Minute Book: October 1713

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 27, 1713. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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October 1713

Oct. 2. Present: ut supra.
The Commissioners for bringing in Arrears of Taxes [are] called in. Their certificates concerning arrears standing out in the hands of the Receivers are considered and thereupon my Lord directs that the said Commissioners do write to the Receiver [General for the County] of Hereford and fix him a day for clearing his arrear and to signify to him that if he doth not comply with that order my Lord will appoint another Receiver in his stead. And that the said Commissioners write the like letters to the respective Receivers of Monmouth, Worcester and North Wales.
My Lord will speak with Mr. Merryll about applying the money received by Mr. Douglas for the Land Tax in Scotland to the subsistence of the Troops there.
The report of the Comptrollers of Army Accounts is read on a memorial of Lord Stair's praying that money may be advanced to his Regiment of Dragoons in Flanders for providing dry forage. My Lord Treasurer directs that Mr. Moore do give order to his deputy to pay so much as the usual advance for forage amounts to; and to place it to the account of clearings to the said Regiment till such time as it shall be provided for by Parliament.
Upon reading a memorial from the Commissioners of Transports praying 15,000l. for the service of that Office my Lord directs that Mr. Micklethwayte do raise so much [15,000l.] on the tallies in his hands on the General Mortgage anno 1708 at par, taking care that the interest incurred on the orders be reckoned as so much principal to the day they are sold or disposed of. Ibid., p. 124.
Oct. 6. Present: Lord Treasurer, Sir William Wyndham, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Sir William Wyndham being by her Majesty's several letters patents bearing date the 25th day of August last constituted Chancellor and Under Treasurer of the Exchequer and having this day been sworn into the said offices before one of the Barons of the Exchequer at Westminster in due form, comes in and takes his place at the Board.
[My Lord Treasurer orders] Mr. Southwell to send my Lord a copy of the Irish Establishment as soon as he can.
My Lord orders that a letter sent to him from Sir Sam Ongley in behalf of Richard Ward to be carpenter of a fourth rate ship, be sent to Mr. Burchett [Secretary to the Admiralty] to be laid before the Admiralty Lords.
Mr. Hawes is called in. The Treasurer of the Navy's memorial is read. [Thereupon my Lord Treasurer] ordered [issues as follows] out of loans on South Sea Stock:
towards paying off ships ordered to be laid up 40,000
for Short Allowance Money due to the companies of ships put out of pay 5,000
Ibid., p. 125.
Oct. 7. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord Treasurer] ordered [issues as follows] out of her Majesty's Civil List money: viz. to
£ s. d.
the Commissioners for Trade to complete 9,004l. 15s. 8d. due on their salaries at Michaelmas 1712 5,004 15 8
the Keeper of the Privy Purse 500 0 0
Sir Clement Cotterell [Master of the Ceremonies] for a present to Count Maffei 322 10 0
ditto for a present to Monsieur Giraldi [Jacopo Giraldi, Envoy Extraordinary from Tuscany] 322 10 0
Mr. Inglis, Marshal of the Ceremonies, for [a present to] the Duke D'Aumont's Secretary 119 7 6
Baron Scrope 250 0 0
Mris. Yates 50 0 0
Mr. Keel, Decipherer 100 0 0
the Commissioners of the Stables 100 0 0
£7,169 3 2
Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 126.
Oct. 8. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Colebroke, one of the partners of Mr. Jackson, a scrivener, in whose hands remain divers sums of the public money (which had been imprested to Mr. Whitfeild, late Paymaster of the Marines), is called in, and also Mr. Swift, late clerk or agent to the said Whitfeild. My Lord Treasurer asks why the said money, being part of what is owing to her Majesty upon Mr. Whitfeild's account, is not paid into the Exchequer. He says they are ready to do it if they can be indemnified as to the balance of the last stated account between Jackson and Whitfeild, being 6,800l.: if my Lord gives a warrant he [Colebroke] will advise with the Attorney General upon it and if he is of opinion that it will be sufficient the same shall thereupon be immediately paid into the Exchequer. But as for several other sums of the public money left by Mr. Whitfeild in the hands of the said Jackson and partners, they having given notes payable to the bearer on demand, they [Colebrook] do not see how they can be discharged therefrom.
My Lord Treasurer says that he gave them directions not to part with any of the said money upon those notes.
Mr. Colebrooke says they have not [parted with any of the said money].
My Lord orders a warrant to be prepared to direct Mris. Whitfeild forthwith to pay the said 6,800l. balance abovementioned into the Exchequer.
