Volume 21: January 2-April 28, 1693

Pages 274-290

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 1, 1556-1696. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1868.

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January 2–April 28, 1693

Jan. 2.
1. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, upon a proposal in the names of Viscount Lansboro' and Onesiphorus Albin, for the farming of the aliens duties upon all goods imported, stating that ever since King Charles the Second resumed his customs into his own hands, under the management of Comrs, the constant received opinion had been not to let any part of that revenue into petty farms, but to comprehend them in the general management, as they fell into the King's hands; laying before their Lordships a copy of a report made by that Board in the year 1679; stating further that these farmers might (according to this proposition) exact the alien duty under pretence of some old laws, on foreign ships made free, and foreigners “indenizened;” also there was in the proposal a pretence to a grant of the fines and forfeitures of all uncustomed and prohibited goods whatsoever, by them discovered, which was directly contrary to law, &c.; advising for the better collecting the alien duty, that a law should be procured to enable the officers of customs to interrogate, upon oath, the persons who make entries at the custom house, whether the goods were the goods of an alien or not. Dated 2 Jan. 1692.
Minuted:—“L. Lansborough to have a copy of this report.”
Also the report referred to. 3½ pages.
Jan. 3. 2. Letter of the Lords of the Admiralty to the Lords of the Treasury, transmitting a copy of a representation received by them from the Comrs of the Victualling, concerning the supply of the squadron of their Majesties' ships, with two months' victuals. Dated 3 Jan. 1692–3.
Also the representation referred to. 3 pages.
Jan. 4. 3. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Rowe, Gent., one of the patent waiters of the port of Bristol, stating that some time after the discovery of the great fraud upon the ship “Bristol Merchant,” another fraud had been discovered, viz., that the petitioner had passed a parcel of cocoa under the denomination of indigo, for which he received a bribe of 10l. acquainting their Lordships that they had different opinions amongst themselves; some of their number looking upon the merit of a former discovery as an oblivion of his fault; others were of opinion that as he was to be made use of as a principal witness in the causes then depending against the merchants, upon the former discovery, it was not proper to blemish him with other crimes, and however it was, he was continued in his office, &c, Dated 4 Jan, 1692.
Minuted:—“To be restored to his place, and to be changed in some time.”
The petition and another paper. 3 pages.
Jan. 5. 4. Report of Mr. Charles Fox to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Hercules Russell, praying payment of 70l. 2s. 11d., being the arrears of pay due to him as adjutant and cornet in one of the troops of Col. Wolesley's regiment of horse, which were broke in A.D. 1691. Dated 5 Jan. 1692.
Also the petition and another petition from him, together with a paper entitled the “Case,” and a certificate. 4 pages.
Jan. 5. 5. Order in Council referring to the consideration of the Lords of the Treasury the petition of Thomas Roots, “chirurgeon” to Major-General Trelawny's regiment, in which petition he sought payment of 23l. for medicines, together with the pay due to him. Dated 5 Jan. 1692–3.
“17 Augt '93. R. to Mr Fox.” 1½ pages (much decayed).
Jan. 6. 6. Presentment of Robert Henley, one of the Comrs for Transportation, to the Lords of the Treasury, asking whether their Lordships will have him buy 1,500 bushels of wheat, which are offered him at Cork, at 6s. 9d. a bushel, or whether he shall complete the order for 1,000 barrels from England, 800 bushels of which he had shipped for Cork before he left Bristol. Dated 6 Jan. 1692. 1 page.
Jan. 7. 7. Letter signed by “Halifax, Feversham,” and others, stating that the Queen Dowager had long since exhibited a bill in the Exchequer against several of the tenants of the manor of Richmond alias West Shene, to make out the light of the Queen Dowager to that manor, to which the Attorney-General had put in no answer, and they could not discharge their trust to Her Majesty without desiring their Lordships that Mr. Attorney might be hastened therein. Dated 7 Jan. 1692–3. 1 page.
Jan. 10. 8. Report of the Committee appointed to examine the petition of their Majesties' Roman Catholic subjects not indicted or outlawed, addressed to the Lord Lieutenant and the Lords of the Council for Ireland, viz., on the petition of Nicholas Gaynor, Esq., signifying that the petitioner had during the rebellion never acted in any military or civil capacity, and demeaned himself with great moderation and kindness to his Protestant neighbours, but his estate was seized. Recommending him to His Majesty's favour, and for the remission of his quit-rent from Mich. 1688 to Easter 1692. Dated 10 Jan. 1692.
Minuted:—“To stay till ye Generall State comes over 11 Apr. '93.”
Also the petition.
Minuted:—“Agreed to and orderd to be recommended into England.” 2 pages and 2 half pages.
