Minute Book: July 1711

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25, 1711. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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July 1711

July 3,
Present: ut supra.
Send to the Transport Commissioners to give account of the moneys chargeable on them.
[My Lord ordered] that it be an instruction to the Commissioners [who are] to go to Spain [for inspecting the accounts of the Forces there that they are] to enquire whether the corn was delivered out by the same measure as it was bought in [by].
Order Mr. Borret to attend on Thursday with his paper of [Crown law] causes [of which he has charge].
Reports are read as in a list, and minutes [of my Lord's decisions thereon] are [endorsed] upon them. Ibid., p. 26.
July 4. Present: ut supra.
Make an account of all that has been paid in the Queen's reign to the Receivers [General] of Taxes for rewards and charges [extraordinary expenses in their collections].
[My Lord directs the issue out of Civil List moneys of] 3,000l. to Mr. Lowndes for secret service.
Ordered that the [Principal] Officers of the Mint do certify what plate has been brought in since the 14th May last and upon what days and that the [said] Officers do receive no more by [virtue of] the warrant of 10 May last.
[My Lord directs the issue out of Civil List funds] of 1,000l. to Mr. Masham upon account for the Household.
[My Lord directs] 28,036l. 5s. 0d. to Mr. Brydges [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad]: out of money in the Exchequer [arising] on the Act [9 Anne, c. 16] for raising 2,000,000l.: [this sum is] to be paid over to Mr. Blake for arms, accoutrements and other things by him provided for the Expedition under the conduct of General Hill, according to a warrant lately signed by her Majesty in this behalf. Treasury Minute Book XIX, p. 27.
July 5. Present: Lord Treasurer.
Visct. Bulkeley and Lloyd Bodvile, Esq., are called in with their counsel. The petition of his Lordship is read with the report from the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands] thereupon and the certificate from the Auditor [of Crown Lands concerned] relating thereto. The petition of Mr. Bodvile and the report from the said Surveyor thereupon are also read.
Mr. Dod [of Counsel] for Mr. Bodvile says nobody has been drowned at the ferry mentioned in the petitions and the boats are in good repair: that the house was built by Owen Hughs on his own land: that the ferry is near Mr. Bodville's house, and remote from Lord Buckley's: there has been no default on their [Bodville's] part and the thing is of small value.
The Surveyor [General of Crown Lands] says he believes the house is built on the Queen's land and that the Crown had anciently an house there.
Mr. Dod says that there is a little thatcht stable which might [possibly] belong to the ferry. As to the land Mr. Dod doth not insist on it.
Sergeant Cheshire [of Counsel] for Lord Bulkeley says Owen Hughes was but a trustee and defrauded an infant under whom [Hughes] Mr. Bodvile claims tenant right: this as to the land: that land and ferry never were in one lease till Owen Hughs got them as a trustee for one Williams, at least he got both by that means: he was the first of the family that had a lease: it is expired and now one of his executors would [claimed to] come into the [possession of the] ferry on that tenant right: if the house be on the Crown's land it is the inheritance of the Crown: if not, he has built it for his own use and let the Crown's house fall down: neither can pretend to any tenant right as to one part and he [Sergeant Cheshire] hopes my Lord will incline her Majesty to favour my Lord Bulkeley.
Mr. Dod says his client's wife was Mr. Hugh's sister.
The counsel disagree as to the boats being in or out of repair and [as to] the title of the house.
Mr. Hughs did petition to renew his lease: it was offered upon the terms [set out by the Surveyor General] in the report and he refused to proceed.
Mr. Dod says his client is one of the executors and upon a division of the estate of Owen Hughs this fell to his client's wife.
My Lord [tells both sides that he] will receive the Queen's pleasure [in settling this dispute].
Sir Theodore Janssen and Sir John Lambert [are called in, and] propose [to my Lord] to give bills for 50,000l. on Amsterdam at 2½ usance and on Antwerp at sight at the exchange rate of 10 guilders 11 stivers current money per pound sterling: [they by way of repayment] to be paid for the same [in ready money] on delivery of the bills. My Lord Treasurer agrees thereto.
[My Lord orders that] Mr. Phillips is to have the office [of Distributor of Stamps and Collector] for the Stamp Duties at Shrewsbury.
Inquire what grants of Crown lands have been made under the Duchy seal [of the Duchy of Cornwall].
