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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 27, 1713. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Iberville, Sicur d'. See La Bonde.

Ide, Roger, tenant of a burgage in East Street, Taunton, 305.

Illegal trading. See Trade.

Illing, William, appointed established waterman in London port, 203.

Imperial tea, 133.

Impositions. See Customsduties.

Impressment. See Army; Navy.

Imprests, Auditors of (Thomas Foley, Arthur Mayn waring, Edward Harley):

accounts of money paid for recruits returned to, 35.

annual fee of, 89, 318.

appointment of Thomas Foley, 89, 318.

arrears of vestures owing in the Great Wardrobe to, payment of, 534, 535.

attending the Treasury (Lord Treasurer), 7(2), 19, 20, 22, 66, 397.

certificates by, 127, 148.

death of Arthur Maynwaring, 89.

debentures on Irish Forfeitures received from, 438.

Deputy Auditors of (H. Bythell, J. Moody):

account to be signed by, 112.

attending the Treasury, 20, 22.

certificates by, 109, 344, 393.

executor of Mr. Whitfield, 22.

letters to, 108, 239.

reports by, 313, 362, 393.

state of all imprest accounts required from, 10.

executor of Mr. Whitfield, 22.

letter to and matters referred to, 96, 108, 112, 145, 147(2), 150, 151, 158, 177, 216, 217, 220, 263, 292, 294, 298, 313, 322, 337, 350, 359(2), 369, 376, 404, 421, 429, 465, 466, 485(2), 488.

Mr. A. Swift to attend, 471.

office of, charges of, for passing accounts (25l. per 100,000l.), 159.

payments to, 538.

privy seal for passing accounts of the Navy Treasurer to be prepared by, 59.

reports by, 30, 159, 300, 303, 365.

salary, 548.

state of all imprest accounts required from, 10.

warrant drafted by, 128.

warrants to, 71, 103, 109, 303, 330, 341, 362, 418, 424.

In custodiam leases, 71, 154, 193, 270, 350.

Ince, [John], Secretary to the Bank of England attending the Treasury, 6, 85, 86; the Million Bank and, 8, 9.

Inchbreck. See Stewart of Inchbreck.

Incledon, John, Keeper of her Majesty's Royal House at Westminster, brushes, whisks and brooms for, 156; payment to, on his fee of 6d. a day, 42, 276.

India, ship for private trade to, memorial re, 378.

India goods, running of, information re, 259.

Indians, in Virginia, ordnance stores for defence against, 218.

Informers, reward for, 371.

Inglis (Englis, Ingliss), Alex., petition for patent for improving salt, 394.

-, John, Assistant to the Master of the Ceremonies and Marshal of the Ceremonies, payments to, 28, 52, 151, 365, 392, 523, 553.

Inland letters. See Post Office letters.

Inns, Robert, First lieutenant in Lucas's regiment, half pay for, 211.

Instrument Keeper. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs (musicians).

Insurance, policies of, [Stamp] duties on (as by 10 Anne, c. 19), Commissioners for. See Lotteries1712, Second Classis Lottery.

Intelligence, ambassadorial. See Ambassadorsextraordinaries.

Invalids. See Army.

Inwood, Robert, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

Ipswich, co. Suffolk, Customer of, recommendation of Devereux Edgar to be, 288. See also Bridgeman, Thomas.


Army in (Irish Military Establishment):

Battle Axe Guards, company of, agent for, payment to, 457; captain of (Col. Wentworth Harman), 457; clothing for, 457.

garrisons, charge of repairing, 285.

matters in relation to, debated at the Treasury, 38.

Paymaster General of. See Harbord, William.

pensions and pensioners, 333; French, additions to, 442.

reductions, to be proposed, 423.

regiments in, for and from, 99, 206, 261, 273, 279, 353, 359, 419, 463.

clothing for, 411; permit to import, Customs free, 273.

desertions from, 64, 471.

disbandment and reduction of, 307, 475, 476, 482.

dragoons, number of troops allowed, 279.

establishments for, 266, 267, 268.

miners of, 482.

money advanced in England to, 86, 438.

musters of, 64, 471.

officers of, half pay for, 210, 211, 475, 476, 477, 478.

pay of, 280, 281, 324, 422, 440.

recruits for, money advanced by Receivers General of Taxes for, 111.

subsistence for, 22, 61, 380.

surgeons of, 482.

transportation of, from Dunkirk, 379.

