Volume 88: December 1-30, 1703

Pages 211-224

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 3, 1702-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1874.

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December 1–30, 1703

Dec. 1. 1. “Copy of a paper sent by officers of ye works abt the damage done by ye late high winds, &c.” Dated 1 Dec. 1703. ½ page.
Dec. 1. 2. Letter signed R. Holt to Gregory King, Esq., Secretary to the Comrs for the Public Accounts, as to certain tallies. Dated Custom House, 1 Dec. 1703. ½ page.
Dec. 3. 3. Petition of John Ford to Lord Godolphin, Treasurer of England. Some time after the discovery of the conspiracy to assassinate the late King William, the petitioner being informed that one Captn Joseph Saunders had been hired by several disaffected persons to convey Cardwell Goodman, one of the conspirators, Colll Ingram and Wm Obrian into France; on the said Saunders' return, caused him to be seized, and at great trouble and charge prevailed on him to make a full discovery of many very material things for the service of the then King and Government, to the great satisfaction of the Principal Secretary of State, to whom it also appeared, upon his examination, that the said Saunders had been a great agent for the French smugglers, as well as for the “Owlers.” The said Saunders gave information respecting divers smugglers, upon which many of them fearing he would appear against them, caused him to be arrested for a fine imposed upon him for importing French silks; the petitioner knowing it would be a prejudice to the Government to lose the services of Saunders, borrowed the money (150l.) to pay off the execution, and the petitioner was then arrested for the sum borrowed; praying the money might be paid out of the Exchequer. Undated, but 3 Dec. 1703. See Reference Book, Vol. VII. p. 80.
Minuted thus:—“Ref. to Mr Baker.” 1 page.
Dec. 3. 4. A state of the accompts relating to ye Revenue of Excise. Dated 3 Dec. 1703. 1 page.
Dec. 4. 5. Warrant of the Lord High Treasurer, directing the Surveyor General to make forth a constat, or send to Mr Auditor for a particular of certain premises referred to in an accompanying report, to pass a lease for 99 years to James Duke of Ormond, in accordance with the accompanying report of the Surveyor. The premises, by the report referred to, appear to have been situated at Richmond. Dated 4 Dec. 1703.
The surveyor was then proceeding in a general survey of the whole manor of Richmond.
Minuted:—“Prepare a S.M. to authorize my Lord Tr. to make the lease desired wthout fine.” 3 pages.
Dec. 4. 6. “An estimate of wt customes, &c. are due to her Majty from ye old & new East Inda Compys.” Dated 4 Dec. 1703. 1 page.
Dec. 6. 7. Letter from Mr Edwd Wilcox to the Lord High Treasurer. He had received letters from the New Forest giving an account of the great damage done there by the late storm, as well in the blowing down many trees as ruining the lodges, and in particular that of Bolderwood Walk, of which the Honble Mr Smith was master keeper. Asks for issue of a warrant to deliver to the Purveyor of the Navy above 1,000 trees fit for the navy, and to sell the rest. that they might not be stolen, for upon this occasion the country people were very busy. Many hundred trees had been blown down in the Forest of Dean which might be sold upon the issue of a warrant, &c. There was great damage done in several parks and forests, the walls and pales being blown down, which he had ordered to be temporarily shored up, to keep the deer in, till an estimate could be made for a thorough repair of the same. Asks for directions. Dated 6 Dec. 1703.
Minuted:—“Let him report & mark what is fitt for ye Navy. Prepare a S.M. to deliver the same by indenture. Prepare a warrt for him to make a survey of all the timber blowne downe, and to secure & sell the same (not being fitt for shipping) for her Mats use, & to make an estimate of all necessary repaires.” 1 page.
Dec. 6. 8. Letter from Mr Charles Bertie to the Lord [High Treasurer?] as to his final account of the ordnance, which he was anxious to have passed by the auditors. Dated 6 Dec. 1703.
Also certificate of Christopher Musgrave, Clerk of the Ordnance, in relation to the same. 3 pages.
