Volume 23: July 1-August 18, 1693

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 1, 1556-1696. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1868.

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July 1–August 18, 1693

July 1.
1. Letter of Viscount Sydney [to the Earl of Nottingham], on the petition of George Treswell Fashaw, Elizabeth Plowden, and Ursula Grimston, spinster, referred to him by Lord Nottingham; which he had further referred to Sir Richard Levinge, Knight, Solicitor-General for Ireland, whose report he transmitted in favour of the petitioners. Dated Dublin Castle, 1 July 1693.
The report of the Solicitor-General, which sets out that Katherine Treswell, relict of Sir Daniel Treswell, Knight, bequeathed 500l. to [George Treswell Fashaw] when he became of age, and 15l. a year, till he could be put to a trade or profession, and a legacy of 6l. per ann. to Elizabeth Plowden, and 10l. per ann. to Ursula Grimston, with other legacies; further that the estate of the said Katherine consisted of houses in the town of Galway and one house in Dublin, of the value of 200l. per ann., and was managed by Francis Plowden, Esq., brother and heir of Richard Plowden, Esq., to whom she devised the inheritance of the estate, after payment of the legacies, which Francis Plowden was outlawed for treason, and so the executors could not enter upon the estate. Recommending that the petitioners or the executors be allowed to enter upon the estate and carry out the will.
Minuted:—“17 Aug. '93. A report to be drawn yt my Lds have nothing to object to ye Sollr Genll his report.”
The petition referred to and three other papers. 7½ pages.
July 1. 2. Report of S. Travers, Surveyor-General, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Sir Henry Fane, K.B., respecting a piece of ground without the east wall of St. James's Park, from the house in the possession of John Webb, to that wherein William Story inhabits, granted in trust to Richard Kent and Thomas Musgrave, &c. Dated 1 July 1693.
[See an earlier report on this, 18 May 1693.]
Also the petition. 2½ pages.
July 1. 3. Report of the [Comrs] of Ordnance on the petition of the gunners, “matrosses,” &c. returned from Flanders since the last campaign, stating that the persons who served in the descent train under Sir Martin Beckman were paid and discharged on 1 Nov. last; that on the intimation of the King that it was his intention to establish the train again, they got together those who were employed on the former one, who had then been exercising for some months on Blackheath, at the pay of 12d. a day. Expressing their willingness to distribute any sum that might be assigned to the petitioners, who had hoped to receive subsistence or half pay during the winter. Dated 1 July 1693.
Also the petition and letter referring the same to the Comrs. 2 pages and 2 halves.
July 3. 4. Report of Sir Richard Levinge, Solicitor-General for Ireland, to Henry, Lord Viscount Sydney, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, on the petition of Hellen, Viscountess Kilmare, for reasonable maintenance for herself and children out of her own and husband's estates, he having forfeited the same by his delinquency; recommending the allowance during their Majesties' pleasure. Dated 3 July 1693.
Also the petition and a letter of Viscount Sydney; with a note referring the matter on 14 July to the Lords of the Treasury to consider of a fit allowance. 3 pages.
July 3. 5. Report of Mr. Charles Fox to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of Mary Bingham, widow of Charles Bingham, who was killed at the battle of Aghrim, in Ireland. He was major to Col. Erle's regiment, and some time a captain in the Earl of Roscommon's regiment of foot. In favour of her claim for 53l. 15s. Dated 3 July 1693.
Also the petition and an account.
Minuted:—“17 Augt '93. To be consider'd when ye regimt is cleerd.” 3 parts of pages.
July 4. 6. Letter of Mr. Benj. Overton [? Warden of the Mint] to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that he had enclosed the affidavits relating to Dunn and St. Ledger, and submitted to their Lordships how fit they were to be employed in the prosecution of clippers.
A demand of 40l. had been made on the Exchequer, by the Sheriff of Yorkshire, for the capture of clippers and coiners. The Chancellor of the Exchequer had referred the matter to the writer, but he thought the custom was for the Exchequer to allow the sheriffs their disbursements. He would pay it if their Lordships desired out of the forfeitures of clippers and coiners; but hitherto the money had come in so slowly, that it was far from defraying the necessary expense of prosecutions. Dated 4 July '93. 1½ pages (quarto).
July 5. 7. Report of the Comrs for Transportation to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the debt due to the owners and masters of the ships employed in transporting the forces, from June 1689 to 1 Jan. 1691–2, that they might receive half a year's interest for the same. The debt amounted to 326,641l. 5s. 3d. Dated 5 July '93. 1 page.
