Treasury Warrants: August 1718, 21-25

Pages 534-558

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 32, 1718. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1962.

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August 1718, 21–25

Aug. 21. Letters patent by the King, dated Hampton Court, regulating and limiting the expense in the Office of Works from Michaelmas next to a certain [or definite] sum not exceeding 14,400l. a year or 1,200l. each calendary month, as well for all wages and other annual payments and allowances established (except the yearly allowance to Henry Wise and John [altered to Jos.] Carpenter for our Gardens) as all charges for works, repairs or otherwise howsoever and for all stores and materials used therein within all our royal palaces and places under the care of the Board of Works (except all new buildings or other extraordinary works which we shall and may from time to time think fit to be done and performed and to be signified by royal sign manual countersigned by the Treasury Lords). King's Warrant Book XXIX, p. 242.
Royal warrant dated same to the Treasury Lords to pay 1,000l. to Archibald, Earl of Rosebery, as royal bounty: without account. (Money warrant dated Aug. 22 hereon.) (Money order dated Aug. 22 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Aug. 25 hereon.)
100l. to Andrew Shields as same. Ibid., pp. 243, 235. Order Book X, pp. 171, 172. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 141.
Same dated same to same to issue their warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for preparing letters patent to pass the seal of the Exchequer Court to grant to John Mills, Esq., the office of Receiver General of Crown Rents and Revenues within the Counties of Essex, Herts, Middlesex and city of London, Norfolk, Huntingdon: to hold by himself or deputy: for his natural life: loco Thomas Codd, Esq., lately deceased: with all fees, salaries and allowances as were received in respect thereof by the said Codd. (In the margin: vacated and another [warrant signed Aug. 30] for letters patent under the great seal).
Followed by: Treasury warrant dated Aug. 22 to the Clerk of the Pipe, his deputy and all others concerned to execute the above warrant in all respects. King's Warrant Book XXIX, pp. 243–4.
Aug. 21. Royal letters patent dated same for dissolving the Board of Works, annulling the new Regulations for the Works and reviving the orders established by the late Queen Anne as follows: viz.: At his accession the King thought fit to put the affairs of the Works under a new Regulation and thereupon a body of Instructions was formed by his order and signed by his Majesty 29 April 1715, ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXIX, pp. 493–6, and thereby (and by other Instructions since signed) the Board of Works was constituted of a Surveyor, a Comptroller and a Paymaster, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Surveyor General of Crown Lands, the Surveyor General of Woods and the Surveyor General of the King's Roads and Private Ways. For good reasons and considerations the King has dissolved and hereby does dissolve the Board of Works so constituted: and he likewise supersedes, revokes and determines the body of Instructions aforementioned and all further and other Instructions relating to the Works ordered at any time since. But to the end that the service of the Works may be carried on it is his pleasure that the orders and Rules bearing date 1705 Oct. 12, ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XX, pp. 431–2, established by the late Queen Anne shall be the orders and rules for the present government of the Works and be revived and put in practice in all things as fully and effectively as if the same were repeated and inserted verbatim herein; until such time as we shall signify our pleasure to the contrary. Ibid., pp. 244–5.
Same dated same limiting the expenses of the Office of the Great Wardrobe as follows. The King is minded to regulate the said expense in such manner as that it shall be limited and restrained from and after Michaelmas next to a certain [or fixed] sum not exceeding 13,000l. a year or 1,083l. 6s. 8d. each calendary month, as well for salaries and other annual payments and allowances annually paid in said Office as for all charges and expenses for furniture, goods, provisions, works and necessaries of all kinds with which our royal palaces and places and the houses and buildings belonging to them were wont to be supplied: and the Master of the Great Wardrobe is hereby prohibited and forbidden from Michaelmas next to provide any furniture, goods or necessaries whatsoever for any lodgings or apartments in any our royal palaces or houses or buildings belonging thereto, inhabited or in the possession of any our servants or others by our permission unless he [the said Master] shall be specially directed and appointed so to do by warrant under our sign manual countersigned by the Lord Treasurer or Treasury Lords. Ibid., pp. 246–7.
Royal warrant dated same to the Treasury Lords to pay 1,660l. to John Armstrong, Jacob Acworth and Thomas Lascells in the proportions following; which with 500l. issued by way of advance is for attendance upon the place in the execution of the commission for inspecting the demolition of Dunkirk and Mardyke pursuant to the late Treaty of Defensive Alliance between Great Britain, France and Holland, being by the King's commission to them at the rate of 3l. a day for their service therein, that is to say Armstrong and Acworth each of them 3l. a day during attendance upon the place and Lascells 3l. a day during the time he should supply the absence of either or both of them: in pursuance whereof 500l. has been issued in advance as abovesaid, viz. 200l. to Armstrong, 100l. to Acworth and 200l. to Lascells. The present issue is for their attendance as follows between 5 July 1717, old style, when they severally arrived at Dunkirk, and 29 June 1718, old style, viz.:
to John Armstrong, 360 days from 4 July 1717 to 29 June 1718, on which day he departed from Dunkirk for Great Britain, making 1,080l., of which 200l. was advanced as above 880
to Jacob Acworth, for 29 days from 4 July 1717 to 2 August (when he departed for Great Britain) and 16 Oct., when he arrived again at Dunkirk, to 18 Oct., when he again departed: being 31 days in all, making 93l.
to Thomas Lascelles, who hath actually resided at Dunkirk, from 5 July 1717 to 29 June 1718, being 360 days, whereof 329 days were in the absence of Acworth; making 987l., or in both 1,080l., whereof 100l. was advanced to Acworth and 200l. to Lascelles as above: leaving
Appending: certificate by the Burgomaster and Aldermen of Dunkirk dated Dunkirk 8 Aug. 1718 of the attendance as above. (Money warrant dated Aug. 22 hereon.) (Money order dated 23 Aug. hereon.) (Letter of direction dated 25 Aug. hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXIX, pp. 248–50. Order Book X, p. 173. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 146.
Aug. 21. Treasury warrant to the Commissioners for Hides &c. to repay to their officers whose salaries do not exceed 100l. per an. their assessments to the Land Tax for the year ended 1717 June 24.
Prefixing: Representation from said Commissioners in behalf of said officers, stating the total amount as 2,340l. 11s. 3d. Money Book XXVII, p. 6.
The like warrant for the Salt Duty officers whose salaries do not exceed 100l. per an.
Prefixing: the like Representation. Ibid., pp. 6–7.
Royal warrant dated Hampton Court to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to direct the Vice Treasurer of Ireland to pay the offreckonings of the Foot Regiments of Brig. Andrew Bissett, Col. James Otway and Col. Charles Otway on the Establishment of Ireland, which offreckonings have been assigned by the said Colonels up to the 24th March 1718–19 for supplying the clothing provided as follows, to wit this current year's clothing: viz.
£ s. d.
Brig. Bissett's Regiment 719 15 3
Col. James Otway's Regiment 483 5 3
Col. Charles Otway's Regiment 718 1 8
£1,921 2 2
which sum the Board of General Officers in England did examine by the King's order and did thereupon report that they find the said sums to remain assignable for this current year's clothing and that they are of opinion it will supply the said Regiments with the following numbers and species of clothing, viz. for Bisset's and Charles Otway's Regiment:
for the Serjeants.
20 hats, 20 shirts, 20 cravats, 20 pair of breeches, 20 pair of stockings, 20 pair of shoes.
for the Corporals and Sentinels.
