Volume 38: May 15-July 18, 1696

Pages 510-528

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 1, 1556-1696. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1868.

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May 15–July 18, 1696

May 15.
1. Report of Mr. S. Travers, Surveyor-General, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of the Lord Capel, respecting the grant of a lease for 31 years, of the manor of Richmond, alias West Sheen, in the county of Surrey: advising the propriety of excepting from the lease the New Park and lodge, the Richmond ferry, &c., and that 4,500l. was a reasonable sum for such a lease. Dated 15 May 1696.
Also the petition and a small paper commencing, “Bee pleased to acquaint ye Treasury that it is the King's pleasure that a privy seal do pass for what moneys I have received out of ye manor of Richmond.” 4¼ pages.
May 15. 2. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Thomas Blackmore, citizen and mercer of London, praying for a warrant of a nolle prosequi to an information against a parcel of silks seized by some of the officers in the port of Bristol; in favour of relief being granted to him. Dated 15 May 1696.
Minuted:—“A noli pros.
Also the petition and another report on the same, signed “G. Medcalfe.” 3 pages.
May 15. 3. A letter from a committee appointed by the mayor, sheriffs, citizens, and commonalty of Norwich, to consider of the establishment of a mint at Norwich, addressed to his Grace the Duke of Norfolk; praying him to use his interest in procuring the grant of a mint to be set up there as speedily as might be, there being such a scarcity of money in that city, that it would be very difficult to preserve the peace without a speedy supply; and stating that they were given to understand there would be plate enough brought in from the neighbouring counties to keep a mill at work for a year or two at least. With this postscript, “There is a farre greater quantitie of clipt money in the country than was supposed by the Parliament, which if it might be new coined or changed without any losse, would greatly oblige the people.” Dated 15 May 1696.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI. p, 303, 16 May 1696, is this minute: “To Mr. Neal, to send officers to Bristoll, Norwich, and Hereford, to take care & make provision for mints to be sett up there.” 1 page.
May 16. 4. Letter of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Lord Blaney to the King, praying for the arrears of pay due to him from the date of his commission as Governor of the garrison of Sligo, to the time of his being placed upon the establishment of the military list; sending the report of the Attorney-General to whom he had referred the matter, and a certificate of the muster-master general, who certified that 723l. would be due to him at 20s. per diem. The letter is dated 16 May 1696.
Besides the report and certificate, it is accompanied by a copy of the establishment for Sligo, and the petition. The latter is minuted:—
“Ref. to Ld Depty.
“State ye case & send it to Mr Blathwaite to pray His Maty to signifie his pl. whether he will allow the arrear out of His Matys Trea[su]ry in Irel[an]d.” 6½ pages.
May 16. 5. Letter from Mr. Vernon to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that Signior Coronelli, geographer to the republic of Venice, had presented to the Lords Justices some of his geographical works, and making known their Lordships' wish that he should have a gratification of 100 guineas. Dated 16 May 1696. 1 page (quarto).
May 18. 6. Letter from Mr. William Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, returning certain warrants signed by the King, signifying his pleasure that the patent then designed, should only be a confirmation of the grant of 4,000l. per ann. which the Duke of Schonberg then enjoyed, for the payment of the interest of 100,000l. till the principal was satisfied. Also, as to grants of forfeitures in Ireland to the Lord Coningsby and Lord Galway. Dated Dieren, 18/28 May 1696.
Also the following list of the warrants, viz:—
1. Thomas Boteler, Esq., for 1,000li.
2. Charles Fox and Thomas Lord Coningsby, for 50,000li Irish arrears.
3. Sir Thomas Wheate, 1,095li discha.
4. Harris & al. 2,000li for apprhending Bernardi & Rookwood.
5. Pierce & al. 1,000li for serving Charnock.
6. Pendergrast, 2,000li, Smith, 243li 11s.
7. D. of Shrewsbury, 10,000li for secret service.
8. Colo. Leigh, grant of 500li.
9. Baber & al. Recrs Genll of South Wales.
10. Lord Coningsby for lands in Ireland.
11. Lord Galway the like.
12. Sir Oliver Aishcomb, discha. of 1,095li. 1½ pages.
May 18. 7. Report of the auditors of imprest to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the names of the auditors and officers under them, who signed the Voluntary Association. Dated 18 May 1696. 1 page.
May 18. 8. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Lieut.-Col. John Skelton, with a letter thereon from Mr. Clarke, signifying that it is the King's pleasure that 837l. 10s., for which the lieutenant-colonel is bound, on account of clothing three companies of the regiment now Col. Collingwood's, should be placed upon the off-reckonings of the regiment; laying before their Lordships a state of the off-reckonings of that regiment. Dated 18 May 1696.
Also the petition and letter.
Minuted:—“To be paid per tally on the continued Impons.” 3 pages.
May 18. 9. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of Sir George St. George, concerning a difference between him and Sir Matthew Bridges, about the accounts of the regiment now under Sir Matthew's command, formerly commanded by Sir George St. George, certifying that Sir Matthew excused his attendance, being obliged to be in Flanders, and begged the matter might be deferred. Dated 18 May 1696.
Also the memorial and another of Lieut. Thos. Warren in behalf of Sir George St. George, Knt. 3 pages.
[? About
May 18.]
10. Petition of Thomas Boteler, Esq., to the King, showing that His Majesty had declared his pleasure to grant him 1,500l., praying that it might be paid by tallies on the Excise or otherwise as the King saw fit.
Minuted:—“A warrt for 1,000li of bounty & in full of pretencions, for their service.”
Undated. See a warrant to him for 1,000l., dated 18 May 1696, O. S. in King's Warrant Book, Vol. XII., p. 27. 1 page.
May 13
and 20.
11. Letter of the Comrs of the Navy to the Secretary of the Treasury, announcing that no merchants had come to them that morning about the sale of hemp, in order that their Lordships might proceed to import the quantity wanted. Dated 13 May 1696.