July 5. 8. Letter of Mr. Benjn. Overton to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that some time since he laid before them a copy of letter sent to the clerks of the peace, to return to the Warden of the Mint, copies of all informations and examinations taken, relating to clippers and coiners; asking their Lordships to send a similar letter to the Lord Mayor, Recorder and aldermen of London, and to the justices at Hicks' Hall. He had received in April 70l. for the charge of a journey into Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Cheshire, in apprehending clippers and coiners. Mr. Macy whom he sent down managed the business very effectually; 18 were taken and only one escaped; the account amounted to 63l. 5s. 10d., besides 4l. 15s. Exchequer fees. Mr. Macy was to go the Oxford Circuit, to prosecute them and others in custody, if their Lordships would order him 60l. Further suggesting that their Lordships should summon Mr. Knipe, the baily of Westminster, to give an account of the clippings, &c. seized on “Humphrey” (fn. 1) Middleton, lately executed for clipping. Dated 5 July 1693.
Minuted:—“10 July '93. A letter to Mr Knipe, to deliver up ye clippings to ye Warden of ye Mint, and ye circulatory letter agreed to.” 1 page.
July 5. 9. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Richard Long, master of the ship “Concord,” praying protection for the ship and 16 seamen to navigate her to Newfoundland; approving of the voyage. Dated 5 July 1693.
Minuted:—“Granted according to the report.” 1 page.
July 6. 10. Report of Mr. Charles Fox to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of Col. Robert Byerley, late colonel of the regiment of horse, now commanded by Col. Hugh Windham, complaining of a stop put to the receiving his pay; stating that Col. Windham, before going into Flanders, desired no money might be paid to Col. Byerley, as he was greatly indebted to the regiment, and giving his opinion that Col. Windham should forthwith make up his account with Col. Byerley. Dated 6 July 1693.
Also the memorial. (Signed.) 2 pages.
July 7. 11. Letter of the Lords of the Admiralty to the Lords of the Treasury, enclosing copy of a letter from the principal officers and Comrs of the Navy, representing the want of money for the several services of the Navy; desiring their Lordships to provide for a speedy supply. Dated 7 July 1693. 3½ pages.
July 7. 12. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the appointment of a collector of customs at Ipswich and Harwich; viz., as to whether there should be a collector at each place, stating that it was unnecessary. Dated 7 July 1693. 1 page.
July 10. 13. Report of the Navy Board upon the Treasurer's proposal, to turn the receipts of the cashier of the victualling into imprests. Dated 10 July 1693. 9 pages.
July 11. 14. Representation of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the means employed and to be employed for recovery of arrears of the hearth duty; Mr. Richard Cox having made a proposal relative thereto. They found there were good debts to the value of 3,253l. 11s. 7d.; sperate debts, 3,024l. 4s. 4d.; and desperate debts, 9,175l. 15s. 3d., as by a list annexed, besides other sums. Dated 11 July 1693.
Minuted:—“Agreed to this report.”
Accompanied by the list. 3 pages.
July 13. 15. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Matthias Bisbie, finding that he was indebted 80l. 5s. 1d.; that he had a wife and 11 children, and that his salary of 50l. as surveyor of cider, would “but just maintain him;” recommending him to their Lordships' favour, for the remission of the debt. Dated 13 July 1693.
Minuted:—“Agreed to this report.”
Accompanied by the petition. 2 pages.
July 13. 16. Letter signed John Shales, addressed to Mr. Lownds, as to the proportions of payments to be made in that year, out of the estimates for the Navy and victualling, to the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen. Dated 13 July 1693. 1 page.
July 14. 17. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Mary Turpin, widow, who was involved in a debt of 31l. 9s. 10d.; recommending her, as an object of compassion, for remission of the debt. Dated 14 July 1693.
Minuted:—“Agreed to this report.”
The petition, a certificate, and memorandum. 4 pages.
July 14. 18. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Susan Pritchard, relict of Rice Pritchard, late collector of the hearth money in Wales, who was indebted 25l. 14s. 6d. to their Majesties; recommending her as a fit object of charity. Dated 14 July 1693.
Minuted:—“Agreed to this report.”
The petition, a certificate, and two memoranda. 3 pages and 2 halves.