[Jan. 10.] 9. Petition to the King of “La Dame de Heucourt,” widow of the Seignieur D'Oberkan, brigadier of the King's armies in Piedmont, for payment of 438l. standing due for her husband's services and for a pension. Her husband died 12 July 1692 [French]. Letter of the said widow to Lord Godolphin [French] and two letters of the Earl of Nottingham thereon, one of which transmits the letter of the widow to the Lords of the Treasury. Dated 10 Jan. 1692–3.
Minuted:—“Referr to E. Ranelagh.” 3 parts of pages.
Jan. 13. 10. Letter of Viscount Sydney, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to the Lords of the Treasury, returning the petition of James Clarke, merchant, with the report made thereon, by the Solicitor-General, showing that he was one of the new aldermen of Dublin, under the late Government, in the year 1687; that he served as captain in the militia troop of horse in that city, until the rout of the Boyne, for which treason he was indicted, and was continued on bail, having behaved himself civilly to his neighbours; leaving it for consideration whether he should be pardoned and his estate restored, as it was a matter of some consequence, as a precedent for a multitude of similar cases. Dated 13 Jan. 1692–3.
Also several certificates, &c., in relation to the same matter. 12 pages and parts of pages (decayed).
Jan. 17. 11. An estimate of the expense of erecting a court in Westminster Hall, 17 Jan. 1692, for the trial of a Peer during the sessions of Parliament, after the manner of the Lord Stafford's trial. Signed by Sir Christopher Wren and two others. 1 page.
Jan. 21. 12. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Ambrose Upton, merchant, as to the payment of aliens duty, the ship “Little William” having unavoidably been worked by a portion of the crew who were foreigners; advising the discharge of the ship. Dated 21 Jan. 1692.
Minuted:—11 Apr. '93. “Agreed to.”
The petition and two other papers relating thereto. 3 pages and 2 halves.
Jan. 27. 13. Letter from the Council Board of Dublin to the Lords of the Treasury, inclosing the petition of Nicholas Gaynor, Esq., praying to be exempt from payment of his quit-rents on account of his sufferings and losses. Earnestly recommending him to their Lordships. Dated 27 Jan. 1692. 1 page (the petition not now with it).
Jan. 28. 14. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on an estimate required of what had “been produced for a year or two” by the duties on certain commodities, then proposed to be added to by Parliament. Dated 28 Jan. 1692. 1 page.
Feb. 3. 15. Memorial of the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen and exchange of prisoners, to the Lords of the Treasury, praying payment of 40,660l. 1s.d., in arrear on 1 Jan. 1692–3. Dated 3 Feb. 1692–3. 1 page.
Feb. 3. 16. Memorial on behalf of the sick and wounded seamen and prisoners of war, signed “Richard Povey, receiver,” addressed to the Lords of the Treasury; praying for the payment of 2,400l. for the present, &c. Dated 3 Feb. 1692. 1 page.
Feb. 3. 17. Report of Wm. Lowndes to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Nicholas Bedgood, as to debts owing by Thomas Price, late of London, goldsmith; he having received 10,602l. 6s. 9d., of the moneys of King James the Second, and then absconded, being indebted in all about 12,000l., his estates being liable; advising that it was in His Majesty's power to grant the debts to the petitioner, if he thought fit. Dated 3 Feb. 1692.
Written on the back of the petition. 2 pages.
Feb. 4. 18. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on a paper touching the duties on muscovado or brown sugars, and other sugars. Dated 4 Feb. 1692.
A copy of the paper referred to. 2½ pages.
Feb. 5. 19. An abstract of the English brigade of horse in Flanders, the 5th of February 1692–3; showing the names of the regiments, and what had become of them.
On the dorse:—“For ye King.” 1 page.
Feb. 6. 20. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the importation of pitch, tar, rozin, deals, oars, &c. from New England, custom free, advising that at least the old subsidy be retained. Dated 6 Feb. 1692–3.
Minuted:—“To send for & speake with Mr Taylour Thursday morning.” 1 page.
Feb. 10. 21. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, upon a letter from Matthew Webb, a landwaiter at Bristol, concerning some unwarrantable practices in that port, for which they report that they had suspended him. Dated 10 Feb. 1692–3. 1 page.
Feb. 10. 22. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the value of a parcel of silks and muslins, lately seized by Mr. Isaacson, made on the petition of James Lord “Mordington,” who prayed for the King's part in kind, to preserve himself, his lady and children, from starving. Dated 10 Feb. 1692.
Minuted:—“My Lord Mordington to have the King's part, when it is brought into the Exchequer.”
Also the petition. 2 pages.