[My Lord orders the Paymaster of the Forces to] pay my Lord Carmarthen the sum of 227l. 10s. 0d. [for his flag pay] due at Midsummer last notwithstanding the demand on account of the Newels [for which there has been a stop put on the payment of said flag pay]. Ibid., pp. 28–9.
July 6. Present: ut supra.
Memorandum: to enquire after reversionary annuities in Lady Littleton's hands, how many are fallen in possession and at what rate the rest can be turned into money. Ibid., p. 30.
July 10. Present: [attendance not stated].
Mr. Brydges [is] called in and Mr. Gibbon and the following proposal made by Sir John Lambert and the said Mr. Gibbon is read, viz. to give bills on Lisbon for 50,000l. at the rate of 5s. 3½d. sterling per milrei, 25,000l. thereof payable 20 days after sight and 25,000l. thereof forty days after sight: [they in repayment] to be paid in [ready] money at delivery of the bills.
My Lord Treasurer upon consideration thereof is pleased to agree thereto with this alteration that instead of 5s. 3½d. his Lordship will allow but 5s. 3d. per milrei.
[My Lord orders] Mr. Brydges [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad] to make [and present to my Lord] a memorial for the amount of the said bills at that rate: and then a letter [of direction] to be written [to the Exchequer] for issuing the money to him. And the bills are to be sent by this night's post.
It having been agreed by the late Treasury Lords that a sum of 22,822l. 10s. 6d. due to the [exchange] remitters for discount of tallies and of Exchequer Bills and for interest upon bills of exchange (according to her Majesty's warrant of April 13 last in that behalf) should be paid out of this year's Malt tallies and Land Tax tallies, and Mr. Brydges now desiring to know at [from] what time the interest shall be allowed to the said remitters, my Lord directs that it shall be allowed to them from the date of the [said royal] warrant only and that the intermediate interest incurred thereupon shall be saved or accounted for to the public. Ibid., p. 31.
July 11. Present: Lord Treasurer.
My Lord observing by the extract of the musters of the Forces in Portugal that the several Regiments as well of Horse as Foot are so weak that little or no service can be expected from 'em in the condition they are in, orders that Mr. Brydges and Mr. Granville be wrote to to consider this affair and to propose the forming of complete Regiments by breaking all the said weak Regiments into one or more as their present numbers shall answer towards making complete Regiments in their stead, and to report their opinions how and in what manner the same may best be done.
My Lord declares her Majesty's pleasure that a lease of the land and ferry (touching which a hearing between the Lord Bulkley and Mr. Bodvile was [had] before my Lord Treasurer on the 5th inst.) be passed to Lord Bulkley upon the terms mentioned in the report of the Surveyor General of Crown Lands. My Lord orders a warrant to be prepared accordingly.
[My Lord orders] 50,000l. to be issued to Mr. Brydges [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad]: out of Contributions to the 2,000,000l.: [and is intended] to answer the value of the remitters' bill [of exchange] on Lisbon at 5s. 3d. per milrei as agreed by my Lord on the said remitters' proposal of the 10th inst.: and [the money] to be applied at Lisbon to the subsistence of the effective men only of her Majesty's Forces there and [of] the General Officers that are actually at their posts in Portugal.
A paper presented [to my Lord] is read containing Mr. Morrice's observations on the Articles of Instructions lately sent to him; together with Mr. Brydges' explanations thereupon. My Lord orders a copy thereof (with the minutes thereupon) to be sent to the Earl of Dartmouth for him to transmit to my Lord Portmore in Portugal.
Another paper of Mr. Brydges was read containing Mr. Morrice's demands for [the Forces in] Portugal and his [Brydges'] remarks thereupon. Minutes [of my Lord's decision] taken [are endorsed] upon the same.
An abstract of petitions is read with some reports and other papers, and the minutes [of my Lord's decisions and replies thereto are endorsed] upon them. Treasury Minute Book XIX, p. 32.
July 13. Present: Lord Treasurer.
Auditor Mainwaring and Mr. Moody, deputy to Auditor Harley, are called in, with Mr. Hewer. The Auditor's state of Mr. Hewer's accounts and of [the accounts of] Mr. Pepys to whom he [Hewer] is executor is read. My Lord observes that there are very great sums contained in the said states imprested to Sir H. Sheres and other for the service of Tangier and directs the Auditors to inspect the accounts and let his Lordship know whether those sums have been duly accounted for or not: and as to the several cravings which the Auditors don't think themselves authorised to give allowance of, Mr. Hewer now presents a paper containing his reasons why the same should be allowed him. My Lord directs the said states with Mr. Hewer's paper to be sent back to the Auditors to reconsider and to give their opinion upon the said respective articles: and in the meantime my Lord orders a warrant to stay process [ad computandum against Mr. Hewer] till the last day of next issuable term.
