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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 27, 1713. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Fachin, William, pensioner on the Civil List, 545.

Fairbairn, James, Herald in Scotland, death of, 74.

Fairborn, Sir Stafford, omitted from new commission for disbanding marine regiments, 409.

Fairfax, [Charles], colonel, heirs of, perpetuity granted by Charles II to, 527.

Fairfeild, David, lieutenant in Deloraine's regiment, half pay for, 476.

-, David, surgeon to Deloraine's regiment, half pay for, 482.

Fairies or Farie, Bessie, royal bounty for, 198.

Fairney, Easter, co. Fife, lands of, 111.

Falkener, George, master of the Agnes, 433.

Falkland, Lady. See Cary, Dorothy.

Falmouth, co. Cornwall:

Agent for Prizes at (John Parker), 276.

boatmen at. See below tidesmen.

Collector and Salt Officer at (Mr. Worth), 187, 292.

Morocco ambassador at, 138.

packet boats, 139, 140, 452.

Salt Officer at. See above Collector.

ship seized at, 187.

Surveyor at (Mr. Worth), 292.

tidesman and boatmen at, 265, 282, 283, 293, 294.

Fane, Thomas, Earl of Westmorland, his claim to woods in Rockingham Forest, dispute re, 181.

Fanegas of wheat, 470.

Fanshaw (Fanshawe), Charles, grant of office of Queen's Remembrancer to, 483.

-, Henry, grant of office of Queen's Remembrancer to, 483.

-, Sir Henry, Queen's Remembrancer, 483.

-, Sir Richard, Queen's Remembrancer, 483.

-, Simon, Viscount Fanshawe, Queen's Remembrancer, 84(2), 464, 483, 534, 549, 553.

-, Thomas, Queen's Remembrancer, 483.

-, Thomas, Viscount Fanshawe, Queen's Remembrancer, 483.

-, Sir Thomas, K.B., Queen's Remembrancer, 483.

-, Sir Thomas, K.B., afterwards Viscount Fanshawe, Queen's Remembrancer, 483.

Farewell, Samuel, master of the William and John, 416.

Farie. See Fairies.

Farington. See Farrington.

Farlet, Thomas, master of the Tyger, 381.

Farley, Samuel, joint Groom of the Scullery, Royal Household, 499.

Farmer, , colonel, letter to re bread contract for Port Mahon, 69.

-, Daniel, a Closet Keeper at Whitehall Chapel, 506.

Farquhar (Farqhar), Mr. (Mrs.), four children of, royal bounty for, 65, 479.

Farra, John, [Treasury letter carrier], payments to, 66, 165, 260, 366, 486.

Farrans, Edmund, a Helper to the Chaises, Royal Stables, 512.

Farrell, Elizabeth, wife of a gunner on the Newcastle, memorial for prize money, 466.

-, William, lieutenant on half pay, petition for civil employment, 428.

Farriers. See Royal Mews and Stables.

Farrington (Farington), Edmund, insolvent debtor, 423.

-, John, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 147, 172.

Farthings, coinage of. See Mintcoinage.

Fasts, proclamations for, 329(4).

Faucett, George, appointed waiter and searcher at Morpech, 387.

Faud, Thomas, master of the Owners' Goodwill, 433.

Faverall, John, First Master Cook, Royal Household, 497, 536; Yeoman of the Pastry, 498; payments for china for the Royal Household due to, 506.

Faversham (Feversham), co. Kent, 141; port of, boatmen, 113, 331; Collector (John Smallman), 331; Customs officers' salaries at, warrant for regulating, 331; waiters and searchers, 239, 331.

Fawler, John, assistant to Josiah Burchett, Secretary to the Admiralty, 316.

Fazakerley, Sir William:

Chamberlain of the city of London, 167.

issue to, for the poor of London, 167.

loans by, 303, 323, 325, 335, 346, 355, 367, 376, 379, 386, 407, 427, 431, 446.

Receiver of Contributions to the 500,000l. (Civil List) Lottery, 400, 493.

