Treasury Warrants: August 1718, 26-31

Pages 558-566

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 32, 1718. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1962.

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August 1718, 26–31

Aug. 26. Same dated same to Henry, Earl of Lincoln, Paymaster General of Guards, Garrisons and Land Forces, to pay 4,161l. 2s. 10d. to Sir Mathew Decker, which with 7,400l. before paid is to complete 11,561l. 2s. 10d. for the pay of four Battalions of the Troops of the Duke of Brunswick Luneburg taken into our service pursuant to the Treaty of 1717 Aug. 21: to wit for 12 months from the date of said Treaty to Aug. 21 inst.
Appending: state of said account:
Ordnance. Lit B.
L'Etat Major.
Écus courants
de Luneburg
Colonel 60
Lieut. Colonel 20
Major 15
Quarter Maitre du Regiment 19
Adjutant 14
Chirurgeon Major 18
Tambour de Regiment (avec 2 portions de pain) 3 18
6 Hautbois à 2½ Écus (avec 6 portions de pain) 15
1 Valet de Prevôt (avec 1 portion de pain) 2 18
(9 portions de pain pour 14 hommes) 167
Capitaine 32 18
Lieutenant 16 0
Ensigne 14 0
2 Serjeants à 5 écus (avec 4 portions de pain) 10 0
3 bas officiers à 4 écus (avec 6 portions de pain) 12 0
1 Chirurgien (avec 2 portions de pain) 4 0
3 Corporaux à 3½ écus (avec 6 portions de pain) 10 18
2 Tambours à 2½ écus (avec 2 portions de pain) 5 0
15 Apointes à 2½ écus (avec 15 portions de pain) 37 18
66 Monsquetaires à 2 écus (avec 66 portions de pain) 132 0
5 vacances (avec 5 portions de pain) 10 0
Compagnie 100 hommes (avec 106 portions de pain) 283 18
pour 7 Compagnies avec 742 portions de pain 1984 18
outre cela pour le Captain Lieutenant 2 0
l'Etat Majeur (avec 9 portions de pain) 167 0
Somme du pagement d'un Bataillon par mois 2153 18
751 portions du pain à 18 marien groschen 375 18
2529 0
pour 4 bataillons 10116 [par mois]
dont la moitié fait 5058 écus
“Nous sousignés attestons que la paye des Trouppes Allemandes de sa Majesté le Roi notre maitre specifiée [dans] cette liste s'entend de mois ordinaires ou courts, comme on l'appelle dont il y'a douze dans l'année: St. James's c. 17/28 Juillet 1718.
W. Bernstarff.
Followed by: report to the Treasury Lords by W. Sloper dated Pay Office, 21 August 1718, in the absence of the Earl of Lincoln. In obedience to your Lordships' commands of the 18th inst., on the memorial of Sir Mathew Decker, I report the following state of the account of the pay of the abovesaid four Battallions:
Luneburg Crowns.
12 months' pay thereof from 21 Aug. 1717 (at which time they were taken into his Majesty's pay) to 21 Aug. 1718, at 5,058 Luneburg Crowns per month 60,696
£ s. d.
which at the rate of exchange proposed by Sir Mathew Decker (5¼ Luneburg Crowns per £ sterling) make 11,561 2 102/7
towards which the Earl of Lincoln in pursuance of several warrants has paid 7,400 0 0
leaving £4,161 2 102/7
King's Warrant Book XXIX, pp. 260–2.
Aug. 26. Money warrant for 50l. to Elias Chalke, one of his Majesty's messengers, in reward for his service in bringing the news of the proceedings of Sir George Byng against the Spanish Fleet, over and above what shall be allowed him in the usual course for his travelling charges as a messenger. (Money order dated Aug. 27 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Aug. 28 hereon.) Money Book XXVII, p. 3. Order Book X, p. 149. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 144.