Also a paper containing “Mr. Martin's proposal about hempe.” Dated 20 May 1696. 2 pages.
May 20. 12. Report of Robert Rochford, Esq., Attorney-General for Ireland, to the Lords Justices there; on the petition of Col. Hen. Luttrell to the King, as to a custodiam of the estate of his brother, Col. Simon Luttrell; expressing the opinion that what was desired was no more than was intended by the King. Dated 20 May 1696.
Also the petition and copies of six other documents connected with the same subject. 10 pages.
May 21. 13. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Penelope Holt, widow of Richard Holt, praying for the arrears of pay due to her husband as a lieutenant in Col. Henry Holt's regiment, stating that it appeared 140l. 7s. 7d. was due, and advising the payment of 100l. in part thereof. Dated 21 May 1696.
Also the petition. 2 pages.
May 21. 14. Letter of Mr. Wm. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, communicating the King's commands that 329l. 8s. should be allowed to Mr. May as having been paid on the King's account for the land tax, for Windsor Green Park, in 1693, 1694, and 1695. Dated Loo, 21/31 May 1696. 1 page (quarto).
May 21. 15. Letter from Mr. Thos. Neale to Wm. Lowndes, Esq., concerning the agreement made by the former with Mr. Shepheard, to whom he was to assign his salary, &c. as master worker of the Mint, in payment of 8,000l. due to him, till it was re-paid, together with 6 per cent. interest; desiring Mr. Lowndes to prepare an instrument for that purpose which Thos. Neale would execute. Dated 21 May 1696.
The following is in the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 324, 16 June 1696:—
“Mr Duncomb, Mr Hoar, junr, Mr Neal, & Mr Shepard, & Mr Selby. An ind[entur]e is read to entitle Mr Hoar comptr, & Mr Duncomb, each to ¼th of ye profitts of ye mar worker of ye Mint (over & above the 500li a year sallary reserved to Mr. Neal), with an indorsmt that Mr Neal may dispose of ye place; paying them at any time 1,500li a piece.
“Mr Selby desires the profitts of ye place may go according to that deed.
“Mr Neal saies there was no trust, no consideration; he was forced to give that deed. His patent was in 1678 when he knew neither Hoar or Duncomb. There was a sallary of 200l a year as Comrs, and they deprived him of his share; upon Slingsby's surendr he had a lawfull title to his place. They insinuated to him he was not fitt for the place, and should not have it, unless he would lett them have part of ye profitts; it could be no trust, for he had his patent long before. They brot a deed ready written, but he would not seal it till the indorsemt was made wch imports it a mortgage, and it is all satisfied. Mr Duncomb saies ye considerac[i]on was mo[ney] lent; my Lords leave it to the law.” 1 page.
May 22.]
16. Mr. Rotiers' memorial [to the Lords of the Treasury] stating that the former establishment of the Mint was two mills and five presses, which he maintained with dies for coining, for which 325l. per ann. was payable by the Mint, of which he had 175l. and Mr. Harris 150l.; but Mr. Harris gave him no assistance. There were then eight mills and 11 presses more, and he had supplied all the new mills and presses with dies, and would oblige himself to make dies for all the others when ready, but must lose all profit by making medals, &c, and must employ six persons to assist at 400l. per ann. He had since 30 Jan. made 350 pairs of dies besides puncheons, and paid the workmen out of his own pocket, and never received but 43l. 15s.
Undated, but see the following report.
The following minute was probably made in relation to this memorial:—
“The Warden of the Mint proposes 175li addition per ann to Mr Rotiers for himselfe, & 200li per ann. for his men. Soe as he take upon him the finding ye dyes for ye country mints as well as those at ye Tower, wch Mr Neal consents to and is to be pd out of his poundage.” See Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 304, 22 May 1696. 1 page.
May 22. 17. Report of Thos. Neale, the [Master of the Mint] to het Lords of the Treasury, on the representation and proposal of James Roettiers, assistant to Henry Harris, Esq., engraver to the Mint in the Tower, stating that he never heard that there was any agreement with the engraver of the Mint (whose salary was 325l. per ann.) to supply with dies two mills and five presses only, but had understood that he was to supply as many dies as were needed; recommending additional allowance during the coinage of the clipt money. As to the pretended loss in being taken off from making medals, he could not but notice that there had been no medal made for the King since the death of the Queen, and as to Bennett's house, which he desired, it was in possession of the office of Ordnance. Dated 22 May 1696.
Accompanied by the representation and an agreement of the Master to pay Roetiers 800 per ann. for himself and six servants during the coinage.
The following appears to be the minute on it:—“625li above ye all. of 175 on ye Mint estab.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 304, 22 May 1696, is the following minute:—
“My Lords recomend it to ye officers of ye Mint to agree wth Mr Rotiers.” 2½ pages.
May 23. 18. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Eccles and other merchants of the city of Dublin, as to the seizure of certain currants at Liverpool; offering no objection to a nolle prosequi. Dated 23 May 1696.
Minuted:—“My Lds agree to ye report, in wt relates to ye petrs, & will give such directions to ye Commrs of ye Revenue of Ireld (when they come next to this Board) as shall be thought necessary to prevent ye irregular importation into ye kingdom.”
“Write to the Comrs of ye revenue to be more carefull not to suffer such importation for the future.”
Also the petition. 2½ pages.
May 23. 19. A list of the names of labourers now employed by the Corporation of Moneyers, May 23, 1696; in all 160 men. 1 page.
May 25. 20. A paper, docquetted:—“Mr Neal's answer to the moneyers,” being apparently a rambling reply to the statement of the grievances of the Corporation of Moneyers against the master worker and other officers of the Mint. [As to the work done and the claims of the moneyers.] Dated 25 May 1696. 3 pages.
