Warrant Books: March 1707, 1-15

Pages 187-206

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21, 1706-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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March 1707, 1–15

March 1. Royal warrant for 1,500l. to the Earl of Peterborough: see infra p. 282. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 153.
Money order for 26l. 13s. 4d. to John Cook, Clerk of the Foreign Estreats in the Exchequer Court, for half a year to 1706 June 24 on his several allowances detailed for keeping &c. the records of Recusants' forfeitures. Order Book VII, p. 21.
Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Patience Ward for extension of lease in certain tythes in Hooton Pagnell co. Yorks. Reference Book VIII, p. 260.
March 3. Letter of direction for 24,651l. 3s. 3d. to James Brydges out of any of the funds anno 1707: and is intended to be paid over to Sir Solomon de Medina and Leonard Vanderkaa in advance on their contracts for bread and bread waggons to be furnished for the Forces anno 1707: viz. for the value of 100,000 guilders as advance on the contract for bread and the like for 165,000 guilders as advance on the contract for wagons: whereof 19720l. 18s.d. is to be charged on the order for the 40,000 men and 4930l. 4s.d. on the order for the 10,000 men. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 250.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Queen's Remembrancer for stay of process against Sir William Robinson or the executor of Bartholomew Van Homrigh on their accounts as late Commissaries General of Provisions in Ireland; the said accounts having been passed by the Commissioners of Public Accounts in Ireland and returned from thence hither by writ of Certiorari pursuant to the Queen's sign manual and being now before auditor Harley. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 635.
March 4. William Lowndes to Mr. Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces abroad, to raise 22,667l. 13s. 4d. on the tallies and orders on Malt anno1706 remaining in your hands, by disposing of same to the Bank of England or any other person at 5 per cent. interest [discount] and to apply same as follows viz.:
£ s. d.
in part of 886,223l. 18s. 6d. for the 40,000 men anno 1706.
to complete 4 months' clearings for the Subject Troops part of the said body from 1706 June 24 to Oct. 13 2300 0 0
for 4 months' offreckonings [to same] for same time 17066 13 7
in part of 177,511l. 13s. 6d. for the 10,000 additional men anno 1706
to complete 4 months' clearings for the Subject Troops part of the said body for same time as above 512 5 7
for 4 months' offreckonings for the same time 2788 14 2
£22667 13 4
Disposition Book XVIII, p. 251.
March 5. Same to the Treasurer of the Navy to raise 40,000l. on the tallies and orders lately put into your hands on the Land Tax anno 1707 by disposing of the same to the Bank of England at 5 per cent.: and to apply 31,088l. 16s. 0d. thereof to the head of Wages to seamen and the remaining 8911l. 4s. 0d. to the Victualling to pay bills of exchange. Ibid., p. 250.
March 5. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Anthony Merry et al. merchants shewing that in Jan. 1696–7 they paid into the Custom House hammered money to the value of 725l. 16s. 5d. for Customs on tin to be afterwards exported; and took out cocquets for the same, the Customs at that time being 7s. 4d. per hundredweight; that before they had an opportunity to export the tin the Duty was by Act of Parliament reduced to 3s. per hundredweight [whereby they lost 4s. 4d. on the drawback]: therefore praying to be admitted to export so much more tin as will [on drawback at the 3s. rate] make up the said loss. Reference Book VIII, p. 260.
Same to the late Commissioners for Transports of the petition of Capt. James Clarke praying payment of 88l. due for transporting prisoners from France in April 1697. Ibid., p. 261.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of David Poole surety for Edward Scarborough, Collector of Liverpool port, shewing that his estate is extended and himself a prisoner in Lancaster Castle: therefore praying to be brought to London where he can adjust his accounts with the Customs Commissioners and pay his proportion. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Blathwayte of the petition of Col. Thomas Whetham in behalf of Mary Johnson, widow of Major John Johnson late Lieut. Governor of Nevis, praying his salary as follows viz. from 1 July 1702 to 31 Aug. 1706 the day he was barbarously murthered, his salary for which period at 200l. per an. amounts to 833l. 6s. 8d.;and from 4 Dec. 1704 (the day Sir William Mathews died) when her said husband became Commander in Chief of the Leeward Caribbee Islands to the 13 July 1706 the day Col. Parke arrived there; for which period he is entitled to one moiety of the Governor's salary being 600l. per an. which amounts to 957l. 2s. 10¼d. for said period; making in all 1790l. 9s.d. of which petitioner prays payment in behalf of the widow and four poor children. Ibid.
March 6, 7, 11, 14, 24, 31. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners to employ Thomas Turner as surveyor of Lynn Regis loco Richard Ward deceased.
John Keen as a landwaiter there loco said Turner.
Edward Johnson a landwaiter Bristol port and Henry Langford a coast waiter London port, to exchange places. Prefixing: presentation from the Customs Commissioners.
John Norwood to be one of the Commissioners of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty at Nevis, Montserrat, Antigua and St. Christopher in America loco Phineas Andrews deceased: and John Helden to be collector of St. Christopher loco said Norwood. Prefixing: report of the ad interim appointment of the above by Col. Parke, Governor and Commander in chief of the Leeward Caribbee Islands, both the said nominees being experienced, diligent and deserving persons and seasoned to the climate.
Joseph Poole as Register of Certificates in the Island of Guernsey loco Robert Lee deceased.
David Rushton as a landwaiter in Minehead port loco Michaell Putham deceased.
Francis Bass as a tidesman at Shields in Newcastle port loco —Farmer who relinquished.
Giles Miller as a tidesman and boatman at Starcross in Exeter port loco William Trestain deceased.
Maurice Williams as surveyor at Liverpool loco—Medcalfe preferred to be collector of Southampton port.
Henry White as waiter and searcher at Chester loco said Williams.
Richard Leman as landwaiter at Plymouth port loco John Cheavely lately deceased.
Richard Fletcher as a tidesman in the inferior list London port loco Robert Harrington lately dismissed.
William Page as a same ibid. loco Richard Browne lately dismissed.
William Knethell as a tidesman and boatman at Dale in Milford port loco John Thomas lately dismissed.
