Volume 85: March 16-May 31, 1703

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 3, 1702-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1874.

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'Volume 85: March 16-May 31, 1703', in Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 3, 1702-1707, ed. Joseph Redington( London, 1874), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-treasury-papers/vol3/pp127-156 [accessed 14 July 2024].

'Volume 85: March 16-May 31, 1703', in Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 3, 1702-1707. Edited by Joseph Redington( London, 1874), British History Online, accessed July 14, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-treasury-papers/vol3/pp127-156.

"Volume 85: March 16-May 31, 1703". Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 3, 1702-1707. Ed. Joseph Redington(London, 1874), , British History Online. Web. 14 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-treasury-papers/vol3/pp127-156.


March 16–May 31, 1703

March 16. 1. Application from J. Howe to the Ld High Treasurer for a supply to carry on the subsistence of the guards from 19 March to 15 April 1703. Dated 16 March 1702–3. 1 page.
March 16. 2. Articles of a treaty made between Her Majesty and the States General and the Duke of Saxe Gotha for his troops, 27th March N.S. 1703, relating to their pay.
The articles are in French.
There is also “an account of money to be paid to the troops of Saxe Gotha.” This is probably somewhat later. 5 pages.
[? About
March 17.]
3. Letter of Captain Henry Thomas to the [Lord High Treasurer] asking, on account of his great necessities, that something might speedily be done, to enable him to pay his creditors; he must end his days in a loathsome prison, unless his lordship, in consideration of his unshaken loyalty, long services, and great sufferings, find some expedient. There were few who had suffered more by the revolution. His circumstances were such at the death of King Charles, that he did not think it would be in the power of fortune to make him so miserable; nor could he believe, considering how often he had hazarded his life for the service of the crown in the worst of times, he should be suffered to want bread so long as there was a “Steward” on the throne. He was the only officer turned out by Lord Tirconnell who was restored by King James.
Also a letter from Mr. Secretary Hedges in his favour. Dated 17 March 1702–3.
In the Minute Book, Vol. 12, p. 75, 19 Apr. 1703, is:—“Capt. Thomas, see what penc[i]on, when granted and discontinued.”
Again, at p. 93, 19 May 1703: “There is no fond for such penc[i]ons,” and
Again, at p. 120, 16 July 1703: “Her Majesty would not grant his request for a pension, but a bounty some other way.” 2 pages.
[? About
March 17.]
4. Petition of Thomas, Earl of Sussex, to the Queen, setting out the same particulars as are to be found in Vol. LVIII., Nos. 47 and 48, and LXXVIII., No. 1 of this Calendar, and in addition, that the Countess of Sheppey, the petitioner's mother, as one of the aunts and co-heirs of Anne, heretofore Countess of Oxon, deceased, was entitled to a fourth part of her estate, in reversion after the death of Aubrey, Earl of Oxon, her husband; that the Countess of Sheppey charged the same fourth part of the estate with her debts, and appointed the same to be sold for payment thereof, and the debts so charged amounted to about 3,000l.; that the fourth part of the estate having fallen in possession by the death of the Earl of Oxon would be sold for the payment of the debts, unless the petitioner laid down 3,000l.; prays for payment of 6,000l. as part of the 20,000l., his wife's portion, to pay the same, and make provision for the Lady Barbara Leonard, the petitioner's eldest daughter.
Also the state of the Earl of Sussex's case.
Minuted:—“Read to ye Queen 17th Mar. 1702. The Queen will pay 1,200li a year for interest.” 3 pages.
[? About
March 17.]
5. Memoranda as to an annuity payable to Greenwich Hospital, and as to the grant of 19,500l. to the same, drawn out with the view of asking her Majesty's pleasure thereon.
Minuted:—“Read to ye Queen 17th Mar. 1702. My Ld is to enquire into this establ. before ye 2,000li a year commence again.” 1 page.
March 17. 6. A new state of Morgan Whitley's debt, as late Receiver General for Cheshire, supplied by Henry Shales, auditor to the Lord High Treasurer, by his Lps commands. Dated 17 March 1702–3. 1 large page.
March 17. 7. Memorial of Peter Shakerley, Esq., Governor of the city and castle of Chester, to the Ld High Treasurer, as to the pay of the company of invalids at Chester.
Also an account of what was due to them. Dated 17 March 1702–3. 2 pages.
March 18. 8. Letter from Mr. T. Baker to the Lord High Treasurer. On his going to Algiers he furnished with necessaries three Turks, who escaped out of French gallies in Torbay, and took them with him to Algiers, and the Dey owned this as a distinguishing mark of his late Majesty's kindness. There were then two Turks, one of Algier, taken as a slave, and the other a native of Buda, escaped out of the Spanish gallies into Portugal. They had lately arrived here, and were altogether destitute. Recommends 10s. a week to be allowed them for lodgings and diet, and 20 l. for clothing. The consul's nephew, Mr. Wyndham Cole, who attended an order for his return to Algier with Her Majesty's present to the Dey, would be the most proper person to be charged with them. Dated 18 March 1702.
Minuted:—“20li for cloathing & ye 10s. a week to each to be p[ai]d from 20 March out of sec. service to be paid to Mr Wyndham Cole.” 2 pages.
March 18. 9. Letter of Mr. Isaac Newton to the Hon. Wm. Lowndes, Esq., desiring him to acquaint the Lord High Treasurer that he had in his hands some money formerly imprested to Mr. Neale, derived from other funds than the coinage duty, out of which he paid a salary of 60l. to Mr. Robert Weddell for his services in prosecuting clippers and coiners, and was of opinion that 40l. might be paid from it to Mrs. Ann Morris in satisfaction of her husband's services. Dated 18 March 1702–3.
Report of the officers of the Mint in favour of Mrs. Morris, recommending 40l. to be paid to her, her husband having always been very zealous in prosecuting coiners. Also her petition and her husband's bill for discovering, apprehending, &c., clippers, coiners, and other malefactors. 6 pages.
March 18. 10. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of William Bishopp, Esq., one of the securities of Thomas Cobb, deceased, late Recr General, of the 4s. 4d. aid anno 1696, for the county of Southampton: recommending the stay of proceedings against him. Dated 18 Mar. 1702.
Also the petition. 2 pages.
March 19. 11. Report of Sir Edward Northey to the Queen on the petition of Daniel Harvey, Esq., as to certain messuages at Mortlake, granted by King Charles II. to be employed in tapestry manufacture. His opinion was that it would not be to the Queen's prejudice or that of her people if Her Majesty released to the petitioner the proviso and condition for employing the houses for tapestry making, and that Her Majesty might lawfully release the same. Dated 19 Mar. 1702–3.
Referred to the Ld High Treasurer.
Also the petition and three affidavits.
Minuted:—“April 9, 1703. Prepare a warrt for a patent to release the condic[i]on.” Warrt drawn. 6 pages.
March 19.]
12. Petition of Thomas Cornwallis to the Queen, praying for an allowance of 100l. a quarter “as an eqevolent maintenance & provision for the employmt” Her Majesty “might have intended for him,” and in consideration of the loss of time he had suffered, &c. He had also a great charge of a sick wife for eight years almost bedridden with the gout; she was the widow of Col. Hugh Verman, of Cornwall, whose personal merits, “distinguishable courage,” and loyalty, were well known to the Duke of Marlborough.
In the Minute Book, Vol. 12, p. 58, 19 March 1702–3, is:—“Mr Cornwallis to have 100li as a bounty.” 1 page.
[? About
March 19.]
13. Petition of Simon Harcourt, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer, for payment of arrears due to him out of the arrears of the Civil List money due before his late Majesty's decease.
Minuted:—“19 March 1702. When arrears come in. But see” [sic.] Again:—“To be considered to morr. morn.” [See also another petition of 5 March.] 1 page.
[? About
March 20.]
14. “A particular of what remains due in the Treasurer of the Chamber's office since 8 Mar. 1701,” viz., on Council and Lord Chamberlain's warrants, stationery wares, and messengers' bills.
[The Maunday Thursday alluded to in the schedule would probably be the year after that in April 1701–2.] 1 page.
March 20. 15. Report of the Agents of Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of John Parran and Charles Mason, late Receivers General for duties on houses and marriages, &c., for the county of Oxford for the year 1701: recommending the stay of process against them. Dated 20 Mar. 1702.
Also the petition and another paper relating thereto.
Minuted:—“9 Apr. 1703. Stay their process till ye first day of Trinity Term.” 3 pages.
[? About
22 March.]
16. Petition of Col. Benjamin Fletcher, Col. Richard Ingoldesby, and Captain Wm Hide, captains of three of the Independent Companies of New York, to the Lord High Treasurer, praying an order for the computation of their pay to prevent their entire ruin.
Minuted:—“22 March 1702. This is proper for the Comrs for stating the accots of ye army, and his Lop doth not think it proper for him to do any thing in this matter.”
There is also a copy of a report of Lord Ranelagh on the same subject. 2 pages.
[? About
March 22.]
17. Petition of Francis Burghill, Esq., late servant to Kings Charles II. and James II. He had been bred up in the service of the crown from his youth, and had been a great sufferer thereby. He could discover an estate of inheritance of about 1,200l. a year, which for some years had been unjustly concealed from the crown, and would do so if the Queen would grant him a lease for a term of years of a moiety of the same.
Minuted:—“22 Mar. 1702. If he will make his proposic[i]on & it be a real discovery, my ld will consider him proporc[i]onally.” 1 page, quarto.
