Volume 15: August 1-October 30 1691

Pages 187-200

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 1, 1556-1696. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1868.

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August 1–October 30 1691

Aug. 1. 1. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Sir John Lithieulier, Knt., and other merchants of London, owners and freighters of the ship, “Expedition,” concerning the infringement of the Navigation Laws by employment of foreigners; whereby he incurred a duty of 1 per cent., advising that the duty be remitted. Dated 1 Aug. 1691.
Accompanied by the petition. 3 pages.
Aug. 3. 2. Memorial of the Lord William Pawlett, receiver of the revenue of Green Wax, at a rent of 500l. per ann., to the Lords of the Treasury; showing that “there was 500li due to their Majesties, for a year's rent at Lady Day last; but his patent past not till June, & hath recd bnt 220li of that revenue. Prays a quar may be remitted,” &c.
With this minute:—“3 Aug. '91. Laid by.” One sheet.
Aug. 3. 3. Report of Mr. Wm. Lowndes to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of the inhabitants of Mortlake, Putney, Kingston, Petersham, Ham, and Richmond, concerning the taxation of the New Park which was taken out of those parishes; advising that he cannot offer his opinion that the moneys assessed upon the park should be abated as the petitioners desired out of the remaining payments to be made by them; but that the Comrs should cause the money charged upon the park to be re-assessed upon the division of the county in which it lay. Dated 3 Aug. 1691.
Minuted (1.):—“4 Augst 1691. The Lords upon reading this report do consent that the 4 quarterly payments sett upon New Park may be allowed or discharged by certificates, as formerly; and Mr Duncombe, the recr, to have notice thereof and to governe himselfe accordingly.”
“(2d.) 25 Sept. 91. Upon hearing, Mr Attor. and Mr Duncomb in this matter, the Lords think this a matter of law, & more properly determinable in the Court of Exchequer, then at this Board.” 6 pages (brief size).
The petition referred to.
Aug. 3. 4. Report of William Robinson to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the pay due to the regiment of foot, commanded by Brigadier Stewart, for four months from 1 May to 1 Sept., to which time most of the Irish army were cleared. Certified 3 Aug. 1691.
Accompanied by a letter, signed J. Bernard, addressed to Lord Godolphin, on the affairs of the said Brigadier Stewart. 3½ pages.
Aug. 3.]
5. Memorial of Lieut.-Col. Peirce, lieutenant - colonel to the regiment of foot commanded by Sir H. Bellasyse, stating that the regiment was ordered to embark for Flanders, and was unprovided with tents, clothes, baggage, horses, &c., and further that there was a great arrear due to them for the time they served in Ireland; praying for four months' pay. Without date.
Minuted:—“3 Aug. '91. Mr Fox to state what is due to them on their Irish arrears, & my L. Ranelagh to state what is due to them for their clearings since they came to England.” 1 page.
Aug. 4. 6. Memorial (signed) of divers owners or masters of vessels, engaged in the transport service, to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that they had continued above 24 months in that service, without their just pay, contrary to the tenor of their charter party; praying for at least 10 months' pay. Their Majesties' Comr had given them notice to be ready at an hour's time, and to provide sufficiently. The proposed tallies would not answer their necessities, being attended with a charge of at least 15 per cent., &c. Dated 4 Aug. 1691 1 page.
Aug. 4. 7. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, desiring Her Majesty's special warrant might be obtained, for allowing 800l. on the account of Mr. Carlton, who was collector of customs in the port of Cork, and who had paid the Earl of Marlborough that sum, which the latter required upon the unfortunate accident of blowing up the “Breda” frigate, wherein was the cash for subsisting the forces under his command. Dated Dublin Castle, 4 Aug. 1691.
Minuted:—“A warrt to be prepared and a copy of ye affidavit & acquittances to be sent to Mr. Fox. 28 Aug. '91.”
An affidavit and copy of two receipts. 4 pages.
Aug. 4.]
