Minute Book: April 1711, 16-28

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25, 1711. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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April 1711

April 16,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett, Sir Thomas Mansell, Mr. Benson.
Write to Mr. Chetwynd that the 2,000l. which was drawn upon him by my Lord Peterborough is paid here by Mr. Bridges and that he needs not to answer those bills.
[Write] to Mr. Chetwynd to come here this morning at eleven a'clock.
[Send word to] Mr. Wilcox to attend to-morrow morning.
[My Lords order that] 300l. is to be furnished to be applied for repair of the ways in Windsor Forest "as Mr. Chetwynd shall direct." [My Lords also order] 200l. more [? to be applied] in like manner. Both sums [to be paid] per Mr. Compton.
Whereas about 94,467 pieces of Eight, being of the value of about _ sterling (part of the money in the two Genoese ships San Gaetano and the Nostra Senora di Loretto and St. Nicholas de Tolentino) are claimed by several persons and as well the said captors as the claimants have consented that the said 94,467 pieces of Eight or thereabouts (being now at Port Mahon) be delivered to her Majesty's use upon a deposit of tallies and orders for the like sum on the Malt Act and the Land Tax anno 1710; which tallies and orders are to attend the final sentence in the cause now depending in the Court of Admiralty, to be delivered (in case the said sentence be for the claimants) in satisfaction for their money; and in case the said sentence be for the captors then the said tallies and orders are to be delivered to the captors in lieu of their right to the said moneys.
My Lords on her Majesty's behalf do direct Mr. Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces, forthwith to deposit the said tallies and orders in the hands of the Register of the said Court; which orders are to be assigned in due form by the said Brydges to the said Register in trust for the use of Mr. Brydges till the dollars shall be received by his order at Port Mahon and after the said dollars shall be so received then the said tallies and orders with the assignments thereof are to attend the success of the said cause and to be delivered either to the captors or the claimants as aforesaid for their own use.
And my Lords on her Majesty's behalf do desire that an order of the said Court may be made accordingly: and Mr. Brydges and the parties concerned are forthwith to adjust the value of the said dollars. Ibid., p. 217.
April 17,
Present: ut supra.
Mr. Wilcox [is called in and is ordered by my Lords] to raise what is wanting to complete the 400l. for her Majesty's bounty for repairs of the church of Portchester [viz. to raise same] by wood sales in New Forest.
[My Lords order] a warrant to be prepared for 40l. a year to [John] Lamy on the [Civil List Establishment of Scotland till there shall] be room [by death etc.] for it [to be inserted] in the Bounty List [in Scotland].
See what [is] due to the Duke of Bolton for the surplus of his accounts as late Governor of the Isle of Wight.
Mr. Bridges [is] called in. [On reading his memorial my Lords order that] 126l. be issued to him out of any money in the Exchequer applicable to the pay of the Forces in Portugal: to be for 84 days' pay for one of the three Brigadiers upon that Establishment [of the Forces in Portugal] in advance, pursuant to her Majesty's pleasure signified by Mr. Granville.
[Write] to Baron Smith and Baron Scroope to be here to-morrow morning at nine a'clock.
[Send to] Mr. Sloper to attend to-morrow morning.
The Receivers of the Lottery money and the petitioners [contributors thereto] are called in. The Receivers' answer is read to the petitioners' last Interrogatories. Mr. Edwards desires that it may be put to this issue, whether the entries of the deposits for some of the persons they are concerned for were not made before they [the Receivers] pretended they [the subscription lists for the Lottery] were full.
My Lords desire them to put it into writing against to-morrow morning: which they promise to do and then withdraw. Ibid., p. 218.
April 18,
Present: ut supra.
[Write] to Sir Theodore Janssen to attend my Lords to-morrow morning at nine a'clock.
Lord Chief Baron Smith and Baron Scroope are called in. An affidavit of Basset Eades is read and another of Capt. William Richardson concerning a seizure of wine at Edinburgh.
My Lords [say they] will speak to a Secretary of State to write to the Magistrates about this and in the mean time will lay this matter before the Privy Council.
A report is also read from the Commissioners of Customs in Scotland concerning seizures at Aberdeen and Dysart.
My Lords desire the [said Scotch Exchequer Court] Barons to prepare the draft of a privy seal to settle the method of passing signatures relating to the change of holdings and novo damus's in Scotland and in the same privy seal to insert Instructions concerning the renewing of tacks of teinds.