Receiver General of Duties on Houses for London, Westminster and Middlesex, 442.

Receiver General of Land Tax anno 1713 for London, Westminster and Middlesex, 231.

Fearme, Elizabeth, removed from list of royal bounties, Scotland, 322.

Fearne, co. Ross, Abbacy of, grant of lands of, 482.

Feasts for Post Office clerks, 143, 452.

Feathers, airing of, against plague, infection, 364.

Febbard, John, master of the Speedwell, 105.

Fee farm rents. See Crown lands rents and revenues.

Feedam, Edward, master of the Jonathan of Colchester, 461.

Field. See Field.

Feilder. See Fielder.

Feilding. See Fielding.

Fell, Cuthbert, master of the Owner's Goodwill, 311.

Felton, Mary, starcher, Royal Household, 505.

-, John, waiter of the Robes, 536.

Fen land, in Bedford Level, grant of, 371.

Fendal, Henry, Receiver General of Land Tax for Surrey, 232.

Fenwick, , lieutenant, report on his memorial, 404.

Fereby, Abraham, tidesman and boatman at Dartmouth, superannuated, 387.

Ferne, Henry, Cashier and Receiver General of Customs, 13, 14, 70, 84, 126, 130, 149(2), 167, 221, 255, 260, 263, 297, 303, 344, 349, 366, 422.

Fernhill, Thomas, Chairman in the Royal Stables, 512.

Ferrier, Richard, Queen's waiter, London port, appointment, 244; deputy to (Csar Savage), 259, 283; salary, 255.

Feu (Few) duties. See Dues, feudal.

Fever. See Lefever.

Feversham. See Faversham.

Few. See Feu.

Fewson's Grange, farm called, parcel of the monastery of Melsa alias Meux, 291.

Fez, Emperor of, Plenipotentiary to. See Delaval, George.

Field (Feild), John, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

-, Thomas, Groom of the Pastry, Royal Household, 502.

-, Thomas, boatman at Maldon, deceased, 113.

Fielder (Feilder), Richard, Yeoman Cart-taker, Royal Household, 500; pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

Fielding (Feilding), Anne, royal bounty for, 65, 349, 479.

-, Basil, Earl of Denbigh, one of the four Tellers of the Exchequer:

appointment, 325.

attending the Treasury, 61.

first clerk to (John Grainger), 346.

securities, 338, 339.

-, Charlotte, sister of Anne, 350, 479.

-, Edmund, colonel, his regiment of foot, disbandment, date of, 403.

embarked from Ireland for Portugal, 463.

establishment, 463.

full pay, 403.

half pay, case re, 401, 403, 460.

-, George, brother of Anne, 350, 479.

-, George, Commissioner for executing the Office of Master of the Horse, 274, 511, 552; equerry of the Royal Stables, 511.

-, Martha, sister of Anne, 350, 479.

-, Mary, woman of the Bedchamber, 72; executors of, payment to, 179.

-, William, brother of Anne, 350, 479.

Fife, Chamberlain of (Earl of Rosebery), 228.

Filks, Jonathan, appointed Surveyor of Cowes, 293.

Finch (Fynche), Daniel, Earl of Nottingham, Secretary of State, letter from, mentioned, 106.

-, Heneage, Master and Treasurer of the Jewel House. See Jewel House.

Fincher, John, Treasurer of the Bermuda Islands, 89.

Findlater, Earl of. See Ogilvie, James.

Fines. See Crown Lands, Exchequer Court (compositions), Pre Fines and Post Fines.

Finlay, James, chaplain to Montandre's regiment, 280.

-, Robert, payments to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 247(2), 248.

Finney, Protodoro, in custodiam lease of lands in Exeter, parcel of the estate of Charles Hore, 270.

Finnis, Thomas, petition for reward for discovering the murderers of a Customs officer's servant, 270.

Fire, in the Printing House in White Friars, 275.

Firman, Thomas, appointed surveyor, waiter and searcher at Selby, 114; salary of, 114; allowance to his predecessor out of, 114.