8. Petition of Ensign Joseph Fearon, showing that he served as ensign in Col. Monroe's regiment in Londonderry the whole time of the siege, and after the siege was added to Col. Michelburne's regiment, and at the storming of the city of Limerick lost his leg, on 27 Aug. 1690; praying on account of his helpless condition to be provided for.
Referred by Her Majesty's order, 4 Aug. 1691, to the Lords of the Treasury to make him an allowance.
Minuted:—“To be recommended to my Ld Ranelagh to be put into Chelsea Hospital, 31 Augt '91.”
Copy of a certificate bearing out the petition. 2 pages.
Aug. 5. 9. Presentment of the Comrs of Transportation to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that they had represented on the 27th and 29th past that to put the transport ships into any condition to serve longer they must speedily be supplied with money, amounting to 15,528l. The owners of the ships there [? London] and at Bristol were very dissatisfied with the payment by tallies, by reason that the sum allowed if paid in ready money would scarce suffice to repair their ships and victual the men for three months, and pay a small part of the wages, and it would cost 15l. in the 100l. to put off their tallies; and therefore they prayed that tallies might be struck for so much more in the hundred, or double the allowance for repairs. The seamen at the out-ports were much in want of clothes and money to support their families; they would all desert, as many had done. They could not be furnished with shipping without ready money to transport from Cork to Ostend 10,000 foot and 600 horse, at a charge of 12,372l., as they would be obliged to hire 4,124 tons of shipping to complete the tonnage necessary for that service.
Mr. Blathwayt had acquainted them that about 500 recruits for foreign regiments in Ireland were shortly to be transported from Highlake, and Capt. Atkinson informed them that the provisions at Highlake were spent, and no more to be had without “present money,” his engagements being already near 2,000l. The charge of these provisions would be 150l. Their Lordships had ordered 1,200l. to be divided between Highlake and Bristol, out of which they intended to pay a bill of Capt. Atkinson's of 700l., and the rest to Mr. Henley, and it would be a great discouragement to them if they were not paid. They had computed the charge of transporting from hence to Holland 110 men of the Guards, at 64l. They prayed their Lordships to remember their former presentment of 7,488l. 18s. 2d., due for provisions, whereof 3,633l. 7s. 2d. remained of the estimate of 16,133l. 7s. 2d., made in the previous January, which was approved by their Lordships, and payment thereof promised and ordered; in confidence whereof they proceeded to make provisions to carry men to Flanders and Ireland, which were not then paid for. Dated 5 Aug. 1691.
Also the presentment of 29 July referred to. 4½ pages.
Aug. 6. 10. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the bringing in of tobacco stalks from Holland and other places, which, by a new invention of rolling and pressing, supply the use of tobacco, to the great prejudice of the revenue; recommending the destruction of the stalks. Dated 6 Aug. 1691.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” 1 page.
Aug. 11. 11. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, craving their Lordships' warrant in favour of the collectors of taxes being allowed the sums assessed on the gaugers for the poll tax, which the collectors had paid, and the gaugers were unable to repay. Dated 11 Aug. 1691.
Minuted:—“Agreed to, 28 Aug. '91.”
Enclosing a previous memorial on the same subject dated 2 Oct 1690. 3 pages.
Aug. 11. 12. Letter docquetted:—“Ld Nottingham to Lds of the Treãry in behalf of Mr Russell, minister of ye French church in Dublin; pension 50 li p[er] an.” Dated 11 Aug. 1691.
Minuted:—“To be respited till ye establishmt of Ireland is settled. 28 Augt. '91.” 1 page.
Aug. 11. 13. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury upon a memorial on behalf of the Earl of Derby; praying for the renewal of an order for permitting him to export and import, to and from the isle of Man, all such household provisions and other necessaries, free from customs and excise, as had been usually allowed; advising that the same privileges should be continued as he and his ancestors had enjoyed; the report further draws attention to the hardships sustained by one of the officers of customs from the Earl and the Governor appointed by him. Dated 11 Aug. 1691.
Docquetted:—“Earl of Derby's memll concerning household provisions to be exported & imported to & from the isle of Mann.”
With two enclosures. 4 pages and 2 halves.
Aug. 12.]
