Volume 39: July 18-August 31, 1696

Pages 529-543

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 1, 1556-1696. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1868.

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July 18–August 31, 1696

July 18.
1. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on a memorial of Robert Williamson, late a searcher in the port of London, for the purpose of preventing frauds in drawing back money by debenture. Dated 18th July 1696.
The memorial and three other papers relating thereto.
There is a minute on it, finishing:—“The Comrs are then to offer any expedient for securing ye K. in the matter of debrs.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 362, 11 Aug. 1696, is the following:—
“Comrs of Customs cal'd in with the patent officers & Mr Williamson; Mr Godolphin thinks it wilbe an unnecessary charge to sett up an office proposed per Mr Wmson, abt examining debrs. The business is ye same that is or should be done per Mr Cook. Ye established method is good already, but not well executed: he proposes the Comr should compare the debentur wth the entry in ye book. Sr Nic. Crisp saies 12 persons are now entrusted in examining debrs & other matters about them, & multiplying officers may make confusion. Mr Nicholas prsents a paper of their present methods. Sr Nicho saies never any mistake but was discovered before paymt. Mr. Chadwick allows that: but saies, he would have an officer to see all be done fairely. Mr. Godolphin saies there has been frauds & gives an instance. Mr Clerk thinks the Comrs may examine ye entrys in ye books, and to erect a new office, were to repose all in one man & there would be no more security then at present. Mr Wmson saies the occasion of his memll was irregularitys by obteyning double setts of debrs. When he was an officer such things were attempted, and he finds such attempts are continued. He will not say mo has been actually recd by fraud, but if he had not prevented, it had. He gives an instance, where the same clerk signed a 2d sett. The Comrs of the Customes are to consider of the best method that shall appear to them, to obviate frauds in the obteyning or paymt of debenturs.” 5 pages.
July 20. 2. Letter of the Comrs of the Navy to the Treasurer, as to the works at Portsmouth and Plymouth, being at a stand if money were not speedily provided, enclosing copy of a letter of the surveyor. Dated 20 July 1696. 2 pages.
July 21. 3. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of William Del Rose, one of the collectors of excise for Hampshire and part of Wiltshire, as to his salary and allowances. Dated 21 July 1696.
Also the petition and a letter. 4 pages.
July 21. 4. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of Mary Clayton, widow, and William Clayton, one of her sons, who were bound for Andrew Clayton, another son, who was a defaulter in his accounts. Dated 21 July 1699.
Minuted:—“Respit the Execucon as to ye persons of ye petrs till the end of next Michaelmas Terme.”
Also the petition. 3 pages.
July 21. 5. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of Martha Kinch, widow, relict of Richard Kinch, of the parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, distiller, deceased; recommending her as an object of commiseration, viz., in the remission of her husband's debt of 265l. 17s. 6d. Dated 21 July 1696.
Minuted:—“Agreed to.”
Also the petition and a certificate. 2 pages and 2 halves.
July 21. 6. Letter of the Comrs of the Navy to the Treasurer, enclosing a letter received from Mr. Samuel Done, muster-master, at Liverpool, showing that His Majesty's officers there were at a stand for want of money, &c. Dated 21 July 1696. 2 pages.
[? About
July 21.]
7. Petition of Mary, Anne, and Magdalene Rosse, to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that on a former petition the King had given instructions that the Lords of the Treasury were to relieve them, and now the answer was, that their petition should be laid before the King on his return, which was an absolute distraction to them; praying for some money to keep them alive.
Minuted:—“Read 21 July 1696. Respited till the King's return.” And again:—“Read 20 Ap. '98. To have 10li a year more a piece to make up 30li a year a piece for each.” ½ page.
July 22. 8. Letter of the Comrs of the Navy to the Secretary of the Treasury, as to the payment of the cripples having a claim on the chest at Chatham, enclosing a copy of a letter from the governors of the chest. Dated 22 July 1696.
Minuted:—“Read 27 July '96. As soon as the distribution shall be adjusted with the Lords of ye Adlty.” 2 pages.
July 22. 9. Letter from Col. Russel [Governor of Barbadoes] to the Lords of the Treasury, in relation to the receivership of the casual revenue there, which he had first sought for himself and afterwards for Col. Salter, of whose merits he speaks highly. The ships that came before the fleet brought word that their Lordships had made the writer, receiver; but the fleet had brought a commission to Capt. Thomas formerly a captain in the regiment raised by Col. Salter. He was also controller of the Treasury there, and Col. Salter treasurer. The writer wished it had not been said that their Lordships had given it him, since their resolution was altered, and that people had not known of his endeavour in favour of Col. Salter. The less interest he had, and the less interest people believed he had, in England, the less could he serve the King in Barbadoes. He had delivered the commission to Capt. Thomas. Dated Barbadoes, 22 July 1696. 1 page.