Thomas Edwards as a weighing porter in London port loco William Clarke deceased.
John Willson as a tidesman in the inferior list London port loco James Browne deceased.
William Purchase as waiter and searcher at Bankfield in Liverpool port loco Henry Davenport deceased.
John Bevan (at present deputy Comptroller, waiter and searcher at Aberdovey in Milford port) as waiter and searcher to act for the Customer there and sometimes to visit the coast loco Thomas Bunworth deceased: and Robert Owen to be Deputy Comptroller waiter and searcher there loco said Bevan.
James Whitaker (one of the weighing porters at Newcastle) as a tidesman in the inferior list London port loco Thomas Edwards removed to be a weighing porter “there.”
Miles Townson as a tidesman in Lynn port loco Richard Sunders who declines same.
Phillip Parlett as a same ibid. loco Edward Gelling dismissed.
Erasmus Evans (a tidesurveyor London port) as one of the Inspectors of the River loco William Crouch deceased.
Alexander Douglass (a tidesman in the superior list ibid.) as a tidesurveyor loco said Evans.
Jonas Goodwin (a tidesman in the inferior list) as a tidesman in the superior list loco said Douglass.
Casibbin Sadler as a tidesman in the inferior list ibid. loco said Goodwin.
Emanuel Whidon as a tidesman and boatman at Brixham in Portsmouth port.
Abra[ham] Walker as a tidesman in the inferior list London port.
Ross Loghlin as assistant to the Surveyor in the island of Jersey. Out Letters (Customs) XV, pp. 19, 23–4, 25, 26, 27.
March 6. Royal warrant dated Kensington to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland for clearing the 4 Regiments of Foot of Col. Thomas Pearce, Col. John Newton, Brigadier Nicholas Sankie and Col. Thomas Stanwix which have been ordered to be completed to 50 privates per Company and to be transported from Ireland for service in Spain or Portugal. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, pp. 439–440.
March 7. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Commissioners of Salt Duties to pay 100l. per an. additional salary to Thomas Broderick, Comptroller of the said Duties, he being at an expense of 130l. per an. in keeping 3 clerks out of his salary of 250l.
Prefixing: Report from said Commissioners proposing said addition. Money Book XVIII, p. 422.
March 7. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to Edward Wilcox, Surveyor General of Woods Trent South, to pay (out of moneys arising by sale of timber) the taxes and parish duties on the lands laid into the Great and Little Parks at Windsor and into the several Parks at Hampton Court and also [on] the coppices called Fangrove and Knowlegrove co. Surrey.
In the margin: memorandum: this was cancelled and another warrant signed 16 Dec. 1707. Money Book XVIII, p. 423.
Money warrant for 537l. 2s.d. to Robert Cole, Agent and Consul General at Algiers, for a bill of extraordinaries 1704 Aug. 10 to 1705 Aug. 10. (Money order dated March 9 hereon). (Letter of direction dated March 11 hereon). Ibid., p 424. Order Book VII, p. 4. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 252.
Same for 6l. to the Clerk of the Pleas (the clerks in the Office of the Pleas in the Exchequer Court): for 4 years Easter 1702 to Easter 1706 on his fee of 60s. payable at Easter in every second year. (Letter of direction dated March 11 hereon). Money Book XVIII, p. 424. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 252.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Wine Licences Commissioners to pay 150l. to the Auditors of Imprests for preparing their accounts for declaration for 3 years from 1682 Lady day to 1685 Lady day: being 50l. for each year's account. Money Book XVIII, p. 425.
Allowance by same of the Excise Office incidents bill for last Xmas quarter: total 1030l. 15s. 7d.
The like of the Malt Office incidents bill for same quarter: total 430l. 18s. 2d. Ibid., p. 426.
Note of the entry at the Office of the Auditor of the Receipt of a great seal dated 1660 Aug. 28 of a grant to George Montagu of Horton co. Northampton of the office of Warden, Chief Forester etc. of the forest of Salcey co. Northampton as fully etc. as George, Earl of Cumberland; Robert, Earl of Essex; Sir Christopher Hatton; Ambrose, Earl of Warwick; Robert, Earl of Leicester; William, Marquess of Northampton; John, Lord Williams; Ludovicus, Duke of Lennox; George, Duke of Buckingham; Edward, Earl of Dorset; and Robert Phelipps, the grant to the last named predecessor being dated 1660 July 5. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, pp. 165–168.
Letter of direction for 4000l. to John Tailer, Deputy to Samuell Travers, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, as in part of the third 20,000l. for building at Woodstock. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 216.
Treasurer Godolphin to the Governor of Jamaica to furnish Charles Wager, Commander of the Squadron in the West Indies, with money not exceeding 2000l. taking from him in reimbursement his bills on the Navy Commissioners or Victualling Commissioners [in London], “inasmuch as during such times as it shall be thought fit to continue the said Squadron in those parts it may be necessary that they be supplied with money for provisions and other contingencies as occasion may require.”
(A like letter to the Governor of Virginia for a credit of 1000l.: to the Governor of Barbados for a credit of 500l.: to the Governor of New England for a same: to the Governor of the Leeward Isles for a same). Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 285.
March 7. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners to distribute the 2842l. proceeds of the white wines taken in the ship St. John Baptist as follows viz. 1101l. 5s. 2d. for the Duties of 15l. per tun appropriated on prize wines and the remaining 1740l. 145. 10d. to the captors for their charges and expenses in relation to the said wines.
Prefixing: report by said Commissioners on the petition of John Mascall and Jam. Cheisley. Out Letters (Customs) XV, p. 19.
The like for the distribution of the 1976l. 15s. 0d. proceeds of the wines taken in the ship Princes Hedwick similarly for said Duty (682l. 9s. 10¾d.) and to the captors (1294l. 5s.d.)
Prefixing: report ut supra on the petition of said Mascall and Cheisley. Ibid., p. 20.
The like for the distribution of the 1194l. 10s. 0d. proceeds of the wines taken in the ship Golden Lyon viz 418l. 6s. 0d. for said Duty and 776l. 4s.0d. to the captors.
