Minute Book: August 1711

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25, 1711. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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August 1711

August 1,
Present: ut supra.
Memorandum: Additional Instructions for Spain: to enquire and charge the Paymasters [of the Forces] with the difference between the value of the species which they receive for the Forces there and the value of the species in which they pay the said Forces: and also the profit which has been made by recoining money of a better into a worse species: also to enquire in Portugal what advantage has been made by paying the soldiers after the rate of 6s. per milrei or any other rate above the exchange.
My Lord orders an account to be prepared of what issues have been made upon account of the 1,500,000l. For Spain and Portugal [anno 1711], distinguishing the particular uses. Treasury Minute Book XIX, p. 42.
August 2. Present Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord orders a] letter [of direction to the Exchequer] for 1,000l. a week [to be issued] for [building work at] Woodstock till the order for 20,000l. for that building be satisfied.
[My Lord directs] 50l. a week to the Paymaster of the Works [which is by the said Paymaster] to be paid to Mr. Studholm on his estimate for repair of the roads in Hyde Park.
The Treasurer of the Navy [is] called in. His memorial is read and my Lord ordered thereupon issues as follows out of any money of this year's fonds: viz.
£ s. d.
for wages 5,731 0 0
for discharging several workmen out of Deptford Yard 4,200 0 0
for the Victualling; being for the pay of sundry labourers lately discharged 740 15 0
£10,671 15 0
Ibid., p. 43.
August 3 Present: Lord Treasurer.
[Send] to the Navy Commissioners to be here on Tuesday next in the forenoon about the charge of raising naval stores in America and desire Mr. Kiel to be here then.
The Attorney and Solicitor General are called in.
Sir John Lambert is called in. His proposal dated this day for remitting 50,000l. for the Forces in Flanders is read, offering to give his bills for same on Holland [Amsterdam] at 2½ usance and on Antwerp at sight at the exchange rate of 10 guilders 10 stivers per pound sterling [and by way of repayment he] to be paid in [ready] money at the delivery of the bills.
My Lord agrees to the said proposals and the bills are to be sent by this night's post.
Mr. Brydges is to make a demand for the said sum and a letter [of direction] is to be writ [to the Exchequer] for impresting the said sum to him out of any money in the Exchequer of this year's funds. Ibid., p. 44.
August 7. Present: ut supra.
The Treasurer of the Navy [is] called in. His memorial is read for several sums amounting to 98,645l. 8s. 11d.: upon which my Lord orders 20,000l. out of this year's funds on the head of Wages.
Mr. Brydges' memorial of this day's date is read praying 5,204l. 16s. 0¼d. for Exchequer fees on sums issued to him for paying bills of exchange. [My Lord] ordered [same].
[My Lord further directs] 2,000l. to be issued to the Treasurer of the Navy to complete a sum of 10,000l. formerly allowed by Parliament for subsisting and employing persons employed in raising and making naval stores in New York: and [the said sum is] to be imprested and paid over to Col. Hunter or his assigns for that use. Ibid., p. 45.
August 10 Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Whereas pursuant to a warrant signed by her Majesty in that behalf the Officers of the Mint did receive from sundry persons divers quantities of plate in order to be coined and gave receipts for the same, expressing the value thereof at the rates voted by the House of Commons and specified in the said warrant: and whereas the Parliament have made no provision for satisfying the difference between the said value and the produce of the said plate received after the 14th day of May last, my Lord Treasurer doth consent and agree on her Majesty's behalf that if the said Officers of the Mint or any of them shall for the accommodation of the importers of the said plate pay to them respectively so much as the said difference amounts unto or any part thereof, the same shall be repaid to him or them out of her Majesty's Civil List money by Xmas next if the Parliament shall not have provided for the same before that time.
[My Lord directs] 400l. to the Paymaster of the Works by 50l. a week: [which is intended] to be paid over to Mr. Studholme towards repairing her Majesty's private road through Hyde Park.