[? About
March 22.]
18. Petition of the Landwaiters in the port of London to the Lord High Treasurer. They paid 5s. in the pound out of their salaries, besides a reassessment of 1l. 4s. with which the “ward” had charged them this year. Most of them had large families, and the strictness of their duty obliged them to live near the Custom House, where rents were dear, and after paying taxes and rent they had scarce subsistence: praying the remission of the taxes on their salaries, which did not exceed 80l. per ann., as was done by warrant for the Navy, Admiralty, Ordnance, and Excise.
Minuted:—“22 Mar. 1702. The precedents are found inconvenient & not to be continued any longer, and ye petrs must bear their part of ye publick charge.” 1 page.
[? About
March 22.]
19. Memorial of Captain David Loches, of Lord Barrymore's regiment. He with his whole company were taken at Cammaret Bay and carried prisoners to Nantes. To prevent the men from “taking on with the French,” he had allowed each of them 2d. per diem besides his subsistence. 50l. had been ordered to be paid to him of the royal bounty, but it stood charged against him as arrears: prays that it might be struck out.
Minuted:—“22 Mar. 1702. My Lord can doe nothing in this.” 1 page.
March 22.]
20. “An accompt of the quantity of pieces of tynn made and coyned in the county of Cornwall, from Christmas 1691 inclusive to Michaelmas 1701 inclusive, taken from the roles made up annualy for the Dutchy of Cornwal, and the weight thereof computd from the coynage duty.”
Minuted:—“22th March 1702–3. Read.”
Also an estimate of everage price of tin in Cornwall: signed Alex. Pendarver. 2 pages.
March 22. 21. Report of Post Masters General to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Francis Golling, collector of the penny post office, who had been displaced after many years service, upon articles exhibited against him by one Sampson, and then applied to be reinstated, Mr Ralph Blackhall, who had succeeded him, having been suspended for fraudulent practices. The report is in his favour. Dated 22 March 1702–3.
Minuted:—“Read 22 March 1702. My Lord will speak wth the Post Mars.”
Also the petition. 2½ pages.
March 22. 22. Report or certificate of Mr William Blathwayt to the Lord High Treasurer, of what revenues are payable to the crown in the several plantations or colonies in America, and to what uses they were respectively applicable, and also a state of the receiver's accounts of the said plantations, viz., the Carribbee Islands, Jamaica, Bermudas, Maryland, New York, Massachusets Bay, New Hampshire, East New Jersey, West New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Castle, Lower Countys, Carolina, Hudson's Bay, and Mount Hope. Dated 22 March 1702–3.
Minuted:—“22th March 1702–3. Mr Blathwayt to attend this day fortnight, & these papers to be then brought in.” 11 pages.
March 22. 23. A list of bills payable by the Treasurer of the Chamber from March 8th 1701–2 to March 8th 1702–3. Dated 22 March 1702–3. 1 page.
[? About
March 22.]
24. Account of money paid in passing privy seals, and of fees at the Treasury and Signet Offices, for several letters signed by Her Majesty to the Lord Lieut. of Ireland.
Minuted:—“22 Mar. 1702. This is to be paid to Mr Taylour, but an accot to be made of wt this charge hath amounted to since Her Matys accession to the crown, that ye same may be laid before Her Maty in councill.” 2½ pages.
[? About
March 22.]
25. Petition of George Larkin to the Lord High Treasurer. He was appointed to go to the several plantations in America, to carry over the commissions and settle the forms in trying the pirates there, for which he was to have 800l., a moiety being paid down and the remainder when the service was performed. On his return he was appointed Secretary of the Leeward Islands. Prays payment of the remaining 400l.
The last minute on the back is:—“22 March 1702–3. My Lord thinkes he is paid enough for this service.” 1 page.
March 23. 26. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Peter Lynch, merchant, praying his Lordship to accept the proposal made by his friends, to pay three shillings in the pound for his debt to the crown. Of some of his sureties who were bound for 740l. 1s. 5d. and 924l. 17s.d., their solicitor says that Mr Lynch was gone out of England, that George Thornburgh, one of the securities, was a poor fellow, and a prisoner in the Queen's Bench, that Michael Burmingham, another of the securities, is a poor barber in Finch Lane, whose goods were seized by an extent, which amounted to 44l. 1s. 10d., and was not to be met with, that Francis Hawkins, another of the securities, was a journeyman cooper and a poor man, and had absconded. Dated 23 March 1702–3.
The petition and 11 other papers.
Minuted:—“April 13, 1703. Agreed to. Wt signed 16 Aprill 1703.” 13 pages or parts of pages.
March 23. 27. Memorial of Mr J. Howe to the Ld [High Treasurer], (1) as to subsistence of Brigadier Gustavus Hamilton, whose regiment had been ordered to the West Indies, by the Duke of Ormond, but was permitted to return home; (2) as to the clothing, &c. of a detachment from the regiment of Lord Lucas [transferred] to complete Brigadier Colenbine's regiment. Dated 23 March 1702–3.
Also a certificate. 2 parts of pages.
March 23.]
28. Petition of Samuel Barnardiston, Bart., to the Queen. A most arbitrary and illegal judgment was given against him by the Lord Chief Justice Jefferys, whereby he was fined 10,000l. and confined close prisoner until payment should be made. He was kept in prison five years until King William's accession. About 7,000l. was raised by the sale of his estate; and by extortions and embezzlements, tyranny and oppression of under-sheriffs, bailiffs, gaolers, &c., he was damnified above 20,000l., and 1,905l. 18s. 10d. of his own money remained in specie in the Exchequer and came to the hands of King William III. The judgment was reversed by the House of Lords, but he had received no satisfaction; prays payment of interest on the last sum, and for what was taken from him by pretended Exchequer fees.
Minuted:—“23 March 1702. The Queen hath not thought fitt to direct any interest.”
Also copy of the judgment in the House of Lords. 2 pages.
[? About
March 24.]
29. Petition of the captains and officers of the Queen's regiment of dragoons, lately commanded by Major Genl Leveson (now by Brigadier William Lloyd), for a warrant for the removal of certain respites to put them on the same footing with other regiments.
Minuted:—“24 March 1702. My Lord doth not think it proper for him to allow this.”
Also six other papers. 9 pages or parts of pages.
March 24. 30. Letter of the Earl of Nottingham to the Lord [High Treasurer]. Her Majesty wished examination to be made of the particulars of what things were necessary for the foot company of 80 private men besides officers at Newfoundland, and that they should be sent by the next convoy. Dated 24 March 1703 [i.e. 1702–3].
Five other papers relating to their pay and clothing.
Minuted:—“12th Apr. 1703. Ordrd 1801li. 2s/6d.” 6½ pages.
March 25.
31. Draft of an order for raising volunteers for a regiment of foot. Dated March 1702–3. 1 page.
March 25. 32. “An accot of what hath been paid to sundry foreigne ministers out of his late Mats revenues for the civill list between X~mas 1701 and Lady-day 1703.
“An accot of penc[i]ons paid at the Excheqr out of his late Mats revenues for the civill list,” for the same time. 3½ pages.
March 25. 33. Notices from the Comrs of Accounts to the Controller and Cashire of Excise, requiring them to exhibit their accounts. Dated 25 March 1703. 4 pages and 2 halves.
March 26. 34. An estimate of the charge of building a new ship of 50 guns at her Matys yard at Deptford, and completely equipping her with masts, yards, &c. Dated 26 March 1703. The estimate was 8,712l. The dimensions are given.
Also for a 60-gun ship, 13,673l., and 40-gun ship, 5,246l. 3 pages.
March 26. 35. Letter from Mr Benjn Sweet to the Duke of Marlborough, with the after-mentioned enclosure:—In a postscript he desires his Grace to recommend payment of his bill for 10,000l. drawn on Lord Ranelagh. If it were returned he should have to pay all the costs and damages. Dated Rotterdam, 6 April S.N. 1703.
[Mr Benjn] “Sweet's abstract of all the receipts of money from the Rt Honble E. of Ranelagh to this day, and payements made to the forces from the 1st June 1701 to the 24th December 1702.” Dated “Roterdam, Aprill 6th S. N. 1703. 7 pages.
March 27.
36. Report of Lord Ranelagh and Mr Wm Blathwayt to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Col. Farrington, as to a warrant taking off the respits upon the pay of the Coll and Quartermaster of the regiment. Dated 27 March 1703. 1 page.
March 27. 37. “An acct of the sevll sums necessary to be forthwith respitted to Holland for the advance to such of the 20,000 men of augmentation as are already agreed for.” 27 March 1703 (French). 3 pages.
March 27. 38. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Elizabeth Brawne, relict and executrix of Charles Brawn, Esq., late Receiver General of the third 3s. aid, 1699, and of other aids, &c. for the county of Somerset and city of Bristol, recommending various allowances. Dated 27 March 1703.
Also two petitions and a bill for incidents.
Minuted:—“9 Apr. 1703. There is no fund at present for ye payment of such arrears.” 4 pages.
March 31. 39. Letter of Urban Hall to the Lord High Treasurer, bringing forward his qualifications to be appointed to purchase pitch and tar for the service of the navy. He asks for 2l. 5s. per cent. Dated London, 31 March 1703.
Minuted:—“12 Apr. 1703. He must apply to ye Comrs of ye Navy.”
Also, extract from three letters as to ye supply of the same articles. 4 pages.
