Volume 191: July 2-August 31, 1715

Pages 119-134

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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July 2–August 31, 1715

2 July. 1. James Stanhope to the Rt Honble the Earl of Carlisle, as to the case of Francis Manning, Esq., the late Secretary to the Republic of the Grisons. Has been informed that a stop has been put in the Treasury to the payment of Mr Manning's arrears, on the pretence that he did not return as soon as he was recalled. Is convinced, after examining into the reasons of his stay, that he could not have returned sooner than he did. Hopes that his Lordship will see fit to pay him to the time of his return home. Whitehall, 2 July 1715.
Minuted:—“4 July 1714. A copy of the report and wt to be sent to Mr Secretar]y.” [This must be a mistake for 1715, especially as the Earl of Carlisle was not a Lord of the Treasury till May 23, 1715.]
A letter headed “Mr Manning's case truly stated,” &c., two bills of his extraordinaries, and a certificate signed “Bolingbroke.” 8 pages.
[? About
5 July.]
2. Memorial of the Earl of Manchester to the King. Prays payment of [8,125l.], being the arrears of a pension of 1,500l. a year granted him by her late Majesty Queen Anne, for his services as Ambassador Extraordinary to Vienna and Venice. (French.)
Minuted:—“5th July 1715. To be considered when a distribuc[i]on can be made to her late Majesties debts.”
Copies of letters relating to the subject from Lords Godolphin, Halifax and Oxford, and a translation of the memorial. 6 pages.
5 July. 3. Comrs of Customs, Scotland, to the Lords of the Treasury. Enclose an account from their officers at Aberdeen as to riots committed there, and observe that the presence of troops is absolutely necessary to prevent such outrages. The enclosure gives an account of assaults committed by mobs on the Custom Officers, and of the breaking open of the warehouse and Custom House at Aberdeen, and the carrying off of all the goods stored in them. Custom House, Edinburgh, 5th July 1715.
The enclosure. 4 pages.
5 July. 4. Mr Burchett to the Secretaries of the Treasury. Encloses a copy of a letter from the Lieutenant-Governor of Gibraltar, Col. Congreve, as to the need of provisions for that garrison. The Comrs of Victualling informed the Lords of the Admiralty that the Lords of the Treasury had contracted with some persons to supply the garrison; requests them, therefore, to lay the enclosure before their Lordships. Admiralty Office, 5 July 1715.
Copy of Col. Congreve's letter, and an account of what provisions there are still at Gibraltar. 3 pages.
[? About
7 July.]
5. Lord Newborough to Lord Carlisle. Prays that a warrant may be drawn for the renewal of his patent as Steward of Richmond. Informs his Lordship that the accounts of the manor are before the auditor up to Lady-day 1714.
Minuted:—“7 July 1715. The Survr-Genll to state the incom of this Mannr, as also that of Hampton Court with the issues out the same, and how & to wt time they have been acc[oun]ted for.” 1 page and a quarter.
[? About
7 July.]
6. Memorial of the Honble John Campbell, Esq. to the Lords of the Treasury. The memorialist states that whereas there were formerly two Masters of the Works in North Britain, at a salary of 200l. a year each, his Majesty had appointed him sole Master of the Works, with the intention that he should receive ths salary of both. Their Lordships, however, had only ordered the payment to him of 200l. a year; prays therefore for the full salary of 400l. from the date of his present commission.
Minuted: “7 July 1715. My Lords would know if this office has at any time been in one person, what allowance that one person had.” 1 page.
[? About
7 July.]
7. Memorial to the Lords of the Treasury of the Countess Dowager of Berkeley, executrix of Charles Earl of Berkeley, lately deceased. His late Majesty King William had ordered his Surveyor of Woods to raise 6,000l. by the cutting down and sale of timber, and pay that sum, as it was raised, to the said Earl of Berkeley (then Charles Viscount Dursley) as a reward for his good services, of which only 5,250l. has been paid. Prays therefore that the Surveyor of Woods may be directed to raise the remaining 750l. by the same means, and to pay it to the Countess. Among other kinds of woods she mentions “orle.”
Minuted:—“7 July 1715. My Lords will speak with the Survr of the Woods before they determine hereupon.” 1 page.
7 July. 8. Lord Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury. Transmits the draft of a warrant for granting to Windsor Sandys, Esq., all wrecks, &c. between latitudes 12o and 27o north in the West Indies, that their Lordships may fill up the blanks in the same. Whitehall, 7th July 1715.
Minuted:—“14 July. L~re to Lord Townshend that my Lords thinke it reasonable that 1/10th part should be reserved to his Maty out of Mr Sandys his grant as is reserved in Mr Randyll's.” Again: “Sent away 15th do.”
The enclosure not now with it. 1 page.
7 July. 9. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Transmits to their Lordships the petition of the Comrs for the demolition of Dunkirk, who pray for a reward for the trouble and expense in that office. His Majesty thinks an allowance should be made them in proportion to their several services. Requests them to state what they think is reasonable, with a particular regard for the time Sir James Abercromby has been employed, and the expense he has been put to. Whitehall, 7 July 1715.
