Warrant Book: March 1712, 26-31

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 26, 1712. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1954.

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March 1712

Mar. 26. Money warrant for 2,000l. to Treasurer Oxford for 1712 Lady day quarter's salary. (Money order dated March 26 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 469. Order Book VIII, p. 161.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Customs Cashier to pay 37l. 10s. 0d. to Christopher Tilson for same quarter for making an account of the receipt and of the particular and distinct application of the Customs and for other services, by the Lord Treasurer's direction. Money Book XXI, p. 469.
Mar. 26. Same by same to same to pay John Thorowkettle 15l. 3s. 4d. for same quarter as Messenger [of the Chamber] attending the Customs.
Together with: the Lord Treasurer's allowance of said Thorowkettle's bill for the like sum for same quarter [as Messenger of the Chamber] for attending the Lord Treasurer. Ibid., p. 470.
Money warrant for 75l. to William Wekett for same quarter for necessaries &c. for the Treasury Office and for his own attendance [there].
5l. to John Farra for same quarter for carrying letters for her Majesty's service. (Money order dated March 26 hereon.) Ibid., p. 469. Order Book VIII, p. 162.
Money order for 400l. to Robert Benson for 1712 Lady day quarter on his allowance in lieu of perquisites as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Order Book VIII, p. 161.
Letter of direction for 31,048l. 6s. 6d. to Charles Cæsar, Treasurer of the Navy: out of loans on Land Tax anno 1712: to be issued by 4,000l. a week, the first weekly payment to be made forthwith. The said total sum is to be placed to the head of Victualling and to be applied to answer bills of exchange drawn from foreign parts for that service. Disposition Book XXI, p. 241.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners to send an officer to the house of Baron Bothmer [Hans Kaspar, freiherr von Bothmer, Envoy Extraordinary from Brunswick Luneburg] in Arundell Street to seal his goods in order to their transport.
The like for [sealing &c.] the goods of Count Gallas [Johann Wenzel, Count Gallas, Envoy Extraordinary from the Emperor] at his house in Leicester Fields. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 157.
Mar. 27. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to John How, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons, to assign to clothiers of the Guards and Garrisons as follows the sum of 35,696l. 13s. 1d. in South Sea Stock on the lines of the similar warrant of Jan. 11 last, supra, p. 108, and as in part of the 138,265l. 9s. 1d. of South Sea Stock &c. as therein and to be for offreckonings of the said Guards and Garrisons &c. as therein: and proper acquittances are to be taken for your discharge &c. as therein.
Prefixing: certificate by the said J. How dated Pay Office [of Guards and Garrisons] March 25 inst. of the persons [clothiers] entitled to the said several sums, being offreckonings of the Forces upon the Establishment of Guards and Garrisons to 24 June 1711:
£ s. d.
John Elliott 1,329 0
Thomas Gratwicke 946 8
Allen Hollen 63 15
William Sloper 513 2 0
Bartholomew Guilicker 336 13 5
Sr [Sir] Andrew Chadwick 1,329 0
Robert Petre 476 5
David Campbell 558 18
Henry Cornish 1,157 12
Nath[aniel] Carpenter 2,822 7 9
Sam. Green 1,402 5
Daniell Garret 139 14 10¼
Charles Le Bas 1,024 5
Nath[aniel] Jackson 7,512 3 5
William Elliot 4,411 6
John Mac-Cullock 3,064 10 10¾
John Wilkes 1,557 10
John London 1,090 8 10
William Hamilton 542 8 11¼
Peter Gery 1,073 1 7
Henry Trent 1,006 15
William Elliot 271 12
Charles Murray 149 11 8
William Graham 143 16
George Middleton 130 2
Charles Noden 68 6 9
Roger Bradyl 54 17
William Wilson 480 9 0
Tho. Parr 877 17
Peter Bowen 200 0 0
Richard Martin 962 3
£35,696 13 1
Money Book XXI, pp. 276–7.
Mar. 27. Money warrant for 875l. to the seven Commissioners of Accounts appointed by the Act of last Session [9 Anne, c. 18] (Henry Bertie, George Lockhart, Salway Winnington, Francis Annesley, Thomas Lister, William Shippen and Henry Champion [Campion]) for one quarter to 1712 Lady day on their 3,500l. (being the remuneration appointed by the Act 2 Wm. and Mary, Sess. 2, c. 11, and as provided for by an appropriation clause in the Hackney Coaches Act [9 Anne, c. 16, clause 91]). Ibid., p. 467.
