Volume 40: September 1-October 20, 1696

Pages 544-554

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 1, 1556-1696. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1868.

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September 1–October 20, 1696

Sept. 1.
1. Letter from Mr. James Vernon to the Lords of the Treasury, enclosing the petition of the innkeepers of St. Alban's, addressed to the Lords Justices, seeking to be reimbursed what they formerly advanced towards the subsistence of the Dutch troop, under the command of Capt. Quaat, which was quartered there, for their Lordships to give directions thereon. Dated 1 Sept. 1696.
Also the petition. 1 large and 1 small page.
Aug. 19.
Sept. 1.
2. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Thomas Ward, master of the ship “Yarmouth,” as to French goods forfeited: in favour of relief. Dated 19 Aug. 1696.
Minuted twice. The second minute is:—“Read, 6 October '96. A warrt according to ye reports.”
Also the petition and six other papers, and a report from the Prize Office relating thereto. Dated 1 Sept. 1696 11 pages or parts of pages.
Sept. 2. 3. Letter of Mr. James Vernon to the Lords of the Treasury, sending a petition of several troopers who formerly served in Ireland under the late Brigadier Villiers, viz.. for their arrears of pay. Dated 2 Sept. 1696.
The petition. 2 pages.
Sept. 2. 4. Report of the Comrs of Customs at Dublin, on the petition of Ann Deyos, widow and relict of Captain George Deyos, deceased, quoting a previous report made by them on the same case: advising the extension of the King's favour in regard to the 253l. 15s.d. due on the bonds mentioned, but that the 31l. 0s.d. cash in hand, should be paid to the Treasury. Dated 2 Sept. 1696. 1 page.
Sept. 3. 5. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, sending the report of the Attorney-General for Ireland, on the petition of Mr. William Palmer to the Lords Justices of England, for a grant of an estate [in and about Athlone,] and in Roscommon and Westmeath, in Ireland, then in the possession of Mr. Silvester Devenish, in consideration of the money the petitioner had lent on it, and the discovery he was able to make of the King's title thereto, together with the report, formerly made in this case by Sir Richard Levinge, Knt., when Solicitor-General: recommending the grant of the estate. Dated 3 Sept. 1696.
Minuted:—“16 Ap. '96 [? '97.] If he makes out his discovery, the K. will give him the 4th part by ye proclamac[i]on besides ye benefit of his owne mortgage, if he has a right in any such.”
The first-named report, two petitions, and five other papers, all relating to the same matter.
For the second report. See Vol. XXVI., No. 21. 11 pages or parts of pages.
Sept. 3. 6. Memorial of Mr. Tho. Neale, Master of the Mint, to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that the country mints were all finished, but there was more than 100l. each owing for most of them; begging that 100l. each might be issued, and 100l. more in a short time for petty expenses; also applying for Bennett's house to be given up from the Office of Ordnance to the porter of the Mint. Dated 3 Sept. 1696. 1 page (quarto).
Sept. 4. 7. Representation of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the refusal of the justices of the peace to give judgments against the brewers and victuallers who had not paid their duties. Dated 4 Sept. 1690.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 380, 4 Sept. 1696, is:—
“Comrs of Excise. They offer a presentmt concerning arears in the countrey. My Lords direct them to prepare the draught of such a letter [as] they would have to the justices of peace, concerning the levying of the duty.” 1 page.
Sept. 4. 8. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, enclosing four warrants signed by the King. Dated Loo, 4/14 Sept. 1696.
They were in favour of:—
1. Bridget Ellingsworth.
2. Brigadier Wolseley.
3. Capt. Richards.
4. Colonel Hallet. A few lines.
Sept. 4. 9. Letter of Francis Gardiner to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that, until he received instructions from Mr. Hall, he was unable to judge of his capacity to manage the affair trusted to him. The 5 c. pound troy weight of bullion was waited for with the greatest impatience. The Mint would have been at work before, if it had come. Dated Norwich, 4 Sept. 1696.
Minuted:—“Read, 8, 7br. '96.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 382, on 8 Sept. 1696, is: —
“Officers of the Mint cal'd in. My Lords exhort the provost to use all despatch in the business of ye countrey mints.” ¾ page.