370 hats, 370 shirts, 370 cravats, 370 pairs of breeches, 740 pairs of shoes.
for the Drums.
the same as the Serjeants.
and for Col. James Otway's Regiment:
for the Serjeants.
20 hats, 20 shirts and cravats, 20 pair of stockings, 20 pairs of shoes.
for the Corporals and Sentinels.
370 shirts and cravats, 370 hats, 370 pair of shoes.
“which cloathing the streightness of time not permitting the said Colonels to purchase in Ireland as usual before their embarcation for our island of Minorca, which our service did require to be immediately provided, the said Board of General Officers proposed that the same might be provided here [in England] and the assignments of the said Colonels to be granted for the above sums upon their offreckonings in Ireland,” which the King thinks reasonable, seeing that the Regiments who are to succeed them on “our” Establishment have also been clothed to 24 March 1718–19 and the offreckonings here [in England have been] made liable to the payment of the same. Out Letters (Ireland) X, p. 215.
Aug. 21. Same dated same to same to prepare an Establishment of Half Pay for the Officers of the 13 Regiments which were disbanded in Ireland on or about 24 June 1717 “in order to make room for a like number of Regiments transferred from the Establishment of Great Britain” to the Establishment of Ireland: the said disbanded Regiments being as follows:
Lieut. Gen. Palmer's.
Lord Mountjoy's.
Brigadier Ferrer's.
Col. Morrice's.
Col. La Bouchetiere's.
Lord Tyrawley's.
Marquis de Montandre's.
Brig. Creighton's.
Sir John Wittewrong's.
Brig. Vezey's.
Col. Kane's.
Col. Fielding's.
Col. Maurice Nassau's.
the King being pleased to allow to the Officers of the said 13 disbanded Regiments half pay by [or according to and under] the Establishment of England up to 25 Dec. last; but the Parliament of Great Britain having made no provision of Half Pay to the said Officers from and after the said date of 25 Dec. last; and the King thinking it reasonable that such of the said Officers as were provided in the said 13 Regiments from off the Establishment of Half Pay in Ireland should again be placed on Half Pay there “and no others” and according to [the rates of] the present Establishment of Half Pay there: to wit as from 1717 Dec. 25 it is hereby ordered that an Establishment of Half Pay be formed for them to be paid and satisfied out of moneys in the hands of the Vice Treasurer or Paymaster of the Forces in Ireland which “was” given the last Sessions of Parliament towards satisfying the arrears due to our said Forces and until such time as the Parliament of our said Kingdom [Ireland] shall next meet “before whom you are hereby required to cause an account to be laid of all such sums of money as shall have been issued for the pay of the Reduced Officers aforesaid in order to their making a provision for the further satisfying the same as well as the arrears which shall then appear to be due to our Forces in our said Kingdom [of Ireland].” Out Letters (Ireland) X, p. 216.
Aug. 21. Warrant under the royal sign manual dated Hampton Court for a signature or charter to be passed under the great seal of Scotland in favour of Lord Deskford of the lands of Auchmore and a part of the lands of Aird and Portsoy, part of the Thanedom and Barony of Boynd in the paroch of Fordyce and shire of Banff forfeited by recognition and therefore by the laws and practique of Scotland at his Majesty's gift and disposition: the King of his grace being willing to secure the creditors of Major George Arnot and James Ogilvie, son of Mrs. Anna Arnot, daughter of the said Major George Arnot, to the extent of 26,000 merks Scots and to grant the superplus to William Arnot, who is next in succession to the said lands under a charter of 26 Feb. 1703; and being further willing to mark his royal favour to James, Lord Deskford, eldest son of James, Earl of Findlater, who is in the other parts of the said Thanedom, the King does hereby grant to him for the use of the said creditors, the town and lands of Auchmore, Aird, Portsoy, now in the possession of tenants, detailed, under rights and obligations detailed at length. Out Letters (North Britain) IV, pp. 391–5.
Aug. 22. Royal warrant dated same to Henry, Earl of Lincoln, Paymaster General of Guards, Garrisons and Land Forces, to include the full pay of five men per Troop or Company in the Debentures to be made out by you for the pay of the four Regiments in garrison in Minorca from 25 Dec. 1716 to 24 Dec. 1717, viz. the Regiments of Col. O'Hara, Brigadier Stanwix, Major General Whetham, and Lieut. Gen. Sankey: all by reason that Col. Richard Kane, Lieut. Governor of Minorca, hath represented to the King that it was signified from the then Secretary at War 1716 November 26 that the King had made a new Establishment and Regulation of the Forces by which every Regiment in the service was to muster and for the future to consist in each Troop or Company of five men less than their [then] present numbers upon the Establishment and that a sum of money in lieu of the pay of the said five men was to be placed upon the Establishment of every Regiment to be disposed of in the following manner: viz.
the full pay of one man per Troop and Company to [go to the credit of] the Widows' Fund as usual.
the subsistence of one man per Troop and Company to [go to the credit of] the Colonels of the respective Regiments in lieu of all customary allowances and pretensions.
the subsistence of two men per Troop and Company to [go to the credit of] the respective Captains for the charge of recruiting and [for] other Regimental contingent expenses and customary allowances.
the subsistence of one man per Troop and Company to [go to the credit of] the respective Regiments in lieu of their customary allowances.
the remainder of the full pay of the four men last mentioned (after the usual deductions made) to be issued as offreckonings upon such assignments as have been or shall be made thereof by the respective Colonels towards enabling them to supply the loss of cloathing by desertion &c.
In obedience to the said signification the said Lieut. Governor of Minorca conformed the muster rolls of the four Regiments in garrison there to the said new Regulation from 25 Dec. 1716, from which time forward there have been no fictitious names placed on the muster rolls of the said Regiments. He has therefore prayed a royal warrant to authorise him to include the full pay of the said five men in the Debentures to be made out for the pay of the said Regiments from the said 25 Dec. 1716: all which is hereby granted and authorised as above.
Nevertheless as often as there shall appear upon the muster rolls of any of the said Companies any respits of private men the same shall be deducted: and you shall also deduct from each Captain who shall have any such respit on his Company the subsistence of the two men allowed for recruiting for the times that any such respit shall appear; “it being our intention that the benefit of the said allowance of subsistence money for recruiting shall be only on condition and during the time that the respective Companies shall be kept complete.” King's Warrant Book XXIX, pp. 287–8.
Aug. 22. A like warrant dated same for the pay as above of the five men per Troop or Company discontinued upon the muster rolls of the Forces in Great Britain from 25 June 1717 to Dec. 24 following: for the like purpose as above and with the like proviso as above: all by reason that the royal warrant of 15 July 1717 allowed the pay of the said five men for purposes as above from 25 Aug. 1716 to 24 June 1717; and the King is graciously pleased to continue the allowance of the said full pay for the five men so discontinued per Troop and Company “throughout all our Regiments of Horse, Foot and Dragoons in Great Britain to and for the uses before expressed” from 25 June 1717 to Dec. 24 following. Ibid., pp. 288–9.
William Lowndes to the Attorney General to hasten his report on the signature in favour of Lady Panmure. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 347.
Treasury warrant to Hugh Cholmley, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, to set out and describe by proper buttalls and boundaries the small messuage or tenement in the Stable Yard at St. James's which adjoins William Clayton's dwelling house, which messuage it is the King's pleasure that it be put into the said Clayton's possession and which must be pulled down and rebuilt by reason of its ruinous condition, and that he have a 50 years' lease thereof, as also of a narrow passage behind the said messuage: and thereupon to make a constat thereof and to rate same in order to such a lease. Warrants not Relating to Money XXV, p. 125.