Christopher Tilson (in the absence of the Treasury Secretaries) to the Postmasters General. Mr. Macky, the contractor for the packet boats on the Irish station, having had many favourable representations made to my Lords with respect to his services, and the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland having by the enclosed letter [missing] submitted to my Lords whether Mr. Macky may not be considered for his said services and zeal to the Government in the same way Mr. Manly, the present Postmaster of Ireland, has been, my Lords desire you to report your opinion on that proposition. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 348.
Treasury warrant to the Board of Ordnance, the King's Remembrancer and other officers of the Exchequer concerned to deliver up to Charles Eversfield his bonds for his faithful accounting as late Treasurer and Paymaster of the Ordnance; he having passed his accounts and sued out a quietus thereon. Warrants not Relating to Money XXV, p. 50.
Same to William Watkins to execute repairs as follows to his Majesty's private roads to an estimate of 320l., to wit: for works as follows:
£ s. d.
in his Majesty's road leading from the house called Pimlico to Fulham.
to new place and repair the Turn Pikes, laying fresh gravel in many places, filling up some part of the ditches with gravel to widen the road, scouring the water courses and ditches
120 0 0
building four new huts for the habitation of gatekeepers and to repair the old house called Pimlico 200 0 0
Prefixing: estimate by the Board of Works in response to the Treasury direction of March 3 last, supra, p. 214, calling for an estimate of the works as proposed in the report of Feb. 27 last from the said Board on the state of the King's Private Roads:
£ s. d.
(1) repairing the private roads and Great Avenue near Windsor, viz. new gravel from Bishops Gate to Sand Pit Gate, 5,148 feet long 21 foot broad and 6 inches deep; scouring 26 rods of ditching; making 4 new brick bridges and making good the Avenue from the Castle to the Great Lodge, being 7,656 feet long 25 feet wide and 6 inches deep, and making three new bridges and repairing the old ones 865 4 4
(2) for repairing his Majesty's road leading from the house called Pimlico to Fulham: new placing and repairing the turn pikes, new gravel in many places, filling up some part of the ditches to widen the road, scouring water courses and ditches 120 0 0
four new huts to be built (instead of three as formerly proposed) for habitation of trusty gatekeepers at 5l. per an. each and to repair the old house called Pimlico 200 0 0
(3) the [King's] road from Kingston Wick to Hampton Court Green, being 6,500 feet long, 25 feet broad and 9 inches deep, gravelling and carting 507 16 6
“Yet we [the Board of Works] are of opinion that it is not absolutely necessary at present to put the Crown to that expense, but that the roads may be supported for some time by small repairs in the deficient parts as the Surveyor by his constant inspection shall see necessary, except the road from Pimlico to Fulham; and in that [last said road] we think it unavoidably necessary to do the works proposed without any further loss of time.” Ibid., pp. 131–3.
Aug. 26. The Treasury Lords to the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland. We have laid before the King your Report on the petition of Jane, wife of the late Sir Hugh Patterson of Bannockburn. In consideration of her circumstances the King consents to grant her so much out of her husband's forfeited estate as she would have been entitled to in case he had been naturally dead. Please draft and send to us a signature to be laid before the King. It is his Majesty's pleasure that a clause be inserted for revocation at any time at the King's pleasure. Out Letters (North Britain) IV, p. 396.
Aug. 26. The Treasury Lords to the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland to report on the enclosed Representation [missing] from Mr. Cruikshanks, Comptroller of the Customs in North Britain, with reference to a new method (alleged to be introduced) in accounting for the revenues of Customs and salt there; together with an appendix [missing] of vouchers relating thereto. Out Letters (North Britain) IV, p. 397.
