Warrant Books: September 1709, 26-30

Pages 371-383

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 23, 1709. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1949.

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September 1709, 26–30

Sept. 26. Letter of direction for 20,000l. to Sir Thomas Littleton, Navy Treasurer: out of money paid into the Exchequer by the Bank of England [on their advance money under the Act 7 Anne, c. 30: which is to be] as part of the supply anno 1709: to be applied as follows: viz.
towards paying ships at Portsmouth and the Nore. 10,000
towards paying the companies of ships lost and taken 10,000
In the margin: “Thus far to Michaelmas 1709.” Disposition Book XX, p. 56.
Sept. 27. Royal warrant dated Windsor Castle to Spencer Compton to pay 5,000l. to John George Hugck “without account; to be applied by him in such manner as we have directed.” Queen's Warrant Book XXIV, p. 142.
Money warrant for 576l. 5s. 0d. to Emanuel Scroop Howe, Envoy Extraordinary to the Princes of Brunswick and Luneburg, for a bill of extraordinaries between 1707–8 Jan. 22 and 1708–9 Jan. 22. (Money order dated Sept. 28 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Sept. 30 hereon.) This letter refers to him as late Envoy &c. and directs the same to be satisfied out of loans to be made by his executors on credit of moneys arising by the sale of her Majesty's tin: the order for repayment of such loans being to be drawn without interest and to be registered on said [tin] fund in order after the loans which by the letter of Sept. 10 supra, p. 357, were to be made thereon by the [several Ambassadors or] public ministers: “and my Lord Treasurer desires that the order and tally for repayment may not be delivered out of the Exchequer till the same shall come in course of payment.” Money Book XX, p. 147. Order Book VII, p. 316. Disposition Book XX, p. 58.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners to repay the Land Tax assessments anno 1709 on officers of the Customs whose salaries do not exceed 60l. per an. Money Book XX, p. 147.
Money warrant for 78l. 6s.d. to Walter Clarke, commander of the Greenhill yacht employed in the service of the Customs at Cowes: as a moiety of the sum of 156l. 12s. 9d. seized by him out of the ship Bourbon, a French man of war, at the Mother Bank, taken by two Zealand privateers, which sum of money is condemned [as prize] and paid into the Exchequer. This reward is granted under the order in Council of 1709 May 19 directing a reward of a moiety to persons seizing “any of the coin of the kingdom which shall be exported or shipped in order thereunto.” (Money order dated Oct. 19 hereon.) Ibid., p. 160. Order Book VII, p. 451. Disposition Book XX, p. 69.
Same for 20l. to Samuell Dassell as a reward for prosecuting and convicting at his own charge Stephen Elliot for running a parcel of Canary [wine] whereby 40l. was recovered of him. (Money order dated Oct. 19 hereon.) Money Book XX, p. 160. Order Book VII, p. 407. Disposition Book XX, p. 57.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt to innovate a lost order of loan No. 651 issued in 1695 in the name of Richard, Earl of Ranelagh, for 100l. on the Duties on Glass, Coals &c. Order Book VII, p. 315.
J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Customs Commissioners. Before the Lord Treasurer received your presentment of Thomas Symonds for tidesman in fee in Plymouth port loco Edward Helmes deceased he had promised the place to Mr. Dunterfeild. You are to present Symonds for the next vacancy at Plymouth. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 118.
Sept. 27. Same to the Salt Commissioners to report on the petition of George Weatherby of Newcastle and Robert Weames of Hartlepool now in prison for fines for unfair dealing in the fishing trade; praying a discharge. Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners to establish the salary of 60l. per an. for Samuel Binks, collector of Portsmouth.
Prefixing: said Commissioners' report on said Binks's petition. The petitioner being one of the Customers of Southampton port and [its creeks and] members was appointed (upon the death of Mr. Weaver) to reside at Portsmouth and take upon him the collection there, but 95l. per an. was retrenched out of the allowance to his said predecessor Weaver, and only the allowance of 30l. per an. was granted him for a clerk upon a supposition that the fees of the office of Customer were more considerable than they have since proved to be. We propose a salary of 60l. per an. for him on the Establishment in consideration of the small profits of his office, the expensiveness of house rent and provisions in said port and his constant attendance and diligence; he having been collector in several ports about 15 years and never had any complaints against him or surcharge on him. Out Letters (Customs) XV, pp. 303–4.