Feb. 10. 23. Letter of Viscount Sydney to [Lord Nottingham], in which he said he found, by the Solicitor-General's report, on the petition of Mr. Gay, which he transmitted, that the office of warehouse keeper or storekeeper was directed by Act of Parliament for Ireland, of 14 & 15 Car. II., &c.; recommending the grant of the office of storekeeper in the outports of Ireland to the petitioner for three lives. Dated 10 Feb. 1692–3.
Minuted:—“17 Aug. '93. To be referr'd to ye Com[missioner]s of ye Revenue.”
The report of the Solicitor-General and an officer of customs in Ireland, the petition of the said Mr. Gay, and the copy of the proposed grant. 6 pages and 2 halves (much decayed).
Feb. 10. 24. Letter of Comrs for sick and wounded seamen and exchange of prisoners, to the Lords of the Treasury, urging on them the necessity of a present supply, and a fund to carry on the service. Dated 10 Feb. 1692–3.
Also, a letter which is a duplicate except the date, which is 14 Feb. 2 pages.
Feb. 11. 25. Letter from the Lords of the Admiralty to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that there was then a great want of seamen for the fleet; desiring their Lordships will give orders to the Comrs of Customs to employ as few seamen and watermen as possible, and that they send a list of such men as they have given protection to, and in future send a similar list monthly. Dated 11 Feb. 1692–3. 1 page.
Feb. 11. 26. Petition of Thomas Johnson, referring to the following report, complaining that almost a month after he had obtained their Lordships' reference, one Thomas West presented a petition, on which a report was made by the surveyor, setting the fine at 10l. less than to the petitioner; expressing his willingness to give 5l. above 110l. named in the report. Undated, but subsequent to the following report.
Report of William Tailer, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of the said Thomas Johnson, who sought for a grant of a small parcel of meadow ground, called Ward Mead, at Eaton, belonging to the honor of Windsor, stating his opinion that a new lease for 31 years was worth a fine of 110l., being something more than ten years' purchase; reserving the old rent of 66s. per ann. Dated 11 Feb. 1692.
Also the petition referred to 2¾ pages.
Feb. 13. 27. Letter of Viscount Sydney to the Lords of the Treasury, recommending Thomas Carter, Esq., the second serjeant-at-arms, for increase of salary; he having but 50l. per ann., and having applied to have it raised to 100l. Dated 13 Feb. 1692.
Minuted:—“17 Aug. '93. My Lds can make no addition to the establishment. till represented by ye Lds Justices.” 1 page.
Feb. 14. 28. A letter or notice, signed Edw. Noell, to Mr. Fairfield, instructing him not to charge “John Shorter Schoolman,” in his division. [Perhaps for payment of a tax or subsidy.] Dated 14 Feb. 1692. ½ page.
Feb. 20. 29. Letter of Viscount Sydney to the Lords of the Treasury, returning the petition of John Blackwell, Esq., and the report of the Solicitor-General, made upon his reference to him, stating that the petitioner was entitled as an adventurer to a share of the lands set out by Acts of Parliament, and vested in the Crown for that purpose; and that he was still deficient of his proportion about 241l. a year, the Lord Dungan and other former proprietors having been restored by the then Commissioners to several lands claimed by the Lord Kingston, in the right of the petitioner, &c.; recommending that the deficiency should be supplied out of such lands as he should discover to be vested in His Majesty by those Acts. Dated 20 Feb. 1692–3.
The report, with the note referring the matter to the Attorney-General. 5½ pages (much decayed).
20 and 21.
30. A certificate signed Ri. Hutchinson, in relation to 7,940l. 1s. 9d. which the Court of Exchequer had decreed should be paid at the receipt of Exchequer. The money arose from the tenths of all prize goods taken from the Great Mogul or his subjects, brought home in the “Charles the Second” and “New London.” Dated 20 Feb. 1692.
Also a computation of the interest of the said 7,940l. 1s. 9d., due from the East India Company, signed Jo. Knight. Dated 21 Feb. 1692–3. 2 pages.
Feb. 21. 31. Representation of the Comrs for sick and wounded and exchange of prisoners at war, to the Lords of the Treasury, about 6,800l. resting unpaid, by the Comrs of the Navy and Victualling. Dated 21 Feb. 1692–3. 1 page.
Feb. 22. 32. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the naturalization of the ship “New Dilligence.” Dated 22 Feb. 1692–3.
Four other papers relating thereto. 5 pages and a little piece.
Feb. 25. 33. Report of Mr. Aaron Smith to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Lady Rachel Russell, praying that the dissolved abbey of Strata Marcella, in the county of Montgomery, with all the lands, &c. belonging to the same, lately held by the Marquis of Powis, attainted of high treason, might be granted to her; reporting that the same lands were mortgaged to John Noel, Esq., but that their Majesties were entitled to the equity of redemption, and might grant the same. Dated 25 Feb. 1692.
Also the petition. 2 leaves.