Prefixing: report ut supra on the petition of said Mascall and Cheisley. Ibid., pp. 20–21.
The like for the distribution of the 3808l. 15s. 0s. proceeds of prize wines taken by the Neptune privateer in the ship White Bear viz. 1578l. 19s. 1d. for Duties and 2229l. 15s. 11d. to the captors.
Prefixing: report ut supra on the petition of Thomas King and John Aynsworth. Ibid., pp. 21–22.
The like for the distribution of the 1294l. proceeds of the white wines taken prize in the ship Hope and Patience viz. 445l. 19s. 6d. for Duties and 848l. 0s. 6d. for the captors.
Prefixing: report ut supra on the petition of John Mascall and James Cheisley and of Margaret the widow of the said Mascall. Ibid., pp. 22–23.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Queen's Remembrancer for stay of process against William Younge, late a Commissioner for Wine Licences, his accounts being before the Auditor. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 635.
Same by same to same for the like against Geo. Dodington, James Cressett and the executors of Richard Acton on their accounts of the supers of 21,757l. 10s.0d. and 6059l. 14s. 0d. charged on them in the accounts of Charles Fox and Thomas Lord Coningsby for moneys paid to them on their contract dated 1690–1 Feb. 28 for clothing 18 Regiments of Foot in Ireland. Ibid., p. 636.
Same by same to Sidney Godolphin, Auditor of Wales for a state of the revenue of North and South Wales and of the present condition of the accounts of the Receivers thereof: in view of the representation as to the arrears of 1820l. due on the perpetuity of 1200l. on behalf of Lord Auverquere. Ibid., p. 635.
[? March 7]. Entry of Treasury signature of the docquet of a lease to John Swalwell of a messuage in Haswell co. Durham ut supra Tr. Cal. XX, p. 313. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 636.
Subscription by Treasurer Godolphin for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated Jan. 22 last to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for the provision of a new purse for the seal of the Lord Privy Seal: to an estimate of 20l. Ibid., p. 637.
Treasurer Godolphin to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] of Col. Kellum praying to be reimbursed 352l. 10s. 5d. which he expended in carrying over to Ireland 70 horses to recruit 3 Troops of the Earl of Arran's Regiment now Brigadier Cadogan's. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 434.
Same to same to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Barons of the Exchequer, the Justices of the Queen's Bench, Common Pleas and others [Ireland] praying that their several salaries and allowances may not remain half a year in arrear in like manner as other payments on the Civil Establishment of Ireland are directed to be. Ibid., p. 435.
Same to same to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Col. Toby Purcell, Governor of Duncannon Fort, setting forth that he purchased lands of 100l. per an. value in co. Tipperary from one John Butler who is lately dead without male issue and petitioner is advised that his title may be disputed by the Crown by reason of some defect in said Butler's Decree of Innocency made in the Court of Claims: therefore praying a grant of the Crown's title to said lands. Ibid.
Same to same to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Lieut. Col. Culliford praying an augmentation of his share in a pension of 500l. per an., payable on the Irish Establishment to him and Major Oglethorp lately deceased. Ibid., p. 439.
March 8. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Queen's Remembrancer for stay of process against Sir Thomas Cook on his account for 13,500l. imprested to him by the Board of Ordnance 1699 May 2 for the East India Company, the same having been vacated by a debenture to the like amount dated 3 Oct. 1699 which was allowed in the account of Col. Harry Mordaunt, Paymaster of the Ordnance, for the year ended 1700 June 30.
Appending: certificate by James Moody and F. Bythell, deputy Auditors, as to said debenture. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 637.
[? March8]. Same by same to same to take the security of Francis Sterne of Lowton [Loughton] co. Essex as Receiver of the arrears of the Duties on Houses and on Marriages within said county between Lady day and Michaelmas 1705 in consequence of the death of Sir Hugh Everard.
Prefixing: petition of said Sterne proposing his securities; and report thereon by the Agents for Taxes. Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) I, pp, 115, 126.
March 10. William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners. Bring to the Lord Treasurer on Wednesday next a draft of a bill or of a clause (to be inserted in some Act of Parliament) for preventing frauds that may happen by exporting goods from England to Scotland with intent to draw back the Duties and afterwards to bring them into England again Duty free. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 286.
March 11.
Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal containing an indenture between the Crown of the one part and Thomas, Lord Fairfax of the other part for a grant to him of all wrecks, jetson, flotsam and lagan, goods derelict, riches, bullion etc. which at any time before Jan. 12 last have been cast away and which before 1711 Oct. 25 shall be taken up and recovered by him upon any of the rocks, shelves, shoals, seas or banks between the 6th and 36th degrees north latitude in the West Indies, reserving one eighth part thereof to the Crown: being in renewal of the like grant to him made in Jan. 1703–4 which elapsed on Jan. 12 last: he and his associates having expended great sums therein but met with great discouragements and disappointments by reason of the present war so that they could not send out any vessel on that expedition until Midsummer last and his agents are now in the West Indies pursuing the discoveries of the wrecks there and he hath hopes of success. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, pp. 157–159.
Same to the Lord Treasurer to pay 421l. to John Millner [Milner] Consul at Lisbon, 401l. 16s. 10d. thereof for so much expended there from 1706 July 13 the day of the death of Ambassador John Methuen to Dec. 13 following being the day of the arrival of Paul Methuen as Ambassador to Portugal; and the remainder as for Exchequer fees thereon.
