Appendix No. 2: Miscellaneous, 1710

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 24, 1710. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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Miscellaneous, 1710

1709 and 1710.
William Ashurst: Comptroller and Accomptant of Stamp Duties: petition upon occasion of the new rates [or Duties] upon Apprentices being put under the comptrol of the Solicitor per Commissioners of Stamps. [No minute entered.] [The Stamps Commissioners' draft of rules for working the new Duties on Apprentices was approved by Treasurer Godolphin on the 21st April 1710. Treasury Minute Book XVII, p. 123. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, pp. 82–3. The paper here in question must be subsequent to that date. In the Treasury Board Papers CCXII, No. 30, under date ? April 1717, there is a paper relative to a memorial presented by Mr. Ashurst, the Comptroller of the Duties on Stamps. This memorial may have been an attempt on Ashurst's part to reopen the question of the control of the Apprentices' Duties on the occasion of the death of John Montague, Register and Comptroller and Accomptant of the Duties on Apprentices.]
Attorney General's clerks: petition for their usual fees [no minute entered]. [? 7 Nov. 1709 see Reference Book VIII, p. 375.]
Mr. Astell: about the ship Adriana: with a letter from Mr. Burchet by order of the Lord High Admiral. [No minute entered.] [? 6 Oct. 1709 see Treasury Board Papers CXVI, No. 26.]
Nehemiah Arnold: [petition] to be appointed Paymaster of the 1,500,000l. Lottery. [No minute entered.]
Mr. Anderson's proposal. [No minute entered.]
Sir Richard Allen's petition is read 19 June 1710. Referred to the Agents for Taxes.
James Anderson: his petition to be restored to his place of Quartermaster in Count Nassau's Regiment. [No minute entered.]
Lieut. Lewis Armand [his petition] for half pay in Fontjulian's Regiment. [No minute entered.]
Capt. Edward Ashe's petition about what is due to him in the Marine service. [No minute entered.]
William Attwood, late Chief Justice of New York, [his] petition for his arrears: with the Attorney General's report [thereon]. Read 1 Aug. 1710. It's my Lords' opinion that this matter should remain as it is till the Queen receive the representation from the Governor.
The [Taxes] Agents' account [is read] shewing the difference in the taxes paid for several Offices in the year 1693 and 1708. [No minute entered.]
Burrage Angier [his] petition for a landwaiter's place. [No minute entered.] T 4/17, p. 1.
The widow of Lieutenant General Brudenal [petition] for a pension towards her support.
15 June 1709: referred to Mr. Walpole. [No minute entered.] [See Reference Book VIII, p. 367.]
Walter Brough [petition] for payment of his son's [James Brough] arrears as late a Lieutenant in Lord Charlemont's Regiment: with the [Army Accounts] Comptroller's report thereupon: being read to my Lord Treasurer, [my Lord Treasurer thereupon made the following minute]: "The Comptrollers report that the petitioner's son is overpaid. The dispute about his pay is between private persons and my Lord will not intermeddle with it." [For the original petition see Reference Book VIII, p. 327, under date 21 Aug. 1708. The Comptrollers' report dated 1 Dec. 1708 is preserved in the Treasury Board Papers CX, No. 42, and is endorsed with the minute: "3 June 1709 Mr. Tilson to speak with Mr. Gardiner about the hardship of the petitioner's case in being put to law." Neither this minute nor that above quoted is entered in the Treasury Minute Book.]
Thomas Baker, late Assistant Secretary to the Prize Office, [his petition is read] praying an employment in the Customs when a vacancy shall happen. "1st July 1709: recommended [by the Lord Treasurer] for the first vacancy he is qualified for." [See Reference Book VIII, p. 363, under date 1 July 1709. This minute is not entered in the Treasury Minute Book.]
John Bowen, a tidesman in London port, [his petition praying] to be rewarded for his service in discovering frauds in the late Norway Office. "1st July 1709: referred to the Customs Commissioners." [For this petition see Reference Book VIII, p. 363. It is there minuted as follows: "Referred to the Commissioners of the Customs who are to consider the same and report to his Lordship a true state of the petitioner's case together with their opinion thereupon: which in the absence of Mr. Lowndes is signified by J. Taylour." This minute is not entered in the Treasury Minute Book.]
Thomas Brougham, Receiver [General of Taxes in] Cumberland: his petition for payment of his extraordinary disbursements: [this petition is now] reported [upon] by the Agents for Taxes. [No minute entered.] [For the original petition see Reference Book VIII, p. 291, under date 29 Jan. 1707–8, and Money Book XIX, p. 185, under date 28 Feb. 1707–8.]
Robert Beddoe: petition about the Privy Garden door leading into Channel Row. [No minute entered.] [See in Treasury Board Papers CXXXV a possibly later petition endorsed with a Treasury minute of date 4 July 1711, which does not appear in the Treasury Minute Book.]
John Broughton, Chaplain to the Duke of Marlborough: petition. [No minute entered.]
William Borrett's account of disbursements on Dr. Sacheverell's trial. [No minute entered.] [See Reference Book VIII, p. 425, under date 21 Sept. 1710 for a probably subsequent petition.]