July 22. 10. Letter from several merchants at Norwich to the Lords of the Treasury, applying to have bank bills and bank notes taken in payment of their duty, as they were informed was then done in London. Dated 22 July 1696. With 13 signatures.
Minuted:—“Lect. 28 July '96. My Lords can give no direction.” 1 large page.
July 23. 11. Order of Council for rewards promised by His Majesty's proclamations for seizing and apprehending several persons, for conspiring the death of the King. Dated 23 July 1696. 1½ pages.
July 23. 12. Order in Council for the preparation of a warrant, by the Lords of the Treasury, to pass a privy seal, empowering the officers of the Exchequer to receive loans, in clipped money, upon the credit of the Exchequer in general, allowing the lenders credit, according to the weight of such clipt moneys, at the rate of 5s. 8d. per ounce, &c. Dated 23 July 1696. 1 sheet.
July 23. 13. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, expressing the King's pleasure that the vacancy in the commission of the customs, by the death of Sir Patience Ward, should not be filled up. Dated at the camp at Attre, 23 July/2 Aug. 1696.
The following is in the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 342, 10 July 1696, in relation to this matter:—
“To write to Mr Blathwait to represent to ye K. Sr P. Ward is dead this morning. That my Lords think it their duty to take notice that there was a supernumerary & his death reduces the Comon to 7, wch was the usuall number. That their Lops cannot but have heard His Maty is under some engagemt as to the next person that shall succeed there; but at ye same time they think themselves obliged to putt him in mind of Mr. Culliford, as a person that is very zealous for his service, & well qualified for ye imploymt.” 1 page (quarto).
July 23. 14. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, touching a complaint againt Mr. Clinton of Barnstable for clearing a ship contrary to the embargo. Dated 23 July 1696.
Minuted:—“Read 30 July '96. My Lords are satisfied there is no fraud or corruption.”
Also the answer of Mr. Clinton and copy of a bond. 3¼ pages.
July 24. 15. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Anthony Fauze, merchant, respecting certain “alamodes” seized as forfeited as there was a design to draw back more than was due; recommending the allowance of the drawback. Dated 24 July 1696.
Also the petition and copies of two affidavits. 4 pages.
July 24. 16. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Sir William Gore, Knt., as to the importation from Holland of certain linens commonly called hinder lands, seized as of Russian manufacture. Dated 24 July 1696.
Minuted:—“Lect. 28 July '96. My Lords recommend it to the Comrs to discha the seizure, upon giving satisfaction to the officer, and that they make ye officer easy in his demd.”
Also the petition. 2¼ pages.
July 24. 17. Letter from Mr. Chas. Thomas, to William Lowndes, Esq., secretary to the Lords of the Treasury, acknowledging the favour done him in getting his patent to be Receiver-General of the casual revenue in Barbadoes, stating that as yet nothing could be perfected, the fleet sailing so soon; further that they might have an order to keep the fees due to him and Mr. Hooper, Attorney-General, and that he had sent a few sweetmeats in His Majesty's ship, the “Bristol,” and had designed to send him all sorts of sauces of that country, but the fleet sailed so soon, he would, however, send them by the next. Dated at Barbadoes, 24 July 1696.
Minuted:—“To Mr Attorney that my Lords did not intend any prejudice in their legal fees.” 2½ pages.
July 25. 18. Letter of the Comrs of the Navy to the Treasurer of the Navy, docquetted:—“From ye navy wth an estimate of ye cha., of buying & fitting the “Foudroyant” prize, for a 5th rate man-of-war.” Dated 25 July 1696.
Also the estimate. 2 pages.
July 25. 19. Report of S. Travers, Surveyor-General, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Rabsy Smithsby to the King, who sought for a reversion of the manors of Barton, Barrow, Gouxhill, and Hogsthorpe in Lincolnshire, for 99 years, after the determination of the Queen Dowager's interest therein, as a satisfaction of a debt arising from an arrear of a pension of 1,000l. a year, granted to her father (his then Majesty's ancient servant) in 1637, which pension was unpaid for 12 years: explaining that the value of the grant sought would be 4,977l. 6s.d. Dated 25 July 1696.
Minuted:—“To be laid before the King, 16 Ap. '97.”
Accompanied by the petition. 4 pages.
July 27. 20. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, returning the warrant signed by the King, for allowing 100,000l. to the Earl of Ranelagh, for the tallies and orders he had delivered to the President de la Tour, and further expressing the King's pleasure that a lease be passed to Major Walter Delamar of the lands he held in custodiam for 21 years, and that the debt of 719l. owing to him from the King, should be accepted as a fine. Dated camp at Attre, 6 Aug. 1696, N.S.
