Warrant Books: February 1708, 1-5

Pages 104-129

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 22, 1708. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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February 1708, 1–5

Feb. 2. Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Attorney General for stay of process against the East India Company as to her Majesty's share of several informations brought against the said Company by private persons for not duly garbling their spices; it being represented by the said Company that the said informations are very vexatious being commenced without any application to the Crown & without the directions of the Attorney General: & the said Attorney General having reported that he cannot find that the like information has been exhibited against the said Company at any time since the making of the Act of 1 James I, c. 19, for garbling of spices & that no manner of encouragement ought to be given thereto. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 311.
Feb. 2. Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal to declare the acceptance of the surrender dated July 23 last by Roger Whitley of the office of Receiver General of Crown Lands in North Wales (Anglesea, Carnarvon, Merioneth, Denbigh, Flint & Montgomery) & County Palatine of Chester & to grant same to Daniel Peck during pleasure: the said Whitley have succeeded Thomas Whitley & Ralph Whitley in the said office under the terms of the grant dated 1675 Sept 24. Ibid., pp. 313–4.
Money warrant for 368l. 4. 4 ½ to Sir Charles Hedges for 112 days 1707 Sept 3 to Dec 25 on his allowance of 1200l. per an as by his patent of Nov 15 last. (This warrant takes the place of the cancelled warrant of Dec 7 last supra Treasury Calendar, Vol. XXI, p. 512.) Money Book XIX, p. 169.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Postmasters General to repay the Land Tax assessments anno 1707 on officers of the General & Penny Post of not more than 60l. per an salary. Ibid., p. 170.
Money warrant for 125l. to Robert Harley for 1 ¼ years to 1707 Xmas on his patent fee or salary of 100l. per an as Secretary of State. Ibid., p. 172. Disposition Book XIX, p. 110.
Same for 125l. to Charles, Earl of Sunderland for same time as a same. Money Book XIX, p. 172.
William Lowndes to the Navy Treasurer: to dispose of 30000l. of tallies & orders in his hands on the Land Tax anno 1708 to any person willing to advance thereon at 5 per cent: & to apply same for pay of the Flag Officers of the Fleet & of the men removed from one ship to another: all as desired by the Navy Commissioners' letter of Jan 29 last. Disposition Book XIX, p. 98.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to give to Thomas Hinde merchant an exact account of such of his goods & effects as you have seized & sold. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 389.
Feb. 2, 4, 7, 12, 17, 20, 26. Warrants by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners to employ John Clark as a tidesman at Newcastle loco Thomas King deceased.
Richard Symonds as a tidesman in the inferior list London port loco John Penn deceased.
William Constantine as a landwaiter at Cowes loco Thomas Cole dismissed for neglect of duty.
William Powell as a tidesman in Bristol port loco Edward Morgan dismissed for fraud.
Thomas Vincent as a same in Plymouth port loco Phillip Holditch deceased.
Robert Watkins as an additional assistant to the Surveyor of the warehouse in London port loco Phillip Parsons deceased.
Henry Lomas as a tidesurveyor in Liverpool port loco John Linegar deceased.
John Key as a tidesman ibid loco said Lomas preferred as above. This warrant was cancelled & replaced by a warrant for John Smith as follows
John Smith as same ibid loco said Lomas.
John Hawkins as waiter at St Ives & to act as deputy searcher loco Richard Northwall deceased.
John Waddon junr as warehousekeeper at Plymouth loco John Alsop deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XV, pp. 72, 86, 88, 89, 90, 92.
Feb. 2. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners to permit the debentures of the East India Company to pass without deduction of the 4 ½ per cent which is allowed them on the entries of their goods: the said Commissioners having reported (on the petition and account as follows) that they have no objection provided it be certain in point of law that the discount made to the said Company for ready money on their entries shall not be again taken off from the debentures for the same goods exported.
Appending: (a) petition by the said Company praying as above and signed by John Gardner secretary.
(b) an account of the 4 ½ per cent discount allowed to the said Company for prompt payment and also of the 4 ½ per cent discount taken from debentures on exportation of goods: to wit between 1701 Aug 30 & 1703 Dec 3. In this account 16 ships are named: the total Customs paid being 175727l. 18. 6 with 3764l. 2. 6 ½ discount for cash and 1735l. 17. 3 discount on debentures. The ships were as follows viz Tankarville, Panther, Montague, Julia, Riseing Eagle, Discovery, Trumbull galley, Somers, Stretham, Rook frigate, China Merchant, Riseing Sun, Borneo, Bengall Merchant, Arabia Factor, Upton galley, which Customs were paid progressively from 18 Decr 1701 to 22 June 1704, representing abatements of between 60 days & 202 days. The list of the like allowance of 4 ½ discount as abatement on debentures mentions six other ships viz Norris, Antelope, Canterbury, Macclesfield galley, and London & omits the Neptune, Eaton, Seaford & Sarah galley.
(c) report to the Customs Commissioners from the patent officers of the Customs [London port] dated 1705 Oct 24 on the said discount.
(d) account of the said discounts as computed by the Customs officers, shewing differences from (b) above.
(e) report dated 1706 May 9 to Treasurer Godolphin from the Customs Commissioners on the said discounts.
(f) a previous report dated 1701–2 Jan 2 from same on same.
(g) Attorney General's report dated 1707–8 Jan 3 on the above. Ibid., pp. 77–85.
Treasury reference to the Principal Commissioners for Prizes of the petition of Thomas Medley, late clerk to the Agents for Prizes in the Mediterranean, praying payment of 24l. 3. 3 ¾ for his service therein from 1706 June 15 to 1707 March 28. Reference Book VIII, p. 291.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Martin Peterson, a subject of the King of Sweden & master of a Swedish ship, shewing that in March last he laded at Bordeaux wines & brandy for Gothenburg in Sweden but was taken on his voyage by the Hannibal privateer and his cargo condemned as prize but the ship discharged. Yet after the cargo was put into warehouse it [the cargo] was seized upon by one Singleton, a surveyor of the Customs, as being a collusive capture & on a trial in the Exchequer June 30 last was condemned & sold & the moiety being 5598l. 8. 2 was paid into the Exchequer, yet the ship not prosecuted at that time. But some time after the petitioner compounded for the ship, it being appraised at 396l., the third part of which belonged to the said Singleton who in compassion to petitioner returned the greatest part of his share to him again: therefore prays a noli prosequi as to the Queen's part [of the ship] her Majesty having received so large a benefit by the cargo. Ibid., p. 292.
Feb. 2. Same to the Salt Commissioners of the petition of the merchants & traders in salt in the city of Gloucester shewing that at the city of Worcester great quantities of white salt are shipped coastwise to be carried to Gloucester city & to other ports in England, & the officers at Worcester refuse to make any allowance for waste, but traders in other ports have such allowances & will thereby be enabled to undersell the petitioners: therefore praying that the allowance for waste may be made at Worcester & Gloucester as intended by the Act 5 Anne [6 Anne, c. 29, cl. 5]. Ibid., p. 308.
Treasurer Godolphin to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to report on the petition of Richard Martin of Byrtshall in Ireland praying to compound a debt of 1200l. owing to the Crown by George Lee, late collector for part of Co Galway, for whom petitioner was surety. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 16.