Widow [Hannah] Brown's petition [praying] to be discharged of 390l. 17s. 6d. on her husband's account as an Engineer in Spain: [being] referred to the Lord Treasurer by an order in Council. [No minute entered.] [See a later petition in Treasury Board Papers CLVIII, No. 41, under date 9 Feb. 1712–13 containing copy of warrant of 10 Mar. 1710–11 for 100l. per an. to the deceased.]
John Bethune, Collector at Dundee: petition. [No minute entered.]
Joseph Bentley, Collector at Lancaster: petition. [No minute entered.]
Phillip Bertie, late Gentleman Usher: petition. [No minute entered.]
Lord Bophin: petition about his forfeited estate. [No minute entered.]
Mary Brooks et al. owners [of the] ship Joseph: petition. [No minute entered.] [See Treasury Board Papers CXIII, No. 27, under date 23 March 1708–9 a letter asking that the case of Widow Brooke in relation to the ship Joseph may be laid before the Lord Treasurer.]
John Brown, adm[inistrator] of Lieut. Ball: petition. [No minute entered.]
Mark Bingham, an Admiralty Agent [for London and Rochester under Dodd and Warters, Officers of the Prizes]. Mess. Dodd and Warters' report on his petition. [No minute entered.] [For the petition in question see Reference Book VIII, p. 405, under date 11 May 1710.]
Barbara Banks: petition for continuance of her husband's pension. [No minute entered.]
Duke of Bolton: memorial for the keepers of New Forest [for their] salaries. [No minute entered.]
John Berresford [his] petition to be advanced to the superior list of tidesmen in London port. [No minute entered.]
Capt. Geo. Beavour [his] petition about prizes taken by the Antelope. [No minute entered.]
Peter Blundell: the Order in Council about lodging the Morocco Ambassador. [No minute entered.]
Thos. Byerley, Collector and Receiver General of New York: with Mr. Blathwayt's report about his salary. [No minute entered.]
Col. Geo. Burston [his petition] about his losses in Spain. Read 19 June 1710. My Lord will speak with Mr. Walpole about the petitioner.
[The Customs Commissioners'] presentment is read [about] two boatmen at Bristol to be altered. Read 19 June 1710 and agreed to.
William Blathwaite's Representation relating to her Majesty's casual revenue in Barbados. Read 1 Aug. 1710. Make a representation of this for the Queen and Council. T 4/17, p. 25.
Isabella Chater [her petition] for her Majesty's bounty towards her support. Read 8 May 1709.Dismissed.
Col. Chas. Churchill's Officers of his Regiment [their petition] to have the respits taken off their respective Companies; and about the charge on them for tents and arms. 18 May 1709.Referred to Mr. Brydges and Mr. Walpole.
Thomas Code, surgeon at Falmouth [his petition] for 25l. per an. for taking care of landmen set on shore there. Read 25 June 1709. Ordered.
Col. Churchill's Regiment [petition] about arms delivered back [to the Ordnance]: with the Ordnance [Office] report [thereon]. Read July 18. My Lord says that the Officers of the Ordnance should take care that Mr. Langhorn be charged with these arms and tents: and the value of them [is] to be allowed [to] the Regiment.
John Cuncliffe's petition for his charges in prosecuting Capt. Wheatly: with Mr. Borret's report. [No minute entered.]
Widow Ann Christian her memorial. [No minute entered.]
Lord Clifford et al. petition about [a grant of the] Lot and Cope of Wirksworth. [No minute entered.]
Thos. Chambers, a prisoner for frauds in the Salt Duties, his petition, with the report from the Salt Commissioners. [No minute entered.]
John Coxall, Receiver of [Taxes for] Co. Lincoln, [his petition] for his extraordinary disbursements [as] reported by the Taxes Agents. [No minute entered.]
Widow Frances Cotton [her petition] for her Majesty's bounty [No minute entered.]
Widow Ann Christian [her] petition for a pension. [No minute entered.]
Everard Cater [his] petition for a stop to be put to the payment of Mr. Crow's salary. Withdrawn 28 June 1710.
The memorial of the clothiers of the Forces in Spain and Flanders. [No minute entered.]
Thos. Carbonnall recommended by Mr. Eyles to be broker to the Treasury. [No minute entered.]
Saml. Clerk [his petition] for a place: recommended by Earl Wharton. [No minute entered.]
Robt. Cuming recommended by Dr. Robinson for a Queen's waiter's place [London port]. Read June 19 as being recommended by Dr. Robinson my Lord shall be inclined to favour him but there is no vacancy now.
William Collins recommended by Sir Jo. Mordaunt for a landwaiter's place. Read June 19. My Lord says he is very sorry he can't do this, but shall be very willing to take his recommendation upon another opportunity.
Edward Crofts presented to be waiter for the Four and a Half per cent. Duty at Bridge Town in Barbados. Read 19 June 1710. Agreed to.
Edith College [her petition] for some relief. Read 19 June 1710.
Edmund Clark his petition to be restored to his place of Commissioner for Hackney Coaches. [My Lord orders] the petitioner's nephew, at present a Commissioner [of Hackney Coaches], to come to the Treasury and give his answer to the petition. His answer is on the back of the petition.
Cha. Carkesse [his petition] about 14,541l. in deposit of Prizage [Wine] Duty. [No minute entered.]
The widow of Major Collingwood [her] memorial for payment of his arrears. [No minute entered.]