Minuted:—“Lect. 7 Aug. '96. The lease to Delamar to pass accordingly.” 1 page (quarto).
July 27. 21. Letter of Mr. Wm. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, stating that the King had intended to exclude Simon Luttrell or any of his heirs from the grant to Col. Henry Luttrell, but as it was represented that the limitation would render it ineffectual, the King was willing that the grant should pass with a clause that the estate should in no manner return to Simon Luttrell by gift or otherwise, or to his heirs. Dated camp at Attre, 6 Aug. 1696, N.S.
Minuted:—“7 Aug. '96. To be done according to ye King's pleasure.” 1 page (quarto).
July 28.]
22. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, in favour of allowing the deputed officers of the customs the taxes assessed upon their salaries not exceeding 60l. per annum.
—“Lect. 28 July '96. Granted.” 1 page.
July 28. 23. Letter of the Comrs of Customs in Dublin, to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that the commission for forfeitures was superseded, and a new commission to re-annex the accounts of forfeitures, to the Comrs of the Revenue: that though the war was ended in March 1691–2 no inquiry had been held of persons forfeiting by rebellion in the counties and places therein specified; setting out the reasons why inquiry should take place immediately, and that the Government, with the consent of the Privy Council had ordered Comrs (sic) to be prepared, and proclamation to be made, giving one-fourth to the discoverer, as formerly; and further that Mr. Carlton, one of their board, and others were gone with the judge this assizes, they hope to the King's advantage. Dated 28 July 1696. 2 pages.
July 29. 24. Letter from the High Sheriff of York, the Grand Jury, Deputy Lieutenants and others, to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that they were sensible of their Lordships' favour in transmitting 3,000l. in moneys and ingots to set the Mint at work there, and suggesting that a recompense of 6d. per ounce should be paid to persons bringing in their plate and clipt moneys, to remedy the difficulty the country was labouring under. Dated 29 July 1696.
Signed by 43 persons. 1 page.
July 30. 25. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, returning a warrant signed by the King, for confirming to Mrs. Macdonnel her separate maintenance of three hundred pounds a year. Dated at the camp at Attre, 9 Aug. '96, N.S. 1 page (quarto).
Aug. 1. 26. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, respecting the duty upon coals exported beyond sea, on the collection of which duty the Attorney and Solicitor General were at variance. Dated 1 Aug. 1696.
Minuted:—“The officer of the Customs to take ye dutyes according to ye Act of 6 & 7 W. 3tii, untill ye expiracion of ye 5 yeares; and the overplus of the mo deposited to be restored,” &c.
Also the opinions of the Attorney and Solicitor General, and of four others thereon. 7 pages and 2 quarters.
Aug. 1. 27. Copy of report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, relating to the registering of seamen. Dated 1 Aug. 1696. 2 pages.
Aug. 1. 28. A report of R. Cotton and Tho. Frankland, [Post-masters-] General, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the complaint of Mr. James Vickers, manager of the packet boats employed in carrying the mails between England and Ireland, who represented that he was a great sufferer by the yachts which were ordered to attend the King's service between Dublin, Holyhead, and Chester, which conveyed passengers who used to be carried in the packet boats; advising that if the petitioner had not some relief, he would expect an additional allowance. Dated 1 Aug. 1696.
Minuted:—“To desire Lds of Adlty to give the like injunction to all the captns of ye yachts as His Maty gave Capt. Wright.”
Accompanied by the petition; also copies of instructions issued to commanders of yachts on that subject in 1687 and 1688. 2 pages and 3 parts of pages.
Aug. 4. 29. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, communicating the King's order for 4,000l. to be issued in tallies (out of the 35,000l. allotted for the extraordinary charge of the war), to the order of Mr. Lamb, in like manner as the 16,000l. was lately paid to him, the officers of the hospitals having had no moneys since the two months' advance to them in England. Dated at the Camp at Attre, 14 Aug. 1696, N.S.
Another letter, returning five warrants, viz.:—
1. For a 1,000li to Mr. Popple, &c.
2. Mr. Owen, grt of some old bonds.
3. Mr. Keppell, 2,000li for ye robes.
4. Mr. Shales, comptr, farthings.
5. Surcharges in plantation accots to be taken off.
The following minute in relation to the above letter is entered in the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 367, 14 Aug. 1696:—“4,000li of the tallys in the E. of Ranelagh's hands to be d[elivere]d to Mr. Lamb, or his asss, upon acct for the hospitalls in Flanders.” 2 pages (quarto).
Aug. 4.]
