Volume 36: January 1-March 19, 1695

Pages 484-496

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 1, 1556-1696. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1868.

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January 1–March 19, 1695

Jan. 1.
1. Letter of Mr Bridgeman to Mr. Lowndes, transmitting a letter from the Navy Board, with an enclosure from the Comrs for Victualling complaining that they were not able to go forward with the service of the victualling, for want of money. Dated 1 Jan. '95. Also the two letters. Parts of 3 pages.
Jan. 1. 2. A list of officers that would be found necessary for the establishment of each country mint. The building a mint, and charge for tools would amount to about 2,000l. In Mr. Neales' handwriting, signed “T. N.” Dated 1 Jan 1695. 1 page.
Jan. 3. 3. Copy of report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in Parliament assembled, as to an account required by the House on the question, “whether, as the law now stands, there is a sufficient power in Carolina, Maryland, Pensylvania, and other plantations, where there are proprietors, to collect the King's duty there; and whether there be the same security to prevent the inconveniencies that may arise to the proprietors and planters there, from the Act of Parliament in Scotland, for erecting an East India Company in that kingdom, as there is in other plantations?” Dated 3 Jan. 1695.
Enclosed is a copy of a letter sent by them to the Governors of the respective plantations in America, on the same subject.
Accompanying is also an extract of a report upon Mr. Carter's papers, from the Comrs of the Customs, touching a frigate to cruise between Dover and Beachy Head. 6 pages and 3 quarter pages.
Jan. 3. 4. Copy of report of the Comrs of Customs to the Right Hon. the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, in respect of a return called for by the House, of the several species of goods exported and imported during the three years then elapsed; enclosing copies of two reports of officers of the customs, to whom they had referred the matter. Dated 3 Jan. 1695. 3 pages.
Jan. 6. 5. Report of the Lords of the Treasury to the King, on the case of Robert Levingston, of New York; advising that it was reasonable to allow him the 8 per cent. on 2,172l. New York money, advanced by him for the support of the forces against the French, in 1688. Also for other sums, similar interest; advising further, the grant of 100l. a year out of the revenues of New York, for services in connexion with the treaties and negociations with the Indians; and they had no objection to his being confirmed in the office of collector of excise and quit rents, town clerk, clerk of the peace, and clerk of the Court of Common Pleas at Albany, with the usual salaries during life, as desired. Dated 6 Jan. 1695. 1½ pages.
Jan. 6. 6. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Mr. James Cardonel, for arrears of pay due to him as Secretary to the Duke of Schomberg, and for disbursements in Ireland; advising that 593l. 5s. were due to him for allowance of himself and clerk, and 265l. 17s. 6d. for disbursements in Ireland. Dated 6 Jan. 1695.
Minuted:—“16 Ap. '97. Rejected.” 2 pages.
Jan. 8. 7. Letter of the Duke of Shrewsbury to the Lords of the Treasury, enclosing a petition of Mrs. Umfrey, with an Order of Council, “the state of her pretensions,” the report of the Attorney-General of Ireland, and the letter of the Lord Deputy of Ireland, for the consideration of their Lordships. Dated 8 Jan. 1695–6.
Minuted:—“16 Ap. '97. Rejected; but the K. would give her 60li a year pencon for her life, if she continue a widw. W[arran]t signed.”
[The petition of Ann Umfrey, widow, draws attention to a petition presented three years before, for the arrears due to her late husband's cornet, James Mortimer, and Captain Finch Umfreys, who both served in Col. Wolseley's regiment of horse; the former having been slain at the battle of the Boyne, and the latter having died in the King's service; and states that she suffered from the army having been quartered on her, and prays that a custodiam might be granted her of 100l. per ann.]
All the papers are attached, and another petition from her. The letter of Henry Lord Capel, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, sending the report of the Attorney-General, is in favour of granting her a lease, to the value of 100l. a year for 21 years. 10¼ pages.
Jan. 9. 8. Letter of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, transmitting the “address” of the Lords in Parliament assembled, in which they had requested him to recommend Thos. Carter, serjeant-at-arms, for an increase of his salary, from 50l. to 100l.: for the King's consideration. Dated Dublin, 9 Jan. 1695. 1 page.