Auditor and Accomptant of, office of, instrument to be entered in, 316.

Battle Axe Guards. See IrelandArmy.

beer, calico, linen, muslins, tobacco, etc., additional duties on (as by Irish Act 4 Anne, c. 1; renewed by Irish Act 6 Anne, c. 1, 8 Anne, c. 2, 9 Anne, c. 2, etc.), 168 note.

calico, additional duties on. See Irelandbeer.

cattle in, houghers of, 385; and see Connaught.

Chancellor of (Sir Constantine Phipps), 369.

Common Pleas, Justice of (Sir Gilbert Dolben), 279.

concordatums, payments by, 135, 285, 384, 385.

criminal prosecutions in, charge of, 385.

Customs duties, collector of, 177, 210, recommendation for place of, 31; importation of army clothing free of, 273.

distillery of, proposals re, 215.

estates of Sir Charles Cairnes in, rents of, 223.

exchange remittances from, 3, 86, 111, 214, 438.

Exchequer Court, baron of. See Kennedy, Sir Richard; case in, 123; chief baron. See Rochfort, Robert.

Exchequer Receipt, money to arise from sale of Lord Bophin's estate in, intended for payment of interest on debentures, 47 note; payment out of, 354.

Excise duties, collector of (John Gash), 395; Commissioners of (H. Banbury, T. Keightley, S. Ludlow, T. Medlicot, S. Ogle),new Commission, 91; received under forged acquittances, 80.

forfeited estates in:

Acts for resuming and selling (as by 11 Wm. III, c. 22; 1 Anne, Stat. 2, c. 18; 23 Anne, c. 19), 49 note, 457.

debentures on, subscribed into South Sea Stock, 438.

money arising from the sale of, intended for payment of interest on debentures, 47 note.

And see Bourke. John. Lord Bophin.

fortifications in, charge of repairing, 285.

garrisons in. See Ireland Army.

hospitals in. See Phnix Park.

houghers (of cattle) in, Proclamation rewards for taking, 385. See also Connaught.

journey to, royal bounty for, 90.

Kettle Drum, new livery for, 92.

King at Arms, new livery for, 92.

linen, additional duties on. See Irelandbeer.

Lord Lieutenant. And see Butler, James, Duke of Ormonde; Talbot, Charles, Duke of Shrewsbury.

half pay list of officers and, 279.

letters from, 214, 423; mentioned, 210.

letters to and matters referred to, 61, 72, 218, 225, 235.

reports by, 382, 400, 422, 457.

warrants to, 91, 92, 107, 111, 166, 210, 214, 266, 278, 285, 322, 324, 333, 354, 360, 368, 379, 382, 384, 395, 419, 440, 442, 457, 475, 476, 482.

Lords Justices (Sir C. Phipps; John Vesey, Archbishop of Tuam), 384; payments to, 368.

money in, scarcity of, 46, note.

muslins in, additional duties on. See Irelandbeer.

Officers at Arms in, new liveries for, 92.

Oyer and Terminer, commissions of, charges of, 285.

packet boats for correspondence between Scotland and, 189, 311, 397, 414, 453.

Parliament of, Acts of. See Irish Acts; Lords, charges for stationery for, 285.

Paymasters of (Paymasters General), 15, 86; and see Annesley, Arthur, Earl of Anglesey; Hyde, Henry, Earl of Rochester.

prisoners of war in, Marshal of. See Pepper, Gilbert.

proclamation rewards, 385.

Pursuivants, new liveries for, 92.

quarantine in. See Ireland ships.

quit rents, collector of, 395; grant of, 354, 355; received under forged acquittances, 80.

Rapparees, charges for taking, 285, 385.

Receivers and Paymasters in, letter to, 337.


collector of, petition for place of, 216, 412.

Commissioners of (Chief Commissioners and Governors of):

(Sir H. Banbury, T. Keightley, S. Ludlow, T. Medlicot, S. Ogle, F. Robartes, H. Walpole), new commission, 91. See also St. Quintin, Sir W.; Southwell, Sir T.

Counsel to (J. Jephson, J. Woodhouse), 161.

employment under, recommendation for, 255.

letters to and matters referred to, 31, 123, 130, 168, 177, 179, 181, 215, 216, 255, 273, 372, 395, 412.

reports from, 80, 179, 210, 447, 463.

salary, 166.

warrants to, 80, 161, 210, 463.