July 19. 19. Letter of the Comrs for forfeited lands to the [Secretary of the Treasury], enclosing a particular of the lands “set by the Commissioners,” in various places in Ireland, with their values, &c.; in reference to the letter received by them in favour of Mr. Savage. Dated 19 July 1693. 5½ pages.
July 21. 20. Report of Mr. Charles Fox to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Col. Deering's widow, relating to the pay of the regiment lately commanded by the said Colonel, and now by Col. Venner, and also the state of the account; recommending the whole account to be referred to some agent, that justice might be done to the widow and Col. Venner. Dated 21 July 1693.
Also the petition and a balance sheet, showing what was due to each. 3½ pages.
July 24. 21. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury upon an Order of Council, on the petition of Sir James Houblon and other merchants of London, as to an embargo on certain ships bound to Spain; not objecting to the removal of the embargo. Dated 24 July 1693.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” 1 sheet.
July 26. 22. Report of Sir Robert Cotton, Knt., and Thomas Frankland, Esq., their Majesties' Postmasters General, upon the petition of Mr. James Vickers, manager of the packet-boats employed between England and Ireland, stating that Sir John Wildman, then Postmaster-General, in 1689 contracted with Mr. Vickers to maintain three packet boats for those mails at 450l. per ann. salary; but there was no mention of the augmentation of his salary when Dublin was reduced; a promise was however made that it should be increased 50l. per ann. On the 2nd part of the petition they were satisfied that the charges of the hire of two boats between Port Patrick in Scotland and Donnaghadie in Ireland, amounted to 47l. 17s. 5d. Sir John Wildman having been removed before Mr. Vickers could settle his accounts he had had no allowance, but it was reasonable he should be reimbursed. They left the matter of the 50l. to their Lordships, but thought the petitioner could not maintain the boats for less than 500l. a year. Dated 26 July 1693.
Minuted:—“18 Aug. '93. A warrt to be prepar'd accordingly.” 1¼ pages.
July 27. 23. Report of Edward Ward, Attorney-General, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of merchants and others trading in the importation of dornix and tapestries from Flanders, viz., as to whether the 10l. per cent. additional to be levied by 4 & 5 Will. III. on tapestry and dornix was to be computed on the value of the goods by the oath of the merchants, or according to the values contained in the book of rates; giving his opinion in favour of the latter, as a point of law, though the merchants affirmed it would amount to 45 per cent. and be a total prohibition. Dated 27 July 1693.
Minuted:—“With the Comiss. of Customs, to consider of some way to ease the importers.” 2 pages.
July 27. 24. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the Order of Council, made on the petition of Amos Woodland, master of a small ship of Boston, which had lately brought a packet from New England for Her Majesty, and was stopped by an embargo from returning; in favour of permitting him to return. Dated 27 July 1693.
Also a certificate of the Mayor of Bristol, relating thereto. 2 pages.
July 28. 25. Report of Mr. Chas. Fox to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Col. Robt. Davies, praying payment for money disbursed by him, for the regiment of horse, formerly the Lord Cavendish's, and then under the command of the Duke of Leinster, and for his pay as cornet in that regiment; expressing an opinion that he should be paid what was due. Dated 28 July 1693.
Minuted:—“As to his pay of cornet to be considered when ye regimt is cleerd & so for his disbursements; but for wt mo. was lent to ye officers my Lds will not intermeddle in it.”
Also a further memorandum as to Col. Davies' claims, on which there is another minute of the 23rd of October 1693. 3 pages.
July 28. 26. Report of Sir Edw. Ward, Attorney-General, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Charlotte Sarsfield, an infant, daughter and sole surviving heir of William Sarsfield, late of Lucan, in the co. of Dublin, Esq., by Mary his wife, sister to the late Duke of Monmouth, presented by William Fanshaw, Esq., her father-in-law and guardian, respecting “the manor of Lucan and other forfeited lands” in Ireland, which had belonged to the said William Sarsfield, and which the petitioner sought to obtain; recommending that she should be gratified. Dated 28 July 1693.
The petition and other papers relating thereto. 13 pages 2 halves, and a few lines.
July 21
and 29.
27. Two reports of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Thomas Colby, son and administrator of Philip Colby, clothier, deceased, concerning money due for the clothing of divers regiments. Dated 21 and 29 July 1693. 3 pages.
July 31. 28. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Thos. Pennington, gent., praying leave to surrender a King's waitership of the port of London, and that the same might be granted to Mr. Edw. Buck; in favour of the transfer. Dated 31 July 1693.