[My Lord] ordered 38,300l. to the Treasurer of the Navy: whereof 33,000l. is to complete 53,300l. for wages and the remaining 5,000l. is to be towards necessary money [due] to pursers since 25 March 1711: [and to be charged] on the head of Victualling.
[Write] to Sir Christopher Wren to appoint some proper persons to inspect Capt. Studholme's work in repairing the Great Road leading through Hyde Park and to give my Lord a weekly account what progress is made therein.
[Write] the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded to attend my Lord on Wednesday next at 12 a'clock with an account of their debt [due] before 25 March 1711 and what [is] incurred since: with an account of the prisoners and why [they are] detained here.
Mr. Brydges is called in and presents several memorials which are read: viz. (1) a memorial dated Aug. 7 inst. concerning the forage of the Dragoons in Portugal wherein he proposes that the 9,000l. allowed on the Establishment for forage and waggon money be applied as far as it will extend and that the surplus charge be paid (when it shall be known what it amounts to) for the effective men and horses only; of which a particular account is to be transmitted from Portugal at the end of the year so as to be demanded in [from] Parliament.
My Lord approves this and Mr. Brydges is to write to Lord Portmore and Mr. Morrice accordingly.
(2) a memorial dated the 7th inst. upon Mr. Cardonnell's letter relating to the Establishment of the Battalion of Ottingen and to bread and forage for four Battalions of Palatines. Mr. Bridges takes order [from my Lord Treasurer] to write to Mr. Cardonnel to hasten [and send] over [to London] the Establishment. And my Lord approves of the 1,000l. that has been paid the said Regiment on account. As to the bread and forage Mr. Brydges is to have sent to him some papers now read to my Lord and is to write to Mr. Cardonnel to explain some articles therein.
(3) a memorial dated August 9 inst. for directions whether Mr. Chetwynd shall satisfy the charge of the last embarcation [paying same] from Genoa out of the late remittance to him or [shall] draw bills for the same. Upon this my Lord Treasurer is of opinion that bills (if it may be done) should be drawn at four [months'] usance or a longer time.
(4) a memorial dated August 10 inst. for a provision for [bills for] 12,587l. 10s. 0d. drawn by Mr. Mead from Barcelona whereof he [Mead] mentions 10,000l. to be for the King of Spain and 2,587l. 10s. 0d. for the subsistence of the Italian Troops. My Lord says that if the 10,000l. be actually paid to the King of Spain it must be placed to his [the said King's subsidy] account. If not, Mr. Mead must apply the whole to the subsistence of the effectives in her Majesty's pay and to no other use.
Mr. Auditor Harley [is] called in. My Lord reads his report about methods for making effectual [Exchequer Court] process against accomptants [who are] in default: which [method] is approved by the Attorney General and Solicitor General. My Lord orders the necessary warrants to be prepared thereupon.
[My Lord] ordered 6,000l. [to be issued] to Visct. Rialton [as late Cofferer of the Household] as in further part of Michaelmas quarter 1710 to the Household.
And 1,000l. to Mr. Masham, present Cofferer thereof, upon account for the [present supply of the] Household.
And 3,000l. to Mr. Compton upon account [for the Queen's pensions and charities].
And 2,000l. to Visct. FitzHarding, Treasurer of the Chamber, as in further part of last Michaelmas quarter [for the Office of the Chamber Treasurer]. Treasury Minute Book XIX, pp. 46–7.
August 14. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
My Lord ordered the issue of 2,413l. 2s. 0d. to the Treasurer of the Navy: [and to be charged] on the head of Wages; being to be applied to the half pay of Captains and Lieutenants of her Majesty's ships.
[Send to the Directors of the] Bank to be here to-morrow morning. Ibid., p. 48.
August 15. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Crags is called in. The [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance will be here on Friday next.
Look out all the papers relating to the state of the war in Spain and Portugal. Ibid., p. 49.
August 16. Present: ut supra.
My Lord delivers a Spanish piece of money (being a 2 rials piece) [to his Secretary Mr. Lowndes] to be sent to the Officers of the Mint to report the value by the weight and fineness.