[? About
40. “An accot of ye debt due in the Office of the Works for the quarter ending March 1703, wth a particular accot where the workes in the severall houses were performed, in answer to an abstract thereof delivered to my Lord Treasurer.”
Minuted:—“To be layd before ye Qu.” 8 pages.
March 31. 41. A paper headed, “Bridgman sloop [a West India packet boat], to profit and loss accountable to her outsetting and maintenance upon her first voyage to the islands of the West Indies and back to Falmo, till she proceeded on her 2d voyage; commencing wages the 25th August 1702, and ending the same the 31st March followg 1703.” 1 page.
April 2. 42. Report of Mr Philip Ryley to the Lord High Treasurer. He had prepared instructions for a commission to be executed in the New Forest, for making further enclosures there, according to the Act of Parliament, and had endeavoured to propose to his Lp a number of persons, fit and qualified to execute such commission. Two persons should be justices of the peace for the county of Southampton, not officers of the forest. He could not find two such persons, whose attendance he could rely on; several who had promised, afterwards excused themselves. There was a difficulty in inducing persons in eminent stations to countenance and execute the commission. Sends a list of such as had not then declined. Dated 2 April 1703. 2 pages.
April 3. 43. Order in Council, referring to the Lord High Treasurer various particulars furnished by Lord Cornbury, as to the state of the forts at New York, Albany, Schenectady, Canestigione, and the Half Moon upon Hudson River. In consideration of the great charges for the fortifications, and the low state of the province, which since the Earl of Bellomont came there, was much in debt; the Lords Comrs of Trade offered their opinion, that Lord Cornbury be ordered to use his best endeavours with the Assembly to provide for repair, &c. of the same. His Lordship had represented that they needed assistance from hence. His late Majesty ordered 2,500l. should be remitted, whereof 500l. only was issued. The four foot companies ought to consist of 400 privates, and there were 68 wanting. There were not more than 20 muskets fit for use in the two companies, &c. The four companies were in need of accoutrements. Besides what was due from the executors of the Earl of Bellomont, there was in the hands of Captn Nanfan, late Lieutt Governor of New York, 510l. for respits, &c. Dated 3 April 1703.
Also “A list of accoutrements wanting for the four companys in New York.”
Minuted:—“12 Apr. 1703. My Lo. will speak wth Mr Blathwayt about this to-morrow morning.” 2½ pages.
April 5. 44. A schedule of sums necessary to be supplied to Mr J. Howe for his office. Dated 5 April 1703.
Minuted:—“Ordrd 6th Apr. 1703. 1,581l. 13. 1.” 1½ pages.
[? About
April 5.]
45. Presentment concerning Sir Cloudesley Shovell's share of prizes taken under his flag.
Also a tabular view of “prizes taken and retaken by Her Majesty's ships of the squadron, under the command of Sir Cloudesly Shovel.” Dated Admiralty Office, 5 April 1703. 3½ pages.
April 6. 46. Letter from the Comrs of Prizes to Mr Lowndes, as to bringing the Vigo booty remaining at the outports to London. Dated 6 April 1703.
Minuted:—“Orderd.” 1 page, quarto.
April 9. 47. A lord chamberlain's warrant to Charles Godfrey, Esq., Master of the Jewel House, for the provision and delivery to the Rt Hon. Sir Charles Hedges, one of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, of six silver boxes, with Her Majesty's arms engraven on them for the great seal, which is to be affixed to treaties and ratifications. Dated 9 April 1703. 1 page.
April 9. 48. Letter from the Prize Comrs to Mr Lowndes, enclosing, for the Ld High Treasurer, recommendation by the Comrs for Prizes of Mr Phineas Bowles to proceed with the squadron under command of Sir Cloudesley Shovel, to take care of all prizes captured, and that 5 per cent. of the prizes be allowed him. Dated 9 April 1703.
Minuted:—“Orderd; provided the value of ye prizes doth not exceed 10,000li & if it dos ye further considerac[i]on of this service to be submitted to my Ld Treãr.” 2 pages.
April 9. 49. Report of the Officers of Works to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Anthony Vernatty, for pay of 242l. 18s. 8d., for lamps in Westminster Hall and other places, by order of the House of Commons, for the accommodation of both Houses. Dated 9 April 1703.
The petition, the accounts of the lamps, copy of votes of the House of Commons, &c.
Minuted:—“20 Apr. 1703. Pay wt is due in ye Queen's time.” 14 pages.
April 9. 50. “Copy of Mr Burchett's letter concerning the brass guns and ordnance stores from Vigo,” addressed to the Comrs for Prizes. Dated Admiralty Office, 9 April 1703. 1 page.
April 9. 51. Account of debt due in the Office of Her Majesty's Works, from the last of Dec. 1702 to the last of March 1703. Dated April 9, 1703. 1 page.
[? About
April 9.]
52. Representation by the Comrs for Trade and Plantations complaining that they were six quarters in arrear for their salary.
Minuted:—“April 9th 1703. See what they have received of arrears since his Mats decease. They have received halfe a year since his late Matys decease, wch was intended them by ye scheme of distributions approved by his said Maty about a month before.”
Again:—“14 Apr. 1703. They have had as much in proporc[i]on as ye other officrs.”
[One of the Comrs was Matthew Prior.]
Also another paper on the same subject. 2½ pages.
April 9. 53. Memorial of Mr. J. Howe to the Ld High Treasurer, for a supply to carry on the subsistence of the Guards, from 16 April to 13 May 1703. Dated 9 April 1703. 1 page.
April 10. 54. Letter from the Comrs of Revenue, Ireland, to the Lord High Treasurer, about arrears of quit rents and as to “setting” the the undisposed lands of that kingdom. Dated 10 April 1703. 1 page.
April 10. 55. Letter of Peter Shakerley [Governor of the city and castle of Chester] to the Lord High Treasurer, with accounts of invalids resident and non-resident at Chester. He had already been several days in the town hall of the city, from 8 in the morning to 8 at night, stating the debts and paying the invalids and their creditors. It was the most laborious work he had ever undertaken. He had given notice by beat of drum and otherwise to all in the city, to give no credit to the invalids, and had directed one person to subsist them. Dated 10 April 1703.
Also accounts of the invalids referred to, with many curious remarks as to the capabilities, circumstances, and character of the men.
Amongst the items is:—“William Pendeck. Is onely a name that has been kept on the Muster Roulls, noe man in ye company ever saw him, and to speak plainly it is a faggott to fill up the number and noe effective man.”
There is further a petition from the invalids to be allowed 20s. a man bounty to enable them to reach their homes.
Also, “List of those names to be pd at London as sent to Mr Aynsworth.” 25 pages.
April 10. 56. “An accompt of all money rec[iev]ed by the Earle of Ranelagh for the 10,000 men sent to ye assistance of the States Genll, anno 1701, or in part of the 1,052,000 given for land service, for the year ending the 24th of Decr 1702, making good treaties, &c., and how the same has been issued or paid out by him, to the 10th of April 1703.” 4 pages.
April 10. 57. Memorial from the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen, &c. to the Lord High Treasurer, for payment to them of 11,077l. for discharging what was due at the several outports. Dated 10 April 1703. 1 page.
April 12. 58. Letter of the Duke of Ormonde to the Lord High Treasurer, on the application of Brigadier Lloyd of the dragoons, who served in the expedition to Cadiz, to succeed Brigadier Matthews on the establishment of that expedition. (Matthews died 22 Sept.)
Captn Berry recommended by his Royal Highness to the First Troop of horse, asks to be relieved from his debts, his half-pay amounted to nearly 400l.
There were some few officers wounded in last summer's expedition under him. Col. Peirce and Mr. Groves had been considered. There remained only Col. Newson of the guards, Lt. Tolmash, who was shot through the body at Vigo, and Cornet Dudley of Lloyd's dragoons, who distinguished himself at the head of 40 of the dragoons against 300 or 400 of the enemy, where he lost his horse, was run through the body in two places, and received several wounds in his head, and was stripped of what money he had in his pocket. [This entry minuted:“To be considered when the Queen distributes rewards out of ye Vigo booty.”]
He desired his Lordship would order the half-pay of Mons. Najac, a reformed cornet of Lord Windsor's regiment.
Further as to respits of guards in room of those sent to Holland.
Dated 12 April 1703.
There are some minutes opposite these entries. There is also a copy of a report of the Earl of Ranelagh and Mr. Blathwayt on the memorial of the Captains of the three troops of Horse Guards. 4 pages.
April 12. 59. Letter of W. Atwood to Wm Lowndes, Esq., applying for half a year's salary of the year and a quarter due at Christmas. Dated 12 Apr. 1703. 1 page, quarto.
April 12. 60. Memorial of Mr. Blathwayt, Secretary-at-War, to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the settlement of his salary. Dated 12 April 1703.
Minuted:—“Read to ye Q. 19 April 1703. Continue 365l. a year & 1000li p[er] ann., but for ye 130li p[er] ann. respitted till my Lord Marlborough comes.” 1 page.
[? April 12
or 13.]
61. Report of Sir Edw. Northey to the Lord High Treasurer, on the report of the Comrs of Customs, made on the petition of John Gardiner, merchant, viz.: that the petitioner's debts were within the clause of the Act 7 & 8 Will. III. touching compositions.
The petition,—“An account of losses befallen John Gardner of London, merchant, dureing the present warr with France,” and four other papers. 8 pages.