Dec. 6. 9. Report of Mr Edwd Wilcox upon a memorial annexed from the Comrs of the Navy, representing the great advantage it would be if liberty could be had to cut heath and furze in the New Forest, for “breeming” her Majesty's ships at Portsmouth. He had well considered the matter, but lest any clamours might afterwards arise, had consulted the keepers of the respective walks, as also some of the regarders living on that side the forest, who all joined in opinion that furze and heath might very well be spared out of the said walks to supply her Majesty's dockyard at Portsmouth, without any prejudice to the vert and venison; provided those persons who should be appointed by his Lordship's warrant to cut it might be directed by the keepers. If he was not misinformed the persons who then sold most to the dock cut it in the forest. Dated 6 Dec. 1703.
The memorial referred to, and two other papers.
Minuted:—“Prepare a warrt fro ye Queen that such person as shalbe appted by the C. of Navy shall have the liberty with restrictions prout the report.” 4 pages or parts.
Dec. 7. 10. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer, upon the petition of Mr Stephen Coven, late Collector of Excise for Exeter, as to the robbery of the mail, when certain Exchequer bills were transmitted, recommending an allowance to the petitioner. Dated 7 Dec. 1703.
Minuted:—“Agreed to.”
The petition, a list of Exchequer bills, and a certificate. 3 pages and a few lines.
Dec. 7. 11. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Ld High Treasurer upon a letter from William Lawrence to the Duchess of Marlborough, wherein he proposed to gain several thousands of pounds annually, in collecting the duties on marriages, &c., if a few additional clauses were added to the Act. They could form no judgment, not having seen the clauses, but nothing would be of use unless there was more strictness in carrying out the Act. Dated 7 Dec. 1703.
Minuted:—“18 Jan. 1703. My Lord dos not think this a proper time to press severe clauses.” 1 page.
Dec. 8. 12. “A particular of all remittances made on accot of the 40/m men, sheweth the time when, by whose bills, at what rate, and the loss of exchange occasioned thereby.” “A particular of all remittances made on accot of the troops of augmentac[i]on; showing the time when, by whose bills, at what rate, and the loss of Exch. occasioned thereby.” Signed “Cha. Fox.”
From the docquet it appears to be to the 8th of Dec. 1703. 2 pages.
Dec. 8. 13. Report of the Attorney General on a proviso in a warrant to prevent stock jobbing, and the amendments thereof proposed by Lord Fairfax. His opinion was the clause had better be omitted than amended. Dated 8 Dec. 1703.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” 1 page.
Dec. 8. 14. Letter from the Comrs of Revenue, Dublin, to the Ld High Treasurer, sending a view of the gross produce of Her Majesty's revenue of Ireland, in the quarter ended 29 Sept. last, compared with the same in that quarter of the previous year. Dated 8 Dec. 1703.
The paper referred to not now with it. ½ page.
Dec. 9. 15. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Thomas Seyliard, Gent., late Receiver General in the county of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely, for the duties on houses, marriages, &c.; as to an over payment on one part of the duties being applied to pay the other duties. Dated 9 Dec. 1703.
The petition and a certificate. 3½ pages.
Dec. 9. 16. Report of Mr William Blathwayt, on the petition of Captain Gardiner, in behalf of the regiments of Col. Handasyd and Col. Livesay, in Jamaica, viz., as to their clearings and musters. Dated 9 Dec. 1703. 4 pages.
Dec. 10. 17. “A state of the pay of the regiments of foot, late Brigadr Colenbine's, now Colo Rivers's, Lieutt Generall Erles, Brigadr Gustavus Hamilton's, Lord Donnegall's, and Charlemont's, to the 24th of Decr 1703 incl., according to the establishmt, no muster rolls being as yet return'd for the said regimts.” Dated 10 Dec. 1703. 1 page.
Dec 11. 18. Letter from the Comrs for sick and wounded to the Secretary of the Admiralty, as to an English prisoner brought from France, presumed to have been taken in a merchant ship; praying directions from his Royal Highness as to merchant seamen brought from France and unable to travel to their dwellings. Dated 11 Dec. 1703.
Accompanied by copy of a letter from the mayor and bailiffs of Weymouth, as to this case.
Minuted:—“15 X~ber 1703. To be read wn D. Marlborough is here.” 2 pages.