Appending: the said Milner's bill dated Lisbon Jan. 3 of said extraordinaries as follows
July 14 to the Postmaster for an express sent to Lord Galway with the advice of Ambassador milreis [Methuen's] death 60.000
July 17 to James Jarniere for the hire of the Gibralter frigate sent to England with the same advice 738.936
Aug. 3 charges of a ship hired to carry an express to Gibraltar for Lord Galway by Secretary Hedges' order dated Aug. 13 115.000
Sept. 7 to a Proprio for Taro [propio para tara, a messenger for his charge] with letters for the Earl of Galway 15.000
Sept. 7 to a Proprio for Taro with the duplicates of letters of the 3rd Sept. by order of Mr. Tucker dated 17 Sept. 15.000
Aug.—Oct. to several Proprios to Cuidad Rodrigo and Salamanca with letters to the Earl of Galway, Earl of Peterborough, Mr. Stanhope etc. during the months of August, Sept. and October that the interruption continued and back again 85.000
Oct. charges of boats at several times sent aboard the Admirals, commis [messengers] and packets with the letters for England during the 5 months 20.000
Sept. 9 charges of provisions put on board C. milreis Chinall's packet for disabled soldiers sent home by Lord Peterborough's order from Valencia 15.000
Sept.25 to Capt. Clyves, master of the packet, for ditto 6.000
Sept. 25 to Capt. Green, master of the Allyance, for ditto 7000
Sept. 25 to the Captain of the Prince George packet for ditto 6 000
Sept. 25 to Mr. Cudmore, Treasurer to the Factory, for disbursements by my order to sick and disabled soldiers at several times left here at Lisbon when the army marched for Spain and sent hither from the frontiers and for their passage and their wives' and children's for England and Ireland, here being no person appointed nor any direction for the care of them 110.000
Sept. 25 to the Consul at St. Ubes for the charge of English prisoners that came that way at several times from Cadiz 61.520
Sept. 25 to Consul Holden's bill of Taro [tara or charge] for charges of Proprios [propios] by my order since the Ambassador's death: the original I sent to Sir Charles Hedges, the copy whereof is here inclosed 85.000
milreis 1339.456
For the [above] extraordinary charge and expence I have been at since the death of the late ambassador till the arrival and acting of Mr. P. Methuen being from the 13th of July to the 13th of Dec. I must submit myself wholly to her Majesty's pleasure. Her Majesty having been pleased to honour me with her commands at this Court I humbly hope she will be graciously pleased to accept my care and diligence in her service.
(Money warrant dated March 18 hereon). (Money order dated March 19 hereon). (Letter of direction dated March 19 hereon). Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, pp. 159–160. Money Book XVIII p. 426. Order Book VII, p. 16. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 256.
March 11. Letter of direction for 750l. to Secretary Robert Harley: for Secret Service: out of Civil List moneys. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 251.
Same for 602l. 0s. 6d. to Sir Charles Hedges as late Secretary of State as follows: out of same: 294l. 10s. 6d. thereof as in full of all claims for disbursements for Secret Service during the time he was Secretary of State; and the remaining 307l. 10s. 0d. to be issued to the Cofferer of the Household to be paid over by him to the said Hedges to satisfy what remains due to him in the Cofferer's Office for board wages as Secretary aforesaid. Ibid., p. 252.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners. The reply of Rowland Holt, Comptroller General of the Accounts of the Customs, to your memorial of Dec. 17 last has been read to the Lord Treasurer on the 5th inst. (yourselves being then present). My Lord thereon directed that the persons appointed by you to bring up [to date] the General Accounts of the Customs should proceed therein provided they do not make use of Mr. Holt's ledgers. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 286.
March 11. Same to Mr. St. John to prepare an establishment for the Queen's signature for augmenting the 4 Companies of Invalids from 75 to 100 each Company, as proposed by John How, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons. Ibid.
March 12. Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Attorney General to acknowledge satisfaction on record of the fine of 60l. set on Aaron Dunstall for extorting money from divers persons on pretence of examining and sealing their weights and measures, for which he was committed to the Queen's Bench prison till payment thereof: he being very poor and utterly unable to pay same. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 157.
Letter of direction for 15,577l. 18s. 8d. to John Howe, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons: out of any of the public funds granted for the year 1707: and is for services as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
in part of 264,874l. 10s.0d.for Guards and Garrisonsanno 1707
for 28 days' subsistence Feb. 25 last to March 24 inst. for the Troops and Regiments in England 8781 19 2
for one quarter's allowance Dec. 24 last to March 2 b inst. for the Capt. General and General Staff Officers 2498 15 10
for account of Contingencies, being to defray the charge of a chest of medicines for Col. Lillingston's Regiment going to the West Indies 50 0 0
in part of 87,125l. 10s. 0d. for the 5000 men in sea service anno 1707
for 28 days' subsistence as above for the Regiments of Lieut. Gen. Erie, Brigadier Mordaunt, Lord Paston and Col. Townsend 2951 13 4
the like for Col. Livesay's Regiment 645 10 4
for Col. Whetham's Regiment on account.. 650 0 0
£15577 18 8
Disposition Book XVIII, p. 253.
Same for 177l. 10s. 0d. to same: out of Contributions for Annuities anno 1706: for services as follows:
£ s. d.
in part of 264,874l. 10s. 0d.for Guards and Garrisons anno 1706
for account of Contingencies and is to be paid to Sir John Gibson for money distributed to the wives and children of soldiers at Portsmouth to enable them to return home according to [royal] warrant dated Dec. 20 last 50 2 0
in part of 87,125l. 10s. 0d. for 5000 men in sea service anno 1706
for the pay of 21 recruits of Brigadier Handasyde's Regiment to 1706 April 24 according to [royal] warrant of Jan. 3 last 127 8 0
£177 10 0
Disposition Book XVIII, p. 254.
March 12. William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners to seal the Duke of Marlborough's luggage at his lodgings at St. James's in order to its being put on board the Hannah's Talent lying at Execution Dock, Joseph Of wood master, for transport to Holland. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 286.
Same to Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, and Samuell Travers, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Mr. Higgins and his wife and children relating to some ground claimed by them within the dock at Chatham. What do you think reasonable for quieting the Queen's possession against any further claim or pretence of theirs? Ibid.
Same to the Excise Commissioners. I have read to the Lord Treasurer your memorial of this day touching frauds practised on the Malt Duty. His Lordship thinks it too late to apply to the Parliament for a clause to prevent the mischiefs complained of as committed by the maltsters “ but if there be occasion his lordship thinks you ought to appoint more officers.” Ibid., p. 287.