May 25. 21. Letter of the Comrs of the Navy to the Secretary of the Lords of the Treasury, praying him to move their Lordships to appoint 13,733l. 6s. 8d. for answering the first payment, or one-third of the money agreed to be paid for hemp to Mr. Martin, Mr. Joy, Mr. Gould, and Sir Wm. Gore. Dated 25 May 1696. 2 pages.
May 25. 22. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes as to bills drawn on Lord Ranelagh for subsidies and forage, which services the Lords of the Treasury thought were provided for by tallies before the King's departure; acquainting their Lordships that no bills are or will be drawn for forage, but for subsidies it had been absolutely necessary for the march of the allies to do so. Further acquainting their Lordships that “our credit was so very low in those countries and the wants of the army so great that it was the King's pleasure their Lps should immediately proceed to make a contract with some person for the remittals, or find out some other way for the payment of the army, it being impossible to get any further supplies from thence, so that the King had his sole dependence for the support of the army on their Lps in procuring a speedy supply for the forces, which must otherwise infallibly come to ruin.” Dated at Breda, 4 June '96, N.S. i.e., 25 May.
The following is in the Minute Book, Vol. VI. p. 322, 12 June 1696. “To write to Mr Blathwaite to acqt him with what applicacions have been made out of the tallys that were reserved for the contingent uses of the warr, & to desire him to send a particular of the uses to wch the rest of those talleys are designed, & to acqt him that the warrt signed per ye K. to pay to ye asss of ye D. of Holstein “Gostorp” the value of 25,000 crownes curr. mo of Holld. must be satisfied out of ye remaindr of those tallys, there being no other fond for them.” 2 pages (quarto).
May 26. 23. Letter of Mr. Burchett by direction of the Comrs of the Admiralty, to Mr. Lowndes, Secretary to the Treasury, stating that the Comrs of Victualling the Navy had represented to them the great difficulty they had in providing victuals at Plymouth for want of current money; sending their letter. Dated 26 May 1696. 2 pages.
May 27. 24. Certificate as the state of the account of the Rt. Hon. John Lord Cutts, Baron of Gowran in the kingdom of Ireland, Governor of the forts, castles, and other fortifications in the Isle of Wight, and receiver of the revenue there. Dated 27 May 1696. ½ page.
May 28. 25. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Thomas Offley, Esq., respecting certain wine saved from a French ship at Beachy, which he claimed as lord of the manor, but which claim was disputed on the part of the Crown. Dated 28 May 1696.
Minuted:—“To have ½ the clear profitt of ye King's 2/3d after deduction of ye charges.”
Also the petition and a letter signed “John Ford,” relative thereto. 3 pages.
May 28. 26. Report of the Comrs of Prizes upon a petition of Capt. Waters, for gunnage for 22 guns taken in a privateer and delivered to the office of the Ordnance.
They report that in the war in 1666 no gunnage was paid to the captains of the men of war; the goods, however, found between decks and the guns were delivered to the Comrs of Prizes, &c., but by the King's declaration in the present war, 10s. a ton and 6l. 13s. 4d. per gun were paid to the officers and seamen, &c. Dated 28 May 1696.
Accompanied by an Order in Council, the petition, a certificate, and a printed copy of the King's declaration. 8 pages.
May 29. 27. Letter of the Comrs of the Navy to the Secretary of the Treasury as to advancements to the East Country merchants for hemp. Dated 29 May 1696. 1 page.
May 30. 28. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury respecting the carrying of coined money of this kingdom, or any such bullion as ought not by law to be exported. The Comrs state that it was chiefly done by men-of-war and yachts passing between England and Ireland and England and Holland, and recommend measures for the prevention thereof. Dated 30 May 1696. 1½ pages.
May 30. 29. Letter of the Comrs of the Navy to the Treasurer of the Navy, stating that the Comrs of the Admiralty had confirmed the estimate for fitting the “Content” and “Trident,” prizes, taken from the French in the Mediterranean, and desiring him to solicit the Lords of the Treasury for the money for the same. Dated 30 May '96.
Also the estimate. 2 pages.
May 30. 30. Letter of three persons, without address, stating that, with the advice and assistance of the chief magistrates of Bristol, they had fixed upon a sugar-house situate in St. Peter Street, in the heart of the city, for the erection of a mint for the satisfaction of the people, who were very much dissatisfied under the want of a currency to carry on their trade, and further stating that it might be completed in six weeks. Dated Bristol, 30 May 1696.
There is the following minute in the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 382, 8, 7br 1696:—“Officers of the Mint call'd in. My Lords exhort the provost to use all dispatch in the business of ye country mints.” 1 page.
May 31. 31. Letter “from Mr Blathwayt, for mo or tallys, to be d[elivere]d for 96,608 gildrs expended in Zealand, for transportation of ye forces sent from thence to England at ye time of the intended French invasion.” Dated at the “Camp at Marie Kirk,” 10 June '96, N.S. 1 page (quarto, torn).
June 1. 32. Letter, signed “Fran. Stratford,” without address, stating that he had previously demanded 14 days' respite for payment of the moiety of Mr. Hill's bill of R. 40,000, which the Earl of Brandenburg, Paymaster-General, readily consented to. He never knew Sir Wm. Gore so discouraged in undertaking such payments; he had used all his persuasions to a further compliance, and begged the repayment of these R. 40,000 effectually to the Lords of the Treasury. He begged an order and not a bill of exchange upon him for the subsidies to the Duke of Holstein. He hears the coinage goes on better, so that as the new money came abroad credit would revive, and there would be less difficulty in supplying the King's occasions. Dated Hamburg, 1/11 June 1696.
Minuted:—“Read 26 June '96.” 1½ pages.
June 1. 33. Letter from Mr. Wm. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, returning several papers signed by the King, with this postscript:—“His Majesty has not yet declared his pleasure in the Lord Rabi's case, nor in that of Sr Samuel Bernardiston.” Dated at the camp on Mariekirk, 1/11 June 1696. 1 page (quarto).