Same for 20l. to George Clare (John Clare), clerk, as royal bounty for his passage to Jamaica whither he is going chaplain. (Money order dated Mar. 28 hereon.)
20l. to Thomas Baily, clerk, for same to Naragansett in North America whither he is going chaplain.
20l. to John Worden for same to Virginia whither he is going chaplain. (Letters of direction dated Mar. 27 and April 2 hereon.) Ibid., p. 470. Order Book VIII, p. 165. Disposition Book XXI, pp. 242, 245.
Allowance by Treasurer Oxford of the salary bill and incidents bill of the Hackney Coaches Office (totals respectively 200l. 10s. 0d. and 73l. 0s. 11d., the latter account being entered in detail). Money Book XXI, p. 471.
Money warrant for 713l. 9s. 8d. to Sir Geo. Thorold and Francis Eyles for a surplusage on their account as Sheriffs of London and Middlesex for the year ended 1711 Sept. 29.
Prefixing. certificate by Fra. Neale, Deputy Clerk of the Pipe, of said surplusage. (Money order dated April 4 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated April 2 hereon.) Ibid., pp. 472–3. Order Book VIII, p. 168. Disposition Book XXI, p. 245.
Mar. 27. Same for 500l. to William Borrett: as imprest for Crown law prosecutions &c. (Money order dated April 1 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated April 2 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 474. Order Book VIII, p. 172. Disposition Book XXI, p. 245.
Money order for 10l. to Peter Le Neve, senior Deputy Chamberlain of the Exchequer, for 1712 Lady day quarter on his allowance for locking up her Majesty's treasure. Order Book VIII, p. 163.
Same for 12l. 10s. 0d. to Thomas Fox for same quarter's allowance for making and keeping all the Registers of the public loans made in the Auditor of the Receipt's Office. Ibid.
Same for 150l. to the Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes (Philip Ryley, Geo. Townesend, Richard Shoreditch, William Walbank, R. Millart and J. Isham), being 25l. each for 1712 Lady day quarter's salaries. Ibid.
Same for 5l. to Edward Milward for same quarter's allowance as Porter at the Exchequer Gate. Ibid.
[?] Same for 35l. to the clerks and ministers of the Receipt, viz. 7l. to Peter Le Neve; 7l. to William Hutchenson; 100s. to John Taylor; 100s. to John Awbrey; for work in vacation time: 6l. to John Corbet, clerk of Henry Pelham, Clerk of the Pells; 100s. to Samuel Edwin, Usher [of the Receipt] for the like attendance: all for one year to 1712 Lady day. Ibid., p. 164.
Mar. 27. Same for 250l. to John Scrope, Baron of the Exchequer, Scotland: for same quarter on his additional allowance of salary. (Letter of direction dated April 2 hereon.) Ibid., p. 164. Disposition Book XXI, p. 245.
Same for 25l. to John Tarver for 1712 Lady day quarter on his additional salary as one of her Majesty's Remembrancers in the Exchequer Court, Scotland. Order Book VIII, p. 168.
Same for 25l. to John Tyas for same on his same as one of the Clerks of the Pipe in said Court. Ibid., p. 171.
William Lowndes to the Treasurer of the Chamber to pay 739l. to the Lord Almoner for services as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
for three quarters to 1712 March 25 for her Majesty's daily alms 375 0 0
for [poor at the] Gate Money for the said three quarters 164 5 0
for this year's Maundy money according to the Establishment 200 0 0
£739 5 0
Disposition Book XXI, p. 242.
Mar. 27. Letter of direction for 40l. to John Potenger [for one year's fee as] Comptroller of the Pipe. Disposition Book XXI, p. 242.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Customs Commissioners for Richard Dent, a surveyor in Exeter port, and Thomas Barrington, a landwaiter at Bristol, to exchange places: and to insert on the Establishment 20l. per an. additional for Barrington to make his salary there 80l. per an.
Prefixing: memorial by said Commissioners. The place of Surveyor at Exeter requires a person of activity of body and prudence to direct several officers under him. Dent is unable to endure the fatigue, and we formerly recommended said Barrington for that surveyorship loco John Gill, deceased. We propose the above addition of salary for his encouragement, as Exeter is a port of considerable trade and business, and the pay of said post is at present 20l. per an. below that of the surveyors of other ports there. Out Letters (Customs) XV, pp. 400–1.