Mr. Baron Scroop is called in. Several papers relating to Scotland are read and the minutes [of my Lords' decisions thereupon] are [endorsed] upon them.
[Write] to the Directors of the Bank desiring some of them to attend on Wednesday morning: and in the meantime Mr. Sloper will make a list of all the tallies in the hands of Mr. Bridges that can be made [deposited as] a security for [a loan from the Bank for] two months' subsistence [for the Forces] in Flanders. This letter to be sent on Tuesday.
The Earl of Clarendon's letter about the Palatines is read. Write to his Lordship to know whether he has no objection to my Lord's making use of that letter in a representation to the Privy Council.
[Send] to Mr. Meriel to know [if] he subsists [or pays] those Companies of the Guards in which false musters were delivered.
Mr. Grenville [Granville, Secretary at War] is called in. Write to the Postmasters [General] to know what recruits since January last have been sent by the pacquet boats for Portugal and particularly for the Regiment of Carol [Sir Daniel O'Carroll]. Ibid., p. 50.
August 17. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Musgrave is called in [for the Office of Ordnance]. My Lord orders that the 61,071l. 6s. 5d. [tallies] on Malt anno 1710 (with interest from 1 April 1711 according to his Lordship's minute in that behalf) be now given to the artificers [of the Ordnance] for six months [on their] Course [to wit] to 30 June 1709.
Write letters to Mr. Churchill and the executors of Mr. Bertie according to the minutes [made by my Lord] on the memorial for the Ordnance.
[My Lord ordered] 15,000l. for land and sea service of the Ordnance.
Mr. Bridges is called in. My Lord directs that he [Bridges] and the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance respectively do give in to the Treasury [full] accounts of the surcharges which each Office has upon the other [to wit the Army Pay Office upon the Ordnance Office and the Ordnance Office upon the Army Pay Office]: and when brought in these accounts are to be sent to them interchangeably.
[My Lord] ordered that the 344,485l. 1s. 10d. in a list of bills of exchange now presented by Mr. Brydges be satisfied thus: viz.
£ s. d.
at Genoa out of the dollars from Port Mahon: on Mr. Chetwynd's bills 25,000 0 0
out of the two millions [9 Anne, c. 16] 115,679 11
out of Malt tallies 19,000 0 0
to be paid in March 1711–12 184,805 10
£344,485 1 10
Direct Mr. Brydges "to write to my Lord Forbes and your [Brydges'] Deputy" that out of the 800,000 pieces of Eight now at Port Mahon there be carried as many as will make 25,000l. at Genoa at the [exchange] rate of 57 pence per dollar, [the same] to be delivered to Mr. Chetwynd at Genoa: and Mr. Brydges is to charge him [Chetwynd] with the value of those dollars at so much as they will produce in the Bank of St. George: and that Mr. Brydges do give to Sir Theodore Janssen and partners his bills payable at three months upon Mr. Chetwynd for 25,000l. in satisfaction of bills drawn by Mr. Chetwynd due June 2 last at such rate of exchange as may recompense the merchants for the interest of their money from the time the said bills fell due to them till the time they shall be repaid.
And for making good the said 25,000l. for the service in Catalonia Mr. Brydges is to empower [his deputy] Mr. Mead to take up the like sum of 25,000l. there and draw his bills for the same upon Mr. Brydges, [such bills] not to grow due before the end of January next.
Memorandum: Mr. Brydges takes order [from my Lord Treasurer] to write by this night's post to Mr. Stanyan, her Majesty's Envoy to the Swiss Cantons, to agree with a banquer in that country who proposes the making a loan to her Majesty for as much money by way of loan as he shall be able to get [advanced], "the South Sea Stock being intended as a deposit for the same." Ibid., p. 51.
August 21. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord] ordered that it be an addition to the letter [which] is to be written to Mr. Brydges that he send strict orders to his Deputies in Catalonia and Portugal not to draw any more bills upon him (the 25,000l. abovesaid excepted) but [save only] according to such particular orders as they may receive from him [Brydges] pursuant to such directions as he [Brydges] shall receive from my Lord from time to time, [such directions] specifying [in each case the reason or] the occasions.