Sept. 7. 10. Copy of a letter from Wm. Mathews to Mr. Secretary Trumbull, acquainting him with the progress he had made at Exeter, in relation to the Exchequer Bank, in which he had engaged himself with Joseph Tily, by the approbation of the Treasury. He had broke the neck of the Exchange there, which had been 6, 8, and sometimes 10per cent. The people ardently craved exchequer bills for their commerce. The excisemen thought there could never be enough sent down. The tuckers [i.e., fullers of cloth] and traders coveted them for a medium of commerce. The weavers and combers, to whom the tuckers and traders paid them for their serges, brought them to him, and he paid them in specie on demand, exchange free. He begged that his honour would insert in the Gazette these words; viz:—
“The Exchequer Bank at Exeter do give notice that they will negociate bills of exchange gratis, as well foreign as domestick, from Exeter to London, and from London to Exeter, & also from Taunton & Tiverton to London, & the counties of Devon, Somerset, & Cornwall, for any merchants, traders, & others; and when their money is received upon such bills the said bank will pay them to content in London, or at the bank of Exeter on demand.”
The several premiums for negotiating bills between Exeter and London amounted to several thousands per ann., which would be all saved by this bank.
He wished he could see the proclamation concerning these “chequer bills,” about which he wrote to Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer last week. He dared not dictate and say that it was absolutely necessary, considering the miseries of the nation, the dismal prospect for the winter, and the “Plonges” we were in, but he feared a disturbance unless this, or some such expedient, were put in force. Dated Exeter, 7 Sept. 1696.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 137, 3 May 1697, is:—
“Mr Mathews will advance ready money on ye exchequer bills & circulate them in those parts for one per cent., whereunto their Lops agree.” 2½ pages.
Sept. 7. 11. Letter of the Comrs of the Navy to Mr. Lowndes, stating that they found that there was still in the Treasurer's hands 14,580l. 10s. in moneys and tallies; desiring to know how much should be paid to each colonel of the marine regiments. Dated 7 Sept. 1696.
Accompanied by:—“An account of mony & tallies & orders received by the Treasurer of His Mats. [Majesty's] navy, between the 28th Decr '95 & the 8th February following, for payment of the two marine regimts officers.” Also,
“The state of the accots of the 2 marine regimts sign'd by the Marquis of Carmarthen.”
Minuted:—“Read 8 7br '96. Show this to Ld Berkley abt ye mo in the Treasurer of the Navy's hands for ye marine officers.” 3 pages.
Sept. 9. 12. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Simon Battersby of Kirkby Lonsdale, in the county of Westmoreland, and of Richard Tatham of Causfield, and Edward Yates of Leck, in the county of Lancaster, yeomen, who had been about to proceed to the Isle of Man from Whitehaven to buy cattle, having informed the Collector of Customs there that they had 250l. with them for that purpose, who encouraged them therein, and when on board the boat seized the money; not objecting to a nolle prosequi. Dated 9 Sept. 1696.
Minuted:—“Read 16 Oct. 1696. Wt for a noli prosequi, and the Comrs of the Customes to be spoke to, at their next attendance, about Mr Huddleston, collr at Whitehaven.”
Also the petition and two affidavits. 5 pages.
Sept. 9. 13. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of Robert Harrison and others, merchants of London, as to the forfeiture of goods imported in a vessel worked by foreigners. Dated 9 Sept. 1696.
Also the petition and a certificate.
Minuted:—“Read 11 7br '96. Discha, the K. part giving satisfaction to ye officer.” 3 pages.
Sept. 10. 14. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on a memoral from the resident of the King of Denmark, concerning the duties demanded by the officers of the Customs, for the salt imported in the ship “Old Crown'd Hope.” Dated 10 Sept. 1696.
Also an order in Council and two letters.
Minuted:—“Read 4th May 1697.” 4 pages and 2 halves.
Sept. 11. 15. Report of the Comrs of the Navy to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of William Culliford and Anthony Evernden, gentn, as to the payment for canvas manufactured by them. The Comrs state their belief that the tallies assigned on the 4s. aid for the service of the navy would not be discounted under 25 or 30li per cent. Dated 11 Sept. '96.
Minuted:—“Read 15 7br '96. To be consd when the Streights squadron is gone.”
1,000l. was to be imprested to them and afterwards 500l. to be paid them. See Minute Book, Vol. VII., pp. 26 & 94.
Also the petition. 2 pages.
Sept. 14. 16. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, stating that the King concurs with their Lordships' opinion touching the money lately brought into the Exchequer upon pretence of the land tax. With this postscript: “I shall be glad to have the favour of an answer from you to my letter of 10/20th past, touching this year's contingencies, the time drawing near for our leaving these parts.” Dated at Loo, 14/24 Sept. 1696. 1 page (quarto).