Treasury reference to the Navy Commissioners of the petition of William Francklin, one of the slop sellers of the Navy, shewing that he is in disburse about 24,000l. for that service and can't receive payment thereof pursuant to his contract by reason of the Act of Parliament lately passed relating to the turning over of seamen [4–5 Anne, c. 6, cl. 12, proviso for wages to seamen turned over or turned ashore]: that he is obliged to keep a great stock by him to answer the necessary demands: that Mr. Harnage, the other slop seller, under like circumstances, has received an imprest to enable him to carry on the service: therefore praying the like favour. Reference Book VIII, p. 371.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Jo[h]n Tailer for a lease of several small things in the Duchy of Cornwall which have lain some time in her Majesty's hands and yielded no profit above the old rents; and likewise an extension of term in three other tenements, he having the present tenants' consent: and that same may be without fine in consideration of his service at Woodstock [Blenheim Palace building] Works. Ibid.
Same to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of William Ellis shewing that he formerly made great quantities of malt and paid Duties for same but of late has had great losses and is arrested for an arrear of 12l. to the Queen and is a prisoner in the county gaol of Northampton: therefore praying discharge “that he may not be starved in prison.” Ibid., p. 372.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of certain premises (part of a very great number of acres lying in Norfolk, Suffolk, Flint and Chester granted in 1636 April 10 to John Vanhaesdonck in consideration of 10,000l. and for reserve rents of, in all, 166l. 13s. 4d. per an.): in order to a lease thereof to Edmund Bentley.
Prefixing: said Surveyor General's report dated May 20 last on said Bentley's petition. Bentley offers to prove the Crown title at his own charge. The lands were chiefly marsh and derelict, to be drained and embanked at the charge of the grantee in said grant of 1636; which he accordingly did or the greatest part of them and made contracts of leases with undertenants for many hundred of acres thereof. Upon search in the proper offices I do not find that the reserve rents were ever answered to the Crown, nor indeed could it well be expected they should, the same being never put in charge, the penalty for not enrolling the grant before the Auditor being only 40l. per an. I am informed that Vanhaesdonck made sale of several parts of the premises, but that which the petitioner proposes to discover now for the Crown is only what remained in his [Vanhaesdonck's] possession at the time of his death above 20 years since and which (as he states the case and offers to prove at his own charge) are in the opinion of Sir Edward Northey, the late Attorney General, returned or escheated back to the Crown, all the relations left of the said Vanhaesdonck being aliens and the lands left neglected to [go to] common since his death. On a commission out of the Exchequer an office will be found at petitioner's expense of entitling her Majesty to the escheat and thereupon a constat may be grounded and the premises rated in order to a lease to him. Warrants not Relating to Money XX, pp. 456–7.
Sept. 27. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt to compound with Sir Richard Allen et al., the sureties of Samuel Pacy deceased late Receiver General for Co. Suffolk, for their proportions totalling 4,850l. in all ut supra, p. 368, of said Pacy's debt to the Crown: all pursuant to the Act of last Session in that behalf.
Prefixing: report by the Agents for Taxes dated Westminster, Agents' Office, 27 August 1709 on the petition of said Allen et al. Ibid., pp. 457–61.
Same by same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of three tenements in West Ham or Stratton Langton [Stratford Langthorn] Co. Essex in order to a lease thereof to William Forster.
Prefixing. said Surveyor General's report on said Forster's petition for same. The last lease 1685–6 Jan. 24 was to Nicholas Aris in trust for his brother Thomas Aris, whose widow Sarah has devised to the petitioner. Ibid., pp. 468–9.
Same by same to same for a particular of premises (lands and tenements in Walton Co. Surrey and also the manor of Walton Leigh) in order to a lease thereof to Sir William Robinson.