Aug.22. Treasury warrant to the Surveyor of his Majesty's [private] Roads to give liberty to the inhabitants of Fulham for one week and no longer to pass through the King's private road.
Prefixing: report by the Board of Works dated Aug. 20 inst. on the petition of said inhabitants, ut supra, p. 530. Had they made application sooner for this indulgence the inconveniency of letting so great a number of heavy carriages pass through would not have been so great as just at this time during his Majesty's residence at Hampton Court; because the last years when the Court was there complaints were frequently made that the coaches of several of the Ministers of State and other persons of quality and distinction were stopped and crowded into the ditches by carts, drays, stage and Hackney coaches amp;c. that could not be kept out by reason the Surveyor of the Roads was not master of the gates and gatekeepers. But since it seems to be a case of necessity and the favour they ask not like to exceed one week (although the road is already since the late great expense very much worn), we are of opinion so short a space of time cannot do the road much more damage. Ibid., p. 126.
Treasury letters patent constituting and appointing as Commissioners for Hawkers and Pedlars George Townsend, Montague Bacon and John Ayliffe in place of George Townsend, Montague Bacon and Thomas Jervaise, thereto constituted by a Treasury instrument dated 7 Aug. 1717, which is hereby determined. (The effect hereof is only to substitute John Ayliffe for the said Thomas Jervaise.) Ibid., pp. 127–8.
Treasury warrant to the Excise Commissioners to admit the following merchants to reduce over-proof brandy and rum to single proof and to make post entries thereof: viz.: John Watmore, Edward Byam, John Richardson, Capt. White, Samuel Barnard, Thomas Dickenson, John Streane, Capt. Barwell, John Richardson, Walter Fernley, Joseph Trevors, Alexander Meers, Joseph Wilson, Weedon Parry, George Negus, Capt. Hampton, John Richardson, Joseph Wilson, William Johnson, Michael Warwick, John Rose, John Blake, Jos. Marten, Henry Parsons, Thomas Plumstead, Thomas Jackson, Jacob Taylor, Thomas Cawthorne, John Smalwood, Thomas Hopgood, Thomas Hodgson, Samuel Tuft, Thomas Sandiford and Capt. Lawton.
Prefixing: report by the Excise Commissioners on the petitions of said merchants. Ibid., pp. 130–1.
Same to the Board of Works to perform repairs in the Duke of Roxburgh's Office to an estimate of 97l.: the same being commanded by his Majesty to be done. Prefixing: said estimate by the Board of Works. Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I, p. 68.
Treasury subscription for the execution of a warrant dated June 27 last from Holles, [Duke of] Newcastle [upon Tyne], Lord Chamberlain of the Household, to the Master of the Great Wardrobe to deliver to the Pages of the Bedchamber to his Majesty (viz. Edward Brown, Lawrence Saxton, Robert Gardiner, William Taylor, James Sell, David Harris and Mr. De Graves) 14 pair of Holland sheets, 14 pair of blankets, 14 pair of pillowbers, 7 fustian and 7 pillows, “which his Majesty is pleased to allow once in three years”: to an estimate of 116l. Ibid., p. 76.
Aug. 22. William Lowndes to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland. My Lords recommend to you Mr. Syms, of Middle Town, Co. Wexford, for employment in the revenue, they being moved thereto. Out Letters (Ireland) X, p. 218.
Same to the Attorney General to report on the enclosed Report [missing] of the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland on the petition of Sir John Erskine for licence to work mines belonging to him in Scotland; with a draft [missing] of a Signature for that purpose. Out Letters (North Britain) IV, p. 396.
Aug. 25. Royal warrant dated Hampton Court to the Treasury Lords to pay 500l. to William Lowndes for Secret Service: without account: out of Civil List revenues. (Money warrant dated Aug. 26 hereon.) (Money order dated Aug. 26 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Aug. 26 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXIX, p. 87. Order Book X, p. 149. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 140.
Same dated same to the Commissioners for Army Debts to give allowance to the Landgrave of Hesse Cassel of the following sums in full satisfaction of his demands for two months' Advice [money] and one month for March money for his Troops which served in the late war in the joint pay of Great Britain and the States General: “and to make out your certificate for the same to the proper Paymaster General of the Forces at the current rate of exchange in order to his issuing debentures for payment thereof”: it appearing by the report of the said Commissioners dated Aug. 16 inst., ut supra, p. 529, that it is stipulated in the Treaty for the said Troops dated 7 Feb. 1701–2 that in case his Britannic Majesty and the said States General after an accommodation or peace made shall be disposed to send back the said Troops the Landgrave shall be advertised thereof two months before they begin their march; and that his said Majesty and the States General shall pay them one long month's pay for their march and return. The debentures hereon are to be for sums as follows: viz.
guilders stivers pennings
for a moiety of the pay of that part of the said Troops which are borne on the late Queen Anne's Establishment of the 40,000 men for the said two months' and one month's pay pursuant to the 7th and 10th Articles of the Treaty 194,589 15 0
for the pay of the Major and 10 Companies of a Regiment of Foot, part of the said Troops, which were borne on the said Queen's Establishment of 20,000 men; the same being payable by the said Queen according to the Treaty of Reparation made with the States General 30 August 1703, as by the 6th Article of the Treaty for the said Regiment dated 31 March 1703 39,346 2
233,935 17
King's Warrant Book XXIX, pp. 251–251b.
Aug. 25. Royal warrant dated Hampton Court to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal to grant to James Moore the office and place of Purveyor to the Works and Buildings: during pleasure: with the usual fee of 8 pence a day: as amply as John Hobson or any other predecessor therein. Ibid., p. 251b.
Same dated same to same for a same to grant to — Barker the office and place of Chief Carpenter of all our Works and Buildings: during pleasure: to hold by himself or deputy: with the usual fee of 12 pence a day: as amply as John Churchill or any other predecessor therein. Ibid., p. 252.
Same dated same to same for a same to grant to Colin Campbell, gent., the office or place of Chief Clerk of the Works: during pleasure: to hold by himself or deputy: with the usual fee or salary of 100 marks per an.: as amply as John Mercer or any other predecessor therein. Ibid.
Same dated same to same for a same to grant to Thomas Robinson, Esq., the office of Register Inwards, London port (“the office of Keeper of the Book or Books wherein entries were or should be made of all ships coming into the port of London either with foreign merchandizes from any the parts beyond the seas or with any goods or merchandizes by Certificates from any ports within this realm; and of all warrants by officers of the Customs within the said port of London from time to time made to any waiter or other person as well for the lading and unlading as for the taking up of foreign merchandizes thentofore and thenafter to be brought into the said port by any merchants as well denizens as strangers as well for those for which portage, store or provision are to be allowed in the said port as also for all certificates of goods and merchandizes that were to be brought from any other port within this realm to the said port of London”): to hold during pleasure as in place of Marmaduke Bealing, whose patent dated 1715 April 8 is hereby revoked. Ibid., p. 253.
Same dated same to same for a same to grant to John Smallwell the office or place of Chief Joyner of all our Works and Buildings as well within the Tower of London as elsewhere within England: during pleasure: with the fee or salary of 52l. 12s. 6d. per an.: as amply as John Hobson or any other predecessor. Ibid., p. 254.
