Appendix No. 2: August, 1710

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 24, 1710. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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August 1710

Arms: Kings, Heralds and Pursuivants of Arms [their petition] for an allowance for their attendance at the funeral of Prince Geo[rge] of Denmark: [being] 13 in number. 28 August 1710.
[Minute hereon] Examine the precedents.
Angier, Burrage: [his petition] read: 29 Aug. 1710.
Abercrombie, Capt. Alexr.: vide Douglas, infra, p. 587.
Aberdeen town: vide Douglas. T 4/18, p. 1.
Aug. 19. B. A. [his petition read]. Desire Mr. Bamford to come to Mr. Lowndes and see whether there be such reference and report as are mentioned.
[August] 21. [The Principal] Officers of the Works to enquire about this when their report comes on Morphew's petition.
In Tr. Papers CXXIII, No. 43, the petition of J[ames] B[amford] concerning a claim by Thomas Murphy, Deputy Marshal to the two Battalions of Foot Guards, for repairs at the Savoy prison, is minuted in dorso as follows: "19 Aug. 1710. Desire Mr. Bamford to come to Mr. Lowndes: and see whether there be such reference and report in the [Treasury] Office as are mentioned. Morphew's petition was referred to the Officers of her Majesty's Works 22 May 1710, but no report yet made thereon."
"21 Aug. 1710. Officers of the Works to enquire about this when their report comes on Mr. Morphew's petition."
Brydges, Ja.: [his] memorial [is read] relating to the moneys to be remitted from Ireland for the Regiments of Pearce, Monjoy and Gorges. Prepare a letter accordingly.
Aug. 23. Briscoe, Hen.: [My Lords read the] presentment [from the] C.C. [Customs Commissioners for him] to be a tidesman in fee. Respited.
Aug. 28. Byerly, Tho., Collector and Receiver General [of Revenue] for N[ew] York: [my Lords read the] report [from] Mr. Blathwayt. Agreed according to the report. Ibid., p. 25.
Aug. 14. De Casseres, Francisco: [his petition is] read. He shall be sent to when my Lords have occasion.
Aug. 21. Clark, Samuel, Receiver General [of Taxes] for Co. Hereford, for extraordinary allowances. Referred to the Agents for Taxes.
The Treasurer of the Chamber's memorial [is read and ordered] to be laid before the Queen on Wednesday next.
The Deputy Chamberlains for joining Tallies [in the Exchequer their petition is read] for another office to be fitted up for the counterparts of tallies. To know if Sir Michael Heneage has any objection to this.
Aug. 21. Sept. 18. Answer [read from] Sir Michael Heneage. Ordered accordingly.
Nicho. Courtney [his petition is read] for a reversionary lease of the Post Coinages of tin. My Lord Treasurer's [Godolphin's] minute is confirmed.
Aug. 24. [My Lords read the petition from the] Contractors with the Com-[missioners] of the Navy. To be read when the Commissioners of the Navy are here.
Aug. 28. [My Lords read a petition for the] four orphans of Lieut. Jno. Calder, killed at the Castle of Ondenarde. My Lords can do nothing in this till they see the report which the petition refers to.
Capt. Cha. Callaghan. The report from Mr. Walpole [which was] read 27 June 1710 [and whereon] Mr. Walpole [was ordered] to prepare the necessary warrant for what he proposes in this report: [my Lords now] read [the draft report of said warrant]. To be read again on Monday next.
Tho. Cornwallis [his petition is read and ordered] to be laid before the Queen.
The Contractors for furnishing the Army in Portugal with bread [their petition is read] and the report [from the] Officers of the Ordnance. Report [this matter] to the Queen.
Aug. 30. Tho. Cornwallis [his petition is] read to the Queen. T 4/18, p. 49.
Aug. 14. Letter [from] Lord Dartmouth about the Moroccos [? dated] 11 August [is] read 14 August 1710. Mr. Jones is to represent to my Lords what the particulars are for which he proposes 300l. to be paid for the use of these Moroccos. [See Treasury Board Papers CXXII, No. 40.]
Letter [from] Lord Dartmouth [dated] 14 July 1710 [is read] about Capt. Sterling, despatched express from General Stanhope in Spain with letters relating to the situation of affairs in that kingdom. To be laid before the Queen: 200l. [ordered for said Sterling]. [See Treasury Board Papers CXXII, No. 46.]
Aug. 21. [The petition of] Dobree, Eyre and Smith [is read] about bills of exchange. My Lords will speak with Mr. Brydges.
The petition of Geo. Dodd [is read praying] to be a tidesman in fee. Recom[mend him] to the Cus[toms] Comm[issioners].