Prefixing: said Surveyor's report on said Robinson's petition for same. Petitioner's title derives in part from leases from the late Queen Dowager, to wit a lease of date 1696–7 March 17 of certain lands and tenements in Walton to Henry Coningham and Mary, Baroness of Shelborne [said Coningham's wife]: the said lease being for 17 years from 1709 Michaelmas which was the determination of a former lease thereof to Sir Thomas Williams, Thomas Skepwith and William Rook Esq.: both which terms are come to this petitioner by mesne assignments. The manor of Walton Leigh in Surrey was granted by Charles II. 1662–3 Feb. 28 (with the scite of the manor formerly bought of Giles Leigh) to Jerome then Earl of Portland in reversion of a prior grant to Christopher, Earl of Anglesea made in 4 Car. I. The remainder of this term is likewise come to this petitioner. I have no survey which doth distinguish the value of the lands in Walton from other lands of the Queen [Dowager] there. The last fine on renewal was but 35l. and I think the new lease may pass on a fine of 30l. at the old rent of 1l. 14s. 5d. [per an.].
The manor of Walton Leigh and the lands and other things held by indenture as aforesaid from Charles II. for 21 years to come at Michaelmas next are valued by the Parliament Survey at 98l. per an. above the reserved rent. But there being some improvements made therefore I think a new lease on surrender may be valued at a fine of 150l. continuing the same rent of 24l. 5s. 2d. a year. Ibid., pp. 466–7.
Sept. 27. Re-issue of a letter of 1708 May 1 from Treasurer Godolphin to the Lord Lieutenant ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXII, p. 225, desiring a report on the petition of Mary de Lisle, the original letter having been lost. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 24.
Treasurer Godolphin to same to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Lewis Payzant, a French Protestant, praying a pension on the Irish Establishment. Ibid., p. 117.
Same to same to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Elizabeth, Countess of Thanet, praying that her pension of 300l. a year on the Establishment of Ireland during pleasure may be granted to her for 21 years to enable her to discharge several debts and encumbrances. Ibid., p. 120.
Sept. 28. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Navy Commissioners from and after Xmas next to direct the payment of all interest accrued on any Navy and Victualling Bills for any number of years accruing thereon and for any number of months (not less than three) similarly accruing thereon [in future] to all persons applying to be paid the same before the said Bills come in course to be paid: all by reason that notwithstanding the good order that is established and practised for paying the said Bills and the interest accruing thereon, the said Bills do yet continue at a very high discount to the dishonour of the public credit and to her Majesty's great loss and damage in all contracts, agreements and other transactions in the Navy and Victualling that have [received] their immediate payment and satisfaction in the said Bills: wherefore the Lord Treasurer has had it under consideration and is of opinion that it will much contribute to the lowering of the said discount if the said accruing interest be paid quarterly as the persons possessing the said Bills shall from time to time apply for the satisfying of such interest, in place of the method now practised under which such accrued interest is only paid when the Bills themselves come in course to be paid. In the meantime [between now and Xmas next] you the said Commissioners are to consider and agree upon such rules and methods to be settled in the performance of this service as may render the same safe, easy and practicable both for the paying of the said interest and for the passing and allowing same in the Navy Treasurer's ledger account. Money Book XX, p. 150.
Sept. 29 Royal warrant dated Windsor Castle to John Brewer, Receiver General of Prizes, to pay 6,000l. into the Exchequer out of the money remaining in his hands as late Receiver General for Prizes. Queen's Warrant Book XXIV, p. 145.
Royal sign manual for 1,035l. to Sir Richard Onslow, Speaker of the House of Commons, for 207 days March 1 last to Sept. 24 inst. on the usual allowance of 5l. a day as Speaker. (Money warrant dated Oct. 6 hereon.) (Money order dated Oct. 14 hereon.) Ibid., p. 145. Order Book VII, p. 318. Disposition Book XX, p. 66.
Same for 20,000l. to the Duchess of Marlborough, Keeper of the Privy Purse: for the service of the Privy Purse and for Healing medals: without account. (Money warrant dated Oct. 6 hereon.) (Money order dated Oct. 14 hereon.) Queen's Warrant Book XX, p. 146. Order Book VII, p. 320.