Minuted:—“11th July 1715. My Lords are wholly strangers to the subject-matter of the petition, but are of opinion that whatever his Maty shall think fit to gratifie the petrs with, should come out of the contingents of the army, and not out of the Civil List money.” 2 pages.
7 July. 10. Petition of Thomas Hammond of London, merchant, to the Lords of the Treasury. The petitioner had suffered great losses by the late war, and become indebted to the Crown. Upon an extent being issued against him he discovered and assigned to the Crown more than sufficient to pay the debt, had not two of his ships been afterwards sunk. His petiton having been favourably considered by the Treasury, the Attorney-General, and Comrs of Customs, he obtained his liberty and leave to apply to Parliament for an Act to impower the Lord Treasurer to compound with him. His petition was reported on favourably by a Committee of the House, but there being none of the Lords of the Treasury, or their Secretary, present, to signify to the Speaker that he had such leave, the petition was ordered to lie on the table. Prays their Lordships to signify to the House that he has their consent to apply to Parliament. 7th July 1715. At the foot is:—A certificate in his favour with 19 signatures, a report of a Committee of the House of Commons, a former petition, and a report of the Comrs of Customs.
Minuted:—“Read, 25th July 1715.” 5 pages.
7 July. 11. Representation to the Lords of the Treasury from the Court of Directors of the East India Company as to unrated goods. At a meeting between a Committee of the Court and the Comrs of Customs, it was offered on behalf of the Company that such a rate might be set upon their unrated goods as should answer the same sum which the duties would have amounted to by the new method of computation for 20 years past. East India House, 7 July 1715.
A paper of observations made by John Crookshanks on the arguments about unrated East India goods, and “an abstract of 3 clauses in an Act 2 & 3 Anne, cap. 9, relating to unrated East India goods.” 7 pages.
13 July. 12. Lord Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifying his Majesty's pleasure that 500l. be paid to the Earl of Forfar, his Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Prussia, for camp equipage and other extraordinary expenses of a campaign which he has orders to make with the said king in Pomerania. Whitehall, 13 July 1715.
Minuted:—“Wt sign'd.” 1 page.
13 July. 13. Copy of report of the Barons of the Exchequer of Scotland to the Lords of the Treasury, on a petition (not now annexed) in respect to claim of exemption of the owners or proprietors of sugaries as well from the inland Excise for spirits, the produce of their manufactories, as from customs in respect to sugars imported. [There was a suit then pending in relation to these sugar duties, and the petitioners had cast reflections on the Court.] It seems equitable and right that the exemption should be carried no further than to excuse them from so much duty as they were exempted from before the Union. 13 July 1715. 3 pages.
14 July. 14. Report of Hugh Cholmley, Esq., Surveyor-General, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Robert Hyde, Esq. The petitioner states that there was granted to him by her late Majesty Catherine, Queen Dowager, the lease of the manor of Hanbridge, and other lands in the county and city of Chester, parcel of the late monastery of Chester, for 12½ years, from 30 Sept. 1717, under the yearly rent of 50l. 4s. 6d. Prays that his lease may be renewed to fill up his present term to 31 years, under the former yearly rent. Finds that his statements are true, and that the premises are valued at 193l. 6s. per annum. Is of opinion that the petition may be granted at the former rent for a fine of 180l. 14 July, 1715.
Minuted:—“18th Septr 1716. These lands are granted to the Prince.”
The petition. 3 pages.
14 July. 15. Tho. Lambe to John Taylor, Esq. By the Duke of Bolton's desire asks him to move the Lords of the Treasury for a dormant warrant for 70l. per ann. to him as Lord Warden of the New Forest for repair of his Majesty's house at Lyndhurst in that forest. July 14, 1715.
Minuted:—“Read 15th July 1715. A warrt to be p[re]pared in the usuall manner.” 1 page.
14 July. 16. A paper headed, “An account of what money has arisen for tin sold in London and elsewhere from 1 July 1714 to 1 July 1715.” The total amounts to 154,018l. 5s. 8d. At the foot is:—“July 14th 1715. This morning I received from Dr Francis Fauquier, the Deputy Agent for the Sales of Tin in the Tower, the account above written of the sales during the last year. Is. Newton.” 1 page.
[? About
14 July.]
17. Petition of Nehemiah Arnold, Paymaster of the Malt Lottery Tickets, to the Lords of the Treasury, for allowance of official salaries already paid to Mich. 1712, and for the two last years.
Minuted:—“Read 14th July 1715. The Auditor's report and my Lord's warrant are read, so that this matter is finally determined.” 1 page.
15 July. 18. Officers of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury. Pray to be ordered 18,000l., which will be what is due to the office up to the last of next September, and which will enable them to pay off all that remains due on the head of lands purchased for fortifications. Also pray for 1,416l. 4s. 3d. to pay the half-pay officers—[Office of] Ordnance. 15 July 1715.