Same dated same to the Treasury Lords to pay 4,161l. 2s. 10d. to Henry, Earl of Lincoln, as imprest [to complete the pay of the Luneburg Troops]: as in part of the 250,000l. granted and appropriated by the Act of 3 Geo. I, c. 7, for enabling the King to concert measures with Foreign Princes to prevent the designs of Sweden. “The said sum is to be by him applied and paid over for that purpose according to such warrant as he shall receive from us under our royal sign manual in that behalf.” (Money warrant dated Aug. 26 hereon.) (Money order dated 26 Aug. hereon.) (Letter of direction dated 27 Aug. hereon. The letter of direction adds the following: “the same being to complete the pay of four Battalions of the Troops of his Highness the Duke of Brunswick Lunenburg taken into his Majesty's service for 12 months from 21 Aug. 1717 pursuant to a Treaty in that behalf.”) Ibid., p. 255. Order Book X., p. 174. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 142.
Aug. 25. Same dated same to Henry, Earl of Lincoln, Paymaster General of Guards, Garrisons and Land Forces, to pay (out of Contingencies of the Forces) 500l. per an. to Thomas Moor “or such parts or proportions thereof as our High Treasurer or Commissioners of our Treasury from and after the expiration of the first year shall think reasonable to be paid”: and to be by the said Moor applied in such manner as he shall think fit for the performing the business of issuing Army Debentures (Debentures for Army debts) in accordance with the Act of 4 Geo. I, c. 9, for Commissioners for Army Debts, which Act provided that the Commissioners after determination of such debts shall certify same to the Paymaster of the Forces in order to his making out Debentures to the Officers, Engineers, gunners and other persons to whom the moneys so certified shall respectively belong: and the making out Debentures upon many of the said Certificates will be incumbent on the said Thomas Moor by reason that the accompts, claims and demands to which they relate do fall within the time that he acted as Paymaster of the said Forces: and the Treasury Lords have laid before us the scheme or method pursued and meant to be pursued by the said Moor in carrying on and performing the said work. The said 500l. per an. is to cover all allowances for clerks and other officers and the charge of office rent, stationery and all other incidents and contingencies. King's Warrant Book XXIX, pp. 256–7.
Same dated same to the Commissioners for Army Debts to allow and certify the sum of 600l. to Major General Wroth, late of the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards, for his extraordinary expenses in providing an equipage suitable to a Major General when he was appointed to take care of the embarcation of the said Regiment with recruits and horses from Harwich to Flanders in March 1710–11, the account of which expenses amounts to 856l. 18s. 0d.: it appearing that on his preferring his demand for the same in the year 1711 the Lords of the Committee of Council for the Affairs of the Army recommended his case to Queen Anne and that upon reference of the same to the Secretary at War the said Secretary proposed that 600l. be allowed to the said Major General in full of all his said expenses in providing his equipage in expectation of serving abroad and being placed on the Flanders Establishment as Major General and in attending the service and taking care of the said embarcation, “allowances having been granted in some instances of the same nature to persons so employed”: on all which the Commissioners for Army Debts have reported that no part of the said sum has been paid: whereupon the King thinks it just and reasonable to allow same, “it appearing that the said Major General was countermanded after attending four months at Harwich and holding himself in readiness of going to his command of Major General intended him.” King's Warrant Book XXIX, pp. 258–9.
Aug. 25. Royal warrant dated Hampton Court to the Treasury Lords to pay 561l. 2s.d. to William Taverner in full of all his demands for his survey of that part of Newfoundland which was yielded to us by France by the Treaty [of Utrecht], which some time before the demise of Queen Anne he was commissioned to survey. This sum is to be over and above the sum of 585l. which he has received in pursuance of the royal warrant of 1717 July 10 [sic for April 11], ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXXI, pp. 259–60. Of the present sum the amount of 261l. 2s.d. is to be issued out of the late Queen Anne's Civil List arrears and the remaining 300l. out of the present King's Civil List revenues. [The bill of said Taverner's expenses is not appended.] (Money warrant dated Aug. 26 hereon.) (Money order dated Aug. 27 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Aug. 28 for 300l. hereon.) Ibid., p. 259. Order Book X, p. 176. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 144.
Establishment under the royal sign manual and countersigned by the Treasury Lords of certain annual pensions or annuities which it is the King's pleasure shall commence from 25 March 1718 (unless otherwise directed) and to be paid quarterly during pleasure by the hands of Walter Chetwynd. This Establishment [being in effect for the King's private pensions and bounties] supersedes all previous Establishments for pensions payable in like manner:
per an.
£ s. d.
Catherine Armstrong and Mary Armstrong, each 100 0 0
Nehemiah Arnold, for Susannah Arnold 30 0 0
Mathias Ayscough 30 0 0
Sir Thomas Allen 150 0 0
Mris. Eliza[beth] Aspinwall 40 0 0
Margaret Allix 100 0 0
George, Lord Abergavenny 1,000 0 0
Ann Philotte D'Aubuse 40 0 0
Eliza[beth] Armand 50 0 0
Rebecca Bruges, alias Pride 80 0 0
Theodore Ballisis 150 0 0
Susanna Benson 50 0 0
Eliza[beth] Battle 50 0 0
Ann Bing 40 0 0
Walter Butler 30 0 0
Grisell Burghill 40 0 0
John Butts 30 0 0
Eliza[beth] Boucher and Mary Boucher, each 20 0 0
Thomas Beverley 100 0 0
Mathew Bosch 200 0 0
Castern Bucholtz 50 0 0
Mathew Barrow 20 0 0
John Brotherson 15 0 0
Gabriel Dumont, Baron de Blaignac 150 0 0
John de Birenhof, Esq. 200 0 0
Thomas Buttler 20 0 0
Henrietta, Susanna and Margaretta Brunet de Passy 40 0 0
Moyse Portel 18 0 0
Jean Bondat 18 0 0
Althenia Bowden 120 0 0
John, Lord Colepepper 600 0 0
Countess Dowager of Cassilis 200 0 0
Sir Henry Dutton Colt 200 0 0
Thomas Cornwallis, Esq. 100 0 0
Edith College 150 0 0
Edmund Chaloner, for Farquhar's children 20 0 0
Stephen Cailland 200 0 0
Agnetta Cooper 200 0 0
Madamlle. Lewis de Cire 30 0 0
Elie Canole and Mary his wife 20 0 0
Ann de Cormell 15 0 0
Mrs. Martha Collins 40 0 0
Thomas Coke, Esq. 1,000 0 0
William Calderwood 50 0 0
Eneas Cameron 30 0 0
Eliza[beth] Colt 200 0 0
Helene Margarette and Cecele Henriette de Chivre 40 0 0
Charlotte de la Chapelle 15 0 0
Anthoine Chabrol 18 0 0
Countess Dowager of Dalhousie 200 0 0
Susanna Durell 300 0 0
Mary de Rambure Drancourt 25 0 0
Charles Douglas, Esq. 400 0 0
Humphrey Denby 56 0 0
John, Lord de la Warr 1,200 0 0
Thomas Day, Esq. 300 0 0
John Dorrison, until he shall be provided of some office or imployment 200 0 0
Jean de Durand 80 0 0
Eliza[beth] Denty, Hannah Denty and Letitia Essex Denty, each 20 0 0
Hellen Denty 40 0 0
Bachelier de L'Epine 20 0 0
Charles, Lord Fitzwalter 600 0 0
Lucius Henry, Lord Falkland 400 0 0
Henry Foubert 500 0 0
Ann Feilding and four brothers and sisters 250 0 0
Eliza[beth] Farthing 100 0 0
Susanna Foxton 100 0 0
Rebecca Foster 30 0 0
Susanna Farey de Mue and Catherine de Farey 40 0 0
Catherine Feild 30 0 0
Pierre de Clary Floirant 25 0 0
Jean Favas 18 0 0
Francois Flechieres 18 0 0
Nathaniel Fort of St. James's, Westminster, Esq. 600 0 0
“Our pleasure is that notwithstanding this our Establishment is made to commence from Lady day last past, 1718, as aforesaid yet there shall be paid unto Nathaniel Fort of St. James's, Westminster, Esq., the sum of 600l. forthwith, to be esteemed for one year on the aforegoing pension due and ended at Lady day 1718: and the payment thereof shall be allowed in account accordingly.”