Comptroller and Accomptant General of (William Burgh), 168.

Receiver General and Paymaster of, 214.

Rock Salt for, new duties on, 4; and see Lotteries 1711, First Classis Lottery.

ships in, quarantine by, charges for, 285, 385.

State Trumpets, six, new liveries for, 92.

supers on persons or estates in, prosecutions for recovery of, 417, 418.

Surveyor General. See Sadler, Francis.

tobacco in, additional duties on. See Irelandbeer.

Vice-Treasurer of. See Harbord, William.

Vice Treasurer and Receiver General of, Commissioners appointed to take accounts of, warrant to, 384.

wine bought in, 158.

Ireland, John, master glazier to the works, 120, 526.

Iremonger or Ironmonger, Uriah, royal bounty for, 472(2).


Acts, 168 note.

Army, general of (Mons. d' Ussone), 87 note; regiment of horse in, colonel of (John Rice), 87 note.

debentures, Office for, necessaries for, 317, 318; Paymaster of. See Jett, Thomas; subscribed into South Sea Stock, 438.

Establishment, copy of, required, 51.

letters. See Post Office.

Roman Catholic Officers. See ArmyOfficers.

victual goods, prevention of importation of, into Scotland, 26, 454.

Iron, importation of, 76, 89, 118, 125, 126, 150, 194, 200, 221, 230, 231, 277, 278, 312, 340, 343, 354, 359, 381, 393, 396, 409, 416, 433, 435, 440, 441, 442, 446, 455, 465, 474.

Iron hoops, for expeditions, 104.

Ironmonger, Uriah. See Iremonger.

Irons, Henry, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

Irvine, Mrs., relict of an Episcopalian minister, royal bounty in Scotland for, 322.

Isaacson, Thomas, distributor of stamped paper for London, "otherwise employed at the Custom House," 85.

Iscoed Isherwin alias Iscoyd Isherwin, co. Cardigan, Steward and Keeper of the Court of, grant of office, 455.

Isham, Justinian:

Commissioner for Duties on Houses, 182, 442, 443.

Commissioner for Leather Duties, 425, 440, 442.

Commissioner for Taxes, 163, 174, 260, 368, 442, 443, 479, 524.

Isle of Man. See Man.

Isle of Wight. See Wight.

Isles, Bishop of the. See Graham, Archibald.

Italian silks. See Silks.

Italian wines. See Wines.


ambassadorial journey into, 427, 515.

army in. See Army.

correspondence with (letters from and to):

by the French and Flanders mails, produce of, 203, 204.

irregularity in forwarding, complaint of, 204.

payment to France and the Post Master General of the Netherlands for conveyance of, 204.

via Marseilles, 205.

Earl of Peterborough going to, 408.

letters of credit at places in, 56.

Prussian troops in. See Prussians.

Ithell, Benedict, payment to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 248.

-, Benjamin, payment to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 247.

Ivery, Talbot, recommended for a Collector's place in Ireland, 31, 216.


J. B., letter signed, 54.

J. G., letter signed, mentioned, 130.

Jack, John, cornet in Hyndford's regiment, half pay for, 476.

-, Margaret, royal bounty in Scotland for, 322.

Jackson, -, his place in the Stamp Office, as to disposal of, 191.

-, Benjamin, a boy of the Chapel Royal, clothes for, 239, 240.

-, Benjamin, Master Mason of the Works, 525, 535, 537.

-, John, joint clerk of the Acatery, Royal Household, 497.

-, Nathaniel, scrivener (Jackson and Co.; Jackson and partners):

attending the Treasury, 23.

loan by, payment of interest on, 297.

memorial from, 424.

partner of. See Colebrook, Mr.

payments to, in South Sea. Stock and tallies, 247(2), 248, 249.

public money imprested to Mr. Whitfield in the hands of, 23, 52, 424; payment of, into the Exchequer, 63, 391, 413, 416, 460; recovery of, bill in the Exchequer for, 61.

-, Peter, highwayman, apprehended, 310.

-, Richard, lieutenant in Wharton's dragoons, half pay for, 279.

-, Robert, Resident at the Court of Sweden, 450, 521, 551(2).


[artillery train for], proposed establishment, 121.

chaplain for, 258.

escheated estate in, petition for grant of, 118.