Feb. 3. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to Arthur Maynwaring, one of the Auditors of Imprests, to allow in account to Henry Ferne, Customs Cashier, 187l. 10. 2 for incidents &c, detailed, anno 1707. Money Book XIX, p. 171.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to accept 40l. from Benjamin Niccol of London merchant as a composition for a Customs debt, he having been a great trader in wines & other goods for many years & having lost above 15000l. within these 4 years & utterly ruined & a prisoner in the Fleet & having very little left for the subsistence of himself & 8 children.
Prefixing: report from said Commissioners on the case. Out Letters (Customs) XV, p. 86.
Treasury reference to Auditor Harley of the petition of Henry Ballow & John Smith, Deputy Chamberlains of the Exchequer, praying 131l. 3. 8 for their usual allowance of 2s. per 1000l. for examining & joining tallies for 1311856l. 5. 8 ½ paid into the Exchequer by the Receiver General of Customs. Reference Book VIII, p. 308.
Treasurer Godolphin to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to report on the petition [missing] of Charles Hubbelthorne praying that that moiety of his 200l. per an pension granted by Charles II, which was taken off in the late reign by reason of the lowness of the revenue, may be [re]inserted on the Establishment. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 16.
Feb. 3. Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners in North Britain to send forthwith the Books of Instructions to the collectors of the respective ports in Scotland for their guidance & regulation.
Prefixing: (a) report dated Jan 27 from the Customs Commissioners of England on the Book of Instructions received ut supra, Treasury Calendar, Vol. XXI, p. 516, from the Customs Commissioners of Scotland. We have referred same to the perusal of Mr. William Waterson (Watterson) Mr. Thomas Andrews & Mr. M. Terrell, officers of the greatest experience in the Custom House London; & now submit their observations thereon.
(b) said observations firstly of 1707 Nov 19 and again of 1707–8 Jan 27. The proposed collectors' monthly abstract for the port of Leith has been drawn by one who shows himself a merchantlike accomptant but is not so plain or proper a method as that which has long been practised in all the outports of England. As to the account of prohibited goods we think the laws relating thereto are so intricate & successes on trials at law so various that its more fit to have another law to explain them or for the Barons of the Exchequer to give their opinion thereon than to prescribe in print an erroneous list thereof. As to the scheme of drawbacks & of Duties which may be bonded, with the discompts on the same of ready money, they may possibly be of use to young beginners in computation but to print them would make the officers & clerks depend on them & thereby hinder their care & industry in reading the respective Acts of Parliament.
The rest of the book is very like the instructions & forms &c in use here in England. We cannot but commend the care & pains taken in compiling them together & putting them into so plain & easy a method. Out Letters (North Britain) I, pp. 282–4.
Feb. 4. Money warrant for 10l. 10. 0 to the churchwardens of St Botolphs London for 1 ½ years to “Xmas last 1706” on their perpetuity for relief of the poor. Money Book XIX, 169. (The letter of direction hereon dated Feb 19 appears to be for 7l. But see infra, p. 132, under date Feb 11. Disposition Book XIX, p. 105.)
Letter of direction for 22236l. 2. 9 ¼ to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: out of loans on Land Tax or Malt anno 1708: & is for services as follows viz
£ s. d.
in part of 586671l. 12. 6 for the Established Forces in Spain & Portugal anno 1708
to answer a bill of exchange drawn from Amsterdam by Messrs. Cliffords for value furnished by them at Paris to Capt. Martin who was left by Major Gen. Shrimpton to take care of the prisoners taken at the battle of Almanza; to wit for subsistence & other necessaries for them 8700
to answer the value of 15264 guilders 14 stivers sent by Mr. Cartwright from Antwerp to the said Capt. Martin for the said use by direction of the Duke of Marlborough signified by Major Gen. Cadogan, her Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary at Brussels; to provide the said prisoners with clothes & necessaries 1453 9 2
in part of 500000l. for augmenting her Majesty's Forces & other extraordinary services
for the King of Spain in further part of 150000l. & is to be applied to pay clothing & all other demands of a Regiment of Spanish Foot raised in Portugal & commanded by Don Francisco Ferrers for the King of Spain: to wit from their first raising to the 31 Dec 1706 10437 11 1 ¼
[for same] for subsistence to several other Spaniards who came over to his Catholic Majesty upon the Earl of Galway's Declaration (not formed into Regiments): to the same time 1645 2 6
£22236 2 9 ¼
Ibid., p. 100.
Same for 344l. 8. 4 to Mr. How, Paymaster of Guards & Garrisons: out of contributions for sale of annuities anno 1706: & is for services as follows viz
£ s. d.
in part of 264874l. 10. 0 for Guards and Garrisons anno 1708
for the respited pay of Cornet Morrison of the Earl of Essex's Regiment from 1706 Oct 25 to 1706 Nov 23: which respit was removed by royal warrant of 1707 Nov 29 24
in further part of 87125l. 10. 0 for the 5000 men [in sea service] anno 1706
for 12 days' pay of 179 men drafted out of Lord Paston's Regiment by warrant of 13 Sept last 59 2 0
for the offreckonings of the respited men of Col. Livesay's Regiment to 1706 April 24: which respite was removed by royal warrant of — Nov last 261 6 4
£344 8 4
Ibid., pp. 100–1.
William Lowndes to the abovesaid John How. My Lord Treasurer desires you to apply 23726l. 2. 2 ½ as follows out of the moneys which you have received at the Exchequer in course upon the loans registered in your name on the Land Tax anno 1707 for the service of the Forces under your care & pay: viz
£ s. d.
in part of 264874l. 10. 0 for Guards & Garrisons anno 1707
for 60 days' clearings for the Troops & Regiments in England from 1707 Oct 25 to Dec 23 9784 17 8
for several Garrisons for same time 2280 4 3 ¼
for one quarter's allowance for the Capt. General & General Staff Officers, to same time 1982 10 5
to complete half a year's allowance for fire & candle to same time 967 10 0
on account of Contingencies to same time 3528 9
for the clearings of the recruits to the First & Coldstream Regiments of Guards from the days of their raising to the same time 549 3 4
to satisfy a bill of exchange drawn by Major Hunt of Brigadier Carpenter's Regiment from Barcelona on account of subsistence for the detachment in Spain: being 2200 pieces of eight at 4s. 9d. each 522 10 0
for the respited pay of Cornet Morrison of Lord Essex's Regiment from 24 Dec 1706 to Feb 24 following: said respite being removed by royal warrant of Nov 29 last 25 4 0
in part of 87125l. 10. 0 for 5000 men for sea service anno 1707
for 60 days' clearings to 1707 Dec 23 for the Regiments of Paston, Erle & Livesay 2312 13 0
for the respited pay of Capt. Travel, Lieut. Pope & Ensign Perry of Lord Paston's Regiment from 1707 Aug 1 to Oct 24: said respited being removed by royal warrant of 1707 Nov 22 35 17 8
for 120 days' clearings for Brigadier Handasyde's Regiment from 1707 Feb 25 to June 24 1052 19 4
in part of 5000l. for the Invalids anno 1707
for the pay of the 4 Companies of Invalids to the 23 Dec 1707 684 1 1 ¼
£23726 2 2 ½
Disposition Book XIX, pp. 101–2.