30. Petition of John Bland to be admitted into the new settlement in His Majesty's Customs in room of Ralph Blackshaw, deceased.
Minuted:—“Read 4 Aug. '96. The petr to have this place if voyd; otherwise to have ye first that falls.” ½ page.
Aug. 5. 31. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, as to fraudulent practices in the exportation of coals from Newcastle; recommending the exchange or removal of the officers. Dated 5 Aug. 1696.
Also the memorial of Mr. Houseman on the same subject. 4 pages.
Aug. 7. 32. Letter from Tho. Neale to the Lords [of the Treasury], praying them to direct the issue of some money to the several mints. Four of them had 200l. each, and Chester 100l. only; and each wanted 100l. more to set them to work. Dated Mint, 7 Aug. 1696.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 369, 18 Aug. 1696, is the following:—“500li to Mr. Neale for ye country mints, out of any dispo mo, other then loans on low wines.” 1 page.
Aug. 10. 33. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, stating that he had read to the King the letter about the Duchess of Cleveland's pension out of the revenue of the Post Office and other pensions, of which the King took a note at his departure from England, in order to return it with his marks for the guidance of the Lords of the Treasury, but the King, not hearing from the Treasury of any disposable sums, had not given any directions, but would immediately on receiving an account from their Lordships; further, in former years 1,000l. a week was assigned for contingencies to his (Mr. Blathwayt's) office, but then there was no such sum, so that he had been obliged to disburse several sums out of his own credit, and on leaving the field other considerable sums would come on him to be paid; sending an estimate that their Lordships might remit the sums to Mr. Hill, &c. Dated Camp at Attre, the 10/20 of Aug. 1696.
Minuted:—“21 Aug. '96. My Lords remitt for ye army, and the K. judges of the uses when it comes. The K. observes very right, there is no mo for ye Civil Govt, but write an accot of ye tallys struck & wt remains to be struck.” 2½ pages (quarto).
Aug. 11. 34. Report of the Comrs of Prizes to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Andrew Young, who claimed that he had bought the ship, “The Golden Boar,” of Dantzic for 600l., and prayed the Comrs should make good the bargain. Their report is, that Mr. Thomson previously bought the ship, and that Andrew Young had tricked them, they being personally unacquainted with either of them. Dated 11 Aug. 1696.
Minuted:—“Read 21 Aug. '96. My Lords are satisfied in this report.”
The petition and a copy of Young's contract. 3 pages.
Aug. 12. 35. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Mr. Francis Johnson, collector of excise in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, who, in conveying the King's money from Biggleswade to Hoddesdon (in order to pay it into the Excise Office in London) was robbed of 776l., on which there was action against the hundred of Broadwater, which resulted in the matter being referred to Chief Justice Treby, who awarded 520l. The report recommends the allowance of the residue, 169l., for costs, and 15l. for a horse killed by the highwaymen. Dated 12 Aug. 1696.
Minuted:—“To be allowed by way of incidents.”
Also the petition and an affidavit. 3½ pages.
Aug. 13. 36. Report of the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen, &c., to the Lords of the Treasury, on the letter and accounts from Mr. Thomas Chamberlain and Company, merchants at Messina, for moneys disbursed by them on account of the “Content” and “Trydent” prizes.
Also six other papers relating thereto. One is headed “Acct of sundry charges made in Giorgenti & here, in receiving & maintaining and shipping off for Lego & Genova 176 French soldiers & mariners left at Giorgenti out of ye French [ship] ye ‘Trydent’ taken by our men-of-warre, & 169 of them came overland from Giorgenti here where [they] were shipt, & ye others were shipt off at Giorgenti.” Dated 13 Aug. 1696.
Minuted:—“Read 19 Aug. '96.” 9 pages.
Aug. 14. 37. Letter signed “E. Burt,” addressed to Mr. Lownds, enclosing the directions of the Commissioners for registering seamen, which the Comrs of Customs had given permission to be acted on by the collectors of the outports in collecting the 6d. per mensem out of merchant seamen's wages for the increase and encouragement of seamen; and further stating that Mr. William Bathurst would attend to that duty in the port of London. Dated 14 August 1696.
Accompanied by a proposal of the Comrs of the registering, that the Lords of the Admiralty would move the Lords Justices to direct the Lords of the Treasury to order the custom house officers not to permit vessels to be cleared without giving bond for payment of the 6d. per month. 2 pages.