Dec. 11. 19. Letter signed C. Hedges to the Lord High Treasurer, sending an extract of a letter from Sir George Rooke, relating to credit to the agent of transports in Holland, for refitting transport ships designed for the Portugal expedition, which suffered in the late great storm. Dated 11 Dec. 1703.
Also the extract. 2 pages, quarto.
Dec. 13. 20. Letter from Mr Wm Blathwayt to Mr Lowndes, enclosing three papers, (1) about two regiments in Jamaica, (2) about an information of a prize taken in the West Indies, and (3) about a discovery of lands in the province of Maryland; to be laid before the Lord High Treasurer. Dated 13 Dec. 1703.
The papers not now with it. 1 page, quarto.
Dec. 14. 21. “An accot of what has been paid by ye Earle of Ranelagh on accot of contingencies of ye guards & guarrisons for ye year 1702; as also what is more charged on that head which remaines yet unsattisfyed.” Dated 14 Dec. 1703. 2 pages.
Dec. 14.]
22. Petition of Henry Wolstenholme, younger son of Sir Thomas Wolstenholme, Bart., deceased, to the Ld High Treasurer, as to certain sureties accepted by him when Receiver of duties from the English plantations, who had become insolvent; praying to be heard by counsel, and for proceedings to be stayed.
Also, copy of a previous petition and another paper.
Minuted:—“14 Dec. 1703. My Ld will speak wth ye Comrs Customes next time they come.” Again:—“Read 20th Xbr 1703. Mr Attor. saies if he used his best endeavour, and the suretys afterwds became insufficient, the verdict wilbe for him; but Mr Bridges saies the suretys were insufficient at ye time, & ye Comrs say he took diverse insufficient securitys.” 3 pages.
Dec. 14. 23. Report of Mr Edw. Wilcox to the Lord High Treasurer. The petition of the keepers of the Forest of Dean, in the county of Gloucester (praying payment to them of 385l. due to them at Midsummer for preserving the young wood and repairing the fences), was true. Trees had been cut in accordance with a warrant to pay for salaries, and the sums realized paid into the Exchequer, recommending allowance to the keepers. Dated 14 Dec. 1703.
Also the petition.
Minuted:—“Let Mr Tilson see if ye money be in ye Excheqr, & whether issud to any other use. However, wood is to be cutt for ye paying of all yt is now due to them.”
Then follows a report of Mr Tilson as to the money from the same sales. 2 pages and 2 quarters.
Dec. 14. 24. Letter of the Comrs of Prizes to Mr Lowndes on the affairs of their office. Dated 14 Dec. 1703.
Also extract of a letter from Mr John Colman, agent for prizes in New England, as to his Majesty's share of prizes. 2 pages.
Dec. 15. 25. Letter from Captn Ed. Harris to the Ld High Treasurer, asking him to move her Majesty for the continuance of her bounty. There are two or three minutes on the dorse, the first is on 23 Dec. 1703, and the last “1 Feb. 1703. He must be contented wth his penc[i]on on Mr How's establishmt.” Dated 15 Dec. 1703. 1 page.
Dec. 15. 26. “The cofferer's memoriall.” A paper thus docquetted applying for the issue of 8,648l. 14s.d. Signed “Ben. Bathurst.” Dated 15 Dec. 1703.
Another paper containing the separate items. 2 pages.
Dec. 15. 27. Report of the Officers of Works on the petition of Charles Hopson, joiner. There was due to him 10,587l. 17s.d. Dated 15 Dec. 1703. 1 page.
Dec. 16. 28. Letter from the Commissioners of the Navy to Mr Lowndes, upon the petition of Sir Edward Deering, enclosing a report made by the Navy Board on 10 Dec. 1680, concerning his claims [for naval stores supplied], not being able to give any other account of the matter. Dated 16 Dec. 1703.
The report and other papers relating thereto.
Minuted:—“2 Feb. 1703. My Lord can do nothing in this.” 10 pages and 3 halves.
Dec. 17. 29. Memorial of the two East India Companies as to the valuation of unrated goods imported by them, signed by the two secretaries. Dated 17 Dec. 1703.
Also divers other papers on the same subject. 15 pages.