Same for 550l. to John Anstis. 500l. thereof to be paid to Thomas Rymer, the Queen's Historiographer, and Awnsham Churchill, bookseller according to the articles of agreement between said Anstis and them for transcribing a tenth volume of 'Leagues and Treaties' extracted from ancient records by the said Rymer and printing 250 copies thereof: and the remaining 50l. for binding the same: and further 21l. 17s. 6d. for the Exchequer fees thereon. (Money warrant dated Oct. 6 hereon.) (Money order dated Oct. 19 hereon.) Queen's Warrant Book XXIV p. 147. Order Book VII, p. 334.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to Spencer Compton to pay as follows as her Majesty's free gift and royal bounty “pursuant to her Majesty's pleasure to me signified.”
William Hamill 100
Countess Dowager of Marlborough 50
James Vezian. Alexander Carlton, John Newman, Robert Rawlins 30l. each 120
Widow Dickenson, Edith College, Mary Purdon, Mary Cletlet. 20l. each, Charles Palmer 10l. 90
Money Book XX, p. 151.
Money warrant for 273l. to Capt. James Jefferys (whom her Majesty has directed to attend the King of Sweden as a Volunteer in his Army) to wit for nine months from 1708 Aug. 24 to 1709 May 24 on his allowance of 20s. a day for his ordinary entertainment therein. (Money order dated Oct. 18 hereon.) Ibid., p. 153. Order Book VII, p. 320. Disposition Book XX, p. 69.
Letter of direction for issues as follows, making 105,662l. 10s. 0d. in all: out of the further Supply in [the form of] Exchequer Bills for the service of 1709 which the Bank of England has agreed to circulate: viz.
£ s. d.
to Sir Thomas Littleton, the Navy Treasurer.
under the head of Wages: for paying ships at Portsmouth and the Nore and at [the Navy Office in] Broad Street 20,000 0 0
for pay to Flag Officers to Xmas 1707 9,897 10 0
for pilots on their bills to Xmas 1708 22,163 10 5
[under the head of Ordinary] for the Ordinary of the Navy generally 10,000 0 0
under the head of Wear and Tear and is to be applied to pay bills of exchange for the Victualling, the rate of 19s. per man per month out of the funds of this year for the Victualling being completed 10,976 9 7
£73,037 10 0
to John Howe, Paymaster General of the Guards and Garrisons, in further part for anno 1709 for same.
for 33 days' subsistence from Sept. 22 inst. to Oct. 24 next for the Troops and Regiments in Great Britain 20,889 12 8
for 61 days' subsistence from Aug. 24 last to Oct. 23 next for the Battalion of Guards in Holland 4,656 7 3
to six months' subsistence from June 25 last to Dec. 22 next for the Company at Bermudas 330 14 2
in further part for the 5,000 men for sea service.
for the same 33 days' subsistence for the several Regiments of this Establishment 3,442 4 4
for the like subsistence for the Officers of Brigadier Handasyde's Regiment in England 266 5 1
for levy money for recruiting the said Regiment: upon account 300 0 0
to satisfy Col. Vethe's [Col. Samuel Vetch's] bill of exchange drawn from New York the 29th June last for special service 2,389 16 6
£32,275 0 0
to Thomas Micklethwayte, Treasurer for the Transport Service.
to complete (together with 8l. 8s. 1d. to be issued out of loans in the Exchequer on the Reversionary Funds in the General Mortgage) the sum of 358l. 8s. 1d. which is to be paid over to Edmund Dummer on his contract for transporting recruits in his several pacquet boats from Plymouth and Bideford to Jamaica for the Regiments of Col. Handasyde and Col. Jones, between 1708 July 1 and 1709 Aug. 19: viz. 108 recruits for Handasyde's Regiment and 17 recruits for Jones's Regiment 350 0 0
Disposition Book XX, pp. 59–60.
Sept. 29. Letter of direction for 198,562l. 10s. 0d. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: out of the further supply of Exchequer Bills as above: and is to be applied to services as follows: viz.
in part of 901,827l. 13s. 6d. for the 40,000 men anno 1707.
for subsistence upon account for the Subject Troops and [full] pay to the Foreign Troops of this body from Oct. 24 next to Nov. 23 next 35,000 0 0
in part of 177,511l. 3s. 6d. for the 10,000 additional Troops anno 1709.
for the same month's subsistence to the Subject Troops and full pay to the Foreign Troops of this body 15,736 17
in part of 34,251l. 13s. 4d. for the 3,000 Palatines anno 1709.