June 1. 34. Letter from the same to the same, stating that the English hospitals in those parts were reduced to the greatest straits; enclosing a memorial from Mr. Lamb, the contractor (which was approved by the King), for their Lordships' consideration and orders, for the speedy performance of what was proposed, unless they could make a better provision. Dated at Mechlen, 1/11 June 1696.
The memorial, in which he proposed that 16,000l. be issued in tallies to his order in London, and to have the money remitted, &c.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI. p. 322, 12 June 1696, is:—
“Mr Lamb is to have 16,000li tallys on the Annuity Act (pt of those remayning in ye E. of Ranelaghs hands) for ye expence of ye hosplls in Flandrs.” 2 pages.
June 4. 35. Letter from the same to the same, forwarding His Majesty's directions to the Lords of the Treasury, to repay 300l. to Lord Lucas, which was expended by the King's particular order, for especial service. Dated at the camp at Basse Wavre, 4/14 June 1696.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 349, 23 July 1696, is the following:—
“Lord Lucas to have his 300li expended out of loanes on low wines.” 1 page (quarto).
June 5. 36. Report of the Comrs of the Navy to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that they had given directions to the officers of the yard at Deptford to receive the naval stores imported by Sir Henry Ashurst and Sir Stephen Evance from New England; and, conceiving that the cargo might be designed for a specimen of what the country could produce for the supply of the Navy, they directed a survey thereof, and the report was that the plank, treenails, and timber were infirm and not fit for the Navy, but of the rafters, pitch, tar, and rosin it spoke more favourably. Dated 5 June 1696.
Also the report.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 319, 8 June 1696, is the following:—“Comrs Navy called in, my Lords speak to 'em concerning the money due to Sr Henry Ashhurst & Sr Stephen Evance, for navall stores imported from New England. They say if they are to be paid as a dealer with the Navy they must be paid in course, but if, as the King's merchts if the envoyce be sent to them, they will examine the same, & make out an imprest bill for the stores, the gratuity to be considered afterwards by my Lords.” 2½ pages.
June 6. 37. Letter of the same Comrs. to the Secretary of the Treasury, praying him to announce to the Lords of the Treasury that a bargain had been made for the purchase of hemp in order that the sum of 2,266l. 12s. 4d. might be appointed to pay 1/3 of the value, by way of imprest. Dated 6 June '96.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 319, 8 June 1696, is the following:—“2,266li 18s 4d to be paid to ye Treasurer of ye Navy for Sr Wm Gore & Mr Martin for the first paymt on some new contracts for hemp, out of the milled money proceeding from loans on the Act for prolonging the time for purchasing anntyes.” 1 page.
June 8. 38. Letter, signed Wm Blathwayt, to Mr Lowndes, transmitting several warrants signed by the King. Dated Camp at Basse Wavre, 8/18 June 1696.
On the other side is the following list of them:—
“Mr. Everard to be a Comr of Excise.
“Mr Johnstown 300li per ann. for 31 years, out of Sr Roger Strickland's estate.
“Treasurer of the Navy for a privy seal for 1,000,000li.” Parts of 2 pages (quarto).
June 8. 39. Representation by Mr. Isaac Newton and another officer of the Mint, to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the progress they had made in providing instruments and officers for the five mints in the country. Dated 8 June 1696. 1 page.
June 8. 40. A few memoranda about the Pix (Mint). Dated 8 June 1696. A few lines.
June 9. 41. A paper drawn up by Thomas Neale, of the Mint, addressed to their Lordships, in relation to the mints proposed to be established at Bristol, Norwich, Exeter, Hereford, and York; showing what steps had been taken and what would be required. Dated 9 June 1696.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 321, 10 June 1696, is:—
“Mr Neal, & Mr Hall, & Mr Hoar, grandson of ye compr cald in; they present the accots of the countrey mints, wch they have reced from the countrey. They are to present officers for these mints.” 1½ pages.
June 10. 42. Report of the Comrs of the Navy to the Lords of the Treasury on an invoice of naval stores imported by Sir Henry Ashhurst and Sir Stephen Evans, and as to 3,006l. 15s. 7d. said to have been defrayed by those gentlemen as the cost of the stores. Dated 10 June 1696.
Also four papers relating to the stores.
With a minute on the dorse as to what was done thereon.
(See also 5 June, No. 36.)
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 329, 23 June 1696, is:—
“Sr Henry Ashurst & Sr Stephan Evance to have their Navy bill, “& a reward of 10 per cent. out of loanes on ye 4th ayd.” 5½ pages.
June 10. 43, “Navy letter for money to pay the contractors for hemp wt is due to 'em upon signing their contracts.” Dated 10 June '96.
Minuted:—“To be paid out of loans on ye land tax.” 1 page.
June 12. 44. “Navy letter dat. 12th June '96, for 1,133 6 8 for 1/3 of a new contract wth Mr Gold for hemp.”
Another letter on the same day announcing a further purchase of hemp, &c. 2 pages.
June 12. 45. “Navy letter 12th June 1696 for freight of 160 recruits to Collo Holt's regt in ye Leward Islands.” 1 page.
June 13. 46. Letter from the Comrs for Prizes to the Lords of the Treasury, laying before them the instructions they had drawn up for the management of the Prize Office. Dated 13 June 1696.
Minuted:—“To be layd before ye Lords Justices.”
Accompanied by the instructions. 2 pages and 2 parts.
June 15. 47. Letter of Mr. Wm. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, enclosing the warrants concerning the Earl of Ranelagh and Lord Raby. Dated at the camp at Corbais, 15/25 June 1696. A few lines only.
June 16.]
48. Letter from Mr. Isaac Newton [Warden of the Mint] to the Lords of the Treasury, complaining that his salary was only 400l. per ann., with a house of 40l. per ann., and his perquisites only 3l. 12s. per ann. for fee-coals, and that it was insufficient to support his office; whilst the salary of the master and worker was 500l., &c., and that the duties were increased.