Dec. 17.]
30. Petition of the Lady Mary Kirke for herself and son, Percy Kirke, Esq., housekeeper of the palace of Whitehall, praying the allowance of 100l. a year to Robert Bedoe, under housekeeper at Whitehall, for cleansing the streets before the palace twice a week.
Minuted:—“100l a year from Micħas 1703, out of the office of ye works, but the officers of ye works are to take care that this be duly performed, and to stop the payment when it is not.”
Undated, but see King's Warrant Book, Vol. 15, p. 135, where is the warrant for payment. 1 page.
Dec. 17. 31. Memorial of the Commissioners of the Revenue of Ireland to the Lord High Treasurer, relating to the accounts and other papers of the forfeitures delivered to them by the late trustees. The arrears of rent due from forfeited estates amounted to upwards of 51,000l., and they relate their difficulties in obtaining the same, and carrying out their other duties. Dated Custom House, Dublin, 17 Dec. 1703. 3½ pages.
Dec. 18. 32. Report of the Officers of Works to the Lord [High Treasurer], on the petition of Richard Stacey, master bricklayer to her Majesty, as to what there was due to him for work at Kensington, Hampton Court, and elsewhere. The debt amounted to 6,481l. 0s. 11½d. Dated 18 Dec. 1703.
Minuted:—“7 July 1703. There is no mony at present for arrears.”
Also the petition. 2 pages.
Dec. 18. 33. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer, as to superseding Mr Francis Bromfeild, one of the receivers for the county of Sussex; recommending that his commission for the land tax and subsidies should also be superseded, and that Anthony Springett, the other receiver, should be appointed. Dated 18 Dec. 1703. 1 page.
Dec. 20. 34. Report of Edward Wilcox to the Lord High Treasurer, as to what timber or money by sale of decayed trees within the forests of Wittlewood and Saulsey might be had, to enable her Majesty to make a grant to the borough of Warwick, to finish the church of St Mary and for relief of distressed sufferers. He certifies that there is no timber or decayed trees that can be spared in Saulsey Forest. There was already a warrant for raising 225l. in Whittlewood Forest for the inhabitants of the parish of All Saints in Oxford, towards rebuilding their church; 400l. more might be raised without prejudice to the forest. Dated 20 December 1703.
Letter from Mr Lowndes on which the report is made. 2 pages.
Dec. 21. 35. Report of Mr S. Travers, Surveyor General, and Anthony Parsons, auditor, on the petition of the poor people inhabiting within the alms-houses belonging to the parish of St Benedict's, Glaston (co. Somerset). They found that the alms-houses were the Queen's, that the petitioners had a pension of 37l. per ann. paid them by the Receiver General for their support, and that the houses were repaired by the crown in 1620, and again about 1693, when the charge came to 150l., which was directed to be paid out of the revenues of the Duchy of Cornwal. It would now require about 75l. to put the roofs and timber work in necessary repair. Dated 21 Dec. 1703.
The petition and two certificates signed by the parish officers and inhabitants. 4 pages.
Dec. 21. 36. Report of the Comrs of Prizes to Mr Lowndes, on the petition of the wives of the company of seamen of H.M. ship Lyme, as to claims made by them to prize money. Dated 21 Dec. 1703.
The petition and another paper relating thereto. 5 pages.
Dec. 22. 37. Extracts from a minister's account of the 24th year of King Charles II., with a certificate at the foot by Henry Shales, auditor, that the sum of 4l. 14s. 1d. was not a rent charge on any particular person, but was part of an ipsum on the bailiff, and had been by mistake yearly charged and carried on in the receiver's accounts from 1674 to 1698. Dated 22 Dec. 1703. 1 page.
[? About
Dec. 23.]
38. Memorial of Henry Lord Herbert, executor of his father Sir Henry Herbert, Knt, to the Lord High Treasurer, asking for payment of an arrear of 1,328l. 3s. due to his father, Sir Henry Herbert, Knt, master of the revels, whose accounts were stated and declared July 8, 1673.
Minuted:—“23 Dec. 1703. My Ld should be glad to oblige my Ld Herbert, but cannot create a precedt of paying arrears so remote.” 1 page.