John Clark [his] memorial for a stamper's place: with the Stamps Commissioners' report [thereon]. [No minute entered.]
The Canary merchants' case. [No minute entered.]
Mr. Cochran's memorial relating to the Customs in Scotland. [No minute entered.]
Thomas Carr, laceman, his petition. [No minute entered.]
Alexander Carleton's petition for the arrears due to William Beach. [No minute entered.]
Elenor Conway [her] petition for her Majesty's bounty. [No minute entered.]
Col. Colchester's letter about abuses in Dean Forest. [No minute entered.]
The Commissioners for [assessing] Land Taxes for the palaces of Whitehall &c. [their] representation. [No minute entered.]
Messrs. Campbell and Englis [their] memorial about making of salt. [No minute entered.] Ibid., p. 49.
Cha. Crosley, surgeon, and Mr. Howe's report [thereon]. [No minute entered.] Ibid., p. 50.
Sir Robt. Dashwood [his petition] to have other rents conveyed to him to the yearly value of 20l. in lieu of fee farm rents fallen short [of their expected yield] in Co. Notts. [Read] 15 June 1709. Referred to the Auditor of [Crown Lands in] Co. Notts.
William Denison recommended to the Agents for Taxes for a Surveyor's place of the Duty on Houses. 30 June 1709. Recommend him [to the Agents for Taxes] for the first vacancy that happens.
George Dodington: account of money disbursed in the Treaty of Union. [No minute entered.]
Capt. Delom's petition about settling a manufacture in the Isle of Scilly: with Mr. Auditor Godolphin's report thereupon. [No minute entered.]
Martha D'audibert D'Lussan [her] petition. [No minute entered.]
Charles Dartiquenave, Paymaster of Works, [his petition] about the additional allowance paid to the Auditors [of Imprests] on passing his accounts. [No minute entered.]
The Earl of Dorset's memorial about his salary as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. [No minute entered.]
Walter Delamer [his memorial]. [No minute entered.]
Lieut. Col. Dupuy [his] memorial in behalf of himself and other Officers that have attended the Queen's service at Portsmouth. [No minute entered.]
Richard Deacon and Thos. Travers [their] petition: [together] with Dodd and Warter's report thereupon and Sir Cha. Hedges' [? letter]. Read 19 June 1710. Agreed.
Sir David Dalrymple's letter. [No minute entered.]
[The] eight doorkeepers of the House of Lords [their] petition. Read 19 June 1710. [My Lord orders] a warrant for 50l. for the last Sessions.
Droitwich salt proprietors: [their] case. [No minute entered.]
[The] Danish East India ship: the Customs Commissioners' report thereupon. Read 19 June 1710. My Lord approves the report.
John Daukes, a watchman, [his petition] presented [praying] to resign to his son. Read 19 June 1710. Ordered.
Joseph Dodds [his] petition: [together] with Hen. Baker's report. [No minute entered.] T 4/17, p. 73.
Jo[h]n Essington, proposal for a liberty to coin yearly 25 ton of copper into copper farthings and halfpence, alleging the want of such species and the perfection he hath brought British copper to. Read 23 May 1709. My Lord can do nothing in this.
Lady Everard's petition for her husband's extraordinary disbursements as Receiver General for Essex [same being] reported [on] by the Agents for Taxes. [No minute entered.]
Talbot Edwards [his] memorial [praying] to be First Engineer. Withdrawn 17 June 1710.
Michael East [his] proposal for farming the Penny Post: [together] with the Postmaster General's report [thereon]. Read 19 June 1710. My Lord agrees to the report.
Sir Robert Eden's letter about his son. [No minute entered.]
Francis Ellison [his] petition for a tidesman's place. [No minute entered.]
Samuel Edwyn, Usher of the Exchequer Court [his] memorial about providing the Lottery tickets and other necessaries relating to that [Lottery] affair: [together] with the Lottery Commissioners' report [thereon]. Read 12 July 1710. My Lord agrees that Mr. Edwyn furnishes [shall furnish] these tickets provided he will do it at reasonable rates ; and the Commissioners [for the Lottery] are to examine into that particular and make a report thereupon to his Lordship. Ibid., p. 97.
Major Foubert's memorial about his arrears [together] with Mr. Taylour's report thereupon. [No minute entered.]
Capt. Garret FitzGerrald [his] petition. [No minute entered.]
The ships Falkland and Nonsuch their companies' [petitions] about prizes taken by them: [together] with Baker and Gosslin's report. [No minute entered.]
Richard Fancourt [his petition] about Custom House officers at Cowes: [together] with a report of Dodd and Warters. Read 18 July 1710. My Lord orders this 16l. 4s. 6d. to be paid out of Secret Service money in regard his Lordship thinks it too small a sum to trouble the Queen with for her warrant to pay [it] out of the Perquisites of Admiralty.
Mr. Foulks recommended for a place by Dr. Davenant. [No minute entered.]
Mr. Fenwick recommended by Sir John Bennet for a place in the Custom House in Scotland. Recommended [by my Lord to the Customs Commissioners in Scotland] the 19th June 1710 for such place as he is qualified for.
John Filks [his] petition about his place of Surveyor of the Customs in the Isle of Wight. [No minute entered.]