for two thirds (being her Majesty's share) of the pay of the said Palatines employed in the service of her Majesty and her Allies: to wit for the same month 2,854 6
in part of 43,251l. 12s. 6d. for 4,639 Saxons anno 1709.
for her Majesty's proportion (being a moiety) of the said month's pay for the said Saxons anno 1709 employed in the like service 2,604 6
in part of 9,269l. 16s. 6d. for Bothmar's Regiment of Dragoons anno 1709.
for her Majesty's share of the same month's pay of this Regiment in the service of her Majesty and the States General 772 9
in part of 220,000l. for the Troops of Augmentation anno 1709.
for her Majesty's proportion of a month's subsidy from 15 Sept. inst. to Oct. 15 next to the King of Prussia for maintaining 6,205 Troops of Augmentation in the service of her Majesty and her Allies in the Low Countries anno 1709 according to the new Treaty: to wit 60,000 guilders, making in sterling 5,714 5 9
for her Majesty's share of the same month's pay to the Saxon Troops of Augmentation 3,800 5 9
for her Majesty's share of same month's pay to a Regiment of the Elector of Trèves taken into the service of her Majesty in the Low Countries anno 1709 as part of the Troops of Augmentation 2,805 16
in part of 1,081,083l. 0s. 4d. for the Forces in Spain and Portugal anno 1709.
for subsistence from June 24 last to Nov. 23 next for the Foot Regiments of Hamilton, Sutton, Wynne, Strathnaver and Grant 22,608 6 0
for subsistence to the Earl of Galway's Regiment of Dragoons and the Foot Regiments of Barrimore, Paston, Peirce, Newton, Sankey, Stanwix and Carle in Portugal and those of Watkins and Elliot at Gibraltar: and is (together with 14,001l. 7s. 6d. directed Aug. 31 last supra, p. 323) to complete 28,002l. 15s. 0d. for two months' subsistence to Oct. 23 next 14,001 7 6
to answer several bills of exchange drawn by Mr. Mead, the Deputy Paymaster at Barcelona, for value taken up there for the subsistence and other uses of her Majesty's Forces at Catalonia: which bills were all due on or before Sept. 22 inst. 9,106 3
to answer a bill of exchange drawn by Messrs. Vanderheyden and Drummond Aug. 2 last for the value of 100,000 livres advanced upon their credit to Col. Arnot at Paris for clearing the subsistence of the Officers and soldiers of her Majesty's Forces who are prisoners [in France] and for paying debts contracted on their quarters in France 7,470 8 7
to answer a bill of exchange drawn from Turin July 17 last new style by John Chetwynd, her Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary to the Duke of Savoy, for value of 31124.3 pieces of Eight taken up by him there for the use of her Majesty's Forces in Spain at 60 pence sterling per piece of Eight 7,781 3 0
in part of 553,845l. 13s. 4d. for subsidies to the Allies anno 1709.
for three months to Oct. 4 next on the subsidy to the King of Prussia 12,500 0 0
for same to Sept. 15 inst. to the King of Denmark 9,375 0 0
for same to Sept. 24 inst. to the Landgrave of Hesse according to the old Treaty 1,488 1 10½
for six months to Nov. 30 next to the said Landgrave on the subsidy for maintaining two Regiments of Horse for the service of her Majesty and the States General according to a new Treaty 7,936 1 0
for three months to Sept. 24 inst. on the subsidy to the Elector Palatine 1,190 9
for the like on the subsidy to the Elector of Trèves 1,488 1 10½
for the agio, bread and forage of 12,000 Prussians serving in the Netherlands for the months of August, Sept. and Oct. 1709 viz. 2,670l. 2s.d. for their agio, 1,822l. 13s. 6d. for bread and 5,993l. 11s.d. for forage 10,486 7
for two months, Sept. and Oct. 1709 on the subsidy to the King of Portugal, to wit 83,333 milreis 333 reis to be remitted by Sir Henry Furnese: and is computed at the rate of 51½ pence sterling to the Crown or 682/3 pence sterling to the milrei, according to said Furnese's proposal of Dec. 9 last 23,842 11 10
£198,562 10 0
Disposition Book XX, pp. 60–2.