Same to Lord Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt, to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Capt. Francis Blynman praying to be relieved in an annuity of 14l. purchased by him, which he alleges has been enjoyed above 3 years past by the person who purchased the reversion “on suspicion that the petitioner, who has been for many years in her Majesty's service abroad, was dead.” Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Salt Commissioners of the petition of John Sharp of Fowey co. Cornwall merchant shewing that he received the benefit of the Bankrupt Act for the 600l. balance of the fine of 800l. set on him in the late reign for importing French salt, but fearing further trouble on that account prays that he may be discharged therefrom. Reference Book VIII, p. 262.
Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to acquit release and discharge Henry, Lord Shelburne from the 351l. 16s.d. arrear of uncollected quit rents on his lands: the House of Commons there having on application made to it in 1695 voted that (by reason of the great sufferings of the Protestants by the late war there) the quit rents of all waste lands there should be discharged for 3 years ended 1695 Easter and [that] a consideration [be] given to the Crown for the same and in order thereto the collectors of the quit rents were required to return lists of such lands to the Rev enue Commissioners in order to be laid before the said House; and such returns were made accordingly, according to which the said waste quit rents for the said 3 years amounted to 21,027l. 3s.d.: but complaint has been made that several waste lands were left out of the said returns and particularly Gortalinny and other lands belonging to the Lord Shelburne in co. Kerry: and thereupon second returns were ordered to be made by the said collectors to the said Commissioners and quit rents for additional waste lands amounting to 4945l. 19s.d. for the said 3 years were scheduled accordingly: whereon the said Lord's lands were returned waste for the said 3 years at 148l. 7s.d. per an. but the Revenue Commissioners refused to give him allowance of the same without royal warrant: the said House having made some progress in the consideration of this matter but no Act passed till the year 1698 at which time the royal assent was given to a bill for remitting the 21,027l. 3s.d. contained in the first list but as for the rest the House addressed the then Lords Justices for a respit of So much of the arrears in the said [second] list as had not been answered and paid to the Crown until there might be another opportunity of preparing an Act for the remittal of the same, and accordingly the Lords Justices from time to time directed such respite as was desired until 1703 when a second Act of Remittal did pass: and that the said Lord Shelburne's said lands of Gartalinny were in the second list returned to be waste during the said 3 years and to be in arrear 445l. 2s.d.: but in the interval between the first proceedings of this affair in Parliament and the passing of the first [sic? second] Act of Remittal, Charles Monck the collector levied several sums of money out of the said lands upon account of quit rent all which (taking no notice of the proceedings in Parliament) he applied in discharge of the arrears of the said 3 years and left an arrear of 351l. 16s.d. standing out in his account as an arrear for the subsequent years, which method though regular in the usual course of the revenue yet was not practised by other collectors in the case of these particular three years' arrears in regard the consideration thereof was depending in Parliament: by which means it fell out that when the Revenue Commissioners were required in 1703 to lay before the House of Commons a list of the unpaid arrears of quit rents on the waste lands in the second list, finding by the collector's accounts that no arrear was standing out on the said lands of Lord Shelburne, they left the said lands out of the list and thereby they were left out of the Act of 1703: and therefore the present royal warrant is necessary in order to the due making of the allowance to him, his case being the same as for those who are comprehended in the Act. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, pp. 436–8.
March 13. Letter of direction for 1900l. to Charles Mason: out of Contributions for Annuities anno 1706: and is in part of 120,000l. for the Transport service anno 1706 and to be paid over by him as follows: viz.
to answer bills of exchange drawn by Martin Tucker at Dublin on account of the charge of shipping taken up for transporting Forces from Ireland 1000
to answer bills of exchange from Lisbon for money supplied to master of ships to repair the damage they sustained by a storm on their passage thither and for a supply of provisions for the Troops 900
Disposition Book XVIII, p. 255.
[?March 13.] Letter of direction for 750l. to the Earl of Sunderland: out of Civil List money: for Secret Service. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 255.
March 13. Same for 176l 14sd. to the Earl of Bradford, late Cofferer of the Household: for discharging arrears to servants of the late King: to be issued out of arrears of Civil List moneys grown due before 1701–2 March 8. (William Lowndes to the Earl of Bradford to pay, out of the said sum, arrears to several of the said servants as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
to Henry Durel in part of an arrear of 113l. 11s. 6d. 50 0 0
to James Vivian in further part of his arrear of 1430l. 14s.d. 100 0 0
to Geo. Root alias Brathwayt in full 17 7 6
to Thomas Rolf in full 6 19 0
£174 6 6
Ibid., pp. 255–6.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Queen's Remembrancer to take the security, detailed, of Samuell Berwick as Receiver of the Casual Revenue at Barbados.
Prefixing: report by R. Barker, Deputy Queen's Remembrancer, on the sufficiency of said security. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 645.
Same by same [to the executor of Anthony Parsons] to deliver to Thomas Jett all records in your custody relating to the Crown revenues of cos. Cornwall etc. of which said Jett was appointed Auditor ut supra p. 185. Ibid., p. 638.
Same by same to the Queen's Remembrancer for stay of process against the late Commissioners for Sick and Wounded on the 9225l 19s.d. remaining due from them on the foot of their account; they being unable to proceed with an account of the said remain until their cravings are determined. Ibid.
March 14. Money warrant for 20l. to Owen Evans, clerk, for the charge of his passage to Virginia whither he is going chaplain. (Money order dated March 17 hereon). (Letter of direction dated March 19 hereon). Money Book XVIII, p. 424. Order Book VII, p. 5. Disposition Book XVIII, p. 256.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt to distribute and apply to Deficient Funds as follows the sum of 56,027l. 11s.d. representing the income between Feb. 14 last and March 14 inst from branches of the revenue as follows: viz. 9l. 9s. 11½d. from Additional Salt Arrears being a surplus from the first General Mortgage [or Deficiencies' Sinking Fund]; 515l. 17s. 2d. from Salt Duties before 1706 August 1 being a surplus as above; 3s.d. from Whale fins before 1706 July 10 being a surplus as above; 910l. 13s. 7d. from Whale fins since that date; 28,920l. 12s.d. from New Customs since 1706 July 31; 3144l. 18s. 1d. from Additional Impositions since that date; 885l. 14s.d. from Vellum before 1 Aug. 1706 being a surplus as above; 3153l. 2s.d. from same since 1706 July 31; 1204l. 6s. 8d. from Continued Impositions before that date, being a surplus as above; 12,683l. 2s. 5d. from same since that date; 1581l. 7s. 1d. from Marriages being a surplus as above; 3018l. 4d. 5d. from Houses: the said distribution and application to be hereby as follows: viz.