Mar. 28. Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 80l. per an. salary to be paid out of the revenue of the Duchy of Cornwall to the Supervisors of Tin Blowing Houses in said Duchy: to wit Gaverigan St. Aubin, Esq., Robert Trevethan of Helston, Francis Gregor of Truro and John Glyn, gent. (viz. the said St. Aubin to supervise seven Blowing Houses called Godolphin House in the parish of Bryack; one in the parish of Ludgvane; one usually called Chyan Dowerhouse in the parish of Gulval; three in the parish of Givendown [Gwendown] and one lately built called Rose Kymer house in the parish of Mawgan near Helston, and all lying in the county of Cornwall: and the said Robert Trevethan to supervise seven Blowing Houses, one each in the parishes of St. Allan, St. Agnes, Illogan, Redruth, Gwennap, one at Penryn, one called Trecoas lately built near Penryn, and all in the county of Cornwall: and the said Francis Gregor to supervise seven Blowing Houses, viz. three in the parish of Kenwin, one in the parish of St. Stephen, one in the parish of St. Austell, one at Polgooth in the parish of St. Eve and one lately built called Besscowehouse in the parish of Key near Truro, and all of them in Co. Cornwall: and the said John Glyn to supervise seven Blowing Houses, one each in the parishes of Plimpton, of Shestow, Co. Devon, of Blasy, of Nyot, of Linkinhorne, of Calstock and of St. Agnes, the last four named being all in the county of Cornwall: to commence as from 1711–12 Feb. 11 for the first three of the said Receivers (being the date of their respective constitutions for the said employment) and the 23 Feb. 1711–12 for the said John Glyn, being the date of his constitution. Queen's Warrant Book XXV, pp. 175–7.
Same to Treasurer Oxford to pay 375l. to Sir Clement Cotterell, Master of the Ceremonies; 350l. thereof as a present from the Queen to Monsieur Marschalch Biebersteyn [Johan August Marschall van Bieberstein], Minister from the King of Prussia, and the remaining 25l. for Exchequer fees thereon. (Money warrant dated April ? 1 hereon.) (Money order dated April 3 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated June 18 hereon.) Ibid., p. 177. Order Book VIII, p. 169. Disposition Book XXI, p. 284.
Same to same to pay 119l. 7s. 6d. to John Inglis, Marshal of the Ceremonies; 110l. thereof to be paid over as a present from the Queen to Prince Eugene's Secretary and the remaining 9l. 7s. 6d. for Exchequer fees thereon. (Money warrant dated April 1 hereon.) (Money order dated April 3 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated June 18 hereon.) Queen's Warrant Book XXV, p. 179. Order Book VIII, p. 170. Disposition Book XXI, p. 284.
Mar. 28. Warrant by same to the Auditor et al. of the Receipt to pay as follows (out of the residue of the sum of 21,590l. 15s. 9¼d. mentioned in the warrant of March 1 inst., supra, pp. 173–4, and out of such further sum as may arise by the funds appropriated by the Acts of 6 Anne, c. 39 and 48, for the 40,000l. annuities and the 80,000l. annuities), viz. 20,000l. for 1712 March 25 quarter on the 80,000l. annuities, "the fund for the said annuities of 80,000l. per an. appearing to be wholly deficient for satisfying the quarterly payment then due thereupon," but there being sufficient remaining in the Exchequer at Lady day last on the fund appropriated for paying the said 40,000l. per an. to clear all payments due on the said 40,000l. annuities for said quarter. Money Book XXI, pp. 473–4.
Money warrant for 1,840l. to Charles, Earl of Peterborough, for six months 1711 July 31 to 1711–12 Jan. 31 on his ordinary as Minister at the Court of Vienna. (Money order dated April 1 hereon.) Ibid., p. 474. Order Book VIII, p. 171.
Letter of direction for 17,213l. 5s. 6d. to John How, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons: out of loans now remaining in the Exchequer on Land Tax anno 1712: and is for the services of the said Forces. Disposition Book XXI, p. 242.
