Minute Book: September 1700

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 15, 1699-1700. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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September 1700

Sept. 13,
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Boyle.
[Order for] 200l. for the under clerks of the Council.
[Ordered that the] 65l. detained from Mr. Grenville for taxes [out of his rent of Mote Park] is to be repaid him. Ibid., p. 113.
Eodem die, afternoon. Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
Direct the Paymaster of the Works at Windsor to take care, in issuing the 5000l., that it be applied to the payment of those arrears as they stand in priority of time.
[Order for the issue to William Lowndes of] 7000l. for secret service, viz. half now and the other half on this day month.
The Customs Commissioners are called in, with Mr. Shepard and company.
Send for the Clerk of the Signet about the fees demanded for the half pay officers in Ireland. Ibid.
Sept. 17,
Present: Earl of Tankerville, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
My Lords will countersign the warrant for the salary of 700l. per an. of Col. Codrington from the date of his Commission [as Governor of the Leeward Islands]; but he is to pay one moiety of his salary and perquisites to those that have exercised the Government in his absence, pursuant to the [King's] instruction in that behalf. Signify this to Mr. Blathwaite and Col. Codrington.
My Lords resolve that the Auditors of Imprests shall audit the accounts of the Post Office and Wine Licences; and Auditors Parsons and Shales shall have the two audits of the land revenues (which Mr. Aldworth had) divided between them: but none of them shall have any salary or fee from the King for these additional services.
Mr. Randue to be paid a year's salary as housekeeper at Windsor.
Write to the Commissioners of Customs and of Excise to be here to-morrow afternoon. Ibid., p. 114.
Sept. 18,
Present: Earl of Tankerville, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
Mr. Robert Williamson is called in with Col. Perry and others. Williamson makes a demand which he reads from a paper. He leaves the paper with a copy of the writ of execution. My Lords will advise and give them an answer in convenient time.
Direct Mr. Hubbold to attend this afternoon and Mr. Dirley to be here then.
[Order for] 10,000l. to [Navy Treasurer for] the Victuallers for their [Victualling] course: [to be issued] out of loans on the 2s. Aid.
Write to the Earl of Ranelagh to lay before this Board an account of the money received by him for half pay; and of the distribution of the 24,000l. which was put into his hands to clear the Forces for the year ended 24 Dec. 1699 (the debt for clothing excepted.)
The Agents [for Taxes are] to certify what new security is given for Mason's debt. Prepare a warrant for a constat of Mason's lands extended into the King's hands.
Write to the [Principal] Officers of the Works to certify my Lords what new works are doing at Hampton Court of all kinds and by what [whose] directions. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 115.
Sept. 18,
Present: Earl of Tankerville, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
[Order for] 500l. to be issued to the Navy Treasurer out of loans on the Land Tax, upon the head of [Navy] Ordinary and to be applied to imprests and bills of exchange.
The Commissioners of Customs and of Excise [attend]. The order drawn for making assistant searchers for salt and fish is (upon a debate) approved with some amendments. The Customs Commissioners withdraw.
Direct Mr. Travers and Mr. Ryly to survey St. James's Park and the freeboard thereof and to take notice of all the incroachments, purprestures and nuisances upon the same, and to report same to my Lords. Ibid., p. 116.
Sept. 19,
Present: Earl of Tankerville, Mr. Smith, Mr. Hill.
Sir John Stanley comes in. He desires a commission may be issued for inquiring after the estate of Jos. Horton, lately convicted for coining.
Ordered that Mr. Mason and Mr. Mollyneux do attend next Tuesday fortnight to be heard concerning frauds in the Mint. Write the Master and Worker of the Mint to attend then.
[Order for the issue to] Mr. Henry Baker of 500l. for [Crown] law suits; and 150l. on his salary.
[Order for] 60l. for the French ministers in the Savoy.
[Send] letters to the Auditors of the Imprests and [the Exchequer Courts Auditors of Crown land] revenues to send certificates by Tuesday next of what accounts now lie before them undispatched and what accountants have not yet brought in their accounts; and how long the accounts lying undispatched in their offices have been brought in [to them].
[Order for] 120l. for six Chaplains going to Jamaica and elsewhere. Ibid., p. 117.
Sept. 24,
Present: Mr. Smith, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
Mr. Pancefort to be here to-morrow morning with a memorial of what is due for subsistence and clearings.
[Write the] Commissioners of Customs and of Excise not to attend to-morrow.
Mr. Pancefort comes in and exhibits a memorial for subsistence [to the Forces] and clearings to the Garrisons. Order for issues as follows
£ s. d.
for two weeks' subsistence to Oct. 9 next 7446 10 6
to clear the several Garrisons from April 24 to June 24 last 2534 4 5
£9980 14 11
[Write] Mr. Grigson of the Signet Office to attend to-morrow.
Mr. Ryley's report or estimate for enclosing a paddock in Bushey Park for keeping and feeding of deer for the King's hunting [is read and approved] amounting to 330l. 10s. 0d. Write to Mr. Ryley to go in hand with this work.
Mr. Chase to be paid 312l. for rent to Lady day 1698. Ibid., p. 118.
Sept. 25,
Present: ut supra.
Send for Mr. William Tailer to be here to-morrow about the rents claimed by the Earl of Dorset.
Let Mr. Powys see what is due to Mr. Smith the late undersheriff deceased. Ibid., p. 119.
Sept. 26,
Present: ut supra.
The letter for 10l. to Mr. Row is read and approved.
[Write] to Mr. Ryley and Mr. Young to be here on Tuesday next.
[Write] to the executors of John Smith, late undersheriff, to give an account of what moneys of arrears of taxes were collected by him and [were] in his hands at his decease.
[Write] to Mr. Woodson to attend next Tuesday morning.
Send to the Attorney and Solicitor General the copy of the writ of execution for Mr. Williamson and the copy of his demand; and desire them to give my Lords their opinion thereupon.
[Order for] 500l. to be paid to H. Baker for [Crown] law suits.
Mr. Stanyan's discovery of concealed lands is referred to the Attorney and Solicitor General to enquire whether the King hath any probable title in law or equity. Ibid., p. 120.
Sept. 27,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
Mr. Lowndes acquaints my Lords with a cheating bill of 5l. drawn on him by William Fuller payable to William Stephenson. My Lords think Stephenson should prosecute him for a cheat and the bill is delivered back to Stephenson. In the margin, William Fuller counterfeit note.
The Navy Commissioners [attend]. They have adjusted what the defalcations in Sir E. Seymour's account [as former Navy Treasurer] do amount to: now Sir Edward or his officer [cashier] should produce his receipts for the same, to discharge himself thereof. Insert this in a letter to Sir Edward.
[They further inform my Lords that] Lord Falkland's account to 1st Oct. 1682 [as former Navy Treasurer] lies with the Navy Commissioners because nobody comes to adjust the voluntary charge. Write to Lady Falkland and Mr. Dodington severally to take care that this charge be forthwith adjusted; the neglect thereof (which [adjustment] might soon be done) being very prejudicial to the public.
Write to the Earl of Orford to prosecute his accounts to 1st April 1695 [as late Navy Treasurer] which now lie with the Navy Commissioners; and bring in his accounts to 20 June 1699.
[Order for the issue of] 2500l. to the Navy [Treasurer] on the head of extraordinary repairs: [to be issued] out of the purchase [money] of annuities. [Order for] 2500l. more on the head of [Navy] ordinary: [to be issued] out of same.
Direct the Commissioners of Sick and Wounded to bring in the account of their debts [as] lately directed, so as my Lords may have it on Wednesday next. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 121.