A duplicate of the above of the same date, but with one less signature.
This second minuted:—“27th July 1715, 18,000li ordered.” 2 pages.
16 July. 19. Petition to the Lords of the Treasury of William Vanbrugh in behalf of himself and others appointed Comrs for stating the debts of his late Majesty King William. Were appointed by her late Majesty the Queen, and have served three years, for which they have as yet received nothing, and only a small portion of their expenses. Pray for suitable payment out of her late Majesty's arrears. July 16, 1715.
Minuted:—“19th July 1715. Read. To be consider'd when a distribuc[i]on is made of the late Queen's debts.” 1 page.
16 July. 20. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury' on a memorial from the Comrs of Customs for Scotlaud. Are of opinion that the loss to the revenue by collusive seizures and appraisement of goods seized at undervalue, may be prevented by an Act of Parliament subjecting French wines and brandies seized to the payment of the full duties to the Crown; the officers to have the overplus after payment of those duties. Cannot agree with the Comrs for Scotland, that a constant bidder should be appointed for the King in the Court of Exchequer. Custom House, London, 16 July 1715.
Minuted:—“Send an extract of so much as relates to the wines & brandy under seizure at Inverness to the Comrs Customes in Scotland to act therein accordingly, if they have no objecc[i]on. L~re sent, 20th ditto.”
The memorial referred to, and a paper giving an account of seizures of brandy and wines condemned in the Court of Exchequer, Scotland, for four terms, with the King's moiety, present duty, and loss to the Crown thereon. 4 pages.
19 July.]
21. Petition of James Heymans to the Lords of the Treasury. Was storekeeper of wines to their late Majesties King William and Queen Anne; was also yeoman of the field to King William, and while attending his Majesty in that capacity, hunting, got a severe fall in following his Majesty at Loo, from which he never entirely recovered. Was appointed by Queen Anne Surveyor of the Winetasters in the Port of London, and the late Earl of Halifax promised that he should be allowed to transfer this place to his son, Anthony Heymans. Prays for the grant of this favour in return for his 34 years' service.
Minuted:—“19th July 1715. Granted.” 1 page.
20 July. 22. Col. A. Oughton to Mr Lucy. The King was well pleased with his and Mr High Sheriff's readiness to do all in their power for his service; and this zeal is all the more welcome at this time since these rebellions at home are threatened to be immediately supported from abroad, whence yesterday an express brought news that the Pretender and all his friends were about to attempt an invasion. This news his Majesty at once communicated to both Houses of Parliament, who instantly came to the most vigorous resolutions to defend his Majesty. The House of Commons addressed the King to issue commissions immediately for augmenting the forces by sea and land. Has the Lord Chancellor's commands to get from the clerk of the peace, without delay, an exact list of the Commission of the Peace, with a mark against such as are dead. Not being known to their own clerk of the peace begs him (Mr Lucy) to do that business with him as soon as possible, as he is told he lives in his neighbourhood. The Duke of Montagu sends his orders to the High Sheriff in relation to the Militia and Lieutenancy, and desires that he (Mr Lucy) will lend him his assistance in the execution of them. Cock Pit, 20 July, 1715.
Copy of a letter from Lord Townshend to the High Sheriff of the county of Warwick. The King having heard that riots have begun to take place at Birmingham, and fearing that they may spread as they have done in the county of Stafford, desires him to put the laws against riots duly into execution. He is to call out the posse comitatus, and repair to Birmingham, or any other place in the co. of Warwick where riots are threatening, and if he finds such riots still going on, to quell them at once, and punish the offenders with the utmost rigour of the law. Whitehall, 20 July 1715.
On the back is:—“If any occac[i]on to send to Mr Lucy, direct for him at Charlcott by Kington Bagg, Warwickshire.” 3 pages.
21 July. 23. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifies to them his Majesty's pleasure that they should forthwith give directions to the officers of the Customs at the several ports of the kingdom to examine all passengers on ships coming in or going out of the kingdom. If any fail to give a satisfactory account of themselves a warrant for their detention is to be obtained from the nearest justice of the peace until further directions be received concerning them from one of the Secretaries of State. Whitehall, 21 July 1715.
Minuted:—“L~res to Comrs Customes in England & Scotland sent same day pursuant to his Mats pleasure signifyd in this L~re.” 1 page.
21 July. 24. Memorial of Mr Archibald Douglas, General Receiver of Taxes in Scotland, to —, concerning the land tax in Scotland, stating the sum he has remitted to Mr James Douglas, merchant in London, to be paid into the Exchequer, the arrears still due from the country of which a list of particulars is annexed, the amount of cash he has in hand, and the reasons for this cash being so in hand. Has paid up to the Exchequer all the preceding year's land tax, without a sixpence of loss to the Government, and has never made the least profit, directly or indirectly, by remitting or retaining the said cash.
At the foot is a certificate, signed by the Barons of the Exchequer (Scotland), attesting the truth of these statements. Edinburgh, 21 July 1715.
