Minute Book: November 1713

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 27, 1713. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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October 1713

Nov. 3. Present: Lord Treasurer.
Several papers are read and minutes [are] taken [upon them and are endorsed] thereupon.
A letter from Sir William Gifford and Mr. Hunter is read recommending Mr. Richard Carter to be Secretary to the Commissioners for Disbanding the Marines at the like allowance as hath been ordered for Mr. Lyn. My Lord Treasurer agrees thereto.
My Lord orders 200l. bounty to Lady Frances Keightley. Ibid., p. 140.
Nov. 5. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Send for an account of what pensions are paid at [or out of the revenue of] the Custom House, Excise, Post Office, Alienations, First Fruits and Tenths, revenue of Wales, [Duchy of] Cornwall, [Duchy of] Lancaster, [Crown] Land revenue, Pre Fines and Post Fines, Hanaper or any other branches or offices not comprehended in the Books already returned.
[My Lord orders] Mr. Thomas Layton to be added to the Commissioners for Disbanding the Marine Forces.
[My Lord directs] 100l. to Mr. Gilligan and half a year to Sir J. Macleane.
[My Lord] ordered [issues as follows] out of her Majesty's Civil List money: viz. to
£ s. d.
Mr. Scobel for tin 3,000 0 0
the Privy Purse 500 0 0
the Ladies of the Bedchamber 3,700 0 0
Mr. Gomez Serra to complete 2,250l. 1,250 0 0
Mr. Nicholas 525 0 0
Mr. Compton for Sir J. Macleane for half a year 182 0 0
Lord De la War for the Lord Almoner and Mr. Randue 259 15 0
Mr. Borret for law charges 500 0 0
the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise 75 0 0
£9,981 15 0
Ibid., p. 141.
Nov. 6. Present: ut supra.
Lord Staire comes in. Mr. Moore is called in. Lord Stair desires in regard (he says) there is an advantage in remitting the money for the Forces abroad more than the public makes of it he therefore desires to have the money for his Regiment paid to his own hands that he may have the advantage himself.
My Lord Treasurer says whatever advantage is made by turning the money in Holland is for the benefit of the public and [is] to be accounted for: and [he] directs the orders for that purpose [to that effect] to be looked out and a copy thereof to be sent to my Lord Stair and another to Mr. Moore for his guidance.
[My Lord also directs a] letter to Mr. Brydges for the account [of exchange profit] required of him by the said order.
[My Lord orders] Mr. Carter to attend the Commissioners for reducing the Marine Forces at Exeter. And Mr. Mostyn is to take care that money be supplied at Exeter for the service: and so much as is necessary [is ordered by my Lord] to be issued to him [Mostyn] upon [his bringing] a proper memorial.
[My Lord] ordered [the issue of] 300l. to Mr. Nicholas, to wit 200l. thereof for Mr. Cranfeild and 100l. for Mr. Gilligan. Ibid., p. 142.
Nov. 11. Present: ut supra.
[My Lord orders a] letter to Lord Bolingbroke for an additional instruction [to be drafted] to the Commissioners for Disbanding and Reducing the Marine Forces.
[Send a] letter to Mr. Hunter, one of the Commissioners for Disbanding the Marines, to meet Mr. Roope and Mr. Layton at Exeter next Saturday.
The Postmaster General is called in. They lay before my Lord the Treaty executed by Mr. Paiod and Mr. Prior relating to the Post between England and France and mention a debt of about 5,000l. or 6,000l. due to France on account of postage by a treaty made in his late Majesty's reign. My Lord directs the Postmasters to peruse the Articles of Peace and see whether there be anything therein relating to this debt; and if not, to lay before my Lord an account of such debts [owing to the Post Office] as are standing out, [being] of arrears of letter money in the late reign; which my Lord thinks is most proper to be applied towards discharging the said debt.
The Treasurer of the Navy [is] called in. He presents a memorial for a privy seal for the passing his accounts, notwithstanding that the accounts of former Treasurers of the Navy are not passed. My Lord agrees thereto and directs the Auditors of Imprests to prepare the draft of a privy seal accordingly.
[My Lord] ordered the issue of 20,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy upon a memorial [presented by him and read this day]: to be issued out of money in the said Navy Treasurer's hands of the 500,000l. loan on South Sea Stock: whereof 10,000l. is for the Course of the Navy and 10,000l. for carrying on the pays of ships ordered to be laid up.