First Fruits and Tenths, pensions out of, account of, required, 58, 422; [Receiver of]. See Glanville, William.

Fish, exported from Scotland. See Scotland; manufacture of, in Cornwall, petition of persons concerned in, 228; unsizable, fine for exporting, 207; and see Cod, Ling, Sturgeon.

Fish (Fysh), Timothy, surveyor of Bridlington, appointed collector of Scarborough, 293(2).

Fisher, Mr., a clerk in Mr. Fitche's office, complaint against, 54, 388.

-, Magdalen, tenant in Maudlin Street, Taunton, 304.

-, Ri., captain, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

-, Thomas, pensioner on the Civil List, 508.

Fisheries. See Newfoundland; North Sea and Herring; Trent; Whales.

Fishing boats. See French.

Fishmongers of London. See London.

Fiskwicke, John, captain in Deloraine's regiment, half pay for, 475.

Fitch (Fitche, Fytch, Fythche), Hanworth, of the Sword Blade Office, attending the Treasury, 6.

-, William, Register and Comptroller of the Two Million Adventure anno 1711. See Lotteries, 1711First Classis Lottery.

Fitchburn, William, captain in Pearce's regiment, half pay for, 475.

Fitchew, Leonard, and others, proprietors of copper and brass works called Temple Mills, petition of, 118.

Fitzgerald, Thomas, captain lieutenant in Pearce's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

Fitz Hardinge, Viscount. See Berkeley, John.

Fitzharry, Ann, pensioner on the Civil List, 543.

-, Judith, pensioner on the Civil List, 545.

Fitz Roy, Charles, Duke of Grafton, Master Forester of Whittlewood Forest and Parks and Master Conductor of the Wild Beasts, 314.

-, George, Duke of Northumberland, Governor and Captain of Windsor Castle, 539; payments to, 539, 553(2).

Flagons, old, for the Jewel House, 16.

Flanders (Low Countries):

army in. See Army.

artillery trains in. See Artillery.

cambric, bill for, 392.

laces, 327; bill for, 392; named, 425.

officer for, bills of exchange sent by, 41.

packet boats, 203, 204.

Resident for Scots' Affairs in. See Kennedy, Sir Andrew.

widows of soldiers killed in, petition for bounty, 404.

Flax, airing of, against plague infection 364; importation of, 89, 194, 230, 278, 311, 364, 371, 433, 440, 441, 442, 465, 474, 488.

Flaxwell, co. Lincoln, hundred of, Receiver General of duties on Houses (J. Harneis), 343.

Fleet, The. See London and Westminster (prisons).

Fleet, Edward, master of the Susanna, 106.

Fleetwood, Miles, instruction in Customs business for, 258.

Fleming, Christopher, Lord Slane, regiment of:

disbandment of, in Spain, 403; date of, 402.

invalids of (disbanded drums, privates and Serjeants), subsistence and bounty money for, 8, 98.

officers of, half pay, commencing date, 402, 403; petition in behalf of, 337.

-, Robert, lieutenant in Andrew Windsor's regiment, half pay for, 478.

Fletcher, Jane, widow, bankers' annuities assigned to, 459; nephew and administrator of. See Ashby, Thomas.

Flint, county of:

Crown Rents and Revenues in, Receiver General of (Miles Granger, Humfry Howorth), 126.

Houses, duties on, Receiver General of, warrant to, 361; Surveyor of (Edward Arthur, John Meredith), 361.

Second Justice of, issue for, 242, 287; and see Ward, John. sheriff of, letter to, 370.

Flood, William, lieutenant in Pearce's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

Flor, petty, Flanders lace called, 425.

Florence, Envoy Extraordinary from. See Giraldi, Jacopo.

Floretta yarn, duties on. See Customs duties.

Florins, stivers and deniers, exchange rates, 56, 254, 401.

Flotsam, grant of, 326, 327.

Flournois, Monsieur, pension of, payment of arrears of, 529.