Jonathan Filks, late Surveyor at Cowes, [his petition together] with the Customs Commissioners' report about his dismission: Read 24 July 1710. My Lord agrees to what the Commissioners have reported. Ibid., p. 121.
Capt. Alexander Gordon [his petition] that the pension of 50l. per an. lately payable to him out of the fonds for the Army in Scotland may be now paid upon the Establishment of Guards and Garrisons &c. [Read] 25 June 1709. Referred to Mr. Walpole.
Robert Gardner [his] memorial about his disbursements for pay of effective Officers of four West India Regiments. [No minute entered.]
James Griffin [his] petition for a lease of his father's forfeited estate. [No minute entered.]
Major General Gorge's memorial about his [Regiment's] clothing [together] with Mr. Brydges' report thereupon. [No minute entered.]
[The] Gibraltar [fortifications] account per Prince Hesse's order ; sent per Mr. Morrice. [No minute entered.]
Lawrence Goldfinch [his] petition [together] with Mr. Baker's report [thereon]. [No minute entered.]
The Duke of Grafton [his] memorial [together] with Mr. Attorney General's report thereupon about prosecuting at the Queen's charge a wreck on the Suffolk coast. [Read] 19 June 1710. My Lord orders Mr. Warters to prosecute at the Queen's charge, provided the Queen have the benefit of what accrues by the suit.
Pettar Gott [his] petition to be Receiver General of part of the County of Sussex for Land Tax anno 1710. Referred to the Agents for Taxes 19 June 1710.
Geo. Gamon [his petition] for a place in the Customs [being] recommended by Mr. Christopher Montague and Lord Halifax. [No minute entered.] Ibid., p. 145.
William Holbech [petition] for some employment to be bestowed upon him. Read 6 May 1709. Dismisst.
Major Hubert's petition for a warrant for four months' pay. [No minute entered.]
Mr. Hinds' memorial [together] with Mr. Baker and Mr. Borrett's report thereupon. [No minute entered.]
Brigadier Handasyde's memorial for his Regiment to be recalled from Jamaica. [No minute entered.]
Capt. Harrison [his] petition about Seaford inhabitants preserving the Faulcon pink. [No minute entered.]
The Heralds and Pursuivants at Arms [their petition] for an allowance for Prince George's funeral. [No minute entered.]
Sir William Hodge's letter for a place for one of Sir Jos. Herne's sons. [No minute entered.]
Col. Handasyde's and Col. Livesay's [Regiments'] Officers [their] memorial about the respits on those Regiments. [No minute entered.]
John Hester, hemp merchant, his case: [together] with the Navy Commissioners' report [thereon]. Read 11 July 1710. His case can't be distinguished [treated separately] from that of the other [Navy] creditors without making a dangerous precedent in the affairs of the Navy.
Capt. Harrison [his petition] for an imprest. [Read] 19 June 1710. A warrant for 200l.
Edward Hoult presented to be a waterman in London port 19 June 1710. Ordered.
John Haisenbutle, joyner [to the Privy Lodgings his petition praying] to be paid his bill for presses in the Cotton Library, certified not to have been included in Mr. Hanbury's bills. Read 19 June 1710. Ordered.
Eliza[beth] Houston, widow, [her] petition for her Majesty's bounty. [No minute entered.]
William Hawkins' case, a riding officer in Sussex. [No minute entered.]
William Horseley's petition relating to Mote Park. [No minute entered.]
Richard Holmes's petition to be [appointed] an officer in North Britain. [No minute entered.]
The clerks of the House of Commons and the other officers [of said House, their] memorial for an allowance for the losses in the profits of places by several late Acts. [No minute entered.]
Maurice Hunt [his] petition about deficient fee farm rents. [No minute entered.]
[The case of the] ship Hedwick Sophia, [together] with the Customs Commissioners' report. Read 24 July 1710. To be laid before the Queen in Council. T 4/17, p. 169.
The case of the prize ship Jean D'Grace taken by Capt. Cutter: [to wit] about the captors' shares: with the report from the Prizes Officers and Mr. Bridges [Receiver of Prizes] thereupon. [No minute entered.]
The petition of the owners of the ship Joseph. [No minute entered.]
Widow Mary Jaquin her petition about money due to the ship Worcester: with the report from Mr. Goslin and Mr. Baker. [No minute entered.]
Francis Jaupin [his] petition about his services in the Flanders posts; of which he is Director General. [No minute entered.]
William Jones, her Majesty's Apothecary, [his] petition for the ancient allowance of 160l. per an. [attached to his said office] in lieu of bills. [No minute entered.]
Col. Johnson's papers for his arrears of salary as late Governor of the Leeward Islands. [No minute entered.]
[The case of the] Jamaica lands escheated [as] represented by the Commissioners of Trade. [No minute entered.]
Mr. Joddrell's papers. [No minute entered.]
Capt. William Ince, late of Lord Mountjoy's Regiment: with the [Army Accounts] Comptrollers' report [thereon]. Read 18 July 1710. My Lord thinks it not in his power to make any order upon this report: but the petitioner if he thinks fit may apply to the General Officers. But direct the [Army Accounts] Comptrollers to enquire and certify my Lord how the Muster Rolls come to differ.