The Barons are [further desired by my Lords] to inform themselves and certify to my Lords what is necessary for repairs of Holyrood House.
The debt [owing by the Mint, Scotland, to the Mint, England] for weights and measures is to be laid before the Queen.
The Barons are [desired] to lay before my Lords a state of what they now mention relating to the Invalids in Scotland and the fond for [paying] them and my Lords will have it laid before the Committee of Council for the Affairs of the Army.
[My Lords order] a warrant to be prepared for paying 700l. to the Earl of Glasgow for his charges as Commissioner for the last General Assembly in Scotland.
The [said Scotch Exchequer Court] Barons are to cause an estimate to be made and transmitted to my Lords of the charge of the necessary repairs of Holyrood House.
[My Lords order] a warrant to [direct] the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland to cause 194l. 16s. 8d., resting due to divers artificers for repairs of the Exchequer Court and offices thereto belonging, to be forthwith paid.
[My Lords order] a letter to Mr. Wilcox that the Queen will have no more fellets made in Windsor Forest towards the 400l. which her Majesty directed to be raised by wood sales there and [which she] gave towards rebuilding the church at Portchester, but has directed a warrant to be prepared for raising 150l. (which she is informed is unpaid of that sum) by wood sales in New Forest.
The papers relating to Mr. Smyth, Surveyor of the Works in Scotland, [are ordered by my Lords] to be looked out against to-morrow morning.
The affair relating to fire and candle for the Garrisons in Scotland [is ordered] to be referred to Mr. Howe [Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons] and the Secretary at War.
The report relating to Mr. Edwyn's demand for weights and measures sent to Scotland is to be laid before the Queen for her pleasure whether they shall be paid for in [by] Scotland or out of the Exchequer here.
[Write to] the Deputy Treasurer of the Ordnance to attend tomorrow morning. Treasury Minute Book XVIII, pp. 219–220.
April 19,
Present. Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett, Sir Thomas Mansell, Mr. Benson.
Mr. Lansdale [is] called in. A letter is read from the Board of Ordnance dated the 17th inst. My Lords order that the said Board do cause the sum of 61,071l. 6s. 5d. of the tallies and orders on the Malt Act anno 1710 remaining in the hands of the Treasurer of the Ordnance to be reserved by him for the securing the payment of six months' course ending 30 June 1709 to the artificers of the Ordnance [to wit their payment] in money within four months from this time; and if the said artificers are not paid the said six months' course in money as aforesaid then the said tallies and orders are to be assigned to them with interest commencing thereupon from the 1st of this instant of April.
[Write to the Secretary at War] Mr. Granville to be here to-morrow morning at nine of the clock in relation to Col. Windsor's Regiment and other matters.
[Write] Sir John Lambert and Mr. Stratford to attend to-morrow morning in relation to the 20,000l. which they are to lend on the [Queen's] tin and the 75,000 dollars which they remitted to Hamburg Dec. 8 last.
Mr. Baker and Mr. Gosselin are to put in writing what they have to offer in relation to the galleon taken by Admiral Wager; and my Lords will refer it to Sir Charles Hedges: and they are directed to attend next Saturday come senni't at ten in the morning about their several representations and reports.
Mr. Hawes [for the Navy Treasurer] is called in. My Lords direct him to borrow of the Bank of England a sum of 20,000l. upon a deposit of tallies and orders in the hands of the Treasurer of the Navy: to be repaid with 6 per cent. per an. interest out of the first money coming in on the Lottery Act.
My Lords also direct him to dispose of 12,000l. of Land Tax tallies of this year, remaining in the said Navy Treasurer's hands, [ranking for payment in course] after about 1,100,000l. [on the Land Tax loan register] at a discount not exceeding 2¼: [the said sum] to be applied to such uses as my Lords shall appoint.
As to the 20,000l. to be borrowed from the Bank as above, the sum of 7,000l. thereof is to be applied to redeem tallies and orders on the twelfth 4s. Aid deposited with Mr. Nightingale and Mr. Colebrook for the like sums by them advanced on the 20th January and 17th February last: and the remaining 13,000l. is to be for [seamen's] wages, to wit for turned-over men and to pay ships to the end of June 1708 as they shall come in.