[Jan. 10.] 9. Petition of the proposers for the increase of the revenue on tobacco, addressed to the King; praying an allowance for the trouble.
Minuted:—“Read 10 Janry '95. Not approved.”
Accompanied by the proposal. 4 pages and a little piece.
Jan. 10. 10. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the subject of imports and exports for the last three years. (See 3 Jan. 1695–6.). Dated 10 Jan. 1695. 2 pages.
Jan. 20. 11. Letter from the Duke of Shrewsbury to the Lords of the Treasury, enclosing the petition of Brigadier FitzPatrick, and his brother Captain FitzPatrick, for a grant of the forfeitures of Edward Morris, with the Lord Deputy's and Attorney-General of Ireland's report thereupon; for their consideration, and to be laid before the King. Dated 20 Jan. 1695–6.
The lands in question lay at Granstowne, in the Queen's county.
Also the petition, two reports, and two other papers relating to FitzPatrick's affairs. 12 pages or parts of pages
Jan. 23. 12. Letter from Mr. Bridgeman to Mr. Lowndes, secretary to the Lords of the Treasury, by order of the Lords of the Admiralty, sending a letter to be laid before the former, from the Navy Board, enclosing another from the Paymaster of the Navy, wherein he acquainted them that the circumstances of the coin were such, that he doubted if he should find current money to pay the King's ships going abroad. Dated 23 Jan. 1695–6. 3 pages.
Jan. 24. 13. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the case of Joseph Cagnomi, Francis Magnoni, and Thomas Withered, of London, merchants; who had an information prosecuted against them by Lancelot Whitehall and Francis Roberts, for working ships with less than three-fourths English sailors, &c. Dated 24 Jan. 1595–6.
Minuted:—“Read 9 June '96, a non pros. to be entred for ye King's part.” 6 pages.
Jan. 29. 14. Letter of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to the Duke of Shrewsbury, enclosing the report of the Attorney-General, on the petition of Sir Francis Brewster, wherein he prayed for a grant of the King's right to some forfeited lands in Ireland, referred to in a schedule, annexed to the report; recommending the granting him such an estate as he desired, in consideration of his sufferings and losses, to enable him to rebuild his iron works. Dated Dublin, 29 Jan. 1695–6.
The report, schedule, and petition; also:—
“A briefe of Sr Francis Brewster's losses by ye late troubles, as it was proved upon ye oaths of sevll gentn, and ye steward & servts of the saide Sr Francis.”
[His losses amounted to upwards of 30,000l. in Kerry.]
The petition is minuted:—“6 June 1696. To be laid before the King.” Again, “April 1697. Rejected.” 3 pages.
Jan. 29. 15. Petition of “Sol. de Medina,” to the Lords of the Treasury, for order to be given to the meters of London to allow the inspection of their books, in accordance with the grant made to the Duke of Richmond, of duty on coals from Newcastle. Dated 29 Jan. 1695–6.
Minuted:—“To bring the patent and an order to be drawn pursuant to it.” 1 page (quarto).
Feb. 1. 16. Balance sheet of George Warburton, Esq., for the Irish Post Office, sworn 1 Feb. 1695–6. It is headed:—“His Majesty on the Inland Irish accot for ye halfe yeare ended Christmas 1688.” 5 pages.
[? About
Feb. 4,
17. Petition of James Hoare, Comptroller of the Mint, to the Lords of the Treasury, for additional allowance during the great work of recoining the money, then going on. Accompanied by a recommendation from two of the officers of the Mint, that it should be allowed out of the coinage money. Referred 4 Feb. 1695.
Minuted:—“This petition to be considered when the coinage money comes under consideration.” [See Vol. XXXVI., No. 49.] 2 pages (quarto.)
Feb. 4. 18. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Thomas Bowles, of London, merchant, owner of the ship “St. George,” who had fitted the ship out as a private man-of-war and captured a French privateer, partly laden with Newfoundland fish, and the vessel being brought to Bristol was condemned as prize; but the duty laid on the fish was more than its value. Praying to be allowed to pay English or other moderate duties. Dated Feb. 4, 1695–6.