My Lord approves the paper presented by Mr. Brydges [containing his scheme] of distribution [of funds] for satisfying the 344,485l. 1s. 10d. due on bills.
[Write] to the Navy Commissioners and Victualling Commissioners to certify to my Lord how much two months on their respective Courses since 25 March 1711 doth amount unto.
Mr. Cesar [Treasurer of the Navy is] called in. [My Lord orders a letter of direction for the] issue to him [of sums as follows] out of the 2,000,000l. [9 Anne, c. 16]: viz.
£ s. d.
for completing the money due to pursers [of ships] between 25 March 1711 and 31 July 1711 for necessaries supplied to her Majesty's ships during that time 7,011 18 1
for the like service: to be paid to pursers as they shall come to indent 5,000 0 0
My Lord orders that the flag pay due before Lady day 1711 to the Marquess of Carmarthen is to be paid to him notwithstanding [the stop thereon in favour of] the debt to the Newels.
[My Lord directs the Auditor of the Receipt to] imprest 50l. more to Charles Harrison for [Crown] law suits. Treasury Minute Book XIX, p. 52.
August 22. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Ward and other creditors of the Navy are called in. A letter of the 20th inst. is read. My Lord says as soon as he receives the account of the two months' Course [of the Navy] he will give direction which he hopes will be to their satisfaction.
The Governor and Directors of the Bank are called in. My Lord desires that the Bank would advance 220,000l. on a deposit of tallies for 240,000l. specified in a list now read: the loan to be at 6 per cent. per an. interest: and [he desires] that this advance be made by weekly payments at the rate of 25,000l. per week beginning on Friday next: the principal to be repaid (with the interest) on or before the last day of December next in [ready] money. And my Lord acquaints them that the money so to be advanced is intended for the service in Flanders and if the Court of Directors of the Bank is inclined to remit [give bills of exchange for] the same my Lord will be ready to agree with them for making such remittances at a reasonable rate.
[My Lord orders his Secretary Mr. Lowndes to] send a copy of this list [of tallies which are to be deposited] and of this minute to the Court of Directors [of the Bank].
[Send] to the Commissioners of Taxes to attend on Friday morning. Remind them of directing the Receivers [General of Taxes] to return their money into [the Exchequer through] the Bank.
[My Lord directs] 1,425l. to be issued to Mr. Compton to complete Michaelmas quarter.
My Lord orders that the sum of] 9,562l. 10s. 2d. in tallies on the fourteenth 4s. Aid [the 1711 Land Tax] is to be applied in part of Mr. How's demand for 36,300l. 3s. 3d. [for Guards and Garrisons]. Ibid., p. 53.
August 24. Present: ut supra.
Petitions and reports are read and the minutes [of my Lord's answers and decisions] are [endorsed] upon them.
Mr. Tilson says that the copper plates for the Lottery are locked up under the seals of seven of the Commissioners [for said Lottery].
The Commissioners for Tin are called in. My Lord directs them to inform themselves as well as they can in what time so much tin can be sold as will pay off all the orders upon the [tin money loan] Register [to wit those ranking for payment before or] previous to those of Sir Henry Furnese.
[Send] to Mr. Corker to know what money is in his hands towards paying for the [Cornwall and Devon tinners' output of] tin at the next [tin] coinage.
The Governor and Directors of the Bank are called in. They present a proposition in these words:
"At a Court of Directors at the Bank on Thursday the 23rd of August 1711.
The Court having considered the proposition made by my Lord Treasurer contained in a minute dated the 22nd inst. are of opinion: that the sum of 200,000l. be advanced upon the deposit of 240,000l. tallies mentioned in the list annexed to the said minute: to be repaid in money on or before the 31 Decr. next in case his Lordship shall think fit to accept of the same in bills on Holland at 10 guilders 7 stivers current money per pound sterling payable at an average in 3 usance: the interest of the said loan to commence from the respective delivery of the bills: which bills his Lordship may have in such proportions as the service shall require.
