ditto of the Duke of Schomberg 364 11 8
for quarters of Invalids at Tynemouth 337 14 7
for quarters of ditto at Chester in full of — 220 19
£2450 2
Prepare a s[ign] m[anual] to direct the Earl of R[anelagh] to redeem those tallies and tickets [in the Dutch Ambassador's hands as above] and surcharge himself with the overplus. The warrant to be entered with the Auditors of Imprests.
Petitions are read [and the answers are endorsed or margined upon them]. Ibid., p. 98.
July 12,
Present: all the five Lords.
[Letter of direction for] 500l. to be paid to Mr. Bass and Lofting on their order. But before any more is paid to them examine the papers of the King's demands upon them.
Direct the 50l. [remaining] in the Exchequer out of the Duty on cinders [if not otherwise appropriated] to be issued to Lord Coningsby towards payment of 183l. 15s. 0d. for respited pay due to Capt. George Byng.
Desire Col. Codrington to come to my Lords on Tuesday morning.
Direct the Earl of Ranelagh to forbear issuing any subsistence to the Independent Company at St. Christopher till the muster rolls are returned.
Prepare an instrument to discharge Nicholas Baker.
[Order for the issue of] 200l. more for the diet and rents of the [houses for the entertainment of the] Agents of Morocco.
The letter to the Earl of Ranelagh for paying 2450l. 2s. 5½d. out of the overplus of the tallies in the Dutch Ambassador's hand is read and approved.
These warrants [following] are ordered to be sent to Mr. Blathwaite to obtain the King's signature viz.: (1) (for 200l. for Mris. Leslie; (2) for 100l. to Mr. Granville; (3) for 175l. to Lady Kirk; (4) for 10,000l. to the Mint; (5) for allowances to the Secretary of the Treasury and his clerks and to the clerks of Lord Coningsby and of Mr. Fox [for pains &c.] in [preparing] their [the said Coningsby and Fox's] account [as Paymasters of the Forces Ireland].
[Write] the Auditors of Imprests to attend on Tuesday morning with their accounts [to wit such as are ready] to be declared.
Send the King's warrant for 987l. 18s. 8d. for the Marine [Regiments'] Officers to the Earl of Orford or to Mr. Dodington to pay the same. But write to the Colonels [of the said Regiments] to take [care] that this money [be] distributed to the persons from whom the same was deducted, [or to] their heirs, executors &c. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 99.
July 16,
Present: all the five Lords.
[Write] to the Attorney and Solicitor General to be here to-morrow morning about the judgment obtained by Robert Williamson and about other matters.
[Letter of direction for] 390l. to be paid to Mr. Blathwait upon his order.
A letter to Mr. Dodington is read and approved transmitting to him the King's warrant for 987l. 18s. 0d. (poundage money) to be paid to the officers of the Marine Regiments.
Letters to the Marquess of Carmarthen and Sir Cloudesley Shovel are also read and approved for them to be careful in paying over the same [sum abovesaid] to the proper officers.
A memorial of Mr. Stanyan is read. My Lords do think that there was great favour shown in making the allowances he and partners have had and in giving them a discharge for the balance of the account: which appears to my Lords upon reading their privy seal for allowances and the patent for their discharge at length. And my Lords do think there is no reason for any further demands or pretences upon this account and do therefore absolutely dismiss the same.
[The] "Order [ut supra p. 108 to] the Earl of Orford by himself or his Cashier Mr. Papillon [&c. is] respited."
Look out the Victuallers' memorial containing their demands for victuals furnished [for the Expedition] to Newfoundland.
[The Principal] Officers of the Ordnance [attend].
The Receivers of the Two Millions [attend]. My Lords tell them the King will bear the charge of passing their account comprehending therein the fees of the 16,000l. tallies.
[Write] to Mr. Young and Mr. Ryly to be here on Friday afternoon. Ibid., p. 100.
Eodem die, afternoon. Present: Earl of Tankerville; Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Hill.
The furniture of the Tennis Court at Hampton Court [is] to be paid [for] by the Office of the Wardrobe.
Make a list of the instruments [persons instrumental] in K[ing] C[harles's] escape [from Worcester fight] for a year's pension to each.
[Write] to Mr. Blathwait that whereas he demands his allowances "as [substituting] Secretary of State," [in attendance on the King when abroad] my Lords by the King's resolution of 26 May 1699 can pay him only 390l. 18s. 0d. for his disbursements (which is ordered to be forthwith paid) and 1000l. [on his salary] for the year 1699 (which my Lords will pay in some short time).