Letter [from] Lord Dartmouth with two reports from Mr. Walpole to the Queen, one [thereof] on the memorial of Don Diego de Moya y Benevidos; the other concerning M. de Bleville. To be laid before the Queen.
23 [August]. Read to the Queen. Her Majesty approves the report of Mr. Walpole in the case of Don Diego de Moya y Benevidos and of Monsieur de Bleville and orders accordingly.
[Aug.] 28. [The petition of] widow Jean Dickeson [is read]. Referred to the Secretary at War to examine and report.
[The petition of] Edward Douglas [is read]. Referred to Mr. Bridges to examine and report.
[The petition of] J. G. Hugk, Agent for Prince Charles of Denmark, [is read]. To be laid before the Queen.
[Aug.] 29. Letter from Lord Dartmouth [dated] 25 Aug. 1710 with informations about illegal trade with France. Ref[erred to the] C[ustoms C[ommissioners].
Report [from the said] C.C. read 10 Oct. 1710. Ibid., p. 73.
Aug. 28. [Petition from] Capt. Jno. Edwards [is read]. To be read when the Cus[toms] Com[missioners] are here.
[Aug.] 29. Read again. My Lords confirm the former minute with this addition that if the Com[missioners] refuse to hear him he may apply again to my Lords. Ibid., p. 87.
Aug. 15. Sir Hen. Furnese. [My Lords read the] report from the C[ustoms] C[ommissioners on his memorial]. Prepare a warrant. Ibid., p. 107.
Aug. 21. [The petition of] Bernard Hutchins, Receiver General [of Taxes] for Co. Somerset [praying] for extraordinary allowances. Read. Ref[erred to the] Agents for Taxes.
Aug. 23. [The petition of] widow Rachel Hume praying a pension for herself and children in consideration of her late husband's long and faithful service. Read to her Majesty. The Queen will consider of this petition.
Aug. 28. Jane Hinckes [her petition is read]. Dismiss the petition.
Charles Harrison, Solicitor for her Majesty's Affairs in the Exchequer Court [his petition is read]. [My Lords order a] warrant for 100l. upon account.
The petition of Catha[rine] Harris, widow, [is read]. The L[ord] L[ieutenant of Ireland is desired] to examine the part relating to the debt alleged to be owing from the Treasury.
[The petition of] Maurice Hunt [is read. My Lords order] the Auditor to examine and report. Ibid., p. 143.
Major Herbert Jennings [his petition is read]. Look out the report and read it again when Mr. Walpole is here.
Aug. 29. The petition of the traders and inhabitants of Jamaica. [My Lords read the] report on the order on the petition. Referred in point of law to Mr. Attorney and Solicitor General. Ibid., p. 163.
Morocco messengers vide Lord Dartmouth.
Aug. 21. Marquis Montandre [his petition is] read. Referred to Mr. Walpole.
John Mitchell [his petition is read] for a pension in Ireland. To be laid before the Queen on Wednesday next.
Lady Mordington [my Lords read the] report [from] Mr. Borrett [on her petition]. To be read again: and my Lords will speak with my Lord Mar.
[August] 28: to be laid before the Queen.
Aug. 22. Marg[are]t Mascall [my Lords read the] Report [from the] C[ustoms] C[ommissioners on her petition]. My Lords are of the same opinion with the Com[missioners].
Aug. 28. Ann Mansell [her petition is read]. Referred to Lord Halifax.
25 Sept. 1710. [My Lords order] 100l. in part of the arrears provided the petitioner and the mortgagee agree in the division thereof.
Aug. 30. Mordington, [Lady, her report ut] supra. Read to the Queen. [The Queen orders her] to have 10l. but not as a quarter of her pension. T 4/18, p. 203.
Aug. 21. The officers and company of her Majesty's ship Newcastle [their petition is read] about a prize they took which was sold by an Agent for Prizes appointed by the Earl of Peterborough. Referred to Mr. Brydges.
Aug. 28. Widow Judith North [her petition is read]. My Lords find she is not within the rules of Ordnance and they cannot do anything herein. [The petition is] dd. [delivered back] to the petitioner.
The President of the Session, the Justice Clerk and the late Advocate General in North Britain [their memorial is] read. Ibid., p. 223.
The report [from] the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland [is read on the petition of] Mary O'Hara. To be laid before the Queen.
Aug. 30. Read to the Queen. The Queen gave her money about a month ago, and her Majesty thought that she was gone for Ireland. Ibid., p. 247.
Aug. [? 21.] Capt. Geo. Purdon [my Lords read the] report [from the] D[uke of] Ormond and other reports [on his petition].
Read again Aug. 28 with the report of the Attorney General. It does not appear by any reports that the petitioner is entitled to be on the Establishment for Half Pay: and my Lords take notice of a bounty of 10l. order [to him] the—inst.
