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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 27, 1713. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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La Bonde, Charles Francois de, Sieur d'Iberville, Envoy Extraordinary from France, 456.

La Bouchetiere (Bouchatier, Labouchitire), , colonel, regiment of, disbandment, date of, 402; half pay, commencing date, 402; ninth troop, report re, 171; officers of, memorial, 324; recruits for, report re, 171.

Labourers in the Navy. See Navy.

Lace, duties on. See Customsduties (thread).

-, See Brussels lace, Flanders lace, Mecklin lace.

La Corve, Monsieur de, Paymaster of prisoners of war in Spain, complaint against, 244.

La Cour, David de, lieutenant in Galway's regiment, petition for reimbursement of his charges in paying prisoners in Spain, 177.

Lacy, Thomas, royal bounty for, 353.

Ladies at Court. See Royal Household Abore Stairs.

Lady Margaret Divinity Lecture. See Oxford University.

La Force, Duchess de, payment to, 552.

Lagan, grant of, 326.

La Grange, William, lieutenant, pension on the Irish Establishment for, 442.

Lake, Sir Bibye (Beby, Bijby), payments to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 247(2); petition of, re debt of Robert Peters, 440, 481.

La Mandere, Pete de, lieutenant in Dormer's regiment, half pay for, 477.

Lamb, Abraham, quartermaster of Morris's regiment, half pay for, 475.

-, James, appointed a Deputy Comptroller at Rye for the Comptroller's fee, 449.

Lambard, Thomas, of Sevenoaks, Surveyor General of riding officers of Kent and Sussex, appointment, 77; matters referred to, 130, 198.

Lambart, Margaret, Countess of Cavan, pensioner on the Civil List, 545.

Lambert, Antony, tenant of a burgage in Taunton, 305.

-, John, importer of French wines, petition signed by, 190.

-, Sir John, bart. (and partners, viz.:Theodore Janssen, Nicholas Santini and Co.), 11.

attending the Treasury, 11, 49, 57, 489.

bill drawn on Messrs. Vanderheyden and Drummond by, agreement re, 17, 18.

loans and remittances by, 124, 125, 136; agreements and proposals for, 11, 33, 38, 40, 42, 43(2), 44, 49, 57, 58; interest on, payment of, 297; issue out of, 262.

payments to, 190, 313, 320, 357.

South Sea Stock transferred to, 124, 125, 136; redemption of, 223.

-, Joseph, lieutenant in Bowles's regiment, half pay for, 476.

-, Michael, colonel, Lieutenant (Deputy) Governor of St. Christophers, payments to, 32, 163.

-, Robert, lieutenant in Hyndford's regiment, half pay for, 476.

-, Robert, lieutenant in Wittewrong's regiment, half pay for, 211.

Lamblack. See Lampblack.


La Meloniere, , major general, 72.

-, Anne, widow of Major General Meloniere, petition for continuance of her husband's pension, 72.

Lam-hay, lands called, in Plymouth, q.v.

Lamming, George, master of the Cobham Park, 433.

Lammy, John, royal bounty, Scotland, 74, 198.

Lamond, James, master of the Ann galley, 200.

La Mongotiere, Peter, captain, pension on the Irish Establishment for, 442.

Lampblack (Lamblack), importation of, 278.

Lampen, George, Clerk of the Avery, Royal Stables, 511.

Lamps and lanthornes for the Houses of Parliament, 308.

Lancaster, county of, Crown Lands and Revenues, Receiver General of. See Hart, Robert; Land Tax, Receiver General of. See Thornton, John.

-, Duchy of, pensions paid out of, account of, required, 58.

Lancaster Herald (John Hesket, Gregory King), 226, 288.

Lance, David, Master Plasterer of the Works, 526, 535, 538.

-, Jane, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

Land Tax; and see Assessments.

arrears of, 142, 252, 298, 461.

assessments on salaries of Government Officials. See Government Officials.

collection of, hastening of, 157, 209.

collectors of, reimbursement of, for recruit money, 418.

Commissioners and Acting Commissioners of, recruits for the Army supplied by, 35; and see several counties and places.

incident bills, issue for, 174.

Receivers (Receivers General) of, appointments and securities, 217, 231, 232, 233, 234; money advanced by, for recruits, 35, 110, 111; and see several counties and places.

Landcarriagemen. See Customs London port and Outports.

Landfeild, John, master of the Batchellor, 433.

Landmen for the Navy, proclamations re, 328, 329(2).

Landroal. See Alandroal.


Common Recovery of, 125.

Crown. See Crown Lands.

extended for debt, 270.

Fen. See Fen lands.

for disbanded soldiers, in New England and Nova Scotia, petition for grant of, 237.

for 50 new churches in London and Westminster, purchase of, 250.

for fortifications, purchase of, 316; and see Portsmouth, Chatham and Harwich.

forfeited. See Ireland.

outlaw's, in custodiam lease of, 71, 270.

Scotland. See Scotland.

Lands End, co. Cornwall, 327, 408.

Landwaiters. See CustomsLondon port and Outports.

Lane, Thomas, annuitant, 525.

Langdon, Thomas, tidesman and boatman at Starcross, deceased, 77.

-, Thomas, tidesman at Bristol, superannuated, 265.

Langford Budville (Langford Bodfield alias Budvile), co. Somerset, land in, 305.

Langhoe, co. Lincoln, hundred of, Receiver General of Land Tax and duties on Houses. See Harneis, John.

Langhorne, Daniel, Senior Deputy Chamberlain of the Exchequer Court, 162, 163, 260(2), 368, 485.

Langley, Anne, royal charity for, 507.

-, James, royal charity for, 507.

-, James, Cock and Cryer, Chapel Royal, board wages, 500.

Langton, Dominick, clerk, his sufferings and losses [in Ireland], 225.

Langtoun. See Oliphant of Langtoun.

Lansdell, John, [Deputy Treasurer of the Ordnance], dividend on South Sea stock received from, 148, 149, 349; letter to, 471.

Lansdowne, Lord. See Granville, George.

La Penotire, Fred, pensioner on the Civil List, 547.

La Ponge, Mons., medicines supplied to forces in Minorca by, 157.

Larder. See Royal HouseholdBelow Stairs.

La Roche (Laroch), Peter, Gentleman Harbinger, Royal Household, pensioner on the Civil List, 540; travelling charges, 348; wages and board wages, 499.

Las Nausas. See Nausas.

Latchleys, co. Essex, manor of, 187.

Lathbury, John, waiter and searcher at Rochester, salary, 332.

Latin Secretary to the Queen. See Hill, Richard.

La Tour, Alexander de, musician to the Royal Household, 536.

Lauderdale, co. Berwick, bailiary of, grant of, 467.

Lauderdale, Earl of. See Maitland, Charles.

Laudey, Thomas, ensign in Harrison's regiment, half pay for, 478.

Laules, Don Patricio, money advanced to, on the Assiento contract, 375.

Launches, in the Queen's Barge Houses, 432.

Launder, Robert, surety of John Fox, petition to compound a debt, 243.