April 12. 62. Letter of Mr. Wm Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, with a copy of the state of the account of Dame Ann Stapleton, widow, relict and executrix of Sir William Stapleton, Bart., deceased, late governor in chief of his Majesty's Leeward Caribbee Islands in America, for sums received as well by order of King Charles II. for the fortifications in those islands, as for other profits accruing to his late Majesty, also for disbursements from 1 June 1677 to 25 March 1685. Dated 12 April 1703.
Minuted:—“14 Apr. 1703. Before this acct is declared my Ld will goe over ye articles wth ye Audrs.” 7 pages.
April 12. 63. Docquetted:—Copy of a warrt wth instructions relating to the post office accompts. Dated 12 Apr. 1703.
This consists of,—(1.) A warrant with instructions for making up and passing the accompts of the Post Office and Penny Post Office. (2.) Instructions for the more regular passing the accompts of the General Letter Office or Post Office and Penny Post Office.
Enclosed are (1.) “Post Office instructions.” (2.) Two papers headed “Rates of postage” [to various parts of the world]. And, (3.) “Post Office notes,” showing who were the classes of persons likely to injure the post office; and various other particulars apparently collected in contemplation of some enactment in relation to the post office. 17¼ pages.
April 13. 64. Memorial of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer. They had observed several very great and dangerous defects in the house where the Excise Office was kept, and desired Mr Banks, Mr Airs, and Mr Wilcox, to make a survey thereof. Their reports induced the Comrs to think that they could not with safety continue therein. Dated 13 April 1703.
Minuted:—“April 13th 1703. The Comrs must see to accomodate themselves in some other place.”
The reports mentioned.
With these are (1.), a memorial of Wm Harvey, Esq., landlord of the Excise Office in Broad St, which was taken by the Comrs of Excise in 1691 for 21 years, by order of the Lords of the Treasury, 150l. a year having been abated of the rent, the King bearing the repairs; asking to be heard on this agreement before his Lp gave any orders. (2.) The copy of the warrant dated 26 Nov. 1691. The house then belonged to Sir Eliab Harvey, and the reduced rent was 350l. (3.) Copy of a presentment about the house, wherein the Excise office was kept, delivered 26th Jan. 1698. 450l. was then required to be laid out on the house, and it would require 50l. a year for repairs. They say they are only tenants at will, and could be furnished with a house much more commodious, where little or no expense would be required, and they asked leave to treat. 6½ pages.
April 13. 65. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer as to embezzlement of plate and cochineal by James Brook, master of the Mary transport. Dated 13 April 1703.
Two letters and another paper relating thereto.
Minuted:—“April 13th. To be brought in when the Comrs for transports are here.” 5 pages.
April 13. 66. Copy of presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer, on the memorial of Edward Ebdon and John Steel, land carriage officers, for recompense for seizing 2,107 dollars and 1,500 ounces of bullion and plate to the value of 1,000l., said to belong to Captain Wyvell, late commander of the ship Barfleur. since condemned in the Admiralty Court. Dated 13 April 1703.
Also their petition. The last minute on this is:—“31th Oct. 1704. It is reasonable to consider these officers.” 2 pages.
April 14. 67. The case of Anne Byrche wife of Edward Byrche, serjt at law, executrix of Dame Jane Fisher, widow, deceased, formerly called Jane Lane, concerning the arrears of the annuity due to the Lady Fisher.
Minuted:—“14 Apr. 1703. She will be entitled to her proporc[i]on of wt became due in his late Matys reign when others in ye same circumstances are paid.” 1 page.
April 14. 68. The case of Henry Weeks, post master of Bishop's Stortford in the county of Hertford. He had found out a method of improving the revenues of the post office by establishing a post from Cambridge to Boston on the Humber in Yorkshire. The governors of the post office entered into a treaty for farming this branch to him: one Mr Richd Briggs also applied himself for the said farm. This resulted in a proposed partnership, which Briggs then repudiated. Mr. Brogden, an eminent merchant in London, could give a full account of Briggs' underhand dealing.
Minuted:—“Read 14 Apr. 1703.” 1 page.
April 14.]
69. Representation of the Queen's printers to Mr. Lowndes of the state of their account. In their service they had contracted debts to above 8,000l. and if they had not speedy payment they would be utterly ruined. Asking that his lordship might be moved for speedy order.
Minuted:—“14 Apr. 1703. See wt is unpaid on ye list yt was made before his late Mats death.” 1 page.
[? About
April 14.
70. Report of Mr. Philip Ryley, Surveyor Genl of Her Majesty's woods, Trent South [to the Ld High Treasurer], on the petition of John Wormelayton, for permission to grub up a coppice of which he was possessor by inheritance, called Rowley coppice, lying in the parish of Thoydon in the forest of Epping, containing about 26 acres, and of which he says the shrubb and wood was much decayed; unless it were grubbed up he could make no profit of it. There was no timber in the coppice, and but very few small young trees in the fences, which he would carefully preserve. There being at present no Justice in Eyre on this side Trent to whom he might have applied, he prayed his honor's leave for the same. The surveyor certifies that he had caused the coppice to be viewed and found the same was thriving, and a very great many young oaks in it; some part of the wood was already cut and many young trees felled, and it being usual on like occasions to consult the Lieutenant and verderers and before any licence was granted to have some certificate that such licence might be granted without prejudice to the game, he ordered his deputy to attend Mr Harvey, the present Lieutenant of the Forest, that he (the surveyor) might receive his opinion concerning the petitioner's request, who as he was informed, was against grubbing up this coppice, it being the best wood on that side the forest for preserving the game, and did not think the verderers would join in a certificate as usual, if it were desired of them, there being but little covert near it. [The upper part torn away.]
Minuted:—“14 Apr. 1703. My Ld cannot grant this contrary to ye opinion of ye officer.” 2 pages.
[? About
14 April.]
71. “Samuel Edwards's proposal for managing ye office for payment of annuityes,” offered to the consideration of the Ld High Treasurer.
His proposal included the making himself manager.
Minuted:—“14 Apr. 1703. The law has lodg'd this matter in ye hande of ye Tellers & my Ld thinks it not advisable to remove it.” 1 page.
April 14. 72. “Money and Bonds in the hands of the Collectors of some of the most considerable of the out Ports at the end of ye months of Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. and Febr. 1702. Extracted from ye Comptrs Abstrat. 14 Apr. 1704 p[er] G. Ks.” 1 page.
April 15. 73. “An aocct of money paid by Mr Povey, Treasurer for the sick and wounded, &c., since the 1st of March 1702/3; according to the particulars of this accot.” Dated 15 April 1703. 6 pages and 3 halves.
[? About
April 16.]
74. Petition of Jane Browning of the city of Londonderry, widow, to the Honble the Society of the “Governor and Assistants, London,” of the new plantation in Ulster within the realm of Ireland. When the inhabitants of Londonderry were besieged and reduced to the extremity of eating horse and dog's flesh, petitioner's husband, Captn Micaia Browning was then in the Lough of Derry, near the city, in the ship Mountjoy (of which he was owner and commander), laden with oatmeal, beef, and other provisions, among the fleet commanded by Major-Genl Kirk; and having obtained permission of the Major-Genl, sailed to the relief of the beseiged; but when between Killmore and the city was stopped by the enemy's boom across the river, and was killed by a shot from the enemy; but the ship having broken the boom arrived at the quay of Londonderry, to the unspeakable joy of the distressed people in the city, whereupon the seige was raised. The late King settled a pension on her of 60l. per ann., but she had received none of it for nine years: praying for their interest with Her Majesty that she might receive the arrears.
A certificate of the truth of the petition, signed by the mayor and many others. Dated 16 April 1703.
Minuted:—“To be pd so much as is due in ye Queen's time.” 2 pages.
April 16. 75. Letter of Henry Killigrew to William Lowndes, Esq. His numerous family, and the delays of the Ld Treasurer's directions, made him uneasy. The seasonable 50l. which he last received helped him out of expensive lodgings into much cheaper, yet he was left without clothes or any other necessaries, and being lame of the gout and forced to keep his bed, the want of clothes was less troublesome to him than to his poor wife and children, who were in the same condition as to clothes. He says:—“For God sake Sr take this into your consideration & prevaile with my Lord Treasurer to remember that I have served forty years as a groom of the King's bedchamber, a place his Lordship once serv'd in, and from thence raised his present fortunes, & that all I pretend to is the pension of five hundred pounds a yeare due to my place, which his Lordship allwaies received 'till his greate merrit gott him better preferment, and which I, of all men, am most rejoyced at, since I am sure he will in his good time see this pention well settled and paid me.” Urging haste for his present requirements. Dated 16 April 1703.
Minuted:—“12 May 1703. He had Her Mats bounty ye other day.”
[He had 50l. more on 19 May 1703. See Minute Book, Vol. 12, p. 93, and a further 50l. on 27 July. See Ib., p. 124.] 2 pages.
April 16. 76. Letter from the Earl of Nottingham to the Lord High Treasurer, sending the Queen's commands that he should give order to the surveyor of Dover to return 500l. seized by him from Captain Gibson, who had received it at Calais to be paid to French prisoners in England. Dated 16 Apr. 1703. 1 page 4to.
April 17. 77. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of John Marriot to be admitted to a moderate composition (12d. in the pound) for the debt due from him to the crown for duties on tobacco. Dated 17 April 1703.