14. Petition of Robert Kerington, linendraper, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, to be appointed as one of the landwaiters at the Custom House, London.
Referred to the Comrs of Customs. 12 Aug. 1691. 2 pages.
Aug. 13. 15. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Nehemiah Williamson, late searcher of the customs in the ports of Carlisle and Whitehaven, who was, as he states, removed from that office because he was prevented by violent sickness from taking the oaths and test; praying to have his great charge and loss of employment taken into consideration; the report leaves the matter to their Lordships' consideration. Dated 13 Aug. 1691.
Minuted:—“The C. C. to certifye the Lords what expence he hath been at for the King's service. 23 Nov. 1691.”
Accompanied by the petition and six other documents. 9 pages.
Aug. 17.]
16. Memorial of Charles Lord Baltemore to the Lords of the Treasury, seeking that his agents might collect the impost and duties from such masters of ships as did not give bills in Maryland in August 1690, being 27 in number.
Referred to the Comrs of Customs. 17 Aug. '91. 1 page.
Aug. 17.]
17. Petition of Roger Gressingham and partners, owners of the ship “Thomas and Elizabeth,” to the Lords of the Treasury, for money to be issued to the Treasurer of the Ordnance for payment of the hire of their ship.
Referred to the Ordnance 17 Aug. '91. 1 page.
Aug. 17.]
18. Petition of Elinor Bonnett to the Lords of the Treasury, referring to a former petition and report (Vol. VIII., No. 40), praying that her estate might be sold to pay her debts, and that she might have the remainder.
Minuted:—“Referred to Mr. Aaron Smith 17 Aug. '91.” 1 large page.
Aug. 17.]
19. Petition of Nathaniel Pecock to the Lords of the Treasury praying for a nolle prosequi, he having shipped on board the “Griffith,” for Amsterdam, eight iron guns without paying custom, which guns were seized.
Minuted:—“August 17th, 1691. Referred to the Commissioners of the Customes.” 1 page.
Aug. 28.]
20. Petition of Mr. Thomas Westrow to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that the office of Treasurer of the Customs was vacant by the death of Mr. Fox; offering to give security to discharge the debt due from him, and to advance for His Majesty's service 10,000l., in order to be intrusted in that capacity.
Minuted:—“August 28th, 1691. To be considered when the Board is full.” 1 page (quarto).
Aug. 29. 21. Report of Sir John Sommers, Knt., Solicitor-General, upon the report of the Comrs of Customs, made upon the petition of the governor and company of merchants of England trading to the Levant seas, touching the duties payable upon box-wood and a certain sort of ashes by them imported from the Levant, called weed-ashes, viz., as to whether or not box-wood and weed as imported from Turkey were chargeable with the new imposition upon East India goods, &c. Dated 29 Aug. 1691.
Minuted:—“September 2d, 1691, agreed to.”
Also the petition and the Comrs report. They state that pot-ashes properly so called are made of wood twice burnt, and are used chiefly for the making of soap, that barillia or saffora are ashes made of a weed near Alicant and are also twice burnt, and are used for the making of glass; and that weed ashes of Turkey, or Egypt, are used for the same purposes as the barillia of Spain, and also for whitening linen, but are made of many sorts of weeds together, and pass but one operation of fire. 3½ page.
[? About
Aug. 31.]
22. Petition of the Earl of Longford and the rest of the Comrs for the management of the forfeitures of the rebels of Ireland; complaining of the lameness and imperfection of their commission, so that their proceedings would not answer the end designed, all which they had represented to the King, but they had received no answer, stating that they had substituted persons of good quality and interest, and of the clearest reputation, in the several counties, as comrs for seizing and securing the forfeitures, whose returns they had delivered into the Court of Exchequer; that the seizures were of considerable value; that the petitioners did also secure to many Protestants their property and that they had answered above 1,000 petitions; praying to receive satisfaction for the six months time they were employed.
Accompanied by “An abstract of the forfeitures of goods & chattels to their Majties, which by vertue of a commission from their said Majties were seized & soe returnd in the severall counties of ye kingdom of Ireland.”