Minuted:—“To be discharged of ye duty.”
The petition and copies of two other papers relating thereto. 6 pages and 2 halves.
Feb. 5. 19. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, laying before them the state of the debt owing to the regiment of foot, under the command of Col. Holt, in the West Indies. Dated 5 Feb. 1695–6.
Accompanied by the memorial of Archibald Hutcheson, Esq., agent of Col. Codrington, Governor of the Leeward Islands and Col. Henry Holt, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury; and a petition of divers persons connected with the regiment, to the House of Commons; stating that those who had served in that regiment were five years in arrear. 3 large pages.
Feb. 5. 20. Report of Lord Ranelagh and Mr. William Blathwayt, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of Sir Matthew Bridges, as to 4,074l. 18s. 4d., due to clothiers who supplied his regiment of foot, which clothiers were to be paid out of the off-reckonings, the clothes being contracted for by Sir Geo. St. George and Col. Courthope. There was but 421l. 19s. 8d. to provide clothing necessary for the regiment, &c. Dated 5 Feb. 1695–6.
Minuted on the dorse, to the effect that the pay of Sir Geo. St. George should be stopped, &c.
[The memorial not now united.] 1 page.
[? About
Feb. 6.]
21. Report of the Comrs of Transportation to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Elizabeth Havering, widow, certifying their Lordships that Matthew Suttcliffe was employed to adjust the accounts of the transport ships, and made an ill-use of the credit gained thereby, in trafficking in certain certificates, though he knew they were of no real value; advising that it was a private transaction, and that it should not properly come before their Lordships. Without date; but referred for their report, 6 Feb. 1695.
Minuted:—“My Lords think that disputes of this nature can be decided only at law.”
Also the petition. 2½ pages.
Feb. 6. 22. Letter of Mr. Wm. Blathwayt, to Mr. Lowndes, as to a claim of 612l. 8s.d. for liveries for the trumpeters and kettle-drummer, and for colours and kettle-drum banners, for the regiment under the command of Brigadier Lumley; sending a certificate, showing that it had been paid. Dated 6 Feb. 1695–6.
The certificate. Parts of 2 pages.
Feb. 8. 23. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of David Delgass; respecting four bales of silk brought, as he alleged, from Leghorn, but deemed by the custom house officers, to be of the growth of Asia. Dated 8 Feb. 1695–6.
Minuted:—“A warrt to discha ye seizure, giving satisfaction to ye officers as proposed.”
Also the petition. 2¼ pages.
March 15.
1694–5 &
10 Feb.
24. Two reports of Lord Ranelagh, paymaster, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petitions of Isaac Teale, Jonathan Leigh, and other apothecaries, who supplied (1st) the forces and hospitals in Flanders and in England, for the late expedition under Lieutenant-General Talmach, the expedition for Jamaica, and the intended expedition to Cadiz; praying payment of 6,709l. 0s. 2d., due to them for medicines; (2nd), for the armies and hospital in Flanders, for 8,570l. 9s. 3d. Dated 15 March 1694–5, and 10 Feb. 1695–6.
The latter were supplied from His Majesty's laboratory in the Savoy, A.D. 1695.
Also two certificates in favour of the letter claim reduced to 8,017l. 9s. 11d.
These are accompanied by three petitions and a schedule.
Minuted:—“Ref. to Sr H. Belasyse, & Brigadr Earle, to examine ye preceding year's demand, & certifie wt is reasonable to be allowed.” 10 pages.
Feb. 12.]
25. “Necessaries de termino sancti Hill. anno regni viijo Gulielmi tertii Regis, anno Dom. 1696.”
[Hilary term ended Feb. 12.]
The articles are mostly stationery, and apparently in connexion with the office of Exchequer. 1 long page.
Feb. 13. 26. Order in Council, made on reading a letter from the Lord Deputy of Ireland, transmitting hither the reports of the present and late Solicitor-General of that kingdom, on the petition of Sir Jervase Clifton, (to be paid 2,000l. with the arrears of 100l. per ann. interest, out of the forfeited estate of Mr. Bagnall, pursuant to the agreement between them, upon the petitioners intermarriage with Mr. Bagnall's daughter), to the effect that the letter, reports, and other papers annexed, be sent to the Lords of the Treasury for their consideration and report. Dated 13 Feb. 1695–6.