The Gentlemen of the Bank [are] called in. My Lords acquaint them that they intend to comply exactly with their minutes by repaying the Bank the sums advanced on deposits of tallies [to wit] out of the first money coming in on the Lottery Act from time to time; and do therefore desire that the Bank will assist their Lordships with such further loans on like deposits for the public service as there may be occasion for: particularly that they will advance 20,000l. to-morrow for the services of the Navy; which Mr. Hawes will wait on them for.
Mr. Gould says they will call a Court to-morrow for that purpose and that my Lords may be assured they will do all they can for the service of the Government.
My Lords order that the Bank shall have copies of the paper shewing what sums are at this time charged on the Lottery money for themselves [the Bank] or any others; and that hereafter as any moneys are desired to be advanced by the Bank on deposits [of tallies &c. and] to be repaid out of the Lottery money, the letters [money warrants to the Auditor of the Receipt] shall be signed for making the issues of so much of the said money to the respective officers or paymasters for whose offices the said advances shall be made, [the said money warrants and the letters of direction thereon] expressing [the priority rank or] after what sum of said Lottery money coming into the Exchequer the said payment is to be made.
My Lords order the directions given by my late Lord Treasurer [Godolphin] to the Receivers and public officers, for keeping their cash with the Bank, to be renewed.
Mr. Eyles recommends his kinsman Mr. John Eyles, Receiver for Wiltshire, to my Lords to be continued in that receivership. My Lords say they will have regard to his recommendation; and do direct that the said Receiver's memorial, if it be not already [referred], be forthwith referred to the Agents for Taxes.
Sir Theodore Janssen [is] called in. He moves my Lords to order payment for the 75,000 dollars remitted by him to Hamburg Dec. 8 last which according to my Lords' minute was due Feb. 8 last. My Lords propose [him a payment out of] the fourth [instalment] payment of the Lottery money. He [answers that he] will speak with the other persons concerned and will come again to-morrow.
My Lords refer to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands the memorial and papers relating to the Lutheran Church in the Savoy, and do desire him to return his report thereon as soon as may be. Treasury Minute Book XVIII, pp. 221–3.
April 20,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett, Mr. Benson.
[My Lords order] a warrant for 200l. to Capt. Cosby, who brought letters to her Majesty from the King of Spain.
[My Lords order] a warrant to discharge Lord Townshend of the plate which he received from the Jewel House [when he went] as Ambassador to Holland.
Sir John Lambert and Mr. Stratford [are] called in. My Lords depend on their performance of their contract for lending the 20,000l. on the [Queen's] tin consigned to Hamburg.
[Send] to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint to attend to-morrow morning about the contract for the tin consigned to Hamburg; my Lords desiring to know the times when the same or any part of it arrived and how it came to pass that it did not arrive sooner.
Mr. Milner [is] called in and presents to my Lords a proposal dated this day for giving this day his bills on Barcelona at sight for 25,000l. in dollars at 4s. 8d. sterling per dollar, which makes 107,142 6/7 dollars, and proposing [the repayment for same] to be paid as follows, viz. 5,000l. on the 1st June, 10,000l. on 2nd July and 10,000l. on 1st August [out of the Lottery money].
My Lords having considered the said proposition are pleased to agree thereto and do direct letters to be written for satisfying the said 25,000l. out of the Lottery money upon the days abovementioned.
Mr. Hawes [for the Navy Treasurer] is called in. A letter is read from the Navy Commissioners representing that a considerable number of workmen may be spared [turned off] from Plymouth Yard, but that upwards of 9,000l. is wanting to pay them off. [My Lords hereupon] ordered that 6,257l. 0s. 1d. remaining in the Exchequer [as arrears out] of the funds of the years 1702, 1704, 1707, 1708 and 1709 be now issued to the Treasurer of the Navy and that the same (together with so much more out of the moneys he was yesterday directed to raise on 12,000l. Land Tax tallies anno 1711 as shall be sufficient [to make up the said sum] to pay off the said workmen) shall be in the first place applied by the said Treasurer to that use; and the rest of the said 12,000l. [is to be applied] to satisfy the ordinary of the Navy to Lady day last. Ibid., p. 224.
April 21,
Present: ut supra.
[Write] to the Customs Commissioners and the Agents for Taxes to take care to hasten in the arrears standing out which are applicable to the second General Mortgage.
[The Principal] Officers of the Mint are called in. They inform my Lords that three fourths at least of the last parcel of tin is arrived at Hamburg. My Lords order them to call upon the [Tin] Contractors to advance into the Exchequer the proportion of the 20,000l. which by their articles they are obliged to lend.