Mary Griffith
300 0 0
Alice Grahme 150 0 0
Eliza[beth] Grove 100 0 0
Edward Godfrey 140 0 0
Mary Graham 40 0 0
Sir Rowland Gwyne 400 0 0
John Godfried Gulman 100 0 0
Henry Guyn 60 0 0
Daniel Guery 50 0 0
Isaac Grognet 35 0 0
Ann Grimaudet 25 0 0
Charlotte Gousset 16 0 0
Ann de la Guiminiere 15 0 0
James Graves 56 0 0
John Earnest Galliard 100 0 0
Sir William Gostwick 400 0 0
Lambert de Graff, until he shall be admitted a Page of our Bedchamber in Ordinary 120 0 0
Jaques Gravie 18 0 0
Michael Gansem 18 0 0
Mary the widow of Bernard Gates 40 0 0
Henry de Massue, Earl of Galway 500 0 0
Our pleasure is that notwithstanding this our Establishment is made to commence from Lady day last past, 1718, as aforesaid, yet there shall be paid to Henry de Massue, Earl of Galway, the sum of 500l. forthwith: to be esteemed for one year on the aforegoing pension due and ended at Lady day 1718: and the payment thereof shall be allowed in account accordingly.
John Hadley, for the use of Mary Shelly
41 10 0
Judith Hawley 300 0 0
George Frederick Hendell [Händel] 200 0 0
Henrietta Howard 200 0 0
James Howard 120 0 0
Lucy Howard 100 0 0
Thomas, Lord Howard of Effingham 800 0 0
William, Lord Hunsdon 600 0 0
Ruperta How 500 0 0
John George Hugk 200 0 0
James Herault 60 0 0
Margaret Humphrys 30 0 0
David Harris, for Herman's children 40 0 0
Henry, Lord Herbert of Cherbury 600 0 0
Abigal Holland 20 0 0
John Hanet 200 0 0
Henrietta and Lucy Howard, by way of addition 100 0 0
administratrix of Samuel Johnston 300 0 0
Earl of Jersey, for his younger brother 100 0 0
Frances Ireland and Jane Ireland, each 50 0 0
Evert Jollyvet 50 0 0
Margaret Jolliffe 20 0 0
Jean Itie 18 0 0
Mary Kerr 100 0 0
Ann Kersh 20 0 0
Hamnet Kirks 100 0 0
Barbara Killigrew 50 0 0
Mary Kirk 100 0 0
Charlotte, Lady Lovelace, and her son 400 0 0
Martha Lockhart 300 0 0
Richard Loyd and John Jones 100 0 0
Oliver Lambert, a younger son of the late Earl of Cavan, till otherwise provided for 50 0 0
Mary Lee 50 0 0
Richard Longbottom 50 0 0
Josina Lower 20 0 0
Peter Latour 56 0 0
James Lappan 30 0 0
Agnes Leigh 100 0 0
Hannah Lowther 300 0 0
Lady Mary Mordington 20 0 0
Sarah Mathews 100 0 0
Frances Mackenzie and her daughter 150 0 0
Sir Winwood Mowat 40 0 0
Eliza[beth] Minshall 50 0 0
Margaret Morrison 40 0 0
Milborn Maddox 30 0 0
Abraham Magney 50 0 0
David Morris 20 0 0
Rachell, Ann and Frances Mansell 30 0 0
Jean Mathews 100 0 0
Jean May 100 0 0
Daniel Martines 100 0 0
Frances Macon 25 0 0
Margueritte Marolles 25 0 0
Madamoiselle Eliza[beth] de Maulevrier 25 0 0
John Cristoff Martini 40 0 0
William Mackintosh 30 0 0
Alexander Mackdonald 20 0 0
Marie de St. Mesme 25 0 0
Armand Louis de St. George, Seigneur de Marsay 600 0 0
John Mellon 20 0 0
Gabriel Mince 30 0 0
Marie Magdelaine Du Bois 20 0 0
Rachel Maturin and Ann her daughter 30 0 0
Andre Mege 18 0 0
Marie D'Malvirne [? Maliurne] 40 0 0
Daniel Millar 400 0 0
Susanna, Lady Newport 200 0 0
Samuel de Neuville and Mariane his wife 20 0 0
Rebecca Oates 300 0 0
Frances Otway 10 0 0
Judith Offranville 20 0 0
Ann D'Orgevall 20 0 0
Guy Palmes 450 0 0
William Palmes, junr. 300 0 0
Lady Mary Philips 150 0 0
Catherine de Plessin 400 0 0
John Pellet 50 0 0
Phillipe de Passac 25 0 0
Marie Pasquet 20 0 0
Cecilia Presgrave 40 0 0
Mary Peates 20 0 0
Dorothy Philips 80 0 0
James Parsable 100 0 0
Robert Patten 50 0 0
William Paton 30 0 0
William Frederick Pape 50 0 0
Henry Pougnet 50 0 0
Jane Portal 30 0 0
Susanna Plot 150 0 0
Henry Quinn 60 0 0
John Rowley 150 0 0
Joanna Rivet 100 0 0
Lieut. Col. Francis Rainsford 100 0 0
Eliza[beth] Ramsay 100 0 0
Frances Ralegh 100 0 0
Mary Robins 40 0 0
Ann Richbell 40 0 0
Peter la Roche 100 0 0
Jean de Rigo 25 0 0
Guilhaume du Ruel 25 0 0
Frederick, Earl of Rochford 600 0 0
Ann Rushworth 50 0 0
Lewis Renard 200 0 0
Charles Bodville, Earl of Radnor 1,000 0 0
Guilhawme Rousset 18 0 0
Charlott Robethon 20 0 0
Sir John Sayers 200 0 0
Charles Shales, for the daughters of Capt. Shales 100 0 0
Margaret Swintown 50 0 0
Edward, Earl of Sandwich 800 0 0
Maynard, Duke of Schonburg 1,000 0 0
Godfried Steidel 20 0 0
Mary Smidt 15 0 0
Luke Schaub, Esq. 200 0 0
François Lewis de Pesme, Seigneur de St. Saphorin 1,000 0 0
William Shaw 30 0 0
Jaques Saurin 100 0 0
Henry, Earl of Suffolk and Bindon 1,200 0 0
Bertram, Baron de Schack 600 0 0
Our pleasure is that notwithstanding this our Establishment is made to commence from Lady day last past, 1718, as aforesaid, yet there shall be paid unto Bertram, Baron de Schack, the sum of 600l. forthwith, to be esteemed for one year on the aforegoing pension due and ended at Lady day 1718: and the payment thereof shall be allowed in account accordingly.
Eliz[abeth] Sherman, 107l. 10s. 0d., and William Smith, 56l.