Minuted:—“Read 30 March '96. To be done upon making ye proof.”
Accompanied by the papers referred to.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 302, 19 May 1696, is:—
“Sir Jervas Clifton &
Sir James Caldwell
hearing. Int~ Sr Jervas Clifton & Sr James Caldwell per counsell. Sr Thomas Powys saies that Dudly Bagnall entered into articles to pay 7,000li to Sir Gervaise as a marriage porcion, but 3,000li was to be pd when Dudley Bagnall should be possessed of Nicholas Bagnall's estate. In '88 Dudley Bagnall made a deed to secure 2,000 (other part of ye porcion) when Sr Gervas should come of age and settle a jointure on his lady. Bagnall is attainted, but his estate comes to ye K. subject to this 2,000l and is ready to prove his deed; besides 400l a year is granted to Ms Bagnall & her children out of this estate by His Maty. The 3 witnesses to ye deed are, Ld Hunsden, dead, and they can prove his hand, Mr Brent, ye same, and one Power who is in France, and insists that proving their hands is legall proof. Sr Richard Levinz [Levinge?], saies the proof should be made in Ireland; it is necessary to prove 'twas executed at ye time of ye date for it might [be] after ye treason committed. Sr Thomas Powys saies if ye deed were never executed, yet in equity his clyent ought to have ye 2,000li per the articles; especially since ye jointure was made. Mr White saies Bagnall was in England in Octobr 1688. That wtsoever right Mr Clifton has, yet the estate being found for ye King and no notice taken of his right, he is putt to a petition of right wch wilbe tedious & chargeable; besides tho the proof be legal, they will not admit it so in Ireland.
“Sr James offers that Mrs Bagnall have her 400li a year, that Sr Gervaise may have 100l a year, wch is ye inter[est] of his mo and there will be something for himself towards ye mo., he is out for ye preservation of the countrey. My Lords think this reasonable.”
Again, at p. 322, 12 June 1696:—
“Mrs. Caldwell saies her father will give security for paying 400l a year to Mrs Bagnall & a 100li a year to Sr Gervaise Clifton, for the interest of his 2,000li, and she desires the King will grant him a clause of reprisalls.” 5 pages and 5 parts of pages.
Feb. 14.
27. Answer of the Comrs of the Leeward Islands to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the method to be pursued, so that the subsistence money ordered to be received by them, for the officers and soldiers of Col. Holt's regiment, in the Leeward Islands, should be duly paid, to the Chief Governor-General, Christopher Codrington.
Minuted:—“14 Feb. '95. My Lords will cause the subsistence to be pd to ye hands of these Comrs.”
An Order in Council and two memorials of the Colonel.
The Order in Council is minuted.—“The King will cloath the men in the West Indies, 15 January '95.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 147, 14 Feb. 1695, is:—
“My Lords will cause the subsistence for Col. Holt's regiment in the Leeward Islands to be pd to ye Comrs for those islands, who have by an instrument obliged themselves to pay the same upon Col. Codrington's bill.” 4 pages or parts of pages.
Feb. 14. 28. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, as to a considerable sum of money remaining at Bristol, the ordinary course of remittance by bills of exchange being at a stand, from the badness of the coin. Dated 14 Feb. 1695.
Also the memorial and letter of the collector and his clerk, on which the presentment was made.
Minuted:—“The Comrs of the Custome to be informed when the convoy of soldrs wilbe at Gloucr for bringing up the Excise mo. That this mony may come up with that and the soilr of custo[ms] may attend ye Comrs of Excise to know ye time.” 2 pages.
Feb. 14. 29. Letter of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to the Duke of Shrewsbury, in reference to the petition of Mr. Charles Dering, Auditor General of Ireland, praying for a lease of several forfeited lands in a list annexed; stating that he had referred it to the Solicitor-General, whose report he returned; agreeing therewith, viz., that a lease or custodiam should be granted to the petitioner of the lands in the list certified by the Comrs of Forfeitures. Dated 14 Feb. 1695–6.