Lord Chief Baron Smith and Baron Scroop [both of the Exchequer Court, Scotland] are called in. My Lords acquaint them that the Queen has signified her pleasure that the Charity List [in the Civil List of Scotland] payable out of the 2,000l. per an. be applied only to those in Scotland.
The [said] Barons will frame a clause for payment of the debt due to the moneyers [of the Mint in Scotland] for recoining the money of Scotland, [such payment to be made] out of the overplus of the coinage money in Scotland.
The Barons will make a report concerning the charge of sending Proclamations to Scotland.
My Lords do not think fit to renew the office of Discoverer of Concealed Lands [in Scotland, which office is] desired by George Dalrimple, Esq. Ibid., p. 225.
April 23,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett, Sir Thomas Mansell, Mr. Benson.
[Send word to] Capt. Studholm to attend to-morrow morning at nine of the clock.
[My Lords direct the issue to William Lowndes of] 1,000l. on the [unsatisfied] order [in his name] for secret service.
Mr. Brydges and Mr. Sloper [are] called in. [My Lords order the] Auditors of Imprests to attend to-morrow morning at nine of the clock in relation to Mr. Brydges' accounts for [the British Forces in] Spain &c.
[My Lords order the] Commissioners of Customs to cause a distinct account to be kept of the French wines imported by virtue of the late Act of Parliament [9 Anne, c. 8: to wit] distinct from all other accounts of French wine &c.
[Write to the] Excise Commissioners to send to my Lords their books containing the method in which they managed the former Duties on leather, and to lay before my Lords such scheme as they shall think proper for the management of the Duties [on leather] now granting [in the House of Commons].
Mr. Peyton [is called in]. He acquaints my Lords that all the tin consigned to Hamburgh to the order of Stratford and Co. is arrived there except 40 tons now on board two ships in the river [of Thames] which are ready to sail. He leaves an account thereof [of the said tin consignments] in writing.
[My Lords order a] letter to the [Tin] Contractors [to the effect] that my Lords being informed that all the tin consigned to their order at [to] Hamburgh (except 40 tons) is arrived [there, therefore] my Lords expect they should make the loan of 20,000l. (according to their agreement) some time this week without fail.
Mr. Brydges' memorial of this day's date is read praying directions for 1,252l. 14s. 8d. for interest and discount upon bills of exchange drawn by Mr. William Chetwynd, Esq., for the service of the Forces in Spain pursuant to her Majesty's warrant of the 13th inst. [My Lords thereupon] ordered [him to pay the said sum] out of Malt tallies in his [Brydges'] hands. Ibid., p. 226.
April 24,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett.
[The draft of a direction] letter for 20,000l. for the Navy is read and approved.
[My Lords order that] the warrants for [repayment of ? recruit moneys to] the Receivers of Somerset and Essex are to be satisfied by tallies on tin.
[My Lords order that] Mr. Bridges is to meet with the Auditors of Imprests and agree with them upon the form of a warrant to be signed by her Majesty for the regular payment of the money which my Lords order for the Forces in Spain [and Portugal]; and also to settle the Instructions to the Paymaster [of the Forces] and his Deputies and to the Commissaries of Provisions in Spain and Portugal for the future. And [my Lords order the Treasury Secretary Mr. Lowndes to] write to the Secretaries of State (pursuant to the Queen's pleasure) for copies of all the Treaties relating to the pay or charge of the Foreign Forces in Spain and Portugal, the Low Countries, Piedmont or elsewhere. And [further my Lords order that] Mr. Bridges is to deliver to the Auditors [of Imprests] the accounts which he [Brydges] has received from Mr. Mead [his deputy in Portugal] from time to time of his payments in Spain: and the like as to those [accounts] which he has received from Mr. Morris [his deputy in Spain].
Write to Mr. Chetwynd, the Envoy at Genoa, that in regard of the great remittances which have been lately made for the service of Spain and Italy the [exchange] remitters cannot give bills at present for any further sums payable at sight; and the Spanish service being very pressing my Lords desire him to take up 50,000l. in the best manner he can and send it to Barcelona as soon as possible and to draw bills for the same upon the Paymaster of the Forces here; and that he will assure the merchants [who supply him with local currency there] that not only the bills which he shall draw for the said 50,000l. but all other bills which are due to them will be punctually accepted on her Majesty's behalf and [duly] complied with.