Copy examined. WM. DYER.
My Lord agrees to this proposition. But he hopes they will give their bills at 2½ usance instead of 3. Ibid., p. 54.
August 23,
[? Afternoon
Aug. 25].
Present: ut supra.
[Send] to the Commissioners of Transports to know what tallies are in their hands.
[Send] to the Auditors of Imprests to attend on Tuesday and memorandum to speak to them about the allowance desired by the Earl of Ranelagh for [salary for] the clerks [employed by him] to make up his final account.
Direct Mr. Bridges that out of the 200,000l. agreed to be advanced by the Bank on a deposit of tallies as in the minute of yesterday he apply 50,000l. for pay of the foreigners [Foreign Troops] and for the subsistence of the Subject Troops [which together make up the 40,000 men and the additional Forces] in Flanders.
The Commissioners of Taxes are called in. They will write to Mr. Chute to come up and with them to attend my Lord about Austen's debt. My Lord directs these Commissioners to exhort the Receivers to return their money by the Bank of England.
[My Lord directs] 1,785l. to be issued to the Earl of Peterborough to satisfy [money] warrants already signed for his ordinary and extraordinary allowances. Ibid., p. 55.
August 28. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Send] to the Auditors of Imprests, or one of them, to attend tomorrow morning about the accounts of the Stables.
The Commissioners of Transports are called in. [My Lord orders that] they are to make a proposition in writing how the tallies and money in the hands of their Treasurer may best be applied.
[My Lord directs the issue of] 10,000l. to Mr. Cesar (Caesar) for carrying on the recalls and for "paying the sea officers who have passed their accounts."
[Write] to Mr. Blathwayte to send my Lord a state of her Majesty's present revenues in the Plantations and how far the accounts thereof are passed.
[Send] to Mr. Brydges to know what payments are now necessary for the prisoners in Spain. Treasury Minute Book XIX, p. 56.
August 29. Present: ut supra.
[Send] to the Treasurer of the Navy to attend on Tuesday with an estimate how much one year's wages to the men serving on board the Fleet will amount to.
[Send] to Mr. Baker, Mr. Gosslin, Mr. Bridges and Mr. Hendly or the deputies of the two latter to attend on this day sevennight about the demand for [prize] gun money.
The Duke of Somerset comes in. His Grace's account [of the Stables] is to be referred to Mr. Mainwaring, who is to make allowances [in the account] according to former precedents.
My Lord Treasurer resolves that the 8,000l. remaining unsatisfied upon the [money] order for the Stables shall be paid by weekly [instalment] payments. Memorandum: the first payment to be for two or three weeks by way of advance.
Memorandum: to discourse [with] Mr. Bridges on Friday about the bills to be drawn from Daniel Arthur.
[Write and] desire Mr. Blathwayte to make return by to-morrow sevennight to the letter [sent] to him of yesterday's date.
[Send] to the Postmasters [General] to be here on Friday. Ibid., p. 57.
August 30. Present: ut supra.
On Wednesday next my Lord resolves to make a [scheme of] distribution [of funds] for paying two months on the Courses of the Navy and the Victualling. The Commissioners of the Navy and the Commissioners of the Victualling are to attend then.
[My Lord directs the issue to the Treasurer of the] Navy of 5,000l. for bills of exchange, and 20,000l. for wages: likewise 10,000l. for the Victualling to pay short allowance money to the seamen serving on board the Fleet.
Reports and petitions are read and [my Lord's decisions and] answers [thereto are] endorsed [on them]. Ibid., p. 58.
August 31. Present: ut supra.
Direct the Comptrollers of the Army [Accounts] and Mr. Meriel to be here on Tuesday morning about the outpensioners [of Chelsea Hospital].
[Write] to Mr. Granville and Mr. Bridges to send to my Lord to-morrow a copy of the Establishment for Port Mahon (if there be any) and a state of that Garrison as to the Forces now upon the same. Ibid., p. 59.