Sept. 29. J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to Mr. Walpole. It is the Queen's pleasure that an addition be made to the pension of 40l. per an. payable to the widow of Col. Edward Thornycroft. Please propose to my Lord Treasurer how it may best be done and what addition you think reasonable with respect to the merits of her husband and her own low circumstances. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 118.
Report to the Queen by Treasurer Godolphin on the petition of Samuel Shepheard and others, merchants of London, concerning a ship bound for Malaga with a quantity of bisket on board with the passes annexed relating thereto. I have referred same to the Customs Commissioners and submit their report thereon.
Appending: said Commissioners' report. By order in Council of May 19 last her Majesty's subjects are strictly prohibited from exporting all sorts of corn to any ports or places whatsoever within the dominions of her declared enemies, who being in great distress for the want thereof used all possible means to get themselves supplied from her Majesty's dominions, insomuch that there was reason to believe that they had received corn by the way of Spain: and by advice of the Queen's Counsel the Customs officers have taken security for all corn laden for exportation that the same shall not be put into the enemy's hands, as being declared a contraband commodity. According in the Queen's pass for suffering the Rising Sun, the ship in question, to trade to and from Malaga she is restrained from carrying out any corn amongst other contraband goods. In our opinion the bisket in question is as much for the support of the enemy as corn and equally prohibited. “But whether there may be the same reason now to hinder the exportation either of corn or bisket as at the time of the said Order in Council, or whether the reasons assigned by the petitioners for the importation of wine from Spain, to the advantage of this [the Customs] revenue will more than countervail their supply of the enemy with this biskett from hence is humbly submitted.” Warrants not Relating to Money XX, p. 464.
Sept. 29. Warrant by same to the Excise Commissioners to permit Capt. Wilson, Joshua Hathorne, Joshua Wilson, Charles Kent, Richard Marsh, Mary Platt, William Tryon, Robert Helmes, Samuell Bernard, George Moores, Richard Elletson, John Wilkinson and John Blake merchants to reduce to proof the rum imported by them above proof, and make post entries thereof and thereupon to pay single Duty thereon.
Prefixing: report by said Commissioners on the petition of said merchants. Ibid., p. 465.
Subscription by same for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated this day to John Charleton, Master of the Jewel Office, for the provision of a gold cup of the value of 100l. for her Majesty's plate at the next meeting at Newmarket “and that you [Charleton] carry it down with you to Newmarket.” Ibid., p. 472.
The like of a same to same of this day's date for the provision of a new staff for the officer of her Majesty's Horse Guards in Waiting: to an estimate of 12l. Ibid.
[?] The like of a same, undated, to the Master of the Great Wardrobe, for the delivery to William Russell, Chaplain to the Garrison at Gibraltar, for the use of her Majesty's Chaplain there, of a large Bible, a Common Prayer Book for the desk, two ditto for the altar, and 12 ditto in quarto for the officers, two surplices, two lining [linen] cloths for the altar and two napkins: to an estimate of 36l. 10s. 0d. Ibid.
Sept. 29. The like of a same dated Sept. 27 inst. to same for mending and varnishing the frames of all the arm chairs, stools and forms in her Majesty's apartment at St. James's and for lining the white hangings there: to an estimate of 80l. Ibid., pp. 474–5.
The like of a same dated Sept. 27 inst. to same for the delivery to George Davanant, Yeoman of her Majesty's Removing Wardrobe, of 20 yards of black bayes for her Majesty's service; 4 pairs of brass candlesticks for the Yeomen of the Guard at St. James's and Windsor; 2 umbrellas for Mrs. Ransford's lodgings and 2 bedsteads for the Wardrobe Office: to an estimate of 24l. Ibid., p. 475.
The like of a same dated Sept. 27 inst. to same for taking down the white cloth hangings at St. James's and washing them if they want it “and also that the hangings of all the rooms there be [made to reach] from the underpart of the cornish to the surbase; that the window shutters and mouldings round the windows and seats of the windows, the doors and door cases, passages and marble chimney pieces be uncovered; the tables, stands and all the chair frames to be black; the chairs to be covered that the frames may be seen; the cabinets to remain as they are unless they be black; the pictures over the doors and chimneys to be covered; and the fire skreens and other skreens to remain covered.” Ibid.