The Deficiencies as computed by Act of Parliament. How they stood upon the Register the 14th March, 1706–7. The distribution and application hereby ordered.
£ s d. £ s d. £ s d.
Exchequer Bills 515165 4 484622 9 8 12342 0 10¼
First 3s. Aid 415099 0 0 423098 18 9944 14
Paper for Plate 15400 0 0 15400 0 0 368 18 10¾
Malt Tickets 579060 0 0 516920 0 0 13872 16 0
Leather 504438 0 0 504438 0 0 12085 0 11¼
Third Quarterly Poll 21277 17 0 226770 17 0 5097 8 11¼
Third 3s. Aid 25823 2 9 31271 6 618 13
New East India Company 65518 0 55914 19 11½ 1569 12 10¾
General Society [East India] 5354 10 4569 14 128 5
2338628 15 2263006 5 4 56027 11
Money Book XVIII, pp. 432–3.
March 14. William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners. By an Act [4–5 Anne c. 18] which passed the last Session of Parliament the moneys arising by the One Third Tonnage and Poundage from and after March 8 inst. are granted and appropriated towards the payment of certain annuities therein mentioned. You are to give the necessary orders to the officers concerned to distinguish the said moneys arising before that date from those arising after it and they are to be paid into the Exchequer separately. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 287.
Treasury reference to the Postmasters General of the petition of Ann Raby, keeper of the Post Office in Newmarket, praying to be discharged of 18l. 19s. 1d. sent up [to the Postmaster General] in the mail and lost. Reference Book VIII, p. 261.
Same to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of John Lawton and John Sneyd, sureties of Thomas Spendelow late Receiver General of Taxes for co. Stafford, shewing that they have paid 3000l. on their surety bonds; therefore praying to be allowed the 378l. remainder of said Spendelow's debt. Ibid.
Same to the Principal Commissioners for Prizes of the petition of Gyles Wheeler of Dartmouth, Agent for Prizes at Newfoundland, praying liberty to [engage in] trade. Ibid., p. 262.
Same to Mr. Baker of the petition of Brigadier Geo. Carpenter, Lieut. Col. Francis Gore and Major Walter Leveson shewing that by Order in Council of June 1698 the several Troops under their command marched to Canterbury, Ashford and other places in Kent to assist the Civil officers and magistrates in preventing the transportation of wool: with an allowance of 2d. a day for each Dragoon: therefore praying payment of said allowance, the same having been lately paid to a Troop of the Earl of Essex's Dragoons. Ibid.
March 14. Treasury reference to the Attorney General of the petition of John Aldred, Commander of her Majesty's ship Rochester, shewing that an information is exhibited against him for importing brandies and putting same on shore without notice to the Customs officers and a verdict of 100l. is found against him on the sole evidence of one Surridge, an imprest seaman, and petitioner is ready to swear that the whole matter alleged is false and has the said Surridge under prosecution for perjury: therefore praying that said verdict may be discharged if Surridge be found guilty. Reference Book VIII, p. 262.
Same to Henry St. John and the Comptrollers of Army Accounts of the petition of Col. Russell shewing that he commanded the Battalion of Guards during the sieges of Gibraltar and Barcelona and had the misfortune to be taken prisoner and to his great expense was carried upwards of 800 miles through France, by which misfortune be lost the greatest part of his equipage; and having been at great expense to support the character of his command during its attendance on the King of Spain he prays that some regard may be had to these misfortunes and losses. Ibid., p. 263.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Queen's Remembrancer for stay of process against Thomas Jett on his account of money imprested to him for payment of interest on debentures: he having paid all the said moneys and having vouchers for same but cannot pass an account by reason he cannot part with the several books out of his office, which the auditor must have, until the time given by Parliament [by 4–5 Anne c. 11] for registering of debentures is over, which is the 25th inst. Warrants not Relating to Money XIX, p. 638.
William Blathwayt to William Lowndes. In reply to the Lord Treasurer's letter of 1705 June 4 ut supra Treasury Calendar Vol. XX, p. 277 concerning Col. Byrd's accompts the President and Council of Virginia have reported Aug. 29 last as in (a) infra I find by a letter from Mr. Byrd [son of said Col. Byrd] that the Council had undertaken to transmit to the Lord Treasurer all his father's accompts duly examined but I am informed they have miscarried on board her Majesty's ship Hazardous, one of the Virginia convoys lately cast away on the coast of Sussex in her return. I will give notice thereof to the President and Council of Virginia by the Convoy now going thither so that they may transmit duplicates of the accounts and vouchers. I enclose an abstract of the “proper” accounts of Mr. William Byrd the present Receiver General, from the death of his father; which accompts are come to my hand by another ship. They show a balance of 3232l. 3s. 3d. due to her Majesty on Aug. 30 last on the 2s. per hogshead raised for the support of the Government there; and a balance of 2060l. 12s.d. similarly due at April 25 last on the accompt of Quit Rents (whereof the sum of 5745l. 10s.d. has been paid into her Majesty's Exchequer since 1704 April 25).
I also enclose an abstract of the accompts of Jamaica from 29 Sept. 1704 to 29 Sept. 1705 showing a balance of 5853l. 7s. 11d. as due for the support of the Government [there].
Likewise an abstract of the accompts of Massachusetts Bay in New England from 31 May 1704 to 31 May 1705 showing a balance of 11,222l. 15s. 5d. due to her Majesty in debts standing out and Bills of Credit.
I expect to receive in a short time the accompts of New York, upon the arrival of Mr. Bierly, her Majesty's Receiver General there.