Also the petition and five other papers. 7 pages.
April 19. 78. Letter of E. Harley to William Lowndes, Esq., sending Auditor Bridges' observations relating to the Earl of Ranelagh's account of the forces [for three years and a half ended at Michaelmas 1695]. It also relates to the accounts of the Earl of Albemarle, Master of the Robes, returned by Mr. Van Huls, his deputy, who were both gone into Holland. Dated 19 April 1703.
Also another paper of Mr E. Harley, Auditor, as to the progress, &c. in the examination of the Earl of Ranelagh's accounts. 4 pages and 2 halves.
April 19. 79. Report of Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, to the Lord High Treasurer as to remission of fine on certain tobacco duties to George Moore, of Arundel, in the co. of Sussex. Dated 19 April 1703.
Also the petition and a certificate.
Minuted:—“To be layd before ye Qu.” 4 pages.
April 19. 80. Account of money expended for clothing and subsisting two Turks belonging to Algiers, by order of my Lord Nottingham. Dated 19 Apr. 1703. 1 page and a few lines.
April 19.]
81. Petition of Oliver de la Muce, gentleman usher of the late Queen's privy chamber, and Peter la Touch, governor to her pages of honor. The first had a pension of 200l. per ann., and the second of 100l. per ann.; praying for arrears, being overwhelmed with debt.
Minuted:—“Read to ye Q. 19 Apr. 1703. Mr Nicholas to certify wt they had on his list.” 1 page.
[? About
April 19.]
82. Petition of James Grahme, Esq., late keeper of the privy purse to the Queen's royal father, and to the Queen. During and before the time he was keeper of the privy purse, the charge of the “healing” was paid out of the same, but it had arisen to a greater sum than formerly, and a privy seal was ordered for the same, upon which was an imprest of 1,200l. in petitioner's name; praying for a discharge from that sum, or for a “noli pross.”
Minuted:—“Read to ye Q. 19th Apr. 1703. 1,250l. imprested to be discharged by a tally.” 1 page.
April 19. 83. Memorial of Mr W. Whitfeild to the Lord High Treasurer, as to expenses for subsistence of marine regiments. Dated 19 April 1703.
Minuted:—“Orderd.” 1 page.
April 19. 84. “An accompt of the peices of 8/8 delivered into the treasury of the Mint by the Comrs for Prizes.” Signed “Is. Newton.” Dated 19 April 1703. 1 page.
April 19. 85. Report of the Officers of Works to the Lord High Treasurer, as to Mr Wise's estimate for new works to be done in Her Majesty's gardens at Kensington. Dated 19 April 1703. 4 pages.
April 19. 86. Letter from Mr Cardonell to Mr Lowndes about clothing to be had from England for the use of the army in Holland, and his observations on Mr Sweet's account. Dated, “Camp before Bon, the 30th April 1703.” [N.S., i.e. 19 April.] 3 pages.
April 20. 87. Report of Mr William Blathwayt to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of George Muschamp, collector of Peteuxent and receiver of Potomac, in Maryland, as to the payment of his salary out of the duty of one penny a pound on tobacco. Dated 20 April 1703.
Also the petition. 2½ pages.
April 22. 88. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Thomas Cobb and Richard Cobb, Esq., late Recrs General for the county of Southampton and the Isle of Wight of various aids, &c.; recommending allowances to them for conveying various sums to the Exchequer. Dated 22 April 1703.
The petition and the account of the charges. 9 pages.
April 23. 89. Report of S. Travers, Surveyor General, to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Mr. Phelps, as to lands held by lease from Jasper English, Esq., which lands lay between Her Majesty's meadows at Hampton Court and the Thames. It relates to the barge way, the right to turn cattle on the Queen's meadows, &c. If the meadows and stud were wholly fenced off from the barge way it might be done for 500l. [Minuted:—“This to be don by Mr Travers.”] If his Lordship gave him commands he should take to his assistance some of the ancient tenants of Hampton Court manor and other knowing persons in the neighbourhood, that Mr English might have no more fenced off than he had a right to. Dated 23 Apr. 1703.
The petition referred to, and a certificate of the inhabitants of Hampton Wicke, who held the “aights” or pieces of land adjoining to the Queen's meadows, as to their rights of turning on cattle and mowing there.
Minuted:—“To be layd before ye Queen. Read to ye Queen at St. James's 16 July 1703. The meadows are to be fenced.” 5 pages.
[? About
April 24.]
90. Petition of Nathaniel Hills to the Queen. He had served as major in the English regiment of foot, commanded by Marshal Schomburgh, in the late succours of Portugal, and by his wounds and loss of blood was totally deprived of sight. He had a pension for 28 years, until “the last five years of King William;” prays for the royal bounty.
Minuted:—“Read 24 Aprll 1703.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. XII. p. 120, 16 July 1703, is:—“Major Hill. No penc[i]on, but to be relieved some other way.” 1 page.
April 24. 91. A joint report of S. Travers, Surveyor General, the officers of the Mint, and of E. Harley, auditor, on papers relating to Mr Redhead, late master and worker of the mint at Norwich; as to three receipts for 2,500l. which should have been cancelled, and did not affect Mr Neale's accounts. Dated 24 April 1703.
Four papers referred to. 6 pages and 2 halves.
[? About
April 24.]
92. Petition of Henry Ballowe and John Smith, deputy chamberlains, for joining tallies for a reward for the same.
Also certificate of Lord Halifax on the same subject. Dated 24 April 1703.
Minuted:—“12 May 1703. To be paid as hitherto they have been, but my Ld doth not think it reasonable this expence should be continued on ye Civil List.” 2 pages.
[? About
April 26.]
93. Petition of Heyman Brewer, Isaac Grafort, and Richard “Little Hales,” footmen to her late Majesty. They had received their salaries for some time after Her Majesty's death, but were three years in arrear; praying relief.
Minuted:—“Read 26 Apr. 1703. My Lord can do nothing in this.” 1 page.
[? About
April 28.]
94. Petition of the clothiers of the English army in Holland to the Lord High Treasurer, praying for four months off reckonings, as they conceived their contracts and assignments had no relation to or dependence upon muster rolls.
Minuted:—“28 Apr. 1703. My Ld will give directions herein, as soon as he has ye accot of ye clearings.” 1 page, ink stained.
April 28. 95. Report of Mr. E. Harley, auditor to the Lord [High Treasurer], containing a state of the Lady Stapleton's account of the two companies in the Leeward Islands. Dated 28 April 1703.
Minuted:—“12 May 1703. My Lord doth not think it reasonable for ye Queen to pay this debt.” 4 pages.
April 28. 96. Presentment of the principal Comrs of Prizes to the Lord High Treasurer, recommending that when ships with any considerable amount of goods were taken, they should be brought to the port of London, as they sold for a fourth, and sometimes a third, less at the out ports. Dated 28 April 1703.
Minuted:—“Agreed to, but the Comrs of P. are to apply from time to time to the Lord High Admll for sufficient convoy for their security.” 1 page.
April 28. 97. Letter of William Borrett to William Lowndes, Esq., enclosing a petition of Capt. Edmund D'Oyly, commander of the ship Deal Castle, as to stay of proceedings against him, as there was great reason to believe that the information laid against him by Thomas Hog, a cook, was out of malice. Dated 28 April 1703.
Also the petition. 2 pages.
April 30. 98. Report of the Comrs of Excise on the letter of Mr. Norton, a justice of the peace for Suffolk, as to a fraudulent concealment of malt by Mr. Audley, a gentleman in Suffolk. Dated 30 April 1703.
Minuted:—“4 May 1703. Read.”
Also the letter. 5½ pages.
April 30. 99. Memorial of Sydney Godolphin, Auditor of Wales, to the Ld High Treasurer, as to moneys received by Mr. Chetwynd, deputy of the late Auditor of Wales, and as to his unnecessary employment of certain pursuivants or messengers for dispersing proclamations through the principality of Wales.
Enclosed are copies of two warrants.
Minuted:—“Let the former minutes relating to ye auditor's fee of 6l. 2s. be looked out.”
There is besides, a duplicate of the above memorial. Dated 30 April 1703, with the answers of Mr. Chetwind. 5 pages and 2 halves.
April 30. 100. Earl of Ranelagh's memorial concerning what is due to clear Brigadier Seymour's regiment to the 24th of December 1702, and the Danish subsidies. Dated 30 April 1703. 1 page.
April. 101. Memorial of Charles Fox, Esq., and Thomas Lord Coningsby, paymasters of Ireland, relating to the fees on passing their accounts. Dated April 1703.
Minuted:—“Respited.” 1 page.
April. 102. Memorial of Sir John Stanley, Warden of Her Majesty's Mint, accompanied by bills for the charge of prosecuting several false coiners, &c.
Minuted:—“12 May 1703. To be borne out of ye forfeitures of clippers & coyners;” and again: “30 June 1703. Issue ye mony to Mr Borrett & direct him to pay these bills.” 8 pages.
April. 103. Letter from Col. Quary as to provisions to be supplied to Jamaica. A fatal accident had happened at Port Royal, Jamaica, which was destroyed by fire, and not three houses left standing in the town. For bread, flour, pork, rice, and peas, no part of England could afford better; but for beef they could not compare with England. Dated Philadelphia, April 1703. 3 pages.
[? About
104. Instructions for the Controller General of all accounts relating to Her Majesty's forces (those in Ireland excepted.) 2¼ pages.