Sept. 29. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to Edward Wilcox, Surveyor General of Woods Trent South, to clean and repair the drains in Bushey and Middle Park at Hampton Court and to build bridges &c. as follows: all out of the sale of dotard timber.
Prefixing: report by said Wilcox. I have surveyed Bushey and Middle Park. For want of the drains being kept open great part of both parks is become boggy and full of rushes, all which after the said drains were made, and some cleaned, by the late King's command in 1696 and 1700 but never since, was become as good ground as any in the said parks. Laying the ground dry by cleansing the old drains and making some few others is the only way to kill the rushes and raise good grass in place of them besides making the places passable in the winter which at present are not. This will cost 150l. they being near 3,000 rod and none under three feet wide and some very large. There are likewise several bridges of timber quite rotted and broken down. They should be made of brick. This will cost 35l. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, pp. 2–3.
Same by same to the Customs Commissioners to observe (a) infra.
Prefixing: (a) Order of the Queen in Council dated Windsor Sept. 26 appointing the Isle of Grain to be the place for the opening and airing of the goods out of Baltic ships doing quarantine under the order of Sept. 16 [sic] inst. supra, p. 362: and further extending the said order of Sept. 16 inst. to the outports of Great Britain: and further that her Majesty's ships of war assist the Customs officers herein. Out Letters (Customs) XV, pp. 200–2.
Same to same to observe (a) infra.
Prefixing: (a) Order of the Queen in Council dated Windsor Sept. 26 for the Customs Commissioners to treat with the Earl of Tenham [sic for Lord Teynham] or other owner relating to the place called the Salt Pans in the Isle of Grain with the wharf, warehouses and other conveniences there [for the use thereof for the abovesaid opening &c. of quarantine goods] upon this extraordinary occasion. Ibid., p. 202.
Royal warrant dated Windsor Castle to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to pay to Lady Mary, widow of William late Lord Blaney so much as the sum of 20s. a day amounts to for the period 1693 April 1 to 1695 March 25 during which said Lord Blaney was Governor of the fort, town and county of Sligo without receiving any pay for same; but from the said 25 March 1695 he received 20s. a day for same: the said Lady Blaney being left with four small children and very little to maintain them. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 118.
Same to same for an allowance of 10s. a day from 30 June 1702 to 4 June 1703 and from 1705 April 9 to 1709 June 24 to Col. William Coward for half pay as a Captain of Dragoons: and for placing the said allowance of half pay on the Establishment of Ireland for the future as from June 24 last until he be provided for otherwise: his said half pay having been discontinued for the above broken periods on account of his going volunteer in Spain, then renewed by the Duke of Ormonde's command at Coward's return and then again discontinued on said Duke's giving him a commission of Lieut. Col. to a Regiment of Guards intended to be raised for the service of Ireland, which Regiment not being raised he was disappointed thereof and also deprived of said half pay. Ibid., p. 119.
Sept. 29. Treasurer Godolphin to same enclosing a letter [missing] from Josiah Burchett, Secretary of the Admiralty, together with the copy of a report made by Sir Charles Hedges, Judge of the Admiralty, touching the Admiralty jurisdiction in the Province of Munster and a violation and encroachment thereupon particularly in a case of some wines and vinegar condemned in the Admiralty Court here [London] as enemy goods, for which a pretended claim has been set up there and a Replevin brought at Common Law. Please give directions to the Attorney and Solicitor General of Ireland to defend her Majesty's right in the premises and the jurisdiction of the Admiralty in Ireland by all lawful ways and means. Ibid., p. 120.
Royal warrant dated Windsor Castle to same for a pension or half pay of 2s. a day to Lieut. Theophilus D'Andre on the list of French pensioners on the Establishment of Ireland in regard he is by the climate and wounds received in Portugal disabled from further service: and in his place another French pensioner, Lieut. Jean Bonabell, is ordered to go to Portugal: the said D'Andre's pension to commence from such time as the pension of said Bonabell shall cease or be taken off the Establishment [on said Bonabell's said return to active service]. Ibid., p. 122.
Sept. 30. Allowance by Treasurer Godolphin of the salary bills of the Excise and Malt Office for 1709 Michaelmas quarter: total 6,431l. 0s.d. Money Book XX, p. 151.