Minuted:—“Read 16 June '96. My Lords, at the end of this coynage, will give him a consideration extry, suitable and proporconable to the increase allowed to the other officers, for this extra coynage. But this to be done out of the coynage mo[ney].” 1 page.
June 16. 49. Memorial of several colonels of the army who served in Ireland, complaining that there was a small remainder due to them according to the annexed account, offering, if their Lordships would give them tallies on any fund, to procure a loan for 25,000l. Dated 16 June 1696.
Minuted:—“To be considered to-morrow.”
Accompanied by a list of the regiments and the sums due. 2 pages (quarto).
June 17. 50. Warrant of the Comrs for taking, examining, and stating the public accounts, addressed to the Comrs of Excise for the exhibition of weekly certificates of the receipts, issues, and payments of moneys payable to the Receiver-General of the Excise. Dated 17 June 1696. 1 sheet.
June 17. 51. Copy of a warrant to Thomas Done and Brook Bridges, Esq., Auditors of the Imprest, for certificates to be made of the states of all accounts of the public revenue brought before them, &c. Dated 17 June 1696. 3 pages.
June 18. 52. Letter of Mr. Vernon to the Lords of the Treasury, inclosing the petition of the committee for the fabric of Greenwich Hospital, for the grant of a piece of ground whereon to build an infirmary and laundry for the intended hospital. Dated 18 June '96.
Also the petition to the Lords Justices. (Signatures of the Committee.) 2 pages (quarto).
June 18. 53. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial on behalf of the 2nd battalion of Scotch Guards and Col. Mackay's regiment, viz., as to passing certain “bays,” apparel, and accoutrements, custom free. Dated 18 June 1696.
Minuted:—“Read ult. Jun. '96. The goods to be d[elivere]d free.”
The memorial referred to, and a warrant touching the same. 3 pages.
June 18. 54. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, transmitting His Majesty's orders that the reversionary list of the post fines pass to Lord Raby, notwithstanding the caveat entered by Sir Robert Clayton and the Lord Fairfax, and that the Lords of the Treasury give the necessary directions. Dated at the camp at Corbais, 18/28 June, 1696.
The following, which is of a prior date to the letter, is entered in the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 301, 19 May 1696:—
“Lord Raby heard wth Sr Robt Clayton & Lord Fairfax upon a caveat of ye latter agt passing to Lord Raby a revercionary lease of the post fines. Mr Sollr Genll, of counsell for Sr Robt Clayton, saies, in case a grant be made to any other then his clyent the K. wilbe indebted to them, at ye end of their terme, for paymts made by the sheriffs out of their money for taking thieves, removing prisoners, &c., and he desires the lease may be made to them, or else security may be given to answer what shalbe due to them at ye end of this terme. Mr Dodd of ye same side says, They are the ye present tenants, have tenant right, and are in surplusage on their accots; they have long termes in being, wch were purchased for valuable considerations, and are willing to take further terme, & hope none shall have it over their heads. Mr Attorny for Lord Raby saies, there is no objection in point of law, but ye K. may grant to whom he pleases. Tenant right is no right at all, and ye K. has declared his pleasure so farr as to sign a warrt. He saies, if a true acco were taken, ye King's rent would be suff. to reimburse them what the sheriffs apply of this revenue for taking thieves, &c.; but however they have no covennt from ye K. if it will not extend thereunto, and there was a pencon of 500li a year out it that is ceased. That Sr Robert & Ld Fairfax cannot pretend tennt right, for ye original grantees were Ld Berkshr & Sr Rob. Howard. Mr Pratt, of ye same side, That the lease was granted in cons. of services per Lord Berkshr, and not of ye rent; and those services were sufficiently rewarded by ye grant first made, & these genten cannot pretend to another reward for ye same service. In case of land there is an improvemt, which creates something called tennant right, but nothing of that in case of this revenue. That ye last accot was in 1689, when 2,745l. was in surplusage, and since then some charges then in being are fallen off. The profitts of the last year may go to make good their surplusage, and there wilbe a rent reserved from my Lord Raby, which (if the King pleases) may make good the surplusage to the present lessees; or, if the King will not dispose of yt, it will be in His Mats power, upon their applicacion to him, to satisfy them out of any other revenue or branch. Sr Robt saies they have overpd their rent 2,305li 5s., & yt my Lord Grandison's annuity of 500li out of the post fines is unpd & in arreare about 1,100li.
“My Dod saies His Maty was surprized, not knowing my Ld. Fairfaxe's interest, who marryed ye heiress of ye Lord Culpeper, and has not done any thing to forfeit ye King's favour by non-paymt of rent, or otherwise, & desires matter of fact may be represented to ye K. before ye grant passes.” 1 page (quarto).
June 19. 55. Copy of a warrant to Ralph, Earl of Montague, Master of the Great Wardrobe, and to Charles Bland and Lawrence Townsend, Esq., officers of the same, for the exhibition of a certificate of the money of His Majesty's Treasurer, paid to them for the use of the wardrobe, &c. Dated 19 June 1696. 3 pages.
June 19. 56. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of Simon Clement and other merchants, who had infringed the Navigation Act by allowing the ship “Regina” to be worked with less than three-fourths English sailors. Dated 19 June 1696.
Minuted:—“Read 24 June 1696. My Lords will show all reasonable favour & encouragement in this case.”
Also the memorial and two affidavits. 4 pages.
June 19. 57. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury on the memorial of the Spanish Ambassador's secretary, concerning 595l. paid to one of the hired tellers, without acquainting Mr. Jones, the receiver's teller, thereof. Dated 19 June 1696.
Minuted:—“Read ult. Jun '96. My Lords cannot direct the charging of this mo., because ye Recr Genll cannot bring it into ye Excheqr, the time being past.”
Also the memorial. 2 pages.