Feb. 4. William Lowndes to Mr. St John, Secretary at War. The Queen is pleased to allow to her own Regiment (called the Queen's Regiment) under the command of Lieut. Gen. Lumley 543l. 4. 10 as usual for liveries for the kettle drummer, & the two trumpets & for banners, badges & standards once in 2 years. Please prepare a royal warrant for same. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 389.
Same to Mr. Blathwaite to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] of Col. Robert Hunter praying some consideration out of the quit rents of Virginia or otherwise for the loss of his equipage when taken prisoner by the French in his way to the government of Virginia “& other disadvantages he labours under in being a prisoner & not capable of entering upon the said government.” Ibid.
Same to the Commissioners for Chelsea Hospital to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] of the Earl of Oxford touching a lease which he desires from the Queen of the joiner's lodgings near Chelsea Hospital & Garden, which he was possessed of by the joiner's consent till 1702 Xmas, since which time the present Treasurer of said Hospital has had possession thereof. Ibid., p. 392.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners to allow drawback to William Brook, Andrew Lopez & Samuell Clarke of London merchants on so much linen as shall be made up here into shirts & neckcloths in connection with the contract made for them by their correspondent in Lisbon with the King of Portugal for furnishing entire clothing for 24000 men for the service of the war: all upon due proof of the payment of Duty inwards on such linen.
Prefixing: report by said Commissioners on the petition of said Brook et al. Out Letters (Customs) XV, p. 87.
Feb. 4. Same by same to same to allow to Francis Castleton & others merchants of London, the benefit of their debentures on linen, the time for exportation of which had elapsed before re-shipment, by reason of the stoppage of the said goods at the Custom House.
Prefixing: report ut supra. Ibid., p. 88.
Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Lady Lonsdale for a grant to enable the patentees or assignees of a grant from Wm & Mary of the fourth part of the Lordship & Barony of Kendal to keep courts, receive fines &c; which petitioner is advised they are not empowered to do by said grant. Reference Book VIII, p. 309.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners in North Britain to report on the enclosed petition of Thomas Coutts, Gilbert Stewart & William Gordon merchants in behalf of themselves & many others interested in the fisheries & fishing trade of North Britain. (The like letter to the Salt Commissioners).
Appending: said petition. By the 8th article of the Treaty of Union the laws of Scotland concerning the curing of fish for exportation with foreign salt are to be continued till altered by the Parliament of Great Britain & such exported fish are to have the same eases, premiums & drawbacks as on like fish from England: and for the encouragement of the Herring Fishery during the present allowances for other fish it is provided that 10s. 5d. shall be allowed for every barrel of white herrings exported from Scotland. Petitioners have acted pursuant thereto & have applied for such eases, premiums & drawbacks but the officers refuse to allow or pay the same. Out Letters (North Britain) I, pp. 284–5.
Feb. 5. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of several merchants & owners of ships shewing that there is an order from the Treasury to prevent the landing of Certificate goods (“whereby her Majesty hath been wronged in her Customs as is mentioned in the second paragraph of the said order that no ship shall take in any goods whatsoever after the master has given his contents and cleared out[wards]”): which order the petitioners conceive only respects [such] Certificated goods as draw back Customs; “but it being in general terms the searchers at the Custom House can't suffer the shipping neither [of] woollen manufacture that pays no Customs nor of manufacture which do pay Customs, whereby petitioners frequently lose the opportunity of convoys which is a great prejudice: therefore praying that the masters of ships may be permitted to take in such goods as are of English manufacture with the cocquet from the Customs House as usual.” Reference Book VIII, p. 309.
After Feb. 5. A series of papers relative to an account of the public debt &c in North Britain as called for by the House of Commons by their Address to the Queen of Jan 24 last: all as follows:
(1) Robert Harley to Treasurer Godolphin dated Jan 26 last enclosing a copy of said Address. “I have writ likewise by the Queen's command to the Commissioners of the Equivalent that they may prepare what relates to them of that account.” Out Letters (North Britain) I, p. 291.
(2) Copy of the Resolution of the House of Commons Jan 24 last for an Address to the Queen for the preparation of an account of the public debts of Scotland due upon the Civil & Military List there; together with an account of the money given in the last Session of Parliament in Scotland to the Commissioners, Secretaries & accomptants of the two last Treaties of Union “as the same were delivered to the Commissioners for Managing the Equivalent by the Lords of the Treasury of Scotland.” Ibid., p. 292.
(3) Jacob Reynardson dated Bartlett Court Feb 4 [to ? William Lowndes]. I enclose an account of the Civil & Military List [of Scotland] as delivered to us by the Lords of the Treasury at Edinburgh. The same is very imperfect & wants abundance of amendments. Ibid., p. 292.
(4) a list of the debts due on the Civil List.
£ s. d.
The Commissioners [for the two Treaties of Union] allowances, fees and salaries:
The Duke of Queensberry as Commissioner per account 22986 12 2 4/6
ditto as Lord Privy Seal 1500
ditto as a Lord of the Treasury 769 16 9 5/6
Marquess of Tweeddale as a Commissioner 1750
ditto as Chancellor 327 15 7
ditto as Precis [Praeses] of the Privy Council 500
Marquess of Montrose as Precis of the Privy Council
Duke of Athol as Lord Privy Seal 1500
Earl of Seaford as Chancellor 1035 5 7
Earl of Melvill as Precis of the Privy Council 500 0 0
Earl of Mar as Lord Secretary 1000
Earl of Loudoun as same 1000
Earl of Cromarty as same 2000
Earl of Selkirk as same 924 3 10
Earl of Northesk as same 513 17 9 3/6
Earl of Forfar as same 513 17 9 3/6
Earl of Galway as same 513 17 9 3/6
Earl of Glasgow as Treasurer Depute 1062 10 0
Lord Ross as same 513 17 9 3/6
Lord Ormistoun as same 354
Francis Montgomery as same 513 17 9 3/6
the heirs of Sir John Home, as same 256 18 10 4/6
Lord President of the Session 1600
Lord Philiphaugh, Register 667
Mr. Johnston, when Register 744 16 8
Lord Advocate 1500
Lord Ormiston as Justice Clerk 200
Lord Pullock as same 600
Lord Preston Hall as same 400
Lord John Kerr & Lord Mark Kerr for the Earl of Lothian their father when Justice General 1500
Earl Cromarty as Justice General 1500
Duchess of Hamilton 250
Countess of Sutherland 360
Moderators of the General Assembly 1744 8 11
Earl of Wemys 900
Earl of Leven 33 6 8
Earl of Kintore, Knight Marshal 2000
heirs of Lord Aberuchill as Lord of the Justiciary 200
Lord Balantine, usher of the Exchequer 23