Minuted:—“31 Augt '91. To be laid before ye King.
Also a list of the persons commissioned. 3 large pages.
Aug. 31.]
23. Petition of Maurice Reighnolds, harper in ordinary to their Majesties, showing that though he was sworn in his office on 12 Jan. 1689, he had not been placed on the establishment of the Treasurer of the Chamber, and had not received his stipend; praying to be placed on the same.
Minuted:—“Respited 31 Augt '91. ½ page.
Aug. 31.]
24. Petition of Ed. Tyrringham, gent., to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that he was keeper by patent for life of the Middle Walk in the Great Park of Windsor; but that Baptist May obtained a grant of the same and King Charles II. settled a pension on the petitioner, of 100l. a year, in lieu thereof; praying for his said pension.
From memoranda on the dorse, this petition was under consideration at intervals between 31 Aug. 1691, and 29 May 1695, on which date there is this minute:—“To be considered when the K. returnes.”
There is also a certificate written on it, in his favour, by the said Baptist May. ½ sheet.
Sept. 2.]
25. Report of the Lords Justices of Ireland, on the petition of Dr. Gorges, showing that the estate of Patrick Barnwell was forfeited by rebellion in 1641, and one moiety was assigned to Dr. Gorges, and the other to divers soldiers, and afterwards the petitioner became entitled to the whole, but was ejected in 1689 by Patrick the grandson of the said Patrick, and other proceedings ensued thereon; recommending the acceptance of the former letters patent and the grant of others, according to the prayer of the petitioner. Referred 2 Sept. 1691.
Minuted:—“September 14, 1691. My Lords do not oppose the validity of his first letters patents, if they remaine good in law, but cannot advise the granting of new.” Again:—“January 23, 1691. To be laid before the King.” 2 pages.
Sept. 4. 26. Report of the Comrs for the Revenue of Ireland, on the petition of the Lady Marchioness of Antrym, setting forth, “the incumbrances due to her Ladyship, on the estate of the late Earl of Antrym, particularly on the barony of Carylong, since set apart by the Marquis of Antrym for the payment of debts:” recommending the appointment of a commission of enquiry speedily, until which they cannot make a satisfactory report. Dated 4 Sept. 1691.
Minuted:—“The Commrs to take care to satisfy ye Marchioness in wt is due to her, upon her jointure, unless they have any objections to ye contrary. 22 Sept. '91.” 2 pages.
Sept. 4. 27. Letter of the Earl of Nottingham to the Lords of the Treasury, acquainting them that the Queen would have them order the account to be stated of what was due upon the pensions to all the reformed French officers, and in the meantime allow them what they thought fit for their necessary subsistence. Dated 4 Sept. 1691.
Minuted:—“To bee laid before the Queene.”
Also a report of Mr. Chas. Fox, dated 1 Sept. 1691, on the petition of several sick, wounded, and otherwise disabled French reformed officers, written on the back of the petition (in French). 3 pages (quarto).
Sept. 8. 28. Presentment of the Comrs of Transportation to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that the Lords of the Admiralty had directed them by their order to provide passage and provisions for 420 men of the Duke of Bolton's regiment, to be carried to the Leeward Islands in the ships then bound thither, the usual rate for passage and provisions being 5l. a head; but they did not see how provision could be made for them by the 15th inst., when the ships were to sail from the Nore. The estimate amounted to 2,488l. 10s. Dated 8 Sept. 1691.
The copy of the order referred to. 2 pages.
Sept. 9. 29. Presentment by the Comrs for Transportation to the Lords of the Treasury, concerning the order of the Comrs of the Admiralty requiring them to provide passage and provisions for 420 men by the 15th of the month, at the Nore; setting forth the backwardness of the owners and masters of the ships to take in the soldiers, pretending the time was short, the soldiers would be unruly, and that they were bound to Barbadoes; that it would take up a month at least to get back from the Leeward Islands to Barbadoes, and if they undertook to carry soldiers to Barbadoes only, they would not carry them under 3l. a head, the Comrs finding provisions, &c.; further they had discoursed with other commanders, who would be ready at the time prefixed, and had better accommodation, as they would go in ballast and would carry the troops to Barbadoes and provide for them at 5l. a head. In regard to the report that went about that there were no goods at the Leeward Islands, ships could not be had to carry them direct at less than 6l. a head. They sought advice as to which course should be adopted. Dated 9 Sept. 1691.
