Minute Book: September 1711

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25, 1711. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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September 1711

Sept. 5. Present: ut supra.
The Navy Commissioners and the Victualling Commissioners [are] called in. Mr. Liddal and Mr. Sergison [for the Navy Commissioners] propose that about 45,000l. now in the [Navy] Treasurer's hands and [a further] 25,000l. to be supplied, making together about 70,000l., may be applied to pay ships ordered to be paid off and to pay removed [or turned over] men; and that 3,000l. per week be supplied for recalls and 4,000l. per month for [seamen's] Parliament tickets [wage tickets for turned over seamen, as by the Act 4–5 Anne, c. 6, Clause 12]: and they are of opinion that publication may be now made for pay of the Fleet to Midsummer 1709 (which is computed at 515,043l.): and that about two months hence his Lordship may direct a publication to be made for one year's pay to the [Chatham] Chest, which will require about 12,000l. or 13,000l. from the Exchequer: and that between this and Xmas the Yards should have two quarters more, viz. Midsummer quarter anno 1710 [which will be] 64,090l. and Michaelmas quarter 1710 [which will be] 64,855l., or together 128,945l.
The Victualling Commissioners say that the money for short allowance besides the 10,000l. already furnished will require about 20,000l. more to be paid by Xmas next; and there being a debt of 61,161l. to the ships' companies paid off, viz. for their short allowance money, they desire that a weekly sum of 400l. may be furnished to pay the recalled men. They remind my Lord of a list of bills of exchange amounting to 45,345l.
The two months for the Course of the Navy and [of the] Victualling amount to 218,163l. 10s. 10d.
The memorial [of the Commissioners] for Sick and Wounded is read. My Lord [tells them he] will take it into consideration.
The petition of the [ships'] pursers is read. See the minute [endorsed] upon it.
Mr. Baker, Mr. Gosslin and Mr. Bruce are called in. [After discoursing them my Lord] ordered that all the money in the hands of Mr. Brewer and Mr. Hendly, late Receivers of Prize money, be forthwith paid into the Exchequer and upon application from time to time sufficient shall be issued to pay the captors whose shares shall be demanded.
Write to the Attorney General to give his opinion whether the captors' money can lawfully be applied to discharge the gun money.
The memorial of Mr. Baker and Mr. Gosslin of the 5th inst. is read. My Lord will consider it.
The Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army are called in. My Lord directs them to examine the book of the outpensioners [of Chelsea Hospital].
[My Lord directs the issue to William Lowndes of] 1,200l. for secret service [out of Civil List funds].
[My Lord orders that] 50,000l. more is to be remitted by the Bank for subsistence of the Forces in Flanders. Ibid., p. 60.
Sept. 6. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Bridges' account of money paid for Gibraltar and for the fortifications at Port Mahon is read. Write to the Board of Ordnance to know whether Brigadier Petit or any other persons named in this account have sent or delivered to them any the moneys by them received for the fortifications at Gibraltar or Port Mahon. And let this account be posted and delivered to the Inspectors that are to go to Spain.
He [Bridges] presents two memorials, being estimates for the service in Spain and Portugal for the year 1711. My Lord [says he] will consider the same before Mr. Killigrew goes.
My Lord will allow interest at 6 per cent. upon the Spanish and Lisbon bills [of exchange], to commence at the end of eight months after they become due and to continue till they are paid.
"And several of the bills in the schemes [see supra, p. 89] not being yet accepted my Lord directs Mr. Bridges to accept the same, he [Bridges] at the same time acquainting them [the exchange remitters] that these bills will be satisfied according to the scheme and not otherwise."
My Lord thinks the Commissaries of the Musters should not comprehend in the [muster] rolls any men but such as are in the effective lists.
[Write] to Mrs. Digby and Mr. Lucas to attend to-morrow morning with the books in the custody of them or either of them concerning the fee farm rents.
The [Principal] Officers of the Works are called in. They are to obey the Order of the House of Lords for taking down the Gallery of the said House of Lords. Treasury Minute Book XIX, p. 61.
Sept. 7. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Direct Mr. Holmes to prepare an account of all the laws relating to patent officers of the Customs and what duties ought to be performed by them.
Write to the respective Commissioners of Customs, Commissioners of Excise, Commissioners of Taxes and [so of] other revenues to certify to my Lord once a month what persons (as well of their own numbers and [sic for as] of the officers under them) are from time to time absent from their respective duties and for what time and upon what occasions so far as they [the occasions] are known to them.
Reports and petitions are read and the minutes [of my Lord's replies and decisions thereupon] are [endorsed] upon them.