Lord Cha Kerr, Director of the Chancery, for himself, deputy & servants 126
Lord Lyon 850
William Carmichall, Solicitor 925
Sir David Dalrymple, Solicitor 825
Sir Patr Home, Solicitor 258
Sir Tho Moncreif 128
Sir James Mackenzie 200
William Stewart 75
Sir Robert Lauder 112 15 6
John Vetch, President of the Signatures 31 7 9
Sir Robert Forbes, Clerk of the Council 94 16 3 1/6
Alexander Maitland, ditto 100
Sir David Nairne, Secretary Depute & Secretary to the Order of the Thistle 2700
Robert Pringle, late Secretary Depute 233 18 10
Alexander Wedderburn 400
Sir Francis Scott, Master of Work 300
James Scott of Logie ditto 150
John Campbell ditto 300
the Laird of Meldrum ditto 300
the Queen's Advocate for Langtoun Usher 1459 6 8
Sir James Dalrymple, clerk of the Queen's process 300
the heirs of Sir Thomas Burnet, First Physician 350
Dr. Dalrymple, Physician 500
Dr. Eizatt, Physician 175
Dornoch, Keeper of the Signet 30
Geo Dalrymple 150
The Judges of the Admiralty 250
Sir Andrew Kennedy, conservator 100
David Blair, chaplain 150
John Law, Eleemosyner 125
John Auchmouty, Keeper of the Wardrobe 55 11 1
William Alves, Queen's Writer 147 10 0
Sir Andrew Dick's children
Walter Murray, Depute Master of the Work 105
John Mitchelston, Keeper of the Registral Hornings 90
James Nasmith, under Falconer 45
David Home, Dep[uty] Clerk of Council 20
the relict of Patr Crighton 20
John Ross, storekeeper 253 4 9
relict of James Row, storekeeper 55 11 1 3/6
James Mongomerie, clerk of the Justice Court 650
James Steven, Usher Depute 227 6 4
Andr Anderson 17 10 0
Mrs. Anderson, Queen's printer 125
William Hamilton, underkeeper of Holyrood House 170
the heirs of John Hamilton, ditto 359 6 8
Robert Boyd 50
Robert Ballantine, macer 75
John Hogg, ditto 125
David Graham, ditto 80 16 8
the repr[esentative] of Geo Gordon ditto 25
Andrew Kinner, at the Secretary's office at London 190
Daniell Campbell, Historiographer 180
David Crawford, Historiographer 60
John Stewart, underkeeper of the Great Seal 45
James Baird, Clerk of the Wardrobe 200
Geo Forbes, servant to the clerks of the Treasury 15
Mr. Simpson, Keeper of the Library of Holyrood House 80
James Southerland, Botanist 204 17 4
the Macers of Session 149 3 4
Alexander Leslie, underwardrobe 240
Heralds & Pursuivants 1425
John Douglas, for the Beadsmen's gowns 65
under clerk & extractor of the Queen's Process 30
underkeepers of the Signet 7 10 0
the Macers of the Justices Court 210
the Queen's Trumpets 500
John Hamilton, Porter of Holyrood House 192 3 3
John Adam, Solicitor's servant 63 6 8
Tho Spence, Advocate's servant 90
the Keepers of the Parliament House 54 3 4
James Robert, Deputy storekeeper 33 12 0
Richard Goddart 72
William Dowll, messenger in the Exchequer 13 6 8
the relict of James Paterson as ditto 10
Robert Morrison, underkeeper of the Wardrobe 30
the Dempster of Justice Court 30
the late bishop of Aberdeen 500
ditto of Moray 400
ditto of Dunblane 400
ditto of the Isles 200
Her Majesty's bounty on the Charity Roll
Total of fees & salaries £74343 5 4 3/6
the Earls of Mar & Loudoun for money advanced for repairing the Secretary's lodgings at Whitehall 410
Mr. Anderson for printing 223 3 4
Geo Drummond for alimenting prisoners 766 13 4
the heirs of Geo Clark for repairing the Friggots 300
the town of Glasgow for alimenting prisoners 103 11 2
David Weems for footmantles to the Heralds 100
Walter Murray, Depute Master of Work 60
James Hamilton of Pincaithland for balance when collector of the bishops' rents 411 5 8
John Monroe, bower 4
Robert Alison for coal & candle to the Boss 7 15 5
John Lethem, smith [to the Works] 189 10 0
Walter Melvill, painter [to the Works] 304
David Burton, glazier [to the Works] 385 0 1 3/6
Alexander Govanlocks, mason [to the Works] 361 6 4
Duncan Buchanan, wright [to the Works] 249 11 9
Andrew Peterson, ditto 979 4 11
Mrs. Crombie, plumber [to the Works] 138 16 3
Jos Forrester, ditto 29 0 9
Peter Simpson, slater [to the Works] 93 9 10
Patr Syme, ditto 10
James Stewart, sutler in Edinburgh Castle for alimenting prisoners 25 2 0
the heirs of William Jack, slater [to the Works] 93 17 4
Total of accompts £5247 8 2 3/6
Earl of Crawford 300
Earl of Errol 450
Earl of Buchan 1600
Earl of Glencairn 700
Earl of Eglinton 700
Earl Finlator 100
Earl of Kincardine 525
Earl of Forfar 1500
Earl of Aboyn 600
Earl of Melville 2250
Earl of Kinton [Kintore] 600
Earl of Marchmont 2250
Earl of Hyndford 1800
Earl Crawford's children 375
the Countess of Sutherland for the Earl her husband 1650
the Lady Glanac for the Earl Carnwath 400
the late Earl of Kincardine 1400
Lord Arch Hamilton 850
Lord Wandel 600
Lord Glenarchy 400
Lord Lindots 600
Lord Blantyre & his assigns 600
the representatives of Lady Napier 650
Lord Ray 371
Lord Ballantine 400
Lord Tillicoultry 200
Lord Ormistoun for Lord Whitelaw 1000
the representatives of Lord Hall Cragg 358 6 0
Lord Anstruther 350
Lord Cesnock 50
Lord Forgland 50
the Master of Cathcart 100
the representatives of Lady Banff 50
Lord Satin 150
Mr. Weyms for Lord Whitehill 50
Sir William Steward of Castle Stewart 150
Sir Robert Sinclear of Stevenson 1400
Sir William Sharp of Stonyhill 45
David Stewart of Coltness 500
the Lord of Culloden 1300
Geo Ogilvie 50
the Laird of Meginch 200
Capt. Alex Gordon 100
— Ogilvie, younger, of Boyne for Major Arnot 350
the representatives of Alexander Monroe 854
Lady Bogie & her daughter 155
Martha & Mary Johnstons 140
Lady Carrick 140
Euphan Johnston 96
Dame Eliz Hamilton 40
the relict of Lieut. Col. Murray 113 6 8
the relict of Lieut. Col. Fullerton 160
the relict of Capt. Dundas 25
Lady Olive Stall 60
Alex. Higgens' representatives 100
Mr. Levington 160
Capt. Strauchan 50
Alex Abercromby of Glasook 450
Robert Douglas 200
Mr. Ickston
William Sanders 100
[Total of pensions] £31372 13 4
Recommendations of Parliament & Council
to the Earl of Crawford 500
Earl of Morton 500
Lord David Hay 300
Lord of Pitmidden the younger 200
Robert Frazer, advocate 200
the principal clerks of session 1200
Walter Riddle, Register's servant 50
James Finlasson ditto 50
James Stephen, Usher Depute 80
the Macers of Council 58 6 8
Alexander Cunningham 150
Thomas Scot at the Secretary's Office in London 120
Eneas Macleod 150
Provost of Glascow 100
Alexander Southerland, minister 100
William Lambie ditto 80
Episcopal ministers' relicts 100
John Melvill 80
Mrs. Levington 60
Robert Morison 40
Peter Heggin 10
John Campbell & partners for the Poll in 1695 410 3 4
Robert Sheriff for Isabell Shaw 10 0 0
Ann Ramsey 100
Mrs. Dalhelm 50
the several Universities
the representatives of James Baru Wright
the officers & seamen of the frigates & those that have right to their wages
to several persons by recommendations of Parliament & Acts of Treasury for their losses during the late war
to Messrs. Cunningham, Slezeir & Adair upon the Tunnage
to sundry persons who have gifts of vacant stipends
£4698 10 0
Note: that such sums as are not filled up in the blanks of this list are to be filled up in due time: and in case there be any other persons who have any just claim conform to Act of Parliament to be insert herein & [are] omitted or not insert therein, that they shall also have particular certificates for their several debts as if they had been insert in this list. Out Letters (North Britain) I, pp. 293–4.