Same for 803l. 3s. 7¾d. to Charles Dartiquenave, Paymaster of the Works: out of Civil List moneys: and is to be paid over to Henry Wise, 700l. thereof for 1712 Lady day quarter for the Royal Gardens and 103l. 3s. 7¾d. for same quarter for the underkeepers, gatekeepers, hay and corn for the deer and feed for the fish and fowl of St. James's Park. Ibid., p. 243.
William Lowndes to Spencer Compton to pay what is now due on the allowance of 800l. per an. payable to the Lord Almoner for her Majesty's private pensions and charities and on the 100l. per an. for the Arabic Professor at Oxford and his students of the Arabic tongue under his care. Ibid.
Same to same to pay 50l. and 50l. to the Mayor and churchwardens of Windsor for one year's allowance to 1711 Xmas for the Church and for the poor of New Windsor. Ibid.
Letter of direction for 10,000l. to the Duke of Montague, Master of the Great Wardrobe: out of Civil List moneys: upon account, towards the debts in the Great Wardrobe contracted since her Majesty's accession: to be issued by 500l. a week, the first weekly payment to be on April 2 next.
Similarly 13,930l. 1s. 2¾d. to Charles Dartiquenave, Paymaster of the Works: out of the like Civil List revenues: by 300l. a week until the above 10,000l. is satisfied and thereafter by 800l. a week: and is intended to be applied to pay the debts in the Office of the Works for the quarter ended 30 Sept. 1711, including the sum to be paid for fitting up her Majesty's Chapel at Hampton Court. Disposition Book XXI, p. 244.
Mar. 28. William Lowndes to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts to attend the Lord Treasurer on Saturday morning next for the consideration of your reports lying before him. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 157.
Same to the Queen's printers to send to the Office of Lord Lansdown, Secretary at War, 200 copies of the Articles of War: and the same of the Act for Recruiting the Forces anno 1712: and the same of the Act for Mutiny. Ibid.
Same to the Commissioners for Taxes to attend the Lord Treasurer to-morrow with a list of the Receivers of the Land Tax and be prepared with your opinion which of them are fit to be continued for the present year. Ibid.
Same to same to report on the sufficiency of William Darwyn, who is recommended as Receiver General of Land Tax for Co. Notts anno 1712 in place of John Bury. Ibid., p. 158.
Same to the Attorney General to report on the enclosed report [missing] from John Manley, Surveyor General [of Crown Lands], on the petition of Sir Robert Eden for a fresh lease of four prebends founded within the Collegiate Church of Auckland, Co. Durham. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Manley, Surveyor General [of Crown Lands], concerning his report on the petition of the borough of Boston, desiring an Act for enclosing two acres of her Majesty's great common or fen near the said borough for erecting a waterhouse &c. for conveying water thither, being a concession which the Crown has made in like cases for such public good and benefit: which you think may be granted, "the rather because it appears to you that the commoners who are many of them her Majesty's tenants, have given their consent thereto." The Lord Treasurer agrees with your report and desires you to attend the Attorney General for drafting a Bill for making such a grant. Ibid., p. 159.
Same to same. The Lord Treasurer has read your reports on the separate petitions of William Haviland and John Wyatt, attorneys at law, praying a grant of the stewardship of the borough of Milverton Co. Somerset. My Lord does not think an attorney a proper person to be a steward of the Queen's manors. Please propose some other fit person. Ibid., p. 160.
Treasury reference to Auditor Maynwaring of the petition of Thomas Jett, Register and Paymaster of interest upon Unsatisfied Debentures, praying to be allowed bills amounting to 221l. 7s. 7d. for fees and charges in passing his accounts for 7¾ years of moneys imprested to his late father and himself between 25 April 1704 and 25 March 1712 for payment of interest on the said debentures. Reference Book IX, p. 21.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Jonathan Filks, late Surveyor of Cowes port, in the Isle of Wight, shewing that he had served therein faithfully for many years as well as for the Excise, Salt and Stamp Duties; that being served with a mandamus from the Queen's Bench to attend forthwith at the Devizes, where he had been a Common Council man about 30 years, and obeying same before he had leave from the Customs Commissioners he was dismissed: therefore praying to be restored. Ibid., p. 57.
Mar. 28 Royal warrant dated St. James's [to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland] to direct the Commissioners for taking the Accounts of the Vice Treasurer or Receiver General of Ireland to allow the several sums as follows, amounting to 3,443l. 10s. 3d. (being overpayments on Concordatums in the year 1711), as if the same had been paid by particular [royal] warrants out of the [Irish] revenue at large in that year; so as that the fund contained in the present [1712] Establishment for Concordatums may be exonerated and discharged from every part of the said exceeding or overpayments.