Jezreel Jones's papers: with Mr. Vanbrugh's report and the Earl of Sunderland's letters relating to 1,515l. 6s. 6d. due to him [Jones]. [No minute entered.] Ibid., p. 193.
Earl of Kincardine [his] memorial. [No minute entered.]
David McKiver, a disabled soldier late in Capt. Campbell's Company, with the report from Mr. Bridges and Mr. Walpole. Read 18 July 1710. He must apply to Mr. Brydges and make out where he was the 18 months before the General Exchange [of prisoners] at Bayonne. Ibid., p. 217.
Lord Lovelace [his] letters [dated] 1708–9 March 4 signifying his arrival at New Jersey and his restoring Mr. Byerley, the Receiver suspended by Lord Cornbury; and the expense of subsisting the German Protestants till the snow be off the ground [when it may be possible] to distribute the land amongst them. Read 25 May 1709.
Robert Loggin [his] petition for a keyman's [quayman's] place in London port. [No minute entered.]
The petition [from the] officers [of the] ship Lynn. [No minute entered.]
Capt. Robert Leslie [his] memorial for a place. [No minute entered.]
Andrew Lawrence, late Surveyor of the Roads, [his] petition. [No minute entered.]
Robert Levingston [his] letter from New England. Read 31 Oct. 1707 to the Lord Treasurer.
Capt. Laycock's petition to be rewarded for [his bringing] the account of the victory at Wynendaele [as remitted to my Lord Treasurer] per the Earl of Sunderland's letter. 11 March 1709–10. A warrant to the Postmasters [General] to pay him 20 guineas.
Duke of Leeds' memorial about a reprized [fee farm] rent. Read 19 June 1710. Referred to the Clerk of the Pipe.
Col. D'Launy and Nathaniel Carpenter [their] memorial for removing respits on Toby Caulfeild's Regiment. [No minute entered.] Ibid., p. 231.
Samson and Jacob Mears's petition against Mr. Dummer about his contract for West India pacquet boats: with the Postmaster General's report thereon. [No minute entered.]
George Mills' petition to be admitted into Chelsea Hospital. [No minute entered.]
Benja[min] Mathews, late Receiver [General] of [Taxes for Co.] Northampton [his petition] for [refund of] his extraordinary disbursements [as] reported [on] by the [Taxes] Agents. [No minute entered.]
James Merrick [his petition: being] rec[ommended] by Lord Bergavenny for better preferment. [No minute entered.]
Mr. Morrice's letter with a copy of [his] account of money expended by Prince [George] of Hesse at Gibraltar. [No minute entered.]
Robert Montague [his] petition for a place. [No minute entered.]
The Mint Officers' report about tin to be sent to the Straits. [No minute entered.]
Isaac Manly [his] petition for increase of salary or a pension. Referred 25 Jan. 1709–10 to the Postmasters General.
[The memorial or account relating to the] Marine Regiments' clothing: with a letter from Mr. Burchett. [No minute entered.]
David Morris, Collector of Plymouth, [his petition] about the charge he has been at in being removed from Milford. 19 June 1710 read. No precedent for this. My Lord doth not think it reasonable for the Queen to be at this charge.
William Morrison [his petition] for a grant of wrecks between the degrees of 41 and 54 North latitude. Read 19 June 1710. He must assign the particular wrecks and my Lord will move the Queen therein.
Robert Meadows, late Collector of the Customs at Colchester [his petition] about a debt due from him for whom Sir Philip Meadows was security. Read 19 June 1710. If Sir Philip can shew where there is any [revenue] arrear which was due in the [late] King's time my Lord will pay so much of the arrear due to Sir Phil. as will discharge his kinsman['s] debt.
Richard Mead for an allowance on his account of money paid on taking up a loan of 32,793l. 18s. 0d. as certified by General Stanhope. Read 21 June 1710. Speak with Mr. Brydges about it when he attends next.
Mr. Manley [his petition] with [the] E[arl of] Wharton [his] letter about him. [No minute entered.]
John Milner [his petition] for 500l. for his service as Consul at Lisbon till the arrival of an Ambassador. Recommended by the Ea[rl of] Sunderland, [No minute entered.]
James Milner [his] memorial [with the] Victuallers' [the Victualling Commissioners'] representation relating to his bills and the exchange of money to Lisbon. [No minute entered.]
John Mackpheadris, merchant, [his] petition on behalf of himself and others. [No minute entered.]
John Makey and Jo[h]n Patterson, merchants, [their] petition. [No minute entered.]
Mary the widow of Lieut. Col. Morres [her] petition for a pension. [No minute entered.]
[The petition from the] Morocco Agents: pray her Majesty's bounty. [No minute entered.]
Henry Marmion [his petition]. Prays to be employed under Mr. Strickland. [No minute entered.]
Margret Morison, only child of Dr. Morison, [her] petition. [No minute entered.]
William Mallet's petition about a composition [and] for stay of prosecution. [No minute entered.]
John Menardiere [his] proposal. [No minute entered.]
Sir Phillip Meadows [his] letter about his having paid his kinsman's debt for Customs of 241l. 3s. 10½d. Read 18 July 1710. So much as he has paid is to be issued by a tally on the tin: in part of Sir Phillip's arrear.