Feb. 26. 34. Report of [Lord Ranelagh] to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Col. Richard Cunningham, and the rest of the officers of his late regiment, now commanded by Col. Buchan, in which they offered to discount the 17,000l. due to them for 13 months' pay, at 5,000l., stating that the regiment is in the same circumstances as the Earl of Argyle's was, the arrears of which were compounded for 4,000l. Dated 26 Feb. 1692.
Written on the back of the petition. There is also a copy of this report and petition, and a copy of the order for referring the petition to Lord Raglan.
Minuted:—“This report being layd before ye Lords, since ye King's going away, they think they cannot come to a determinacon, wthout ye K's direction,” &c. 2 pages and 3 halves.
Feb. 27. 35. Report of Mr. Charles Fox to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Capt. Walter Devereux, of the regiment late Col. Toby Purcell's; in favour of paying him 108l. 7s. 9d., due for his service in Ireland. Dated 27 Feb. 1692–3.
Minuted:—“To be considered when ye regimt is cleerd.” 1 page.
[? About
36. Statement of the sums granted by the Crown for the subsistence of the French Protestant refugees, since the month of Nov. 1689, and received by the French committee, which administered the Royal charities up to the last of February 1692–3. (French.)
Also another paper relating thereto. 4 pages.
37. Petition of Anthony la Montagne to the King, showing that he was a Venetian by birth, and of the Romish religion; that he was summoned before St. Martin's vestry to give bail to appear at Westminster, to take the oaths,; but, going out of town, he forgot the day, and process was issued against him for 40l.; praying to be discharged, having taken the oath of allegiance.
With a note that His Majesty was disposed to gratify the petitioner; and referred it to the Lords of the Treasury. 16 Feb. 1692–3.
Minuted:—“17 Augt. '93. R. Mr Aa. Smith.” 1 page.
March 1. 38. Report of Wm. Loundes to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Sir Thomas Grosvenor, respecting a piece of ground containing 4½ acres, which belonged to Mary, the daughter and heir of Alexander Davies, Esq., deceased, who was then the petitioner's wife, which land was taken into St. James's Park, about A.D. 1668, viz., as to the value of the land, which lay at the north-west corner of the park. Also, respecting 2½ acres of meadow at Chelsea, taken to the use of the Crown from the petitioner. Dated 1 March 1692.
Accompanied by the petition, and a schedule of the sums the petitioner sought to obtain.
Minuted:—“8 March 1693–4. For all his interest & demand in the 2 parcells to have 800l. (besides 200li paid already) upon executing such conveyance as Mr Attor[ney] shall advise at ye charge of ye petr.” 5 pages.
March 3. 39. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Ann King, who had, in ignorance, imported certain canary wine and muslin from Holland, which were prohibited; in favour of remission of their Majesties' portion of the bounty. Dated 3 March 1692–3.
The petition referred to. 2 pages.
March 4. 40. Warrant under the Royal Sign Manual to Sir Robert Cotton, Knt., and Thomas Frankland, Esq., Postmasters-General, stating that the revenue in the Post Office by the free carriage of a great number of letters and packets had suffered, and commanding them not to permit any person to send or receive free any letters or packets which ought by the Acts to be paid for, except the two Principal Secretaries of State in England, the Secretary of Scotland, Mons. Zulichen, Secretary in Holland, and the Earl of Portland, for such letters and packets only as they sent or received upon account of the King's service; and the above-named persons should not, at any time, permit any private letters to be sent under cover to them, but what they should immediately send to the General Post Office to be taxed and delivered, and that they should not cover any man's letters but their own. Dated 4 March 1692–3. 1 page.
March 6. 41. Warrant under the Royal Sign Manual to the Postmaster-General referring to the warrant of 4 March, and stating that members of both Houses of Parliament, during the sessions, and for 40 days before and after, had their single inland letters passed free, by order of King Charles II. and King James II., notwithstanding the former warrant. Allowing the continuance of the privilege, and instructing the Postmasters, that, to prevent abuses formerly practised by divers persons, (who, though they were not members, endorsed the names of members of Parliament on their letters,) the King expected each member of both Houses should write his name, and give the impression of his seal, such as he would put upon his letters, in a book to be provided for that purpose. Dated 6 March 1692. 1 page.
March 8. 42. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Thomas Starke, merchant, respecting a ship laden with tobacco coming from Virginia to England, driven on a shoal on the coast of Ireland; in favour of his landing the cargo there, in custody of the revenue officers, under certain conditions. Dated 8 March 1692–3.
The petition referred to. 1 page and 2 halves.
March 10. 43. A similar report on the petition of Josiah Bacon and others, relative to another ship laden with tobacco also driven ashore there. Dated 10 March 1692–3.
Also the petition. 2 pages.