The particulars of the arrears of land tax referred to, and a state of the land tax for North Britain for 1714. 4 pages.
21 July. 25. Eight letters from the Duke of Shrewsbury to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifying his Majesty's pleasure that their Lordships should give orders for the payment of various sums to Sir Clement Cotterell, Master of the Ceremonies, as presents to the various foreign ministers who were leaving the Court. All written from the Cockpit, and the first dated 3 June 1715, and the last 21 July 1715.
The ministers mentioned are,—
Prince Kourakin, “Embassador” from the Czar of Muscovy.
Mons. Petkum, Resident of the Duke of Holstein.
Mons. Nareskin, minister from the Czar of Muscovy.
Marquis Ranuccini, Envoy Extraordinary from the Duke of Florence.
Count Coningseck, minister from the Emperor. (Minuted: “Wt signd”).
Count Efferen, Count Schonborn, and Baron D'Imhoff, Envoys Extraordinary from “the Electors of Palatine Mentz, and Duke of Woolfenbottle” (minuted: “Warrts signd”).
One of the letters is for payment of 300l. to Madam Grote, the widow of the late envoy from Hanover, and 350l. to the daughter of the late Envoy from the States General, Mrs. Kennedys (minuted: “Wt signd”).
On the back of the one relating to Prince Kourakin is minuted:—“1,000łi was issued to him on or about the 19th July 1711”; on that relating to Mons. Nareskin, “(300łi) used formerly to be allowd to all envoyes;” and on 3 others, “Wt signd.” 8 pages.
22 July. 26. Lawrence Ambrose to the Honble William Lowndes, Esq. Has been desired by Mr Howland, one of the Comrs for the Land Tax acting in the Hundreds of Banehurst, Cookham, and Bray, to acquaint the Lords of the Treasury that the arrears for some time past being still unsettled for the lands and parks about Windsor, “and process being issued out against them, they refuse to meet and put the present Act of Parliament into execution until the settlement aforesaid be made.” 22 July 1715.
Minuted:—“Read.” 22 July 1715. 1 page.
23 July. 27. Earl of Sunderland, Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, to the Lords of the Treasury. Transmits to their Lordships a letter from the Lords Justices of Ireland representing the want of three new State canopies, with chairs and stools, for the service of the Lord-Lieutenant of that Kingdom, the cost of which will be 704l. 2s. 6d. Desires their Lordships to procure his Majesty's letter as soon as possible for that sum to be applied to the aforesaid use. London, July 23, 1715.
Minuted:—“Warrt signd.
The letter referred to. 2 pages.
23 July. 28. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. His Majesty's service requiring the immediate despatch of Col. Durand for Minorca, reminds their Lordships of his letter to them of the 8th, by which he signifies his Majesty's pleasure that the Colonel should be paid 30s. a day out of the revenues of Minorca. If orders to this effect have not been already given, begs they may at once be issued. Whitehall, 23 July 1715.
On the back is a memorandum of a resolution of 9 June 1714, which seems to have given rise to this letter.
Attached to the former letter is a letter from the same to the same, enclosing a project as to the place of Surveyor-General in Minorca, and signifying his Majesty's approval of the same, and his pleasure that their Lordships should give directions for paying out of the revenues of Minorca 20s. a day to the Lieutenant-Governor of that island, and 30s. a day to the Chief Engineer there. From the project it appears that this 20s. a day to the Lieut.-Governor was to be additional pay, and that this and the Chief Engineer's pay was to be defrayed out of the income formerly received by the Surveyor-General of the island, whose office was to be abolished. Whitehall, 8 July 1715.
Minuted:—“10th August 1715. There is no provision made by Parliamt for this expence, and my Lords do not think it reasonable to be paid out of the Civil List.”
Again:—“A wt signed out of the Revenues of Minorca.”
The project referred to. 3 pages.
26 July. 29. Board of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury. Have received, by Mr. Secretary Stanhope's letter of the 15th inst., orders that Col. Durand be at once despatched to Minorca to carry on necessary works there, and also that a ship be sent out freighted with materials for that service. Were also by the same letter informed that his Majesty would order their Lordships to pay the Ordnance Office the expense of this service, and also 1,000l. per month for the continuance thereof. Pray, therefore, for payment of 2,965l. 10s., being the enclosed estimate of the demand made at present by Col. Durand, and also of the monthly sum of 1,000l., as no money has been given by Parliament to their office for this service. Office of Ordnance, 26 July 1715.
The demand referred to. 2 pages.
26 July. 30. A memorandum of the orders at the Treasury relating to the paying for the tin of the last two coinages. 26 July 1715. 1 page.
27 July. 31. Lord Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury. The King, being very well satisfied with the loyalty and zeal of Mr. Oswald Mosley, High Sheriff of Staffordshire, in endeavouring to suppress the late riots in the said county, requests their Lordships to order the payment of 500l. to the said Mr. Mosley, or his assigns, as a recompense thereof, and for the extraordinary expenses he may have been at. Whitehall 27 July 1715.