Accompanied by (1.) the report.
(2.) “A list of such rents as Charles Dering, Esqr, Auditor General of Ireland, hath put in charge on the rent rolls, since his entering on that employmt, over & above what was in charge before.”
(3.) A list of lands forfeited to His Majesty, together with the acreage and value, &c., viz., of the following persons:—Robert Walsh Edwd. Fitzgerald, Walter Bryan, Nich. White, Nich. Brown, John Cowell, Edw. Reynolds, Mich. Chamberlain, John Forster, and Thady Meagher.
(4.) The petition.
Minuted:—“Granted.” 10 pages and 3 halves.
Feb. 15. 30. Report of Mr. Aaron Smith to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Sir Henry Bond [attainted], stating that the estate in Surrey and part of the estate in St. James's field, were mortgaged by Sir Thomas Bond, Bart., deceased, father of the petitioner, to Elizabeth Lady Wiseman for 7,500l., and to Richd. Rothwell, Esq., for 2,500l., and to Sir Willm. Poulteney for 2,400li; and that there were other incumbrances thereon, setting out what the estate in St. James fields consisted of, and various particulars about the estate called Albemarle ground. Dated 15 Feb. 1695.
Accompanied by other papers entitled:—
“Monies received out of the estate late Sir Henry Bond's at Peckham and St James.”
“The debt due for interest to the severall mortgagees on the estate late Sir Henry Bond's, and to the Lady Bond, the widow of Sir Thomas Bond, deceased, for her anuity.”
An account of arrears.
The petition of Sir Henry Bond, Bart., for reversal of his outlawry, &c., the schedule of his debts secured by mortgage, and
“Rent roll of all the estate late Sr Henry Bond's, Bart.”
Minuted:—“Read 3 Feb. '96. The K. will grant these estates in trust to pay the debts; the residue to be in trust for His Maty.” 13 pages and 2 halves.
Feb. 17. 31. Letter from the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, acknowledging the receipt of a letter from the King, countersigned by their Lordships, remitting some part of the quit-rents payable out of the lands of Mr. Petty, in the co. of Kerry, and declaring other particulars about the rent; enclosing a report of the clerk of the quit-rents, and an account of the number of acres as well as the rents payable to the Crown, out of lands belonging to Sir William Petty, &c. The remission of quit-rents issuing out of Mr. Petty's estate had been equal if not superior to any man's in the kingdom, and if reduced, others might as reasonably petition for a further abatement. Dated Dublin Castle, 17 Feb. 1695–6.
The report and account. 7 pages.
Feb. 18.]
32. Petition of Sibil Carew, relict of “Captain Lieutenant” John Carew, deceased, stating that her husband was an officer in the King's service 18 years in Holland, before he came to the throne; that he came over with him, and went to Ireland under the command of Lord Cutts, where he being before Limerick (his captain being killed), lead up his men with great bravery, and was wounded and died; praying for relief, with a certificate of Lord Cutts at the foot, of the truth of the petition.
Referred to the Lords of the Treasury, 18 Feb. 1695–6.
Minuted:—“To be provided for amongst other widdows, when the fond intended” (sic). 1¼ pages.
Feb. 25. 33. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, as to certain brandy cast on shore near Newhaven, in Sussex appraised at 369l., which by the Act should be sold by inch of candle; and two-thirds of the forfeiture should be to the King, and one-third to the prosecutor. Dated 25 Feb. 1695–6.
Minuted:—“Done.” 1 page.
Feb. 26. 34. Letter from the Comrs of the Navy to Wm. Lowndes, Esq., Secretary to the Lords of the Treasury, referring to one of 3 Jan. in which they desired him to move their Lordships to order 800 trees out of the New Forest for the Navy at Portsmouth; begging him to remind their Lordships thereof. Dated 26 Feb. '95. 1 page.
[? About
Feb. 29.]