Launditch, co. Norfolk, hundred of, Receiver General of Land Tax. See Gurdon, Thornagh.

Laundress. See Royal Household Above Stairs.

Laurenson, Peter, pensioner on the Civil List, 543.

Lauton, George, merchant, petition to compound debt for Excise duties, 443.

Laverton, co. Somerset, Laverton farm, lease of, 194.

Lavigne, Peter, annual payment to, out of the Wardrobe, 508.

Law. See Laws.

Law, Civil:

Dr. and Professor of, in Oxford University (Thomas Boucher), 530.

Dr. and Reader of, in Cambridge University (Thomas Ayloffe), 531.

Professor of, in Glasgow University, fund for support of, 467.

Law Officers (Attorney and Solicitor General):

attending the Treasury, 2(2), 7, 8, 13, 14, 24, 46, 60, 64.

law against counterfeiting and diminishing and, 14.

letters to and matters referred to, 154, 163, 171, 175, 269, 286, 333, 335, 346, 399, 401, 414, 419, 463, 471, 481.

opinion of, 7, 171, 255.

reports by, 87, 246, 474, 481.

Solicitor of the Post Office attending, 448.

warrants to, 89, 92, 95, 126, 154, 165, 168, 169, 173, 236, 325, 326(2), 327(2), 330, 340, 356, 417, 425, 455, 464, 473.

Lawrence, Sir Edward, Gentleman Usher of the Privy Chamber, 504.

-, Elliot, ensign in Dormer's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, Henry, lieutenant in Morris's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

-, Richard, apothecary of London, medicines and drugs supplied to the hospital in Portugal by, 86, 165, 196, 218, 257, 304.

-, Robert, master of the Maiden Ann, 194, 433.

-, Dr. Thomas, First Physician in Ordinary to the Royal Household, arrears due to, 517; travelling charges, 316, 338.

Laws (Law), Anne, royal charity for, 507.

-, John, H.M. Secretary at Brussels, 450, 521, 551.

-, John, pensioner on the Civil List, Scotland, 181; payment to executors of, 74.

Lawson, Mr., attending the Treasury, 8.

-, Mr., episcopal minister, 382; relict of. See Stirling, Margaret.

-, George, prisoner in the Fleet for Salt Duty debt, 124, 154.

-, Henry, lieutenant in Wharton's dragoons, half pay for, 279.

-, Joseph, Serjeant at Arms, 180, 519.

-, Susanna, widow, grant of in custodiam lease of John Norton's estate in Rothwell to, 193.

Lawton, John, surety of T. Spendelow, petitioner, 243.

Lax, William, master of the Concord, 446.

Laye, George, Gentleman of the Chapel, 505.

Layng, John, pensioner on the Civil List, 540.

Layton (Leyton), Thomas, Commissioner for disbanding marine regiments, allowances, 444; appointment, 58, 428; at Exeter, 59; instructions to, 435.

Lazarao, Nicho., wheat supplied by, at Gibraltar, 470.

Lazaretto, 361, 363.

Lead, duties on. See Customsduties; taken off the roof of the Great Building in the Savoy, sale of, 164, 411.

Leaden Seals, for the Post Office, 453.

Leaper, Israel, master of the Fortune, petition of, 465.

Leases. See Crown Lands; In Custodiam.

Leash, Child and Yeoman of the. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs.

Leather. See Bend Leather.

Leather dressers, petition of, 221.

Leather, hides and skins:

duties and additional duties on, Customs and Excise, as by 9 Anne, c. 12; 9 Anne, c. 16; 10 Anne, c. 19:

arrears of, account of, required, 166; issue out of, 180; prosecutions for, 166.

Cashier of (Edward Foley), fees of, for money paid into the Exchequer, 239, 334.

Commissioners of (Justinian Isham, Thomas Legh, Roger Millart, Reginald Ryley, Richard Shoreditch, William Walbank):

application of additional duties towards management of the whole duties and, 128, 177.

letters to and matters referred to, 127, 166, 177, 221, 238, 239, 288.

new commission, 425, 440, 443.

remittances from Scotland to, 164.

report by, 334.

salary, 442, 443.

warrants to, 334.

debts for, account of, required, 166; prosecutions for, 166.

Lotteries on. See Lotteries1711, First Classis Lottery, and 1712, Second Classis Lottery.

management charges, as to application of additional duties towards, 128, 177; proposals for lessening, 186.

office for, incident bills, 90.

officer for, 288.

Scotland. See Scotland.

stamps for (as by Act 9 Anne, c. 16), alteration of, proposal and proclamation for, 100, 122, 330.

yield of, proposals for improving and preventing practices which lessen, 188, 238.

Le Bas, Charles, clothier to Marine regiments, payments to, 247, 248, 249, 256, 321.

Leblonge, Albertius, chaplain to Dormer's regiment, half pay for, 477.

Le Brun, Francis, ship owner, petitioner, 404, 428.

Le Caan, John, Physician General and Director General of the Forces and Hospitals in Spain, petition for salary, 150, 151.

Leche, John, sheriff of co. Chester, payment of surplusage on his account, 190.

Le Circler, Susanna, payment to, 553.

Ledoze, Thomas, appointed landwaiter at Weymouth, 113.

Lee, , colonel, petition of, in behalf of the citizens of Canterbury, 147.

-, Henry, master of the William, 445.

-, Joseph Richard, a Bread Bearer, Royal Household, 500.

-, Richard, merchant, security of Sir R. Dunckley and T. Couts for tobacco duties, petition of, 266.

-, Samuel, Bread Bearer, Royal Household, 500.

Leeds, Duke of. See Osborne, Peregrine and Thomas.

Leese, Walter, appointed waiter and searcher at Milton, 239.

Leeward Caribbee Islands:

Assemblies of, governor's allowance in lieu of presents from, 76.

chaplains for, 194, 243.

four and a half per cent. duty in, 127, 424.

French on the coast of, 16.

Governors (Captain General and Governor in Chief). See Codrington, Christopher; Douglas, Walter; Park, Daniel.

plate sent to and returned from the Queen's chapel in, 15, 16(2), 135(2).

revenue of, payment of chaplain out of, 194.

Lefevre (Le Fever, L'Fever, Le Fevres), Mr., 62.

-, Stephen, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

-, Thomas, Secretary to the Extraordinary Embassy to Portugal, 445, 451, 520, 521, 551.

Legge, William, Earl of Dartmouth: Lord Privy Seal, appointment, 335; rich purse for, 429.

Secretary of State:

ambassadors' bills allowed and certified by, 208, 209, 296, 519(2), 520, 521, 522(2).

board wages, 503.

issues to, for Secret Service, 8, 28, 68, 326, 445, 523, 524.

letters from, mentioned, 15, 30, 121, 138, 205, 250, 476.

letters to and matters referred to, 85, 149, 153, 190, 195, 198, 216, 218, 268, 284, 295, 310.

loans by, payment of interest on, 297.

memorial to, 299.

salary, 523, 524.

warrant procured by, 56.