Due to the Army for arrears since 27 May 1689.
Clearance Clothing Total
£ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.
Scots Scots Scots
to the Foot Guards 4141 11 0 8599 8 9
Tiviot's Regiment of Dragoons 4843 4 5 2290 9 9 8900 15 10
Col. Ross's Regiment 4440 7 0 5557 3 0
— Hamilton's — 2713 13 0 5094 14 8
— Ferguson's — 2434 16 0 1641 16 0 4076 12 0
Marquess of Lothian's from 14 Mar 1698 to 1 Dec 1700 3101 0 0 5828 4 0
Grubbet's Troop 628 4 0 5/6
Edinburgh Garrison 1249 10 2 2182 18 2
Horse Guards 1872 11 2
Earl of Tullibardine's 1575 6 4 1/6 1834 10 8 5/6 3438 4 5
Argyll's Regiment from 1 Nov 1689 to 1 Feb 1691 2756 13 11 2/6 2756 13 11 2/6
Argyll's Regiment from 1 Feb 1691 to 1 March 1692 2336 8 0 1123 12 8 3460 0 8
Major Gen. Maitland's Regiment 143 8 7 3/6
Lord Cardross' Regiment [account] not yet signed 2030 16 10 5/6
Lord Portmore's Regiment [account] not yet signed 4304 7 0 6540 14 5 3/6
Col. James Campbell a returned precept 104 1 7
Col. Buchan's Regiment
Col. Cunningham's Regiment of Foot
ditto of Dragoons
Lord Belhaven's Troop 845 3 9
Lord Rollo's Troop 410 14 2 3/6
Dunbarton Garrison, a returned precept 181 12 0
Artillery Company 957 3 10 2/6
Newbottle's Regiment from 1st Jan 1691 to 1 Feb 1693 2219 8 10
ditto's Troop 649 5 6 1/6
Lieut. Col. Reid as Lieut. Col. at Inverlochie 126 0 0
Capt. William Drummond on the King's letter 89 12 0
Laird of Balnagoun's Independent Company: [account] not signed 676 12 3 2/6
memorial anent a precept of clothing to the Foot Guards in favour of Sir James Hall 1536 0 0 1536 0 0
Lord Forbes' Regiment of Dragoons 1938 12 5
Lord Carmichael's Regiment 1137 0 3
Lord Strathnaver's from 21 April 1699 to 1 Dec 1700 4040 17 8
Earl of Glencairn's Regiment 4186 5 7 2/6
Strathnaver's Regiment from 1 Nov 1689 to 1 Feb 1691 5076 12 9 5/6
Dunbarton Garrison 22 10 0
Blackness Garrison 32 0 8
Dr. Blackader, physician 135 4 0
Sir William Douglas Regiment 3091 19 6
Earl of Mar's Regiment 740 11 5 2/6
Visct Kinmore's Regiment 5525 9 8 1/6
Col. McGiles' Regiment 1146 14 2
Earl of Angus 1042 11 6 4/6
Lord Grant's 5086 15 8 2/6
Earl of Eglintoun's Troop 242 3 1 5/6
Barnet's Troop 358 17 2
These following [items have their accounts] not signed
Capt. Macay's Independent Company 721 17 7 2/6
Sir William Douglas as Brigadier General 1610 0 0
Invalid Stock due by the Treasury 964 12 0
Laird of Pardivan, store master of Stirling Garrison 325 8 4
Lord Yester's Troop 330 12 2 4/6
Major Buntine, several returned precepts 158 11 0
Lord Polwarth, a returned precept for clothing the artillery 40 12 0
Lord Forrest, a returned precept 40 0 0
Lord Polwarth's Troop of Horse 265 1 7
Capt. James Menzie's Independent Company
Capt. Taylor per the King's letter
Sir Robert Pollock's Troop
Major Stewart's Troop
Lord Forbes's Troop
Sir John Johnston's Troop
Earl of Crawford's Regiment
the heirs of Patrick Chalmer a returned precept 270 0 0
£33896 16 10 3/6 £8426 9 1 5/6 £107437 5 2 1/6
Out Letters (North Britain), I, p. 295.
Due to the Commissioners, secretaries and accomptants to the two last Treaties of Union.
The Treaty in 1702 The Treaty in 1703 £ Scots Total
Duke of Queensberry 500 1000 1500
Duke of Argyll 500 500
Marquess of Lothian 500 500
Marquess of Annandale 500 500
Earl of Seafield 500 1000 1500
Earl of Leven 500 1000 1500
Earl of Mar 1000 1000
Earl of Loudoun 1000 1000
Earl of Sutherland 1000 1000
Earl of Morton 1000 1000
Earl of Wemys 1000 1000
Earl of Hay 1000 1000
Viscount Farbar 500 500
Viscount Stair now Earl 500 1000 1500
Viscount Roseberry now Earl 500 1000 1500
Viscount Dupplin 1000 1000
Lord Boyle now Earl of Glasgow 500 1000 1500
Lord Phesdo 300 300
Lord Ross 1000 1000
Sir Adam Cockburn of Armistoun 300 500 800
Sir David Dalrymple of Hayles 300 500 800
Sir John Maxwell 300 300
Sir Hugh Dalrymple of North Berwick 300 500 800
Sir David Cunningham of Milcraig 300 300
Sir Patrick Johnston of — 200 500 700
Sir James Smallet of Bonhill 300 500 800
Laird of Cavers 300 300
Laird of Carnwath 500 500
Laird of Grant younger 500 500
Laird of Pitmeddin younger 500 500
Laird of Pennicook younger 500 500
Laird of Preston Grainge 500 500
Hugh Montgomerie of Busbie 200 200
John Scrimfour of Kirktoun 200 200
John Allardice 200 200
Robert Pringle, secretary 300 300
Francis Montgomerie 500 500
Alexander Ogilvy 500 500
Daniell Stewart 500 500
Daniell Campbell 500 500
Sir David Nairn as secretary 400 400
ditto as accomptant 200 200
Doctor Gregory as accomptant 200 200
William Paterson as accomptant 200 200
£8500 £22000 £30500
Out Letters (North Britain) I, p. 296.
(5) a state of the exemptions claimed by several persons as their private right relating to the Excise in that part of Great Britain called Scotland: certified by the Excise Commissioners, Edinburgh Jan 8 inst.
(5a) Mr. John Forbes of Culloden claims an exemption from all Duties of Excise on beer, ale & aquavitæ by him brewed & made from the corn being the product of his lands of Ferrintosh in consideration of 400 marks Scots yearly.
(5b) James Montgomerie & partners, proprietors of the Western Sugaries in Glasgow and
(5c) William Cross & partners, proprietors of the Eastern Sugaries in Glasgow
each of these manufactories claim an exemption from the Duties of Excise of 28 ton of rum or spirits by them made yearly.