March 11. 44. Report of the victuallers of the Navy to the Lords of the Treasury, on a petition of several merchants of London, who supplied ships for transportation of soldiers to the West Indies, and upon an Order of Council, viz., as to the allowance to be made to them for the detention of their ships beyond the terms of their agreement. It was intended they should sail at the end of September, and they did not start till 7 January; and some of them sustained great loss, by reason of bad weather, while they rode in Stokes Bay. Declining to lay down a general rule, for various reasons, but recommending demurrage to be allowed. Dated 11 March 1692–3.
Minuted:—“16 June 1693. To be read another tyme. 18 Aug. '93. To speak wth ye Commrs of ye Victualling.”
The petition and Order in Council. 3 pages.
March 11. 45. Extract of a letter from Lisbon, in relation to the supply of lead to the French, brought there by English ships, viz., as to the means of preventing the same. The writer had proposed to the King of Portugal to prohibit the transportation of any lead, and would press it further if their Lordships thought proper; suggesting that security should be taken from the masters of ships to land their lead in the Custom-house, for the use of the kingdom only. Dated March 21/11, 1692–3. 1 page (quarto).
March 13. 46. Petition of the Earl of Warrington to the Lords of the Treasury, praying for a withdrawal of the suspension of payment of his pension, and that Mr. Tayler, the auditor for the duchy of Cornwall, might speedily pay the same. Dated 13 March 1692–3. ½ page.
March 13. 47. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the reasons for the dismission of John Peter, late collector at Looe. Dated 13 March 1692–3.
Also two other documents relating thereto. 3 pages.
March 13. 48. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Robert Bristow and Timothy Poston, of London, merchants, who had shipped and sold certain pepper, reserving half the customs, which are drawn back upon exportation by debenture, which debenture was forfeited by the return of the goods, the ship having sprung a leak; praying a nolle prosequi. Dated 13 March 1692–3.
Minuted:—“11 Apr. '93. Granted.”
Also the petition referred to. 2 pages.
March 14. 49. Representation of the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen and exchange of prisoners at war to the Lords of the Treasury, referring to their memorial of 3 Feb. last, and showing that the arrears amounted to 42,660l. 1s.d.; giving a description of the deplorable state the people were in, who had supplied the sick and wounded, and stating that the fleet was ready for sea, but that the inhabitants of Portsmouth and places adjacent, to whom there was due about 12,000l., had sworn to each other that until their demands were satisfied no seaman should have the least relief. Praying the prevention of what was threatened, and the retrieval of their credit. Dated 14 March 1692–3. 1 page.
March 14. 50. “A true copy of the entries in the books in the Secretary's office, under the Chief Comrs and Governors of their Majesties' revenue of Ireland, and examined 14 March 1692–3.”
The various documents copied relate to the affairs of John Vernon, of Dublin, merchant, and Hugh Courtny, his surety, who prayed to be discharged of a debt of 447l.
—“April 19th, 1693. Sr Robert Rich represented to my Lords that none was to bee found but old Mr. Vernon, who was 73 yeares old, & not worth anything, but must rot in a jayle, & did pray a suspention of taking out execution on the judgement, not a discharge; for hee will pay the mony, if ever hee prove able.
Prosecution to be stopt till further order.” 4 pages.
March 15. 51. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs, laying before the Lords of the Treasury the case of Mr. Walter Middleton, collector of customs at Milford, concerning the loss of 250l., part of a bill of 450l. occasioned by the failure of a drover, by whom he sent up the money; advising that the Controller-General of Customs might be authorized to discharge the petitioner. Dated 15 March 1692–3.
Also the case. 2 pages.
March 16. 52. Report of William Tailer, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Benjamin Gyles and others, praying a lease for 31 years of all such copper and other mines, except tin, as they should discover to belong to their Majesties, within the lands belonging to the duchy of Cornwall. He was unaware that any such mines had been found, but was of opinion if they should be found they belonged to their Majesties, and might be granted by lease for 31 years, with certain reservations, and a 10th part (not a 20th as proposed), to be paid to their Majesties. Dated 16 March '92.
Minuted:—“11 Apr. '93. Respited till ye rept comes back on ye petn Govnr & Compa copper miners.”
Accompanied by the petition. 2 pages.
March 20. 53. Copy of report of Philip Ryley [Surveyor-General of Woods], to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Mr. May, master keeper of Hasteborough Walk, in the forest of Whittlewood, as to the repairs necessary for the lodge, &c. Dated 20 March, '92.
Minuted:—“Granted.” 1 page.
March 22. 54. Representation by the Comrs of the arrears of the late revenue of hearth money to the Lords of the Treasury, to the effect that there was paid out of the hearth money, in the counties of Northumberland, Durham, Westmorland, and Cumberland, by Samuel Turner, then Receiver-General of that revenue, to Israel Fielding, 300l.; praying that he might be directed to account for the same. Dated 22 March 1692.