Sept. 15. 17. Report of Mr. B. Bridges auditor, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the draft of a warrant relating to Admiral Russell's account of provisions furnished to the fleet in the Mediterranean seas, &c. Dated 15 Sept. 1696.
Minuted:—“Read 15 7br '96. The wt to be sent to ye K. to be signed.” 1½ pages.
Sept. 16.]
18. Memorial from the Comrs for taking subscriptions to the National Land Bank to the Lords of the Treasury, praying for payment of the sums expended as detailed in the first account hereafter described.
Minuted:—“Read 16 7br 1696.”
“An accompt of the charge of taking out & putting in execution the commission for taking subscriptions to the Nationall Land Bank, with the officers' sallaries from 20th May 1696 (ye day the Comon was opened) to the 1st Augt following;” also four other accounts of expenses about the same.
[There is the following minute relating to this bank of an earlier date, viz., 19 June 1696, in the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 327:—“Sr Thomas Cook & other Comrs for the new Land Bank informs my Lords that 500li is subscribed over and above the 1,600li before represented to my Lords. My Lord Godolphin saies that if the incouragemt given has had no other effect they must submit to it. They desire 1,000li towards ye charges. My Lords desire an accot of them.”] 11 pages and 2 halves.
Sept. 17. 19. Letter of Mr. Burchett to Mr. Lowndes, Secretary to the Lords of the Treasury, respecting injunctions to be given to captains of the King's yachts. Dated 17 Sept. '96. 1 page.
Sept. 19. 20. Letter from Edward Thompson to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that the delay in the Mint had obliged him to pawn his credit to the country for 11,083l. 18s., which he had received in clipt money; and he had given them tickets for it, which began to have currency in payments; he had intended to have done so for the rest of the money brought in to be coined, which he had registered in course as it was brought in; but he had received instructions from Mr. Hall, that no account should be taken of the clipt money until he had actually received it. He was of opinion that if the money for which he had given certificates were not received in course the people would be discouraged, if the credit of the Mint were not ruined, and he was sure his own would be. Dated York, 19 Sept. 1696. 2 pages (quarto).
Sept. 10
and 21.
21. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, stating that the King had given leave to Mr. Robinson, his agent at Stockholm, to come into England for a short time, and had directed his immediate return, so as to meet the King at the Hague, but he was utterly unable without some ready money; signifying the King's pleasure to the Lords of the Treasury, that some way be found, by ready money or otherwise, to enable him to come away immediately with the convoy that would fetch the King; the occasion being very pressing for his waiting on the King on this side, and for his speedy return to the court of Sweden. Dated at Loo, 10/20 Sept. 1696.
Also another letter, dated 21 Sept. 1696, signed J. Ellis, by command of Mr. Secretary Trumbull, for all possible despatch to Mr. Robinson's bills, “he being to returne to Sweeden, in all hast, upon affaires of great importance to His Maty and his allies.”
Minuted:—“Both read, 21 7br '96.”
The following is in the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 5, 21 Sept. 1696:—“Mr Robinson to have 100li in mo. out of Secret Service, and 364li for 6 moths on his ordry, due 29 July '96, & 335li on a bill of exrys per tallys on excise; & my Lords will speak to ye K. when he comes over about his arrear in ye last reigne.” 2¼ pages (quarto).
[? About
Sept 21.]
22. Petition of John Roberts and others of London, merchants, to the Lords of the Treasury, concerning certain sugar imported in a ship contrary to the Navigation Act.
Referred 21 Sept. 1696.
Minuted:—“13 Octr 1696. Read. The Comrs will report according as has been done in other cases.” 1 page.
Sept. 23. 23. A small collection of documents relating to the claims of Thomas Hewetson, Esq., late commander of the ship “Lyon,” for services in the West Indies. The documents are dated between 1689–90 and 1695, but the claim was adjusted by the Lords of the Treasury, 23 Sept. 1696.
They include:—
Copy of report signed “William Loundes,” to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Thomas Hewetson, Esq., late commander of the ship “Lyon,” carrying 150 men and 48 guns, praying payment of 7,860l. alleged to be due to him for services whilst employed in the West Indies, and for wages of officers and seamen, provisions, &c.; also demanding payment of 1,159l. 12s. for carrying and victualling soldiers, and for powder and arms. Dated 11 March 1692–3.