Governor of. See Hamilton, Lord Archibald.

revenues of, account of, 472.

seal for, large double, 227.

sick and wounded seamen at, Agent for. See Gaine, Hugh; subsistence of, 207.

widows of soldiers killed in, petition for bounty, 404.

James II:

grants by, 78, 193, 355, 547.

Household Establishment of, 290.

Irish Army of. 87 note.

wife of. See Mary of Modena.

Janssen, Sir Theodore:

loan by, 73; payment of interest on, 297.

partner of Sir John Lambert, 11.

remittances by, 11, 124, 125.

South Sea Stock transferred to, 125; redemption of, 213, 223.

Japan (Japanned) basin, cabinet, canister, tea kettle, 133, 167.

Jaroslov (Jaroslaw), [Jaroslav Russia], Ambassador's journey to, 427, 515.

Jarret, Thomas, a burglar, arrested and convicted, 310.

Jaynson, Henry, appointed boatman at Sunderland, 387.

Jean, Lewis D', captain in Vesey's regiment, petition for subsistence, 171.

Jeay, William, Receiver General of Land Tax for co. Huntingdon, commission and securities, 233.

Jeffreys (Jefferys, Jefferies), Mr., for the Million Bank, attending the Treasury, 8, 9.

-, Edward, second Judge of cos. Pembroke, Carmarthen and Cardigan, 127.

-, James, Resident with the King of Sweden, 450, 521, 551.

-, Sir Jeffrey, shipowner, deceased, 140.

Jekyl, Sir Joseph, Chief Justice of Chester, 127, 242, 245, 287, 445.

Jelly, Nicholas, payment to, for apprehending a burglar, 243.

Jemmat, Francis, cornet in Morris's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

Jenkins, Bartholomew, appointed boatman at Milford, 203.

-, James, Provost Marshal of the Royal Household, 500.

Jenkinson, James, Collector of Dartmouth, payment to, for expense of the prosecution and condemnation of a ship, 309, 364.

-, Richard, surety of Robert Brown, petitioner, 261.

-, Robert, Groom of the Great Chamber, 535.

Jenks, Richard, collector [of the Post Office], payment to, for convex lights, 453.

Jenner, Thomas, Surveyor of Duties on Houses for Wiltshire, dismissed, 145.

Jennings, Elizabeth, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

-, Sir John, Admiral, stores at Barcelona to be inspected and secured by, 268; transport ships with, in the Straits, 24.

-, Thomas, Gentleman of the Chapel, 505.

Jennys, Richard, master of the Marlbro', 465.

Jephson, John, counsel to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, 161.

-, William, captain in Wittewrong's regiment, half pay for, 211.

-, William, cornet, omitted in the list of Lord Wharton's reformed Officers, petition for half pay, 478.

Jersey, privateers of, barbarities committed against, 138.

Jersey, Lady, children of, allowance for education of, not to be paid, 54; son of, issue for, 40.

Jessop, William, Second Justice of Merioneth, Carnarvon and Anglesea, 123, 260, 445.

Jetsom, grant of, 326, 327.

Jett (Jet), Thomas, one of the Auditors of her Majesty's Revenue and Taxes (Auditor of Crown Land Revenues):

fees paid to, for passing accounts of the administrators of the personal estate of Prince George of Denmark, 147.

letters to and matters referred to, 389, 393, 418, 419, 436.

particular of lands in Taunton by, 304.

pensions payable in his office, account of, required, 422.

report by, 389.

representation by, re duplicates for House Duty money erased and altered, 123.

Commissioner for taking in subscriptions to the South Sea Company, payment for charges and expense of passing accounts, 159.

Paymaster of Irish Debentures, 241.

Paymaster of the 1,800,000l. Lottery. See Lotteries1712 (Adventure of 1,800,000l.).

Jewel House (Jewel Office):

Clerk of (R. Sedgwick), 516.

Groom of (E. Yard), 424, 516.

Master and Treasurer of the Jewels and Plate (Heneage Finch), 325, 382.

arrears due to, 516.

attending the Treasury, 16.

board wages, 504, in lieu of lodgings, 503.

certificates by, 81, 275.

letters to and matters referred to, 135, 288, 306.

office of, debt of, account of, required, 288.

report by, 16.

warrants to, 91, 135, 145, 250, 253, 288, 369, 437, 466.

Officers of, wages and travelling charges, 316, 338.

Plate, etc., delivered into:

by the Queen's goldsmith, payment for, 61, 81, 275, 301.