June 19. 58. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Marshall gent., one of the patent waiters of the port of London, praying to surrender that office, and that Mr. James Wingfield, his deputy, might be appointed. Dated 19 June 1696.
Also the petition and a certificate. 3 pages.
June 19. 59. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Taylor of London, merchant, concerning the import and export of tobacco. Dated 19 June 1696.
Minuted:—“Lect. 28 July '96. A warrt to make a supplemental debr for the 3,000cwt tobacco omitted.”
Also the petition. 1 page and 2 halves.
June 19. 60. Copy of warrant to the principal officers and Commissioners of the Navy, for rendering account of the particulars exhibited in certain articles annexed to a precept sent to them by the Comrs appointed to examine the public accounts of the kingdom; and to deliver quarterly certificates, and an account of the victualling, hiring of tenders, purchase of ships, bomb vessels, &c., &c. Dated 19 June 1696. 4 pages.
19 June. 61. Draft of a letter, unsigned, to the Lord Privy Seal, desiring him to appoint the clerks and officers under him to make out the docquets of all grants of any part of the revenue of lands, money, woods or other profits, passed or to be passed the privy seal, from 1 June to 1 July, &c. Dated York Buildings, June 19, 1696. 2 pages.
June 20. 62. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Capt. Henry Cartwright; praying for the arrears of pay due to him in Sir John Jacob's regiment, in consideration of his being appointed to make his campaign in Flanders as an engineer; stating that there appeared to be due to him 195l. 18s., besides 43l. on account of Irish arrears. Dated 20 June 1696.
Also the petition and a certificate of what was due.
The following is in the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 331, 26 June 1696, “100l to be pd to Capt. Cartwright, for arrears of pay in Sr John Jacob's regimt; out of ye tallys on cont. impo, wch were reserved for contingencies of ye warr.” Parts of 4 pages (quarto).
June 23. 63. Presentment of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury as to certain words inserted in a notice, served on the Comrs of Excise by the Comrs of Appeals, without their consent and direction, Dated 23 June 1696.
Copy of the notice and of a letter from the celebrated John Locke, one of the Comrs of Appeals, who very explicitly states that the notice had been tampered with. 3 pages.
June 23. 64. Proceedings taken and to be taken in relation to the setting up of mints at York, Exeter, Bristol, Norwich, and Hereford, the costs of which would be about 800l. each. There is also a list of the tools that would be required. Dated 23 June 1696. 3 pages.
June 23. 65. Letter of Mr. William Blaithwayt to Mr. Lowndes communicating the King's pleasure that a grant should pass to Col. Henry Lutterell and his heirs, of his brother's estate as desired by him. Dated camp at Corbais, 3 July 1696, N.S., i.e. 23 June. 1 page (quarto).
June 24. 66. Representation of the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen and exchange of prisoners of war, to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that at Plymouth there were about 300 seamen and 500 prisoners, and the agent wrote that they must starve for he had not 5l. to subsist them, and desired to be discharged from the service if he could not be supplied; that there were from the grand fleet above 700 sick seamen at Torbay, and the people not able to provide for them; concluding with other similar urgent demands for money. Dated 24 June 1696. 1 page.
June 24. 67. 1. “Fees and charges upon ye installation of his Highness the Duke of Gloucester, knight companion elect of the most noble Order of the Garter.” Dated 24 June 1696.
At the foot is this note, “Their Royal Highnesses design ye installation to be on ye 24th of July next.”
(2.) “Fees to be payd upon the installation of his Highness the Duke of Gloucester, before the atchievemts are hung up.”
(3.) “A bill of fees due to the King's servants, from all persons that receive the honour of knighthood, in order of being knight of the most noble Order of the Garter.”
(4.) “Mr. King's bill for ye Garter achievemts prepared against ye installation of His Maties' nephew, William, son to her Royal Highness the Princess Anne of Denmark, and delivered to Sr Tho. St. George, Knt, Garter principal King of Armes.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI, p. 345, 21 July 1696, is the following:—“500li to the househ[o]ld towds ye entertainmt of the installation of ye D. of Glouc.” 4 pages.
June 25. 68. Order in Council referring to the Lords of the Treasury, for their consideration, a letter from the bailiffs and jurats of Guernsey, representing their difficulties in relation to the clipped money. Dated 25 June 1696.
Accompanied by the letter. 1 page and 2 halves.
June 25. 69. Report of the Comrs of Prizes to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the value of the King's share of a French vessel called the “Conestable,” for which Vice-Admiral Mitchell had petitioned the King, and for orders to be given for the discharge of what he had received from consul Westcombe, the agent at Cadiz. By the accounts received, the consul had paid the Vice-Admiral 37,500 “reals plate, which makes out 1,172 pistols,” &c. The King's gifts charged on the office were frequent and great, and they conceived their Lordships would be of opinion that such royal anticipations, appropriations by Parliament and by letters patent, could not be answered out of the King's share of prizes. Dated 25 June 1696 1 page.
June 26. 70. Letter signed Geo. Clark, addressed to Mr. Lowndes, desiring him to move the Lords of the Treasury for some money to subsist the company of invalids in garrison at Tinmouth Castle, who were ready to starve. If Captain Lloyd, their commander, had 100l. it would be enough at present. Lord Godolphin and the rest of the Lords Justices knew their sad condition. Dated 26 June 1696. 1 page (quarto).
June 29. 71. Letter of Comrs of the Navy to the Treasurer of the Navy: docquetted:—“From Navy, concerning want of mo for ye merchants who deal for stores.” Dated 29 June '96. 1 page.
June 30. 72. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of Brigadier Selwyn, and the rest of the officers of the regiment of foot under his command; praying that the pay of the late Lieutenant-General Kirk might be stated to discharge a debt of 1,000li which the lieutenant-general owed the regiment, formerly under his command, as it fell on the personal pay of the officers: showing that 1,965l. was due, and that the lieutenant-general had received the pay of the regiment and applied it to his own use. Dated 30 June 1696. 2 pages.