Also report of certain officers of the Navy Office on the same case; in answer to an inquiry, whether 4,462l. 10s. were a reasonable sum for the service rendered: deciding against the largeness of the demand. Dated 17 March 1692–3.
Other documents in support of the claim, in which it is stated that the petitioner hazarded his fortune in defence of the Leeward Islands when those islands were reduced to the last extremity, and by his personal courage and conduct freed the island of Jamaica from the frequent insults and invasions of the French buccaneers inhabiting the west side of Hispaniola.
In addition to the above is,—
A report of certain officers of the ordnance touching ordnance stores in connexion with the same service. Dated 23 Nov. 1695, accompanied by two other papers relating thereto.
Minuted:—“Read 23 7br 1696. My Lords adjust this demand at 4,000l. for the vij months' service of the shipp “Lion” (including ye charge relating to the Office of Ordnance); and as to their further demand of 727li for carriage and victualling soldiers, & for armes, powder, &c., dd to them, my Lords will consider ye same, when the petrs are ready to offer the particulars & their proof thereof.”
[See also Vol. XXV., No. 34.] 19¼ pages.
Sept. 23. 24. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Daniel Lyons, merchant, praying for the discharge of a parcel of Italian raw silks, imported from Holland, then under seizure. Dated 23 Sept. 1696.
Minuted:—“Read 5 Xbr '96. My Lords can give the petr no relife in this matter.”
The petition and two other papers. 4 pages.
Sept. 24. 25. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, stating the King's approval of the credit sent to Mr. Hill for 30,000l. furnished by Mr. Shepheard, Mr. Floyer, and some others at a reasonable rate; encouraging them to proceed, as it would be looked upon as a very good service. Dated at Loo, 4 Oct. 1696, N.S., i.e., 24 Sept.
There is the following entry, under date of 15 Sept. 1696, in the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 1., in relation to the subject of this letter:—“Mr Sheppard & Mr Floyer will give a credit for 30,000li at Antwerp, at 9 guildrs 6 stivers, & take the tallys for the sd sum on the Salt Act, to wit, the first 30,000l of ye 80,000l last struck.” 1 page (quarto).
Sept. 25. 26. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, recommending an addition of officers to the establishment of the port of Whitehaven, and to their salaries, in consequence of the increase of trade there. Dated 25 Sept. 1696.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” 2 pages.
[Sept. 29.] 27. “An abstract of the Receiver-General's account of the Duchy of Cornwall for the year ending at the feast of St Michael th'Archangell, 1696.” 1 large page.
July 11 to
Sept. 29.
28. State of the account for sick and wounded seamen and prisoners at war from 11th July 1689 to the 29th Sept. 1696. 1 page.
Sept. 29. 29. Presentment by the principal Comrs of Prizes to the Lords of the Treasury, on the state and circumstances of the office in relation to two grants,—
(1.) To Lord Romney and John Glover, of London, merchant, viz., one half of all ships taken and not accounted for since the beginning of the war; and,
(2.) To the Marquis of Monpouillan, viz., 4,000l. out of ships named in the warrant, with an exception of 600l. claimed by Mr. Blackwell; showing that the carrying out such grants would cause great confusion and contests in the execution of the grants, and in the fulfilling of their commission, wherein is the joint trust and authority of the great seal, and the Act for Encouragement of Privateers; suggesting further that it would be contrary to the letter of the law. They conclude by saying that they duly call their agents to account, and they answer readily except Consul Westcombe, their agent at Cadiz, whose mismanagement and irregular proceedings are set forth in a particular report annexed. Dated 29 7ber 1696.
Accompanied by,—
(1.) The report referred to.
(2.) The petition of the Earl of Romney and John Glover, of London, merchant.
(3.) The warrant in favour of the Marquis de Monpouillan.
(4.) A letter from Wm. Blathwayt, Esq., to Mr. Lowndes in relation to the 600l. disbursed by Mr. Lambert Blackwell, Consul at Leghorn, on account of a vessel bought by order of the Duke of Shrewsbury, for an advice boat to the fleet in those parts, which sum he sought to have paid out of certain prizes, and their Lordships had approved thereof; but the King had disposed of his shares in the prizes by warrant, not countersigned by their Lordships, whereof they had no cognizance. The whole matter had been [again] laid before the King, and he had signed another warrant, setting the former one aside.
(5.) Copy of the warrant in favour of the Earl of Romney and John Glover, gent. 9½ pages.