Flower, Edmond, musician to the Royal Household, 536.

-, Rebecca, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

Floyer, Matthew, lieutenant in Gorge's regiment, half pay for, 478.

Flurets and Blancards, French linen called, 425.

Fdera. See Rymer's Fdera.

Foissac(Foisac), [Balthazar de], colonel, his regiment of dragoons: captain en second in, 171.

disbandment of, date of, 402.

officers of, half pay, commencing date, 402; petition for, 141.

Foley, Edward, Cashier to the Commissioner for duties on Hides, 239, 334.

-, Thomas, Commissioners for Trade, 97, 455, 528.

-, Thomas, of Stoke Court, Auditor of Imprests, appointment, 89, 318; deputy to (T. Bythell), 393; warrants to, 330, 341, 424.

Foljambe, Francis, in custodiam lease of Sir T. Gascoigne's estate in Yorkshire granted to, 154.

Footmen. See Royal Household, Royal Mews and Stables.

Forbes, [Alexander], Excise Commissioner, Scotland, leave of absence for, 292.

-, William, payment to, 552.

Ford, Edward, lieutenant in Deloraine's regiment, half pay for, 475.

-, George, clerk to the Warden of the Mint, death of, 327.

-, John, petition for subsistence money due from officers of O'Carroll's regiment, 336.

-, Richard, payment to, for apprehending burglars and highwaymen, 310.

-, William, lieutenant in Deloraine's regiment, half pay for, 475.

Fordoun, co. Kincardine, minister of (John Ochterlony), death of, 111; stipend of, petition for grant of, 111.

Foreign apposer. See Exchequer Court.

Foreign Estreats. See Exchequer Court.

Foreign princes. See Allies.

Foreign sail cloth. See Sail cloth.

Foreign ships. See Ships and shipping.

Foreign troops. See Army.

Foreign Universities, maintenance of bursars of Divinity at, 467.

Foreman, William, master of the William and Martha, 230.

Forfar, Earl of. See Douglas, Archibald.

Forfeited estates (forfeitures), grants of, 218, 284; and see Brewers' forfeitures; Ireland (forfeited estates); Recusants.

Forgeries. See Abuses.

Fornells (Furnells), Castle of, in Minorca, q.v.

Forresdale, Robert, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 307.

Forrester, Jannet, relict of Ensign Boyd, royal bounty for, 382.

-, Mary, Maid of Honour, 72, 179, 302, 486.

-, Sir William, Clerk of the Greencloth, Civil List account signed by, 514; wages and board wages, 495, 507.

Forster, , deputed tidesman at Weymouth, 265.

-, Peter, waterman at Gravesend, deceased, 283.

-, Richard, landwaiter at Harwich, superannuated, 283.

-, Thomas, merchant, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof, 397.

Forstner, Monsieur, letter from, 378.

Fort William, co. Inverness, garrison of, establishment, 354, 378; master gunner of (John Murray), 354, 378.

Fortifications, purchase of lands for, address of the House of Commons re, 316. And see Portsmouth.

Fosbrooke, John, turnbroach of the Kitchen, Royal Household, 497.

Fosdyke, co. Lincoln, surveyors of Customs at (D. Cawdron, T. Thurkill), 239.

Foster, John, Page of the Bedchamber (Backstairs), 504, 536.

Fotheringhay, co. Northampton, free school of, schoolmaster of (J. Loveling, S. Whitworth), annual payment to, 418; inhabitants of, petition of, 418.

Foubert, Henry, of the Crown Stables, 511; payment of pension arrears to, 532.

Foulke, Thomas, lieutenant in Morris's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

Four and a half per cent. duty, accounts of, 127; payments out of, 31, 32, 222, intended, 424.

Fourd, Thomas, noontender, London Port, deceased, 113.

Fowler, Elizabeth, pensioner on the Civil List, 508.

-, Thomas, lieutenant in Morris's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

Fox, Charles, Paymaster of the Army Abroad, 156.