The Mayor and Aldermen of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis [their] memorial for her Majesty's bounty to [enable them to] repair their bridges, pier and harbour. Read 24 July 1710. If it has not been already referred to the Customs Commissioners it must now be referred. T 4/17, p. 255.
Mr. Norton's memorial about 400l. to be paid by Mr. Wilcox for repairing the parish church of Portchester. [No minute entered.]
James Newton recommended by Mr. Cox et al. for a place. [No minute entered.]
Sir John Norris's letter. [No minute entered.]
The Duke of Newcastle [his petition] for payment of 1,000l. per an. out of which his Grace pays the keepers' wages of Sherwood Forest. Read 19 June 1710. Prepare a warrant. Write to Mr. Hewet to know if any money can be raised out of any forest's wood &c. on the northside Trent.
The Navy Commissioners [their] representation about the accounts of the several [Navy] Treasurers and upon that part which relates to the Victualling account of Papillon in Lord Orford's time [as Navy Treasurer]. Read 21 June 1710. Write to Mr. Papillon to deliver in his voluntary charge and to settle the matter concerning the 11 bills and [write] to the Navy Commissioners to acquaint my Lord how he complies therewith.
Daniell Neal recommended by Mr. Shepheard, [Mr.] Cotesworth and [Mr.] Ashurst for a place in the Customs or Excise. [No minute entered.]
Joseph Nuttall [his petition] to be allowed 1,078l. 11s. 3d. in [the] Vice Treasurer of Ireland's account [being so much] stolen from him. Read 18 July 1710. My Lord thinks what is desired is very reasonable and will move the Queen. Ibid., p. 279.
John Owen, Surgeon General of the Caribbee Islands, his petition. [No minute entered.]
Thomas Offley, Esq. [his] memorial about allowances when Groom Porter. [No minute entered.]
The Ordnance Officers' memorial about the stores to be sent on the intended expedition under the Lord Shannon: and [about the] tallies in their hands. Read 21 June 1710. The charge of the Expedition will be an extraordinary to be laid before the Parliament. As to the other point, of the tallies, my Lord will speak with them [the Ordnance Officers] one day next week when they are at leisure.
Ditto about their taxes anno 1709. [No minute entered.]
Ditto about stores to be provided for a particular service: with [the] Ea[rl of] Sunderland's letter. [No minute entered.]
Humphrey Owen [his] petition to be removed to a tidewaiter's place. [No minute entered.]
The owners of ships employed in transporting Palatines to NewYork: with the Transports Commissioners' report about their demand for demurrage. Read 21 July 1710. Mr. Atkinson to treat with the petitioners so as the payments may be made easy. Ibid., p. 301.
Ea[rl of] Portmore [the petition from his Regiment's] Officers to have taken off the charge upon them for arms, transports, recruits and respits. 15 June 1709. Referred to Mr. Brydges and Mr. Walpole.
Lord Paston [the petition from his Regiment's] Officers to have the respits on their Companies taken off. 18 May 1709. Referred ut supra.
Charles Povey [his] petition about the halfpenny [letter] carriage with the Postmaster General's report thereupon. [No minute entered].
William Powell, the late King's Huntsman [his] memorial. [No minute entered.]
John Parker [his] petition. [No minute entered.]
Brigadier Pearce's memorial about his pay. [No minute entered.]
Widow Packer [her] petition about her husband's accounts. [No minute entered.]
William Paterson [his] representation of his case. [No minute entered.]
The pewterers' petition about abatement of the price of tin with the Mint Officers' report. [No minute entered.]
The Purveyors of her Majesty's Household [their] memorial. [No minute entered.]
Edward Progers's bills of disbursements for Hampton Court Park. [No minute entered.]
Mr. Poultney's letter about the Danish Professor. [No minute entered.]
William Penn's proposal with the Victualling Commissioners' report. [No minute entered.]
Ann Pugh, widow of Capt. Pugh, [her] petition for her Majesty's bounty. Read 8 July 1710. My Lord does not see any reason to move the Queen any further for her.
Dr. Pratt for some employment for his son. [No minute entered.]
Robert Preston presented to be tidesman of Southampton [his petition]. Read 19 June 1710. Ordered.
Jo[h]n Parker, late Agent for Prizes at Falmouth: with the report from Gosselin and Baker. Read 21 June 1710. My Lord agrees with the report.
Widow Polherin [her] memorial for her Majesty's bounty. [No minute entered.]
The Prizes Officers' salary and incidents bill to Midsummer 1709. [No minute entered.]
Ditto. Their report about the accounts of the Prizes Agents at Lisbon, Barcelona and Newfoundland. [No minute entered.]
Sir George Parker, late Sub-Commander for Prizes at Portsmouth: his petition about money chargeable on the other Commissioners. [No minute entered.]
Monsieur Pomroy and Mathews with Mr. Burchett's letter. [No minute entered.]
[The case of the poor] Palatines' debt to tradesmen for goods and tools furnished them on their going to New York. Read 21 July 1710. To be paid: but my Lord expects an exact and particular account of the [public] collection [money and its distribution]. Write to the [Collection] Commissioners to expedite this and [the abovesaid bill is] to be paid by 500l. a week. T 4/17, p. 325.
Col. Quarry: [my Lord reads the] representation from the Customs Commissioners about his being obstructed in getting judgment on Plantation bonds executed. Read 24 July 1710.To be laid before the Privy Council. Ibid., p. 347.