Also the petition. 2 parts of pages.
Aug. 1. 29. Report of the agents for bringing in taxes, to the Lords of the Treasury; moving their Lordships that process of scire facias might be ordered against Mr. Molyneux, Receiver General of Lancashire, and his sureties, for the second 12 months' aid, and 4s. per lib., and submitting it to their Lordships, whether he should not be suspended until he had given their Lordships satisfaction concerning the arrears. Dated 1 Aug. 1693. 1 page.
Aug. 2. 30. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on an extract from a letter from Col. Fletcher, Governor-in-Chief of New York, complaining of the violation of the Acts of Trade by the neighbouring colonies; recommending a letter from His Majesty to be sent to the Governors of those colonies; to cause a strict observance of those Acts, and one or more ships to attend at proper stations, to examine and seize ships trading contrary to the laws. Dated 2 Aug. 1693.
The extract and a brief letter relating thereto. 1 page and 2 halves.
Aug. 3. 31. Report of the Comrs of the Customs to the Lords of the Treasury; on the petition of the Governor, Assistants, and fellowship of Merchants of Eastland, respecting the customs on spruce canvas, the question being whether it was Polonian and Prussian linen or canvas; acquainting their Lordships that there were three sorts of linen imported from the east country, viz., flaxen, heyden, and hempen, and that the first is liable to the duty, and the third (the one in question) ought to pay as broad Germany linen. Dated 3 Aug. 1693.
Minuted:—“Agreed to.”
Also the petition. 3 pages.
Aug. 4. 32. Certificate of Wm. Robinson to the Lords of the Treasury, that he had perused the petition of James Clerke, merchant, the Order of Council and the report of the Comrs of the Revenue in Ireland, relating to a parcel of salt seized by him (Robinson) in Waterford; certifying that on 25 July 1690, the day of the surrender of Waterford, he secured the provisions there, and found 879 bushels of salt, but did not know whose property it was. Part of it was delivered to the army and part sold; that delivered to the army was chargeable to their account at a penny per quart, &c. Dated 4 Aug. 1693.
Also the report above-named. Dated 3 March 1692–3. 3½ pages.
Aug. 4. 33. Report of Sir Edw. Ward, Attorney-General, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Sir Cornwall Bradshaw, who was bound in 800l. for Mr. Anthony Thorald, a displaced collector of the port of Lyme, who was indebted to the Exchequer, and a prisoner. The petitioner prayed for the allowance of 84l. lost by Thorold, in returning the money collected, and 130l. for Mr. Thorold's services, for nearly 2½ years; advising that it was equitable to make an allowance. Dated 4 Aug. 1693.
Minuted:—“16 9br '94, not to be prosecuted till this case be further considered.”
Also a duplicate copy of the report, the petition, three other papers, and a piece of parchment connected therewith. 7 pages, 2 halves, and the piece of parchment.
Aug. 5. 34. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Ann Newton, relict of George Newton, late collector of excise; recommending her as an object of compassion, her husband's accounts being in arrear. Dated 5 Aug. 1693.
Minuted:—“Granted.” 2 pages.
Jan 6,
1692–3, to
Aug. 9,
35. Presentments of the Comrs for Transportation to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the amounts received from their Lordships, and the claims they had to discharge, for freight, provisions, &c. Dated between 6 Jan. and 9 Aug. 1693. 43 pages or parts of pages.
Aug. 9. 36. Letter from Sir John Trenchard to the Lords of the Treasury, signifying Her Majesty's pleasure, upon the memorial of the Comrs of Transportation, that the money to carry to Holland 400 horse and 900 foot, should be paid.
Also the memorial referred to. Both dated 9 Aug. 1693. 2 parts of pages.
14 & 17
37. Memorial of the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen, &c. to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that they were required by Her Majesty's order, through Lord Nottingham, to send letters of credit to the Governor of Barbadoes, or assurance that his bill of exchange will be paid, for sums expended for sick and wounded seamen put on shore there, praying their Lordships' directions as they had no effects for that service. Dated 14 Aug. 1693. 1 sheet.
Another letter from the same, dated 17 Aug. '93, and a letter from Lord Nottingham, on the same subject. 3 pages.