Followed by: (a) report dated 29 Aug. 1706 to the Lord Treasurer from the President and Council of Virginia to the above quoted letter of Treasurer Godolphin of 1705 June 4, the said report being signed by E. Jennings, President; and William Bassett, Dudley Diggs, Hen. Duke, James Blair, Benj. Harrison, Phil[ip] Ludwell, Robert Carter [members of the Council]. We have called before us William Byrd, son and executor of William Byrd late Auditor and Receiver General of Virginia. He has produced to us his father's accompts from the time of his entering on the said office on the 20 June 1688 to the day of his death. From them it appears that a balance of 464l. 1s.d. was due from his predecessor Nathaniel Bacon but not paid to him (Byrd) till the year 1695. The said Byrd received all her Majesty's revenues of quit rents, forfeitures, compositions for escheats, the 2s. per hogshead, port Duties etc. from his entering on office to his death which happened the 4 Dec. 1704. The son laid before us these accompts in two distinct Books, one entitled an accompt of quit rents (and including compositions for escheats); the other an accompt of the revenue of 2s. per hogshead etc. The charge of the quit rents has been made out to us by the rent rolls of the several counties of Virginia under the hands of the respective sheriffs thereof, but the rent rolls of some counties are missing viz. for Rappahannock County for 1690 and 1691; Isle of Wight for 1696; Accomack for 1697 and 1699; James City for 1698; Gloucester for 1700 and 1702; and Middlesex for 1702. For want of these rent rolls we could not exactly state the charge of the quit rents for those years but by comparing them with the rent rolls of the same counties in other years we see nothing to induce us to suspect his accompt of quit rents.
As to the Compositions for Escheats, after the most diligent enquiry into the returns of Escheats into the Secretary's Office we can find no more Escheats nor any greater Compositions than Byrd accounts for. We have also examined the disbursements and find them duly made by warrants from the respective Governors and in pursuance of orders from the Lord High Treasurer of England. We have inspected all the said warrants and orders and the receipts and endorsements of the payees. The balance due to her Majesty from Byrd at the time of his death appears as 5745l. 10s.d. sterling.
We have also examined the other accompt styled “an Accompt of her Majesty's revenue of 2s. per hogshead, Port Duties and Head Money etc.,” all which Duties were raised and appropriated by Act of Assembly in this country to the support of the Government and the contingent charges thereof. For the receipts we have seen sufficient vouchers from the accounts of the Naval Officers of this country who collected the same, which accompts of the Naval Officers have been yearly made up according to directions given from time to time by the Government here [Virginia] and we have no reason to suspect that he received more than he gives credit for to her Majesty. We have examined the disbursements of that revenue and find that the salaries to the Governor, Council, Auditor of the Virginia Duties, Solicitor of the Virginia Affairs, Attorney General, Clerk of the Council etc. have been paid as appears by warrants of the Governors and the endorsements of the payees. For his other payments we find he had warrants from the Governors and the endorsements of the payees.
We find that what is due to her Majesty from the estate of the said William Byrd is not more than 1938l. 16s.d. on account of the revenue of 2s. per hogshead and the abovesaid sum [5745l. 10s.d.] on account of quit rents. For these sums and for the accruing receipts the present Receiver General William Byrd the son has given good security.
The above report was agreed on and prepared by the late Governor in Council but he dying before it could be signed by him it is submitted by us [the Council of Virginia].
(b) Abstract of the accompt of the revenue of 2s. per hogshead of tobacco exported, Port Duties, Head Money etc. arising in Virginia for support of the Government from 20 July 1705 to 30 August 1706.
Charge: £ s. d.
balance due to her Majesty on the accompt ended 20 July 1705 1802 13 10¼
receipts from the 2s. per hogshead, Port Duties, Head Money etc. 5074 6
receipts for Certificates of the Rights of Land 149 19 0
sale of arms from her Majesty's stores 27 4 10
received for the sloop Elizabeth forfeited by the Acts of Navigation and sold by order of Council 11 14 0
£7065 17 10¼
paid to Col. Nott, the Governor for 72 days ending 25 Oct. 1705 on 2000l. per an. 394 10 4
paid ditto and his executrix for three quarters and 29 days to 24 Aug. 1706 being the day of his death 1658 18 4
Governor's house rent 154 0 1
paid to the Council for one year's salary ending 25 April 1706 350 0 0
paid William Blathwayt, Auditor and Surveyor General of her Majesty's revenues in America, for one year's salary ending as above 100 0 0
paid several Ministers for attendance on two General Assemblies, by order of Council 20 0 0
paid by order of Council for other salaries ending as above 174 9 1
paid by like order for law books for the Council and several Contingent charges 121 6 10¼
allowance to the Collectors or Naval Officers for collecting 5074l. 6s.d. viz. 10 per cent. on part and 6 per cent. on other part 480 18
allowance and fees of the Receiver General and Deputy Auditor on 4664l. 2s.d. being 7½ per cent. on part and 8 per cent, on other part 379 11
total 3833 14
balance due to her Majesty 3232 3 3
£7065 17 10¼
On examination of this accompt by the Governor in Council there was an exception only of 23l. 11s. 3d. overpaid to Col. Nott for his salary: since rectified.
(c) Abstract of the accompt of her Majesty's revenue of Quit Rents in Virginia, with Compositions for Escheats from 25 April 1704 to 25 April 1706.