A memorial of the executors of the late Duke of Montagu [late Master of the Great Wardrobe] is read praying, for the reasons therein mentioned and upon a certificate of the Deputy Auditor thereto annexed, that process may be stayed against them in relation to the Great Wardrobe accounts. My Lord orders a warrant accordingly, but will move the Queen as to the form of passing the accounts of that Office [of Master of the Great Wardrobe] for the future.
[My Lord directs] 939l. to the administrator of the late Earl of Rochester for arrears of his allowance as Lord President of the Council.
[Likewise] 641l. 9s. 0d. to Mr. Compton [which is intended] to be paid to Mr. Chetwynd upon warrants signed by her Majesty in that behalf.
(fn. 1) [My Lord orders] 12,685l. 15s. 11d. to be issued to the Treasurer of the Navy: out of Contributions for the 2,000,000l.: which sum, with 8,202l. 0s. 1d. resting in his [the said Navy Treasurer's] hands out of the 100,000l. issued to him on the 13th June, and with 50,000l. which is to be raised at par by the said [Navy] Treasurer upon Land Tax [tallies] of this year [ranking payable thereon] after about 1,100,000l. thereon, is to complete 70,888l. demanded by his [the Navy Treasurer's] memorial of the 12th inst. for the following uses:
for payment of Portsmouth, Plymouth, Kinsale and Harwich Yards, half a year to Lady day 1710 59,012
for bills of exchange for the use of the Navy 8,500
for wages to Deal Castle for five years to June 1708 2,900
for Capt. Cornwall's flag pay to 8 Sept. 1710 476
Ibid., pp. 33–4.
July 17. Present: ut supra.
[Send] to the Navy Commissioners to attend to-morrow morning concerning the directions in the letter for making forth lists and subscribing in[to] the Corporation for S.S. [the South Sea] Company.
The report of Mr. Brydges and Mr. Granville is read for breaking the thinnest Regiments in Spain and Portugal into the strongest. My Lord orders a comparison to be made of the expense as it stands now and how 'twill stand on the proposed reduction.
Send an extract of Mr. Cardonal's letter concerning the Regiment of Ottinghen [Prince d'Ottinghen] to Mr. St. John [Secretary of State] and desire him to transmit hither a copy of the Convention. And Mr. Bridges [by my Lord's request] will write to Mr. Cardonal to send an account of their numbers. He will also write to Mr. Sweet to pay 1,000l. upon account for the [French] men that have deserted and are under Monsieur Sessan [Major General Seissan or de Seissans].
[Send] to the Commissioners [Agents] of Taxes to know whether there is any process going forth against the [Assessment] Commissioners or the Receiver of the Land Tax for [Whitehall, to wit for] the Queen's Household: and to send a state of those arrears [resting on the members of the Household]. Ibid., p. 35.
July 18. Present: ut supra.
The Navy Commissioners are called in about the manner of subscribing Navy bills into the South Sea stock. They are to come again to-morrow morning and those Commissioners whose province it is to take the subscriptions of those bills are to be here then.
My Lord thinks there is no occasion to make lists of the contracts as was directed by the letter of the 15th June. Ibid., p. 36.
July 20,
Present: ut supra.
Sir John Lambert and Richard Hoar, Esq. [attend my Lord and] make a proposal to give their bills for 50,000l. on Amsterdam at 2½ usance or on Antwerp at sight at 10 guilders 9 stivers current money per pound sterling, [they by way of repayment] to be paid for the same in [ready] money on the delivery of the bills.
The proposal is agreed to with these alterations, viz. that the rate be 10 guilders 10 stivers: and [my Lord orders] that the bills for this 50,000l. be given to Mr. Bridges to send away by this night's post to Holland. Treasury Minute Book XIX, p. 37.
July 24. Present: Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Borret is [directed by my Lord] to attend the Attorney General forthwith with the charter for the South Sea Company and to acquaint him that Mr. Lowndes will attend him this evening whilst he [the Attorney General] considers the several parts of it and [Mr. Borret is to] desire the Attorney General to make such amendments as he shall find necessary or fitting; so that it may be returned with the amendments to my Lord by Friday morning at the farthest.