The following was added afterwards:—
“Since the drawing this presentment, and after Exchange time, wee have further discours'd with other masters who will take in the soldiers and carry them to the Leeward Islands at 3l. per head, or at 50 shillings, their Maties findeing the provisions,” &c. 2 pages.
Sept. 9. 30. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on an Order in Council, made upon the petition and proposals of William Carter, concerning his endeavours to cut off all trade and commerce with France. Dated 9 Sept. 1691.
Accompanied by a copy of the proposals and copies of the Order in Council, a warrant, and a previous report on the same subject. 5 pages and 3 halves.
Sept. 10. 31. Order in Council on the petition of the agents of Maryland, praying that the several persons indebted by bills of exchange or otherwise for the duty of 12d. per hogshead on tobacco, might be proceeded against, as their Majestys' debtors, that so the agents might defray their charges and expenses, &c.; referring the matter to the Lords of the Treasury. Dated 10 Sept. 1691.
Also the petition. 3 pages.
Sept. 11. 32. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Grace, Mary, and Elizabeth Carr, daughters of the late consul in Holland, who had imported certain East India silks which were forfeited; and then prayed for their Majesties' part of the forfeiture. Dated 11 Sept. 1691.
Minuted:—“The King's part granted to the petitioners.”
Accompanied by the petition. 2 pages.
Sept. 21. 33. Report of the Comrs of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Freeman Collins, praying payment of a bill of exchange drawn upon the office of Ordnance by the late Duke of Schomberg for 126l. 17s., payable to the master of a vessel, who carried stores to Ireland and borrowed the above sum of the petitioner. Dated 21 Sept. 1691.
Minuted:—“Nothing can be don at present. 22 Sept. '91.”
The petition, a letter from Mr. Henry Guy, and a certificate of the Duke of Schomberg relating thereto. 4 pages.
Sept. 21. 34. Report of Mr. Charles Chetwynd to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Charles Nicholas Eyre, Esq., carver to Her Majesty, who prayed for the grant of the office of constable of Hardleigh Castle, in North Wales, certifying that the office had been usually granted by their Majesties' predecessors by patent, and that Sir Evan Lloyd had a grant of it during pleasure, with the usual salary of 50l. per ann., and that it was then void and would be a convenient thing for the petitioner. Dated 21 Sept. 1691.
Written on the back of the petition. 2 pages.
Sept. 23. 35. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, upon a proposal for re-establishing the office of Surveyor General of the Customs; referring their Lordships to a report of the Board of 21 June 1689, on that subject, and further giving their Lordships an account of the manner in which that service was then performed, and concluding thus:—“That if such an office were set up it is not likely that it would fall into ye hands of men of better knowledge and experience in the customs.” Dated 23 Sept. 1691.
The copy of the report and the proposal referred to. 3 pages.
Sept. 24. 36. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Hinton Rogers, late clerk to Charles Dering, Esq. late controller of the hearth money, as to the payment of the salaries of the clerks. Dated 24 Sept. 1691.
Minuted:—“It is not properly before ye Lds. 13 Oct. 1691.”
The petition, an affidavit, and a letter. 3½ pages.
Sept. 26. 37. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Sir Thomas Dereham, that they do not object to the payment of the petitioner's arrears and salary as controller of the port of Lynn Regis, the office having been well executed by deputies. Dated 26 Sept. 1691.
Minuted:—“Granted, j. xbr '91.”
Also the petition. 2 pages.
Sept. 30. 38. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Samuel Hardwick, late receiver general of hearth money for the counties of Dorset, Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall, speaking highly of him as a meritorious officer, and certifying that he returned to London the greatest part of the money he received by Thomas Morris, the Exeter carrier, who, soon after the King's landing in the west, failed, and had in his hands 200l. and more, paid him by the petitioner, and the petitioner was forced to accept 110l. for his debt; recommending the allowance to him of the 90l. Dated 30 Sept. 1691.