Several other papers are read and minutes [are] taken [on them and are endorsed] thereupon.
[My Lord] ordered [issues as follows] out of Civil List money: viz. to
£ s. d.
Mr. Scobel for tin 3,000 0 0
the Privy Purse 500 0 0
Mr. Holmes et al.: salary 62 10 0
the Serjeant of the House of Lords 46 0 0
the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise 75 0 0
Mr. Lowndes for secret service 2,500 0 0
£6,183 10 0
Ibid., p. 143.
Nov. 12. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord] ordered [issues as follows] out of the money in the Exchequer applicable to the uses of the Civil Government: viz. to
Mr. Compton for half a year to the minister [of the English church] at Amsterdam 50
Mr. Nicholas for a quarter to Michaelmas [last] to the same [minister] 25
ditto for bounty to Mrs. Thorold 100
Mr. Worsley, Envoy to Portugal 955
the Earl of Strafford [on his Ambassadorial] ordinary 600
the Bishop of London [Dr. John Robinson, Ambassador to Utrecht] on same 600
the Commissioners of the Privy Seal in full 275
the Duke of Somerset for arrears in [due to] the Stables 1,000
Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 144.
Nov. 13. Present: ut supra.
Baron Scrope is called in. The docquets of two warrants are read for granting the office of Wardrobe Keeper in Scotland and Under Falconer in Scotland. My Lord says these grants have been prepared at the Secretary's Office [? in London] and [are] therefore stopped by the Barons of the Exchequer there [Scotland] as they ought to be. As to that of Under Falconer my Lord orders the warrant to be prepared there anew. But as to the Wardrobe Keeper's place my Lord directs a letter [to be sent] to Mr. Aughmuty to send him an account of what goods were in Holyrood House at the time of the Union and how much now remains there and particularly what pictures were there at that time; and whether any of them have been lent out and if so to whom and by what warrant and whether they have since been returned or which of them are still standing out and in whose hands. Ibid., p. 145.
Nov. 17. Present: ut supra.
The Navy Commissioners and Mr. Edmonds are called in. The report of the said Commissioners on a petition of Mr. Edmonds is read. My Lord Treasurer asks whether any of the bills drawn were for money actually supplied to the Captains of ships. Mr. Funnel, agent for Mr. Edmunds, is called in. He says some small part might be for stores served. Mr. Lyddell says the contract made with Mr. Edmonds was to supply money to the Captains to enable them to buy stores at the best hand.
My Lord Treasurer observes that some of the bills were drawn for goods furnished by Mr. Funnel and the rest for money paid by him to others for goods supplied to her Majesty's ships.
Mr. Edmunds says very little was supplied by his agent in stores.
My Lord directs the [Navy] Commissioners to examine and report how much was in stores and how much was supplied to Captains in money for which Mr. Edmonds's bills were drawn. And as soon as that is done Mr. Edmonds shall have notice.
The Attorney General and Solicitor General come in. My Lord asks them what method is to be taken for recovery of the public money in the hands of Jackson and partners. The Attorney General says he has already filed a bill against them in the Exchequer, that being the only proper way.
The Treasurer of the Navy is called in. His memorial is read. My Lord directs him to attend the Bank and to borrow a sum of 100,000l. for the services of the Navy upon a deposit of 110,000l. in Malt tallies: and my Lord agrees on her Majesty's behalf that the same shall be repaid with 6 per cent. interest within three months or out of the first Aids to be granted by Parliament. Ibid., p. 146.
Nov. 18. Present: ut supra.
[My Lord reads a] letter from the Lord L[ieutenant of Ireland] concerning 1,000l. a piece advanced in Ireland to the agents of the Regiments of Churchill and Goring. [My Lord orders a] warrant to be prepared for allowing thereof and paying their subsistence to the time of their arrival in Ireland.
On Tuesday next my Lord will hear Mr. Viceti, Resident from Genoa, with Monsieur Steinghens, Resident from the Elector Palatine, concerning a debt due to one Como from the Republic of Genoa. Ibid., p. 147.
Nov. 19. Present: ut supra.
