Minute Book: May 1711

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25, 1711. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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May 1711

May 1. Present: Earl Poulet, Mr. Paget, Mr. Benson.
My Lords having had under consideration an account exhibited to them by Mr. Brydges of the bills of exchange drawn upon him by William Chetwynd, Esq., her Majesty's Envoy at Genoa, for the service of the Troops in Spain, amounting to 135,431l. 19s. 10d., their Lordships do resolve and agree on her Majesty's behalf that the same shall be satisfied in manner following, that is to say
£ s. d.
24,331 19 1 on or before 1st June next: to satisfy bills of exchange due on or before the 7th of Oct. last.
22,766 13 4 on or before the 2nd July next: for bills due on and before Nov. 7 last.
31,733 6 8 on or before 1 August next: for bills due in November last or before; including 25,000l. to Malacrida due in September last.
56,600 0 0 out of the money that shall arise by the Aids to be granted in this Session of Parliament, [said sum to be issued seriatim or] in course according as the bills [of exchange] for same become due: 25,000l. included therein for Malacrida which fell due in September last, being to be satisfied in the last place.
£135,431 19 10
Mr. Hawes [as deputy for the Navy Treasurer is] called in. My Lords direct him to raise 3,000l. on Land Tax tallies on the fourteenth 4s. Aid [the 1711 Land Tax, which tallies remain] in the Navy Treasurer's hands [and which rank for payment in course] between 1,100,000l. and 1,200,000l. [on the register of loans on the said Land Tax: Hawes to raise said sum] at a discount not exceeding 2¼ per cent.: which sum is to be applied to such uses [of the Navy] as my Lords shall direct. Ibid., p. 232.
May 3. Present. Earl Poulet, Sir Thomas Mansel, Mr. Benson.
[The drafts of direction] letters [to the Exchequer for the issue] of 65l. 6s. 0d. for Mr. Wise for charges on spotted deer and for 2,800l. to Lord Raby and for 200l. to Capt. Cosby are read and approved.
[My Lords direct the] 100l. due at Michaelmas last to the [Corporation of Lyme Regis for repair of the] Cob there, to be paid.
Upon reading the papers transmitted by Secretary St. John to my Lords concerning arrears due to the Bishop of Munster and the Duke of Wolfenbuttle in the late reign my Lords order a letter [to be written] to signify to Mr. Secretary St. John that they have no objection to his laying the said demands before the House [of Commons]. Ibid., p. 233.
May 4. Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett, Mr. Benson.
Upon reading a memorial of Walter Douglas, Esq., Governor of the Leeward Islands, praying 372l. for the charges of the transportation of himself and effects to that Government my Lords answer that the Queen directed some time since that no more money should be allowed to any Governors for their transportation to their respective Governments.
Mr. William Hinton for Mr. Nathaniel Estwick having presented a bill of exchange on my Lords from Mr Brydges [probably means having presented from Mr. Brydges a bill drawn on the Treasury by Estwick or by Estwick's correspondents to the order of Estwick] for 121l. 15s. 0d. sterling for the drawing of which he [? Estwick] had no direction, my Lords do not think fit to accept the same and Mr. Hinton takes back the bill with him. Ibid., p. 234.
May 7,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett, Sir Thomas Mansel, Mr. Benson.
[My Lords] ordered that 4,000l. of the money in the Exchequer arisen by the Four and a Half per cent. Duties be paid to the Earl of Kinnoul in part of the arrears due to him on his perpetuity of 1,000l. per an.
The Queen has ordered 100l. to Lady Dalhousie.
[Write] to Mr. Whitfield [Paymaster of Marines] to certify what tallies on the sixth General Mortgage remain in his hands unissued [unpaid or unassigned].
My Lords appoint Mr. [Thomas] Burslem to be Receiver [of Taxes for the county] of Stafford; Mr. [Bernard] Turney for Co. Bucks and Mr. [George] Thorne for part of Devon; according to reports from the Agents for Taxes.