May 1. 105. Order in Council upon a memorial of the Lord High Admiral, appointing 5/8 of the salvage on retaking a Dutch ship by Sir Thomas Hardy, of H.M. ship Pembroke, to the officers and crew. Dated 1 May 1703. 1½ pages.
May 1. 106. Certificate of Michael Johnson, Esq., mayor of the city of Chester, and John Twiddall, captain of the company of invalids quartered in that city, that Peter Shakerley, Esq., Governor of the city and castle of Chester, had paid the quarterers of that company, &c. Dated 1 May 1703.
Also a list of the names and the amounts paid. 3½ pages.
May 3. 107. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Captain Henry Thomas, who had been a commissioned officer near 40 years, and had a pension of 4s. a day, which had been stopped. In the year 1654 he had been confined 12 months close prisoner by Cromwell; he was a fit object for the pension. The petition and a letter in his favour by the Earl of Rochester. Dated 3 May 1703.
Minuted:—“Read to ye Queen at St James's 16 July 1703. Her Maty will not grant his request for a penc[i]on, but a bounty some other way.” 5 pages.
May 3. 108. Letter from Mr A. Cardonnel to Mr Lowndes as to a bill for 10,000l. on the Earl of Ranelagh, which had long lain under protest. The Duke of Marlborough commanded him to acquaint Mr Lowndes that the bill was drawn by the Ld Treasurer's own directions. His grace desired it might be represented in the most favourable light to his Lordship, that the money might be issued Dated, Camp before Bonn ye 14 May 1703 [i.e. 3 May.]
There is the following P.S.: “I congratulate with you upon our good success. This news I hope will produce the 10,000li” 1 page, quarto.
May 3
and 4.
109. Two memorials of Mr W. Whitfeild to the Ld High Treasurer as to the computation of the muster rolls of the regiments, &c. of Fox, Villiers, Shannon, Holt and Saunderson; and as to what was due to them. Dated 3 and 4 May 1703. 2 pages.
[? About
May 4.]
110. “An Accompt of the abuses in the Customs in ye northern ports, vizt Newcastle, Sunderland, Hartlepool, Stockton, Whitby, Berwick, &c.” With suggestions for doing away with the same.
Minuted:—“My Lord will speak with the Comrs of the Customes 4th May 1703. Read.” 2 pages.
May 4. 111. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petitions of James Gendrault, Esq., and Mr Robert Baden, security for Mr John Allen, late cashier for the Bank of Charity for indigent officers of excise, who was guilty of fraud. Dated 4 May 1703.
Also the two petitions.
Minuted:—“4th May 1703. The petn is dismist.” 4 pages.
May 4. 112. Report of the same to the same, on the petition of John Grocer, cornfactor, as to proceedings at law against him for bills of exchange. Advising that the bills, &c. ought not to be given up. Dated 4 May 1703.
Also the petition.
Minuted:—“4 May 1703. My Lord agrees with the report.” 3 pages.
May 4. 113. Report of the same to the same, as to a house of Mr. Frederick (fn. 1) in the Old Jury, with a little house adjoining, well situate for their occasion, which with some little alteration might be made a very commodious and convenient office. It was offered at 296l. per ann.; asking directions to be allowed to make the agreement. Dated 4 May 1703.
Also a letter from them to Mr. Lowndes on the same subject.
Minuted:—“4 May 1703. The Comrs to consider what recompence is reasonable to be given to Mr Harvey, and to treat with Mr Frederick.” 2 pages.
May 5. 114. Proposal of John Cressett of the Inner Temple, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer, viz., to discover above 5,000l. worth of the estate of James Smyth, of Nibley, Gloucestershire, gent., who barbarously murdered Jarvis Clough, of the same place, gentleman, and to assist in the recovery of the same, upon reasonable allowance. Dated 5 May 1703.
Minuted:—“5 May 1703. To be laid before ye Queen for her Mats pleasure, together wth ye peticon of Geo. Smyth.” 1 page.
May 5. 115. Petition of John Lansdowne, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer, praying the passing of a lease of certain coal mines, in a piece of waste ground called the Barrow, in the parish of Stratton upon the Fosse, in the county of Somerset. The tenants of the manor who had common in the waste, by George Long, Esq., had lately petitioned his Lordship for a lease.
Also, “Mr Long's case before my Lord Treasurer. May ye 5th 1703.”
[See other particulars of this property, Vol. XLIII., No. 45. Feb. 22, 1696–7.] 2 pages.
May 5. 116. Letter of the Comrs of the Navy to Mr Lowndes, sending copies of the contract with Mr Nathaniel Gould and Mr Urban Hall, for the importation of pitch and tar. Dated 5 May 1703.
The copy referred to. 4 pages.
May 5. 117. “Memorial about taxes for Knowle grove,” in the parish of Egham. It shows also what was due for the poor rate. Dated May 5 1703.
Minuted:—“12 May 1703. Orderd.” 1 small page, quarto.
May 6. 118. Report of the Lord Ranelagh on the petition of Her Majesty's four “household drums,” praying for 240l. due to them. Dated 6 May 1703.
Minuted:—“12 May 1703. My Ld dos not think these arrears are due, or ought to be p[ai]d.”
The petition. 2 pages.
May 8. 119. Letter from Baron Dalez to the Lord [High Treasurer]. He had come from Ireland by Her Majesty's orders to afford her information, but he could not stay longer in this city than to make his petition, and besides, he had not any means of living but “une pention de trante sous.” Lord Nottingham had told him that he had spoken to his Highness, and that he would take good care of his circumstances. Lord Nottingham had ordered him to hold himself in readiness if the Queen wished to employ him. He needed money to obey Her Majesty's orders. Dated at London, 8 May 1703. (French.)
Minuted:—“11th May 1703. Le Baron Dalez. To have 20li to carry him back to Ireland. Paid eođ die.” 2 pages, quarto.
May 8. 120. Report of the Agents of Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Charlotte and Elizabeth Ma[i]nwaring, daughters of Sir John Mainwaring, Baronet, deceased; as to delivery of a mortgage of lands in Flintshire to them. Dated 8 May 1703.
Minuted:—“12 May 1703. A warrt for this.”
Also the petition. 2 pages.
May 8. 121. Letter from the Earl of Nottingham to the Lord High Treasurer. He had moved the Queen upon the enclosed paper received from Mr Methuen concerning his employment in Portugal, and his expenses therein. Her Majesty desired his Lordship to consider what should be allowed. Dated 8 May 1703.
Minuted:—“Compute what ambrs have for equipage. What entert[ainment] as ambr would come to for ye time.”
Lower down is:—“The allowces to ambassrs are 1,500li for equipage, & 100li a week for their ordina enterteinmt, accordg to wch there is due to Mr. Methuen—
For equipage - 1,500li
The old enterteinmt of 100l. p[er] week from 18
June 1702 to ye 20th of Aprill last, being
44 weeks (wanting 2 days) -
Enclosed are the petition to Her Majesty, and another to the Ld High Treasurer.
In the Minute Book, Vol. 12, p. 93, 19 May 1703, is:—“Mr Methuens memoriall for allowance as ambassadr to Portugall; with a note of what was allowed to Sr Richd Fanshaw, who was sent thither in the year 1661. Allow him the ordry enterteinmt of an ambassadr, but no equipage, and my Lord to speak wth him abt his other expences.”
Again, p. 94:—“The Queen allows Mr Methuin 10li a day & 700l extra. No equipage.”
p. 116:—“2,000li out of sec. service mo. to be pd to Mr Methwyn for so much by him expended in Portugal by her Mats particular direction.”
p. 143,—4 Nov. 1703:“2,000li to Mr W. Methwyn on 23 instant upon his brothers bill, for so much pd by him by her Mats order in Portugal.” 3 pages.
10 May. 122. Letter signed H. Speke to the Ld. [High Treasurer], complaining that Mr Borritt had not done him right in his report, and asking for a few words with his Lordship. Dated 10 May 1703.
Minuted:—“Read 11 May 1703. The Queen (having had noe part of this money) is noe way concerned to enquire concerning it.” 1 page.
May 10. 123. A state of the account of Mr Wm Hubbald, Paymaster of the late Train of Artillery, fitted out to reduce Ireland in the year 1689; being a copy of the state formerly sent in by him, with his observations thereon. Dated 10 May 1703. Signed “Exr p[er] B. Bridges audm.”
Minuted:—“12 May 1703. Write to ye Duke of Ormond that his Grace will give directions for ye transmitting all ye accots & vouchers yt relate to Mr Hubbalds accot.” 1 page and two or three lines.
May 10. 124. “The Navy Board's report about the interest of tallys delivered to the Navy.” Dated 10 May 1703. 2 pages.
May 10. 125. Letter of Sir Cloudsley Shovell to the Earl of Nottingham, as to the delivery of 2,000l. for contingencies.
Minuted:—“Orderd 12th: out of ye money advd on ye tallys for wear & tare, notwthstandg ye formr direction for applying it to yt use.”
Further acquainting his Lordship, that he did not find in the printed book of treaties of peace and commerce, any other treaties or agreements with the Government of Barbary, than those ratified by Sr Wm Soame with “Argiers,” and Thomas Godwin and Nathl Loddington consuls with Tunis and Tripoli in 1686. Dated 10 May 1703. 1 page.
May 11. 126. Letter of the Comrs of Prizes to Mr Lowndes, sending a presentment from them as to such transport ships as had not delivered the goods, to be laid before the Lord High Treasurer. Dated 11 May 1703.