35. Petition of John Bradshaw, the city marshal, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that by warrant of the Lord Mayor, he had searched the house of one William Keene, in Doctors' Commons, upon suspicion for Captn. Courtney and Capt. Wallbanck, two of the conspirators in the King's proclamation; and that he found a printing press with letters composed, and several other pamphlets, entitled “a vindication of the deprived bishops;” praying for the reward of 20l. for the discovery according to the proclamation of 13 Sept. 1692.
A certificate under the hand of John Houblon, the Mayor [of London], that the city marshal had brought Keene before him on the above charge. Dated 29 Feb. 1695. 2 pages.
Feb. 29. 36. Letter from the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that he had received the petition of Colonel John Forward to the King, praying a grant of the forfeited estates of Sir John Nugent, of Taghmon, in the county of Westmeath, Col. Richard Nugent his brother, and Christopher Nugent of Dardistowne, in the same county, and had referred the same to the Attorney-General, whose report he then returned, and an account from the late Comrs of Forfeitures, of the yearly rent received out of the estates, and a particular thereof returned to him, by the Surveyor-General, out of the survey remaining in his office; advising that he should receive a custodiamof the lands mentioned in his petition. Dated 29 Feb. 1695–6.
The petition and report referred to. The “particular” mentioned is not now with them. 5½ pages.
March 2. 37. Report of the Comrs of Revenue in Ireland, to the Lords Justices General and General Governors of Ireland, on the petition of the Countess of Roscomon, praying for an allowance of an arrear of 150l., and for a grant of the lands of Phellystowne and Dungenny, in the county of Meath, which had been seized into the King's hands by the forfeiture of Richard Dillon of Cloonbrock, who held them on lease, being devised to the petitioner by Wentworth, late Earl of Roscommon. Dated 2 March 1696, i.e. 1695–6.
Minuted:—“16 Ap. '96. The King will forgive her ye arrear abt 150l.
Also the petition. 3 pages.
March 5. 38. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Clarke, mariner, which set forth that the Comrs of the Navy, having hired a vessel of the petitioner to attend George Everett, shipwright, to find out embezzled stores, belonging to the Navy, the vessel was detained by the collectors of customs at Harwich, viz., as to the true state of the case. Dated 5 March 1695–6.
The petition, an Order in Council, and divers certificates, &c. relating thereto. 16 pages.
March 5. 39. Certificate of the agents for Taxes to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the third 4s. aid, of which Morgan Whitley was Receiver-General of North Wales and Cheshire. Dated 5 March 1695–6.
Minuted:—“To have his comon.” 1 page.
March 6. 40. Memorial of Mr. Tho. Neale and Mr. Tho. Hall, master and worker of the Mint, to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that they found the assays of silver made at the Exchequer and those at the Mint often differed, and sometimes as much as two penny weights “and better;” and praying their Lordships' directions. Dated 6 March 1695–6.
Accompanied by a detailed report of the same. 3 pages.
March 7. 41. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, respecting the prohibition of French commodities, and more particularly concerning certain wines, brandies, &c. imported from St. Sebastians and Bilboa. Dated 7 March 1695–6.
Minuted:—“The K. looks upon it to be French wine, that comes from St. Sebastian, but directs two officers (such as ye C. of Customs shall approve) be sent over to St-Sebastian to take knowledge of the wine there & its growth.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 275, 14 April 1696, is the following:—
“Comrs of the Customes cald in, as to the 25 tons for ye Spanish Ambr from St Sebastien; it is to pass by the K[ings] direction, but as to all other come from thence, my Lords tell them the K. thinks there is a great collusion, & they must hold as strict a hand over them as they can.”
“Mr Manly & Mr Coke are going to St Sebastian, and they will have instructions from ye C. of Customes, to inquire & informe them what wines grow in the Spanish countrey there, & other circumstances, and the Comrs propose none others should be sent thither till these gentlemen give the Comrs an accot how matters are.” 2 pages.
March 7. 42. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Simon Beranger, as to certain silk called alamodes, imported and unavoidably forfeited, leaving it to their Lordships to say whether they should be delivered. Dated 7 March 1695–6.
Also the petition and an affidavit. 3½ pages.
March 3
and 10.