Legh, Thomas, Commissioner for duties on Houses, 442; Commissioner for duties on Leather (hides and skins), 425, 440, 442; Commissioner for Taxes, 442, 479.


books brought from, as to payment of duties on, 442.

chaplain to the English merchants at. See Kennet, Basil.

ship from, 371.

Legullet Office. See Wakefield.

Leicester (Lester), Earl of. See Sidney, John.

Leicestershire, Receiver General of Land Tax for. See Bradgate, Jervaise.

Leigh, , colonel, regiment of, disbanded, 245; officers and privates of, bounty for, 36, 245; subsistence for, 245.

Leighton, Susan, pensioner on the Civil List, 545.

Leighton Walk in Waltham Forest, q.v.

Leimbach, Stephen, pensioner on the Civil List, 508.

Leith, co. Edinburgh:

brandy imported at, 443.

dragoons embarked at, 258.

harbour, pilot for sounding, 258; sandbank at the mouth of, removal of, 258, 259.

searcher at (William Cockburne), 419.

shore master of, 259.

ship of, 465.

transports at, 258; pilots for, 259.

warehouse in, for prohibited and uncustomed goods, 236.

Leith, Mons., Envoy Extraordinary from the Czar of Muscovy, present from the Queen to, 275.

Le Keux, Mons., Deputy Governor of the Lustring Company, attending the Treasury, 15.

Leland, James, nominated landwaiter at Whitehaven, 265.

Le Marr, Margaret, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

Lemeray, John, Groom of the Kitchen, Royal Household, 497.

Lemmon, Phillip, Yeoman of the Cellar, Royal Household, 502.

Lenceado, Flanders lace named, 425.

Le Neve, Peter, Norroy King at Arms, 226, 531.

Lenton, John, Groom of the Vestry, Chapel Royal, 506.

-, John, Musician to the Royal Household, 536.

Lepell, , colonel, his regiment of dragoons, disbandment, date of, 402; half pay, commencing date, 402; subalterns of, petition by, for moneys unjustly detained, 153.

-, Nicholas, payment to in South Sea Stock and tallies, 248.

Leslie, Alexander, captain lieutenant in Grant's regiment, half pay for, 277.

-, George, Deputy Chamberlain for joining tallies in the Exchequer Court, 309, 377.

Lesser, John George, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

Lester. See Leicester.

Letham, Richard, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

Letheullier (Lethieullier), Christopher, lost lottery orders in the name of, warrant to innovate, 431.

-, Dame Jane, lost lottery orders in the name of, warrant to innovate, 431.

-, John, captain in Ashburnham's horse, half pay for, 478.

Letour, Peter, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

Letter carrier. See Farra, John.

Letter money. See Post Office.

Le Vasseur, Monsieur, payment to, 552.

Leven, Earl of. See Melville, David.

Lewis, Mr., 216; Secretary to W. Bromley, Secretary of State, certificate by, 523.

-, Erasmus, Collector of Customs and subsidies of wool, hides, pelts, lead and tin in London port, surrenders patent, 121.

-, James, Mews Keeper, Royal Stables, 512.

-, Joseph, et al., payment to, for apprehending a criminal, 310.

-, Lewis, coast waiter at Newcastle, deputed additional landwaiter there, 254.

-, Richard, apprehended for highway robbery, 234.

-, Thomas, et al., of an independent Company commanded by Captain Moody, petition of, 290, 388.

-, William, complaint by, 397.

-, William, apprehended for highway robbery, 234.

Lexinton, Lord. See Sutton, Robert.

Ley, Margaret, Countess Dowager of Marlborough, royal bounty for, 173; royal bounty for defraying funeral charges of, 196.

Leyton. See Layton.

Library Keeper. See Royal Household Above Stairs.

Licences for fishing of Whales. See Bermuda Islands.

Lichfield Cathedral, Dean and Chapter and Vicars of, perpetuity to, payments on, 125, 530.

Lickford, John, Yeoman Farrier to the Royal Stables, 512.

Liddell, Samuel, master of the Hannah, 465.

Lighthouses, erection of, 143.

Lillington, George, President of the Council and Commander in Chief of Barbados, office of Governor of Barbados executed by, 31; payment to his executors, out of four and a half per cent. duty, 31, 217.

Lilly, Stephen, Receiver General of the Post Office, 13, 14, 149(2), 297, 349, 422.

Limerick, co. Limerick, port of, duties paid by Dutch man of war in, 179; surrender of, 87 note.

Linacre, Thomas, Gentleman of the Chapel, 505.

Lincicombe, Margaret, pensioner on the Civil List, 508.

Lincoln, co. Lincoln, Bail and Close of, Receiver General of House duties. See Harneis, J.; city and county of the city, Receiver General of House duties. See Harneis, J.; gaol of, prisoner in, 388.


House duties, Receiver General of, warrant to, 344; and see Gace, Joseph; Harneis, John; surveyors, of. See Newsted, John; Norris, James.

Land Tax, Receiver General of. See Banks, Langley; Gace, Joseph; Harneis, John.

Postmasters in, complaints against, 452.

Taxes, Receiver General of. See Bonner, Vaughan; Cawthorp, William.

Lindsay, Ludovick, pensioner on the Charity Roll, Scotland, 198.

Lindsey, co. Lincoln, division of, 340; Receiver General of Land Tax for. See Cawthorp, William.

Lindsey, James, ensign in Grant's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, Joseph, Groom of the Great Chamber, 535.


airing of, against infection, 364.

duties on. See Customs duties; in Ireland. See Ireland.

French. See French.

importation of, 76(2), 89, 109, 230, 364, 433(2), 435, 474.

Linen yarn, importation of, 118, 194.

Ling, exported from Newcastle, 182.

Lingen, William, Gentleman of the Pantry, Royal Household, 495.

Linkinhorne, co. Cornwall, tenement called Exton in, new lease of, 437.

Linton, John, master of the Mary and Anne, 428.

Liquors, subsidy on. in the Bermuda Islands, 89.


arms and accoutrements in storehouses at, sale of, 387.

Agents for Transports at, discharge of, 83.

bills of exchange from, 212, 229.

Customs officers at, and the searching of packet boats, 139.

expresses to, 420.

forces for Placentia wintering at, 447, 448.

gold and silver thread for, 84.

moidores taken up at, 195; price of, 371.

money shipped from, 429, 431.

Ordnance Stores at, Commissary of (F. Yonge), 184.

packet boats between Falmouth and, proposed sale of, 139.

sick and wounded seamen at, subsistence for, 229.

wheat at, market price of, 470.

Liskeard, co. Cornwall, manor of, state of profits of, its officers, fees, etc., required, 434.

Lisle, George, searcher in the Customs, 306.

-, Mary de, payment to, 552.

Lisney, Adam, Groom of the Great Chamber, 535.

-, Christopher, child of the Kitchen, Royal Household, 497.

Lissiman, Richard, assignee of Daniel Heather and Mary his wife, 460; Bankers' annuities to be paid in trust to, 460.