Appending: schedule of said overpayments: £ s. d.
payments to Thomas Burgh, Esq., Engineer and Surveyor General, for extraordinary works done at Kinsale, Limerick &c., being seven payments for in all 3,015 18 4
payments made for prosecuting Regulars of the Popish clergy and for taking Tories &c. pursuant to Act of Parliament, to wit:
to Edward Webber 211 19 8
to Edmund Schuldham 66 9 6
to John Forsythe 23 9 0
to James Farris 24 10 8
to John Bland 56 6 7
to Thomas Forsythe 23 9 0
to James Shaw 21 7 6
£3,443 10 3
Out Letters (Ireland) IX, pp. 262–3.
Same to same to pay the several sums as follows, amounting to 3,016l. 12s. 7d. in all, for the expenses of the last Session of Parliament in Ireland in 1711 for fees, trouble and charges of the several officers &c., as represented in the Lord Lieutenant's letter of Feb. 16 last: all as follows: the same being as usually allowed except only as to the last article of 200l. for the charge of an express which was absolutely necessary. The 943l. thereof due to be paid to persons in England is to be remitted clear of any deduction for fees or loss of exchange:
to be paid in Ireland. £ s. d.
to the Speaker of the House of Peers 500 0 0
to ditto of the House of Commons 500 0 0
to the Clerk of the Council for putting in form 20 Public Bills at the usual fee of 5l. per Bill and to extraordinary copying clerks 110 10 7
to the Clerk of the Hanaper 100 0 0
to Richard Povey, Serjeant at Arms 50 0 0
to Charles Cross and William Wogan for carrying over the Transmiss of Public Bills and soliciting them in Great Britain 265 19 2
to Brinsley Butler, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod 374 12 10
to the Attorney General 57 10 0
to the Solicitor General 57 10 0
to Serjeant Hasset 28 15 0
to Serjeant Saunders 28 15 0
£2,073 12 7
to be paid in Great Britain.
to the Attorney General 200 0 0
to the Solicitor General 200 0 0
to the Clerks of the Council 100 0 0
to the Clerks of the Crown 100 0 0
to the Secretary [of State's] Office 50 0 0
to the Attorney General's clerk 20 0 0
to the Solicitor General's clerk 10 15 0
to the Council Office clerks 25 7 6
to the Clerk of the Crown's clerk 15 7 6
to more for extraordinary attendance and charge in despatching the several Bills 10 15 0
to the Treasury and Signet Offices 10 15 0
to the charge of an express sent to Great Britain on occasion of the Dublin petition and other public business 200 0 0
£943 0 0
Out Letters (Ireland) IX, pp. 264–5.
Mar. 28. Royal warrant [to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland] to insert a pension of 2s. a day on the list of Irish pensions as from March 25 last in favour of Margaret La Graviere, widow of Daniel La Graviere, who served as a Cornet in her Majesty's late Regiment of French Dragoons, commanded by Col. De La Fabreque, until that Regiment was broke, and was afterwards put on the Establishment of pensions in Ireland, where he died of the distempers contracted in our service. Ibid., p. 265.
Same dormant to same for paying 40s. per an. for seven years from date hereof to each family of Palatines in Ireland to enable them to buy stock and utensils: in accordance with the memorial of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland of March 3 inst. representing that in pursuance of the Queen's instructions for an inquiry into the state of the Palatines sent over into Ireland he had had several meetings with the Commissioners appointed to take care of them and was informed that the number which landed there about Sept. and Oct. 1709 was 3,073 persons in 821 families, which upon the 21st of Nov. last were reduced to 1,218 persons in 312 families, and that the money which then remained undisposed of the 24,000l. formerly granted by the Queen for their relief would be sufficient for their subsistence for 1¼ years: that such of them as are now in Ireland seeming disposed to remain and settle there and several gentlemen being willing to grant them leases of lands on condition of some yearly allowance to buy them cattle and utensils, the said Commissioners are of opinion that an allowance of 40s. per an. per family for 21 years would be such an encouragement to the said Palatines and gentlemen as would most effectually settle and render them useful to our said kingdom; and that being Protestants they will add strength and advantage to the Protestant interest there as well as increase the number of inhabitants in a country where they are much wanting, but that the said term may be confined to seven years as a trial: all which the Queen approves. Ibid., p. 266.