-, John, Clerk Comptroller of the Board of Greencloth, 502.

-, John, merchant of London, prisoner for tobacco bonds debt, 243; sureties of, pentition of, 243.

-, Patrick, major of Creighton's regiment, half pay for, 210.

-, Thomas, Keeper of Registers of public loans in the office of Auditor of the Receipt, 162, 260, 366, 485.

Foxall, Zachariah, secondary to the sheriffs of London and Middlesex, payment to, 223; report on his petition, 223.

Foxton, Susannah, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

Frampton, Tregonnell, Keeper of the Queen's Running Horses (Supervisor of the Racing Horses) at Newmarket, payment to, 63, 64, 146, 513, 514.


Ambassador (Ambassador Extraordinary, Envoy Extraordinary) from and to. See Ambassadors.

ambassador's goods for, Customs examination of, 53.

Catalonia and, communication between, 206.

coins of, gold and silver, comparison of, with English species, 107.

exports and imports between England and (1662 to 1663 and 1665 to 1666), extract to be made from Port Books of the value of, 307, 332 and note.

king of, ambassadors from and to. See Ambassadors; officers and servants of, ambassadorial gifts to, 296.

letters from and to, account of the produce of (1699 1700), 203, 204.

letters of credit at places in, proposal for giving, 56.

packet boats from and to, account of the produce of the freight of passengers, goods and horses, 203; schedule of charges, 204.

peace (treaty, suspension of arms) with:

articles of, 59; 9th article, 175, read at the Treasury, 24.

Newfoundland and adjacent isles yielded by, 308.

proclamations of, 187, 329, 330.

signing of, 183, 251.

And see Utrecht.

postal treaties (contract) with, 59, 203, 204, 206, 209, 218, 295, 444.

Postmaster General of (Mons. Torcy), debt due to, 444; Mr. Pajot's demands and, 295; postal treaties with, 204, 206.

Post Office of, 204.

prisoners from Kinsale transported to, 187.

prisoners of war in. See Prisoners of war.

trade and commerce with, 9th article of the Treaty of Utrecht re, 24, 175.

war with, importation of silk during (as by Act 1 Anne, c. 27), 131.

woolsmuggling to, 197, 474(2).

Francis (Frances, Francys), Isaac, appointed boatman at Maldon, 113.

-, Martha, pensioner on the Civil List, 543.

-, Samuel, major in Deloraine's regiment, half pay for, 475.

Franco, Abraham, merchant of London, Italian silks imported by, 371; warrant to non pros informations against, 371.

-, Gomezerra (Gomezarra), brother of Abraham, 371.

Frangfort, Abraham de, lieutenant, pension on the Irish Establishment for, 442.

Frank. See Franks.

Frankfort, Prussia, ambassador's journey to, 119; Envoy (Secretary) at. See Davenant, Henry.

Frankland, Jeffrey, Provost Marshal of the Royal Household, 500.

-, Robert, stipend out of the Royal Stables for, 513.

-, Sir Thomas, Postmaster General, 203, 205, 381.

-, William, [Comptroller of the Inland Post Office], payments to, for beer for Post Office clerks, 143, for travelling charges, 452.

Frankpledge, Views of, grant of, 295, 327.

Franks (Frank), Richard, colonel, petition of, 95, 119; regiment of, 95, 371, captain in, 481.

Fraserdale.See Mckenzie of Fraserdale.

Frauds. See Abuses.

Freacher. See Shute.

Freaker, William, merchant, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof, 397.

Frechvill. See Frescheville.

Frederick, Anthony, tidesman at Shields, drowned, 283.

Freeke, Sir Ralph, baronetcy fees due from, warrant to discharge, 275.

Freeman, John, Gentleman of the Chapel, 505.

Freind, Robert, appointed tidesman at Shields, 283.

-, Samuel, captain in Lord Ashburnham's horse, half pay for, 478.

French, the French:

ambassador. See AmbassadorsTo England.