43. Report of the Warden, Master and Worker and Controller of the Mint, on the proposals made by Jonathan Ambrose, melter at the Mint, viz., (1st) for refining at 12d. per pound troy, it would be advisable to agree with him; (2nd) for melting and casting into small bars in sand, one farthing per pound should be allowed in addition to the 3½d. hitherto allowed; and (3rd) for melting and casting the ingotts and scisell into small bars &c., they thought no one would undertake the duties for less than was offered; namely, halfpenny and half-farthing for every pound troy. Dated 3 March 1695.
A further report added, advising the addition of a half-farthing per pound to the last proposals, as the former offer was declined. Dated 10 March.
Accompanied by the proposals. 2 pages and 2 halves.
[? About
March 10.]
44. Petition of Lieut. Abraham Coakely gent, to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that he went with Mr. Maurish, one of the King's messengers, and apprehended Robert Feilding, Esq., and had him committed to Newgate, and that he expected to be paid the 200l. reward, specified in a proclamation for his apprehension.
Accompanied by an affidavit thereon. Dated the 10 March 1695–6. 2 pages.
March 10. 45. Letter of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to the Duke of Shrewsbury, enclosing the report of the Solicitor-General, on the petition of Col. Richard Coote, who prayed that in consideration of his losses by the rebellion in Ireland, and his not having had the full benefit of the former grant, made him by King Charles II., he might have a grant of the King's title to a portion of about 3,500l., bequeathed by the late Earl of Clanricarde to the Lady Honor Bourke, one of his daughters, which was forfeited to the King; approving the report, which was in favour of a grant of that portion or a part of it. Dated Dublin Castle, 10 March 1695–6.
Minuted:—“14 Ap. '97. Rejected.”
The report and the petition. 4 pages and 2 parts of pages.
March 10. 46. Certificate of Mr. Wardour and the Tellers of the Exchequer, about the fees paid by the Masters in Chancery upon their salary, to the Clerk of the Pells and the four Tellers. Dated 10 March 1695. 1 page.
March 10. 47. Report of Mr. Chas. Fox to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Capt. Stephen Dampierre, late of the regiment commanded by Col. Belcastle, praying payment of what was due to him for his service in that regiment; leaving it to their Lordships to expedite the payment to him, of 199l. 17s. 8d., in consequence of the expense of his sickness and his hardships whilst prisoner in France. Dated 10 March 1695.
Also the petition. 2 pages.
March 11. 48. Report of Thomas Neale [Master of the Mint] proposing additional salaries during the coinage of the clipped moneys, to the following persons:— £
James Hoar, Esq., Controller - - 300 per annum.
Daniel Bratle, Assay Master - - 200 "
Mr. Evans, Surveyor of the Meltings and Clerk of the Irons - - - 100 "
Thomas Fitch, weigher and teller - 100 "
Divers other clerks 180 "
Leaving to their Lordships the case of the Rotiers, engravers who had 450l. yearly pension besides 325l. per annum as pay. Dated 11 March 1695. 2 pages.
March 12. 49. Letter from the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, stating, that he had received a letter from the King, countersigned by their Lordships, in favour of Major Walter Delamer, directing a sufficient discharge to be made to him of 80l. per ann. of the rents reserved on him out of the forfeited lands held by him from the King; and also to cause a custodiam to be passed to him of forfeited lands, not to exceed 80l. per ann. for seven years, which [latter] he had ordered; but as to the remittal of the 80l. a year reserved upon the first grant, he had hitherto forborne to execute it. If the King directed a discharge to be passed under the great seal, he would give the necessary orders. He also sent a petition of Major Delamer, referred to him by the King, praying a lease of the lands then held by him, or any other, to the same value, for 31 years, and that a debt of 719l. due from His Majesty, might be accepted as a fine; also a report of the Attorney-General made thereon, which admitted the debt, and his Excellency advised the grant of a lease for 21 years, of the lands held by him. Dated 12 March 1695–6.
Accompanied by the report and petition. 5¼ pages.
March 12. 50. Report of the Comrs of Customs, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Robert Farish, late collector of the port of Carlisle, who had undergone great hardships and losses; as well for the cure of his wounds as other expenses, and was then dismissed from his employment. Dated 12 March 1695.