[Write to] Sir Christopher Wren to hasten his reports about the repairs of the Guard Houses at Hampton Court, Kensington and Whitehall. Ibid., p. 235.
May 8,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Paget, Sir Thomas Mansel, Mr. Benson.
Sir Theodore Janssen [is] called in. He offers a proposal dated this day and signed by himself, [Sir] John Lambert and Nich. Santini and Company as follows: viz.
to give their bills for [on] Turin for 200,000 crowns payable at 60 days after date at the [exchange] rate of 57½ pence sterling per crown of 82 sols each money of Piedmont: [and they by way of repayment] to be paid in [ready] money "on delivery of our bills. We doubt not your Lordships are sensible that we are already so much in advance [with our remittances of exchange as against your Lordships' repayments of same] that 'tis not possible for us to go further without exposing our credit: and as our proposal is at so low a rate [of exchange] that there is no room left for any gain if the exchange should rise ever so little, we hope your Lordships will think it for your advantage to borrow this money [in order to our repayment] from the Bank, which we are informed is at present in no disbursement either to your Lordships or to any of the [exchange] remitters."
My Lords agree to this proposition with this variation that the sum of 47,916l. 13s. 4d. for the [value of the said] 200,000 crowns be paid [thus viz. by] 25,000l. on Friday next, 12,000l. on the Friday following and the remainder on the Friday then next ensuing.
[Send a] letter to Baron Scrope [a Baron of the Exchequer, Scotland] that my Lords have several affairs relating to Scotland to consider of, which are likely to take up some time, and that my Lords conceive it will be necessary to advise with him thereupon; and therefore desire him not to think of returning to Scotland till those matters can be adjusted. Treasury Minute Book XVIII, p. 236.
May 9,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett, Sir Thomas Mansel.
My Lords desire to speak with the Earl of Clarendon on Saturday morning next if it stands with his Lordship's convenience.
My Lords desire Mr. Brydges [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad] to borrow of the Bank a sum of 50,000l. upon a deposit of tallies and orders, to be repaid with 6 per cent. per an. interest out of the money coming in for the Lottery [and to be paid in course] next after 836,295l. 1s. 4½d. [already charged for payment on or out of the said Lottery money]. This sum is to be disposed [of by said Brydges for such uses of the Forces] as my Lords shall direct.
[Write] to the Bank to send my Lords an account daily of what is received on the Lottery.
My Lords direct Mr. Smyth, the Queen's Proctor, to attend next Saturday morning for an answer concerning the deposit [for the Admiralty Court] desired by the claimers of the pieces of Eight in the two Genoese ships.
[Write to] Mr. Granville and Mr. Bridges to attend next Friday morning.
Out of the abovementioned sum of 50,000l. when advanced [by the Bank] my Lords direct that Mr. Brydges do pay over to Sir Theodore Janssen et al. 25,000l. in part of 47,916l. 13s. 4d. for the 200,000 crowns for which they agreed to give their bills on Turin as in their proposal of yesterday's date. Ibid., p. 237.
May 10,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Benson.
Mr. Owen and Mr. Hannaway, Clerks of the Tickets in the Navy Office, [are directed by my Lords] to attend my Lords to-morrow at eleven of the clock with one or more of the books kept by them which contain the money due to seamen for wages.
[The draft of a] letter to the Stamp Duty Commissioners is read and approved directing them to take the accounts of Mr. Harcourt, Clerk of the Crown, of judgments entered without stamps and to receive from him the money he has collected for the same.
[My Lords order a direction] letter for issuing 27,145l. 10s. 6d. to Mr. Brydges on the order in his name [as Paymaster of the Forces Abroad] for the service of this year: [the said sum to be issued] out of the Lottery money coming into the Exchequer [and to rank for payment somewhere] within 836,295l. 1s. 4½d. [already charged on said Lottery money]. The said sum is intended to redeem tallies [which were] ordered to be deposited with the Bank by a minute of April 25 last, supra, p. 56, for the uses therein mentioned if they [the said Bank] shall have advanced the said sum: but if not, then [the said sum is to be applied] to the uses for which the said advances were desired.