[? About
Dec. 23.]
39. Petition of the Provost and Fellows of Eton College for an arrear of 73l. 10s. due from King William upon their perpetuity.
Minuted:—“23 Dec. 1703. To be paid out of arrears.” 1 page.
[? About
Dec. 23.]
40. Petition of John Peters to the Queen. When first clerk in the office of Guy Palmes, Esq., one of the Tellers of the Exchequer, he was a great loser by the re-coinage, and had made several applications to the Treasury, upon which he was encouraged to hope if he could find out something disposable by his Majesty he was inclined to recompense him. In August 1701 he had proposed some concealed estates to the Comrs of the Treasury which were reported on. He had liberty to proceed against the Lady Carteret for the recovery of the manors of Epworth, Stapleford Abbots, &c., by advice of the Attorney General, to try the Queen's title, in order to obtain a grant of the same manors in compensation for his losses; since which the Attorney Genl had orders not to proceed, and a bill was to be introduced to the House of Commons as to the lands, &c. He had been in confinement 2½ years; prays relief.
Minuted:—“23 Dec. 1703. My Ld. can give no order whilst ye bill depends, but he thinks he ought to apply to ye Comtee for a considerac[i]on for his discovery.” 1 page.
[Dec. 23.] 41. A state of the accot of Robert Lucy, Esq., receiver of the temporalties of the Bishopric of St Davids'.
Minuted:—“23 Dec. 1703. He must pay ye ballance of his accot into ye Excheqr, or else process to issue.” 3 pages.
Dec. 23.]
42. Petition of John Crowne, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer. His wants are more than he is able to bear, and his debts more than he is able to pay; prays relief.
Minuted:—“23 Dec. 1703. To have 50li paid.” 1 page, quarto.
Dec. 23. 43. Report of Mr Edwd Wilcox to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the allowance for watering the roads of the Ring in Hyde Park for the summer of 1703. Dated 23 Dec. 1703.
Minuted:—“3 Feb. 1703. To be paid as usual.”
The petition and a list of the persons whose carts were employed, with their signatures. 3 pages.
[? About
Dec. 23.]
44. Petition of Anthony Rowe to the Lord High Treasurer, asking for an allowance of 592l. 4s. for keeping the fowls in St. James' Park.
Minuted:—“23 Dec. 1703. To be laid before ye Queen.”
Also two accounts of money laid out on and about the island in St James's Park, and a letter from Sir J. Stanley on the same subject. 4 pages.
Dec. 24. 45. “A computation of the charge of the forces for Portugall according to the establishment to the 24th of December 1703.” 1½ pages.
Dec. 24. 46. “A computation of the ordinary pay of the 20,000 men augmentation between England & Holland, from the respective times of their entering into pay to the 24th of December 1703.” 1 page.
Dec. 24. 47. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord [High Treasurer], as to an increase of salary to the land surveyors in the port of London, enclosing a report of four days earlier date in their favour, in which they state their belief that the duties were injurious and hazardous to their health, more in proportion having been sickly and died in that office than in any other. Dated 24 Dec. 1703.
Their petition is also enclosed.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” 3 pages.
Dec. 25. 48. Regulation of the subsistence for the forces in Holland from the 25th of December 1703. 4 pages.
Dec. 25. 49. An establishment of the six Marine regiments commencing 25 Dec. 1703. 2½ pages.
Dec. 25. 50. An accot of the ordinary and extraordinary expense of her Majesty's household and stables, payable by the cofferer for one quarter ended at Christmas last, 1703. 1 page.
Dec. 25. 51. Memorial of Mons. Giraudeau to the Lord [High Treasurer], for sums due in the Treasurer of the Chambers' office, “for a quarter on the established allowance of wages.” 1 page.
Dec. 30. 52. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer, on an extract from a representation made by the Comrs for Trade and Plantations, relating to a private trade carried on in the plantations contrary to Act of Parliament. Whilst we abstained from private correspondence and commerce with the Spanish nation, the Dutch contrived by all ways and means to engage the Spaniards to a commerce with them, and for the better ingratiating themselves with that people, had called in their privateers and enjoined a free and open trade with the Spaniards, far greater than ever. The Comrs asked that her Majesty might be moved to represent the same to the States General for their direction. Also as to commodities carried to the Dutch to be vended by them to the Spaniards. And the like inconveniences happen between her Majesty's plantations and the Danish colony at St Thomas's, &c. Dated 30 Dec. 1703.