Aug. 27. Letter of direction for 10,664l. 14s. 3d. to Henry, Earl of Lincoln, on the unsatisfied order in his name as Paymaster General of the Forces: out of loans in the Exchequer on Land Tax anno 1718: and is intended to be applied as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
in further part of 650,000l. for Guards and Garrisons anno 1718.
upon account of Clearings to the Forces
4,342 16 0
in further part of 57,613l. 14s. 7d. granted for Forces and Garrisons in Minorca anno 1718.
for subsistence to the said Forces for one month commencing the 25th Oct. 1718
3,848 16 9
in further part of 39,382l. 14s.d. granted for Forces in Gibraltar anno 1718.
for subsistence for the abovesaid month to the said Forces
2,473 1 6
£10,664 14 3
Disposition Book XXIV, p. 141.
Same for 11,077l. 9s. 3d. to Harry Mordaunt on the unsatisfied order in his name as Treasurer of the Ordnance: to be issued out of loans to be made by himself on credit of the Malt Act anno 1717, “for which loans the orders are to be drawn with interest after the rate of 4 per cent. per an.”: and is intended to be applied to Land services [of the Ordnance]. Ibid., p. 146.
Aug. 28. Treasury warrant to the Excise Commissioners to pay to Ann, Duchess of Buccleuch, 3,000l. for three quarters to June 24 last on her annuity of 4,000l. per an. as jointure as wife of the late Duke of Monmouth: with dormant clause for payment of said annuity for her natural life in accordance with the patent of 1673 June 18.
Appending. certificate by the Auditor of the Receipt that said annuity has been paid to Michaelmas 1717. Money Book XXVII, pp. 9–10.
Money order for 85l. to Benjamin Bennet, Esq., Lieut. Governor or Commander in Chief of the Bermuda or Summer Islands in America; for a quarter due 1717 Sept. 29 on his several allowances of 240l. per an. for his support and 100l. per an. as in lieu of presents from the Assemblies of said Islands. Order Book X, p. 177.
Letter of direction for 1,700l. to Walter Chetwynd on the unsatisfied order in his name as Paymaster of Pensions &c. established by his Majesty: and is to be applied by him to such uses as his Majesty hath directed. In the margin: Mr. Fort, 600l.; Earl of Galway, 500l.; Bertram, Baron de Schack, 600l., see supra, pp. 545, 546, 548.
Christopher Tilson to the said Chetwynd to pay the above to the said three payees for one year ended at Lady day 1718 in each case. Disposition Book XXIV, pp. 143, 144.
Aug. 28. Same for 1,000l. to the Earl of Radnor on the unsatisfied order in his name as Treasurer of the Chamber: and is intended to be paid over to the Messengers [of the Chamber] to enable them to perform journeys in such manner as the Secretaries of State shall direct and to be accounted as part of their travelling charges upon the first of their bills that shall come to be paid. Ibid.
C. Tilson (in the absence of the Treasury Secretaries) to the Salt Duties Commissioners to report on the enclosed Representation [missing] from the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland with respect to the measure of the barrels in which herrings and salmon are exported from thence and the drawback to be allowed thereupon. Out Letters (general) XXII, p. 349.
Royal warrant dated Hampton Court for letters patent to pass the great seal of Scotland to grant to Jane, wife of James, late Lord Drummond, during his natural life, the town and lands of Kirktoun of Cargill Balchomy, Haltouns Easter, Wester and Middle Laystoun, Gallowhill and Whitefeild, Easter and Wester Woollfhill, Woodhead, Woodend, Blackwell Stobhall with the manner [manor] place of Stobhall [all] in the Barony of Cargill, Stewartry of Stratherne and sheriffdom of Perth and other premises, detailed, as from Martinmas 1715, being the first term after the same became forfeited to the Crown by the attainder of the said James; with one third of his household plenishing and furniture: to hold during her said husband's natural life; but subject to all dues to the Crown and with power to the Crown to revoke at will. Out Letters (North Britain) IV, pp. 402–3.