The presentment mentioned, and an account.
Minuted:—“Read 12 May. My Lord doth not think it reasonable to give any directions in this matter, ye Lord High Admiral having orderd a stop to be made.” 8 pages.
[? About
May 12.]
127. Letter signed “Abr. Man” to the Lord High Treasurer, giving a relation of his connection with the Excise Office in a subordinate capacity; in which office, as he lost his interest, he did not obtain his promotion as he expected: asking for other employment.
Minuted:—“12 May 1703. To be read when ye Comrs of Excise are here.” 1 page.
May 12.]
128. A paper entitled:—“The Countess of Sussex's case.” On the treaty of marriage between the Earl of Sussex (then Lord Dacres) and the Countess, King Charles II. promised to create his Lordship Earl of Sussex, and give him 20,000l. as a marriage portion with the Countess. The Earl was to settle 3,000l. per ann. on the Countess for her jointure, and 600l. per ann. for pin money. [It relates other circumstances arising out of this arrangement.] The portion was not paid, and the Earl was encumbered. The Earl preferred a bill in Parliament and sent to the Countess in France for her consent, but she refused, as it might divest herself and children of their interest in the estate. The Earl increased his debt to near 40,000l. in the absence of the Countess, and to help him she joined in several fines to bar herself of her dower, and about three years before she joined in a fine to take up more money on the estate in Kent. The estate was settled on trustees to discharge the debts and raise 6,000l. apiece for the two daughters and 5,000l. for the Countess, but nothing was done, and the interest would eat up the estate. The Countess prays that when the 20,000l., or part thereof, should be paid, it might go to liquidate the debts on the “early estate,” prior to the provision for the daughters portions, or to provide for the daughters portions.
“Read 12 May 1703.”
[See also two previous entries in the Calendar as to these affairs. Vol. LVIII. 48, and LXXVIII. No. 1.] 2 pages.
May 12. 129. Certificate of the sums due and payable to the Barons of the Court of Exchequer for fees and allowances. Signed:—“S. Godolphin.” Dated 12 May 1703. 1 page.
May 12. 130. Petition of some of the tenants of Kirton Soke, in behalf of themselves and the other tenants, to the Ld High Treasurer, for a time for hearing their case, which seems to have related to the past and present under-stewards.
Minuted:—“12 May 1703. In Micħ's Terme when ye gentlemen are all here.”
With 12 signatures. 1 page.
May 12.]
131. Petition of Mr John Holbech to the Ld High Treasurer, as to his allowance of 50l. per annum, which he had received whilst Doctor Richards and the Ld Edw. Russell were successively Treasurers of the Chamber.
Minuted:—“12 May 1703. My Ld. doth not think fit to allow this.”
Also a letter and a certificate in his favour. Dated 20 April 1703. 3 pages.
May 12.]
132. Case of the English merchants trading to Spain, in regard to recognition of their claims in the Admiralty Court, for their losses on “board the Flota.”
Minuted:—“12 May 1703. The Court is open to receive any proof yt is legal.”
Also the petition of Her Majesty's subjects, the Spanish merchants, praying that proofs might be taken in the High Court of Admiralty, to make out what effects they had on board the “Flota” at Vigo. 3 pages.
May 12.]
133. Petition of Peter Persehouse, Sergeant-at-Arms attending the House of Peers, for his usual allowance of 10s. a day for his disbursements and attendance in the service of the House.
Also a certificate and an affidavit relating thereto.
Minuted:—“12 May 1703. Order'd.” 3 pages.
May 12.]
134. Report of William Vanbrugh, Esq., on the petition of Anne Morris. Her husband, Richard Morris, had done several services by order of the Secretary of State, as a messenger, and Richard Poyke, Clerk of the Cheque, did not produce his account in order that the fraudulent matter therein might not appear.
Referred to Mr Vanburgh 12 May 1703.
Minuted:—“3 Apr. 1704 the 35li 19s to be paid out of arrears.”
Also the petition. 2 pages.
May 13. 135. Representation by the Comrs of Prizes to the Ld High Treasurer, as to the imperfect state of the accounts from Portsmouth; advising that one of their board should go there to perform what was necessary, and should be allowed 40s. a day and 10s. for a clerk. Dated 13 May 1703. 1 page.
May 14. 136. Report of Mr William Borrett to the Ld High Treasurer, upon the office of Coroner and Attorney in the Court of Queen's Bench at Westminster; finding that it was a patent office and wholly in the disposal of Her Majesty. The last patent was for Sir Thomas Fanshaw, Sr Samuel Astry, and William Mathews. One was dead, another eighty, and Sir Samuel Astry very antient and incapable of executing the office. Dated 14 May 1703.
Also the copy of the patent. 2 pages (one brief size).
May 14. 137. Copy of the Queen's advocate and counsel's opinion about the demand of the Flag Officers upon prizes taken by the Queen's ships under their command. Dated 14 May 1703. 1 page.
May 14. 138. A memorandum for the Lord High Treasurer, as to a warrant for the pay of the Earl of Orkney and Major General Ingoldesby. Dated 14 May 1703. 1 page, 4to.
May 15. 139. Ea. of Ranelagh and Mr Blathwayt's Report on the memorial of Mr Thrale relating to the 4 companies at New York. Dated 15 May 1703.
Also the memorial and the answer of John Champante to Mr Thrale's memorial. 5½ pages.
May 17. 140. Petition of some of the Tenants of Kirton Soke in behalf of themselves and other the tenants there, to the Lord High Treasurer, for a short day to be appointed for hearing their case, or that it might be referred to Mr Auditor Shales. Dated 17 May 1703. 1 page.
May 18. 141. Proposal of Abel Slany, citizen and woolen draper of London, for himself and partners, to the Ld High Treasurer, viz. to coin seven hundred tons of copper halfpence and farthings in seven years; paying to Her Majesty a fine of 5,000l and a rent of 1,000l. per ann. Dated 18 May 1703.
Also copy of Votes of the House of Commons in relation to a former coinage on which they had been engaged.
Minuted:—“25 May 1703. My Lord will speak with ye Officers of the Mint when here.” 3 pages.
[? About
May 19.]
142. Letter of K. Hastings widow of Brigadier Hastings, to the Lord [High Treasurer], asking his Lp to prevail with her Majesty to bestow her charity on her, that the unfortunate relict of a man, who had spent his whole life in the service, might not be left to starve, &c. She also asks for payment of a year's sallary due to her husband.
There are divers memoranda at the back, the last is this Minute:—“30 June 1703. A new łre to Mr Blathwt to prepare a warrt for 150li to ye wido of Brigdr Hastings.”
There is also a certificate of the death of the Brigadier. 2½ pages, 4to.
May 19. 143. Letter from Mr Burchell to Mr Lowndes. Orders would be sent to Sir Cloudesley Shovell for the reception on one of the ships of his squadron of Mr Goslin, his clerk, and two servants. Dated 19 May 1703. 1 page, 4to.
May 19. 144. Presentments from the Comrs for Prizes to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the sending of one of their board with the squadron under the command of Sir Cloudesley Shovell. They would appoint a Comr as Agent for Prizes. They had likewise appointed Mr Terrill as Agent for Prizes at Lisbon, and Sir Lambert Blackwell at Leghorn, Genoa, and Porto Venere. Dated 19 May 1703.
Also “An abstract of the Instructions given to Wm Window, Esq., Agent for Prizes to attend the squadron,” &c.
Minuted:—“19 May 1703. Agreed & Mr Goslin will goe, and upon his returne my Lord will consider his service, & give him allowance for himselfe & his clerk. Desire the Prince's counsel to write to Sir Cloudesley Shovel to entertain Mr. Goslyn, his clerk, & 2 servants on board the fleet.” 2¼ pages.
May 19. 145. Letter of the Earl of Nottingham to the Lord High Treasurer, enclosing for his consideration and report the case of Elizabeth Barker, widow, who was daughter of Hugh Peters. Dated 19 May 1703.
The case referred to. Her father was executed for high treason, and she prays for a patent to pass to her for the lands formerly her father's in New England. 2 pages, 4to.
May 20. 146. The opinion of Sir Edw. Northey, viz., that if the grant to Duke of Devonshire in the house near St James's (where the late Duchess of Mazarine lived) were in trust for the Duchess, she being an alien, and that were found by inquisition, her Majesty would be entitled to that trust,” &c. Dated 20 May 1703.
Also “Memoirs concerning the title to the late Duchess of Mazarine's house at St James's.”
Minuted:—“Write to Mr Attor. to make forth his warrt to ye Clerk of the Petty bag for a Comission accordingly.” 3½ pages.
May 20. 147. Memorial from the Comrs for sick and wounded to the Lord High Treasurer, for the issue of money to carry on that service. Dated 20 May 1703.
Minuted:—“25th May 1703. To be brought in when the Comrs of sick and wounded attend.” 2½ pages.
May 20. 148. An Estimate of the charge of the Spanish alliance and expedition Packet Boats for Lixboa for one year. Marked Estimate 1.
Minuted:—“To be read when the Postmars attend.”
Also, “An Estimate of the charge for one year of a Packet boat between Falmo and Lixboa to be of ye burden of 160 tons 35 men and 14 guns.”
Both dated 20 May 1703 and signed E. Dummer. 2 pages.