Lister, Hugh, captain in Deloraine's regiment, half pay for, 475.

-, Dr. Martin, Second Physician to the Royal Household, payment to executors of, 517.

-, Mathew, estate of, at Muckton, sale of, 235; petition for stay of proceedings, 235; security for V. Bonner, 235.

-, Robert, master of the Unity, 76, 364.

-, Thomas, Commissioner for Public Accounts, for stating the Debts of the Army and for appropriating Public Supplies, 162, 260, 302.

Lister alias Killigrew, Martin, Commissioner of Salt Duty, 173.

Little, William, cornet in Hyndford's regiment, half pay for, 476.

Littlehampton, co. Sussex, riding officer at, 141.

Littleton, , captain, merchant, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof, 397.

-, Sir Thomas, Navy Treasurer, money imprested to S. Atkinson and N. Roope for transporting men and horses to Spain and the West Indies, 103.


for children of the Chapel, 71. Officers at Arms, Ireland, 92.

Queen's Ratkiller, 89.

Queen's herbstrewer, 89.

Yeomen of the Guard and Warders of the Tower, payment in lieu of short delivery, 115.

price of, See Princes.

Liverpool, co. Lancaster, 223.

Collector of Customs. See Scarborough, Edward; Scudamore, Sir B.; Smith, William.

landwaiters, 283.

Salt Duties, collector of (John Troughton), 340.

Livesay, [John, Major General], regiment of, 103.

Livingston, Hanah, royal bounty, Scotland, 74.

Livres, 444; exchange rate, 204.

Llada, Pedra, depositions of, 102.

Lloyd(Loyd), Ann, stipend out of the Royal Stables, 514.

-, David, Gentleman of the Buttery, Royal Household, 496.

-, Edward, Commissioner for Stamp duties, 236; death of, 70; salary of, 70.

-, James, captain in Bowles's regiment, half pay for, 476.

-, Meredith, allowance out of the Wardrobe, 508.

-, Nathaniel, Bellringer at Kensington, 500

-, Sir Nathaniel, Advocate General, letter from, 429; letter to, 223; warrant to, 89.

-, Owen (Lloyd and Company), attending the Treasury, 19; complaint by, that the Commissioners of stamps duties did not accept his proposal for supplying paper and parchment, 19, 148.

-, Thomas, Tail Carttaker, Royal Household, 500.

-, [Thomas], Receiver of Taxes in North Wales, debt of, 171; stay of process against, 171.

Loans, Public Register of, in the Exchequer, 162, 260, 366, 485.

Lobster vessels, trading to Heligoland, their exemption from quarantine, 172, 346, 381.

Lockhart, George, Commissioner for Public Accounts, for stating the Debts of the Army and for appropriating Public Supplies, 162, 260, 302.

Locksmith. See Royal Household Above Stairs.

Lodden, co. Norfolk, hundred of, Receiver General of Land Tax for. See Gurdon, Thornagh.

Lodge, Joseph, turnbroach to the Kitchen, Royal Household, 503.

Lodington, Benjamin, Agent and Consul at Tripoli, 450, 521, 551.

Loe, Henry Nart. See Nartloe.

-, Mrs. Jane, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

Logan, Nicholas, pensioner on the Charity Roll, Scotland, 198.

Loggan, James, master of the Martha and Susannah, 200.

Logwood Duties, pension payable out of, 446, 518.

London. See also Clerkenwell; Fulham; Hampstead; Kensington; Knightsbridge; Southwark; Wapping.

Aldermen of. See Bateman, Sir James; Crowley, Sir Ambrose.

ambassadorial journey from, to Paris, charges of, 208.

apothecaries of, 196, 218.

bishop of, distribution of charity to the poor directed by, 167; and see Compton, Henry; Robinson, John.

chamberlain of, and House duty money, 220; and see Fazakerley, Sir William.

charter (dated 5 Sept., 1664), 192 note.

city impost, issue out of Civil List, money for, 43; on wines, 191.

coal measure, 364.

Corporation of, wines for, City Impost for, 191.

distributor of stampted paper for, 85.

Duty (duties of Scavage, Package, Balliage and Portage payable to the City of London for goods of aliens, etc., by Charter 5 Sept., 1664, and confirmed by Act 2 Wm. and Mary, c. 8), 192 and note.

Edinburgh and, expense of journeys between, 258.

fishmongers of, 136, 172, 346.

haberdasher of, 176.

House duties for, Commissioners for, bill of incidents, 182; Receiver General for, warrants to, 182, 375; and see Fazakerley, Sir William.

Land Tax, arrears of, 168; Commissioners for, letters to, 168, 437; Receiver General of. See Fazakerley, Sir William.

Lord Mayor of, annuity granted to, for, Christ's Hospital, 101; distribution of charity to the poor directed by, 167; trustee for South Sea Stock, 10; and see Hoar, Sir Richard.

Lord Mayor and Commonalty, duties on aliens' goods granted to, 192 note.

merchants, 78, 85, 89, 96, 114, 136, 173, 178, 200, 243, 261, 294, 298, 354, 371; clandestine trade by, proposal to discover, 157; and see Londonwine merchants.

mews and stables in. See Royal Mews and Stables.

poor of, issues for, 37, 167.

port of. See Customs.

Remembrancer of (John Johnson), 191.

sale of prize wines in, 93.

sheriffs of, issue for, 47; and see Cass, Sir John; Stewart, Sir William.

-, secondary to (Zachariah Foxall), 223.

ships of, 141, 312. tin for, 463.

Tower of. See Tower of London.

Weavers Company of. See Weavers Company.

wine merchants of, petition of, 92.

London and Westminster:

Streets and Places in:

Arlington Street, 178.

Banquesting House, 304.

Broad Street, Elizb Harvey's house in, used for the Excise Office, 176, 372.

Burchin Lane, Sword Blade Office in, 6.

Christ's Hospital, children of, annuity for, 101, 539; Governors of, payment to, 12; Treasurer of, payment to, 101, 539.

Churches, building of 50 new. See. Churches.

Cockpit. See below Whitehall.

Covent Garden. Prize Office in, 276.

Duke Street, 112.

Fleet Street, 48 note.

Golden Lyon in the Strand, 122.

Goldsmiths Hall, 5.

Horose Guards, repair of, 120, 400; stabling for 200 horse at, encroachments on, 102.

Horse and Foot Guards, repairs required at, 323.

Hyde Park:

barracks for the Guards in, intended building of, 28, 201.

deer in, hay and beans for, 182, 480, 527.

Gate, and Kensington Gate, road between, repairs to, 238.

gate keeper (attendant), issues for wages of, 182, 480, 527.

keeper of (Henry Port man), issues to, 28, 182, 480, 527.

Ring, the, issue for watering, 182.

road from, to Kensington Palace, watering of, 389.

roads in, repairs, 188, 238, 255, 345, 389.

springs in, footpath damaged bym 116.

underkeepers of, issue for, 182, 480, 527.

Inner Temple, 419.

Inns of Court, House duties, want of proper assessments for, 220.

King Street, 304.