Aug. 17. 38. Petition of Margaret Morgan, spinster, to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that her father was Attorney-General for Ireland, and for his loyalty to King Charles I. was deprived of his life and estate by the popish rebels; that the petitioner having to seek her fortune in England, discovered to King Charles II. a robbery of 3,000l. worth of crown plate, and prosecuted the criminal, and the day the matter was to be heard she was arrested, and detained 22 months in the Poultry Counter, and was thereby ruined; and further that the Bishop of Lichfield detained her pension from her. Praying relief.
Minuted:—“17 Aug. '93. To be sent to my Ld Bishop.” 1 page.
[? About
Aug. 17.]
39. Petition of David Robinson, keeper of the park at Audley End, praying payment of 60l. by him disbursed for hay for deer, as appears by his account allowed by Lord Lovelace, and for a further supply to enable him to provide for the deer for the winter.
Minuted:—“17 Aug. '93. The housekeeper to inquire into this and certify.” 1 page.
Aug. 17.]
40. Certificates as to the musters of the garrison of Plymouth and St. Nicholas' Island, in the years 1688 and 1689. Certified in Oct., Nov., and Dec., 1692. The last of these is dated on the dorse, 17 Augt '93.
Accompanied by two other papers, entitled,—
(1.) “The ancient establishment of the guarison of the Royall cittadell at Plymouth and St. Nicholas' Island, as followeth; with the addition of gunners, &c.”
This was dated at Sherborne, 30 Nov. 1688, and signed by the Prince of Orange.
(2.) “A list of the officers, gunners, and attendants added to their Majties guarison of Plymouth & St. Nicholas' Island, with their respective pays per diem, and the whole arreare stated.” 5 pages.
[? About
Aug. 17.]
41. Petition of John Morfee, who attended the Duke of Schomberg into Ireland, as conductor to the train of artillery in Ireland; praying Mr. Hubbard might be ordered to state his account.
Minuted:—“17 Aug. '93. R. to ye officers of ye Ordnance.” 1 page, quarto (greatly decayed).
Aug. 17. 42. The acknowledgment and petition of Dr. Nicholas Staggins, praying the King to settle upon him the allowance of 200l. per ann. payable at the Exchequer; which he received there in the time of King Charles the Second, as master of the music.
On the dorse:—“17 Augt '93.”
Also an extract of the entry at the Signet Office, relating to the grant of the said fee of 200l. Two parts of pages.
[? About
Aug. 17.]
43. Petition of Elizabeth Mack Donell, widow of Lieut. Edwd. Mack Donell, showing that her husband was slain at Angwin, in Flanders, as appeared by the certificate annexed, and had left her destitute with three children; praying their Lordships to order her something to carry her into Ireland, being the place of her birth.
Minuted:—“17 Augt '93. The agent of ye regimt to certifie if there be any pay due to her late husband.”
Also the certificate named. 1½ pages (quarto).
[? About
Aug. 17.]
44. Petition of Katharine Countess of Ardglas on behalf of herself and the Lady Elizabeth Cromwell, her daughter, to whom she was guardian, showing that the soldiers of the regiments of Cols. Villiers and Coy, in Ireland, took free quarter on the estates and tenements of the petitioners in the north of Ireland, and the supply of their necessities amounted to 2,500l. Praying for satisfaction.
Minuted:—“17 Augt '93. To be consider'd when ye regimts come to be cleer'd.” 1 page.
[? About
Aug. 17.]
45. Petition of Hugh Greg to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that he had remained at the court of the King of Denmark about 12 months, without settled allowance; but the King had allowed him 150l. for his entertainment, whereof 50l. was unpaid; praying payment.
Minuted:—“17 Augt '93. To be paid.” 1 page.
[? About
Aug. 17.]
46. Petition of Margaret Morrison to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that her husband was botanic professor and physician in ordinary to King Charles II., that his salary was 4,400l. in arrear, that after his death their Lordships examined the matter and ordered the petitioner 200l. per ann., in consideration of the arrear, of which she had received nothing for five years, except a tally of 100l.; praying for payment of the arrears, and a continuance of the pension.
Minuted:—“17 Augt '93. It cannot be don at this time.” 1 page.
Aug. 17.]
47. Petition of Wm. Vanbrugh to the Lords of the Treasury, for the payment of 328l. 11s. 3d… due to him as agent to the regiment, late the Lord Lovelace's, in the service of Ireland; praying them to take his case into consideration, he having been above three years out of his money.
On the dorse is:—“17 Augt '93.” 1 small quarto page.
[? About
Aug. 17.]