Also the petition, a certificate, a balance sheet, and a detailed statement of the sums claimed. 4 pages and 2 parts.
March 12. 51. A letter signed P. Foley to William Lowndes, Esq., begging him to remind the King about the Mint to be set up at Hereford. Dated 12 March 1695–6.
Docquetted:—“Mr Speaker's letter about the Mint at Hereford.” 1 page (quarto).
[? About
March 13.]
52. Allowances to be made to different officers of the Mint, “on every pound wt troy coyned,” and “additional allowances to be paid per the mar out of his poundage, the same allowances to commence from the 29th of January 1695 (the time of the first delivery), and to continue by quarterly payments, till the clipt moneys shal be recoyned.” Without date, but minuted:—“Read 13 March 1695. Agreed to per my Lords.”
On the same subject in the Minute Book, Vol. VI. p. 307.; 25 May 1696 is:—“Mr Neal, Mr Newton, and Mr Hall, together with the provost and sevll membrs of ye monyers upon their complaint yt their allowance for making ye money is not sufficient. My Lords do not see any reason for an increase.” 1 page.
March 14. 53. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, concerning the money (16,000 or 17,000l.) remaining in the collector's hands at Bristol, which they had desired should be sent up with the convoy, which brought the Excise money; but from want of time it could not be sent. Also from other places they had information of cash remaining for want of opportunity of remittance, and particularly at Lancaster, 16 or 17 hundred pounds. Dated 14 March 1695–6. 1½ pages.
March 14. 54. Copy of a letter apparently of the Navy Board, but not signed nor addressed, respecting the petition of Alice Cæsar, about her title to some part of the land belonging to His Majesty's yard at Chatham. The writers say they find no writings of the King's title to the land, or anything relating thereto, and had written to Sir Edwd. Gregory to make the best enquiry he could touching the same. Dated 14 March 1695–6.
Also the copy of Sir Edward Gregory's letter, finishing:—“In a word all things relating to this affaire seems to be very darke & obscure,” &c. 2 pages.
March 16. 55. Copy of instructions given to the Comrs of the Revenue, in relation to the management of the forfeitures [in Ireland]. Dated 16 March 1695–6.
They are comprised under 13 heads. 3 pages.
March 19. 56. Copy of royal warrant to the Attorney-General, for a bill to be prepared for the royal signature, granting the dignity of baronet to Richard Blackham, of the city of London, Esq. Dated 19 March 1695–6. ½ page.
? March 19. 57. Letter of Mr. Done to William Lownds, Esq., respecting Lord Griffin's accounts, some portion of which could not be completed for want of vouchers.
Accompanied by a state of the account of Edward Griffin, Esq., (now Lord Griffin) Treasurer of His Majesty chamber, for one year ended at Michaelmas 1684. Dated 19 March 1695–6.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 346, 17 July 1696, is the following:—“To stay the processe for the accots of the Lord Griffin, late Treasurer of ye chamber, till next terme; but to direct Mr Baker to informe himselfe of ye state of that matter, and to prosecute wth effect ye next term, if ye accts be not finished in ye mean time.” 2 pages.
March 19. 58. Report of Mr Aaron Smith to the Lords of the Treasury, upon a letter annexed, of Wm. Dandy, who was a prisoner in the King's Bench; stating that the original cause of his imprisonment was, from some difference between his father, himself, and younger brother; about lands, &c. let or disposed of by his father: concerning which an assault was committed by him, for which he was fined 100l. and committed to prison until he paid it; and before he should be discharged from prison to give security for good behaviour to his father and brother, during the lives of each of them; which judgment was without precedent. Further reporting that he went into Cornwall on a Crown prosecution, and was there arrested; but afterwards was removed to the King's Bench, where he remained on the common side, in a miserable, wanting condition, making pegs for shoemakers, and living thereby, and on the common basket; and in addition, he at times wanted the use of his reason: recommending as an act of the highest charity that he should be discharged. Dated 19 March 1695.
Two letters of the above William Dandy and his petition. 6 pages.