Collars of Knights of the Garter, 306.

old and new, from the Leeward Islands, 16.

Plate, etc., issued out of:

badges for the Master of the Queen's barges, 288.

Collar of the Order of the Thistle, 135.

gilt, 145, 164, 250, 382, 467.

gold, as christening gift, 91.

gold cup for horse race, 145.

to Governors of the Leeward Islands for the Queen's Chapel, 16, 135.

white, 164, 325, 369, 382, 437, 466.

Yeoman of (E. Pauncefort), 516.

Jewell, Edmond, waiter and searcher at Heacham and Brancaster, dismissed, 114.

Jewels for the Queen's service, payment for, 391.

Jobson, James, petitions of, for contract for maintaining packet boats, against appointment of commanders of packet boats, etc., 241, 404, 434.

Joddrell, Paul, Clerk of the House of Commons, 525.

Johnson (Johnston), Allen, lieutenant in Bowles's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, Claudius, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 416, 465.

-, Elizabeth, administratrix of Maud, petitioner, 400.

-, Henry, merchant, petitioner, 84.

-, John, Remembrancer of the City of London, payment to, 191.

-, John, ensign in Bowles's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, Matthew, Clerk of the Parliament, 383, 524.

-, Maud, pensioner on the Civil List, 547; administratrix of, petition for arrears, 400.

-, Robert, lieutenant colonel in Morris's regiment of dragoons, half pay for, 475.

-, Mrs. Sidney, sister of Thomas, deceased, discovery of Dyot's frauds by her brother, petition for and payment of reward for, 183, 259, 330.

-, Thomas, deceased, Clerk in the Office of the Comptroller of Stamps, Dyot's counterfeiting of stamps discovered by, 183; place in the Prerogative Office lost by, 183.

-, Thomas, landwaiter at Liverpool, superannuated, 283.

-, Thomas, captain in Andrew Windsor's regiment of foot, half pay for, 478.

-, Thomas, ensign in Bowles's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, William, merchant, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof, 397.

-, William, master of the Dorothy, 442.

-, William, copper maker to the Great Wardrobe, 536.

Johnston. See Johnson.

Joiner. See Works.

Joiner to the Great Wardrobe. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs (wardrobes).

Joiner of the Privy Chamber. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs (Privy Chamber).

Jolliffe, Margaret, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

Jolly, Jos., paviour, payment to, 120.

Jones, , brigadier, regiment of foot of, disbandment date, 403; half pay, commencing date, 403.

-, Mr., attending the Treasury, 16; plate from the Leeward Islands received by, 16.

-, Charles, musician to the Royal Household, 536.

-, Charles, messenger to the Board of Green Cloth, attending the Lord Treasurer, 15.

-, Dorothy, pensioner on the Civil List, 509.

-, Edward, colonel, regiment of, part of, cast away on passage from Ireland to Portugal, 353.

-, Edward, waiter and searcher at Tonkuit Cove, superannuated, 293.

-, Edward, appointed tidesman at Bideford, 293.

-, Edward, Turncock at Kensington, 500.

-, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Kennedy, petition for grant of her brother's forfeited estate, 218.

-, Francis, musician to the Royal Household, 536.

-, Francis, petition for delivery of tobacco bonds, 202.

-, Gilbert, coastwaiter, London port, deceased, 449.

-, Jane, pensioner on the Civil List, 509.

-, Jezreel, petitioner, 459.

-, John, lieutenant colonel in Pearce's regiment of dragoons, half pay for, 475.

-, John, Surveyor of the Customs and subsidies in the Outports, 154, 167.

-, Lady Katherine (Catherine), daughter and administratrix of the Earl of Ranelagh:

arrears of the Crown rent out of the Castle, manor and town of Athlone to be remitted and released to, petition and warrant, 423, 457.

debentures in her hands:

memorials re, 30, 150.

delivery to the Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons, warrant for, 365.

subscribed into South Sea Stock, 438.

seizure of her father's estate, petition for stay to, 110.

-, Matthew, merchant, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof, 397.

-, Randle, lieutenant in Gorge's regiment, half pay for, 478.

-, Richard, Earl of Ranelagh: Paymaster General of the Army, 131.

daughter and administratrix of. See Jones, Lady Katherine.

debentures made out by, unissued, 365.

estate of, measures to secure, from embezzlement, 82; petition for stay to the seizure of, 110.

remittances during his time, Treasury minutes re, 11.