48. Petition of Thomas Lord Morley and Mounteagle to the Lords of the Treasury, praying a stop might be put “to the process wch is issuing out of the Excheqr against him for 80l. on their Maties behalf,” and that their Lordps would order him 120l. to supply his necessities.
Minuted:—“17 Augt '93. My Lds cannot stop process because ye mo. is appropriated.” 1 page (much decayed).
[Aug. 17.]
49. Petition of Arthur Gould to the Lords of the Treasury, to be appointed to the office of keyman in the port of London.
Minuted:—“17 Augt '93. R. Comis Customes.” 1 page.
Aug. 18. 50. Memorial of Wickman Hausen [commissary to the Danish forces] addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, praying for repayment of moneys deducted from the two months' pay of the Danish troops engaged in Ireland. Dated on the back 18 Aug. '93.
A certificate of Wm. Robinson, showing that 326l. 6s. 8d. had been deducted from the said forces. 2 pages.
[Aug. 18.] 51. “Petition & certificates of Mary Godfrey, widow of Capt. Warren Godfrey, Londonderry officer, praying payment of 40li here & 40li in Ireland, as the rest of the Londonderry officers' widdows were paid.”
On the dorse:—“18 Aug. '93.” 3 pages (greatly decayed).
Aug. 18. 52. Petition of Anthony Punter, late carpenter of their Majesties' ship “Joseph,” in behalf of himself and the rest of the ship's company; showing that the ship was taken into their Majesties' service at Jamaica the 12th March 1690, and continued therein to 3 June following, for which time they were still in arrear of their pay. Praying payment. Dated on the dorse, 18 Aug. '93. 1 page (much injured).
[? About
Aug. 18,]
53. Petition of William Phillips, owner of the vessel called the “Griffith,” of Southampton, for payment of 385l. 13s. 6d., due to him for freight and the loss of his vessel, which was taken by a French privateer as she was coming from Brest (where she had landed Irish prisoners, by General Gincle's directions,) to Waterford.
Minuted:—“18 Augt '93. R. to Comrs for exchange of prisoners.”
Also two other papers. 3 pages.
Aug. 18.]
54. Petition of Capt. John Thornhill to the Lords of the Treasury showing that he was commander of Admiral Killigrew's own company in the marine regiment; praying them to instruct the agent to pay him the three months' pay then ordered, but which the agent informed him must be paid to the widow, whose husband he succeeded.
On the dorse:—“18 Aug '93.” 1 page.
[? About
Aug. 18.]
55. Petition of Elizabeth Cullyford in behalf of Elizabeth and Mary Webster, the children of Captain Willm Webster, deceased, showing that the captain lost his life serving in Ireland in the regiment of the late Lieut.-General Kirke, leaving the said children orphans in charge of their grandmother, the petitioner, who, by the evil management and unkind dealing of her husband was reduced to a starving condition; praying an order for 30l. or 40l., or what their Lordships should think fit, to keep them from starving, until the accounts of their father's arrears could be stated.
Minuted:—“18 Augt '93. To be consider'd when ye regimt is cleerd.” 1 page.
[? About
Aug. 18.]
56. Petition of William Sympson, brother-in-law and administrator to Captain William Strangways, deceased, who served in a regiment of foot under Col. Thomas Erle, and was killed at the taking of Athlone, in Ireland, on 30 June 1691, praying for the payment of 158l. 5s. 9d., due to his brother-in-law.
Minuted:—“18 Aug. '93. There can be nothing don till ye regimt is cleerd.” 1 page.
[? About
Aug. 18.]
57. Petition of William Chantry to the Lords of the Treasury, to be appointed as a weighing porter in the port of London.
Minuted:—“18 Aug. '93. R. Comrs Customes.” Part of a page (quarto).
[? About
Aug. 18.]
58. Letter of Wm. Savage to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that he had served the Dutch Guards at St. James's for some time with coals, &c.; beseeching their Lordships to order him the payment of his bills, then before the Earl of Ranelagh, as he could not stir abroad for fear of a prison.
Minuted:—“18 Augt '93. R. to my Ld Ranelagh.” 1 page.
Aug. 18.]
59. Memorial of John Smith, receiver of their Majesties land revenue for the county of Middlesex, stating that he had paid 700l. into the receipt of the Exchequer, being rents and fines received out of the manor of Hendon (Middlesex), seized upon the attainder of Willm., Lord Marquis of Powys; praying their Lordships' warrant to the Auditor to put the said revenue in charge, according to the inquisition found thereof, or the rental annexed, so that he might make allowance of necessary expenses.