Mr. Lucas [is] called in. He says the books [concerning the sale of the fee farm rents of the Crown] are in his custody, but shews a precept from the Commissioners of Accounts concerning them. He will make a schedule as that precept requires and will bring the books and papers themselves to the Treasury.
Mr. Granville and Mr. Bridges are called in.
Send to Mr. Merrel to attend on Tuesday morning about providing for the Invalids that are to go to Portsmouth.
Direct Mr. Bridges to accept Mr. Chetwyn's bills for 14,923l. 7s. 0d. on account of the corn contract [the same] to be paid in February next (struck through) course after the bills already directed. This with the 24,000l. or thereabouts already paid on account of the said contract is to be charged to the Troops and deducted out of their subsistence for the year 1711. And Mr. Bridges is to write to Mr. Chetwynd not to draw any more bills without order. And Mr. Bridges is to bring to my Lord the letter he shall prepare for this purpose before he sends it. Ibid., p. 62.
Sept. 11. Present: ut supra.
My Lord approves my [William Lowndes's] letter dated the 6th inst. for approving (struck through) accepting the bills in the scheme for 344,385l. 1s. 10d. [sic for 344,485l. 1s. 10d.], see supra, p. 89.
Memorandum: to add an Instruction for the Inspectors going to Spain and Portugal [viz. for them] to enquire and inform themselves what cheque, comptrol, inspection or survey have been kept, and by whom, on all the provisions, stores, and hospitals, relating as well to the Navy, the Victualling, the Sick and Wounded as to the [Land] Forces.
The Treasurer of the Navy [is] called in with Mr. Hawes. My Lord directs Mr. Haws to give account of the reversionary annuities in Lady Littleton's hands [seriatim in or] by a list of the orders and which [of them] are fallen in possession and what money due thereon is in the Exchequer [and available for payment thereof].
My Lord approves the publication [advertisement] to be made [in the Gazette] on 30 Oct. next for the pay of the Chest at Chatham and [orders Mr. Lowndes to] write to Mr. Walpole to raise against that time 21,000l. upon the Land Tax tallies in his hands [as late Treasurer of the Navy; but to negotiate same] at par, taking care [at the same time to stipulate with the discounters of the orders] that the Queen have the advantage of the interest which shall be due when he parts with the tallies.
[My Lord ordered the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy of] 43,000l. for paying the Rupert at Chatham and the Essex at Portsmouth and 7,000l. for the Parliament [seamen's pay] tickets for July and Aug. 1711.
The [draft of the direction] letter for the Managers of the 1710 Lottery to be paid by tallies on the [Queen's] tin is read and approved.
Write to Mr. Whitfield [Paymaster of Marines] about the defalcations from the Marines for the Chest at Chatham.
Memorandum: to speak with Mr. Granville and Mr. Meriel on Thursday morning about the outpensioners [of Chelsea Hospital] that may be fit to serve as recruits. Ibid., p. 63.
Sept. 12. Present: Lord Treasurer.
[My Lord orders that] the Board of Ordnance is to advise with the Attorney General about a sufficient discharge for the money which is to be subscribed into S.S.S. [South Sea Stock] for the King of Portugal in satisfaction of his debt for powder.
Write to Mr. Bertie to pay in his father's balance [as former Treasurer and Paymaster of the Ordnance].
My Lord resolves that upon the death or removal of any Treasurer of the Ordnance the Queen shall be at no charge for clerks or otherwise to make up the accounts beyond six months after such death or removal.
Mr. John Lucas from Mrs. Digby brings the books, papers and tallies which were in the custody of John Digby, deceased, as clerk to the Trustees for Sale of Fee Farm Rents of the Crown. [My Lord Treasurer orders that] they are to be delivered to the Auditor [probably means the Auditor of Crown Revenues mainly concerned] by schedule indented, whereof one part is to remain in this [the Treasury] Office.
Mr. Bendishe and Mr. Long are called in. Mr. Long says the Palatines remaining here are desirous to be sent to Holland. Mr. Bendyshe will take care of sending them. Their number is above 500.
Prepare a sign manual for 20,000l. to be paid to two of the Commissioners for the Land Tax [who are concerned in the Land Tax Assessments on Whitehall or] on the Household. [This sum is to be paid out of or by] tallies and orders on tin [the said orders] to be paid without interest: [and this issue to the said Commissioners is to be] upon trust, when the money comes in, to apply the same towards the debt owing from the [various members] of the [Queen's] Household for [their unpaid assessments on] the several [years'] Land Taxes.