Aug. 28. Cha. Palmer [his petition] for a bounty [is read]. This petition seems to my Lords to be wholly groundless.
4 Sept. 1710. [His fresh petition is read. My Lords give] the same answer as was given to his last petition.
William Palmes and Mary his wife [their petition is read]. My Lords would be informed what it is the petitioner refers to.
4 Sept. 1710. My Lords desire to know what it was he formerly petitioned for.
18 Sept. 1710. Read again. To be read again when my Lords call for it. Ibid., p. 263.
Aug. 21. Maurice Rawson and his wife, one of the daughters of Capt. Mansell, deceased [their petition is] read for the arrears and settlement of his pension. Enquire whether the last warrant signed for him is satisfied.
[My Lords read a] letter from an anonymous person at Rochester con[cerning a] person coming frequently from France. My Lord Poulett takes it to read to the Secretary of State.
Aug. 28. Lady Letitia Russell: [my Lords read the] report [from the] C[ommissioners of] Revenue of Ireland [on her petition]. To be read again this day sevennight.
Aug. 28. 20 Sept. 1710: read to the Queen. [Her Majesty orders] a warrant [to be] signed for 2,855l. 1s. 2½d. out of Quit rents in Ireland. Ibid., p. 283.
Swedish merchant ships vide D[uke] of Queensberry.
Aug. 21. The Spaniard [his petition] for a pension or donative. Read.
William Strode, Herc[ules] Smith, Cha. Ogilby and Alexander Bell, officers in the Cust[oms] in North Britain [their petition is read] about their seizure of several ships and their cargoes of F[rench] wines within that kingdom [of Scotland]. Referred to the C[ommissioners of] Customs in Scotland.
Jno. Short, Accomptant and Inspector General of the Customs in North Britain, [his petition]. Referred to the Com[missioners of] Customs in Scotland.
Rich. Score [his petition is read and] ref[erred] to the Com[missioners of] Customs [in England].
Tho. Strickland [his petition is] read: to be read again next Monday [Aug.] 28.
Aug. 28. Widow Rebecca Sanderson [her petition is read and is referred] to the Navy Board to report her case.
4 Sept. 1710. Rep[ort is read from the] C[ommissioners of the] Navy. She is misinformed and there is no ground for the petition. Ibid., p. 307.
Anto. Vernatti [his petition is read]. To be read this day sevennight with the letter and the report of the Officers of the Works.
Aug. 29. Monsieur Vryberg his memorial [is read] con[cerning] the Dutch ship taken in Scotland in 1704. Referred to Baron Scroop to inform himself and return to this Board what information he can get concerning this matter. Nothing appears in the Treasury rel[ating] to this matter. Ibid., p. 355.
Aug. 15. The Corporation of Weymouth [their petition] about their pier and harbour: the report [from the] C[ustoms] C[ommissioners is read. My Lords order it] to be laid before the Queen.
Aug. 21. Ed. Williamson [his petition is read praying] for rent for the Office of the Com[missioners appointed] to state the [Civil List and Army arrears] debts of his late Majesty [William III.]. [My Lords order] the Commissioners to certify the agreement they are under.
Capt. Tho. Wiltshaw. Upon reading the Navy C[ommissioners'] report [on his petition] my Lords are satisfied that the money was paid to Hen. Cowdery not as clerk but as collector and if the petitioner be wronged he must appeal for the future to the [Tax] Commissioners who made the assessment.
Sir Cha. Wager [his petition] ref[erred to] H. Boyle, for a grant of all the royal mines in Jamaica.
Aug. 28 [? read again]. Enquire if there be not grants in being of these mines.
20 Nov. 1710: to be laid before the Queen.
Letter [read] from Weymouth [Corporation].
Aug. 21. Aug. 29. The C[ustoms] C[ommissioners] are to send an account here [to the Treasury Chambers] of what places Geo. Lisle has. [Send a] letter to Mr. Carcass.
1 Sept. To be read again on Tuesday.
5 Sept. Read again: respited.
? Aug. 29. Hen. Wise, his estimate of works to be done in Hampton Court Park: [my Lords read the] report [from the Principal] Officers of the Works [thereon].
27 Nov. 1710. Mr. Wise to proceed in this work. T 4/18, p. 379.
Aug. 14. [My Lords read a] letter from the Duke of Queensberry with two letters [enclosed therein] from Count Gyllenberg, the Swedish Minister, in relation to several Swedish merchant ships which are detained as not having passed their quarantine. Referred to the C[ustoms] C[ommissioners] to bring their report to-morrow afternoon.
15 Aug. Report [read from the] C[ustoms] Co[mmissioners]. To be carried to the [Privy] Council. Ibid., p. 403.