[My Lords order a direction] letter for issuing 50,000l. more to Mr. Brydges on the like order: [to be issued] out of Lottery money coming in next after 836,295l. 1s. 4½d. [thereof]. The said 50,000l. is intended to redeem tallies deposited with the Bank for 50,000l. advanced by them pursuant to a minute of yesterday's date. Ibid., p. 238.
May 11,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett, Sir Thomas Mansell, Mr. Benson.
The chief clerks of the [four] Tellers [of the Receipt of the Exchequer are] called in. They acquaint my Lords that divers persons have been with them to deposit moneys on the Act now passing for raising two millions upon orders payable in course out of a fund of 186,670l. per an. for 32 years [as by the Act 9 Anne, c. 16]: to wit
in the office of [Teller] Lord FitzHardinge 141,600
in the office of [Teller] Mr. Robartes 203,600
in the office of [Teller] Mr. Bertie 213,000
in the office of [Teller] Mr. Smyth 248,300
My Lords direct the said clerks to take care not to receive any more deposits.
Upon reading a memorial presented by Mr. Sloper [as deputy for Mr. Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad] my Lords direct a letter [to be sent] to Mr. Brydges to pay over to Richard Hoare, Esq., for himself and other remitters [of exchange] the sum of 22,822l. 10s. 6d. out of this year's Malt tallies and Land Tax tallies and orders in his hands; pursuant to a warrant signed by the Queen in this behalf: [and is to be as an equivalent] for the discount of tallies and Exchequer Bills and for interest upon bills of exchange given by them for the service of her Majesty's Forces in Flanders according to an account thereof annexed to the said warrant.
Her Majesty having signed several instructions for William Chetwynd, Esq., Envoy at Genoa, relating to the embarcation of Troops and other services of Spain and also for the Deputy Paymasters and Commissaries of the Provisions in Spain and Portugal my Lords direct the same to be sent to the proper officers [concerned respectively] and that copies thereof be transmitted to his Grace the Duke of Argyll [in Spain]. [See infra, p. 274, under date May 9.] Ibid., p. 239.
May 14,
Present: Mr. Pagett, Sir Thomas Mansel, Mr. Benson.
[Write] to Mr. Brydges to lay before my Lords an account of what money Mr. Mead has issued for the fortifications at Port Mahon and by what orders; and also what has been paid by Mr. Morrice or is any ways charged in his accounts for the fortifications at Gibraltar.
Write to the Board of Ordnance to send to Col. Petit and Col. Richards [to ask him] for the drafts of the fortifications in the said respective places [Port Mahon and Gibraltar] with the estimates of the charge thereof; and also the copies of the Orders or Instructions that have been given relating to those works and how much thereof is already performed; and that the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance lay the said particulars before the Treasury with their observations thereupon as soon as may be.
[My Lords] refer to the Agents for Taxes the petition of James Martin praying to be Receiver [of Taxes] for Co. Surrey. Ibid., p. 240.
May 16,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett, Mr. Benson.
[My Lords direct] 300l. to the Treasurer of the Chamber: to be paid over to Mr. Shrider in part of 800l. for an organ which he is making for the chapel at Hampton Court.
[Write to] the Receivers of the Lottery money to attend next Monday morning with the account for which last week they were sent to [to wit] of the tickets which will remain undisposed after everybody has taken back a fifth part. Treasury Minute Book XVIII, p. 241.
May 18,
Present: Earl Poulett, Sir Thomas Mansel, Mr. Benson.
[My Lords order] a warrant to be prepared for a non pros. as to her Majesty's part of a seizure of some wines belonging to Mr. Portman.
[Write] Mr. Brydges to attend next Monday morning with a proposal for applying the 25,000l. lately remitted to Mr. Mead from hence and sent to him from Lisbon for the services of Spain.
The account annexed to her Majesty's warrant dated April 13 last (for paying 22,822l. 10s. 6d. to Mr. Hoar for himself and other remitters [of exchange], to wit) for loss sustained by [discount of] Exchequer Bills and for interest of moneys advanced for the service of the Troops abroad is ordered [by my Lords] to be referred to the Auditors [of Imprests] to examine and report upon.