Ordered that no petition for any place before it be vacant shall be received. Ibid., p, 101.
July 17,
Present: all the five Lords.
[Order for] 20l. to be paid to Jasper English for him to distribute to the Ministers that preach at Hampton Court in the King's absence this summer.
Mr. English will bring the copy of Capt. Jones's will to Mr. Lowndes.
[Order for] 50l. to be paid to the poor of Hampton, on their privy seal.
Write to the Excise Commissioners not to attend this day but on Tuesday afternoon next.
[Order for the issue to the Earl of Ranelagh of] 29,786l. 2s. 0d. for eight weeks' subsistence from 18 July inst. to Sept. 11 next at 3723l. 5s. 3d. [per week]: to be now paid out of loans on the Land tax or other funds for this year:
likewise 9297l. 0s. 9d. for two months' clearings to June 24 last inclusive according to the new Establishment [of the Forces] and the Paymaster's certificate: to be similarly paid out of [the said] loans or other funds as above:
likewise 10,351l. 5s. 0d. for half pay from March 26 last to June 24 last: out of ditto.
Mr. Eams is to have 40l. more to make up 100l. for his journey to the Leeward Islands and back.
Desire Col. Codrington to come to-morrow morning.
H. Baker is to give Mr. Dod a fee to move the Court of Exchequer to discharge Col. Granvil, Mr. Bromley and Sir Tho. Dyke from the tax on their salary because they did not serve or receive any salary. Ibid., p. 102.
Eodem die,
Present: Earl of Tankerville; the Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
[Order for] 1032l. to Capt. Delaval for his allowance of 40s. a day for 516 days.
William Bucknal to be one of the riding officers [of the Customs] as Felpham loco Antho Palmer who relinquishes the employment.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. Mr. Devereux will attend on Tuesday afternoon to make good his charge against Mr. Baker. Mr. Lowndes is to give summons to such as Mr. Devereux shall desire. Write to all parties to be here then.
[Ordered that] 18660l. is to be issued [to the Navy Treasurer] for wages to ships: out of the funds of this year: to complete 136,500l.; in [ready] money:
likewise 10,000l. more to [the said Treasurer for] the Victuallers for their [Victualling] course: out of the money of the said funds:
likewise 25,000l. [to the Ordnance] for land service [of the Office of Ordnance], and 11,375l. for sea service: making in all 36,375l.: to be placed [or charged on revenue as follows] viz. 7651l. on the overplus of the Civil List funds anno 1700 after 37,349l. [thereout]; and 28,724l. on the 2s. Aid after 833,927l. thereout:
likewise 12,367l. 2s. 8d. [to the Paymaster of the Forces] for four months' offreckonings to April 25 last: to be paid out of the first money coming in by the purchase of annuities. Ibid., p. 103.
July 18,
Present: Earl of Tankerville; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Hill.
Col. Codrington [is] called in. My Lords recommend to him the taking care that upon mustering Foxe's Regiment (now to be broke) the King have justice done him and that no faggots be admitted and that the men be not mustered more than once in all the islands.
[Write and] desire Col. Codrington to give order as soon as he arrives at his Government in the West Indies to cause the several Companies of Foxe's Regiment, now dispersed in the Leeward Islands, to be mustered by the Deputy Governor and two of the Council of each island upon oath, and to give copies of those muster rolls for the better enabling him to pursue his instructions from the King; and to send another copy thereof to this Board.
Prepare a privy seal for the salary of Col. Codrington, Governor of the Leeward Islands, for the salary of 700l. a year payable quarterly from the date of his commission: [to be paid] out of the Four-and-a-Half per cent Duty in those Islands.
[My Lords order a letter of direction that the] 536l. 16s. 0¾d. remainder of 1105l. 2s. 9d. on an order for the liberates [of the Usher of the Receipt] is to be paid out of the Civil List money. See the order [the money order for the said 1105l. 2s. 9d.]
[A letter of direction is ordered for] 500l. to be paid to Lord Dupplin upon his warrant.
[Order for] 500l. to be imprested to Henry Baker; out of which [he is to pay] 200l. to Mr. Armiger in part of his debt. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 104.
July 19,
Present: Earl of Tankerville, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
The Gentlemen of the Bank [attend and] present their [account of what is due to them as their] deficiency of last year viz. 3698l. 1s. 4d. [payment of] which they desire out of some unappropriated funds.