Aug. 14. 38. Representation of Benj. Overton, Esq., late Warden of the Mint, to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the right to certain clippings seized by Sir William Ashurst and Sir Richard Levett, Sheriffs of London in 1692, under pretence of an ancient grant from the Crown, against which Sheriffs the said Warden, by Mr. Macy, his clerk, had proceeded. Mr. Macy's expenses were unpaid and the matter still unsettled, whereby the bailiffs of Westminster and Southwark and the Lady Russell's steward were encouraged to appropriate similar clippings, &c.; recommending Mr. Macy to their Lordships for compensation for the hazards he had gone through and the wounds he had received in apprehending clippers and coiners. Dated 14 Aug. 1696.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 357, 4 Aug. 1696, is the following:—
“Sr Wm Ashurst & Sr Richd Levet for clippings produced in evidence at the Old Baily, when they were Sheriffs. Sr Wm saies they do not insist upon right; they wilbe thankfull to take them in my Lords' owne way. My Lords will report to ye Counsell that the King's right should be putt out of dispute, but that their services do deserve a consideration at least equall to the value of these clippings & clipt money. They may pay the value into ye Excheqr by a tally to be levyd in satisfaction of a warrt giving them so much for their good services.”
At p. 370, 18 Aug. 1696:—
“My Lords direct Mr. Macy under the warden of ye Mint, to prosecute the recovery of ye clippings and other effects of ye clippers and counterfeiters of ye coyne, and that money be supplyed at present to ye Warden for that purpose; & when enough is recovered the charge to be borne out of the same, and what shalbe recd to be pd to ye hands of Mr Newton; to be accountable as in his pr. seal for this purpose.”
Again, at p. 373, 25 Aug. 1696:—
“Mr Macy & Mr Knipe with the Warden of the Mint come in concerning the clippings, &c., seized in Westminster. Mr Knipe saies the bailiffs of Westmr have alwaies claymed these. He will acqt the Dean & Chapter that my Lords insist on these as ye King's right.”
And further, at p. 377, 1 Sept. 1696:—
“Sr Wm Ashurst and Sr Ri. Levett. My Lords tell them the cause abt ye clipt mo in their custody, must proceed to judgmt to ascertaine ye King's title; but it is not intended they shalbe at charge, and that they shall have as much money paid them. At length my Lords agreed that the value be pd in, and they are to be reimbursed.” 1 page.
June 11
Aug. 15.
39. Reports by the Attorney General and the Surveyor General, on the petition of Mr. Percival Brunskel, who, in the endeavour to detect and reform abuses in several offices at Westminster had brought on himself many debts as well as enemies, and then desired certain parcels of land left dry by the sea in or near the parishes of Lancing, Tarring, Feering, and Broadwater in the county of Sussex: advising that a commission should be issued from the Petty Bag or Exchequer to enquire of the King's title thereto, and when returned a lease of the land might be granted if thought fit. Dated 11 June and 15 Aug. '96.
Minuted:—“Read 22 7br. '96. A com[missi]on to be issued.”
Accompanied by the petition, a portion of which has been torn away, and two affidavits.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 57, 12 Jan. 1696–7, apparently, on the subject of this land:—
“Mr Poltney saies in execution of ye Comon for derelict lands they proceeded fairly. There was evidence sufficient, not only to find ye King's title but to recover it at common law, but they have more evidence, and some of the jury knew it, as to ye whole 2,100 acres, of wch 500 acr. are inclosed & 1,600 acr. not possessed, no body clayming them, wch latter are now desired to be granted to my Lord Cornbury.”
In the same Minute Book, pp. 230–234, 28 July 1697, is a full account of the enquiry in respect of the inquest on this derelict land, Mr. Northey being counsel for Mr. Brunskel, and Sir Tho. Powys for Sir Wm. Goring, in which it would appear the jurors were (at least some of them) drunk, when the inquest was taken. The orders were in Latin, which they did not understand.
Amongst the assertions made is the following:—
“Mr Northey saies it is not derelict land, unless ye sea flows & reflows every tide.”
Also the following:—
“Mr Web saies they have an old map of it, made in 1622.
“Johnson saies the sea is 3 miles off.
“Mr Pool saies it is sworded with grass, and sheep feeding on it.
“It has been overflown in some spring tides.
“John Barker saies he has kept sheep there 7 or 8 & 40 years ago for ye tenants of Goring; it has a sort of weed called scurvy grass, & he has kept sheep there at spring tides in ye sũmer. At eb tides it was not overflowne. He kept 500 sheep there 48 years agoe. The water comes from the havens mo[uth] abt 3 miles,” &c.
Also at p. 243, 10 Aug. 1697:—
“My Lords resolve not to procure any grant to Mr. Brunskel of the derelict land in Sussex, and that ye inquisition be quash'd, and that direction be given to Mr. Attor. accordingly.” 3 pages and 3 parts of pages.