Sept. 30. 30. The account of the Honourable Charles Bertie, Esq., Treasurer and Paymaster to His Majesty's Office of Ordnance, of all money by him received and paid for land and sea service, from the 30th of September 1689 to the 30th of September 1689, and so annually continued to the 30th of September 1696. 1 large page.
[? Sept. 30.] 31. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, returning four warrants signed by the King, who had not thought fit as yet to sign that for granting to Mr. La Plaine and Paul Boyer the estate therein mentioned; further stating “His Majty will do nothing relating to the pensions untill his arrivall in Engl.
“His Majesty will embark on Saturday next if the wind be faire.” Dated Hague, 10 Oct. 1696 [? N.S.].
On the dorse is a list of the names of the persons to whom the warrants related, viz.:—
Admiral Russell.
Mr. Fotherby.
Sir Richard Levett and al.
Mr. Woolridge.
1 page (quarto).
June and
32. “The ingeeners charge of the tooles that will be wanting in His Majts Mint for coynedge in the Tower of London.” Also,
“The charges of the ingeneers tooles that will be wanting in a mint for coynedge of clept mony.”
By the docquet of the clerk it was for a country mint. Undated, but see Vol. XXXVIII., No. 64, and Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 382. 2 pages.
Oct. 2. 33. A memorial of Tho. Neale, Master and another officer of the Mint, showing that 187l. 10s. were owing for the salaries of officers of the country mints at Michaelmas last, and that there was no money appointed for them, nor for the salaries of the Mint in London, nor for the artificers, who were very pressing. Dated 2 Oct. 1696. 1 page.
Oct. 2. 34. A further representation on the same subject by the said Master and worker, viz., that he was engaged to pay to his deputies in the five country mints, 1,160l. yearly, towards which hitherto there had been little or no profits: asking for the last quarter's salary at least.
There is the following in the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 15:—“Mr. Neal & Mr. Hall 1,000li for the mints out of the first disposable money in the Exchequer.” 1 page.
Oct. 2. 35. Memorial of the Comrs of Transportation to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that, in obedience to their Lordships' verbal order, they had inquired as to what terms they could dispose of tallies for money, and they were told they could not dispose of the best, which were on the Annuity Act passed the last session of Parliament, under 28l. per cent. discount and interest on them, which would be 3 per cent. on the 6th of the month; praying their order to sell as many as would raise 1,500l., besides what they had already sold, unless they ordered the money some other way, without which they could not discharge the debts due for provisions furnished that year. They had contracted to pay ready money for the provisions, and had bought them accordingly. Also as to the hire of ships to bring home the King's household, and further respecting the accounts of transport ships. Dated 2 Oct. 1696.
Accompanied by two letters and a copy of a report of June 2, 1694.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 10, is the following:—“Comrs of Transport having, per verbal direction, turned tallys for about 6,000l. into mo for their office, and having occasion so to do for 1,500l, more, when a perfect acct is brot thereof my Lords give warrt for ye allowance per the audr.” 4 pages and 3 half pages.
Oct. 3. 36. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Reynolds and Cornelius Dennis, merchants, of London, and the master of the ship “St. Michael,” praying for a “non pros.” to any further proceeding for His Majesty's part of the forfeiture of the ship which had fallen under the operation of the Navigation Act. Dated 3 Oct. 1696.
Minuted:—“To be done as in the case of Harrison & al.”
The petition and another document relating thereto.
Also a similar report in respect of the ship “St. John the Baptist.” 5½ pages.
Oct. 3. 37. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of the above Cornelius Dennis and other merchants, praying the King's share of the forfeiture of certain kid skins and other goods, seized and condemned as French, which upon the testimony of certain persons were Spanish. Dated 3 Oct. 1696.
Minuted:—“A warrt to restore ye King's part of the mo recd, for ye value of ye kid skins onely,” &c.
The petition and another paper. 3 pages.
Oct. 6. 38. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of William Knox, praying payment of 106l. 18s. 3d. due to his brother for his arrears as lieutenant and captain in the Earl of Essex's regiment of dragoons, admitting that that amount was due. Dated 6 Oct. 1696.
Also the petition and copy of Captain Knox's account. 3 parts of pages.
Oct. 7. 39. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords [of the Treasury], sending the report of the Comrs and chief governors of the revenue, as to the reception of the rent of Col. Patrick Sarsfield, and as to the debt due to the Earl of Scarborough. Dated 7 Oct. 1696.
Minuted:—“To be layd before ye K.”
The report and two other papers. 5 pages.