-, Rebert, appointed deputy controller, waiter and searcher at Aberdovey, 114.

-, Thomas, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

-, Thomas, officer of the Buttery, Royal Household, 496.

-, Walter, Surveyor General of Duties on Houses, petitioner, 394.

-, William, apothecary to the Royal Household, 517, 518, 553.

Jordan, Elizabeth, petitioner, 388.

Joy, Peter, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 374.

-, William, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 433.

Joyner, Thomas, prisoner in the Poultry Compter for a Customs debt, 378; removed to the Fleet, 449, to the Queen's Bench, 456.

Joynes, Timothy, a postillion in the Royal Stables, 512.

Judge Advocate. See Army.

Judges of England and Wales, issues for, 13, 35(2), 41, 63(2), 123, 127, 128, 242, 245, 260, 287.

See also Common Pleas; Exchequer Court; Queen's Bench.

Julian, Allen, ensign in Campbell's company of Montandre's regiment, pay and half pay for, 281, 476.

-, Peter, chaplain to Pearce's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

Justell, Mrs. Charlotte, payment to, 552.

Justice, Charles, Groom of the Pantry, Royal Household, 496.

Justices in Eyre. See Woods and Forests.

Justices of the Peace, matter referred to, 404; payment to under clerks of the Privy Council for writing letters, etc., to, 195. See also Yorkshire, E.R.


Kaa (Caa), Vander, and Castana, memorial in behalf of, for an arrear on their contracts for bread and forage, 431.

Kane, , colonel, Lieutenant Governor of Minorca, 345; letters from and to, mentioned, 132, 324, 345, 362, 405; regiment of, bounty for disbanded officers and men of, 36, 245, subsistence for, 36, 245.

Kay, David, master of the Lamb, 364.

-, Josiah, Locksmith (Smith, Master Smith), of the Works, 120, 535, 538.

-, Thomas, master of the Jude, 393.

Keath, James, captain in Hyndford's regiment, half pay for, 476.

Keatin, Dr. Michell, physician to the hospital at Gibraltar, pay of, 213.

Keel, John, decipherer, annuity or salary, 52, 88, 369.

Keeling, John, engraver, payment to, for Post Office punches and seals, 452.

Keightley, Lady Frances, royal bounty for, 58, 418.

-, John, his law charges for repealing the Bewdley Charter, petition and payment, 356, 380, 394.

-, Thomas, Commissioner of Excise and one of the Chief Commissioners and Governors of the Revenue in Ireland:

attending the Treasury, 135. new commission, 91.

payment to, for long and faithful service, 107, 278, 379.

Keith, William, petitions to succeed Colonel Quarry as Surveyor General of Customs of the Southern Division in America, 376, 397, 429; presentment in favour of, 438; proper employment to be considered for, 438.

Kelley. See Kelly.

Kellogh, Alexander, appointed tidesman in the inferior list, London port, 283.

Kellum, [George], major general, petition of, 380; regiment of horse, on the Irish Establishment, 266, 380; reduced to 36 privates in each troop, 380.

Kelly (Kelley), Dennis, 2nd lieutenant of Grenadiers in Deloraine's regiment, half pay for, 476.

-, Elizabeth, merchant, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof, 397.

-, Jeremiah, brewer of Deal, prosecuted for buying beer from ships' pursers, petition and case, 324, 419, 426.

-, William, stipend out of the Royal Stables, 513.

Kemble, Richard, clothier to Shannon's marine regiment, payment to, 321.

Kemp, Abraham, Page of the Presence, 504, 536, 543.

-, John, petition to be Assay Master of the Mint, 108.

Kempton, John, beadle [to the Post Office], payment to, 452.

Kenn, Richard, coachmaker of St. Andrews, Holborn, bail for Thomas Albert, petitioner, 466(2).

Kennedy, Dr., declaration by the Duke of Ormonde signed in the presence of, 316.

-, Sir, Andrew, Conservator of Scots' Privileges in the Netherlands and Resident for Scots' affairs in the Seventeen Provinces in the Low Countries, payment to, 155, 274; petitioner 337.

-, Cornelius, captain, pension on the Irish Establishment, 333.

-, Margaret, Countess Dowager of Cassilis, royal bounty and pension for, 368, 381.

-, Sir Richard, Baron of the Exchequer, Ireland, 218; daughter of. See Jones, Elizabeth.