Sir William Hodges [is to be] desired to be here next Monday morning in relation to the bills of exchange drawn from Spain for subsisting the prisoners there.
[Send word to] Mr. Merryll to attend next Monday morning.
Mr. Hawes [for the Navy Treasurer is] called in. He presents a memorial for 2,100l. for [paying] Parliamentary [seamen's] tickets for the month of April last and prays directions for applying so much for that use out of the 3,000l. raised on the 1st inst. on tallies on the fourteenth 4s. Aid [the Land Tax anno 1711] with an allowance of 2¼ per cent. [for discount].
My Lords direct that the same be applied accordingly. Ibid., p. 242.
May 21. Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett, Sir Thomas Mansell, Mr. Benson.
[Write to the exchange] remitters to attend to-morrow morning about [furnishing] bills for [the Troops in] Flanders and Spain.
The times [dates] for the three last payments on the last [1711 second] Lottery [9 Anne, c. 16] are to be advertised in the Gazette.
[My Lords direct] 144l. 19s. 3d. to Mr. Brydges: to be [by him] paid over to discharge debts in York [city] contracted by Breton's Regiment [for quarters] and to be charged to the current subsistence of the said Regiment. Ibid., p. 243.
May 22. Present: ut supra.
A letter is read from [Secretary] Lord Dartmouth enclosing another from Mr. Chetwyn "and a minute [of my Lords' reply thereto is endorsed] upon it."
[My Lords order that] 35,000l. is to be paid in part of 65,352l. 0s. 4½d. upon Mr. How's memorial of the 11th inst. [for Guards and Garrisons].
[My Lords order the] 200l. remaining to complete her Majesty's warrant for 500l. to Mr. Chetwynd be issued to Mr. Compton for him [Chetwynd] pursuant to his [Chetwynd's] memorial of yesterday's date.
The memorial of Mr. Granville [Secretary at War] is read representing that he has a title to 3,000l. a year out of the Duchy of Cornwall by the death of the Earl of Bath. My Lords order that Mr. Granville do make a state of his title to the said 3,000l. and that it shall then be referred to the Attorney General and the Solicitor General: and that in the meantime the Receiver of [the Duchy of] Cornwall is to take care that no payments be made thereupon until further order.
Mr. Brydges [Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad is] called in. He presents a memorial praying directions for the application of 152,000l. remitted to Barcelona and ordered to be sent thither from Lisbon and Genoa for the service of the war in Spain.
Also a memorial relating to the apportionment of the 20,000l. allowed by the Queen's Instructions for the extraordinaries [of the war] in Spain and Portugal in the present year and [relating] to the exceedings of the said sum.
And likewise a memorial relating to coals delivered to the Garrison of Gibraltar.
All these memorials my Lords order to be sent to Auditor Harley to peruse and give his opinion thereupon to my Lords.
Mr. Brydges also by a memorial of this day's date lays before my Lords an extract of a letter from Mr. Morice to Mr. Sloper dated the 12th May 1711, new style, representing that out of the 1,500,000l. [sic for 150,000l.] which was expected [thought] here [in London] to be remaining in his hands 50,000l. was disposed of before Xmas last and the other 100,000l. [is] broke into to pay the Portuguese [Treaty] subsidy for March and April by Lord Portmore's particular warrant: that he [Morrice] will send up what he can of the rest to Spain by the first opportunity, but if no [further] remittances are made speedily [to him, Morrice, from London, he] fears 'twill not be much [that he will be able so to send into Spain]; and that although Mr. Bucknall [Deputy Commissary] makes return in his muster rolls of none but effectives yet Lord Portmore has ordered all the Dragoons to be paid complete and part of the non-effective money to be returned to the Foot [Regiments] which Mr. Morice says he believes his Lordship [Lord Portmore] has done upon very mature deliberation for the good of the service.