163 10 0
Catherine de Sacetot 200 0 0
Martha Sandos 15 0 0
George Townshend, Esq. 200 0 0
Martha de Teilhac 15 0 0
Rachel Thomas 60 0 0
Henry, Lord Tenham 1,000 0 0
Benja[min] Tyers 80 0 0
Henry Mark Tuto 100 0 0
Eliza[beth] Tottersell 20 0 0
Penelope Turnbull 45 0 0
James Vernon, senr., Esq. 600 0 0
Col. Villiers' children, by the hands of Lady Orkney 200 0 0
Ann Villiers 100 0 0
Eliza[beth] Verboon 20 0 0
Lady Mary Vere 250 0 0
Lady Harriot Vere 250 0 0
Joseph, Count of Vivans 100 0 0
Catherine de Verangeville 25 0 0
Angelique Vassetot [Vasselot] de Regne 30 0 0
Vaudois churches 500 0 0
which said yearly sum for the Vaudois churches is to be as well for those as are in the vallies as for those which are dispersed in the countries of Wirtemberg and Darmstadt: the same to be received by the Archbishop of Canterbury and our Almoner for the time being and John Chetwynd, Esq., or such person as any two of them shall appoint, and to be distributed for the benefit, aid and assistance of the said churches in such manner as they in their discretions shall think fit.
George Whichcoate
400 0 0
Eliza[beth] Winstanley 100 0 0
Eliza[beth] Waggot 80 0 0
William Watson 80 0 0
Winifred Whaley 30 0 0
Ann and Eliza[beth] Wilkinson 40 0 0
Jane Walter 15 0 0
Ann Whittle 20 0 0
John Whittle, clerk 26 0 0
Court Walkling 100 0 0
Richard Watts 50 0 0
Margaret Watson 100 0 0
Didrick Wolters, junr. 200 0 0
George, Earl of Warrington 1,500 0 0
Thomas, Earl of Westmorland 1,000 0 0
George Werden 50 0 0
Lord Willoughby of Parham 200 0 0
Mercy Young and Frances Young, each 30 0 0
witnesses in the assassination plot against King William III., 832l. in all.
Capt. George Porter
260 0 0
Capt. Richard Fisher 260 0 0
Capt. William Boyce 156 0 0
Robert Inwood 78 0 0
John Lunt 52 0 0
Edward Brown 26 0 0
other pensions and charities which we are also pleased to grant and continue.
the Lord Almoner, for [the King's] private pensions or charities
800 0 0
ditto, for an Arabic Professor at Oxford and at Cambridge 100 0 0
Caprian and Paul Apia: by the hands of Dr. Hill, each 10 0 0
the minister of Albany in New York for the time being 50 0 0
the Bishop of London for the time being, for a minister in New England 100 0 0
ditto, for maintaining Henry and John Giraud 60 0 0
the minister of the English Church at the Hague for the time being 30 0 0
the minister of the English Church at Amsterdam for the time being 100 0 0
the minister of the English Church at Rotterdam for the time being 100 0 0
the minister of Greenwich, in lieu of tythes for Greenwich Park 5 2 6
the Vicar of [St. Margaret's] Westminster, in lieu of tythes for land belonging to Kensington House 4 11 0
the Vicar of Old Windsor, in lieu of tythes for lands laid into Windsor Great Park 25 0 0
the Rector of Hampton Church, in lieu of tythes for land enclosed in Hampton Court Park 36 1 8
the Chaplain of Hampton Court Palace 50 0 0
the Reader there 20 0 0
the Minister of the French Church at Wapping 40 0 0
Francis Hewardine 80 0 0
the Minister of Kensington [as] Afternoon Preacher 20 0 0
the Schoolmaster at Wapping for the time being 20 0 0
the Schoolmaster at Newmarket 50 0 0
the Schoolmaster at Kensington 30 0 0
the Schoolmaster at Windsor 30 0 0
Henry Werndley, clerk, for service in Switzerland 100 0 0
the Church and poor of New Windsor 50 0 0
ditto for lands laid into the House Park there 50 0 0
the Corporation of Windsor, for loss in their bridge toll and lands by building of Datchet Bridge 20 0 0
the poor of Hampton parish 50 0 0
the churchwardens of Westminster, in lieu of a poor rate formerly charged on Kensington House 5 0 0
the poor of St. Margaret's, Westminster 50 0 0
the Hospital in Tuttle [Tothill] Fields 50 0 0
the poor of St. Martin's in the Fields 100 0 0
the poor of St. James's 50 0 0
the poor of Kensington 25 0 0
the minister of [St. Margaret's] Kensington for tythe 0 17 6
the Dean and Chapter of Windsor, in lieu of tythes 0 12 8
the Surveyor of the highways at Paddington 1 10 0
the churchwarden of Paddington 0 15 0
the Collector of the tythes of Paddington 1 0 0
the Treasurer of the Charity School at Kensington towards the maintenance of the children educated there 50 0 0
the Treasurer of the Charity School at Richmond towards the maintenance of the children educated there 30 0 0
the minister of Newmarket for the time being 10 0 0
total £45,127 10 4
King's Warrant Book XXIX, pp. 265–73.
Aug. 25. Establishment under the royal sign manual, countersigned by the Treasury Lords, of pensions or annual sums which the King is pleased to grant unto divers persons of quality, widows and children of Officers slain in service who are French Refugees for religion and some others: to commence from 25th March 1718 and to be paid during pleasure by the hands of Jacob de la Motte Blagny, gent.: all former Establishments for pensions payable in like manner are hereby determined:
per an.
£ s. d.