Minuted:—“18 Augt '93. To be allow'd his charges & ye Audr to be directed to put it in charge.”
Also the rental. 2 pages.
[? About
Aug. 18.]
60. Petition of Margaret, Lady Cunningham, Margaret Lloyd, Sarah Mayo, Jane Newcomen, and Rebecca Hamilton, widows, showing that their husbands lost their lives in their Majesties' service in Ireland, and that public affairs had prevented attention being paid to their (the widows') petitions; praying their Lordships to call for the petitions, in the hands of Mr. Glanvile, and lay them before His Majesty for his directions.
Minuted:—“18 Augt '93. To be laid before the Queen.” 1 page.
[? About
Aug. 18.]
61. Petition of Margaret Falconer, widow and relict of Ensign Thomas Falconer, deceased; showing that her husband served as ensign in Col. Henry Baker's regiment in the siege of Londonderry and lost his life, leaving three children; and that the petitioner's name was forgotten to be inserted in the list of officers' widows; praying for an order for 15l. here, and 15l. in Ireland.
Minuted:—“18 Aug. '93.”
The truth of the petition is certified at the foot. 1 page.
[? About
Aug. 18.]
62. Petition of Francis Thornton to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that his father, Captain Willm. Thornton, who was in 1642 controller of customs at Hull, was turned out of Hull and plundered for his loyalty to Charles I., and afterwards continued in the King's service and furnished His Majesty at York with 2,500l. He was dismissed from his place and his estate sequestered, and he lost by sequestration, decimation, and imprisonment, 20,000l. On the Restoration he returned to his place, which he had for his and his son's life. His son Capt. Thomas Thornton held it till in '84 he was barbarously murdered by Charles Macarty, and the place given to Mr. Mitton, who was ordered to pay petitioner's mother 40l. per ann. out of the profits, which he did, till Christmas '88; since which time he refused to pay, there being 50l. in arrear. Praying that the money due to Mr. Mitton at the Custom House might be paid to the petitioner.
Minuted:—“18 Augt '93. R. to Mr Knight. 26 Feby. '93–4. If Mr Knight hath any mony that belongs to Mr Mitton, to pay it to the petitioner.”
Accompanied by two certificates as to the last payment made to Mr. Thomas Mitton upon his salary. Dated in May and June 1693. 1½ pages.
[? About
18 Aug.
63. Petition of Simon de Brienne, housekeeper and wardrobe keeper of the palace of Kensington; showing that he had been paid his salary, having petitioned for it, but not his disbursements, amounting to 210l. 15s.; praying for payment.
Minuted:—“18 Aug. '93. To be considered when mo. is paid to ye Ks servts.”
Also a certificate of the sums due. 2 pages.
[? About
Aug. 18.]
64. Petition of Sir G. Talbot to the Lords of the Treasury, praying them to consider his former petition, and that he might be reimbursed his principal debt of 12,000l., contracted for the service of the Crown in the time of King Charles the First and King Charles the Second. Signed G. Talbot. He was employed as resident, and then as envoy at Venice.
Minuted:—“18 Aug. '93. My Ld Godolphin to be put in mind of this at ye King's return.” 1 page.
Aug. 18.]
65. The case of Sir Thomas Duppa represented to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that he was sub-collector of the tenths of the clergy in the diocese of Exeter in 1686 and 1687, and employed under him one Francis Blight, of Bodmin, to collect the same, who joined King James's army, not having rendered up the moneys collected, &c.
Minuted:—“18 Aug. 1693. Remitted for so much only as he shall assigne over.” 1½ pages (much decayed).
Aug. 18.]
66. A memorial of Thomas Styver, touching the appeal of William Mancell, of the island of Guernsey, referred to the Lords of the Treasury by Order of Council, respecting a duty on beer; praying their Lordships to make their report thereon.
Minuted:—“18 Aug. '93. A report to be made yt ye Lds have no cognisance of this matter.” 1 page.
Aug. 18.]
67. Petition of Charles Collings to Sir Stephen Fox, one of the Comrs of the Treasury, for the next vacancy of tidesman in fee.
Minuted:—“18 Aug. '93. Recommended to ye Comrs of ye Customes.” 1 page.


  • 1. Called Hugh Middleton in another paper. See Vol XXI., No. 61.