Accompanied by his petition and an affidavit. 4 pages.
Oct. 2. 39. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Matthias Miller, controller of the customs in the port of Carlisle; advising that he should be allowed his arrears of 40s. per ann., as formerly paid, for returning his port books and the accruing allowance for the future, as well as some other recompence for considerable services done for the revenue, which were not incumbent on his office. Dated 2 Oct. 1691.
Minuted:—“The arrears to be pd 2 Oct. '91.”
Accompanied by the petition and a memorandum. 2½ pages.
Oct. 2.]
40. “Debt. State of the workes and buildings to Micħmas '91.” A paper so docquetted, containing an account of the whole debt owing in the office of their Majesties' works, pursuant to their lordships' directions of 2 Oct. 1691. 1 large page (imperfect).
Oct. 5. 41. Memorial of Mr. John Lithered to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that he attended the Comrs of Customs with Mr. Hough, who came to town on Saturday, and he believed he was more indisposed in mind than body, the true reason being that he had been tampering with persons to set their names to certain certificates, which (the petitioner would undertake to make appear, by affidavits from substantial well-affected persons about Margate,) were for the most part criminals in that affair, as well as himself, especially Francis Diggs and others, who were as true French and self-interested persons as Mr. Wells, the officer at Sandwich, was, or as Mr. Hough himself was when an officer in Sussex, or Sir Nicholas Butler when a Comrs of Customs, and he wished that there was not reason to expect that there were some “of the same kidney” at the Hon. Board at that time. The petitioner avers that it was commonly reported that he was gone to France almost as soon as he got out of sight, and his wife was abused by the mob, who rent her clothes from her and her flesh in several parts, telling her her husband was a rogue and gone to France to sell us, notwithstanding which the Comrs credited his certificate more than the petitioner's certificate. Dated 5 Oct. 1691.
A brief note from the petitioner to Sir John Lowther, Bart., praying that the foregoing might be read at the same time as the report from the Comrs of Customs.
[See the report referred to, dated 7 Oct. 1691.] 1½ pages.
Oct. 6. 42. Report of officers of the Ordnance Office, on the petition of the gunmakers of London, which showed that 20,000l. was due to them, that they were prevented making arms for the Irish militia, for which 10,000l. in ready money would have been paid to them, &c.; giving as their opinion that it will utterly ruin the petitioners if their Lordships compel them to take tallies for the moneys due, and recommending the payment of 6,000l. to them then, and the rest weekly. Dated 6 Oct. 1691.
Minuted:—“To be provided for out of ye funds already assigned for ye Ordnance 9 Octobr 1691.”
The petition referred to and another petition on the same subject.
Also a further paper containing the case of the gunmakers of London. 4 pages.
Oct. 6. 43. “The Representation of ye Comrs for stateing ye accompts of the army in Ireland to the Honble ye Comrs appointed by Parliament for ye examination of all publicque accompts in England.”
There is a memorandum that it was received Oct. 6, 1691. 6 pages.
Oct. 7. 44. Letter signed by Edward Peirs and three other [East India seamen], dated ship “Cæsar,” to the Hon. Mr. Hamden, stating that they had been “protected”to serve the King against the East India Company, to give evidence for the prizes taken from the Great Mogul; praying for their salary.
Letter on the same subject, signed Ri. Hutchinson, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, saying “Wee have done wth them (i.e. the seamen) and their Lops may doe what they please to be rid of them, & that he had no fund.” Dated 7 Oct. 1691. 2 pages (quarto).
Oct. 7. 45. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Randall Wilmer, Esq., late collector of the petty customs in the port of London; in favour of his being paid three quarters of a year's salary, due to him as customer and collector of petty customs inwards, at 62l. 6s. 8d. per ann. Dated 7 Oct. 1691.
Minuted:—“Granted, 9 Octobr 1691.
Also the petition and a memorandum. 1 page and 3 halves.