[Send] to Mr. Smith, the Queen's Proctor, to attend to-morrow morning about staying proceedings against the two Genoese ships; and in the meantime to inform himself of the difficulties made about discharging those ships.
Mr. Brydges' memorial is read as to 25,000l. mentioned therein to be due upon bills drawn by Mr. Chetwynd at Genoa. My Lord directs him to make a particular memorial for what is due upon his bills, expressing the services for which drawn, at what rates and the times when due.
[My Lord directs the issue out of Civil List moneys of] 2,000l. to Mr. Lowndes for secret service. Ibid., p. 38.
July 25. Present: ut supra.
[Write] to the Governors of Chelsea Hospital to send my Lord a list of the outpensioners, what pay is allowed them, the times [dates] of their being admitted and upon what certificates [they have been nominated and admitted]; as also a copy of the present Establishment of the said Hospital.
[Send] to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint to attend my Lord on Friday next about the business of the Mint receipts for the plate taken in there.
Mr. Lansdell, from the [Office of] Ordnance, applies for payment of 26,500l. [to the Paymaster of the Ordnance, which sum is due to be paid over by him] to the East India Company for saltpetre. My Lord orders him to consider what tallies in the [Ordnance] Treasurer's hands may best answer this service [and to let my Lord know] by Friday next: and in the meantime [he is to try] to know from the Customs Commissioners what the East India Company are indebted [to the Queen] upon bonds [for Duties on East India goods].
Petitions and [reports and] other papers are read and [the minutes of my Lord's] answers [are endorsed] upon them.
[My Lord directs] 3,000l. to Mr. Compton and a quarter to the Ladies of the Bedchamber, [the Queen's] Dressers and Maids of Honour. Ibid., p. 39.
July 26. Present: ut supra.
My Lord says the Bank shall see have the Charter for the South Sea Company before the warrant for the same be carried to the Queen, for them to consider.
[My Lord] ordered 26,500l. to the Treasurer of the Ordnance for saltpetre [purchased from the East India Company: to be payable] out of the money in the Exchequer of this year's funds [and to be charged in the Ordnance accounts] half for land service of the Ordnance and half for sea service. Ibid., p. 40.
July 27. Present: ut supra.
The Victualling Commissioners [are] called in. Their memorial of the 25th inst. is read praying directions for making contracts for pipe staves and white Bay salt, their last [contracts] being expired and those stores being much wanted. They say the reason why they trouble my Lord is because the traders in those commodities ask so very extravagant prices, that is to say for what they offer for 10l. in ready money they demand 17l. [if paid in tallies or orders struck on any of the fonds and for which they must wait and depend] upon the Course.
My Lord orders that for what there is absolute necessity they should contract at the lowest rates they possibly can and for no more [after that] till credit is better; which his Lordship hopes will be in a little time.
A memorial from the Commissioners of Transports is read proposing that some stores resting in their hands may be disposed of to the Victualling Commissioners at the rates their [the Transport] Officers have valued them at. The Victualling Commissioners say they have no objection thereunto. My Lord signs a warrant accordingly.
The [Victualling] Commissioners acquaint my Lord with the great want there is of Necessary Money and Short Allowance Money. My Lord [tells them he] will speak with the Treasurer of the Navy about it at his next attendance.
The Commissioners of Transports are called in. My Lord directs them to make what haste they can in computing the debt in their Office to Lady day last as the Act [9 Anne. c. 15, clause 19] directs: and also in laying before his Lordship an estimate of what the service of transports from thence [last Lady day] to Xmas next will amount to.
The [Principal] Officers of the Mint are called in. Sir Isaac Newton delivers an opinion of the Attorney General in relation to the plate brought into the Mint since May 14 last: which [opinion] is considered "and the minutes [of my Lord's decision thereon are] taken thereupon."
Mr. Brydges comes in. He presents a memorial representing that the Danish Treaty is expired and praying to know whether Mr. Sweet should continue paying them [the Danish Troops]. He also presents a memorial relating to bills drawn by Lord Peterborough for about 18,600l. for German Troops in Italy not in her Majesty's pay. My Lord takes both memorials up to the [Privy] Council. Ibid., p. 41.


  • 1. The first line of this minute is in Treasurer Oxford's hand. Similarly the whole of the entry for July 6, supra, p. 81, is in his handwriting: and see p. 78.