[Order for] 1100l. out of the Civil List funds to be issued to Mr. Roberts on his order for [the purchase price for the King's] purchasing [some of his] lands and enclosing same for the Park at Windsor: which 1100l. with 100l. already paid him is the consideration money for which, before the payment thereof, a good and sufficient conveyance is to be made to the King by him and his mortgagees of the ferry at Datchet.
The sign manual for a grant to Dr. Nicholas Brady of 2572l. 2s. 9½d. (due on an old account of Sir H. Brabant) is read and ordered to be sent to Holland to the King [for his assent and signature].
The papers concerning Mr. Vernon and the estate of Clantaff are to be delivered to him [Vernon].
The Master and Warden of the Mint lay before my Lords their examinations concerning Mr. Molyneux et al. Give copies to Mr. Molyneux. He'll put in an answer on Tuesday next.
The oath of secrecy for the Officers of the Mint. "I, A. B, do swear not to reveal or discover to any person or persons whatsoever the new invention of rounding the moneys and marking the edges of them, directly or indirectly, unless his Majesty, his heirs or successors shall otherwise command or direct the same. So help me God."
Sir John Stanley bart. Warden of the Mint took his corporal oath to the effect above written before the Treasury Lords this day. Ibid., p. 105.
July 23,
Present: Earl of Tankerville, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
The letter [to the Receipt] to pay 5000l. for works at Windsor on Oct. 9 inst. is read and approved.
The letter to the Navy Commissioners to make out a bill for 298l. 9s. 0d. to John Bowles (being a fourth part of money saved by his re-admeasurement of ships employed [hired] by the Navy Board) is read and approved.
The like [approval to the letter] for 285l. 13s. 11¾d. [to be similarly paid to the said Bowles] by the Victuallers.
[Order for the issue to the Earl of Ranelagh of] 50l. to be paid to Mr. Hill for Mr. Marmande.
There being 420l. due to Mr. Charles Killigrew for three years rent of his house in Scotland Yard for Mris. May due at Midsummer 1700 (from which time he is re-entered [into possession thereof]) it is ordered to be forthwith paid to Mr. Nicholas for him. Prepare a warrant for it.
The Victuallers [are] called in.
The sign manual for the Earl of Macclesfield is approved.
The Commissioners of the Victualling and the Transports [Commissioners] and Mr. Pauncefort are to inform themselves what became of the victuals sent to Newfoundland in 1697, for which 10,615l. is now demanded; how much was delivered to the officers for any part of Gibson's Regiment and how far any masters of ships are responsible for the residue: and to give my Lords an account hereof.
[Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer of] 2000l. more for the Victuallers on their [Victualling] course: [to be issued] out of money in the Exchequer.
Mr. Boucher will lend 2500l. more upon the same terms with his last loan.
[Write] to the Agents [for Taxes] to be here to-morrow afternoon.
Look out Mr. Bale's last minute against the afternoon. Ibid., p. 106.
Eodem die.
Present: ut supra.
[Order for] Mr. Thomas Rowe to have 50l.
The letter for 198,200l. 2s. 8d. to the Navy, Ordnance, and for offreckonings &c. is read and approved.
The Excise Commissioners [are] called in. Order Mr. Bruere, Deputy Auditor of Excise, to attend to-morrow morning "to shew [? why] the Cash Account [of the Excise] of the year 1695 is delayed."
The Customs Commissioners [are] called in. Mr. H. Baker and Mr. Walter Devereux are called in. The reply of Devereux is read. The first article in the charge [of Devereux against Baker] is read and the [said Baker's] answer to it.
Mr. Carter says in 1696–7 Pilcher was taken in custody by a messenger, two of his servants being in custody before he was taken; Mr. Baker examined Castle and Sutton (the two servants) the 5th or 6th of January 1696–7 in the presence of Mr. Ellis as a Justice of the Peace (to the best of his memory) and Mr. B[aker] desired this witness to advise with counsel how to proceed against them for several crimes; some were for correspondence and some for owling or the like: that Sutton said little but Castle spoke freely and that Mr. Ellis gave the oath to three persons namely Richard Hammond and William Hobdy and also to the said Castle.
Being asked whether Mr. Secretary Trumbul had ordered Mr. B[aker] to prosecute these men, he answers, that Mr. S[ecretary] T[rumbul] told him that Mr. B[aker] should examine these witnesses in Mr. Ellis's presence in order to prosecute them for their crimes and then Mr. B[aker] was forw[ar]d and desired him (Carter) to draw up the state of the case to go to counsel.