Oct. 7. 46. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the annexed papers of complaint from John Watkins and John Lithered, against Abraham Hough the officer at Margate, for discovering and making known the design and business which the said Lithered was employed in, by Her Majesty's particular order, to the great hazard of his life on his arrival at Calais, and also for taking away and securing in their Majesty's warehouse certain goods, which were brought over by Lithered, and colourably seized by Watkins, the better to prevent any suspicion of them both in England and France; exculpating Hough from the charge made against him, and advising that half the moiety of the value of the goods might be disposed of between Watkins and Lithered, and as a farther reward that they might be recompensed with their Majesties' moiety of the goods after condemnation. Dated 7 Oct. 1691.
In the affidavit by John Lithered he says, “So soon as this dept arrivd in France, he & his company were taken into custody, being discovered by means of the sd Huff as this dept verily believeth, to Sir James Garrendine, agent at Dunkirk for the late K. James.”
The report is accompanied by 12 papers relating thereto. 14 pages and 4 halves.
Oct. 7. 47. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Col. Nicholas Paige, owner, and Nicholas Lawrence, master of the ketch, “Salisbury;” concerning certain goods shipped by them from Liverpool and seized at Boston, new England, as goods and merchandise of the growth, production, and manufacture of Europe. Dated 7 Oct. 1691.
Minuted:—“The Lords will not agree to ye discharging of Mr Page. 13 Oct. 1691.”
Accompanied by the petition and two other papers relating to the same. 5 pages and 2 halves.
Oct. 9.]
48. Petition of Edwd. Peirce and other mariners, belonging to the ship “Cæsar,” who were detained at home in order to appear as witnesses for their Majesties against the East India Company; praying the same allowance that had been paid to the mariners of the ship “Charles,” they having attended ever since the 26 Jan. 1690 and not being yet discharged.
Minuted:—“The prosecutors must pay 'em, 9 Oct. 1691.” 1 page.
Oct. 12.]
49. Sir Christopher Wren's answer to the petition of Sidney Wortley, Esq., and Christopher Mountagu, Esq., which states that a piece of land in Cannon Row, in the parish of St. Margaret, Westminster, was devised to the petitioners by Edward Mountagu, whose executors they were, which land the said Edward had leased to Stephen Hopwood, who had assigned it to Sir Christopher Wren, from whom there was a great arrear of rent due to the petitioners, which he refused to pay.
On the dorse:—“October 12th, 1691. To Sr Christopher Wren & Mr Attorney to bee heere on Friday in the afternoone.”
Also the petition which was referred to Sir Chr. Wren on 30 June 1691. 2 pages.
Oct. 15. 50. Report of Lord Ranelagh on the memorial of the Earl of Monmouth, as to men detached from the regiment commanded by him, and sent to Flanders and Ireland; as to payment of levy money to the said Earl to fill up his regiment; as to officers and soldiers respited by him, and as to pay to be allowed. Dated 15 Oct. 1691.
The memorial, a list of the respites of the officers, and an inventory and valuation of corporals', drummers', and soldiers' apparel.
Also a duplicate copy of the memorial and the other papers except the report. 11 pages.
Oct. 18. 51. Letter of Francis Huddleston addressed to Henry Guy, Esq., at the Treasury Chamber, stating that it was his design to put in for general receiver of the next “sess.” which should be granted to their Majesties in Yorkshire. Sir John Lowther was always very kind to him, and he was well known to Mr. Pellam, at Oxford. Dated 18 Oct. 1691. 1 page.
Oct. 19. 52. Presentment by the Comrs for Transportation to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that Mr. Frenly complained very much of want of money. He had disbursed 1,969l. 13s. 2d., and had orders to buy 20,000 bushels of oats, and there was due to Capt. Atkinson, for provisions at Highlake, 830l. 13s.d., and no more stores could be had but for ready money; praying for a present supply. Dated 19 Oct. 1691. 1 page.
Oct. 19. 53. Copy of report of the Lords of the Admiralty, on the petition of Martin Perse, gent., concerning the amount due to him (754l. 9s. 11d.) as executor to John Chudleigh, who was purser of their Majesties' ships, the “Bonaventure” and “Reserve,” upon five navy bills; giving their opinion that the bills ought to be paid in their course. Dated 19 Oct. '91.