The extract referred to. 3½ pages.
Jan. 7.
Dec. 30.
53. A parcel of letters signed by the Comrs of the Navy addressed to Mr Lowndes or the Treasurer of the Navy on naval business. [In all probability entered in the navy letter books.] Between 7 Jan. 1702–3 and 30 Dec. 1703.
54. A monthly account of the fees to the officers of the Treasury for the year 1703. 35 pages and parts of pages.
The following Undated Papers are supposed to be of the Year 1703:—
55. Petition of Joseph Paice, Charles Lodowick of London, merchant, and John Champante, Esq. They had supplied John Nanfan, Esq., then Lieut.-Governor of New York, with 1,260l., for subsisting the forces; praying payment of their bills. Undated, but after 1702.
A particular account of the bills drawn. 2 pages.
56. “Queries relating to Mr Nicholas his establishment.” The paper consists apparently of a list of persons to whom the royal bounty was paid, with some notes as to what had become of them, &c. 2 pages, quarto.
57. Petition of Thomas Browne addressed to the Ld High Treasurer. He was huntsman to King Charles II. on the Restoration, until sent to Holland with 20 couples of hounds and six horses to the Prince of Orange, who kept him in his service till about two years before his death, when he pensioned the petitioner (being 70 years old) with 50l. per annum out of the privy purse. The pension was stopped and the petitioner was very distressed, having a wife and seven children; praying his Lordship to represent his case favourably to the Queen. No date. 1 page.
58. Memorial of the Controllers of the accounts of the army, whose patent had been renewed; praying her Majesty to bear the charge. [There were fresh appointments of Controllers of the Army on 26 April 1703. See Minute Book, Vol. XII. p. 77.] 5 lines.
59. A general abstract of the regiments of the Earl of Donnegal, Lord Charlemont, Lieut.-Genl Erle, and Brigadier Gustavus Hamilton, shewing the totals of pay, &c. [Howe then paymaster.] 1 broad sheet.
60. Petition of the masters of ships using the coal trade between Newcastle and London, whose bonds and securities were forfeited by being forced over sea by danger of privateers or distress of weather; some in the late dreadful hurricane, others in violent storms before or since; praying that the customs might be paid in, and the petitioners' bonds discharged.
This was referred to the Comrs of Customs to report on.
The hurricane referred to was on 26 Nov. 1703. 1 page.
[? About
1703 or
61. Petition of Henry Newton, LL.D., Advocate General to his Royal Highness Prince George of Denmark, Lord High Admiral of England, &c., praying to be put into the establishment as one of the Advocates for Prizes (having been for several years Advocate General to the Admiralty), as he found he was left out, contrary to constant usage and right, whereby too he was rendered unable to act for her Majesty, and by being advocate to the Lord High Admiral was thereby incapable of being retained in that court in causes for claimants against her Majesty. Undated, but after the declaration of war.
Minuted:—“My Lord will speak with Comrs of Prizes to-morr. morning.” 2 pages.
62. “Comptrs for ye affaires of the forces, proposall for an establishmt,” shewing what their duties would be, and how the expenses of the office were estimated. Messrs How, Fox, and Whitfield were paymasters. 1 page.
63. “An accot of what has been reced by the Earle of Ranelagh on accot of the 40,000 men acting in conjunction with her Maties allies, in part of 700,000l. given towards the charge of the year ending the 24th of Decr 1702, and how the same has been by him remitted to Mr Benjn Sweet, his deputy in Holland, or paid on accot of the said forces here in England.” 3 pages.
64. “A view of the grosse produce of her Majesties revenue in Ireland on the two quarters ended at Lady-day.” Also for the two following quarters, viz., to Michaelmas. Signed “W. Burgh, accomptt genl.” 2 pages.