(5d) Major General Maitland, Governor of Fort William claims an exemption from the Duties of Excise on all beer & ale brewed & sold in the said Fort & Marybrugh.
(5e) Robert Douglas & partners proprietors of the Sugar Manufactories at Leith claim the same exemptions that were granted to the sugaries at Glasgow, but they have not produced the particular Acts upon which they ground their claim.
(5f) the Garrison of Stirling Castle (Col. Erskine, deputy Governor) pretends to an exemption from the Duties of Excise for all beer & ale brewed for the use of the said Garrison but we have not had anything produced to us as a ground for that claim. Col. Erskine is a member of the British Parliament & now in London. Ibid., p. 297.
(6) a further certificate from the said Commissioners of Excise dated Excise office, Edinburgh 10 Jan 1707–8. Since our last we have been informed that the proprietors of a cloth manufactory at New Milns claim an exemption from the Duties of Excise by virtue of an Act of Parliament in their favour. We enclose a copy of the said Act. We hear there are others of the like nature “but they not brewing at present have not laid their claim before us: so we can give no particular accompt of 'em.” Ibid., p. 298.
(7) Extract of a covering letter from the Commissioners of Customs in North Britain to William Lowndes dated 1707–8 Feb 5 enclosing their report as follows & with it a series of papers.
The papers so enclosed were as follows.
(8) their own Report of even date as below
(8a) a list of Parliamentary grants [as in detail below]
(8b) a list of grants under the privy seal relating to the Customs [as in detail below]
(8c) a duplicate of three Acts of Parliament [concerning manufactories]
(8d) a printed Act in favour of a manufactory.
(8e) an account of some private grants, their commencement, privileges & expiration
(8f) an abstract from the Taxmens' books of goods exported by the manufacturers
(8g) an abstract from the Taxmens' books of the goods imported with the Duties computed and reduced into English money
“with one report on the whole; which we pray you to lay before the Lord High Treasurer. This matter has been perplexing and it was impossible for us to get it in a clearer light. We are preparing some other papers to send without loss of time.” Ibid., p. 298.
Of the above enclosures only 8 and 8a and 8b and 8f are entered in full as follows; though the whole series would appear to have been amongst the papers submitted to the House of Commons & which the House ordered to be bound up with the papers of the session but which may have perished in the burning of the Houses of Parliament.
(8) Report dated Feb 5 inst to Treasurer Godolphin from the Customs Commissioners in North Britain touching private rights in the said northern parts of Great Britain: being in pursuance of William Lowndes's letter of Jan 3 last supra, p. 54.
Upon the ratification of the Treaty of Union all persons here did industriously provide themselves with such quantities of goods & merchandises as they wanted from abroad so that in the current course of importations (since the time that we have been entrusted with the management of the Customs here) very few of the persons pretending to exemptions have produced their grants. We have searched the public Registers & the late Taxmen's books & withal have got as many duplicates of grants [i.e. the text thereof] from the parties concerned as we could with such information as the outport collectors were able to give. Yet the discovery [so] made neither answers expectation nor the pains taken; [and serves] only for a general view of the matter: viz as follows.
All the grants in favour of manufactories are founded upon 3 Acts of Parliament made in Scotland being the 40th, 42nd & 48th of Charles II anno 1661. The privileges granted by these & subsequent Acts amounted to an exemption of Duties on all goods & materials imported for the service of the manufactories & on the product thereof exported by them: the time of continuance being for 19 years from Jan 1662 or from the commencement of the work. The Lords of the Privy Council & Exchequer were empowered to receive overtures for the good of manufactories and to make such orders & grant such privileges as they should think just. In virtue thereof some manufactories have been erected & others enlarged. Sundry persons have in process of time transferred their rights so that we cannot know the present claimers until their proper occasions oblige them to produce their grants.
All these private rights & grants in Scotland, whether in favour of manufactories or of private persons, fall under the following heads. (1) Those given in perpetuity: as the lead mines to the Duke of Queensberry & Earl of Hopetoun and the coals of the Lady Hacket of Pitfirrane, a place on the other side of the Firth to which in times of peace a great many French ships resorted & when they have liberty to return [come again with a peace] will occasion a great charge of officers to prevent embezzlements.
(2) Such as are granted for a term of years to the manufactories, the chief of which now subsisting are the Woollen Manufactories at Glasgow, New Milns & Mussulburgh; the Sugar Works & Rope Works at Glasgow & Leith; the several glass works in the Kingdom and three Soap works at Leith which have been a good improvement because this country was formerly supplied with soap from Holland.
Some manufactories have been obliged to give over their works because the vent of their goods in Spain by the intermise & improvement of Holland is interrupted and others of course must desist when goods of the like fabric may be brought [imported] better & on easier terms from South Britain than those [these] parts can afford. All the insight we have got in this matter serves only for a speculation not for an exact computation of what the present possessors may pretend [to claim] as an equivalent for the reversion; being at present only able to send the annexed list of their grants with an abstract of the importations & exportations at those ports where the late Taxmen thought fit to keep any account of them.
(3) The grants of places for life (of which we send a list [8b below]) many of them are transferred & perhaps some of the grantees are dead. Between those who have appeared in asserting their rights to the cocquets & the officers of the Customs some jarrings have happened in their public dispatches [of business at the quay side]. If this should prove an occasion of delays in future the merchants would think themselves aggrieved.
(4) The rights derived from the Lord High Admiral, whose power was very much enlarged in Scotland in 1681 by an Act of Parliament. In virtue thereof the Vice Admirals & their deputies think themselves absolute judges in maritime affairs and that the Customs officers ought not to meddle with any goods either wrecked upon the coast or cast on shore; which may be of very bad consequence to the revenue in cases where the goods are liable to considerable Duties. Notwithstanding an allegation that the majority of the Judges of England have declared that wrecked goods cannot fall in with the Act of Tunnage & Poundage, being neither imported by subjects or aliens by way of merchandise for sale but cast on shore we are humbly of opinion that it would be of advantage to the revenue & to the fair trading merchant to make all goods which are cast on shore or wrecked liable to equal impositions with those imported and that the Customs officers should have the custody of the goods till the Duties be paid: otherwise as this country lies contiguous to Holland & Norway, from whence French goods may be brought, it is not impossible that cargoes of wine & brandy may be thrown ashore in convenient places and though the Queen has a contingent right to the Duty of those goods, if the proprietors should in a year's time justify their claim yet none of them would appear on those conditions when they can have easier terms by an intelligence with such inferior officers of the Admiralty as might in the remote parts of the kingdom be prevailed on to favour such practices.
As to the other private grants it would be an advantage to the revenue & trade of the kingdom to bring all the subjects of the united monarchy to as exact an equality as possible. This matter may be best adjusted by an order of Parliament to the Privy Council here in Scotland to require all pretenders to exemptions to produce their claims within a time prefixed, in order to the consideration of the value of the reversions with the reasons for the continuance or dissolution of them. We think the people of this country may be most easily managed & most peaceably determined in the abridgement of their pretensions by the same authority in appearance which granted them such favourable & extensive concessions. Out Letters (North Britain) I, pp. 298, 302–5.
(8a) a list of Acts of grants taken from the Rolls of Parliament.