Chapel at St. James's, 28, 264; ministers, Reader, porter and sexton of, payments to, 532.

cheeses, 216.

fishing boat, seized and released, 195, 198, 207.

German protestants oppressed by, 329.


duties on. See Customs duties.

exchanged for wool, 461.

prohibitions on, since 1664, to be stated, 24, 175.

smuggling of, 364, 461, 488.

invasion of Nevis and St. Christopher, petition of sufferers by, 401, 408.

linens (named), included in cargoes of South Sea Company ships, 425.

men of war, inspection of, by Customs officers, 238, 284.

ministers in the Savoy, annuity for, 262.

Officers in the Army. See ArmyOfficers.

on the coast of the Leeward Islands, 16.

part of St. Christophers, lease of lands in, 358.

pensioners, payment to, out of the Civil List Lottery, 553.

See also IrelandArmy.

privateer, captured, 237.

protestants, payment to, out of the Civil List Lottery, 550(2).

ships and shipping:

ill treatment of, 299, 351.

duty on. See Customs duties.

seized, 250, 307, 346, 351, 357, 359, 393, 404, 428; warrant to release, 207.

smuggling by, 461.

skins, 200.

wines, duties on. See Customsduties.

French, Benjamin, master of the Prince, 194.

-, George, Crown evidence sent from Antigua to prove the rebellion there and the murder of Colonel Parke, 54, 261, 276, 314, 360, 384(2), 398, 399, 436(2).

-, William, lieutenant in Montandre's regiment, half pay for, 476.

Frensilla, Flanders lace called, 425.

Frescheville (Frechvill, Fretchville), Lady Anne Charlotte, Lady of the Bedchamber, 72, 179, 302, 486.

Frewin, Whittle, ensign of Hawkin's company in Montandre's regiment, 280. Cp. Trewen.

Fringe, gold and silver, duties on. See Customs-duties (thread).

Fr oiling, Christian, Groom of the Kitchen, Royal Household, 497, royal bounty for, 507.

Frontine, James, Yeoman of the Cellar, Royal Household, 502.

Frost, John, master of the Two Sherriffes, 105.

-, Robert, porter at Somerset House, 499.

Frowde, Ashburnham, [Comptroller of the Foreign Post Office], payment for travelling charges to Dunkirk to settle a postmaster there, 453.

Fryer, Robert, appointed Comptroller of the warehouse for prohibited East India goods, 343.

Fubbington, William, master of the Union, 340.

Fulerton. See Fullerton.

Fulham, co. Middlesex, Queen's private road to, repairs to ditches in, 238.

Fuller, George, Helper in the Royal Stables, 512.

Fullerton (Fulerton), Thomas, Commissioner of Customs, Scotland, 356.

-, William, captain in Grant's regiment, half pay for, 477.

Fullman, William, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 374.

Funerals, charges of, royal bounty for, 345, 390, 486; and see Ley, Margaret, Countess Dowager of Marlborough.

Funnel, Mr., agent for Mr. Edmunds, attending the Treasury, 60; naval stores supplied by, 60.

Furnells Castle. See Fornells Castle.

Furner. See Royal HouseholdBelow Stairs (Pastry).

Furnese, Sir Henry, bart., deceased, Receiver General of Land Tax for the palaces of Whitehall and St. James, 173; surety for Sir John Humble as paymaster of the Million Lottery, 226, 295.

Furness, co. Lancaster, dissolved monastery of, lease of site of, 285, 367.

Furney, James, Mayor of Gloucester, letter from, mentioned, 68.

Furnis, Francis, Yeoman of the Cellar, Royal Household, 496.

Furniture, warrants for supplying, 111, 322, 407, 472.

Furton, Frederick, porter and sexton of the French and Dutch chapels at St. James's, 532.

Fury, James, payment to, 25, 180, 349.

-, John, Provost Marshal of the Forces in Flanders, petition for pay, 168.

Fuzeel barrels, 167.

Fysh. See Fish.

Fyson, Mary, Necessary Woman to the Privy Chamber, allowance and board wages, 505, 508.