65. Form of a circular requiring officers of the ordnance to produce a true account of ordnance stores, &c. 2¼ pages.
66. Several papers or drafts relating to the affairs of the Comrs of Accounts. 18 pages or parts of pages.
67. Petition of the Lady Letitia Russell, widow and executrix of the late Lord Robert Russell, deceased, late Clerk of the Pipe, the secondaries and sworn clerks there, John Potenger, Esq., Controller of the Pipe, and Henry Ballow and John Smith, Deputy Chamberlains in the Exchequer, to the Lord High Treasurer, for a warrant for payment of their fees to Midsummer, 1703. 1 page.
68. Memorial of Charles, Lord Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt, to the Lord High Treasurer, for a warrant to alter a tally. 1 page.
69. “1703. Money and bonds in ye hands of ye Collrs of the Out Ports Customs.” 1 page.
70. “Liste of the severall sommes charged payables upon the rent of the Royall Oake lottery.”
Docquetted:—“List of the late Lottery penc[i]oners.”
It shows the services for which the pensions were granted. 1 page (brief size).
Also another paper, containing “Pensions payables by the Farmers of the Royal Oake Lottery.” Perhaps a little later. 1 page, quarto.
71. Two papers containing (1) sums “due in the Treasurer of the Chamber's office on warrts signed by the Lord Chamberlain, for service performed since the 8th of March 1701;” (2) “to clear what is due in the Treãrer of the Chambers to Lady-day last, 1703.”
This last minuted:—“Lett Mr Tailer examine all these ar[tic]les and make his observac[i]ons.” 2 pages.
72. “An abstract of the several Acts for licensing hawkers and pedlars, for a further provision of interest for the transport debts.” Printed by the Queen's printers, 1703. 1 large page.
73. Petition of George Murray and Allin Garrard, prisoners in Wood Street Compter, to the Lord High Treasurer. The petitioners had been nearly three years confined at her Majesty's suit. They prayed to be allowed to compound being defaulters, apparently to the Excise. 1 page.
74. Draft of an order to prepare a bill for the royal signature, containing an indenture, whereof one part was to be executed by Thomas Frederick, of the city of London, Esq., and the other part was to pass under the Great Seal, in the form therein given, relating to the lease of messuages in the parish of St Olave, Old Jury, London, in which premises was intended to be kept the Office of Excise. 7 pages (brief size).
75. Abstract of papers to be laid before the Queen, relating to the following persons and things, viz.: the Duke of St Albans, Col. Philip Howard, Dame Susanna Meredith, the officers of the Chapels Royal at Whitehall and St. James', Officers of the Works, Principal Officers of the Ordnance, encroachments in St James' Park, Mr Wise's memorial, Col. Seymour as to plate for the Chapel at Maryland, and Mary the widow of Col. Dimock. With minutes against them. 2 pages.
76. Proposal made by some person whose name does not appear, to procure for the Government 50,000l. before Michaelmas, out of estates forfeited since 13 Feb. 1688, which were then possessed by several persons in Ireland, without colour of law or equity, provided some person of interest would procure the Queen's commission, with a letter at the foot signed Wm Killigrew to the Lord High Treasurer, offering to bring “the party” to put it in hand if the proposal was fit to be done, and he would be rewarded.
Minuted:—“[M]ake his proposic[i]on in writing.” 1 page.
77. Memoranda as to sums due to clear the civil and military lists, &c., referring also to three papers not now with this paper. 1½ pages.
78. An estimate of the expense for sea service for the year 1703. 1½ pages.
79. Extract from a letter from Mr Lowndes to the Lord High Treasurer, dated 27 Aug. 1703, and a report from the Controllers of the affairs of the forces, as to the invalids on the establishment of Chelsea Hospital, accompanied by a list of the names of the men, their ages, and years of service, with a note against most of them that they were wounded, &c. 17 pages.
80. State of the debt of the four regiments lately in the West Indies. The regiments were Lord Donegal's, Lord Charlemont's, Brigadier Gustavus Hamilton's, and Lieut.-General Earle's. 2 large pages.