Next week [my Lord will] sign the letter [of direction] for 1,000l. to be issued [as a part instalment] on the [abovesaid sign manual] order towards making good the said [arrears of Household] Taxes.
[My Lord directs the issue of] 1,000l. to Mr. Lowndes for secret service. Treasury Minute Book XIX, p. 64.
Sept. 19. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord directs the Auditor of the Receipt to] issue 2,600l. to the Treasurer of the Navy on the head of Wear and Tear: and is to pay shipwrights and labourers discharged out of Plymouth Yard.
[Write] to the Navy Commissioners observing that the seamen being paid on board just before they sail and the money so paid or the greatest part thereof being supposed to be thereby carried away with them in specie, my Lord would know what their thoughts are thereupon and if the fact be true what method they would propose to prevent the same.
[Write to the Principal] Officers of the Mint to attend on Tuesday next when my Lord Treasurer will consider all the petitions and proposals for coining farthings.
Mr. Brydges [is] called in. Several of his memorials are read and thereupon [my Lord] ordered [the issue] as follows: viz.
2,045l. 18s. 8d. on account of the subsistence to the Forces in Spain and Portugal: being to pay pensions to the widows of Officers that have lost their lives in the service: to wit for four months to Aug. 22 last.
A memorial [from the said Brydges] dated 18 Sept. inst. [is read] on Lord Portmore's letter relating to Mr. Morrice's refusing to pay any subsistence to the Army in Portugal beyond the 23rd of August although he has 20,000l. of the public money in his hands.
My Lord says it is and must be a general rule that the subsistence for effectives be punctually paid and the 50,000l. (of which the 20,000l. as above is part) was ordered to be applied the 11th July last accordingly.
A memorial [from the said Brydges] dated the same day [is read] on Brigadier Stanwix's letter about the distress of the Garrison of Gibraltar for want of necessaries; and Mr. Brydges taking notice thereon that there is no Regulation [of subsistence] or Establishment for that Garrison or provision by Parliament for the necessaries [which are] wanted, my Lord orders that the said memorial be sent to the Secretary of War.
A memorial [from the said Brydges is read] dated the same day on Col. Nevill's letter about the non-payment of the bills drawn for the prisoners in Spain: and my Lord observing that since the [date of the] said letter all the said bills are paid or provided for by the Scheme agreed upon for satisfying bills, Mr. Brydges is to notify the same to Col. Nevill and all others concerned accordingly.
A memorial [from the said Brydges is read] dated the same day on Mr. Stanyan's letter [praying] for interest to be allowed to the Canton Berne for the 50,000l. taken up by Lieut. Gen. Stanhope from the time his bills became due to the time they were paid, and Mr. Brydges not knowing the particular times her Majesty availed herself of the loan of 150,000l. made by the said Cantons [Canton] and for which [the] interest on the tallies [deposited as collateral] for their security commenced from the 19th April 1710, my Lord orders him to write to Messrs. [the two, William and John] Chetwynds to have a particular account thereof [so] that my Lord may see that negotiation and the state of the interest thereupon to compare with the present demand of the Cantons [Canton].
A memorial [from the said Brydges is read] dated the same day with an extract of Mr. Chetwynd's letter from Genoa of Aug. 23 [last] relating to his bills and notifying his preparations for a second imbarcation of Troops to Barcelona; whereupon [my Lord orders that] Mr. Brydges is to write to Mr. Chetwynd to know the authority he has to defray these charges of imbarcation.
A memorial [from the said Brydges is read] dated Sept. 15 inst. for money to pay stoppages of the Regiments in Flanders and [desiring] to know my Lord Treasurer's pleasure whether the Regiments abroad may not more regularly return over on their own account [stoppage money so as to meet] what they shall have occasion for here: my Lord is of opinion that the respective Regiments should return to their agents here what is necessary [to pay for such requirements], the practice of making stoppages here [out of their pay] having (as Mr. Brydges informs my Lord) occasioned many overpayments.
A memorial [from the said Brydges is read] dated the 18th [inst.] for 93,333 Crowns to the King of Prussia for recruits in Italy. [My Lord orders Mr. Lowndes to] write to the Earl of Dartmouth to know whether Mr. Chetwynd has reviewed these Troops and what he says concerning them.
A memorial [from the said Mr. Brydges is read] dated the 13th Sept. proposing the payment of 5,323l. to Mr. Brooksbank out of the Duke of Savoy's subsidy as per agreement. [My Lord orders payment thereof] out of tallies in his [Brydges'] hands on the Land Tax anno 1710: the interest on the tallies to be allowed [to] Brooksbank from the day the said 5,323l. was due to be paid to him [for clothing], according to the minute entered in this behalf.