Mar. 28. William Lowndes to Mr. Manley [Surveyor General of Crown Lands]. On reading your report on the petitions of William Haviland and Jo[h]n Wyatt, attorneys at law, for the stewardship of the borough of Milverton, Co. Somerset, my Lord desires you to propose some other person, not an attorney. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 165.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Customs Commissioners to pay to the free fishermen of the Hundred of Middleton [Milton], Co. Kent, 250l. as a reasonable allowance in full satisfaction of any damage or loss they have already sustained up to Michaelmas 1711 in their oyster fishing by reason of ships performing quarantine in Standgate Creek, and also the further sum of 100l. annually, to be reckoned from 1711 Michaelmas, for so long only as there shall be occasion to use the said Creek for performance of quarantine.
Prefixing: report by said Commissioners on the petition of the said free fishermen, they shewing that they hold by lease from the Lord of the Manor certain oyster grounds called Standgate Creek and in 1709 laid out 200l. in stocking the same, and had been at great charges in preserving it ever since; but by order in Council of 16 Sept. 1709 those grounds were appointed for performance of quarantine and great numbers of ships have since from time to time been under quarantine there, and for the last two winters petitioners have been hindered in great measure from working and catching their oysters "by which, with the ships lying on ground at low water, their anchoring there, by sweep of cables and by throwing of filth and soil out of the ship, great part of the said stock and brood thereof have been buried and destroyed and their fishery almost rendered useless to petitioners, whose families being upwards of 70 in number did in great measure subsist thereon; and directions have been lately given in pursuance of a late Act of Parliament [9 Anne, c. 2] that none of their boats should come into that creek to fish; whereby they are utterly deprived of all benefit of fishing there though they are by covenant obliged to pay rent for the same.
Hereupon the said Commissioners report confirming the facts and stating the proceedings therein of Mr. Hunt, who has the care of this quarantine. There are near 80 families in the said Hundred that have their sole dependence on the oyster fishing. All the grounds thereabout are generally stockt with oysters fetched from Emsworth and the Isle of Wight, and about the spring of 1710 the petitioners might [probably did] lay out 150l. to stock the creek. When they left of [off] the first winter [of the said quarantine, viz. 1709] they left above 300l. worth of oysters on the ground for stock and brood the ensuing summer, most of which were destroyed. Last winter they did not take half the oysters they used to take in a season and were idle half the time for want of liberty to use the creek, and they assert they sustained 1,000l. loss and the ground is so much broken and full of holes that it will not be made good again in many years by reason of soft mud and slutch settling in such broken places, which will choke the oysters they lay down there, and 'twill be some years ere the same comes to be so hard, so firm and so fit for oysters as the natural soil. Out Letters (Customs) XV, pp. 402–5.
Mar. 28. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Customs Commissioners for a noli prosequi to the information against James Porteen, Jo[h]n Cutting, Geo. Frye and Walter Reyon, merchants, concerning the bales of Italian thrown silk lately imported by them from Leghorn, but seized in London port by Robert Wood and John Boteler on pretence they were of the growth of Sicily and not coming from the place of their growth.
Prefixing: report by said Commissioners on the petition of said merchants. Petitioners are considerable exporters of woollen goods &c. and have the character of fair traders, who received in return the said silks as Italian thrown silk, all their bills of lading declaring them as such, these silks being of great use to employ the poor weavers. The seizure was under the Act 2 Wm. and Mary, c. 9 (for discouraging the importation of thrown silk of Turkey, Persia, East India or China or other places except only Italy, Sicily or the kingdom of Naples, which are to be imported in accordance with the Act of Navigation), and the Act of 1 Anne, c. 28, granting indulgence for two years to import thrown silk of Sicily for enabling English merchants to bring home their effects from Sicily. Ibid., pp. 398–9.
Mar. 29. Money warrant for 1,600l. to John, Duke of Argyll, for three bills of extraordinaries 1711–11 March 7 to 1711–12 March 7 as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the King of Spain. (Money order dated April 1 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated ? April 8 hereon for payment hereof out of loans to be made by said Duke on credit of her Majesty's tin.)