Mr. Colebroke says as soon as such warrant is approved of by the Attorney General and signed by my Lord he will pay in the said 6,800l. Ibid., p. 127.
Oct. 9. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Sloper [is] called in. He acquaints my Lord that General Peirce is arrested for bills drawn by him [Peirce on the Paymaster General, London] for money which he took up in Portugal. Upon consideration thereof my Lord Treasurer is pleased to direct that Mr. Brydges shall, out of the South Sea Stock remaining in his hands for the use of the public, pay so much as shall appear to be due to the said General Peirce by the report of the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army (to whom the demands of the said General are referred) as soon as the same [the said report] shall be returned to my Lord.
[Write a] letter to the Navy Commissioners that my Lord agrees to their publishing [an advertisement in the “Gazette” that there will be] a year's pay to the [Navy] Chest at Chatham: to be on the 8th Dec. next. And Mr. Hawes is to lay a demand for it before my Lord as soon as may be. Ibid., p. 128.
Oct. 14. Present: Lord Treasurer.
Several papers are read and minutes are taken [on them and are endorsed] thereupon.
[My Lord directs the issue of] 75l. a week to the Paymaster of the Works from this day till Dec. 14 next: to be paid over to Mr. Wise on account of the new works in Windsor House Park, estimated at 6,874l.
[My Lord] ordered [issues as follows] out of her Majesty's Civil List money: viz. to
£ s. d.
Mr. Scobel for tin 4,000 0 0
the Cofferer of the Household 3,000 0 0
Mr. Holbech for the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office 1,500 0 0
the Privy Purse 500 0 0
Sir Isaac Newton [Master of the Mint] for medals [to be made in the Mint] 2,754 6 11
the Earl of Strafford: on his [Ambassadorial] ordinary 300 0 0
the Bishop of London [Dr. John Robinson, on the like] 300 0 0
Lord Lexinton [on the like] 300 0 0
the Band of Pensioners: for a quarter to 1712 Lady day 1,500 0 0
Lord Lansdown for the rent of Mote Park 150 0 0
the Commissioners for bringing in Arrears of Taxes 150 0 0
the Keepers of the Council Chamber 109 10 0
the clerks and doorkeepers of the Houses of Commons &c. 490 0 0
the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise for last quarter [for the Gardens] 803 3
ditto more for ditto, for works in Windsor Park 75 0 0
Mr. Ryley, Serjeant at Arms 50 3 9
Mr. Lowndes for secret services 1,000 0 0
£16,982 4
Ibid., p. 129.
Oct. 15. Present: ut supra.
Mr. King, who had some of the public money in his hands which had been imprested to Mr. Whitfield, late Paymaster of Marines, is called in. He says he owed 1,000l. to Mr. Whitfield's estate and that he has within a month paid 120l. of it to Mrs. Whitfield and has paid the interest to the last year. My Lord Treasurer directs him not to pay the remainder to her and will consider how it may be paid into the Exchequer so as he may be discharged.
[Write a] letter to the Customs Commissioners to send proper officers to the Duke D'Aumont's lodgings to visit his goods and seal them up in order [for them] to be transported to France.
[Write a letter to the said Commissioners] to give my Lords an account how the cause stands betwixt the Queen and the East India Company relating to the computation of the Duties on the East India unrated goods and what care is taken therein on her Majesty's behalf.
[My Lord directs] 135,569l. 17s. 6d. to the Treasurer of the Navy out of Exchequer Bills: [and is] for completing what is due to the South Sea Company for last quarter's interest.
[My Lord orders] the memorial relating to Staines Bridge to be looked out against to-morrow. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 130.
Oct. 16. Present: Lord Treasurer.
[My Lord orders] Mr. Nicholas not to pay the allowance for the education of Lady Jersey's children.
[Write the] Customs Commissioners to attend next Wednesday and to come prepared to give my Lord their opinion what method may be used for the ease of the tobacco merchants in relation to the matters contained in their [the said Commissioners'] report of Sept. 9 last upon a petition of the said merchants, until it can be seen what relief will be allowed them by Parliament.
[My Lord directs] 8,000l. to Mr. Howe [Paymaster General of Guards and Garrisons] in further part of 60,000l. to clear the Invalids to Midsummer last: [to be issued] out of Exchequer Bills.
Write to the Secretary at War to send [to my Lord] a list of all the Officers entitled to half pay, so far as the same is come to his knowledge. Ibid., p. 131.
Oct. 20. Present: ut supra.
[My Lord directs a] warrant [for the issue of] 200l. to Mr. Snell [out of Civil List moneys].