Mary and Magdalen Alix 60 0 0
Abel Tassin D'Allone 200 0 0
Judith Benigne and Charlotte de Goisy 45 0 0
Ann de Boisrousseau; Mary Boitou; Mary Beveridge, each 30 0 0
Edward and Maximillian Bourdigues 30 0 0
Henrietta de Bellefons 30 0 0
Catherine de Bourbon 36 0 0
Rose Barricave 25 0 0
Ann de la Borde 24 0 0
Catherine du Bac 20 0 0
Susanna de Blance 20 0 0
John Braguire and Catherine de Fos 20 0 0
Pierre Balmiere 30 0 0
Judith Beconne; Frances de Grandy de Bette; Isabell de Bacalan, each 15 0 0
Judith de Brugire; Mary de Brevil; Susanna de Bette, each 12 0 0
John Baru; Claude du Boss; Daniel Bascoul, each 20 0 0
Charlotte Barbot 30 0 0
Mary Bonnet 15 0 0
Henry Florent, Count of Brandenbourg 150 0 0
Lucrece de Chavernay 50 0 0
Marie de Champagne; Susanna de Cantiran, each 40 0 0
Henriette du Haut Charmois 36 0 0
Hester de Ceville [Civil] 30 0 0
Magdalen Chamier 25 0 0
Mary and Susanna de Champlaurier 30 0 0
Magdalen de la Chainay; Mary de la Chainay; Margaret de la Croisette, each 20 0 0
Mary and Catherine du Chail 20 0 0
Ann Gabrielle Cossard 20 0 0
Mariane de Court 15 0 0
Mary Joly de Chadignac 12 0 0
Ann de Clou 10 0 0
Catherine de St. Clair 20 0 0
Camille Catelet 25 0 0
Mary de Chabanne 10 0 0
Mary Ann de Charon 15 0 0
Charlotte de Dangeau and after her decease to Catherine Guischard, her niece 100 0 0
Mary Anthony Davessein and Magdalen his wife 100 0 0
Ann Deveille 50 0 0
Claud Davesnes 40 0 0
Magdalen Dornand; Catherine de Dollon; Elizabeth Sixte Dalem, each 30 0 0
François Dallon; Martha Doffranville, each 25 0 0
Claud Duncan; Elizabeth Marmand Dacere; Mary Dancourt; Catherine Prat de la Devese, each 20 0 0
Angelique Doudart 12 0 0
Lewis Dagneau; Mary Dagneau, each 15 0 0
Isaac Dalais 100 0 0
Madame the Duchesse de la Force 500 0 0
the Society of the French Gentlewomen at the Heague 200 0 0
Blanch de Fournier 25 0 0
Mary de la Ferriere 24 0 0
Mary Benigne de Franquefort 20 0 0
Louise de Foisac 20 0 0
Bernardine de Falquerolls 12 0 0
Pierre Falaiseau 200 0 0
Marie du Lisle du Ghast 50 0 0
Ann Daniel de Grangue and Susanna her daughter 40 0 0
Frances Guiraud 40 0 0
Ann Grosvenor; Ann Guerin, each 30 0 0
Mary Gacherie; Angelique le Goux; Mariane le Gendre, each 20 0 0
Hester Gohin 15 0 0
Benja[min] Germain and Susanna his wife 20 0 0
Amalia van Ghant [Ghent] and Heriette de Hompesch 70 0 0
the Princess of Holstein Beck 200 0 0
Charlotte Justell 60 0 0
Mary Jancourt 20 0 0
Mary Jouneau 10 0 0
Henriette de Champagne de Juigny 25 0 0
Margaret Joly 20 0 0
Ann, Margaret, Levina and Maria, the daughter of Amalia Kaysers 24 0 0
Jeanne de Bene de Lovigny 40 0 0
Henriette and Mary de Lovigny, her daughter 60 0 0
Maria de Lomaria 30 0 0
Constance de la Maria 20 0 0
Olympe de Longuevergne 20 0 0
Marg[aret] de Lorain 15 0 0
Hester and Lucrice de Longueverque 30 0 0
John Lardan 25 0 0
Luese de Tressor du Mesnil Lambert 20 0 0
Ann de Langrac 50 0 0
Helene de Maranein and Mary Cornet 70 0 0
Marie de Monceau 50 0 0
Susanna de Molien 40 0 0
Charlotte Tallemont de Marmande 40 0 0
Lewis Amice de la Maugere 30 0 0
Marie and Hester du Mont 30 0 0
Henriette Marie de la Muce 30 0 0
Magdalen de la Martinerie 30 0 0
Ann de la Mauclere 40 0 0
Francis, John, Catherine and Margaret Marioge 20 0 0
Charlotte Monguyon 15 0 0
Ann Gabriel de Montmeillan 15 0 0
Ann Guinebaut de la Milliere 15 0 0
Michel de Montsegur 15 0 0
Susanne Marolle; Jean Mouchand: each 12 0 0
Lewis, Marquis Desbiars de Montgomery 30 0 0
Ann and Gabriel, two sisters of Martigny 30 0 0
John de Remy de Montigny 100 0 0
Jean de la Menardiere 40 0 0
James Maxwell 20 0 0
Jean de la Menardiere by way of addition 40 0 0
Claud Margaret de Neufville 20 0 0
Prince of Nassau Siegen 100 0 0
Jean de Neuville 60 0 0
Susanna Petit 40 0 0
Victoria Pardaillan 30 0 0
Susanna la Penotiere 25 0 0
Mary Frances de St. Paul 25 0 0
Susanna Palie; Bonne Green de Percourt; Eliza[beth] Perigoix; Hipolite de Pressac: each 20 0 0
Andre, Pierre and Henriette de la Primaudaye 15 0 0
Marie de Pechelves 25 0 0
Mary la Pie; Louise Pignot; Mary Pignot: each 15 0 0
Pierre Penault; Clement Patonier: each 40 0 0
Susanne and Catherine de Portneuf 30 0 0
Mary Perer 15 0 0
Amalia Louise, Princess of Portugal 80 0 0
Judith de Roux and Mary de Roux, her daughter 20 0 0
Jaqueline Godeau de la Roche 17 0 0
Judith Ricard 15 0 0
Frances Mary Renaud 12 0 0
Lady Charlotte de Roussy 400 0 0
Marquis de Rochegude and after his decease Charlotte de Roussy 100 0 0
Mark Anthony Reboul 20 0 0
Eliza[beth] and Susanna Robethon 40 0 0
Constantine de Reneville 50 0 0
John de Rochegude 50 0 0
Catherine Seigler 50 0 0
Jean de la Salle 40 0 0
Susanna de Sarriere 30 0 0
Susanna de Sercler 20 0 0
Blanch Samasan 15 0 0
Frances Sarette 12 0 0
Margaret Sarrau and Susanna Sarrau: each 10 0 0
Henrietta de Samasan and Mary de Samasan: each 15 0 0
Madmlle de Souselles of the Society of Harlem 20 0 0
Amalie de Stirum and Mary Ursuline de Stirum each 50 0 0
Nicholas de Rambouillet de la Sabliere and his wife 150 0 0
Henrietta Pons de Thors 60 0 0
Pierre de la Touch 50 0 0
Mary de There and Mary de Blagny 60 0 0
Eliza[beth] and Benigne Torteron 34 0 0
Judith de Proisy Debte de Tugny 30 0 0
Bernard de Vigneau 80 0 0
Claude de Veneville 70 0 0
Michael de Vassor 60 0 0
Margaret and Henrietta de Villenuve 40 0 0
Thomasse la Cour Vicouse 30 0 0
Judith Valentine 25 0 0
Eliza[beth] Verron 15 0 0
Mary Veniere 15 0 0
Eliza[beth] de Vebron 12 0 0
Mary Vervillon 12 0 0
Mary St. Faux Vicouse. 25 0 0
François Verriere 15 0 0
Gabriel de Rosset a Veugle 12 0 0
Isabella de la Verie 16 0 0
£7,367 0 0
The said Jacob de la Motte Blagny is to pay the above list by quarterly payments on the production of a certificate signed by three at least of the principal [Huguenot] Refugees residing in London of the alterations made in the aforegoing Establishment by death. He is to deliver the acquittances or other vouchers which he receives to the person from whose hands he shall receive the money for payment thereof to the end they may be delivered to the Auditors of Imprests. King's Warrant Book XXIX, pp. 274–9.
Aug. 25. Royal sign manual to Walter Chetwynd [Paymaster of the King's private pensions and bounties]. The several persons undernamed were inserted on our former Establishment for the pensions set against their names respectively. But we have thought fit to respit and suspend the payment of the said pensions until a strict examination be passed on the persons receiving the same, so as we may thereby be informed that these instances of our bounty are bestowed on such objects who by reason of their services, sufferings or misfortunes by and under the Crown are worthy and deserving our favour in that behalf. Therefore upon the appearance of any of the said persons for their pensions you are to examine and interrogate them touching their pretensions to the said pensions and the proofs, certificates and testimonials they have to support the same. And from time to time as such examinations shall by you be taken, you are to exhibit the same in writing to the Treasury Lords to be laid before us for our further pleasure therein.
per an.
£ s. d.