Lord Paston's [Regiment: the petition from the] Officers to have the respits on their Companies taken off. 18 May 1709. Referred to Mr. Brydges and Mr. Walpole.
William Ryder [his] memorial for money out of Lord Griffin's forfeited estate. [No minute entered.]
Mary Rowe [her] petition about her husband's disbursements for the fowl in St. James's Park. [No minute entered.]
Isabella Randall petition about her being security for one Armiger. [No minute entered.]
Robert Raine and his wife, daughters [sic] of William Stileman, [their] petition. [No minute entered.]
Mr. Randolph's memorial about his salary as Judge of the Admiralty in the Cinque Ports. [No minute entered.]
Lord Rockingham's papers about [the] manor of Little Weldon and his Buckhound fee. [No minute entered.]
Ea[rl] of Rochester [the] draft of a warrant for paying a fine of 350l. to [the] D[uke] of Leeds. [No minute entered.]
John Reyner, Attorney and Advocate General of New York: with the Commissioners of Trade [and Plantations their] report [thereon]. Read 21 June 1710.
Sir Alexander Rigby's letter about matters relating to himself. [No minute entered.] Ibid., p. 359.
Ja. Smith [his] application for reversing the outlawry against him for the murther of one Gervas Clough, in favour of his son. The Queen does not think fit to reverse the outlawry.
Robert Sisterson, surgeon of Tinmouth [Tynemouth, my Lord read] Mr. How and Mr. Walpole their report for 139l. 1s. 3d. due to him for attendance and medicines. Read 25 June 1709. Ordered.
Edward Sibbel [his petition] to be an officer of the Salt Duty: recommended by Mr. Hutchinson. He must apply to the Commissioners of the Salt Duty.
Major General Shrimpton's memorial with Mr. Brydges's report thereupon about Gibraltar affair. Read 18 July 1710. The 244l. to be paid when there is money for it.
Edward Steuart, Distributor of Stamped Paper in Berkshire: with the Stamp Commissioners' report. [No minute entered.]
Widow Katherine Sickes (? Siekes) [her] petition for an annual pension. [No minute entered.]
[The] ship Lynn [its] officers [their] petition. [No minute entered.]
[The] ships Falkland and Nonsuch [their] Captains' petition and Mr. Baker and Mr. Goslin [their report] about their shares [in the gunnage and tonnage of the prizes Duke D'Orleans and Palme]. [No minute entered.] [The petition is preserved in Treasury Board Papers CXXI, No. 68, together with the report as above dated 19 May 1710.]
[The] inhabitants [of] Seaford [their petition] about the Faulcon pink. [No minute entered.]
Thomas Sliford [his] petition: with the Salt Commissioners' report. [No minute entered.]
Doctor Smith [his petition] for an arrear due to his brother: certified by Auditor Jett. [No minute entered.]
Richard Sowry [his] petition: with the [Crown Lands] Surveyor General's report. [No minute entered.]
Somerset House taxes: with the Attorney and Solicitor General's report in that matter. Read 21 June 1710. Let this opinion be given to the Q[ueen's] Housekeeper [of Somerset House].
Mr. Solicitor General [Sir Robert] Eyre [his] clerk's bill for business done whilst [Sir Robert was] Solicitor [General]. [No minute entered.]
Ann Strong [her] petition: with Mr. Borret's report. [No minute entered.]
Serjeant of the House of Commons [his] petition for [his] incidents. Read 19 June 1710. A warrant to be prepared for [his] payment.
Signatures [royal grants] in Scotland: [a] memorial [relating thereto]. [No minute entered.]
Lieut. William Seymour [his petition] about his pay as [a] General Officer of Marines: with Mr. Burchett's letter. Read 19 June 1710. My Lord is still under the same difficulties and can do nothing therein.
Michaell Studholme his memorial with the Officers of the Works [their report thereon] about repairing the roads round Windsor House Park. Read 19 June 1710. The repair to be performed by the Queen's command.
[The] Sick and Wounded Commissioners [their] letter about Mr. Savery's allegation of the discount of tallies on malt anno 1708. Read 19 June 1710.
Henry Stevens [his] memorial, as Deputy Queen's Remembrancer, for allowances relating to the Duplicates for Land and Window Taxes for 2½ years [ended] at Lady day 1710
21 June 1710. My Lord [Treasurer Godolphin] will allow him 200l. in consideration of his particular diligence and of his charges and pains in that office: but [this is] not to make a precedent for the future for any officer that shall not deserve so well.
Widow Eliz. Story [her petition] for her Majesty's bounty. Read 8 July 1710. My Lord thinks it an unreasonable request.
Sir Bernabas Scudamore, late Collector at Liverpool, his petition for a patent place. [No minute entered.]
William Shee [his petition] for a pension on the Irish Establishment. [No minute entered.]
Charles Shales [his petition] about his debt for plate delivered into the Jewel Office: represented by the Master of the J[ewel] Office. [No minute entered.]
Richard Sterne [his] memorial with the Taxes Agents' report. [No minute entered.]
John Shelbury, landwaiter at Bristol, prays a better place: by letter to Mr. Poultney. [No minute entered.]