Minuted:—“Ordered.” 2 pages.
28 July. 32. Report of the Comrs for Hides to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of the Rt Honble the Earl of Carnarvon, as to 797l. 12s. paid by Mr Whitingham, late Receiver-General of part of Lincolnshire, for recruits in 1708. Are of opinion that that sum should be paid on his account of the Land Tax, 1708. 28 July 1715.
Minuted:—“Agreed but know of ye E. of Canarvon what is due to clear the regt, late Faringdon's, now Lord Mark Kerr's.”
Again:—“27 July 1716. A l~re sent.”
Four enclosures. 13 pages.
[July 1715
or later].
33. Memorial of Col. Clement Nevill to the Lords of His Majesty's Treasury. Was appointed paymaster to all the British and Foreign prisoners in Spain for 1711 and 1712. Was unable to obtain his quietus till 12 July inst., and, not knowing the expenses attending the passing public accounts, only gave himself credit for 50l.; but, as will be seen from the annexed account of fees he paid, it cost him 127l. 14s. 10d. to pass his accounts; prays therefore for 77l. 14s. 10d. the balance due to him.
The account on the second page of the petition. 2 pages.
[? About
34. Memorial of Sir Nathaniel Meade, Under-Steward of his Majesty's manor and liberty of Havering-atte-Bower, in the county of Essex. The jury at a Court Leet for the manor present that Rumford Bridge is decayed and ready to fall, and requires rebuilding; prays that the receiver, to whom the rents are paid, may be directed to pay the sum when required.
Also the presentment of the jury. 2 pages.
9 May and
1 Aug.
35. Three papers numbered respectively 12, 26, and 42, docquetted as follows:—No. 12. “A state of her late Mats revenues at the time of her death, distinguishing the money that was at that time in the Excheqr applicable to the uses of the Civil Government, what paid into the Excheqr since on that accot, and how it has been applyed, what remaines in money or other effects to discharge the debts of her Mats Civil Governmt, and what those debts are.” ? About 9 May 1715. No. 26. “An estimate of the debts owing to the Civil Government at the time of her late Mats demise, and of what remained in ye Excheqr and was farther expected to come towards satisfying the same.” Undated. No. 42. “An account of the late Queen's debts, and how much thereof paid, &c.” 1 August 1715. 6 pages.
1 Aug. 36. An abstract of the Civil List revenues from 1st Aug. 1714 to 1st Aug. 1715.
Two duplicates of one of the papers included in the abstract. 10 pages.
3 Aug. 37. Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury. Have received from one William Colebrook a Treasury warrant for his appointment as tidewaiter in the port of London. Have secured the said Colebrook, as the warrant (a copy of which they annex) appeared to be a forgery. The prisoner, on being examined by Sir Charles Peers, declared that he had it from a Mr. Jones who called himself the Earl of Carlisle's steward. Sir Charles has committed Colebrook to the Poultry Compter, and they pray for directions as to proceeding against him. Custom House, London, 3 Aug. 1715.
Minuted:—“Read 4th Aug. 1714. The Sollr of the Customes to prosecute the offendr.”
The copy referred to. 2 pages.
8 Aug. 38. A paper as to certain changes in respect to the Window Duty Officers in the counties of Radnor, Brecon and Montgomery, Cardigan, and Carmarthen. 8 Aug. 1715.
Minuted:—“Send a copy to the Comrs to know if they have no objection.” 2 pages, quarto.
8 Aug. 39. Two papers (1) a valuation of windfall timber, and (2) a valuation of damaged trees requiring to be cut down in his Majesty's woods of Birkland and Billagh, Sherwood Forest, taken by Mr John Hodgson, of Hull, carpenter, and Mr Matthew Northall, of Wharncliff Lodge, woodward, in the presence of Thomas Hewett, Esq., Surveyor-General of his Majesty's Woods. The trees referred to were blown down and damaged by the gale of 1 Feb. 1714. Both dated 8th Aug. 1715, and headed “Com. Nott.” 2 pages.
8 Aug.]
40. An account of 3,607l. 10s. 0d. issued at the Receipt of his Majesty's Exchequer to Thomas Lowther, and the names of the persons to whom it was paid. The date of the last payment is 8 August. 3 pages.
9 Aug. 41. Memorial of Walter Chetwynd, Esq., to the Lords of the Treasury, as to several works necessary to be done in St. James's Park. August 9, 1715.
Minuted:—“31st August 1715. Ref. to the Board of Workes.” 1 page.
9 Aug. 42. Report of the Comrs of the Salt Duties to the Lords of the Treasury on the annexed representation of Zephaniah Lumley. The representation sets forth that the exporters of pilchards draw back from the salt revenue on exportation above 50,000l. per annum more than they pay for the duties on the salt used in curing the pilchards, and proposes remedies for the same. The Comrs say they have often represented to the Treasury that the allowances on exported fish are at least as much again as the salt used in curing the same. They also give an account of payments into the Exchequer, and for fish exported for several years, to show the loss to the revenue. This revenue also suffers largely from the excessive allowances made for waste on salt and rock salt carried coastwise, on salt shipped for Ireland, and from other causes. To remedy these defects have prepared certain clauses for an Act of Parliament, which they annex for their Lordships' consideration. Salt Office, 9 Aug. 1715.