Aug. 17. 40. Letter from Robert Yates to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that he had received their Lordships' order to receive from the Mint at Bristol the produce of one thousand weight of silver as fast as it could be coined, and to exchange the old clipt money lately current at the rate of 5s. 2d. per ounce and 6d. recompence, and to pay 5s. 2d. per ounce and 6d. recompence for such plate as should be brought in, pursuant to the Act, and to deliver the clipt money into the Mint to be re-coined, &c. The Mayor and Aldermen directed him to return their thanks for the care taken of the city, and had ordered an account of it to be printed that the counties adjacent might know of it. Dated 17 Aug. 1696.
Accompanied by the printed notice. 2 pages.
Aug. 17. 41. A letter of Sir Jo. Elwill, from Exeter, to the Lords of the Treasury, precisely similar to the last. A thousand weight of silver had, in like manner, been sent thither. Dated 17 Aug. 1696. 1 page.
Aug. 17. 42. Letter of Mr. James Vernon to the Lords of the Treasury, enclosing the following petition, in order to have it laid before the King. Dated 17 Aug. 1696.
The petition of Thomas Rymer to the Lords Justices, stating that it was three years since the petitioner was employed to see transcribed and published the ancient leagues and public acts between the Crown of England and foreign princes, from the originals, then in a great measure putrified and hardly legible; that the charge of carrying on the work amounted to upwards of 200l. per ann., and he had not received 200l. in the three years; praying that the bond entered into by Mr. Grahme to pay the King 2,364l. 9s. might be assigned to him.
Minuted:—“Read 15 7br '96. To Mr Henry Baber [? Baker] to informe himselfe from Mr Aaron Smith where the bond is, & that the debt be prosecuted.” 2 pages.
Aug. 17. 43. Letter of Edward Thompson to the Lords of the Treasury, assuring them he would strictly pursue such authority as he should receive from Mr. Hall. He hoped the encouragement of 5s. 8d. an ounce for clipped money and plate would bring a plentiful supply. Dated York, 17 Aug. '96. 1 page (quarto).
Aug. 18.]
44. A paper, docquetted:—“The breviat of the proceedings against Sir Willm Ashurst & Sir Richd Levett [late Sheriffs of London & Middlesex] for the clippings, &c.”
Respecting money and other forfeitures in the hands of the sheriffs.
Minuted:—“Read 18 Aug. '96. See ye Min. Book.” [See 14 Aug. Vol. XXXIX., No. 38.] 1 page.
Aug. 18.]
45. Petition of the Mayor and commonalty and other inhabitants of the borough of Plymouth to the Lords of the Treasury for subsistence for nine companies of soldiers billeted there. Numerous signatures.
Minuted:—“Read 18 Aug. '96. To speak to my Ld Ranela to morr. morn.” 1 page, brief size.
[? About]
Aug. 18.
46. Petition to Henry Allen, one of the Queen's messengers, for a reward for seizing a coining mill at the house of Thomas Nowell, gent. at Dover, in Kent.
Certificate signed “Romney” as to the seizure. Dated 18 Aug. 1696. Parts of 2 pages.
Aug. 19. 47. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the state of the duty arising on the tonnage of ships and vessels from 1 June 1695 to 17 May following. Dated 19 Aug. 1696.
Also a paper containing “totals of the tonnage accounts in the outports,” showing the amount from foreign ports and from coasters.
Minuted:—“Read 10 9br '96. Mr Knight will bring an accot of ye arrears in a day or two.” 3 pages.
Aug. 21. 48. Memorial of the Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading to the East Indies, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that they had delivered at Amsterdam to Col. Gore 6,000 barrels of powder, the cost of which was upwards of 20,000l.; they could only dispose of 1,000l. of the tallies (part of the 10,000l. lodged in their hands) at 10 per cent. loss, so they had received but 900l. for the cost of the powder; praying to be supplied with the money, as their affairs had suffered very much for the want thereof, and proposing to accept Exchequer bills. Signed “Ro. Blackborne, sec.” Dated 21 August 1696.
Minuted:—“Read 25 Aug. '96.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 18, 12 Oct. 1696, is the following:—“Govr & others of the East India Compa; they are to have a list of ye ordnance tallys, out of wch their mo for the powder in Holld.” 1 page.
Aug. 21. 49. Petition, &c., docquetted thus:—“Petition of Sr Lambt Blackwell, with copy of Her late Majesty's warrant, and state of his case; relating to reprisalls wch ought to be passed to him in Ireland.”
Also the copy of the warrant, the state of the case and copy of another letter of the Lords of the Treasury, relating to the same. Dated 21 Aug. 1696.
The lands taken from him were the towns and lands of Castletown and Kilmacredock, within the barony of Salt and county of Kildare in Ireland, which were delivered to the late Lord Dungan, since Earl of Limerick.