A memorial dated 19the Sept. [from the said Brydges is read] about discounting the bills furnished by the Bank [the usance of] which instead of the 2½ [months] as expected are drawn in an average at three [months'] usance. My Lord says they must be discounted [in order] that the Troops may have their money: care is to be taken that the discount and brokage do not exceed the usual charge.
A memorial dated 15th August last [from the said Brydges is read] about some Officers prisoners in France taken [at] the beginning of the [present] year in their passage from hence to Lisbon: [my Lord orders Mr. Lowndes to] write to the Postmasters [General] to know when the boat [being a pacquet boat in the service of the Post Office] was taken and [ask them] for the names of those Officers that were on board.
A memorial dated 19 Sept. [from the said Brydges is read] for stay of process against him [Brydges] for his accounts. [My Lord orders Mr. Lowndes to] write to the Auditors [of Imprests] to know in what forwardness his accounts are and to report their opinions.
A memorial dated 15 Sept. [from the said Brydges is read] relating to several paragraphs in Mr. Morrice's letters of Aug. 26 [last] and Sept. 4 [inst.]. My Lord orders it to be referred to the Secretary of War and Mr. Brydges for them to consider and report thereon.
[My Lord reads] a report from the Customs Commissioners on the Canary merchants' petition [for leave] to carry corn to those Islands. [My Lord orders it] to be sent to the Earl of Dartmouth to be laid before the [Privy] Council.
[Write the] Commissioners for Sick and Wounded to attend on Friday about the credit desired for their new Agent [who is] going to Port Mahon.
[Write to] Mr. Merrill to be here at the same time on his memorial for subsistence [for the Guards and Garrisons] and about the sum to be paid on the last contract for forage in Scotland.
Mr. Brydges' memorial is to be then read about the Forces on the Expedition under General Hill.
[My Lord orders] a warrant to be prepared pursuant to an Order of Council for the Commissioners of the Victualling to supply the African Company with the provisions therein mentioned [which are] to be indented for by the Governor or Deputy Governor of the said Company in order to her Majesty being reimbursed when the said Company [sic for account] shall be settled. Treasury Minute Book XIX, pp. 65–6.
Sept. 21. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Write] to Sir Christopher Wren to view the Guard House at St. James's and see what works or repairs are necessary to be made and to lay an estimate of the charge thereof before my Lord with all convenient speed.
Write to the several [Departmental] Treasurers and Paymasters [Forces, Navy, Ordnance and Works] for an account of all tallies or other effects of this or former years now in their hands or ordered [in]to their hands [and which do] remain unapplied or lodged [hypothecated] by them with the Bank or with others by way of deposit [as cover for loans]. Ibid., p. 67.
Sept. 25,
Present: ut supra.
Write to Mr. Manley, the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands] acquainting him that by the inspection of many ancient grants from the Crown it is to be found that timber trees, mines, quarries and other royalties are excepted: and that my Lord desires he will inform himself about these matters especially as to the grants which have been made of any forests, parks and chases, and in due time to give his Lordship some account thereof.
[Write to the] Navy Commissioners and the Victualling Commissioners to be here on Friday next about 12 with a state of the debt in their respective Offices incurred between March 25 last and this day.
[Write the] Commissioners of Sick and Wounded to be here at the same time on their memorials.
A memorial dated this day is read from Mr. Francis Stratford for remitting 75,000 Rix dollars to Hamburg for two quarters' subsidy to the King of Denmark due in March last: to wit proposing to give his bills on Hamburg for 37,500 Rix dollars Banco at 2 usances and 37,500 Rix dollars Banco at 2½ usances at 60 pence sterling (making 18,750l. in all) and he [by way of repayment] to be paid half the amount forthwith [in ready money] and the remainder precisely in four months from the date hereof in [ready] money.
My Lord agrees thereto. Ibid., p. 68.
Sept. 28,
Present: ut supra.
Mr. Brydges [is called in and] his memorial is read for a moiety of 18,750l. for Mr. Stratford for his bills of 75,000 Rix dollars at 5s. per Rix dollar; which bills he gave last post according to his agreement. My Lord orders the said moiety to be forthwith issued for that purpose out of any money in the Exchequer of this year's funds.