Minuted:—“To speak with Mr. Fielding in this.” 1 page.
March 23. 55. A paper docquetted, “Coppie of the Act of the Lords of Thesaurie, discharging the black box, 1693.”
The warrant or “Coppie of the King's letter to the Lords of Thesaurie, 1693, in Edenbrough,” stating that he had resolved there should be no black box made use of for transporting letters and packets from our secretaries to Scotland, and from thence hither; but that each secretary should have his own packet, for which the “due” should be marked down at the Post Office here and in Scotland; and that the profits of the postage between Berwick and Edinburgh should be applied for the payment of the same, and of the flying packets. Commanding that the profits of the postage should be so employed. Unaddressed, but most likely to the Postmaster-General. Dated 23 March 1692–3.
Minuted:—“A warrant to bee prepared.” 1½ pages.
March 24. 56. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Giles Merick, merchant, of Bristol, in favour of a “nolle prosequi” being entered, on a prosecution against him for importing certain tobacco in a Dutch-built ship. Dated 24 March 1692–3.
Minuted:—“Speak wth Comrs of the Customes, & see ye minute in ye book on 27 Mar. '93.”
Also the petition and three other documents. 3½ pages, and a piece of parchment.
March 28.
57. “An extract of the Ordnance memorial to the Rt Honoble the Lords Comrs of their Maties Treasury, the 3d March 1692–3,” being of the nature of an estimate laid before the Lords of the Treasury for their consideration. Dated 28 March 1693.
Minuted:—“To be lay'd before ye K. to-morrow.” 2 pages.
March 29. 58. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Francis Mollineux, William Woollett, and William Turner, in favour of paying their claim for 788l. 13s. due to them from the regiment of horse commanded by the Lord Berkeley, and for the off-reckonings. Dated 29 March 1693.
Also the petition and two memoranda. 4 parts of pages.
March 31. 59. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Capt. Griffith Bowen, late collector of customs in the port of Padstow, dismissed from his employment for acting contrary to his duty, having distributed some French wine amongst some Parliament men and gentry, for which they report that they could do no other than dismiss him. Dated 31 March 1693.
Minuted:—“Agreed to the report.”
Also two petitions of Capt. Bowen. 3 pages.
April 1. 60. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, that they had written to the officer of their Majesties' revenue of 4½ per cent., in Barbadoes and the Leeward Islands, to pay to the Commander-in-Chief of these islands, for the Duke of Bolton's regiment of foot, laying before their Lordships the acquittances for the payments and for payments to Col. Kendall, Governor of Barbadoes, and praying their Lordships' directions for applying the same to the credit of the officers' account in Barbadoes. Dated 1 April 1693.
Minuted:—“18 Aug. '93. To speak wth ye Comrs of ye Customes about revenue of 4 & ½ p. cent. in Barbadoes being paid to Coll. Kendall, &ca.”
Also a duplicate, the signatures, and indorsement differing. 1 page.
April 3. 61. Report of Mr. Benjamin Overton to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that the Bailiff of Westminster had lately possessed himself of several goods belonging to a clipper, and challenged 40l. worth of clippings, besides money, &c., (the Bailiff alleging that he would try his title thereto,) as would appear by the account annexed; further annexing the copy of a circular letter, written by the Lord Treasurer to the justices of the peace in the several counties: submitting that the letter might be signed by their Lordships. Dated 3 April 1693.
Enclosing (1st), Letter of Mr. Geo. Macy, giving an account of the apprehension of one Hugh Middleton at Palace Yard, Westminster, and the claim set up by Mr. Knipe, Bailiff of Westminster, by virtue of his grant from the Dean and Chapter, to his goods. Adding further, “I directed him and his officers in the further search, and told them the use of several things which lay in the room, as clipping thumbs, fingers, and gloves, fobs of leather, bulses, bags, &c., on which filings were to be seen, as also other things which they knew not what to make of.” And
(2.) The copy of the circular letter. 3 pages.
April 3. 62. Report of Lord Ranelagh on the proposal of Francis Mollineux and Benjamin Tomlinson, woollen, drapers, concerning the clothing of the regiment of horse commanded by Col. Lumly, viz., as to the off-reckonings. Dated 3 April 1693. 1 page.
April 4. 63. Report of Viscount Sydney to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the allowance to Mr. Philip Savage of 40s. for each person outlawed or attainted for high treason, which allowance he (Viscount Sydney) had thought proper to stop, there being above 4,000 persons outlawed; recommending that he have a recompence out of some part of the forfeited estates. Dated 4 April 1693.