1669 Sept 17 Act encouraging exporters of corn.
Act regulating the prices of beer, ale & malt.
1670 Ratification [to] the Burgh of Edinburgh of their right & [sic] impost on wines.
1681 Sept 13 Act for encouraging trade & manufactures.
Act concerning the price of French or Spanish salt.
1681 Sept 17 Act declaring the Sugar Works of Glasgow to be manufactory.
Act declaring the woollen manufacture of serge de Nimes to be a manufactory.
Act ratifying valuations & declaring coal & salt free of Supply.
Ratification to the Burgh of Aberdeen for customs on fish.
1685 July 16 Act declaring the Greenland Fishery a manufactory.
1690 July 1 Remitt to the Council in favour of — Gordon for a gunpowder mill.
Act in favour of the town of Edinburgh concerning an imposition on wines & others, imposing 2 pence Scots on the pint of ale, 30l. Scots on each tun of French & Rhenish wine, 100l. Scots on each tun of Spanish wine, 4s. Scots on each pint of brandy, 3s. Scots on each pint of Mum or foreign beer & ale within the town & suburbs over the imposition to which they had formerly right: 12s. Scots on each ell of foreign woollen cloth imported within the said bounds from the 1 August 1690 till the debts of the town are satisfied conform to a list in the Books of Sederunt.
1693 July 14 Act for the town of Edinburgh for an imposition of 2 pence Scots revoking the last Act in favour of linen manufacture.
Act in favour of the Linen Company.
Act in favour of the woollen manufactory at New Mills.
Act in favour of William Scot for making coaches.
1693 July 15 Act for 2 pennies Scots of the pint to the town of Glasgow.
1695 July 5 Act concerning the Duty on Scots muslin.
Explanatory Act concerning the Excise of brandy.
Act in favour of James Lyel of Gardin.
Act [in favour of] Hope of Kerse for a gunpowder & alum manufactory.
1695 July 10 Act for a manufactory of white paper.
1695 July 11 [Act for] Linen manufactory.
1695 July 15 Act for Herriot's Hospital excusing them from Excise.
Act for the burgh of Ayr, a merk Scots on the boll of malt.
Act for 4 pennies Scots on the pint to the town of Aberdeen.
Act for a merk Scots on the boll to the burgh of Irvine.
Act for the Laird of Culloden for the Excise on Ferrintosh [brewings].
1695 July 16 Act in favour of the Combmakers Act [in favour of] William Scot, saw mill.
Act [in favour of] Robert Douglass, soap boiler.
Act [in favour of] Alexander Bearn, sailmaker.
Act [in favour of] Whitfeild Hyter, leather maker.
Act for the town of Disart, 2 pennies Scots.
Act for the Burgh of Culross: malt and ale.
1696 Oct. 12 Act for a sugar manufactory at Glasgow.
Act for John Hamilton for sheeling & preparing of barley.
Act for Mr. Erskine for making salt upon salt.
Ratification to Mr. Burleigh Melvills of Hallhill & Cassengray of a gift [patent] for making sail cloth.
1698 Aug. 30 Act for a manufactory of cordage at Glasgow.
1698 Sept 1 Act & Ratification in favour of the glass manufactory at Wemys.
1701 Jan. 31 Act [in favour of] Boynd's Marble.
1703 Sept 1 Act [for] metals [in favour of] Mr. William Black.
1703 Sept 2 Act for the Woollen Manufactory at Musselburgh.
Act [in favour of] William Hog of Harcars.
1703 Sept 7 [Act in favour of] Duncan Forbes of Culloden.
1703 Sept 16 Act for Geo Lind & William Montgomery for a Manufactory of Laine.
1704 Aug. 26 Act for the Tunnage for completing the Maps.
1705 Aug. 9 Act [in favour of] Mr. Geo Campbell for making salt. Ibid., p. 300.
(8b) abstract of grants recorded at the privy seal relating to the Customs.
1661 Sept 16 Office of Taster to Vanse.
1662 June 19 gift of clerkship of the bullion to Foulis & his son.
1663 Jan 2 gift of being cocquet master at Leith, to — Saunderson.
1663 Jan 22 gift to be surveyor, to Capt. John Gilespie.
1663 April 8 gift of being searcher & taster north Tay, to Major David Ogilbie.
1663 Jan 30 gift of being surveyor, to Capt. William Crighton.
1663 Aug 3 gift of lead mines to Charles Maitland.
1663 Sept 19 gift of the office of General Postmaster, to Grahame of Inch.
1663 Oct 27 gift of being clerk to the Customs House at Leith to James Auchterlony (in the Latin Register).
1664 July 7 gift of being clerk to the cocquet in Fyfe to John Alexander, Pro[curator] Fiscal in St Andrews.
1665 March 2 gift of the Postmaster of Haddington to — Seaton.
1666 Feb 7 gift of being Postmaster at Colebrans to James Arnot.
1666 July 23 gift of the office of cocquet [at ——] to James Weems & his son.
1667 Jan 24 gift of the office of cocquet at Leith to James Tarbat.
1668 Sept 4 gift of the office of cocquet above Queensferry on both sides [the Firth] to Henry Mackie.
1668 Dec 1 gift & confirmation of a gift of wracks to Archbald, Earl of Argyle.
1673 Jan 11 gift of the seizure [office of seizer of] brandy, strong waters &c to Lord Elphington.
1673 Feb 8 gift of the office of cocquet clerk & searcher at Dundee to John Maitland servitor to the Treasurer Depute.
1673 Dec 16 gift of the office of cocquet & searcher from Glasgow to Dumfries to John Muir, servitor to the Earl of Dundonald.
1674 Aug 8 gift of the office of clerkship of the cocquet above Queensferry to Henry Mackie & John & Charles Mackies & his sons.
1676 Dec 28 gift of clerk to the cocquet at Leith to James Park.
1678 Jan 25 gift of the Customs at the Bridge of Linlithgow to Alexander, Earl of Linlithgow.
1680 Feb 20 gift of keeping the cocquet in Fyfe to Geo Sinclear merchant in Edinburgh.
1682 March 25 gift of the office of clerk to the Bullion [in the Mint] to Adam Foulis son to Foulis of Ravelstoun.
1682 Sept 18 new gift of the lead mines within the Earldom of Queensberry to William, Earl of Queensberry.
1682 Dec 1 gift of the cocquet of Leith to Robert Douglas merchant there.
1686 March 27 gift of clerkship to the Bullion [in the Mint] to Patrick Johnston of Gornock.
1686 Nov 20 gift of the cocquet master at Montrose to John Graham elder & younger, merchants in Montrose.
1687 Feb 5 gift of 4d. upon every pint of ale & beer brewed & sold within the burgh of Elgin to the Magistrates thereof.
1687 June 7 gift of the clerkship to the cocquet of the shire of Fyfe to Geo Sinclear merchant in Edinburgh.
1688 Jan 5 gift to be clerk to the Bullion [in the Mint] to Mr. John Graham son to David Graham of Gorthy.
1689 April 2 gift of the clerkship of the cocquet at the ports of Atchinsons Haven & Preston Pans to James Oswald of Fingaltown.
1689 Dec 6 gift of the clerkship & keeping of the cocquet seal for the south side of the water of Forth above the Queen's Ferry to Andrew Turnbull merchant in Edinburgh.