July 1. 73. Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury, docquetted, “Navy estimate of what [is] due for wages.” Dated 1 July 1696. 1 page.
July 2. 74. Letter from William Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, sending the particulars of the extraordinary charge of the army for the year, showing a deficiency of 350,000l. Dated at the camp at Gemblour, 2/12 July 1696.
The account. 4 pages.
July 2. 75. Report of William Tailer, deputy auditor of the duchy of Cornwall, to the Lords [of the Treasury], in reference to a letter of Mr. Willm. Gribble of Truro, in Cornwall, complaining that Mr. Henry Herle, a merchant there, had melted down about two tons of tin into bars, without giving him notice. He (Mr. Tailer) had written to the deputy receiver of the duchy in relation thereto, and his reply was, that several persons had set up “kettles” in their private cellars, particularly at Fowey, Truro, and Penryn, where, under pretence of re-melting into bars tin duly coined in the block, they could run down uncoined tin and defraud the King of the duty and undersell the fair dealing merchant. The practice had been complained of when the now Duke of Leeds was Lord Treasurer, and the exportation of tin without the stamp was prohibited by warrant of 23 Sept 1676, &c.; advising the prohibition of the exportation of all unstamped tin, or carrying it out of the stannary where made in bars, as well as blocks; and that it was requisite that the small stamps as well as the greater hammers should be kept under the care and control of the respective officers of the stannaries; and that the owners of blowing houses should present their blowers to the Stannary Court, to be sworn against embezzlement of tin within their care; and that all private melting places should be suppressed. Dated 2 July 1696.
Accompanied by the two letters, and the warrant above referred to. 5 pages and 2 halves.
July 7. 76. Minutes of proceedings of the [Lords Justices of England], in relation to the land bank, viz., on 15, 28, and 30 May and 7 July 1696. 2 pages.
The following is entered in Vol. VI. of the Minute Book, pp. 336 and 337, 3 July 1696, touching the land-bank.
“Comrs for the National Land Bank come in. Sr Thomas Cook, My Lords, I am comded to acqt yor Lops since we were last here, no subscriptions are taken; therefore ye Comrs for ye service of ye K. have mett, to consider of such methods as might be for His Mats service, & have putt their opinion in writing, wch he presents, & is read, vizt:—
“Mercers Hall. At a genll meeting there held on Friday the of July 1696, by the Comrs for taking subscriptions to the Nacional Land-bank.
“Resolved, that it be humbly represented to ye Rt Honble ye Lds Comrs of His Mats Treasury, as followeth:—
“That the exigt occasions for mo & ye great advantages to be made thereof upon all securitys, as well publiq[ue] as private, have left ye Comrs wthout hopes of receiving any more subscripcions, upon ye all[owance] of 5li per c., & ye Comrs having endeavourd to satisfie themselves, upon wt allowance ye subscripcions may be expected, are humbly of opinion that an allow. after ye rate of 300,000li for ye whole summe of 2,564,000li will yet bring in ye subscripcions; but, ye time lymitted for taking them drawing so near to an end, if ye adjusting thereof be defered, it will render the accomplishmt to be very doubtfull.
“The Comrs therefore do humbly desire that their Lops pleasure may speedily be declared therein, and if their Lops shall thínk fitt to make ye allowance a[foresai]d, that ye Comrs may receive from their Lops such assurance thereof as may be a reasonable security & satisfaction to ye subscribrs for ye same. Upon confidence whereof, & such other favrs & conveniencys as are in their Lops power to grant, the Comrs have great hopes of success.
“Lord Godolphin, I observe there is no certainty, but onely hopes, if what is proposed should be consented to.
“Sr Tho. Cooke, the Comrs have had a meeting & with an unanimous consent have agreed to make this proposition; & are all resolved to subscribe as farr as their abilitys will give them leave; and others abroad have declared that they will subscribe considerable sums. We believe if it were lawfull for us to take subscriptions, on the termes proposed, we could give assurance under their hands the whole sume would be subscribed, but we are advised we could not take such subscriptions without the danger of a premunire, and it is our opinion the thing will succeed upon what is here proposed. And if there be any other method more advantageous than this seems to be, if yor Lops will please to lett us know them, we shall be ready to proceed therein. They withdraw & are called in againe.
“Ld Godolphin[s] answer
[to] ye bank
abt subscriptions. Lord Godolphin, genten my Lords have considered yor paper and yor proposall, and have comded mee to tell you, that in all the stepps [that] have been made in this matter, they have had that precaution & care not to do any thing of themselves, but as you have made propositions they have layd them before ye Lords Justices & have recd their directions in all the particulars, from time to time; and can make you no other answer at present, but they will take ye first opportunity, and lay this proposition before them to-morrow morning, & receive their direction as soon as is possible.
“Sr Joseph Herne. When shall we waite againe.
“Lord Godolphin. According as you shall heare from them.”
July 8. 77. “Mr Solicitors opinion upon ye brewers double forfeiture for false & undue entries.” Dated 8 July '96. 1 page.
July 8. 78. Letter of the Comrs of the Navy to the Treasurer, enclosing an estimate of the charge of building a new sixth-rate ship at Sheerness, desiring him to solicit the Lords of the Treasury for the money. Dated 8 July 1696. 2 pages.
July 10. 79. A paper relating to payments under the head victualling for the Navy, &c.; totals only. Dated 10 July 1696. 1 sheet.
July 10. 80. Letter of the Comrs of the Navy to Mr. Lowndes, reporting on a letter from Mr. Francis Riggs to the Lords of the Treasury, respecting goods by him contracted to be imported from Norway, amounting to 18,711l. 11s. 2d. Dated 10 July 1696.
Minuted:—“My Lords will consider of this.” 2½ pages.