[Send word to the] Agents for Taxes to attend to-morrow morning. Treasury Minute Book XVIII, p. 227.
April 25,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Paget, Sir Thomas Mansel, Mr. Benson.
My Lords direct that Mr. Ryley, Mr. Townsend and Mr. Lowndes do meet to-morrow afternoon in order to frame a scheme for managing the leather Duties.
[My Lords order] Mr. Brydges to desire the Bank to advance 27,145l. 10s. 6d. on a deposit of tallies and orders in his hands in manner following, that is to say, 13,083l. 0s. 6d. this week, 5,000l. next week, 5,000l. the week following and the rest in the subsequent week: to be repaid with interest at 6 per cent. per an. out of the first money coming in on the Lottery. The said sum of 27,145l. 10s. 6d. is to be applied as follows, viz. 13,083l. 0s. 6d. to satisfy 8,083l. 0s. 6d. due to divers Receivers General of Land Tax for moneys by them paid for recruiting her Majesty's Forces (which sum is to be forthwith deducted out of the subsistence of the Troops which received the said recruits) and 5,000l. towards 19,062l. 10s. 0d. which is to be paid over to Sir Theodore Janssen for [the value of] 75,000 dollars by him remitted to Hamburgh Dec. 8 last for six months' subsidy to the King of Denmark to the 4–15th of September last.
Several reports from the Duke of Ormonde [as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland] are read [and my Lords] ordered that the same be abstracted in order to receive her Majesty's pleasure thereupon.
Upon reading the report from Mr. Granville [Secretary at War] concerning the demands of Lord Barrymore and Lieut. Gen. Sankey, one as Major General and the other as Lieut. General, my Lords [say they] require a certificate when those [their] respective commissions were delivered out and when they were posted in the said commands. Ibid., p. 228.
April 26,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett, Mr. Benson.
[My Lords direct the issue out of Civil List moneys of] 688l. 7s. 1½d. to Mr. Lowndes [on his unsatisfied order] for secret service.
The Attorney General and Solicitor General and the Queen's Advocate and Proctor [are to be desired] to attend next Saturday morning about the deposits to be made for the effects in the Genoese ships at Port Mahon [which are agreed] to be delivered to her Majesty's order. Ibid., p. 229.
April 27,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett, Sir Thomas Mansell, Mr. Benson.
My Lords [after debate decide that they] will furnish money to the Treasurer of the Navy to answer such bills as shall be drawn upon him by any Collectors of Customs in the outports or by any other persons for money they will voluntarily advance for subsistence money or conduct money for the pressed men. But my Lords cannot direct any appropriated moneys to be diverted from the uses to which they were given [by Parliament] in expectation of being refunded upon the adjusting of future accounts.
[Send word] to the Agents [for Taxes] to attend to-morrow morning.
Write to the Bank to send an account every day to my Lords of what is received on the Lottery so that due care may be taken to set off the interest growing due for the loans which they [the Bank] make on deposits [of tallies and orders] repayable out of the Lottery money.
[My Lords order that] the 20,000l. [which is] to be lent by Mr. Stratford et al. on [the Queen's] tin is to be issued to the Cofferer of the Household and Treasurer of the Chamber "in proportions" towards the quarter ended at Midsummer last.
Write to Sir Christopher Wren that my Lords would have him use his interest to get Mr. James chosen carpenter for the Church of St. Paul. Ibid., p. 230.
April 28,
Present: ut supra.
[My Lords order the issue to Mr. Lowndes out of Civil List moneys] of 2,000l. for secret service.
The Attorney General and Solicitor General come in, and Mr. Edwards is called in. The petition of himself [Edwards] and others is read again. [Send] to the Receivers of the Lottery to be here on Monday morning without fail at nine a'clock.
At the request of Count Maffei, Envoy Extraordinary from His Royal Highness the Duke of Savoy, signified by his memorial of the 25th inst. my Lords do consent and agree on her Majesty's behalf that the sum of 5,323l. sterling or thereabouts shall be deducted and paid out of the first money that shall be due and payable on account of the ordinary subsidy to His Royal Highness (which is already satisfied to the 3rd of August next new style) unto Mr. Joseph Brooksbank for cloth by him furnished for part of His Royal Highness's Troops and for which by his [Brooksbank's] agreement with the said Comte Maffei he was to be paid on 15th August next. Treasury Minute Book XVIII, p. 231.