Mary Ashton 30 0 0
Margaret Abernathy 20 0 0
Mary Austen 8 0 0
Jane Berkley (in the margin: died before Midsummer 1718) 200 0 0
Williamina Bunce 50 0 0
Richard Miller, for Brassley's children 44 0 0
Eliza[beth] Bedford 40 0 0
Eliza[beth] Belcher 20 0 0
Martha Bastin 20 0 0
Jane Bell 20 0 0
Catherine Buck 15 0 0
Sarah Brown 11 0 0
Eliza[beth] Batten 10 0 0
Jane Guenon de Beaubuisson and Ann and Jane, her daughters 100 0 0
Ann Christian 60 0 0
Magdalen Cunningham 30 0 0
Ann Collins 20 0 0
Elinor Conway 20 0 0
Thomas Chamberlain 18 0 0
Isaac Crocker 12 0 0
Elinor Clauson 8 0 0
Dame Jane Douglas and her daughters 70 0 0
Ann Duke 45 12 0
John Dwyre 36 10 0
Hester Dawson 30 0 0
Eliza[beth] Disney 20 0 0
Ann Disney 20 0 0
Jane Dickenson 20 0 0
Rebeca Flower 20 0 0
Judith Fitzharry 20 0 0
Ann Fitzharry 50 0 0
Oswald Fawn 18 0 0
Martha Francis 50 0 0
John Goslin 50 0 0
Gregory Genuini 50 0 0
Amy Goldsborough 20 0 0
Eliza[beth] Gibson 15 0 0
Eleanor Goddard 12 0 0
Katherine Hildsley 50 0 0
Eliza[beth] Hyde 50 0 0
Major Nathaniel Hill 50 0 0
Catherine Harlackenden 40 0 0
Mary Hill 40 0 0
George Holder 22 0 0
Sarah Hussy 20 0 0
Eliza[beth] Harris 20 0 0
Mary Hutton 12 3 4
Tabeitha Haughton 10 0 0
Penelope Hutton 12 3 4
Abra[ha]m Kemp 40 0 0
Susanna Leighton 100 0 0
Eliza[beth] Mackdonnell 30 0 0
Eliza[beth] Mackraken 30 0 0
Mary Marshall 30 0 0
Mary Mitchell 20 0 0
Sarah Miller 13 4 0
Margaret Mar 15 0 0
Cecilia Newberry 40 0 0
Eliza[beth] Newman 20 0 0
Hannah Neville 80 0 0
Robert Paltock 40 0 0
Lady Mary Prestwich 40 0 0
Rowland Pierce 40 0 0
Frances Plunket 30 0 0
Ann Pack 30 0 0
Rebecca Pauldon 25 0 0
Edward Purcell 20 0 0
Jane Piggot 20 0 0
William Powell 40 0 0
Ann Pugh 20 0 0
Charlotte Ricaut 40 0 0
Deborah Roleston 30 0 0
Magdalen Ross 30 0 0
Mary Reeves 60 0 0
Eliza[beth] Rossington 30 0 0
Capt. Roger Raven 27 7 6
Eliza[beth] Reynolds 10 0 0
Catherine Roberts 10 0 0
Rabsey Smithsby 20 0 0
Richard Sydenham 20 0 0
Victoria Slingsby 20 0 0
Mary Shelly (continued on the new Establishment in the name of Jo[h]n Hadley: so not under examination) 41 10 0
Mary Simons 20 0 0
Eliza[beth] Sewell 20 0 0
Eliza[beth] Slingsby 20 0 0
Marg[aret] Simpson 15 0 0
Sarah Simpson 15 0 0
Maro Saintlo 10 0 0
Ann Struther 10 0 0
Dorothy Torway 50 0 0
Mary Thornicroft 60 0 0
Windham Tomson 10 0 0
Clifton Tomson 10 0 0
Catherine Tessin 10 0 0
Magdalen Thomas 10 0 0
Thomas Tagg 10 0 0
Eliza[beth] Wandesford 50 0 0
Mary Whittle 40 0 0
Mary Walter 20 0 0
Sarah Wright 20 0 0
Teresa Wroughton 6 0 0
Catherine Walters 5 0 0
3,102 10 8
deduct ut supra 41 10 0
£3,061 0 8
King's Warrant Book XXIX, pp. 280–2.
Aug. 25. Money warrant for 1,990l. to the Commissioners of the Equivalent for six months from 2 Jan. 1717–18 to 1718 July 2 on the allowances as follows, viz. as by the privy seal dated 1716 Aug. 17, supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXX, p. 387:
per an.
each of the six Commissioners 3,000
the Secreta y 200
the Accountant 100
four clerks, one at 80l., three at 60l. each 260
a messenger 40
a doorkeeper 40
a housekeeper 40
rent for an office 100
stationery ware, coals, candles &c. 200
(Money order dated Aug. 26 hereon for said sum to be paid to George Fisher.) Money Book XXVII, pp. 7–8. Order Book X, p. 176.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to innovate a lost money order in the name of John Waller of London, merchant, viz. No. 958, for an annuity of 100l. payable to him and his son, Henry Waller, for life, and a ditto, No. 959, for 100l. payable to him and Richard Waller, his son, for life; both annuities being payable out of the 3,700l. per week Excise as by the Act 2–3 Anne, c. 3: the said John Waller having delivered the said orders into the Exchequer 1717 Oct. 1 [in order to his receiving the annuities due thereon], but they have not received the said orders back again from the Exchequer, neither hath he nor any person by his order, privity or direction received the quarter's annuity then due thereon.
Prefixing: two separate affidavits by the said John Waller of the loss as above. Order Book X, pp. 174–5.
Aug. 25. Letter of direction for 500l. to Walter Chetwynd on the unsatisfied order in his name “as Paymaster of certain annual pensions and bounties established by his Majesty”: and is intended to be by him paid over to Thomas Coke, Esq., Vice Chamberlain of the Household, for half a year to June 24 last on his pension of 1,000l. per an. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 143.
Christopher Tilson (in the absence of the Treasury Secretaries) to the Customs Commissioners to hasten their report on the petition of John Bursey, ut supra, p. 431. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 348.
Henry Kelsall (in the absence of the Treasury Secretaries) to the Salt Duties Commissioners. My Lords have read your account of the sums now standing out on the Salt Duties. You are to distinguish therein what sums you think desperate. Ibid.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners. My Lords have preferred Joseph Knight from a tidesman in the Hundred List to be a landwaiter, London port, loco Thomas Wisdom. You are to place Edward Barber on the Hundred List in place of said Knight. Ibid.
Same to same to send an officer of the Customs to seal the goods of Francis Palmes, Esq., at his house in Pall Mall, he being on his departure as Envoy to Poland. Ibid., p. 349.
Treasury reference to same of the petition of John Caswell, merchant, owner of the ship Evelin, lately arrived from Jamaica, showing that same is seized by Mr. Scott, Surveyor of the Navigation Act, for sailing with more foreign hands than are allowed by the Act; petitioner praying delivery of the ship. Reference Book IX, p. 405.
Same to the Board of Works of the petition of P. Vernatti, widow, for payment of 332l. 14s.d. for lighting lamps for the two Houses of Parliament between March 1716 and March 1718. Ibid.
Royal warrant dated Hampton Court to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to pay a pension of 150l. per an. to Charles Lancaster, a Lieut. in the Regiment of Carabineers in Ireland: to wit from the commencement of the present Establishment of Ireland: he having by the royal warrant of 1714–15 Jan. 21 been granted a like pension on the Military Establishment of Ireland, but the same having been omitted upon the framing of the present Establishment. Out Letters (Ireland) X, p. 217.