-, Sir Thomas, et al., tacksmen of Excise, Scotland, petition for allowance in their accounts, 228.

Kennet, Basil, Chaplain to the English merchants at Leghorn, books imported by, as to payment of duties on, 422.

Kennon, Jam., master of the John and James, 446.

Kensington, co. Middlesex, minister at, annual bounty for, 537; poor of, annual bounty for, 537; school, annual bounty for, 537.

Kensington Palace:

Bellringer at (N. Lloyd), 500.

Chapel, gallery in, cushions for, 210.

chaplains' lodgings, 338.

Clerk of the Works (N. Hawksmore), 538.

Clerks of the Closets at, Dutch chairs for rooms of, 210.

Footmen in waiting at. 288.

Gold Staff Officers at, Dutch chairs for rooms of, 210.

Guard Houses at, repair of, 164.

Housekeeper and under housekeeper. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs (Housekeepers).

Lady of the Bedchamber at, Dutch chairs for her waiting room, 210.

Mews and Stables at. See Royal Mews and Stables.

Park Gate Keeper at (W. Emmerson), 501.

Queen's closet windows at, tiken umbrellas for, 210.

roads and footways to, damaged by springs in Hyde Park, 116; repairing and watering of, 31, 238, 255, 389.

Stablekeeper at (C. Smith), 512.

Turncock at (E. Jones), 500.

Wardrobe at. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs (wardrobes).

warrants, etc., dated at, 253, 266, 270, 274, 278, 284, 285, 288.


coast of, riding officers for guarding, Surveyor General of (Henry Baker, Thomas Lambard), 77.

Crown Land Revenues, Receiver General of. See Hart, Robert.

Knights of the Shire of, recommendation by, 261.

Land Tax, Acting Assessment Commissioners for, letter to, 142; arrears of, amount and collection of, 142; Receiver General of. See Weldon, Walker.

running of goods in, information re, 130.

Sheriff of. See Style, Humphry.

Kent, Edward, nominated landwaiter at Bridlington, 266.

-, John, a Commissioner of Customs, Scotland, 174, 356.

Kenton, Alexander, master of the Ruby, 104.

-, Aron, a Yeoman Porter, Royal Household, 499.

Kenyon, Jon, master of the Flower, 278.

Kenyre, Edward, quartermaster of Hyndford's regiment, half pay for, 476.

Kerr, Andrew, lieutenant in Wittewrong's regiment, half pay for, 211.

-, Jean, pension on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 198.

-, Lord Mark:

allowance for, 419.

memorials, 314, 336, 350.

regiment of, officers of, reduced, 350, subsistence for, memorial for, 314, 336, 350; on the Irish Establishment, 419.

-, William, royal bounty for, 128.

-, William, Marquess of Lothian, petition for discharge of the feu and Blench duties on the Lordship of Newbattle, 129; regiment of Foot Guards (third Brigade of [Scots] Guards) commanded by, chaplain for, 121; clothing for, petition re contract for, 130.

-, William, colonel, regiment of dragoons of:

establishment, 267.

forage money due to, 156.

in the Low Countries, 156.

on the Irish Establishment, 266, 267.

remounting of, 393, 423, 437.

unmounted, 267.

Kerr alias Brothwick, Jane, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

Kershe, Anne, royal bounty for, 271, 472.

Kesteven, co. Lincoln, parts of, Receiver General of Duties on Houses and Land Tax. See Harneis, John.

Kethynock, co. Carmarthen, Steward and Keeper of the Court of, grant of office, 455.

Kett, John, master of the Hopewell, 393.

Kettle Drum. See Ireland.

Keux. See Le Keux.

Kew, co. Surrey, hamlet of, payment to the inhabitants of, for erecting a chapel, 383.

Key, Francis, chaplain to the chapel at Whitehall, 506.

Keyling, Dorothy, pensioner on the Civil List, 509.

Keys, Frances, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

Kid skins, seizure of, 200.

Kiftsgate, co. Gloucester, Hundred of, Acting Commissioners of, letter from, mentioned, 68.

Killegrew. See Killigrew.

Killet, Jeff, master of the Josua, 381.

-, Samuel, master of the Godfrey, 393.

Killigrew (Killegrew), Charles, Master of the Revels, 525.

-, Charlot, pensioner on the Civil List, 545.