The enclosures referred to. 18 pages or parts of pages.
9 Aug. 43. Lord Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifies his Majesty's pleasure that their Lordships should give directions for paying 1,500l. for secret intelligence to General Cadogan, his Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the States General, and at the Congress at Antwerp. Whitehall, 9 Aug. 1715.
Minuted:—“A warrt for 1,500li to Genll Cadogan for secret intelligence.” 1½ pages.
9 Aug. 44. Lord Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifies his Majesty's pleasure that their Lordships give orders for issuing 10,000l. to the Treasurer of the Prince of Wales for the use of his Royal Highness' family. Whitehall, August 9, 1715.
Minuted:—“Wt signed.” 1 page.
9 Aug. 45. The same to the same. Signifying his Majesty's pleasure that their Lordships pay 500l. to Leonard Welsted, gent., for his Majesty's special service.—Whitehall, Aug. 9, 1715.
Minuted:—“Wt signed.” 1 page.
10 Aug. 46. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. His Majesty having appointed Capt. George Paddon his Plenipotentiary to the Emperor of Morocco, desires their Lordships to give directions for paying him what they find is due for his previous performance of the office. Whitehall, August 10, 1715. 1 page.
11 Aug. 47. James Fury to the Hon. Mr Robathon. Has heard that a warrant has passed from General Stanhope's office to the Treasury for the payment of 700l. to the Earl of Peterborough for contingent charges on account of his embassy. As that sum has not yet been ordered by the Treasury to be paid to his Lordship, prays that payment of it may be stopped till Mrs Schir's demand be entirely satisfied. August 11, 1715.
Minuted:—“Caveat entred.”
Copy of a Bill of Exchange, petition of the widow Schir (French), and two memoranda relating to the same subject. 8 pages.
[? About
12 Aug.]
48. Memorial of Samuel Edwin, Usher of the Exchequer, to the Lords of the Treasury, seeking for warrants to be drawn to direct the Auditor and Chancellor of the Exchequer to pass his accounts for necessaries for the old offices, the lotteries, and other new offices; this being rendered necessary by the demise of her late Majesty.
Minuted:—“12th August 1715. My Lords order Mr Edwin to bring his last dormant warrant, and then they will consider of the same, and of the report made by the Commrs for making out Lottery orders.” ½ page.
15 Aug. 49. Bill of Mrs Rebecca Starr for 50l. due to her for eight weeks' board and lodging, coach hire, &c., to Don Bentura De Zara, ambassador from the Emperor of Morocco. 15 Aug. 1715.
A duplicate with the addition of a few words. 2 pages.
[There is the following notice of this ambassador in the Minute Book, Vol. 20, p. 141, 26 Aug. 1715: “Upon reading a l~re from Mr Secry Stanhope, signifying his Mats pleasure that 500li be paid to such person as my Lords shall thinke fit, to pay in the first place the charge of the funeral of Don Bentura de Zary, Ambr from the Emperor of Morocco, and the next, towards discharging his debts. My Lords do order that Mr Room, the undertaker, do take care of the said funeral in the most decent manner that may be, yet so as that the whole charge thereof shall on no accot exceed 100li, wch he is to be paid for by the hands of Mr Lowther.”]
15 Aug. 50. Petition to the King, of Anne Rochford, praying for the lease of a small piece of land belonging to his Majesty's stables at Charing Cross, and adjoining her house. (French).
Referred by the Duke of Richmond to the Lords of the Treasury to report thereon. Aug. 15, 1715.
On the back is:—“The Survr having waited on ye D. of Somerset, saies he doth not [t]hinke it prop[er] that such a lease [s]hould pass as is desired.” 1 page.
16 Aug. 51. Copy of a letter from Lord Townshend to the High Sheriff of Warwickshire. Has received his letter of the 29th of last month, and several other letters and accounts from him as to his conduct in suppressing the riots in Warwickshire. Is commanded by his Majesty to express his satisfaction at the loyalty and zeal he displayed in that matter. Whitehall, 16 Aug. 1715. 1 page.
16 Aug. 52. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifies his Majesty's pleasure that they give directions for purchasing a jewel, price not exceeding 100l., as an additional present to the Emperor of Morocco, and also for purchasing a quantity of cloth, not exceeding 50l. in value, as a present for the Alcaide of Alcazar. Both presents are to be delivered to Capt. Paddon, who is to be sent on his Majesty's business to the Emperor of Morocco. Whitehall, Aug. 16, 1715. 1 page.
16 Aug. 53. “A schedule of the several copies made for the Earl of Oxford by direction of the House of Lords, from papers, accounts, estimates, reports, letters, warrants, and other papers in the Treasury.”