Charge: £ s. d.
balance due from William Byrd deceased upon his last accompt ended 1704 April 25 5745 10
quit rents received within the time of this accompt 3075 13 10½
Compositions for Lands Escheated to her Majesty in same time 45 10 10
£8866 14
paid into her Majesty's Exchequer pursuant to an order of 2 April 1705 3000 0 0
paid into ditto pursuant to an order of 20 April 1706 2745 10
paid to Edmd. Jennings Esq. pursuant to the Queen's warrant of 13 Dec. 1704 for his attendance in England at the inspection and amendment of the Virginia Laws 200 0 0
two years' salary paid to Mr. Commissary Blair to 25 April 1706 pursuant to the Queen's warrant of 19 May 1703 200 0 0
salary for 2 years and 47 days to 1706 April 25 to Stephen Thompson Esq., her Majesty's Attorney General, pursuant to her Majesty's warrant of 6 March 1703–4 127 16 10½
reward to the Sheriff of Charles City for discovery of 46601/8 acres of land more than had been paid for before 2 18 8
recompense to the sheriff of Surrey for the hardship of having served three years 5 10 10
allowance to the sheriffs of 10 per cent, on 3075l. 13s.d. 307 11
allowances to the Receiver General and Deputy Auditor on the receipts in this accompt 216 14 7
6806 2 5
balance due to her Majesty 2060 12
£8866 14
(d) Abstract of the state of accompt of James Taylor, gent, Treasurer and Receiver General of her Majesty's revenue within the Province of Massachusetts Bay by several assessments standing out on the last account dated 31 May 1704 and by several taxes upon Polls and Estates, by fines, Duties of import upon all goods imported, Excise, tonnage of shipping and other Duties belonging to her Majesty for the support of that Government: from 31 May 1704 to 31 May 1705: examined by the Deputy Auditor and allowed by the Assembly of the said Province and sworn to by the accomptant before the Governor and Council.
Charge: £ s. d.
balance of last account: in Bills of Public Credit 4436 5 3
ditto: in debts standing out 10893 1 7
Bills of Public Credit received from the Commission] app[ointed] by the General Court within the time of this account 5006 1 0
Bills of Public Credit received into the Treasury by taxes, imp[osts] etc. in 1702 but not until now made use of 2888 6 6
balance or stock remaining of the trade with the Eastern Indians as the same was adjusted by the Assembly in 1704 1000 0 0
sundry odd things, the remainder of the said trade, sold for 3 3 0
Excise received between 29 June 1700 and 29 June 1704 more than charged in former accompts 466 10 10
Excise received from several Counties for the year ending 29 June 1705 158 13 0
several fines 23 14 0
Impo[st] for the counties of Suffolk, Middle-sex and Essex from 31 May 1704 to 31 May 1705 2646 6 2
Impost received of the late Commissioner Pain 22 13 0
Powder money from 31 May 1704 to 31 May 1705 224 5 0
money received of T. Prattle Esq. one of the Commissioners for laying out the money granted for the fortification at the Castle 54 11 4
money received of Mr. Fellows towards his part of the charge of the Province to satisfy the French and Indians (that had put themselves under the protection of the Government) for an insult made upon them 13 18 0
£50450 18 8
salary paid the Governor and Lieut. Governor 620 0 0
other salaries 1647 8 3
pay of several Companies of Foot at divers times employed in her Majesty's service 13395 1 0
hire of several ships taken into her Majesty's service, and wages paid 6403 16 7
money paid to make good the loss of the ship May Flower taken by the French as [she was] carrying an express to England 580 2 6
money paid for provisions, clothes, stores and utensils supplied to the several forts and garrisons eastward 9059 8 1
money paid for provisions etc. for the Castle on Castle Island and for sundry incident charges there 1529 19 8
money paid to the officers and soldiers of the said Castle on their respective allowances 1329 18 9
several Contingencies 2221 17 4
money paid for a present to the Indians 132 14 1
gunpowder at several times delivered 390 12 0
interest of 5 per cent. paid upon several Province Bills of Credit ordered by several Acts of Assembly to be emitted 1350 0 0
Bills of Credit received into the Treasury at the n[eat] value, being part of 2960l. 0s. 10d. endorsed by the accomptant; he having [already] discharged himself of the sum[s] of 1670l 10s. 0d. and 685l. 15s. 0d. in former accounts 567 5 0
39228 3 3
balance due to her Majesty for the use of the Government: in debts standing out 10678 1 10
ditto in Bills of Public Credit remaining [in the Treasurer's hands] 544 13 7
£50450 18 8
(e) Abstract of the accompt of her Majesty's revenue arising in Jamaica by a Duty of Impost, Quit Rents, Fines, Forfeitures and Escheats, for one year ending 29 September 1705: Charles Chaplin Esq. Deputy Receiver General.
Charge: £ s. d.
balance due to her Majesty upon his last accompt ending 29 September 1704 8146 8
received for the Duty of Impost within the time of this Accompt 2729 12 6
received for quit rents within the same time 530 6
received for Fines, Forfeitures and Escheats within the same time 8 5 0
£11414 12
money appropriated by Act of Assembly to building and repairing fortifications for the year 1705 1250 0 0
money paid Col. Handasyde, her Majesty's Governor, for three quarters' salary ending 25 June 1705 at 2500l. per an 1875 0 0
paid Peter Beckford Esq., Chief Justice, for one year's salary 120 0 0
paid several other salaries 768 16 6
paid for the maintenance of French and Spanish prisoners 482 15 4
paid for hire of 2 sloops employed in the public service and for the value of one of them taken by the French 192 3
paid to sundry persons for disbursements in the public service 505 1 4
paid the executors of John Hickman, late Provost Marshal, for his attending on the Council 40 0 0
paid for drawback on goods exported 21 19 2
paid William Blathwayt Esq., Surveyor and Auditor General of her Majesty's revenue in America for 6 months' salary ending 29 Sept. 1704 93 15 0
the Receiver General's allowance of 5 per cent, on 3268l. 4s.d. (his receipts of money in this accompt) and on the value of 9651 pounds of powder delivered to the fort, valued at 2s. per pound 211 13
5561 4
balance due to her Majesty 5853 7 11
total £11414 12
Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, pp. 331–9.
March 15. Establishment under the royal sign manual for the 4 Companies of Invalids: to commence as from the 25th inst.: viz. in each Company one Captain at 4s. a day; one Lieutenant at 2s. a day; one Ensign at 1s. 6d. a day; 3 Serjeants at 9d. a day each; 4 Corporals at 7d. a day each; 2 Drummers at 7d. a day each; 100 privates at 5d. a day each: total per an. for each Company 1002l. 4s. 7d. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 169.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin [to the Auditor of the Receipt] to allow interest after the rate of 5 per cent. on 26 orders of loan on Malt for 500l. each, being Nos. 742 to 767 inclusive drawn in the name of James Brydges as Paymaster of the Forces abroad, and by him assigned this day to the Bank of England. Order Book VII, p. 5.