May 23. 149. Letter signed Geo. Churchill to the Lord [High Treasurer], A rich French East India ship had been sent in by Sir Geo. Rooke, (taken by the Medway,) urging that she should be sent round to the Thames. Dated Portsmouth Dock, 23 May 1703.
Minuted:—“If the Comrs of Prizes thinke it adviseable they are to loose no time in making their application to ye Adty for orders to bring her about.” 1 page.
May 24. 150. The opinion of Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, addressed to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Dame Jane Milbanks and Francis Anderson, and also on the report of the Comrs of Excise thereon, and further on hearing the counsel for the petitioners and for Dr Nicholas Brady, as to a debt of 1572l. 2s. 9d., which remained a charge on Sir Henry Brabant for the arrear of his farm of excise of the counties of Durham and Northumberland, &c., ended in 1668. Dated 24 May 1703.
The petition and report referred to. 11 pages.
May 25. 151. Copy of Mr Wm Lowndes' letter to Mr Twitty on the petition of Samuel Edwin, Esq., Usher of the Receipt of the Exchequer, as to payment for necessaries furnished to Lottery Offices. Dated 25 May 1703. ½ page.
May 25. 152. Letter from Mr Burchett to Mr Lowndes, enclosing for the Lord High Treasurer a memorial from Mr Walters, controller for the rights and perquisites of the Admiralty, in relation to indirect proceedings in carrying on a trade with the enemy. Dated Admiralty Office, 25 May 1703.
The memorial is not now with it. 1 page, quarto.
May 25. 153. Letter from Mr Dummer to the Lord High Treasurer, as to a saving of 4,200l. per ann. that might be effected in the Post Office for the commerce with Lisbon, communicated at the desire of the Post Masters General. Dated 25 May 1703. 1 page.
May 25. 154. Letter from the Earl of Nottingham to the Lord High Treasurer, enclosing an extract of a letter from Sir Cloudesley Shovell relating to the imprest money (2,000l.) for the contingencies of the squadron.
He continues, “The person who discovered Daniel Fooe (for whom a reward of 50l. was promised in the Gazette) sends to me for his mony, but dos not care to appear himself; if therefore your Lo[rdshi]p will order that summe to be paid to Mr Armstrong, I will take care that the person shall have it who discover'd the said Fooe, & upon whose information he was apprehended.” Dated May 25, 1703.
Minuted:—“Read 26th May 1703. 50li out sec. ser. to be pd to Mr Armstrong for apprehending Mr Fooe, and Sr Cloudesley Shovell's extract to be sent to ye Trea[sure]r. of ye Navy.”
There is also a letter from Mr Lowndes forwarding the extract mentioned to the Treasurer of the Navy. 3 pages.
May 27. 155. Proposal of Mr Henry Furnese to the Lord High Treasurer as to the rate at which he would remit 100,000l. Dated 27 May 1703. 1 page.
May 27. 156. Estimate of the Officers of the Board of Works as to repairing and shelling the Mall in St James's Park. Dated 27 May 1703.
Minuted:—“3 June 1703. To be laid before the Queen. Order'd to be don ye cheapest of ye two ways propos'd.” 1 page.
May 27. 157. “An estimate of the charge of fixing the boom at St Johns Harbour in Newfoundland, directed by Her Majtie to be taken care of by this office, as is signified by my Lord Nottingham's letter of the 24th present, according to ye demand of Mr John Roope, recommended by ye Lords Comissioners of Trade by their letter of ye 14th present, as a fit person to undertake the same, and agreed with for doing thereof.” Dated 27 May 1703. 1½ pages.
May 27. 158. Memorial of the Comrs of Prizes to the Lord High Treasurer. They had received a letter from Mr Burchett, enclosing another from Sir Cloudesley Shovell, touching his share of prizes taken by ships of war under his command. They conceived themselves obliged to act on the sentence of the Judge of the Admiralty Court, &c. Dated 27 May 1703.
The copy of the letter mentioned and a duplicate thereof.
Minuted:—“My Lord thinks the Comrs of Prizes are to proceed according to ye Queen's Declaration in this matter.” 7½ pages.
May 28. 159. Letter of Ralph Blackhall to the Lord High Treasurer, in relation to a complaint against him by one Edward Morse, and as to what Mr Castleton had said about him. The writer had been collector of Her Majesty's penny post office, and charged Mr Castleton with mismanagement, and the latter and Mr Darnelly gave him threatening, scurrilous, and opprobrious language, and Mr Castleton threatened he would do his business, &c. Seeks a full hearing. Dated 28 May 1703.
In continuation are the charges against the writer and his replies thereto. 3 pages.
May 28. 160. Letter of the Comrs of Revenue, Ireland, to the Ld High Treasurer, asking for directions whether foreigners in amity with Her Majesty and Her Majesty's subjects of Scotland (who in many respects are esteemed as foreigners) were comprehended in his Lordship's order, which made it compulsory on masters of ships going to Europe to give bond to return to no other ports than therein mentioned, Dated 28 May 1703.
Also the printed form of the bond.
Minuted:—“My Lord thinks it ought not to be extended further than to Her Mats subjects. A l~re from my Lord to that purpose, but if they think it necess. to extend ye order further, to obteyne ye end designed by ye counsel, they must represent it.” 2 pages.
May 28. 161. A brief state of the account of Sir Thomas Cuddon, Knt., deceased, late Recr General for the sixth year's duty on houses ended at Lady-day 1702 in London, Westminster, and Middlesex.
Similar brief state of the 3s. aid 1701., the capitation 1697, and duties on marriages, 1702.
Examined by auditors 28 May 1703.
Also an account of what wards, parishes, and divisions are in arrear upon the 4th iijs aid.” 7 pages.
May 28. 162. Letter of Mr Wm Popple to William Lowndes, Esq., as to clothing to be sent customs free to the “company” at Newfoundland. Dated 28 May 1703. 1 page, 4to.
May 29. 163. Report of Mr S. Travers, Surveyor General, to the Lord High Treasurer. He had considered the letter from the collectors of the land tax at Hampton Court, and found that Mr Young for divers years was assessed for the house park at Hampton Court, to the value of 65l. per ann., and for the meadows adjoining 115l. He took the premises to be in the Queen's possession, being chiefly used for a stud or breeding of horses, and it seemed to him that Her Majesty was liable to pay the tax for the same, as she did for her other demesne lands and rents. Dated 29 May 1703.
Minuted:—“45 16 3 to be pd. out of secret service. Paid to the collrs 45 16 3 on 5th Aug. 1703.” 2 pages.
May 29. 164. Letter of the Comrs of Prizes to Mr Lowndes. They had proceeded with all the despatch that was possible in the sale of prizes, and to pay the captors their shares, as soon as the accounts of the several ships could be made up.
They sent a particular, which showed the sums and the reasons they were not paid; the officers of the outports had contributed to the delays. The great sum was on the sale of the Vigo goods, which had been very lately paid. They were of opinion that 30,000l. might forthwith be paid to the captors. They prayed that they might have a list from the Navy Board, by which the payments should be made, according to Her Majesty's declaration. Dated 29 May 1703.
Also the particular above referred to.
Minuted:—“Send an extract to ye Comrs of the Navy and direct them to returne lists p~ut, &c.” 3½ pages.
May 31. 165. The opinion of Sir Simon Harcourt, Solicitor General, as to how the admiral should make it appear that prizes were taken under his flag, so as to entitle him to his share, and to justify the Comrs of Prizes in paying him, viz., that the Comrs would be sufficiently justified by the certificate of the council of the Lord Admiral in paying the eighth part to Sir Cloudesley Shovell. Dated 31 May 1703.
Minuted:—“2 June 1703. If any flagg officer thinks himself aggreived by Her Mats declarac[i]on concerning the distribution of prizes, he must apply to Her Maty in Councill.” 1 page.
May 31. 166. Letter from the Comrs of Revenue, Ireland, to the Lord [High Treasurer] as to the fall in the revenues of Ireland, which his lordship had taken notice of, was occasioned by frauds and clandestine practices between the merchants and subordinate officers of the revenues, as well as for want of due control. They attribute the fall to the influence of the war, the expiration of duties, and the great deadness of trade. Dated 31 May 1703.
Two or three documents which should have accompanied are not now with it. 2 pages (ink-stained)
May 31. 167. Report of the Post Masters General to the Lord High Treasurer on a complaint made by Edward Morse against Francis Golling and Ralph Blackhall, late collectors in the Penny Post Office. The complainant could not in any respect make good his charge. Dated 31 May 1703.
Enclosing two papers. 3¼ pages.
May 31. 168. Report of the same to the same, on the account of Mr Ralph Blackhall, collector of the Penny Post Office. Dated 31 May 1703.
Annexed is a paper on the same subject and a list of errors in the account.
Minuted:—“Read 1 June 1703. My Lord having read this report and Mr Blackhall's paper, doth think that Sir Robert C. & Sir Th. Franckland are the proper persons to examine & allow or disallow any articles in his accot, & direct him to give them his answer to ye particular excepc[i]ons by the 8th instant.” 4 pages.
May. 169. Docquet for a warrant in favour of Thomas Hewet, Esq., Surveyor General of Woods north of Trent, for payment of verderers, &c. in lieu of fee-trees usually paid to them by sale of woods. Dated May 1703. 1 page.


  • 1. [This Mr. Frederick gave the name to Frederick Place, Old Jewry. See Cunningham's Hand-book of London, edit 1850, p. 191.]