Also the order of the House of Lords giving leave for the copies to be made, and a paper, signed E. Lewis, desiring the Secretaries of the Treasury to cause the copies to be made. Dated 16 Aug. 1715. 4½ pages.
19 Aug. 54. Lord Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifies his Majesty's pleasure that Margaret Lady Sharpe's pension of 300l. a year on the establishment for civil officers in Scotland be henceforth determined; and also that 300l. a year be added to the salary of William Stuart, Esq., one of his Majesty's Remembrancers in the Court of Exchequer in Scotland. Whitehall, Aug. 19, 1715.
Minuted:—“26th August 1715. Read. To be laid before the King.”
Again:—“Wt to be prepared.” 2 pages.
19 Aug.]
55. Petition to the Lords of the Treasury of Thomas Fallows, Doctor in Physic, and now prisoner in the King's Bench Prison in Southwark. [More fully described under 26 Dec. 1715.] Prays, in consideration of his innocence, that his fine may be remitted. Referred to Anthony Cracherode, Esq., his Majesty's Solicitor for the Treasury, to report upon. 19 Aug. 1715.
Also an affidavit, signed “Elizabeth Oliver.” 2 pages.
20 Aug. 56. Report of Auditor E. Harley to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of the Hon. Edward Stawell, Esq., praying to be reimbursed the incident expenses incurred by him as Comptroller of the 1,800,000l. Lottery for 1712, and that his security may be discharged. Certifies that these incident expenses amount to 113l. 17s. 3d., &c. 20 Aug. 1715. 2 pages.
22 Aug. 57. Charles Carkesse to Wm Lowndes and Jn. Taylour, Esquires, Secretaries to the Lords of the Treasury. Had in his letter of the 17th inst. transmitted to them three affidavits received from Bristol to prove that Harry Browne, a King's waiter at that port, had drunk the Pretender's health. Incloses, by direction of the Comrs, a letter from James Browne, one of the land surveyors there, concerning the said Harry Browne, in order that it, too, may be laid before their Lordships. Custom House, London, 22 Aug. 1715.
The letter of the 17th, James Browne's letter, and the three affidavits referred to, besides two others, which state that no health whatever was drunk. 7 pages.
24 Aug. 58. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Signified to their Lordships, by his letter of the 8th past, his Majesty's pleasure that they should provide a present for the Dey of Algiers. There being now an occasion of conveying it to Algiers by Mr Thomas Thomson, brother to H.M. Consul there, his Majesty desires their Lordships to have it delivered to Mr Thomson. Whitehall, 24 August, 1715.
The letter of the 8th July referred to, minuted:—“15th July 1715. Order'd. Mr Thompson to provide the presents & lay patterns of them before their Lordships.”
Also a letter from Robert Knight, South Sea House, to John Taylour, Esq., recommending Mr Thomas Thomson for this business, and a memorandum of what articles the present was to consist. 4 pages.
24 Aug. 59. Geo. Trenchard to —. His Majesty, about six weeks ago, renewed Mr Taverner's commission as Surveyor of Newfoundland, and at the same time ordered the Lords of the Treasury, by one of his Secretaries of State, to pay him his arrears. Begs him to represent the case of Mr. Taverner to the Board that the payment of his salary may be expedited. Lytchet, Aug. 24.
An account of what passed in the Treasury respecting Mr Taverner, the last entry of which states that on 30th May 1715, Mr Secretary Stanhope acquainted the Lords of the Treasury with the King's wish that Mr Taverner should have his arrears of pay; also a letter from Lord Bolingbroke to the Ld High Treasurer on the same subject. 6 pages.
25 Aug. 60. Capt. G. Paddon to the Lords of the Treasury. Has seen a minute of their Lordships to the effect that as he had no privy seal for an allowance when he went to Morocco, he was only entitled for a reasonable gratuity for the performance of that service. Pleads ignorance of the forms of the office, and prays payment of 1,230l. 13s. 4d., still due to him for disbursements in that service, especially as he succeded in making a perpetual peace, and brought away 69 captives. Prays also for an allowance for the year and seven months, during which he was thus employed, that he may be enabled to proceed a second time to Morocco, in obedience to his Majesty's commands. London, Aug. 25, 1715.
Minuted:—“25th Augt 1715. To be brought in to-morrow morning.” 4 pages.
25 Aug. 61. Report of John Crookshanks to the Lords of the Treasury concerning the Equivalent. Has perused the annexed draft of a Bill relating to the accounts of the Equivalent, and is of opinion that though the design of the Bill is very prudent and commendable, the powers granted to the Comrs would be too extensive. 3 pages.
25 Aug. 62. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifies his Majesty's pleasure that their Lordships give directions for paying such bills as shall be drawn upon them by the Lords Justices of Ireland for defraying the expense of the transportation of Preston's, Sabine's, and Windress' regiments from Ireland to England. Whitehall, 25 Aug. 1715. 1 page.