Accompanied by the petition, which is minuted:—“To be paid in course, 24th Nov. 1691.” 2 half pages.
Oct. 20.]
54. Petition of Israel Hayes to the Lords of the Treasury, as to a renewal of a lease of East Coom farm, late in his father's possession, which he sought to obtain in opposition to one Mr. Saunderson.
Accompanied by a certificate, signed G. Hayes, certifying that she, in concurrence with her son John and daughter Elizabeth, had sold to Mr. Saunderson her interest in the lease of the lands, but did not intend to prejudice her late husband's eldest son, Israel Hayes, in his hopes of the reversion of the lands.
Minuted:—“For the King, 20th Oct. 1691.” 1½ pages.
Oct. 20.]
55. Petition of Capt. Ralph Sanderson to the Lords of the Treasury, praying for a renewal of his lease of East Comb farm, near Greenwich, which was opposed by Mr. Hayes.
In support of his claim he states, “that he hath served the Crown att sea neer 30 years, in places of very great trust & experience; but more particularly he had the honor to comand the yatch which transported their present Maties into Holland after the happy celebration of their marriage here,” &c.
Minuted:—“For ye King, 20th Oct. 1691.” 1 page.
Oct. 26. 56. Presentment of the Comrs for Transportation to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that His Majesty's pleasure had been signified to them that they should provide for and ship three regiments of horse and one of dragoons, to Moredijcke or Williamstadt, in Holland, being 1,680 horses, and as many riders; sending an estimate amounting to 5,471l. 15s. 8d., but stating, that without ready money they could not obey the King's commands. Dated 26 Oct. 1691. 2 pages.
Oct. 26. 57. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, recommending the taking of Sir Eliab Harvey's house in Broad Street for 21 years, at 350l. a year, in consideration that the excise office had been kept there for many years, and that it stood well for business, in the heart of the city; praying, if their Lordships approved thereof, that they would make allowance for the same. Dated 26 Oct. 1691.
Minuted:—“Agreed to the report.” 1 page.
Oct. 27. 58. Report of Mr. Aaron Smith, on the petition of James Herbert, Esq., who prayed that the interest in the rectory and tithes of Milton, alias Middleton, in the county of Kent, held by Sir Edward Scott from the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, and by him forfeited for rebellion, might be assigned to him, the said tithes being more commodious to the petitioner than any other, and arising out of his own lands. Dated 27 Oct. 1691.
Minuted:—“19 Apr. '92. To be laid before ye King at his returne. Granted.” 3 pages.
Oct. 28.]
59. Petition of James Bleau, surgeon to the regiment under the command of the Hon. St. George [sic], showing that the regiment, in their return from Ireland, by the tediousness of passage, badness and scarcity of provisions, had 650 of the officers and soldiers seized with malignant and pestilential fevers, which was an extraordinary charge to him for medicine; praying for payment of 60l. and two months respites, and allowance for medicines for the future.
Minuted:—“October 28th, 1691. Given to the King;” and “24th Nov. 1691, not proper for the Lords to move the King.” 1 page.
Oct. 29. 60. Presentment by the Comrs of Prizes to the Lords of the Treasury, recommending that 50l. be given to Capt. Billop, as a further encouragement, above the tonnage of 10s. a ton allowed to the captors of prize vessels, under the King's declaration, the captain having succeeded in capturing a hoy of 36 tons burthen, laden with tin plates, wire, blacking, &c.; and having obtained her condemnation as prize. Dated 29 Oct. 1691.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” 1½ pages.
Oct. 30. 61. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Edward Folkingham and Andrew Lopez, of London, merchants, concerning certain elephants' teeth imported by them, offering their opinion that the prosecution by way of devenerunt was vexatious, and they saw no reason why nolle prosequi might not be entered. Dated 30 Oct. 1691.
Minuted:—“A letter to Mr Attorney to enter a nolle prosequi.”
Accompanied by the petition and three other documents. 5½ pages.