Appending: said bills as allowed March 17 inst. by Secretary Dartmouth:
(1) from 7 March 1711–11 to Sept. 7 following.
to the Captain of the yacht that carried him to Holland 25
for the charges of his journey and voyage to Barcelona more than the Queen's allowance 278
for pens, ink, paper &c. 54
for postage of letters, pacquets &c. 103
for expresses sent for her Majesty's service 80
for intelligence of all sorts 260
(2) from 7 Sept. 1711 to 7 Dec. 1711.
for pens, ink, paper, books and other stationery ware 50
for intelligence 150
for illuminations on several occasions 50
for postage of letters and expresses 100
for Gazettes, newspapers, pamphlets &c. 50
(3) from 7 Dec. 1711 to 7 March 1711–12.
for pens, ink, paper and other stationery ware 50
for intelligence 100
for postage of letters 100
for Gazettes, newspapers and pamphlets 50
for the usual presents at Xmas to the King's Guards, the Household, Post Office &c. 100
Money Book XXI, p. 475. Order Book VIII, p. 170. Disposition Book XXI, p. 251.
Mar. 29 Letter of direction for 1,200l. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: out of loans in the Exchequer on the Land Tax anno 1712: and is intended to be paid and applied as follows in accordance with said Brydges' memorial of the 28th inst.: viz.
to the Duke of Argyll, upon account of his pay as Commander in Chief of her Majesty's Forces in Spain; from Jan. 1 last 1,000
to Mr. Earl, who was sent express by the Duke of Argyll about affairs relating to Port Mahon: for his charges and service: to be paid out of Army Contingencies 200
Disposition Book XXI, p. 244.
William Lowndes to the Navy Treasurer. On reading your memorial of the 25th inst. the Lord Treasurer agrees that you apply 40,000l. to the Course of the Navy and Victualling since Michaelmas 1711, to wit 20,000l. thereof to the Navy Course and 20,000l. to the Victualling Course. The said 40,000l. is to be satisfied out of funds as follows, viz. 12,092l. 8s. 7½d. thereof out of the undisposed residue in your hands of the 30,000l. advanced to you by the Bank of England on the 4th inst. and the remaining 27,907l. 11s. 4½d. out of the 50,000l. which the Bank similarly advanced to you on the 28th inst. Ibid., p. 245.
Same to Lord Lansdown [Secretary at War]. The Lord Treasurer understands that there are many warrants prepared by you and signed by her Majesty which remain unsatisfied. Please send him a list thereof with the sums thereby payable and the services for which. "And because it may be necessary for the future that no warrants be prepared to charge the money granted by Parliament for Contingencies (except charges of marching Regiments and such like contingencies) until the particular demands shall have been thoroughly examined and the money actually put into the hands of the Paymaster [of the Forces] to answer the same" your care is desired therein accordingly.
Further, since the House of Commons have come to a Resolution that the deduction of 2½ per cent. which has been or ought to have been made from the pay, subsidies or other allowances for Foreign Forces in her Majesty's pay, should be continued for the year 1712 and applied for the service of the war in aid of the provision made or to be made in this Session of Parliament, the Lord Treasurer desires you to prepare a royal warrant to make and apply the said deduction accordingly.
I enclose Mr. Brydges' memorial [missing] concerning the Establishments that are now to be framed and the obtaining of warrants for his government in paying [scilicet his guidance or direction during the interim period], till such time as the said Establishments shall be framed and adjusted. Please report on said memorial after consulting the Auditors of Imprests. Likewise on said Brydges' memorial for 1,666l. 0s. 9d. for the commissioned and non-commissioned Officers and 23 private men of Col. Fielding's Regiment, for which Regiment no Establishment has ever been made, nor is there any provision made by Parliament for their future pay or subsistence. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 158.
Mar. 29. William Lowndes to Mr. Southwell to lay before the Duke of Ormonde the enclosed memorial [missing] of Mr. Brydges in answer to the said Duke's representation to my Lord Treasurer about arrears due to her Majesty's Subject Troops in Flanders. Ibid., p. 159.
Same to the Bank of England. Yesterday when the Deputy Governor and some of the Directors of the Bank were present my Lord Treasurer read the Attorney General's report about incorporating the proprietors of the stock in Exchequer annuities. At the desire of the said gentlemen the said report and accompanying papers are here inclosed "so that having the whole case before you with the heads of the charter proposed to be granted you may well consider thereof and report to my Lord your opinion and objections (if any) to the making such importation [sic for incorporation]." Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford for paying the 1712 Lady day quarter's salaries of the Customs: viz. 9,759l. 1s. 3d. for the outports and 7,354l. 11s. 6d. for London port. Out Letters (Customs) XV, p. 401.