Lord Halifax, Lord Denbigh and Lord Duplin come in. Their memorial is read representing that many salaries formerly paid at the Exchequer have been by degrees transferred into other Offices to which money is issued upon account and by that means the Officers of the Exchequer lose their legal fees due upon payment of such salaries and that now [as] the far greatest part of poundage arising upon payments to the Forces [is on the point of] ceasing the officers of the Exchequer will have little for their encouragement to perform their duties unless some remedy be applied. My Lord therefore resolves that from henceforth where any issues shall be directed to be made at the Exchequer for payments to be made in other Offices of such salaries as my Lord shall find ought by ancient custom to have paid fees in the Exchequer the warrant or letter for such issues shall specify the salaries upon which payments are to be made and the sums [fees] to be applied thereunto.
[Write to the] Commissioners of the Victualling to attend [my Lord] next Wednesday at 12 of the clock and that they come prepared to propose to my Lord how the Garrison of Gibraltar may be furnished with six months' provisions in the best manner for her Majesty's advantage.
[My Lord] ordered [issues as follows] out of her Majesty's Civil List money [in the Exchequer]: viz. to
£ s. d.
Mr. Scobell for paying for tin 3,000 0 0
the Privy Purse 500 0 0
the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise 75 0 0
Lord Lansdown for rent of Mote Park 150 0 0
Robert Stephens, Messenger of the Press 60 0 0
the Vice Chamberlain of the Household 150 0 0
Mr. Smethin [the Queen's Goldsmith] to complete 4,807l. 6s. 8d. [for plate supplied to the Jewel House] to Midsummer last 807 6 8
the Earl of Strafford on his [ambassadorial] ordinary 400 0 0
the Bishop of London [Dr. John Robinson: on his ditto] 400 0 0
Mr. Mackenzie for extraordinaries: to be paid out of 500,000l. 514 17 0
Mr. Barrington et al., moiety of a seizure 22 12 6
the Attorney General 81 6 8
the Solicitor General 70 0 0
£6,231 2 10
Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 148.
Nov. 27. Present: attendance not stated.
“Mr. [Thomas] Harley having attended my Lord Treasurer at his house received his Lordship's commands for signifying his directions to the Auditor of the Receipt for issuing out of the money in the Exchequer for her Majesty's Civil Government as followeth”: viz. to
£ s. d.
Mr. Scobel for buying of tin 3,000 0 0
the Privy Purse 500 0 0
the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise 75 0 0
Lord Lexinton on his [Ambassadorial] ordinary entertainment 1,300 0 0
Mr. Compton 359 10 0
Mr. Nicholas 660 10 0
£5,895 0 0
Ibid., p. 149.
Nov. 30.
At my Lord
Present: Lord Treasurer.
The warrants for paying the public ministers to Midsummer 1713 being laid before my Lord his Lordship directs that the letter be looked out which was writ to James Stanhope, Esq., upon his being taken prisoner, touching his allowances as Ambassador or General in Spain; my Lord having no objection to paying him as Ambassador till the time he was taken prisoner.
My Lord will take the Queen's pleasure as to the paying the Duke of Marlborough the 10,557l. 2s. 10d. ordinary and 3,296l. 5s. 0d. extraordinaries as late Ambassador in Holland.
My Lord respites the warrant for paying the Earl of Galway 7,890l. which he hath assigned to Mr. Brydges to make good what he received of Mr. Morris in Portugal.
See whether the order which pays Mr. Cadogan to Xmas 1710 completes all that is due to him for his ordinary entertainment.
See Mr. Delavall's privy seals as Envoy to Portugal and Morocco.
Memorandum: he did not go to Morocco.
Send to Mr. Sloper to know if Mr. Le Fever be not chargeable with some money.
Memorandum: to have Mr. Davenant's allowances determined [terminated or revoked].
Mr. Mackenzie's order which paid him to Midsummer 1713 is to be in full and his allowance to cease from thence.
Query: what day Mr. Manning had notice of his revocation.
Mr. Wyche's warrant to be stopped till satisfaction be given for the money he agreed should be paid on the account of Mr. Stratford: and send to Mr. Sloper for an account of this.
Write to the Officers of the Ordnance to know in what condition Berwick Bridge is and to get an account how the money paid by the Government or otherwise raised for the repair of that bridge has been expended and what is in bank. Ibid., p. 150.