Minuted:—“7 May 1707. Ref. to ye Ld Lt of Ireld.” 7½ pages.
Aug. 21. 50. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt. to the Lords of the Treasury, signifying the King's pleasure that their Lordships forthwith adjust with the Royal Bank the accounts of the loss sustained by remittances, in the last year to Flanders, and that they satisfy their demands, he being sensible of the service done to himself and the nation Dated at Dieren, 21–31 Aug. 1696. 1 page (quarto).
Aug. 21. 51. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, concerning the trade from St. Sebastian in wines and other goods coming from thence, suspected to be French; and respecting the mission of Mr. Manley and Mr. Cook, who were charged to execute a commission to examine witnesses respecting wine imported from thence, and other matters. Dated 21 Aug. 1696.
Also divers other papers connected therewith.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 20, is the following:—“Comrs of Customes called in. Lords tell them there are severall of their presentmts and reports to be read, and ask them wch they thinke most necery to be dispatcht. Sr Robt Clayton says, that concerning the St Sebastian wines, Mr. Chadwick thinkes it may be necry that Mr Manley & the other persons that went thither upon the examinacon of that affaire should be present when that report is read.” 18 pages or parts of pages.
Aug. 22. 52. Letter from Edw. Thompson to the Lords of the Treasury, informing them of the arrival of the bullion designed for the Mint at York. Several considerable sums were brought in to be recoined as well as plate, when the officers could receive it. They had not directions yet from Mr. Hall. 3,000l. or 4,000l. in money and plate were lodged, but he dared not take it in. Dated York, 22 Aug. '96. 1 page.
July 22
Aug. 24.
53. Letter of the Comrs of the Navy to the Treasurer of the Navy, sending a copy of a letter lately received from Capt. Allen, the King's storekeeper, and muster-master at Cadiz, desiring him to use his best endeavours to procure a general credit from some merchants at Cadiz for supplying him with money. Dated 22 July 1696.
Another letter on the same subject, dated 24 Aug. 1696. 3 pages.
Aug. 24. 54. Letter of Israel Hayes to Mr. Lown[d]es, Secretary of the Treasury, giving an account of the state of the mint at Exeter, where he arrived on Friday evening with Mr. Morris, the carrier, who brought the King's ingots. They could not proceed to melt till more materials were sent. The country and city were very impatient till they begun. The bringing in of silver would exceed expectations. He did not know the terms to be allowed, though it seemed proper to his place, and he had no particular instructions, but some there said it was referred to Sir John Elwill. Dated 24 Aug. 1696. 1 page.
Aug. 25.]
55. Petition of Thomas Foorth to the Lords of the Treasury, for the grant of some place of profit to him, he having made some proposals for raising money, which produced 500,000l. per ann. Also for leave to make some other proposals.
Minuted:—“Read 25 Aug. '96. Mr L. to receive & consider his proposll.” 1 page.
Aug. 25. 56. Letter from the Comrs for registering seamen to Wm. Lowndes, Esq., stating that the time for coming of the fleets drew nigh, and they could not put in execution the Act for the increase and encouragement of seamen till the Lords of the Treasury gave some directions touching the instructions to collectors of customs, and begging him to move their Lordships therein. Dated 25 Aug. 1696. 1 page.
Aug. 25. 57. A representation by Geo. Macy to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the claims set up by the bailiffs of Westminster (by virtue of a grant) to clippings, melted silver, &c. Mr. Knipe, the present bailiff, had on all occasions seized clippings, melted silver, &c., of considerable value, particularly of Humphrey Middleton, executed for clipping, and things of greater value belonging to the “tripeman,” executed for the same; stating that if process had gone forward there would long since have been an issue to most of these pretended grants. Dated 25 Aug. '96.
In the Minute Book it states that Mr. Knipe, who was present, undertook to acquaint the Dean and Chapter that my Lords insisted on these as the King's right. See Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 373, 25 Aug. 1696.
[See also Vol. XXXIX., No. 38, 14 August, where the Minute is printed.] 1 page.
Aug. 29. 58. Letter from Mr. Thos. Blofeld to the Lords of the Treasury, acknowledging the honour done him in appointing him to give out the new money and take in the old at the city of Norwich, but declining to undertake the duty, as it would require constant attendance, and if Parliament met again he should be obliged to give his attendance, but recommending his kinsman, Mr. Leonard Blofeld (who had received the King's aids for Norfolk), for the employment, and, if he were not approved, naming several of the aldermen who would be suitable. Dated Norwich, 25 Aug. 1696. 1 page.