A letter to my Lord signed J. B. [is read] proposing the discovery of a part of the revenue which has been lost for some years. [My Lord] ordered that an advertisement be inserted in the Gazette for his [J. B.'s] attendance at the Treasury any day at 12 of the clock.
Mr. Borrett is called in. His paper of causes is read. As to French and Oglethorpe, who attend as evidence against the persons concerned in the murder of Col. Parke, my Lord orders that Mr. Borret do pay them 5l. a piece now and if the trials are ended the ensuing term, then to pay them 5l. a piece more. Ibid., p. 132.
Oct. 21. Present: ut supra.
Some gentlemen of the East India Company are called in. They complain of some difficulties at Custom House. They are [requested by my Lord] to put them in writing.
Mr. Chambers complains against Brereton and Fisher in Mr. Fitche's Office: [he] says Brereton called him puppy and that Fisher would have thrown a standgate at him a day or two after and that Brereton and others upbraided him a day or two afterwards with repeated scorns and threatened to kick him out of the Office. He says after being called puppy he called Brereton blockhead.
Sheldon Chambers, his son, says Brereton laughed at him in the Treasury room just now and said he might cry presently.
Brereton says Abdy gave Chambers some of his orders and that he B[rereton] would have given him the rest but Mr. Chambers called him little rascal, little scoundrel and said if it had not been for such fools as I you might have starved and after such ill language B[rereton] called him puppy.
Howel Griffith says Chambers gave B[rereton] ill language before he called him puppy.
Mr. Geary says Chambers called B[rereton] prodigal, saucy fellow and gave him ill language and afterwards B[rereton] called him puppy.
Mr. Brereton says he is sorry for calling Mr. Chambers puppy.
Chambers is satisfied.
Mr. Fitch will take care that all persons shalbe well used for the future.
Mr. Fisher says he is sorry.
[My Lord] ordered [issues as follows] out of her Majesty's Civil List money: viz. to
£ s. d.
Mr. Scobel for tin 3,000 0 0
Mr. Gomez Serra in part of 2,250l. 1,000 0 0
the Earl of Peterborough: [for his Ambassadorial] equipage and three months' advance [on his ordinary] 1,900 0 0
Mr. Compton: towards arrears to Midsummer 1713 [on the Queen's private pensions and bounties] 412 0 0
Mr. Nicholas for payments incurred since 1,893 0 0
Mr. Smethin [the Queen's goldsmith] in part of 1,307l. 6s. 8d.] 500 0 0
Mr. Manley, Surveyor General [of Crown Lands] 200 0 0
the Chancellor of the Order of the Garter 285 2 6
the Serjeant of the House of Commons 155 12 0
the Earl of Strafford on his [Ambassadorial] ordinary 300 0 0
the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise 75 0 0
£9,720 14 6
Ibid., p. 133.
Oct. 22. Present: ut supra.
Several papers are read and minutes are taken upon them [and are endorsed upon them].
My Lord being informed that Mr. Henry Crisp died seized of an estate of 400l. a year and left a widow who married one Saltmarsh and is a widow again, that Henry Crisp left a daughter Mary who with her mother was possessed of an estate of 600l. a year: that four years since Mary Saltmarsh, the mother, and Mary Crisp, the daughter, were indicted at Maidstone in Kent for having been professt nuns and now stand outlawed: [hereupon my Lord] ordered that Mr. Borret inform himself of this matter and do report to my Lord a true state thereof with his opinion what is fit to be done therein. Ibid., p. 134.
Oct. 23. Present: ut supra.
[My Lord directed] 14,706l. 7s. 3d. to be issued to Mr. Brydges for the services following: viz.
£ s. d.
for completing the full pay of the Walloon Regiment of Dragoons lately commanded by Baron Walleff, now by Baron Borlé: to June 24 last 6,553l. 12s. 0d. [sic for 6,553 florins 12 stivers]: and for completing the pay of the Troops of Holstein to the same time 46,498l. 14s. 0d. [sic for 46,498 florins 14 stivers] which at 10 florins 18 stivers [to the pound sterling] (which is the rate Mr. Decker has agreed to remit at to the end of the year) comes to 4,867 3 8
for the pay of the Regiment of Borlé from 1713 June 24 to Aug. 24 inclusive, being 25,644 florins 8 stivers: at the rate abovementioned comes to 2,352 13 11
for the pay of the Holstein Troops for the same time: 40,801 florins 7 stivers 8 d[eniers]: at the rate aforementioned 3,743 4 10
for the pay of the said Holstein Troops for two months from Aug. 24 last, to carry them home: 40,801 florins 7 stivers 8 deniers: at the rate abovementioned 3,743 4 10
£14,706 7 3
Ordered that it be a standing rule that whoever applies for repaying [refunding of] their taxes according to former precedents shall first produce certificates of their having paid the taxes for which they ask the repayment.