Mr. Ellis says he examined those persons, but does not know that Mr. Sec. T[rumbul] directed Mr. H. B[aker] to prosecute.
Mr. D[evereux] is asked if he has any other witnesses to this article. Answers, no.
Mr. B[aker] says three such persons were examined but two of their affidavits were drawn and taken at Folkestone before the Mayor and brought up by Mr. Devereux; upon which the messengers were ordered to take the men.
The three affidavits are produced; two are dated 21 Dec. 1696 before Gibeon Lad, Mayor of Folkestone and the other before John Ellis, dated 9 Jan. following.
Mr. Devereux says Browne the messenger (upon his [Devereux'] information) had those affidavits made at Folkestone.
Mr. Baker produces the warrant of this [the Treasury] Board dated 30 July 1697 that first empowered him to prosecute.
Devereux objects that B[aker] has not prosecuted them at any time since and he had the affidavits in his hands for that purpose.
Baker says there was no cause for prosecution and the affidavits would not hold; and he was to follow the advice of the King's Counsel in laying out the King's money [in prosecutions].
Dev[ereux] and Carr affirm there were three affidavits sworn before Ellis.
Baker says there was but one, as he knows of; the other two were before the Mayor.
The second article in the charge and the answer [thereto] is read. The Warren house is affirmed and owned [agreed] to be used as an alehouse.
William Miller says owlers and smugglers are there every day. He says they are neighbours: he knows them: has seen their crime; and some brandy was taken in the Nettles near that house on 16 May last, 13 half anchors. Egerton's wife proffered him (who was one that seized it) satisfaction to leave it: that Mr. Jordon and Newton took some wool there about a 12 month last March; he thinks since 'twas in the King's hands. The Warrener's wife sent her daughter forthwith to Pilcher on seizure of the brandy.
Mr. Baker says the ale house is not kept by his permission.
A certificate of the Mayor of Folkestone is read. The man has kept an alehouse since April last and no longer.
Mr. Baker says he has nothing to do about brandy or any prosecutions about brandy.
A letter from John Jones to Mr. Baker about this brandy is seized [sic for read].
Mr. Dev[ereux] says Jones was removed for this.
The third article in both papers is read.
Capt. Eldsdon says Pattison told him that Mr. Devereux had given or sent a letter to Mr. Baker against some of the Officers at Folkestone and that Mr. Baker answered ''tis all Irish.'
Mr. Dev[ereux] says there was a great quantity of brandy carried from Folkestone and seized at Dover.
Mr. Baker says he found Dev[ereux] was always quarrelling with the officers because he had a bad character of him from gentle men and that he had forsworn himself in the business of Trant before Sir B. Dixwell: for these and other reasons he should not have minded anything from Devereux; but he does not remember any letter given him, as in their article is suggested.
The fourth article in both papers is read.
Mr. Carter says Lord Chief Justice Holt did not go on that circuit; but he told Lord Chief Justice Treby before he went down that he believed the business would be slipt.
Mr. Baker insists upon his answer and that the men are not within the law.
The fifth [article in both papers is read].
Mr. Baker owns the prosecuting of poor men that are guilty.
Mr. Ellesden [says] several have been cast, and their goods taken in execution and returned [to them] again. He names Mercer and Croft [? Cross]. One Wombel seized them, [he] that came with Mr. Baker. He cannot be positive who returned their goods. Tho. Peckham was cast and is forborne; but he hath been an evidence since for the King against Hannakin and Skinner.
Baker says when he could get no writs executed though he offered 60l. and when this Elsden knew none of his neighbours though he had lived by them many years and the service was betrayed by one Johnson, Serjeant of the Admiralty, then Wombwell and others were put in as special officers and did make seizures and the sheriff sold them and so they might buy their goods again.
The sixth [article is read in both papers].
Charles Jones says he was in Sussex last summer at Peck and was in company with Mr. Catt and others, and Catt declared publicly that he paid B[aker] 40l. composition money without a letter of licence [for composition out of the Exchequer Court] upon an information for being an owler.
Capt. Ellesden says Jones and Mark Serjeant [struck through] told him what Catt said and Ellesden went into Sussex to examine the matter and Catt told him he came off with paying and had no letter of licence: that he made up the matter with Capt. Baker and it cost him 40l. "What did you give C[apt.] Baker?" He said, I am under an oath of secrecy not to discover: that C[apt.] Baker sent a letter to the gaol keeper upon which he was discharged and gave no bail.