Treasury reference to Mr. How of the petition of Major General Handasyd shewing that his Regiment is now in arrear of their subsistence from June 24 last and [is] to be paid in tallies on malt that bear a discount: therefore praying that interest may be allowed on the said tallies from the date they were struck, towards discharging part of the said discount. Reference Book IX, p. 57.
Commission by Treasurer Oxford to William White to be a surveyor of the old and additional Duties on Houses loco Geo. Percivall, dismissed. (Dormant warrant by same to the Receiver General of Taxes for Co. Lincoln to pay 50l. per an. to said White as salary as from 1712 Lady day.) Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) II, pp. 70, 99.
Mar. 31. Royal warrant dated St. James's to Sir Nathaniell Lloyd, the Queen's Advocate General, and George Smith, Esq., the Queen's Procurator General in the Court of Admiralty and Courts ?Ecclesiastical, to appear before Sir Charles Hedges, Judge of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, or his surrogate, and to desire a grant to Thomas, Duke of Leeds (for the Queen's use), of letters of administration of the personal estate of Charles Mallett, one of her Majesty's subjects who was murthered at Constantinople, which estate devolves on the Crown by reason of the said Mallett being an intestate bastard: all on the petition of the said Duke of Leeds, at whose charge the said Mallett "appears to us to have been brought up and educated." Queen's Warrant Book XXV, p. 178.
Mar. 31. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Receipt to innovate a lost order of loan, No. 1570, for 100l. on the fourteenth 4s. Aid in the name of Michael Hinman. Order Book VIII, p. 165.
Treasury reference to the Attorney General of the petition of Charles Blunt, Paymaster of the Two Million Adventure, shewing that by the Act [9 Anne, c. 16] for said Two Millions the receipts from the Duties on skins, vellom and parchment on or before 29 Sept. 1711 shall be applied to the payment of principal; and after 29 Sept. 1711 the yearly sum of 186,670l. shall be charged upon all Duties thereby settled and shall be applied for payment of principal and interest; that 200,072l. 15s. 7d. is imprested to him, whereof 11,902l. 15s. 7d. was brought into the Exchequer before 29 Sept. 1711: therefore prays direction whether in computing the principal for this 11,902l. 15s. 7d. he is to compute the interest from 1711 Sept. 29 and whether the sum [of such interest] is to be taken out of that sum or out of the 186,670l. Reference Book IX, p. 57.
Subscription by Treasurer Oxford of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated 1711 Nov. 30 to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for provision of a rat killer's livery for Walter Martin: at a cost of 13l. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, pp. 32, 327.
The like for a like warrant dated Feb. 29 last to same for the provision of liveries for the three Drum Majors of the First Regiment of Guards: to an estimate of 168l. Ibid., p. 327.
The like of a same for liveries for the three hautboys of the First Regiment of Foot Guards: to an estimate of 89l. Ibid.
The like of a same for 28 colours for the First Regiment of Guards: to an estimate of 270l. Ibid.
Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to clear the Foot Regiment commanded by Col. Richard Lucas to the day of their embarcation: they being ordered (after being completed to their established numbers) to be transported from Ireland for service in the West Indies. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 267.
Same to Treasurer Oxford to pay 600l. to George, Earl of Cromartie, for his charges and expenses in her Majesty's service. Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 356.
Treasury reference to the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, of the petition of William Stewart of Inchbrick shewing that in 1686 David Gathrey (Guthry) obtained a novo damus of the lands and barony of Moundyns wherein the Ward and Marriage Duties are taxed, and died in 1698 leaving four daughters Margaret, Anne, Jean and Isobell Guthry as heirs portioners; that they having no friend to take care of their affairs the lands are become obnoxious to Taxtward and Non Entry Duties, which might have been prevented by their Entry, which by the dispensation of their charter they might have entred at any time notwithstanding their minority and then the casualties of Ward could not have been due: that petitioner married the eldest daughter and finds the estate so small and overburthened with the said encumbrances; therefore prays a gift of the Ward Relief and Non Entry Duties in his own name to the joint behoof of the relict and children who otherwise will be put to beggary. Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 306.