Mall, The, keeper of (Lord Fitzhardinge), 538.

Mark Lane (Markland), 270.

Marylebone (Marybone) Street, 153.

Mincing Lane, 270.

Pall Mall, 384.

Parliament Office, 431.


Fleet, petition to be turned over to, 73; prisoners in and for, 147, 154, 183, 207, 278, 298, 430, 449, 456; released, 335.

New Prison, Clerkenwell, prisoner in, 90.

Newgate, prisoners in, 87, 224, 434, 466, 481.

Poultry Compter, prisoners in and from, 378, 456.

Queen's Bench, petition to be removed to, 378; prisoners in, 456.

Privy Garden, office of the Comptroller of Army Accounts in, 262, 314; and see below Whitehall Palace.

Round Roundles (Marylebone Street), 153.

St. Andrews, Holborn, 466.

St. Botolphs, churchwardens of, payment on a perpetuity for the poor, 530.

St. Clement Danes, 427.

St. Giles in the Fields, 176.

St. James's. bailiwick of, 384.

St. James's Palace:

chapel at, used by French and Dutch congregations to be fitted up for the Queen if larger than that used by her Majesty, 28, 264; and see Chapel Royal.

Clerk of the Works at (L. Gammon), 538.

Drawing Room at, furniture for, 210.

Dutch Chapel: ministers (B. Hoef nagle, J. P. Nucila), 532.

porter and sexton (F. Furton), 532.

reader (P. S. Vander Eick), 532.

French Chapel:

ministers (J. Menard, P. Menard, P. Rival), 532.

porter and sexton (F. Furton), 532.

reader (J. Majou), 532.

George, prince of Denmark's apartment at, 210.

Guard House (Guard Rooms) at, furniture for, 222; repair of, 102, 164.

Housekeeper at (Duke of Beaufort), 504.

Land Tax, Receiver General of. See Furnese, Sir Henry; Taylor, James.

Lord Treasurer's apartment and office at, 135, 210.

minutes, orders in council, warrants, etc., dated at, 3(2), 5, 6, 7(2), 10(2), 11(2), 12, 13, 15, 16(3), 18, 19, 20(2), 23, 24(2), 25(2), 26(2), 27(2), 30, 31, 72, 79, 80, 87, 88, 89(2), 91, 92, 95, 99, 107, 111, 126, 128, 129(2), 137, 140, 154, 155, 164, 166, 168, 169, 172(2), 173, 207, 210, 211, 212, 214, 215, 216, 217, 231, 236, 253, 273.

music room at, sconces for, 114.

New River water supply for, 338.

Old Council Chamber, 114.

Queen's Bedchamber, furniture, etc., for, 210.

Reader of Prayers at, 338.

stables at, water supply for, 338.

underhousekeeper at (Edward Brown), 348, 518, 538.

Wardrobe at, Keeper of (G. Maynard), 348, 504, 517.

watchman at (J. White), 501.

St. James's parish, 427; poor of, annual bounty for, 537; tenements in, leased to Lord Fitzhardinge, 11, 120, 121.

St. James's Park, drains in, petition for leave to open, 113; issue for, 165, 262; Ranger of. See Harbord, William.

St. John Baptist, Churchwardens of, payment to, on a perpetuity for their poor, 530.

St. Magnus, churchwardens of, payment to, on a perpetuity for their poor, 530.

St. Margaret, churchwardens of, petition of, 116; poor of, annual bounty for, 537.

St. Martins, poor of, annual bounty for, 537.

St. Michael's, Cornhill, churchwardens of, payment to, on a perpetuity for their poor, 530(2).

St. Paul's Cathedral, Queen's seat at, crimson say for, 239; Thanksgiving Day at, preparations for, 264.


barracks in, building and repair of, 8, 102, 164, 178, 411, 422.

French ministers in, annuity for, 262.

Great Building in, lead from roof of, sale of, 164, 411.

Guards at and for, 184, 185; accommodation and bedding for, 95, 190.

Hospital, master of, lease from, 122; rental of, 10, 108.

messuages and tenements in, lease of, 122.

ministers of, issue to, 40.

soldiers quartered in, accommodation for, 435; infirmary for, 426.

Scotland Yard, land in, lease of, 71.

Serjeants Inn Hall, 48 note.

Sick and Wounded Office, 131.

Somerset House:

cane chairs for, 407.

Duke d'Aumont's lodging at, 298.

gardener at (T. Baddeley) 287, 518.

Housekeeper (Underhousekeeper) at (Thomas Hutton), 348, 518.

Porters at (J. Allen, R. Frost, R. Salmon), 499.

Wardrobe at, Keeper of (Thomas Hutton), 518.

Strand, 122.

Temple, Master of (T. Sherlock), 525.

Tilt Yard (Yards), Guard Room at, furniture for, 222; repairs to, 120, 323; stone gateway next, 304.

Tower Street, 394.

Westminster, convent of, 548; house of the Usher of the Receipt at, Trial of the Pix at, 264.

Westminster Abbey, Dean and Chapter of, payment to, 262.

Westminster Palace or Hall (Her Majesty's Royal House), Clerk of the Works at (L. Gammon), 538; Housekeeper of (John Incledon), 156, 276.

White Friars, Printing House in, fire at, 275.

Whitehall, 69, 125, 170, 182, 208, 301.

Cockpit, 20; Privy Council at, 38; Tennis Court near, 90.

Foot and Horse Guards, repairs at, estimate for, 401.

Great Guard House, repair of, 164.

Guard Houses, repair of, 164.

Horse Guards at, stables for 108 horse at, encroachments on, 164.

Treasury Chambers. See Treasury.

Whitehall Chapel. See Chapel Royal.

Whitehall Palace:

Clerk of the Works at (L. Gammon), 538; assistant to (R. Neagle), 538.

Housekeeper (Percy Kirke), 348, 516.

Privy Garden in, 304.

Receiver General of Land Tax. See Furnese, Sir Henry; Taylor, James.

Standing Wardrobe at, Keeper of (D. Child), 348, 516; Yeoman of (Grey Maynard), 348.

sweeper at (R. Bedoe), 538.

London, John, clothier to Borr's marine regiment, 256; payment to, 256, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 247, 248, 249.

London Gazette, advertisements in, 7, 53, 54, 157, 336, 427, 446; for ambassadors, 295; for the Post Office, payment for, 452.

Londonderry, co. Londonderry, garrison and fortifications, 285; ship of, 527.

Long, Alexander, master of the Friends' Adventure, 416.

-, James, tailor in the Great Wardrobe, 533.

-, John, merchant, proprietor of Army and Transport debentures, bill in the Exchequer in the name of, 47 note.

-, Robert, appointed boatman at Oxford, 283.

-, William, master of the Nathaniel, 364.

Longden, Robert, Receiver General of Land Tax for Gloucestershire, anno 1713, appointment and securities, 231.

Longford, co. Middlesex, mills at, proposed purchase of, for supplying water to Hampton Court, 186.

Loo, Henry, bankers' annuities assigned to, 459.