Baker says, there were several informations against Catt which were ready for trial but searching in the book he found a prior information; so he was forced to put it off: they were taken upon a common attachment; so he wrote that he might take one another for bail. Baker produces an affidavit of Stephen Catt that he gave nothing to Baker and told Jones and Ellesdon so.
Carter says about two years ago he waited on Baker and he told him there was a prior information against one or two but not against all three that were informed against by Martin.
Dev[ereux] says Baker had money of one Baldwyn and of a man upon the bridge for words spoken on the battle of Landen: but he and Mr. Elsden have no evidence for this.
My Lords do not approve of Egerton's keeping an alehouse. They are of opinion that Mr. Devereux hath not made out any one of the articles in his charge against Mr. Baker as to any material point. Treasury Minute Book XII, pp. 107–9.
July 24,
Present: Earl of Tankerville; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
Mr. Studholme: [order for the issue to him of] 1173l.
The letter for 50l. to Capt. Byng out of [the Duty on] cinders is read and approved.
Mr. Lodington: [order for the issue to him of] 236l. 5s. 0d.
Consul Baker [is] to be paid on Oct. 23 next the 1389l. 0s. 6¼d. due on his order.
[Order for] 500l. to be imprested to Mr. Nicho Baker [for Crown Law charges] and [to be] paid forthwith upon account of what is due to him.
Mr. Blathwait being gone with the King before the report was [could be] made by the Earl of Ranelagh and him on Col. Colt's memorial which was referred to them, Mr. Clerk is desired to join with the said Earl in finishing the said report.
Out of the 2500l. now lent or agreed to be lent by Mr. Boucher on the Exchequer in General [my Lords order that] 2000l. is to be issued to the Earl of Ranelagh for the disbanding of Col. Foxe's Regiment in the West Indies; and 500l. to said Earl to be paid over to Capt. Atkinson in further part of the charge of transporting Troops to Ireland.
Write to the Earl of Ranelagh transmitting to him all the papers concerning Gibson's Regiment and the detachment thereof which was at Newfoundland: and desire his lordship to charge that Regiment after the rate of 4d. a day for each officer and soldier that was subsisted with the King's provisions during the time they were ashore upon Newfoundland.
[Ordered that] 85l. 5s. 0d. for Capt. Finche's Company and 212l. 13s. 9d. for Admiral Killigrew's Company are to be paid.
The Vice-Chamberlain [of the Household is] to be paid 300l. in part of 600l.
Query: Why Stephen Harvey, landwaiter at Plymouth, was removed?
[Write] to Mr. Addison, Mr. Shepard and Mr. Povy to be here in the afternoon.
[Write] to Sir Basil Dixwell that my Lords take notice that three Excise accounts are lying before him and small progress is made thereupon: that my Lords expect that these three accounts be passed by him and brought to the Chancellor of the Exchequer for declaration before Michaelmas next.
Write to the Earl of Bath that the King's pleasure was signifed to him that the public houses in the Park should be suppressed (recite the former letter); and the King hath taken notice that his pleasure is not complied with: that he hath commanded my Lords to see his orders put in execution: [therefore] desire him to cause the orders of the King to be forthwith complied with.
Mris. Burn [is called in and] says she can give information of the estate left by James Kelly a pirate executed.
Hedges a gunsmith at Horsey Down knows where all the effects are and where the will of Kelly is.
She'll inform herself better and come again in the afternoon.
Order H. Baker to be here in the afternoon. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 110–11.
July 24.
Present: ut supra.
My Lords having prepared a scheme containing several payments made or to be made at the Exchequer weekly, beginning on 26 June 1700 and ending 27 Dec. next, do order that (in their absence upon the adjournment of their Board) Mr. Lowndes shall without any further direction sign the letters [of direction to the Receipt] for such of the said payments (for which letters [sic for orders] are already signed) to be paid at such days and in such course or order as by the said scheme is prescribed.
Mr. Addison, Mr. Shepard and Mr. Povey (Commissioners for Sick and Wounded) are called in. The two former are to make an abstract of what is due in every port [for quarters of the Sick and Wounded] and to bring their books containing the particular names and sums, examined and signed by themselves.
The Agents for Taxes [attend]. My Lords recommend it to them to make a representation to this Board of the defects in the execution of the Acts of Parliament for Births &c.
My Lords order Mr. Baker to assist Mris. Birne. Ibid., p. 111–112.