My Lords [debate hereof and decide they] will lay this matter before the Queen with a copy of the letter sent [formerly] from hence to Lord Portmore relating to the mustering and paying none but effectives; and also [copies] of the orders to the Paymaster and Commissary of the Musters on that subject.
[My Lords direct] 255l. 7s. 3d. to the Treasurer of the Chamber out of Civil List money: to be paid over to Mr. Bedford for six months' rent for the house hired from him for Prince Kourakin [Prince Boris Ivanovic Kurakin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary from Russia to England 22 Oct. 1709 to 5 June 1711 which rent is] due 30 April 1711 according to a warrant signed by the Lord Chamberlain. Ibid., pp. 244–5.
May 24,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett, Mr. Benson.
Sir John Lambert and Mr. De Costa [are] called in. My Lords desire them to make a proposal for remitting 50,000l. to Flanders [for the Troops in the Low Countries] and a like sum for [to] Genoa for the Troops in Spain.
Mr. Sloper is called in [as deputy to Mr. Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad]. My Lords direct him to attend the Bank and to desire them to advance 56,000l. upon tallies in the hands of Mr. Brydges, to be repaid with 6 per cent. per an. interest out of the Lottery next after 886,000l. [charged thereon]. This sum is intended to be applied as follows, to wit 50,000l. to the [exchange] remitters [as in repayment] for their bills to be sent for the Forces in Flanders by to-morrow night's post; and 6,000l. to Sir W. Hodges for two bills drawn by Mr. Stanhope for the prisoners in Spain.
[Write] Mr. Merryll [as the deputy to Mr. Howe, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons] to attend the Bank and desire them to advance 35,000l. upon a deposit of tallies in the hands of Mr. Howe and to be repaid with 6 per cent. per an. interest out of the money coming in on the Lottery next after about 942,000l. [charged thereon]. This sum is to be applied for a month's subsistence to the Guards and Garrisons in Great Britain from Feb. 23 last.
Sir John Lambert and Mr. Gibbons [are] called in and deliver their two proposals both dated this day for remitting respectively 50,000l. for the Forces in Flanders and 50,000l. to Genoa for the Troops in Spain: which are considered and agreed to by my Lords as follows: viz.:
We propose to supply your Lordships with bills for [on] Genoa for 50,000l. at 60 days' date at the rate of 58 pence sterling per dollar: [in repayment we] to be paid 25,000l. [? in ready money] on delivery of our bills and 25,000l. next week.
and likewise bills on Amsterdam and Antwerp for 50,000l., those on Amsterdam at 2½ usance and those on Antwerp at sight at the rate of 10 guilders 11 stivers current money per pound sterling: [we in repayment] to be paid 25,000l. [? in ready money] on delivery of our bills and 25,000l. next week.
Treasury Minute Book XVIII, pp. 246–7.
May 28. Present: Earl Poulet, Mr. Paget, Sir Thomas Mansel, Mr. Benson.
[My Lords] ordered that Mr. Lowndes deliver to Mr. Tilson the two first plates engraven for the Lottery tickets anno 1711.
My Lords recommend Alexander Frazier for a stamper's place on the next vacancy.
Mr. Brydges [Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad is] called in. His memorial of this [day's] date is read praying directions to whom he shall send the bills of exchange upon Genoa dated the 25th inst. for 206,896 crowns 11 sols payable 60 days after date.
My Lords direct him to transmit them to Mr. Chetwynd, her Majesty's Envoy at Genoa, and that Mr. Lowndes [do] write to him [Chetwynd] to turn the said bills into money as soon as they come to his hands in the best manner [at the lowest discount] he can for her Majesty's advantage and send up the [proceeds of the] same to Mr. Mead, the Deputy Paymaster at Barcelona, by the very first opportunity.
As to the other part of the [said Mr. Brydges'] memorial wherein he desires my Lords' directions to what uses the said Mr. Mead is to apply the said 50,000l. or 206,986 crowns 11 sols my Lords direct him to signify to the said Deputy Paymaster that he is to apply it to the subsistence [of the British Forces in Spain] and shall receive further directions in a post or two as well with respect to the subsistence as to the extraordinary services.