26 Aug. 63. Report of the Comrs of Revenue, Ireland, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Abraham Boden, who had been arrested in England as a defaulter in his accounts. Believe that the petitioner and his family are reduced to great extremities, and that he cannot lessen the balance charged upon him, and that only 700l. from the securities can be depended on. Custom House, Dublin, 26 Aug. 1715.
Minuted:—“12th July 1716. The Comrs to proceed with all speed in getting in what possibly may be towards satisfying this debt. L~re writ.” 2½ pages.
26 Aug. 64. Report of the Comrs of Revenue (Ireland) to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Elizabeth Hobson, widow of Capt. Samuel Hobson, late collector of Wexford. Have been informed that the vouchers and certificates which could support the statements in the petition, have been lost; they believe, however, that they were produced in Aug. 1713 to the then Comrs of Revenue (Ireland), as they find in their books a report made to them on the case, a copy of which they annex. Custom House Dublin, 26 Aug. 1715.
The copy of the former report, dated 15 Aug. 1713, from which it appears that Capt. Hobson was, in return for supplying arms, &c. to the city of Londonderry when it was besieged, and for other services (one of which was going express to Genl Kirk when lying in the Lough of Londonderry) made collector of Wexford, and that at the time of his death he owed to her Majesty, 1,364l. 12s. 107/8d., for the recovery of which the Comrs of Revenue had prosecuted his security. 3 pages.
27 Aug. 65. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifies his Majesty's pleasure that they pay 100l. to Dr. Don Sanches, Assessor of Minorca, who is going to return thither in a few days, and also that they provide him with a medal, not exceeding 30l. in value. Whitehall, 27 August 1715. 1 page.
29 Aug. 66. Sam. Edwards to the Lords of the Treasury. The establishment for the French, Dutch, and Lutheran Chapels having been appointed upon the Cofferer's Office, informs their Lordships that 1,247l. 11s. 8d. is wanting to discharge the 11 months, grown due upon that additional establishment, from 1 Aug. 1714 to 30 June 1715. Cofferer's Office, 29 Aug. 1715.
Minuted:—“Orderd. L~re writ & sign'd 29th Augst 1715.” 1 page.
29 Aug. 67. Copy of an Order in Council referring the annexed petition of Mr Stephen Duport in behalf of Capt. Andrew Thauvet, an inhabitant of St. Christopher's, to the Board of Trade to report upon. The petition prays that a grant of lands in the French quarter of that island, made in 1696 by Christopher Codrington, Esq., then Governor of the Leeward Islands, to this Capt. Thauvet, a French refugee, may be confirmed to him. Council Chamber, Whitehall, 29 Aug. 1715.
Minuted:—“Read Augst 16th 1716.” The petition is written on the back of the Order in Council. 3 pages.
29 Aug. 68. Lord Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifying his Majesty's pleasure that they issue 100l. to Lt-Col. John Husk, to defray the charges of a journey made by him to and from Paris for his Majesty's particular service. Whitehall, Aug. 29, 1715. 1 page.
30 Aug. 69. Lord Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifying his Majesty's pleasure that they supply the Duke of Argyle with a credit not exceeding 10,000l., he having been ordered to repair to North Britain and take the command of the army there. Whitehall, Aug. 30, 1715. 1 page.
30 Aug. 70. Memorial from the Board of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury for 117,997l. 8s. 9d., which sum is absolutely necessary to enable them to carry on the several services depending in their office. Office of Ordnance, 30 August 1715.
Minuted:—13 September 1715. Read.”
A copy of the above, the only essential difference being that it is dated 26 Aug. 1715.
Also accounts of payments, &c. in the office numbered 1 and 2. 6 pages.
31 Aug. 71. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Refers to two former letters, and signifies his Majesty's pleasure that they direct the Receiver-General of H.M. Revenue of Minorca, to pay out of the same 30s. a day to Col. Durand, who has been ordered thither, and 20s. a day to the Lieut.-Governor of that island. Both payments to commence from 25th March last. Whitehall, 31 Aug. 1715.
Minuted:—“Read 3 Sepr.' Q.: who is the Recr Genll of Minorca, and by what appointmt.” 1 page.
[? About end
of Aug.]
72. Memorial of David Pouchoud to the King. Was appointed “introductor,” etc. to the Ministers assembled at Utrecht for the negotiation of peace. It has been customary for those thus employed to receive a present from all the princes and ministers who have concluded the peace. Has received presents from all but the ministers of Great Britain. Prays therefore that his Majesty will show him the same favour that the other Kings have. (French.)
A certificate in his favour signed: “August 23rd 1715. Joh. London.”
Minuted:—“Warrt sign'd.” 3 pages.
— Aug. 73. “Petition of Mr Churchill & Mr Saunderson.” A paper thus docquetted, being a bill for various sets of Rymers Fœdera.
The first entry is for 16 vols. to his Royal Highness the Prince in 1714, and the last for the 14th, 15th, and 16th vols. to Mr. Leibnitz. At the foot is:—“This the last bill pd Aug. 1715.” 1 page, quarto.