81. A paper docquetted:—“The grants for 1703,” for army, navy, ordnance, &c. 2 pages.
82. Petition of Michael Studholme, Esq., Keeper of Her Majesty's Private Roads, to the Queen. Mr Andrew Lawrence in the reign of King Charles II. obtained a patent for an office of Surveyor General of his Majesty's Roads, and having been guilty of many indirect practices and oppressions, as was found by inquisition in April 1690, his office was forfeited and granted to the petitioner, to whom there was then due 2,236l. 5s. 2d. Since the late King's death, Lawrence and one Parry had made application for the employment; prays to be continued.
Also another statement of his case. 2 pages.
83. Petition of Col. Colepeper to the Lord High Treasurer, showing that there remained due to the crown on Major Clerke's account for the hearth money 1,000l., that Sir Ph. Warwick bequeathed the manor of Frognall and his lands in Chiselhurst, Foots Cray, and Paulins Cray, in Kent, to his nephew, Henry Clerke, eldest son of Major Clerke, the King's debtor, who also inherited divers lands at Endford in Wiltshire charged with the debt; that Ph. Warwick [son of Sir Philip], petitioner's brother [in law], gave all his estate to his cousin, Eliz. Clerke (afterwards Graswick), daughter to Major Clerke, the King's debtor, with certain conditions. The said Ph. Warwick gave the use of 6,000l. which was extorted from the petitioner upon a corrupt and usurious bargain, to receive 2,500l. a year for the use of the 6,000l., and was thereby forfeited to the petitioner, and considering he (i.e. Ph. Warwick) had several debts to pay, contracted before and since he was Envoy Extraordinary from King Charles II. to the King of Sweden, and about 3,000l. being due to him from King Charles, he desired that sum should go to pay his debt, and the surplus, if any, he left to Mrs. Grasswick during her life, so that she was only a legatee and executrix in trust for the Countess of Holderness [petitioner's sister]. Elizabeth Graswick, under pretence of the will, had seised on the testator's real and personal estate in England and Sweden, to the value of much more than 1,000l., which the testator gave her, whereby her estate in the testator's estate determined. The Countess of Holderness [petitioner's sister] being dead, had left the petitioner her executor, from whom the said Elizabeth Graswick had extorted the 6,000l.; and now she had sold divers lands, subject to the King's debt of 1,000l. due from Major Clerke, and endeavoured to recover 3,000l. then in the Queen's hands, to which she had no title, being only executrix in trust for the petitioner, whereby he would be disabled from paying the money he owed the Queen; prays that no part of the 3,000l. in the Queen's hands might be paid to the said Graswick, but that it might be employed to pay the 1,000l. due from Major Clerke, and also from the petitioner, and that extents in aid might speedily issue to levy the 18,000l. and other moneys due to the petitioner, to enable him to pay the debts to the Queen.
Another petition from him to the Queen, in which he says he owed the crown for rent for the customs, &c. many thousand pounds, which he could not pay until divers persons who owed him 157,000l. paid him; he had discovered that the amount was in the Queen's hands, pretended to be lent to her, &c.; prays that it might be sequestered, &c. On the dorse is: “ye petr is mad.” 2½ pages.
84. “Addl list of countys to be paid by Mr Nicholas.”
The most recent is from Midsummer, 1703. 7 pages.
85. Memoranda as to the Controller of Customs' accounts for Bristol. 3 pages.
86. Articles of Mr Foxe's memorial, with minutes in the margin. [Paymasters' affairs.] Date uncertain. 2 pages, torn.
87. Observations upon the general account of moneys given by the Parliament, and issued for the 10,000 men sent to the assistance of the States General in the year 1701, and for the 40,000 men that acted in conjunction with the troops of the allies the year following. The paper seems to have been drawn out in the year 1703, as at the end it speaks of the present year 1703. 4 pages.
88. “Abstract of ye charge of ye hospitalls in Holland, &c. for ye yeare 1703.” 1 page, quarto.
89. A paper relating to a grant of a lease to be made to Sir Salathiel Lovell, Knt, of property lately belonging to Joseph Horton attainted of high treason, called Cotton Abbots, alias Cotton Hooke, in the parish of Chistleton, in the co. of Chester and in the county of the city of Chester.
In the Minute Book, Vol. XII. p. 55, is some mention of this estate in connection with Sir Salathiel Lovell. 2¼ pages.