Same dated same for a charter and letter of gift under the great seal of Scotland to confirm to Margaret, wife of James, late Earl of Panmure, the Castle of Brechin and the yearly annual rent or annuity of 10,000 merks Scots money free of all cess, stents, taxations, stipends, feu duties or other burdens whatsoever out of the lands and baronies of Brechin and Novar and [out of] the lands and barony of Panmure as her right by contract of marriage dated 1687 Feb. 5: and the pidgeon house or dove coat lately built by him towards the west end of the avenue of the Castle of Brechin: and the park enclosed by a stone dyke on the south side of the water of South Esk over against Brechin Castle: and the moss or myre called Pittpollocks near the house of Findowrie: all in the lordship and parochure of Brechin and sheriffdom of Forfar: to hold as from Martinmas 1715 and with revocation clause &c. as above. Ibid., pp. 404–8.
Same dated same for a like charter to grant Mris. Mar eon Stewart, wife of James Stirling, late of Keir, for his natural life, of the lands of Ballmuldie and Calder-Cult; and the lands of Bochlay including the park lately taken in; and the lands of Hilltown and of Kirktown of Calder: all within the Barony of Glascow and sheriffdom of Lanark: and because the most part of the said lands are possessed in joynture by Dame Lilias Colquhoun, Lady Dowager of Keir, the King hereby grants to the said Mareon Stewart during the natural life of the said James Stirling and of the said Dame Lilias Colquhoun the mansion house of Keir and an annuity of 166l. 13s. 4d. sterling out of the lands of the barony of Keir and other lands, detailed, in the sheriffdom of Perth and the sheriffdom of Stirling and sheriffdom of Lanark: all from the term and with the reservation as above: and the King further grants to her 100l. per an. sterling out of the abovesaid lands in favours of John, Anne, Lilias, Frances, Alexander, Archibald, James and Robert, children of the said Mareon and James Stirling. Out Letters (North Britain) IV, pp. 408–12.
Aug. 28. Royal warrant dated Hampton Court for a like charter of grant to Margaret, Lady Nairn, spouse to William, late Lord Nairn, for the lives of her and her said husband and with power to her of appointment in trust for her children by him, the lands and barony of Nairn and Strathurd in the sheriffdom of Perth as specified in a charter dated 7 Jan. 1681 in favour of Sir Robert Nairn of Strathurd (one of the Senators of the College of Justice and afterwards Lord Nairn and deceased 25 July 1683) with remainder to his only daughter Margaret, now the said Lady Nairn: and also the lands of Muckersie in the Lardship of Dunkeld and sheriffdom of [Perth]: all from the term and with revocation clause &c. as above. Ibid., pp. 413–16.
Same dated same for a like charter to grant to Margaret, wife of James, late Earl of Southesque, and James Carnagis, their only child, of the annuity or rent charge of 444l. 8s. 102/3d. sterling out of the lands and Earldom of Southesque as provided by the contract of marriage between them dated 11 June 1713: and also the sum of 400l. out of the rents of said Earldom in lieu of her share of furniture: and also the house and mannor place of Kinnaird and its purtenances in the shires of Angus and Mearns: and the house of Fairnwell as by disposition from him dated 3 Sept. 1713: and the yearly sum of 250l. sterling to the guardians and trustees of James, their son, during his nonage to be paid out of the residue of the said estate after payment of 1,100l. sterling effeiring to 22,000l. principal sum with which the said estate appears to be effected: all to hold from the term and with the revocation clause &c. as above. Ibid., pp. 417–22.
Aug. 29. Treasury warrant to the Receipt to take in 11,077l. 9s. 3d. in loans at 4 per cent. on the Malt Act anno 1717. Money Book XXVII, p. 14.