My Lord agrees that 47,872l. 4s. 1d. or thereabouts, which is the amount of the list of warrants payable to [her Majesty's] Foreign Ministers, be satisfied as follows, viz. 32,554l. 16s. 5d. in money and 15,317l. 7s. 8d. by registering tallies on tin: the money to be supplied by stopping the present weekly payment of 2,250l. on account of the tin contract (all arrears thereupon being first satisfied) and by issuing instead thereof 3,000l. a week to be paid to the Foreign Ministers and for the tin alternatively until the said 32,554l. 16s. 5d. proposed in money be satisfied.
Also that the Office of Works (whose necessities are extremely pressing) be paid 21,593l. 18s. 11¾d. for their debt to June 1711, to wit 10,796l. 19s. 5½d. as one moiety thereof by registering tallies on tin without interest as usual, and 10,796l. 19s. 6¼d. for the other moiety in money: the money to be had by a weekly payment of 1,000l. from and after the 20,000l. (which is ordered for Blenheim works [and which is payable] by 1,000l. a week) shall be satisfied (whereof 9,000l. is already paid).
The Works at Windsor to be provided in the same manner.
[My Lord] ordered [items as follows] to be issued to the Treasurer of the Navy, [his deputy] Mr. Hawes being present: viz.
£ s. d.
for recalls: on the head of Wages 6,000 0 0
to answer bills of exchange on the head of Victualling, as specified in a list [exclusive of or] other than those from Jamaica and Port Mahon, which Mr. Hawes is to inform himself about because my Lord says he is told it is the practice of the Ordnance in case bills be drawn at a disadvantageous rate of exchange to the public to pay only the current exchange at the time of drawing 12,369 14 7
more to answer Capt. Vanbrugh's bills [Capt.] of the Speedwell [the said bills being drawn] from Milford 225 0 0
£18,594 14 7
Mr. Brydges [is] called in. My Lord reads to him an article out of the Duke of Marlborough's letter wherein his Grace desires that Mr. Brydges may be enabled [put in funds by the Lord Treasurer so as] to answer the charge of the winter forage to the Troops in her Majesty's pay.
My Lord orders that Mr. Brydges lay a state of the expense before him on Tuesday next and then to let his Lordship know the measures taken for defraying the like expense of forage the winter preceding.
His [Brydges's] memorial dated the 28th inst. is read laying before my Lord an extract of a letter from Mr. Mead wherein he intimates that the Lord Forbes lays a claim by virtue of the King of Spain's warrant to the profits that may arise on recoining the dollars taken out of the two Genoese ships which were made prize by his Lordship [Lord Forbes, to wit the dollars] that shall be brought to Barcelona. Whereupon Mr. Brydges takes [my Lord Treasurer's] orders to write to Mr. Mead that the [said two Genoese] prizes by agreement are discharged and Lord Forbes's right of capture relinquished, so that the dollars are now her Majesty's by way of loan and all profits arising by recoinage must be brought to her account.
His [Brydges] memorial dated the same day is read representing that the mule carriage and other extraordinaries in Spain may much exceed the 17,000l. allowed for extraordinaries. My Lord says Capt. Killigrew is going for Spain and will have instructions about these extraordinaries.
Another memorial [of Mr. Brydges] dated Sept. 27 is read for 492l. 6s. 4d. for Officers ordered to their posts in Portugal, whereof part for Officers belonging to Carroll's [Sir D. O'Carroll] Regiment. My Lord orders that it be sent to the Secretary of War to know how long these Officers have been here, upon what account, and by whose leave.
Another memorial [of Mr. Brydges] dated Sept. 28 is read relating to Major General Newton's demand for the non-effective money stopped from his Regiment now in Portugal from Dec. 24 last. My Lord orders Mr. Brydges to send the said memorial to Mr. Morrice for his guidance and information.
Another memorial [of Mr. Brydges'] dated Sept. 28 is read about the forage money demanded by Col. Kerr for his Regiment of Dragoons, amounting to 1,105l. 2s. 4½d.; which not being provided by Parliament, the said Regiment being sent abroad after the estimates [for it were] voted, my Lord orders that it be sent to the Secretary of War for him to insert among the demands for extraordinaries that will be given in to the House the next Session.
Mr. Brydges' report is read on Sir Solomon Medina's demand of 295,233 guilders 18 stivers for the extraordinary charge of the bread and bread waggons to the end of the campaign anno 1710. My Lord orders that it be transmitted to Mr. Cardonnel for him to consider and to examine the several articles thereof and to report his opinion what is reasonable and fitting to be allowed.
Write to the Secretary at War to form the draft of an Establishment for the Inspectors going to Spain and their Secretary and to transmit the same to my Lord, leaving blanks therein for the allowances and the date of commencement thereof [all which points are] to be determined by her Majesty. Treasury Minute Book XIX, pp. 69–71.