-, Sarah, daughter and administratrix of Henry, bankers' annuities to be paid to, 459.

Looe (Loo), East and West, co. Cornwall, officer for Salt Duty at, 244, 258.

Looking glasses, 167, 327.

L'Orange, Pierre, pensioner on the Civil List, 509.

Lord Almoner. See Chapel Royal.

Lord Chamberlain. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs.

Lord Chancellor, matter referred to, 63; Serjeants at Arms attending (Sarles Goatley, Peter Persehouse, Charles Stone), 183, 189.

Lord Chief Baron. See Exchequer Court.

Lord High Treasurer. See Treasury.

Lord Privy Seal. See Privy Seal.

Lord Steward. See Royal Household Below Stairs (Board of Greencloth).

Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer. See Exchequer Court.

Lords, House of. See Parliament Lords.

Lords Justices. See Ireland.

Lords Lieutenants, letters to, payment to underclerks of the Privy Council for writing, 195.

Lordships. See Manors.

Lorme (D'Elorme, Delorn), Charles Pierre de, Resident and afterwards Envoy from the Elector of Saxony as King of Poland:

goods brought from Holland by servant of, detained by the Customs, 112.

lady of, customs examination of her goods, 113; basket of wine for, 255.

petition of servant of, to be made a tidewaiter, 257.

Lorrimer, Dr., relict of. See Ross, Margaret.

Lot. See Lott.

Lotherington, John, master of the Industry, 278.

Lothian, Marquis of. See Kerr, William.

Lott (Lot), William, farmer in the Isle of Sheppey, noli prosequi to information against, for selling wool, 196, 197.


1694. The Million Lottery, Million Adventure (as by an Act 5 and 6 Wm. and Mary, c. 7, for granting duties upon Salt, Beer, etc.), Bank of Tickets of, See Million Bank; Paymaster of (Sir John Humble), accounts of, 226, 295; petition of, 226, 295; sureties of (Sir H. Furnese, C. Tilson, C. Twitty), 226, 295, 322.

1697. Malt [Adventure of 1,400,000l.] (as by an Act 8 and 9 Wm. III, c. 22): Accountant and Comptroller (J. Duncombe), allowance to, 421, 488.

clearance of the whole Lottery, 421, 488.

Office, necessaries for, 317, 318.

Tickets, Paymaster of (N. Arnold), account of, 421; allowance to, 488, money in his hands remaining uncalled for, 488.

710. Lottery Annuities of 1,500,000l. (as by an Act 8 Anne, c. 10, for continuing part of the duties on coal, culm and cinders and granting rent duties upon houses having 20 windows or more, to raise the sum of fifteen hundred thousand pounds by way of a Lottery for the service of the year 1710):

clerks, officers, etc., salaries of, issue for, 398, 446.

Commissioners (or Managers and Directors) of, report from, 394; rewards for, issue for, 398, 446.

office, necessaries for, 317, 318.

Paymaster (Sir J. Humble), issues to, 398, 446.

Transfer Office, bills for fitting up, 394.

Master of. See Strickland, [Thomas].

misdemeanours in, 317.

1711 (Two Lotteries: Adventure of 1,500,000l. as by Act 9 Anne, c. 6, and First Classic Lottery, as by Act 9 Anne, c. 16), Managers of, warrants to, 132, 259; and see below.

1711. Adventure of 1,500,000l. (as by an Act 9 Anne, c. 6, for reviving, continuing and appropriating certain Duties upon several commodities to be exported, and certain Duties upon coals and for granting further Duties upon Candles for thirtytwo years, to raise fifteen hundred thousand pounds by way of a Lottery for the service of the year 1711):

allowance claimed by J. Blunt for his services re, 350.

clerks for, salaries and allowances, issue for, 169.

Commissioners to take in tickets, etc. (N. Arnold, H. Brent, T. Cornwallis, C. Tilson), 169; memorial of, 322; payment to, 165; warrant to, 259.

income of the fund for, paid into the Exchequer, certificates of, 161, 372.

incidents, issue for, 169, 179.

Paymaster of (Bernard Hutchins), payments by, 161, 165, 179, 372.

principal, issues for discharging, 161, 179, 372.

Register and Comptroller (William Glanville), 161, 372.

salaries, issues for, 169, 179.

standing orders, account of, proposal for passing, in the Exchequer, 322; interest on, issues for payment of, 161, 179, 372.


account of, proposal for passing, in the Exchequer, 322.

lost or destroyed, warrant to made out duplicates of (in accordance with clause in Act 12 Anne, c. 12), 259.

reduction of, 162, 372.

1711. First Classis Lottery or Two Million Adventure (as by Act 9 Anne, c. 16, for licensing and regulating Hackney Coaches and Chairs and for charging new duties on stamped Parchment and Paper and on Cards and Dice and on the Exportation of Rock Salt for Ireland and for securing thereby and by a weekly payment out of the Post Office and by several duties on Hides and Skins a yearly fund of 186,670l. for 32 years to be applied to the satisfaction of such orders as are therein mentioned to the Contributors of any sum not exceeding 2,000,000l.):

clerks of, salaries, issue for, 242.

Commissioners for, report by, 447.

Comptroller. See below Register.

contributors, discount given to, for prompt payment, 363.

deficiency of, provision for making good, 4, 5.

fund for, Leather Duty (as by Act 9 Anne, c. 12) applied to, 4; a state of, [read at the Treasury], 489.

incidental expenses, 4.

interest, amount of and discharge of, 4, 5, 242, 333, 334.


counterfeiting of, 11, 12.

in the fifth course, lost, warrant to innovate, 431.

make out in lieu of tickets, 423, 426, 427, 447.

Paymaster of (Charles Blunt):

attending the Treasury, 11, 67, 489.

cash in his hands, unapplied, 5.

issues to, 242, 334.

payments by, 333, 447.

salary, 242.

statement by, 333.

warrants to, 333, 431, 447.

payments into the Exchequer on, account of, 363.

plate delivered to the Mint as money on, value of, 363.

principal, reduction of, application of overplus of the fund for, Attorney General's opinion re, 5; issues for, 242, 333, 334.

Receiver of, for the service of the Remitters (Mr. Gibbons), memorial for an allowance, 337.

Receiver of 993,000l. of (John Blunt), 64; allowance for his services and expenses, 350, 362, 363; his quietus for, 64; surety bond for, cancelled, 64.

Receivers of 807,000l. of (L. Burton, S. Edwards, J. Grainger, L. Herne), petition for allowance of 1d. per , 485(2).

Register and Comptroller (William Fytch):

allowance for making out orders in lieu of tickets, 423, 426, 427, 447.

attending the Treasury, 11, 55, 67, 489.

clerks in his office, complaint against, 54, 55, 388; prosecution of, for counterfeiting orders, 12; and see Brereton, Thomas.

payments by, 333.

petitions, 423, 426, 447.

salary, 242, 426.

statement by, 333, 334.

warrants to, 333, 431.

schemes for, framing, printing, translating into several languages and dispersing, 362.