Aug. 30. Royal letters patent dated Hampton Court revoking, determining and making void all and every appointments to the officers of the Works of what nature and kind soever that have been made by warrants under our sign manual or by warrants from the Commissioners of our Treasury since our accession to the throne: and further declaring that the orders and rules laid down, by the Instructions from the late Queen bearing date 12 Oct. 1705, see supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XX, pp. 431–2, for nominating to the offices hereby made void shall be the orders and rules for supplying such of the said offices as were then in being and no other with officers, and that the officers so to be appointed in pursuance of the said orders and rules and all officers who are to compose our Office of Works and likewise all other officers who were of our Board of Works before our late Regulation of August 18 inst. (supra, p. 535) shall have the same allowances as were payable to them at the time of the said Regulation until our order be given to the contrary.
And further hereby these directions shall be observed and put in practice with respect to the Works at Windsor and the allowances that were then payable to the officers there, notwithstanding any order by us heretofore made by us for uniting the Office of the Works at Windsor to the Office of the Works in General.
And the Auditors of Imprests are hereby to give allowance in the accounts of the Paymaster of the Works of all payments by him to date hereof on the salaries and allowances hereby determined and of the other salaries and allowances from the date hereof to such persons as being nominated and appointed to any office according to the said Rules shall be entitled to receive the same. King's Warrant Book XXIX, p. 141.
Aug. 30. Royal warrant dated same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for letters patent under the great seal to grant to John Milles, Esq., the office of Receiver General of Land Revenues of the Crown within the counties of Essex, Herts, Middlesex and the city of London as also within the counties of Norfolk and Huntingdon: for his natural life: to be executed by himself or deputy: with all fees &c. as had and received by Thomas Codd, Esq., now lately deceased. (fn. 1) Ibid., p. 283.
Same dated same to the Treasury Lords to pay 36l. to Edward Normand and Anthony Knight, who have heretofore served the Crown as Keepers at [of] Bagshot in Windsor Forest: being 18l. each as royal bounty without account. (Money warrant dated Aug. 30 hereon.) (Money order dated 3 Sept. hereon.) (Letter of direction dated 5 Sept. hereon.) Ibid., p. 90. Order Book X, p. 162. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 147.
Same dated same to same to pay 100l. to James Lidderdale and 100l. to Mossom Wye as royal bounty. (Money warrant dated Aug. 30 hereon.) (Money order dated 3 Sept. hereon.) (Letter of direction dated 5 Sept. hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXIX, p. 93. Order Book X, pp. 150, 161. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 147.
Treasury warrant dormant to Anth. Lechmere and Francis Hawes, Customs Cashiers, to pay the salary of 52l. per an. to John Gibson as a King's waiter in London port. Money Book XXVII, p. 3.
Money warrant for 37l. 10s. 0d. to David Boughton, Surveyor of Deal port, for the moiety of 75l., English money seized for attempted exportation on the ship King George bound to the East Indies. (Money order dated Sept. 10 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Sept. 5 hereon. This letter gives the name as Broughton.) Money Book XX VII, p. 11. Order Book X, p. 162. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 147.
Aug. 30. Treasury letters patent of commission to Samuel Edwards of St. Margaret's, Westminster, to receive the rents of the extended estate of Charles Mason lying in Cos. Salop, Montgomery and Radnor, by reason of said Mason's debt to the down as late Treasurer and Paymaster for the Transport Service: Edwards to pay his receipts into the Exchequer towards answering the said debt. Warrants not Relating to Money XXV, p. 51.


  • 1. This warrant replaces the royal warrant of the 21st inst., supra, p. 534, which directed the Treasury Lords to pass a patent of grant to him under the Exchequer seal. The difference between the two forms of procedure marks the dividing line between the Lord Treasurer's share and the Crown's share of patronage formerly or theoretically appertaining entirely to the Crown. A similar instance of the formal preservation of a dividing line at the time is of more frequent occurrence, viz. in the royal letters patent appointing King's waiters in the port of London. In reality all these appointments relating to the revenue were in the gift of the Lord Treasurer, but the form of appointment by royal letters patent in Latin under the great seal was preserved as a matter of correct Chancery or diplomatic procedure, thereby maintaining the fiction that the patronage in such cases still remained in the Crown.