Oct. 10. 40. Letter of Mr. Burchett to Mr. Lowndes, secretary of the Lords of the Treasury, stating that the Lords of the Admiralty had lately given orders for the fitting and victualling 10 ships of war for foreign convoys; sending an extract of a letter from the Comrs of Victualling, stating their inability to furnish the provisions for want of money. Dated 10 Oct. '96.
The extract named. 2 pages.
Oct. 10. 41. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Elias Dirckson De Rover, master of the ship “Friendship,” who in his voyage to Holland had put in at Tenby, near the port of Milford, being driven by stress of weather; recommending the restoration of certain wine under seizure at Bristol. Dated 10 Oct. 1696.
Also the petition. 4 pages.
Oct. 13. 42. Representation of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that they had directed their collectors and receivers in the country not to be too scrupulous in receiving such punched money as the late Act for remedying the ill state of the coin described, since which several sums in sixpences, not clipped within the innermost ring, and shillings and half-crowns that have the greatest part of the letters, had been received, which moneys were refused by the Cashier-General; praying their Lordships' directions thereon. Dated 13 Oct. 1696.
Also an account of the money received. 2 pages.
Oct. 15.]
43. Petition of Godfrey Gravatt, late purser of the ship “Bonadventure,” and then a prisoner in Newgate, who was convicted of cheating His Majesty of his naval stores, fined 40l., and committed to Newgate, on the oaths of two persons, one of whom was unworthy of credit; praying that the Attorney-General might cause satisfaction to be entered on the records of his conviction, and that the Comrs of the Navy might cause the fines to be deducted out of moneys due for his wages. Certificate of the judge before whom he was tried that the prayer was reasonable.
Certificate of the Comrs of the Navy as to the pay due to him. Dated 15 Oct. 1696.
Also two affidavits.
Minuted:—“Granted upon the judge's cert.” 4 pages.
Oct. 16. 44. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Duke of Shrewsbury, enclosing the petition of Capt. Wm. Connyngham, captain of dragoons in Col. Richard Connyngham's regiment, praying for the grant of a staple bond of 500l. payable to Peter Dobbins, “a forfeiting person,” on an estate of Henry Connyngham, late of Castle Connyngham, in Ireland; agreeing with the report made thereon by the Attorney-General, which was in favour of the grant. Dated 16 Oct. 1696.
Also the report, three petitions, and two other documents. 8 pages.
Oct. 16. 45. Report of the Postmaster-General, on the establishment of a post to go twice a week between Exeter and Bristol, annexing a scheme for the several stages, and the salaries to be allowed. The letters previously sent between those places paid double postage, viz., first to London and then to the place where they were directed. Dated 16 Oct. 1696.
Minuted:—“Read 30 Oct. '96. Approved.”
Accompanied by the scheme. 2½ pages.
Feb. 4.
Oct. 17.
46. Presentments of the Comrs of Transportation to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the state of the debt in connexion with that commission. The first dated 4 Feb., and the last 17 Oct. 1696. 10 pages and 4 halves.
Oct. 17. 47. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Weaver, customer of Southampton and members; stating that Portsmouth (one of the members) formerly paid to the King not above 800l. per ann.; but had grown to produce 6,000l. per ann.; and that he and a clerk had but 50l. per annum between them; recommending an addition of 20l. for himself and 10l. to his clerk. Dated 17 Oct. 1696.
Also the petition. 3 pages.
Oct. 17. 48. Letter from Robert Crompton to the “Hon. Willm. Lounds, Esq.,” sending enclosed a “true state of the mint” at York, to be laid before the Lords of the Treasury or otherwise, at his discretion; adding “We hear that Capt. Barton has been complained of by Alderman Thompson, which in this country is rather an addition to the good character and repute his diligence an[d] civil behaviour has procured him than otherwise,” and if the mint had received any discouragement it was from the alderman. Dated 17 Oct. 1696.
The paper enclosed consists chiefly of imputations on the conduct of Alderman Thompson in receiving the clipt moneys, &c., and asks their Lordships orders therein.
Minuted:—“Read 21 8br '96.” 3 pages.
Oct. 20. 49. Letter signed “Humphry Edwin” to “John [should be William] Lownes,” Esq., Secretary to the Lords of the Treasury, respecting the interference by Sir Christopher Wren with the repair of a building leading into Westminster Hall, which the Lords of the Treasury were informed would prejudice the lights in the Pell Office; also respecting the design for a new building. Dated 20 Oct. 1696.
Accompanied by the plan, 1½ pages and the plan.