-, Elizabeth, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

-, Henry, Corporal of the Queen's Body Guard, 517.

-, See Lister.

Kilmaine, Edward, Yeoman cart-taker of the Royal Household, 500.

Kincaid, Michael, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

Kincardine, co. Ross, land and tenantry of, charter of, 482.

King, Mr., attending the Treasury, 53; his debt to Mr. Whitfield's estate, 53.

-, Alice, pensioner on the Civil List, 543.

-, George, payment to, for apprehending criminals, 69.

-, Gregory, Lancaster Herald and Secretary to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts, death of, 127, 284, 375; payment to executors of, 226.

-, Sir Peter, attending the Treasury, 8, 9.

-, Robert, captain lieutenant in Creighton's regiment, half pay for, 210.

-, Robert, musician of the Royal Household, 536.

Kingbear, North, co. Cornwall, lease of, 137.

Kingdon (Kingdom), Jane, Maid of Honour, 72, 179, 302, 486.

-, Mrs. Theodosia, widow, Ranger of New Park Lodge and Keeper of the Pound for Strays in the New Forest, petition for repair of the lodge and pound, 169, 379.

Kings at Arms. See Heralds' College.

King's Bench, Clerk of the Crown (R. Harcourt), 550.

King's College. See Aberdeen University.

King's Lynn, co. Norfolk, customs surveyors of (J. Grant, T. Turner), 239; riding surveyors from Wells to (F. Chaloner, J. Mann), 283.

King's Remembrancer. See Exchequer Court.

Kingsbridge, co. Wilts., hundred of, Acting Commissioners for Land Tax, 209.

Kingston-upon-Thames, co. Surrey, 383.

Kinnoul, Earl of. See Hay, Thomas.

Kinsale, co. Cork, 158.

garrison and fortifications, 285.

prisoners of war transported from, 187.

sick and wounded seamen at, Agent or undertaker for the subsistence of. See Pepper, Gilbert.

Kirby, [Thomas, Secretary of Antigua], et al., witness against, for the murder of Colonel Parke, 436.

Kirk (Kirke), Hamnet, Page of the Backstairs and Page of the Bedchamber, 504, 536.

-, Percy (Piercy), Housekeeper at Whitehall, 348, 516.

-, Peter, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

Kirkby, Thomas, quartermaster in Lord Windsor's horse, half pay for, 477.

Kirton, co. Lincoln, wapentake (soke) of, 343; Receiver General of Duties on Houses for. See Harneis, J.

Kitchen, officers of the. See Royal HouseholdBelow Stairs.

Kneebone, Arthur, of Linkinhorne, petition for a new lease of a tenement called, Exton, 437.

Knight, Anthony, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

-, Humphry, declines appointment as Surveyor of Duties on Houses, co. Herts., 244.

-, Isaac, action brought by, 466.

-, James, ensign in Dormer's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, James, appointed Surveyor of Duties on Houses, co. Herts., 181.

-, John, landwaiter at Weymouth, deceased, 113.

-, Richard, Receiver General of Land Tax for Salop, commission and securities, 233.

-, Robert, Cashier to the South Sea Company, 72, 85, 193, 224, 271, 310, 361, 375, 386; Receiver of further subscriptions to the South Sea Company, 361.

Knight Harbinger. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs.

Knight Marshal. See Royal HouseholdBelow Stairs (Marshalsea).

Knightsbridge, co. Middlesex, footway to Kensington from, damaged by springs in Hyde Park, 116.

Knightsbridge, Philip, tailor in the Great Wardrobe, 533.

Knipe, Randolph, petition for release of ships from Quarantine, 76.

-, Sir Richard Randolph, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 89, 109, 131.

Knowle, Richard, master of the Prince, 354.

Knowman, John, tidesman at Weymouth, deceased, 239.

Knox, Thomas, ensign in Bowles's regiment, half pay for, 477.

Konigsberg, Germany, ships from, 131, 194, 221, 278, 312, 428, 433, 440, 441, 442, 488.

Kremberg, James, musician to the Royal Household, 536.

Kusius, Mrs., of Jamaica, deceased, petition for grant of her escheated estate, 118.

Kyll, David, master of the Christian, 381.

Kymer, John, tidesman at Minehead and Wells, appointments, 283, 449.

Kynaston, Thomas, a clerk in the Office of Works, 538.

Kyrle, Vandervoort, appointed riding officer at Deal, 239.