The gentlemen of the East India Company are called in. They present a memorial concerning the Duties on unrated East India goods, which is read and [is by my Lord] ordered to be sent to the Customs Commissioners [for report]. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 135.
Oct. 27. Present: Lord Treasurer.
[Send] to the Attorney General to be here to-morrow morning about reducing two Marine Regiments.
Mr. Cæsar [the Treasurer of the Navy is called in and] 89,089l. 6s. 3d. is ordered [by my Lord to be issued] on his memorial of this day. Ibid., p. 136.
Oct. 28. Present: ut supra.
The Attorney General, Mr. Hunter and Mr. Mostyn come in. Upon discoursing with them my Lord Treasurer finds it necessary that a new Commission be passed for disbanding the Marine Regiments. The Attorney General will send the warrant which was procured by the Earl of Dartmouth for the last Commission; and [my Lord Treasurer orders] my Lord Bolingbroke to be sent to about preparing a warrant for a new Commission.
Mr. Santini [is] called in. He proposes to give letters of credit for 2,000l. to the Earl of Peterborough at several places in France and Italy provided he may be [re]paid for the same in two months from this time. My Lord agrees to this proposal: this 2,000l. being to be reckoned as part of the 6,000l. payable to his lordship [Peterborough] in full of all his allowances and demands as Admiral [General] of the Marines from the date of his commission during the continuance thereof. Ibid., p. 137.
Oct. 29. Present: ut supra.
Several papers are read [and minutes of my Lord's decisions and] answers [are endorsed] upon them.
Mr. Hawes is called in. He acquaints my Lord Treasurer with the receipt of the letter sent yesterday to the Treasurer of the Navy to know if he could accommodate Lord Peterborough with 2,000l., part of 6,000l. intended him [said Earl] by her Majesty as in lieu of demands or otherwise as General of the Marines, [that is to accomode him] till such time as the warrant can be prepared and signed for the regular issuing thereof. He says he will take care to get the money advanced.
My Lord orders a letter to [be sent to] the Admiralty to acquaint them with the Queen's intentions to allow Lord Peterborough the said 6,000l. and to pray them to procure the warrants for the same as soon as may be. Ibid., p. 138.
Oct. 30. Present: ut supra.
[My Lord] ordered [issues as follows] out of her Majesty's Civil List money: viz. to
£ s. d.
Mr. Scobel for tin 3,000 0 0
the Privy Purse for two weeks 1,000 0 0
Lord Lexinton on his [Ambassadorial] ordinary 500 0 0
the Earl of Strafford on his ditto 300 0 0
the Bishop of London [Dr. John Robinson] on his ditto 300 0 0
Mr. Arthur: a bill drawn by Mr. Prior 1,300 0 0
Mr. Lowther for disbursements 173 17 10
the Sheriff of Sussex, for his surplusage 41 17 8
the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise 75 0 0
Sir Clement Cotterell for the Venetian Ambassador 800 0 0
ditto for a present to his [Venetian] Excellency's Secretary 110 0 0
Mr. Compton for arrears on Lady Falkland's pension 250 0 0
Mr. Nicholas for divers pensions 303 14 9
Mr. Borret for [Crown] Law charges 500 0 0
£8,654 10 3
The Secretary at War is called in. My Lord Treasurer observes that in the draft of the Establishment [of the Guards, Garrisons and Land Forces] the Comptrollers of the Army Accounts are omitted; the fire and candle for the barracks, and the chaplain's allowances: which my Lord says should be inserted when the Establishment comes to be adjusted.
Mr. Moore and the remitters [of the exchange] are called in, to wit Sir John Lambert and Mr. Hay in behalf of Mr. Milner. The proposals of the said Lambert and Milner are read, the first offering 9,000l. at Port Mahon at sight at 54 pence sterling per dollar and 7,000l. at Gibraltar at sight at 53 pence per dollar: to be paid [by him] in gold or silver in current money in the said places: and he to be [re-]paid here in money or Exchequer Bills on delivery of his bills. Mr. Milner demands 54 pence sterling round [for both places] and demands an absolute bargain at the same rate for six months for what shall be wanted for those Garrisons.
Sir John's proposal appearing to be most for her Majesty's service is agreed to.
My Lord Treasurer orders that none of the money agreed for to be remitted shall be at any time detained by the Paymaster [of Guards and Garrisons] upon any pretext whatever without my Lord's particular directions for that purpose. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 139.