1689 Dec 6 gift of the said office for the north side of the water of Forth to the said Andrew Turnbull.
1690 March 7 gift & ratification of the office of General Postmaster to John Blair apothecary in Edinburgh and William Menzies merchant there.
1692 Dec 13 gift of the office of General Receiver of the Bullion money in Scotland to Mr. William Spence, Principal Warden of the Mint.
1694 April 12 gift of the office of clerk to the Bullion to John Graham uncle to the Laird of Gorthy.
1696 April 17 gift of the office of Postmaster of Cockburnspath to Wauchope of Stellencleugh.
1696 July 13 gift of the office of clerk to the cocquet seal at Inverkeithing to John Dundas, son to Geo Dundas surveyor at Leith.
1696 Dec 3 gift of the office of clerk to the Bullion to Hugh Brown, writer in Edinburgh.
1696 Dec 19 gift of the office of clerk to the cocquet at Leith to Geo Kendale merchant there.
1698 Jan 18 gift of the office of cocquet of the port of Montrose to Andrew Craick clerk of the burgh of Montrose.
1698 Feb 28 gift of the office of cocquet [of the port of —] to Sir Robert Anstruther of Wrae.
1699 Feb 9 gift of the office of clerk to the Post Office to John Richardson.
1699 June 21 gift of coal mines & minerals to the Earl of Tullibardine.
1699 Dec 5 gift of the office of Receiver General of the Bullion to Daniel Stuart brother to Sir William Stuart of Castlemilk.
1701 Aug 8 gift of the office of cocquet “to Colin Campbell” [sic? for of the port of Campbeltown] to John Philp.
1702 Jan 8 gift of the office of clerk of the cocquet at Burntisland to Capt. William Baillie.
1702 Sept 9 gift of the office of cocquet keeping at Glasgow to John Philp.
1702 Oct 5 gift of keeping the cocquet [in the port of —] to — Philp.
1702 Dec 7 gift of the office of clerk to the Bullion to James Baird, writer.
1703 March 3 gift of the office of clerk to the cocquet at Kirkcaldy to John White.
1703 March 5 gift of the office of collector of the Bullion to Daniell Stuart.
1703 March 13 gift of the office of collecting the Tunnage to Sir Andrew Home, advocate.
1703 Nov 26 gift of the office of clerk to the Post Office to James Weems, writer in Edinburgh.
1703 Dec 27 gift of the office of Postmaster of Cockburnspath to John Wauchope.
1706 Dec 2 gift of the clerkship of the bullion to William Hamilton, son to the deceased William Hamilton of Dalyell.
1707 Feb 22 confirmation & new gift of the privilege of exporting coal free of custom to Dame Jannet Halket, Lady Pitfiran.
1707 March 12 gift of being collector of the bullion to Daniel Stuart.
1707 March 12 Discharge & tack of the Tenth of the lead ore to Charles, Earl of Hopetoun. Out Letters (North Britain) I, pp. 300–301.
(8f) an account of goods imported for the use of the several manufactories Duty free in one year ended December 1706.
For James Balfour's soapwork at Leith.
63720 pound weight of potashes and 175 cardels of train oil from Dantzic, Holland & Rotterdam in 10 ships & shipments detailed representing a computed Duty of 29l. 0. 1.
For Robert Douglas's soapwork at Leith.
34560 pound weight of potashes & 50 cardels of train oil from the same places in 6 ships & shipments detailed representing a computed Duty of 12l. 7. 9.
For James Renton's soap work at Leith.
10890 pound weight of potashes in one shipment from Dantzic representing a computed Duty of 2l. 14. 5.
For the Pinworks at Glasgow.
414 rings containing 10610 pound weight of brass wire imported from Stockholm in 4 ships & shipments detailed; representing a computed Duty of 26l. 10. 6 in Customs & the like in Excise.
For the Pinwork at Dundee.
20 rings containing 300 pound weight of brass wire from Stockholm in one shipment; representing a computed Duty of 15s. for Customs & 15s. for Excise.
For the Glass Work at Glasgow.
8 casks of clay from Bristol in one shipment: supposed value 4l.: representing a computed Duty of 4s. for Customs & 4s. for Excise.
For the Glass Work at North Leith.
1436 bushels of wood ashes in one shipment representing a computed Duty of 9l. for Customs: and 1536 bushels of ashes clay from London, value 10l.: representing a computed Duty of 10s. for Customs & 10s. for Excise.
For the Glass Work at Morrison's Haven.
184 tons of wood ashes and soap ashes and light ashes imported from London in 4 ships & shipments detailed representing a computed Duty of 26l. 18. 4 for Customs & 2s. for Excise.
For the Glass Work at Preston Grange.
35 tons of wood ashes from London in one shipment: representing a computed Duty of 9l. 5. 0 for Customs & 1l. 10. 0 for Excise.
For the Comb Work at Glasgow.
2700 horns imported in 2 ships & shipments from Dublin: supposed value 19l. 3. 4: representing a computed Duty of 19s. 2d. for Customs.
For the Easter Sugar Work at Glasgow.
192 casks of Panellis sugar containing 186500 pounds weight imported from Liverpool, Bristol, & Whitehaven in 7 ships & shipments detailed: representing a computed Duty of 117l. 14. 1 for Customs & 2l. 10. 0 for Excise.
For the West Sugar Work at Glasgow.
177 casks containing 121320 pound weight of Panellis sugar imported from Bristol & Liverpool in 5 ships & shipments detailed: representing a computed Duty of 75l. 10. 8 for Customs.
For the Sugar Work at Leith.
61 casks containing 33200 pound weight of sugar imported from London in 3 ships & shipments detailed: representing a computed Duty of 25l. 5. 0 for Customs & 7s. for Excise.
For the Card Manufactory at Leith.
2 casks containing 2500 [pound weight] of iron wire and 450,000 of iron tacks: imported from Holland in three ships & shipments detailed: representing a computed Duty of 3l. 19. 2 for Customs & 2l. 1. 8 for Excise.
For the Printing House at Edinburgh.
31 bales containing 1350 reams of paper & some bundles & boxes of type: imported from Lisbon & London in 5 ships & shipments detailed: representing a computed value of 21l. 18. 2 for Customs; 21l. 18. 2 for Excise and 2l. 11. 5 for bullion.
For the Woollen Manufactory at New Milns.
1200 pound weight of hard soap; 160 pounds of iron wire, 70 pounds of pack thread; and 40000 teazles: imported from Holland & London in 3 ships & shipments detailed: representing a computed Duty of 1l. 8. 3 for Customs & 1l. 8. 3 for Excise.
For the Woollen Manufactory at Mussulburgh.
3 gross of pressing papers imported from London in one shipment: representing a computed Duty of 1s. 7d. for Customs & 1s. 7d. for Excise.
For the Rope Work at Glasgow.
207700 pound weight of undressed hemp imported from Dantzic, Riga, Norway, & Archangel in 5 ships & shipments detailed: representing a computed Duty of 62l. 1. 6 for Customs.
For several bookbinders.
unbound books imported in several ships to the value of 395l. 0. 10: representing a computed Duty of 19l. 15. 0 for Customs & 19l. 15. 0 for Excise.
(The full total of Duty in English money is 445l. 17. 8 ½ for Customs, 76l. 6. 0 for Excise & 11l. 5. 0. for bullion.) Out Letters (North Britain) I, pp. 306–7.