Minuted:—“The Queen's pleasure to be knowne how much shee will allow p[er] head for the number outlawed; and the lands not to be disposed till Her Mats pleasure is declared.”
The petition of Mr. Savage, and two other papers. 5 pages and 2 halves.
April 6. 64. Report of Mr. Charles Fox to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Christophilus Jenny, clerk, one of the persons returned in the list of the Londonderry officers who had lately received his proportion of the Royal bounty, but who claimed to be paid in a double capacity, as captain and chaplain; adverse to his being so paid, except their Lordships think his merits and sufferings entitle him. Dated 6 April 1693.
Also the petition. 2 pages (quarto).
April 10. 65. Letter of the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen, &c., to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that they had attended daily with the enclosed representation, but had not been called in. Enclosing an extract from a letter they had received from Gosport, setting forth the difficulties experienced by their agent in subsisting the seamen, as the tradesmen could no longer give trust, &c. Dated 10 April 1693.
Also the extract. 2 pages.
April 10. 66. “Office of Ordnance. The method by which we have computed our demand of ready money for the Descent Trayne now fitting out.” [An estimate.] Dated 10 April 1693.
[The descent was upon France.] 1½ pages.
April 10. 67. Report of the officers of the Mint to the Lords of the Treasury, on the question how far farthings, consisting of a mixture of copper and tin, might be made with profit to the Crown, without being liable to be counterfeited; stating that farthings and halfpence might be made, after the pattern sent, at 20 per cent. profit to the Crown, at least; but unless all profit were waived by the Crown, the same would be counterfeited still, there being no way to prevent the counterfeiting but by making farthings of so near the intrinsic value that no artists might be tempted to do it; if made at all, they should be either purely of copper, or purely of tin refined. Dated 10 April 1693. 1½ pages.
April 10.]
68. Petition of Captain Holcroft Blood to the Lords of the. Treasury, for arrears of his pay as an engineer in Ireland during the war, “being obliged to go in this expedition to the West Indies.” With an account annexed, dated Aug. 12, 1692, on which is a certificate by the Comrs of Ordnance of its truth [pursuant to the minute on the dorse, dated 10 April 1693].
Minuted:—“10th Apr. '93. To be referrd to ye officers of ye Ordnance, who are to state wt is due to ye petr.” 2 pages.
[? About
April 10.]
69. Petition of Captain Francis Hamon, Lieut.-Governor of Languard Fort, praying for payment of salary for above five years, and for a settlement for the future, as he was assured by Col. Eyton, who was the Governor, that he should be allowed 10s. a day, it having been proposed that a Lieut.-Governor should reside there, to prevent abuses.
Minuted:—“10 Apr. '93. To be respited till the King's returne.” 1 page.
[? About
April 11.]
70. Memorial of the Duke of Norfolk to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that 6,750l. was due to him for his pension of 3,000l. per ann., and that it was proposed to lend their Majesties 13,000l. on credit of the 4s. in the pound, provided their Lordships would pay the debt by tally upon some branch of the revenue.
Minuted:—“11 Apr. '93. To have 3,000li at 100li p[er] week, & to lend 6,000li upon ye excise.”
Another memorial to the King, much the same in effect, but the memorialist only offers a loan of 10,000l.
The last is minuted:
—“To speak wth ye D. of Norfolk's agent.” 1 and ¾ page (quarto).
April 12. 71. Report of Sir Edw. Ward, Attorney-General, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Charles Trevanion, Esq., and on the report made by Mr. Willm. Taylor thereupon, in the former the petitioner desired three things to be leased to him:—1st. A tenement in Resuggo, in the manor of Treverbin, formerly leased with a fulling mill to William Cock:—2nd. Another tenement in the same place formerly granted by copy of Court Roll to the petitioner and his brother Hugh Trevanion, for their lives, after the death of Joan Eland lately deceased; and 3rd. Certain buildings being encroachments on the wastes of their Majesties manors of Treverbin, Courtney, Austell Prior and Tuington, in the duchy and county of Cornwall. Advising their Lordships on the 1st, that the validity of Cock's lease should be determined; on the 2nd that they had no objection; and on the 3rd, that a commission should issue, to inquire into the truth, in regard to the premises, without which it would not be proper to grant those encroachments. &c. Dated 12 April 1693.
Minuted:—“Agreed to ye Rept, but the commission to be executed at ye petrs charge, & ye incroachments menc[i]ond in ye sd petn to be noted in ye inquisition.”
The petition and report referred to and a schedule of the encroachments. 7½ pages.
April 12. 72. A short note of Lord Nottingham to the Lords of the Treasury, enclosing an extract from a letter from Mr. Methwen, their Majesties envoy extraordinary in Portugal, that they might report to the Queen what they thought fit to be done. Dated 12 April 1693.