[subscription receipt forms], account of, required, 387; new form, proposed, 389.


lost or destroyed, warrant to make out duplicates of (as by Act 12 Anne, c. 2), 259.

money arising by, 362.

plates for, warrant to deface, 132.

standing orders made out in lieu of, 427, 447.

1712 (Two Lotteries of 1,800,000l. each as by Acts 10 Anne, c. 18 and c. 19). See also below.

application by J. Blunt for allowance for services re, 350.

Comptrollers and Paymasters of, orders and instructions for, 231, detailed, 160, 161.

Managers and Directors (Commissioners for managing), fortyfive:

issues and payments to, 188, 196.

matter referred to, 426.

warrants to, 132, 259.

offices for, Lord Mansell's house taken for, 241; rent of, 249.

Secretary of (Christopher Rhodes), issues to, 64, 188, 207, 301; representation by, 132.

ticket plates of, warrant to deface, 132.

1712 Adventure of 1,800,000l. (10l. Lottery) (as by Act 10 Anne, c. 18, for laying several Duties upon Soap and Paper, Linens, Silks, Calicoes, stamped Vellum Parchment and Paper, printed Papers, Pamphlets and Advertisements for raising 1,800,000l. by way of a Lottery and for relief of persons who have not claimed their Lottery Tickets in due time or have lost Exchequer Bills or Lottery Tickets):

clerks, issue for salaries of, 271.

Commissioners for Lotteries Nos. 1, 2 and 3 (N. Arnold, H. Brent, T. Cornwallis, C. Tilson): issue to, 116.

memorial by, 117.

reward for their services, 341, 342.

warrants to, 68, 116, 117, 132, 259, 341.

contributions to, issues out of, 240, 487; Tally Court officer's fees on tallies of loan on, 188.

courses of:

first three (of Lotteries Nos. 1, 2 and 3, of 4,500 tickets), payment of, Attorney General's opinion on, 117; issue for, 116; memorial (representation) re, 112, 117; satisfied, 276; tickets standing out unpaid on, order for transfer or payment of, 341.

first four, number of tickets and value of, 117.

fourth, warrant for payment of, 276.

incidental charges of, issue for, 207, 301.

income of the fund for, in the Exchequer, amount of, 116, 117, 276.

management of, issue for expense of, 188, 189.

office for, rent of, 271.

orders (standing orders), form of, given in exchange for tickets, 176, 177; and see below tickets.

premiums or benefits of 2,000l. or up wards to be divided into standing orders of 500l., 68.

Paymaster of (Thomas Jett):

appointment, 231, 241.

issue to, 271, 341.

office for, 241; rent of, 271.

payments by, 249, 276, 342.

salary, 271.

sureties of, 239, 243.

warrants to, 249, 276, 341(2).

payment of 2,341,740l. under, issue to complete 65,651l. towards, 271; reduction of, 276.

plates for tickets, warrant to deface, 132.

principal and interest, issue for discharging, 271, 276.

Register and Comptroller (Edward Stawell):

appointment, 231, 241.

office for, in Lord Mansell's house, 241.

payments by, 276.

salary, 271.

securities of, 240, 243.

tickets, instructions for exchanging, for standing orders, 68; unclaimed, money to be reserved for payment of, 118; unpaid, issue for, 341.

lost or destroyed, warrant to make out duplicates of (as by clause in Act 12 Anne, c. 2), 259.

1712. Second Classis Lottery (as by Act 10 Anne, c. 19, for laying additional Duties on Hides and Skins, Vellum and Parchment and new duties on Starch, Coffee, Tea, Drugs, Gilt and Silver Wire and Policies of Insurance to secure a yearly fund for satisfaction of Orders to the Contributors of a further sum of 1,800,000l):

clerks, salaries of, issue for, 321.

Commissioners for (N. Arnold, H. Brent, T. Cornwallis, C. Tilson), warrants to, 68, 259.

Commissioners for the duties for (J. Isham. T. Legh, R. Millart, R. Ryley, R. Shoreditch, W. Walbancke), 440.

contributions to:

issues and payments out of, 3, 26, 73, 77, 79, 85, 96, 112, 146, 193, 202, 217, 219, 296, 487.

receivers of, cashiers of the Bank of England appointed, ordered to pass their accounts, 273.

(Conrade de Gols, T. Madocks, Joshua Odams and W. Stubbs), warrant to, for sale of tickets uncalled for, 377.

Tally Court officer's fees on tallies of loan on, 188.

incidental charges of, issue for, 207, 301.

management of, issue for expense of, 188, 189, 319.

office rent, 321.

Paymaster of (John Morley):

appointment, 231, 241.

attending the Treasury, 67.

issue to, 321.

offices for, in Lord Mansell's house, 241.

payments by, 249, 319, 341.

salary, 321.

sureties, 235.

warrants to, 249, 319, 341.

premiums or benefits of 2,000l. or upwards to be divided into standing orders of 500l., 68.

principal of, issues for interest on deficiency of the fund for and reduction of, 319, 321, 333.

[receipt forms] for, 387, 389.

Register and Comptroller (Charles Turnour):

appointment, 231, 241.

offices for, in Lord Mansell's house, 241.

payments by, 319.

salary, 321.

sureties, 241, 246.

warrant to, 318.

tickets, plate for, defaced, 132; uncalled for, warrant for sale of, 377.

lost or destroyed, warrant to make out duplicates of (as by Act 12 Anne, c. 2), 259.

1713. Civil List Lottery (as by an Act 12 Anne, c. 11, to raise 1,200,000l. for public uses by circulating a further sum in Exchequer Bills and for enabling her Majesty to raise 500,000l. on the Revenues appointed for uses of her Civil Government to be applied for or towards payment of such debts and arrears owing to her servants ):

Commissioners for, matter referred to, 489.

contributions to:

issues and payments out of, 339, 424, 427, 434, 447, 453, 454, 455, 456, 461, 462, 463, 480, 486, 515553 passim; petition of creditors for building Blenheim House for, 430.

Receivers of (L. Burton, S. Edwards, Sir W. Fazakerley, J. Grainger, L. Herne), appointment, 400, 493.

drawing of, commencing date, enquiry re, 462; proposal to postpone, 489.

incidental charges of, 455.

introductory note, 492.

managers of, letter to, 462.

patent for, draft of a warrant for, mentioned, 333.

paymaster of, first (William Wenman), 494.

tickets, proprietors of, memorial of, 489.

warrants drawn on, Entry Book of, 494.

1714 the intended Lottery [Adventure of 1,400,000l.] (as by Act 13 Anne, c. 18, for laying additional Duties on Soap and Paper for raising 1,400,000l. by way of a Lottery):

bill for, preparation of, 378.

business of, forwarding of, 48.

Commissioners for (appointment of Mr. Duncombe and Mr. Nicholas), 378.

Lottery Offices, Comptrollers and Paymasters of, attending the Treasury, 20.

Lottery orders, frauds and forgeries relating to the payment of, 11; lost, warrant to innovate, 431.

Lottery tickets, Mr. Shales and others to proceed no further in a proposal re, 64.