July 10. 81. Letter of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, sending a report made by the Attorney-General on the petition of Maurice Annesley, Esq., with various other papers, fully showing the petitioners' sufferings by the rebellion in Ireland, concurring with the testimony of Lords Romney and Coningsby in their certificates concerning the petitioner, and recommending him as deserving such a grant as he prayed for. Dated 10 July 1696.
With the following docquet:
“Maurice Annesley, Esq. petitions the King, praying His Mats title to such discoveries as he had made, or should make, of concealed debts, forfeited by Irish Papists, not exceeding 2,000l. in consideration of his sufferings and losses by the late rebellion in Ireland, and chiefly of his wood destroyed in that time by His Majesty's army.
Referred to Lord Deputy of Ireland, &c. &c.
The letter is accompanied by two reports, two petitions, and other papers.
Minuted:—“14 Apr. 1697, rejected. 21 Apr. 1697, granted.” 13 pages and 3 halves.
July 10. 82. Copy of articles of agreement, between the King's waiters and land waiters, in the port of London, as to their fees, perquisites, and profits. Dated 10 July 1696. 3 pages.
July 13. 83. Letter from Mr. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, expressing the King's pleasure that tallies should be delivered to the order of Her van Odyke for 96,608 guilders, expended in Zealand, on the transportation of the forces from thence, at the time of the late intended invasion, there being no ready money for the same. Dated at the camp at Attre, 23 July 1696. [? N.S., i.e., 13 July].
Minuted:—“Read 7 Aug. '96. Mr Franshaw is told my Lords will take care of this in a short time.” 1 page (quarto).
July 14. 84. Report of the agents for taxes to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Ralph Williamson, Esq., receiver-general of the third 4s. aid, for the counties of York, Durham, and Northumberland, who craved one per cent. on 110,488l. 13s. 10d. as his commission, viz., 1,104l. 17s. 6d., leaving it to their Lordships' decision. Dated 14 July 1696.
The petition and a letter from him to the Lords of the Treasury subsequent to the report.
Minuted:—“Read 21 7br. '27. My Lords will speak wt th' agents.” 3½ pages.
July 15. 85. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the usefulness of keeping a distinct account of the imports and exports of all commodities into and out of England, viz., from whence they came and whither they went; recommending Mr. Culliford for this special duty, under the character of inspector-general of the exports and imports. Dated 15 July 1696.
Minuted:—“Read 28 July '96. Respited.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VI., are the following minutes as to the employment of Mr. Culliford:—
(p. 332.) “30 June 1696.—Comrs of Customes cal'd in. My Lords propose the imploying Mr Culliford; Sr Robert Southwell saies they were of opinion agt it in a former report, but now for his part he has a great deference to my Lds opinion for imploying him. Mr Godolphin saies he thinks he may be imployed to the advantage of ye revenue, but he does not know in wt capacity my Lds intend him. Their report of 25 8br '94 is read. Sr W. Young saies in a former survey, made per Mr Culliford, good officers were putt out to place others less deserving. Mr Chadwick thinks ye power wilbe too great. Lord G. thinks a riding survr wilbe able to do more good then a Comr of the Customes sent out. Mr Clerk saies he never knew any benefit by former survey[or]s. The Comrs generally say they have not alterd their opinion in their former report.
“Mr Godolphin thinks he may be well imployed port Londo, particularly in prosecuting debts, &c., & in overseing the officers below staires, respecting frauds abt debenturs, & prosecuting the same, & he can propose many other things if he hath time to propose them. Mr. Chadwick saies, as to debts, the present prosecutor should be heard, if any failure as to debenturs Mr Wmson has made a proposõn, wch Mr Ch. thinks should be first heard.
“Mr Chancr, if there is any occasion in the revenue for an experienced officer the Comrs should let my Lords kno it, my Lords having a good opinion of Mr Culliford.
“Mr Godolphin saies Wmson sold his place a year agoe, & now would have another for nothing, wth 400li a year.
“My Lords recomd it to the Comrs to take care that the past frauds abt debrs be detected, & future frauds therein prevented.”
(p. 358.) “5 Aug. 1696.—Mr Culliford to be the officer of ye accts of imports & exports, & my Lords will speak wth ye Comrs of Customes abt him on Friday.”
(p. 380.) “4 Sept. 1696.—Mr Culliford to make ye accots of imports & exports wth 500li a year for himself & 200li a year for 3 clerks, viz., 100li a year to his chief clerk & 50li apiece to ye other two.” 1½ pages.
July 17. 86. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, laying before them a complete establishment for the port of Milford for the better guard of that port and coast. Dated 17 July 1696.
Also the scheme of the establishment. 2 pages.
July 17. 87. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury respecting the collection of the duty on tobacco, viz., as to whether Sir John Shaw was chargeable with the collection of the impost duty thereon in the port of London. Dated 17 July 1696.
Accompanied by two other papers, one headed:—
“The case of the collector inward in the port of London.”
The other docquetted:
“Instruction to the officers in the port of London relating to ye impost duty on tobacco.”
The following is in the Minute Book, Vol. VI., p. 363, 11 Aug. 1696, in relation to Sir John Shaw:—
“Sr John Shaw (upon a presentmt of the Comrs concerning the rect of the impo on plantation goods) offers his case in writing, which is read; proposing to compute ye same, but not to receive the money. My Lords agree that the receipt of the subsidy & impo. of plantation goods, be continued in Mr. Wolstenholme, and that Sr John Shaw take the charge of computing the same and keeping a due charge, as well of ye mo as bonds upon ye rect, and that the other Patent officers do comptroll ye same as if recd per Sr Jno Shaw, and for their trouble a representation to be made to this Beard.” 5 pages.
July 18. 88. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of James Whitwood and others, concerning 339l. in milled money, shipped contrary to the law and seized by them; recommending a moiety to be allowed them. Dated 18 July 1696.
Also the petition. 2 pages.