Minuted:—“My Lds will report that ye method proposed by Mr Methwen is not practicable.”
The letter is not now with it. ½ page (quarto).
April 12. 73. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Phillipps late collector of excise for the county of Middlesex, showing that he was robbed on the highway, between Enfield and London, of 198l. 2s.d. of excise money; that the same was vigorously defended, and one of the robbers shot, who was afterwards taken and died of his wound, by which means the hundred was discharged [of its liability], &c. Recommending that the petitioner be discharged on his account of that sum. Dated 12 April 1693.
Minuted:—“Granted. But ye particular reasons to be sett forth.”
Also the petition and an affidavit relating thereto. 3 pages.
April 12. 74. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the abolition of the office of receiver of customs outward, in the port of London, on the death of Mr. Simon Morse, the late receiver advising the application of the salary of the office to more useful purposes. Dated 12 April 1693.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” 1½ pages.
April 15. 75. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Thomas Carpenter, for leave to surrender his grant of one of the patent waiters in the port of London to Tutchen Martin; in favour of his so doing, “the rather because it is a considerable advantage to the Crown to take in a grant for life, and only give out a grant for pleasure.” Dated 15 April 1693.
Minuted:—“To execute it in person.”
Also the petition referred to. 2 pages.
April 20. 76. Report of the Navy Board on the case contained in the petition of John Perry, Esq., and other merchants, owners of the ship “Richard and Sarah,” finding that the ship was taken up as a guard ship, and 24 seamen employed on board her, by order of the Council of the island of Jamaica, for the safety of that island; after the destruction of the fortifications of Port Royal, and in the absence of the “Guernsey” frigate, when sent after the French at their landing on the north side of the island, viz., as to the amount for the hire of the ship. Dated 20 April '93.
Minuted:—“16 Aug. '93, to be pd in ye island of Jamaica, 18 Sept. '93.” 1½ pages.
[? About
20 April
77. Memorial of the Right Hon. the Lord Cutts to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the advance of certain moneys to his regiment.
Minuted:—“20 Apr. '93.”
“When the other regiments under these circumstances are considered.” 1 page (quarto).
April 21. 78. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, recommending various regulations as to ships to be engaged in the transport service. Dated 21 April 1693.
Minuted:—“4 May '93 for the Counsell.” 2 pages.
April 26. 79. Report of the Comrs for Transports to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of James Hull of Plymouth, merchant, as to the balance of his claim for hire of his ship, from 16 April 1690 to 11 March 1691–2, at 13s. per ton per month, viz., 1,658l. 17s. 6d., and recommending the allowance of 400l. for the loss of the ship, which was cast away on the said 11th of March. Dated 26 April 1693.
Minuted:—“23 May '93. If there be a remainder of ye tallys lately putt into ye hands of ye Commrs for last year's transport service, the Lords order the 400l. to be paid out of those tallys. Done.”
The petition referred to, and Mr. Hull's objections to the Comrs report; being 300l. to his prejudice. 4½ pages.
April 26. 80. Report of the Comrs for Transports to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Stapleton, master of the ship “Conquest,” showing that his ship carried part of the Irish army for France, landed them at Morlaix, on 26 Nov. 1691, and returned to Kinsale, and was then impressed to carry the Danish forces to Ostend, where they were landed, 15 March 1691–2; confirming his claim for freight at 12s. a ton per month, from 16 Oct. 1691 to 15 March, amounting to 389l. 12s. Dated 26 April 1693.
The petition referred to, and a memorandum of the owner relating thereto. 2 pages and 3 halves.
April 28. 81. Memorial of officers of the Ordnance Department, setting forth the importunate demands of the artificers, who had supplied stores on the credit of the 210,000l. given for the land service; the lamentable state the gunsmiths were in, the debt to them being 30,000l. and asking for 15,000l. for their present supply; the wants of the artificers, &c., employed on the descent train; the want of 5,000l. for the Flanders' train, on the opening of the campaign; and that 1,500l. was due for arrears of contracts, for artillery horses and waggons, and the remainder of four months' advance on the year's contract, to enable the train to take the field. Forbearing to mention other particulars contained in Mr. Bertie's weekly list, all absolutely necessary, but further stating that the office is so for in debt that it is impossible to proceed without assistance, and that the tallies they had received, amounting to 59,282l. 4s. 6d. for sea service, were so remote as to be of no service, their quarterly payments being two years in arrear, and their prices being more to their Majesties' advantage, by at least two or three shillings in the pound, than they were in the late King James' time, when the Crown pay was much better than it was then; they were informed by their artificers that no one would take the tallies, and the disgust of those they dealt with at such unreasonable payments was so great that they feared the total destruction of the credit of the office. Dated 28 April 1693. 1½ pages.