Edward Stracy and Jos. Denham [their] proposal about the Candle Duty: with the Excise Commissioners' report. Read 20 July 1710. My Lord agrees with the report and knows nothing of the petitioner's merit. T 4/17, p. 383.
The Tartar pink: the ship's company [their petition] for their share of the prize Childsplay. 30 June 1709. Referred to Baker and Goslin.
Richard Thwait's petition about a wreck of white wines. [No minute entered.]
The Commissioners of Trade [and Plantations, their] memorial to be allowed several extraordinary payments. [No minute entered.]
[The proposal for] tin to be sent to the Straits [of Gibraltar]: the Mint Officers' report thereupon. [No minute entered.]
Richard Tayler's letter from Droitwich for better preferment. [No minute entered.]
The ship Tryton, the petition of the wives of seamen belonging thereto. Read 21 June 1710. My Lord [Treasurer Godolphin] will speak with Mr. Baker and Mr. Gosselin about it.
John Trevanion [his petition] with the [Crown Lands] Surveyor General's reports [thereon being] for a lease of Restormell Park and Trinity Chapel. Read 9 June 1710. Richard [Trevanion] being alive or not does so much alter the case that nothing can be done till that be known.
Read again 1 August 1710. Granted [conditional on his] paying 206l. 13s. 4d. [fine thereon]. Ibid., p. 405.
Math. Vernon, mercer, [his] petition for my Lord Treasurer's directions for satisfying an assignment (prior to others) made by Mr. Palmes to the petitioner of 668l. 10s. 0d. out of his pension of 1,000l. per an. out of the Post Office revenue.Read 17 May 1709. My Lord has no power to give any direction for preferring any of the creditors of the said Palmes: but they have their remedy at law.
Anthony Vernatty [his] petition about the lamps [about Westminster Hall &c.] with the Officers of the Works' report thereupon. 19 June 1710. Read. My Lord [Godolphin] will speak to the Officers of the Works about this.
Eliza[beth] De Vebron [her] memorial for a pension. [No minute entered.]
Col. Vetch [his petition] about a bill of exchange drawn by him: with several papers signed by him and Col. Nicholson. [No minute entered.]
The Victualling Commissioners [their memorial] about short allowance money. [No minute entered.]
Monsieur Vrybergh's memorial about wines seized at Portsmouth: with Mr. Attorney [General's] and Mr. Solicitor [General's] report [thereon]. Read 19 June 1710. Shew this to Mr. Vrybergh. Ibid., p. 429.
Jo[h]n Wynn [his] letter (inter al.) proposing to make appear that the ship Worcester was piratically set out, designed and instructed by the owners. Read 25 May 1709. Mr. Wynn to attend Mr. Attorney and Mr. Solicitor [General] with evidence and proofs in relation to that part of his letter.
Wynn's [Regiment: the petition from its] Officers [praying] to be repaid 175l. 0s. 10d. charged upon them for the transportation of their men from Ireland to England: which otherwise will fall upon their personal pay. 28 June 1709. Referred to Mr. Walpole.
Sir Godfrey Webster et al. owners of the ship Yarmouth frigate: with the Navy [Commissioners'] report thereupon. [No minute entered.]
Lady Wood [her petition] about the matter in dispute between her and Antho. Rowe et al. late Farmers of Hearthmoney. Read 19 January 1709–10. Mr. Lowndes to contribute, if he can, towards an accommodation, if the parties are disposed.
Eliza[beth] Watkins [her] petition for the Queen's bounty. [No minute entered.]
Thomas Wibergh [his] letter about the profits of his place. [No minute entered.]
Robert Whitlow's case as security for Salt Duty: with [the] Salt Commissioners' report. [No minute entered.]
Lord Wenman's commission bill of charges: with Mr. Borret's answer thereto. [No minute entered.]
John Warner, Master of her Majesty's Barges, [his] petition to renew his patent for payment of his usual salary of 30l. per an. at the Exchequer. [No minute entered.]
Edward Wilkinson, waterman [a boatman in the Customs, his petition] to have Jobe Gold [as] his mate: reported [on] by the Customs Commissioners. Read 19 June 1710. Agreed to.
The widows and orphans of such as perished in the dreadful storm in the year 1703 and have not received her Majesty's bounty: [their] papers [are] read 14 June 1710. All that was collected by the Brief being distributed as far as it would extend, there is no fund for any further relief to these widows and orphans.
Ethelred Wogan recommended by Mr. Southwell for a collector's place in Ireland. [No minute entered.]
Sir Christopher Wren's memorial about the Queen's conduits &c. [No minute entered.]
Lieut. Col. Wauchope, a prisoner in the Tower, [his] memorial for 40s. a week subsistence. [No minute entered.]
Henry Wise [his] memorial about William Richardson's killing a deer in St. James's Park. Referred to Mr. Attorney General.
Joseph Whitebread [his petition praying] to be a riding officer [of the Customs] in Kent or Sussex: recommended by the Du[ke of] Hamilton. [No minute entered.]
Whittle's executors [their] certificate about the imprest [charged] on him by Commissary Shales. [No minute entered.]
The memorial [about] Weymouth bridge and pier repairs read 24 July 1710. If it has not been already referred to the Commissioners of Customs it must be now referred. T 4/17, p. 441.