Loubier, partner of John Gourdon, at Turin, 131.

Loudoun, Earl of, See Campbell, Hugh.

Loughton Walk in Waltham Forest, q.v.

Louvigny, Jane Debenne, payment to, out of the Civil List Lottery, 552.

Lovat, co. Inverness, lands and lordships of, casualties of, 189.

Loveden, co. Lincoln, hundred of, custody of, lease of, 241; Receiver General of duties on Houses for (J. Harneis), 343.

Lovelace, Charlotte, Lady Lovelace, 299; payments to, report on, 464.

-, John, Lord Lovelace, Governor of New York, payments by, to poor Palatines, 299, 464; sums due to, 299.

Loveling, John, clerk, B.A., schoolmaster of the free school of Fotheringhay, 418.

Lovell, Sir Salathiel, Baron of the Exchequer, death of, 422, 534; decree signed by, 48 note; payments to his executors, 386, 422, 534.

Lovet, Hester, necessary woman to the Board of Greencloth, 503.

-, James, a Yeoman [Porter] at the Gate, Royal Household, 499.

Low (Lowe), Mr., Coroner of Westminster, examined at the Treasury concerning the cutting the coal measure, 65.

-, Mrs., one of Mr. Hosier's securities, petitioner, 25.

-, Charles, paymaster of interest on Exchequer Bills, 229, 293, 296, 301, 398.

-, Joseph, merchant, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof, 397.

Low Countries. See Flanders.

Lowen, William (senr.), fees for hunted deer for the Royal Household due to, 506; payment to, for hay for deer in Windsor Park, 444.

Lower, Josina, royal bounty for, 45, 321.

Lowman, Henry, Chief Clerk of the Kitchen, Royal Household and Housekeeper at Kensington Palace, 37, 210, 243, 348, 497, 503, 504, 518, 534.

-, Mary, wife of Henry, Wardrobe Keeper at Kensington Palace, 243, 534.

-, Mrs. Jane, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

Lowndes, Francis, tidesman at Bideford, superannuated, 293.

-, William, Secretary to the Treasury, passim.

issues to, for Secret Service, 12, 31, 39, 40, 41, 42, 45(2), 47, 53, 59, 64, 88, 115, 123, 129, 209, 242, 269, 273, 289, 294, 320, 330, 338, 345, 365, 386, 428, 465, 470, 483; Exchequer fees on, 163.

South Sea Stock deposited with, loans on, 7, 83, 92, interest on, 297, issues to redeem, 212, 213, Trustee for, 7.

Lowther, Mr., issue to, for disbursements, 57.

-, Andrew, master of the Hopewell, 231.

-, Gerard, chaplain to Morris's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

-, Robert, Storekeeper of Ordnance, fee of, 101.

-, Robert, Captain General and Governor in Chief of Barbados:

allowance or salary, 31, 163; payment out of, to executors of George Lillington, 217.

date of his arrival at Barbados, 217.

letter to, 252.

-, Thomas, payments to, 163, 379, 381, 392.

-, Sir Thomas, infant heir of Thomas Preston, lease of site of the Monastery of Furness in trust for, 285.

Loyd. See Lloyd.

Lucas, Charles, annual allowance out of the Wardrobe Office [for necessaries], 508.

-, Charles, Closet Keeper of the Chapel Royal, 453, 454, 506.

-, Charles, pensioner on the Civil List, 540.

-, Charles, second Page, Royal Household, 348.

-, Charles, third Page of the Removing Wardrobe, 517.

-, Francis, recommended to be a Surveyor of Houses (riding surveyor of Window Lights), 388, 399.

-, Richard, colonel and captain, half pay for, 211; regiment of, reduced officers of, half pay list, 211, miners or engineers, half pay, 482, surgeon to (Daniel Gales), half pay, 482.

-, William, a Groom of the Royal Stables, 512.

Luckyn, Sir Harbottle, Cup Bearer, Royal Household, 503.

Ludlow, Henry, Clerk of the Privy Seal, 504.

-, Stephen, Commissioner of Excise and one of the Chief Commissioners and Governors of the Revenue in Ireland, new commission, 91.

Ludwell, Philip, Commissioner for settling the bounds between Virginia and Carolina, petition for payment out of quit rents of Virginia, 448.

Luker, Anthony, payment to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 248.

Lumley, Frances, Countess of Scarborough, Lady of the Bedchamber, 72, 179, 302, 486.

Lund, Frances, relict and executrix of Francis, administrator of, 460.

-, Francis, assignee of (John Lund), 460; Bankers' annuities assigned to and by, 460(2); relict and executrix of (Frances Lund), 460.

-, Henry, master of the Mary, 76.

-, John, goldsmith, assignee of Francis Lund, 460; assignees of the statute of bankrupt against (G. Clark, F. Milles, T. Vivian), 460; executors of (D. and M. Heather), 460.

-, Nathaniel, of Bawtry, reward for apprehending Robert Mann, a notorious highwayman, 268.

Lunden, John, lieutenant in Grant's regiment, half pay for, 477.

Lundy, Robert, captain in Clayton's regiment, half pay for, 478.

Lunt, John, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

Lustring Company:

Deputy Governor of. See Le Keux, Mons.

exclusive privilege of, end of, 15.

petition of, mentioned, 15.

stock of, reduced to onethird, 15.

Lustrings (Lutestrings), manufacture of, Acts of Parliament re, petition re, mentioned, 313; Italian thrown silk used for, 131, window curtains of, 71.

Lutenist, Chapel Royal (John Shore), 505.

Lutzan, Mrs. Katherine, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

Lyddell, Mr., attending the Treasury, 60.

Lyell, Henry, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 442, 445, 455, 474.

Lyford, Daniel, tidesman at Plymouth, superannuated, 265.

Lyme Regis, co. Dorset:

Cobb pier, annuity granted by Charles II for repairing, 154, 542.

Corporation of, payment to, 25.

Mayor of, payment to, 154, 524.

Lyn. See Lynn.

Lyndall, William, Commissioner for Appeals in Excise, absconded, 124; petition that his salary may be applied to payment of his debts, 124.

Lyndhurst, New Forest, co. Hants., stables at the Queen's house of, repair of, 341, 388, 389.

Lynn (Lyn), Francis, Secretary to the Commissioners for disbanding Marine Regiments, 58, 341, 425, 428.

-, Francis, Cashier, Secretary and Treasurer to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded Seamen, 146, 175, 191, 193, 207, 212, 229, 237, 240, 258, 318, 323, 349, 368.

-, Samuel, payment to, for pensions of widows of army Officers, 120.

Lynn, co. Norfolk. See King's Lynn.

Lyon, Godfrey, an Armenian, petition in behalf of, 378.

-, John, Gentleman Sewer of the Chamber, 503.

-, Samuel, Receiver General of Land Tax and duties on Houses for cos. Northampton and Rutland, 233, 234, 369, 470(2).

Lyons, Italian letters not forwarded regularly from, complaint re, 204; Gulf of, weather in, 206.