Mr. Hawes [as for the Treasurer of the Navy is] called in; and upon considering the demands made by the Navy and Victualling for bills of exchange my Lords direct him to discount 10,000l. of tallies [to get tallies discounted which are] in the said Navy Treasurer's hands on the Land Tax [anno 1711 ranking for payment] after 1,150,000l. or thereabout [already charged on the register of loans on the said Land Tax] in the best manner [at the lowest discount rate] he can, but [the said discount rate] not to exceed 1 per cent.: and that the same be applied by the said Treasurer as follows, to wit 7,000l. thereof to discharge bills of exchange due in the Victualling Office and 3,000l. for the like bills [due] in the Navy [Office]. Ibid., p. 248.
Memorandum: that the Right Honble. Robert Harley, Esq., Chancellor and Under Treasurer of her Majesty's Exchequer, one of the Commissioners for executing the office of Treasurer of the Exchequer, and one of her Majesty's most honourable Privy Council, was in May 1711 created Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer and Baron Harley of Wigmore, and having first taken his place in the House of Peers, her Majesty on the 29th day of the same month (the anniversary for Restoration of the Royal Family) delivered to him at her Palace of St. James's the staff whereby his Lordship had the office of High Treasurer of Great Britain:
And on the _ day of _ 1711 her Majesty's letters patent passed under the great seal whereby he was constituted Treasurer of her Majesty's Exchequer during her pleasure:
And that on the 1st day of June 1711 (being the first day of Trinity term and the Parliament then sitting) his Lordship was sworn in the Courts of Chancery and Exchequer at Westminster. In order to which his Lordship about 11 in the forenoon came to the apartment of the Auditor of the Receipt (Lord Halifax), where a great number of the nobility and other persons of quality attended him and with them his Lordship went through the Receipt side of the Exchequer into Westminster Hall and (shewing respects to the Courts of Common Pleas and Queen's Bench as he passed by) went into the Court of Chancery, where the Lord Keeper Harcourt administered to his Lordship (kneeling upon cushions in the middle of the Court) the oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy and the oath for the office of Lord Treasurer; which done his Lordship with the Lord Keeper went to the Exchequer Court and the Lord Keeper having placed himself next to the Lord Chief Baron Ward made an eloquent oration to the Lord Treasurer, who all that while stood without the bar, and having heard the speech as also the letters patent for constituting him Treasurer of the Exchequer and the writ of attendance [being also] read his Lordship entered into the Court where he was sworn according to custom; then took his place in Court between the Chief Baron and the Lord Keeper, [and] heard a motion made per Mr. Ettricke and had the keys delivered to him per Lord Halifax; which being re-delivered, his Lordship, attended by the Barons, went into the Offices of the Queen's Remembrancer, Treasurer's Remembrancer, Clerk [of the Pipe] and Comptroller of the Pipe and saw the records there; and afterwards went up into the Receipt side where his Lordship saw some of the records in the keeping of the Chamberlains and [saw] a Bill thrown down from the Teller's Office into the Tally Court and a tally levied from thence into the Auditor's Office next the water, [his Lordship] taking notice of the books of entry there: from thence into the Pell Office where his Lordship saw the books and some of the records, and afterwards into one of the Tellers' Office to see their methods; from whence coming downstairs the company separated and his Lordship went to the House of Peers.
Memorandum: the mace was carried before his Lordship from the time he went from my Lord Halifax's apartment. It should have been from his [the Lord Treasurer's] own house if he had proceeded from thence, but he came in the Queen's coach from Kensington.
Memorandum also: that when the Earl of Rochester was sworn Treasurer to King James the Second I [William Lowndes] saw his Lordship's patent carried before him by Henry Guy and Francis Gwin, Esqrs., his Lordship's secretaries, and when my Lord Godolphin was sworn into the said office in 1702 I carried his Lordship's patent in the same quality walking just before the mace; and I ought to have carried the Earl of Oxford's patent at the proceeding here related, but it was delivered to his Lordship in the Exchequerper my Lord Keeper.