Aug. 25. 59. Letter of Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, as to difficulties in the Exchequer respecting the tallies ordered to be struck for the use of the Earl of Portland, to make good the late bounty intended for his Lordship; signifying the King's pleasure that tallies be struck in the same manner upon the head of secret service. Dated at Loo, 4 Sept. 1696, N.S., i.e., 25 Aug. 1 page (quarto).
Aug. 25. 60. Letter of Mr. Blathwayt to the Lords of the Treasury, about the money paid in on account of the land tax, more than had been actually received from the people, and as to a respite of payments until there was a greater quantity of new money coined; expressing the King's wish that they should confer with the Lords Justices, and receive their orders thereon. Dated Loo, 4 Sept. (N.S.) 1696, i.e. 25 Aug. 2 pages (quarto).
Aug. 12
and 27.
61. (1.) Extract of a letter from the Comrs of the Navy as to a stop put by Lord “Bellamount” to the fetching away timber provided for the Navy in the forfeited woods, formerly belonging to Sir Valentine Browne, near Bantry. Dated 27 Aug. 1696.
(2.) Copy of a letter from Mr. Nash, Clerk of the Cheque at Kinsale, as to a contract for squaring and delivery of the timber, for which, to avoid delay, Mr. Nash thought it advisable to pay 100l. Dated 12 Aug. '96. 1½ pages.
Aug. 27. 62. Letter from the Comrs of the Navy to Mr. Lowndes, praying him to acquaint their Lordships that Capt. Greenhill, commissioner at Portsmouth, had received from Capt. Symcock, commander of the “Berwick,” the presents intended for the government of Algiers and Tripoli, according to an order from their Lordships in May previous. Dated 27 Aug. '96.
Also a letter from Mr. James Vernon to Mr. Lowndes, as to the removal of the Barbary presents from the said ship. Dated 24 Aug. '96.
Also a letter of the Comrs of the Navy to the Secretary of the Treasury, stating that they had written to Capt. Greenhill, the commissioner at Portsmouth, to send to the commander of the King's ship the “Berwick,” for the four bales and the black box which he was to have carried to Sir Geo. Rook, for the government of Algiers and Tripoli, and to keep them till further order. Dated 26 May '96.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 180, 3 June 1697, is the following minute:—“To the Comrs of the Navy to write to Comr Greenhill, at Portsmo, to deliver the presents there (wch were designed for ye deys of Algier & Tripoli) to be d[elivere]d to such as ye Mar of ye Great Wardr. shall appoint.” 3 pages.
Aug. 28. 63. Report of the Comrs of Transportation to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Mr. John Barbot, viz., as to the freight and interest due for 19 ships hired in 1693. Dated 28 Aug. 1696.
The petition and an account of the money due. 6½ pages.
Aug. 31. 64. Letter from Edw. Thompson, one of the Aldermen of York, to the Lords [of the Treasury], stating that he had taken in and paid to the master worker 11,083l. 18s. in old clipt money, containing 2,258l. 2 ozs. 10 dwt., and about 5,000l. or 6,000l. worth of plate. He had desired the people to forbear to bring it in, being unwilling to be further credited. There would be great quantities brought in from all parts so long as the “recompence” was continued. Dated 31 Aug. 1696. Parts of 2 pages (quarto).
Aug. 31. 65. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Don Diego James Cupelac, Secretary to the Spanish Ambassador, concerning certain wines imported from St. Sebastian's, about which there was a dispute as to whether they were of Spanish or French growth. Dated 31 Aug. 1696.
Minuted:—“To be discharged.”
The petition and three other papers on the same subject. 17 pages or parts of pages.
Aug. 31. 66. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of divers Turkey merchants concerned in the lading of the ship “Upton Gally,” viz., to be discharged of a duty of 1 per cent. charged under the Act 14 Car. II., upon goods imported from the Straits in ships of less burthen and force than are therein described. Dated 31 Aug. 1696.
Minuted:—“The 1 per cent. to be discharged.”
The petition and a certificate. 2¼ pages.
Aug. 31. 67. “An account of what money is oweing by Philip Bickerstaffe, Esq., to His Matie for duty on salt this 31th day of August 1696.”
The following is in the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 380, 4 Sept. 1696:—
“Mr L. to write to Mr Barrard & Mr Bickerstaffe that the Com[missione]rsrs of Excise have acqted my Lords wth their arrears for the salt duty, and to quicken them in paymt of what they owe.” 1 page.
68. Petition of the four chief clerks under the secretary in the Treasury, urging that as their Lordships had remitted the taxes of the clerks of the Navy, Excise, and others, whose salaries did not exceed 100l. per ann., so the favour should be extended to them, as they had no salaries, and the profits of their places had become much less, though their attendance was greater.
Minuted:—“Read, Augst 1696. Granted, 25 Jany 1703, order'd.” Part of a page (quarto).