Volume 192: September 2-October 31, 1715

Pages 134-151

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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September 2–October 31, 1715

2 Sept. 1. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifying his Majesty's pleasure that 3l. a day be issued out of the Civil List to the Comrs for inspecting the demolition of the fortifications of Dunkirk, for as long as each of them has resided there. It is also his Majesty's pleasure that their Lordships give orders for satisfying bills drawn by Sir James Abercrombie, one of the Comrs, for 1,100l. Whitehall, 2 Sept. 1715.
Minuted:—“Warr prepared.” 2 pages.
[? About
3 Sept.]
2. A general state of the King of Portugal's subsidy from 30 June 1705 to 31 Dec. 1712. Also two papers relating to contracts for rations, etc.
Minuted:—“3d Septr 1715. L~re signed for 500ł.” 7¼ pages.
6 Sept. 3. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. His Majesty has continued Mr John Bridger, Surveyor-General of the Woods on the continent of America, with the same allowance as formerly (200l. a year). Their Lps are to prepare the necessary Commission. Whitehall, 6 Sept. 1715.
Minuted:—“Send to ye Commrs of Trade & ye Commrs of ye Navy for their Repts.” 1 page, quarto.
Also petition of John Bridger, Surveyor of H.M. Woods in America, to the Lords of the Treasury, praying a renewal of his commission.
Encloses his reasons for being continued.
Also memorandum of their Lordships requesting the Comrs of the Navy to comply with the directions of the King for the payment of Mr Bridger. 4½ pages.
[Mr Bridger's commission is dated 5 Oct. 1715. See King's Warrant Book, Vol. 20, p. 168.]
7 Sept. 4. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. His Majesty having considered the memorial of Sir James Steuart, H.M. solicitor for North Britain, stating that by mistake 200l. salary had been settled in the establishment on each solicitor, instead of 400l. on himself as sole solicitor, desires their Lordships to have the above mistake rectified, to settle a salary of 400l. on Sir James Steuart, and to pay the same from the date of his commission. Whitehall, 7 Sept. 1715.
Minuted:—“Orderd. Wt signd.” 2 pages.
8 Sept. 5. Report of R. Walpole to the Lords of the Treasury, on the annexed memorial of Lt-General Carpenter in behalf of Major Thomas Caulfield, Lt-Governor of Annapolis Royal. The memorial prays that Major Caulfield may be paid the arrears of his pay as Captain and Lieut.-Governor, and also 1,473l. 12s.d. which he expended in behalf of the garrison there. Finds that by a commission from Major-General Hill, General and Commander-in-Chief of H.M. Forces in America, dated 10 Sept. 1711, a copy of which is annexed, Major Caulfield was appointed Deputy Governor of the garrison of Annapolis Royal, and that he has continued in that post ever since. Suggests methods by which he may be repaid. Pay Office, Horse Guards, 8 Sept. 1715.
The memorial and the copy of the commission referred to. 6 pages.
8 Sept. 6. Comrs for Hides to the Lords of the Treasury. Mr William Osborn, Surveyor of the Duties on Houses for the co. of Southampton and the Isle of Wight, having been found guilty of indirect practices, they propose that he be discharged, and that Mr William Vessey be appointed in his stead. Office for Hides, &c. 8 Sept. 1715.
Minuted:—“14th September 1715. Agreed. Warrt signd. 14th Septr 1715.”
Enclosed is a private letter from one of the Comrs (P. Burrard) to Sir Richard Onslow, in behalf of the said Vessey. 2 pages.
9 Sept. 7. Order in Council referring a report of the Board of Trade upon an address from the Council of Virginia, as to the decrease of the 2s. per hogshead revenue there, to the Lords of the Treasury to report upon. Court at St James's, 9 Sept. 1715.
Minuted:—“22 Octbr 175. [sic] Lrds of opinion it is not adviseable ye revenues appropriated to ye Civil List should be applyed to ye publick uses, but yt accounts of ye revenues of both should be constantly transmitted for his Majtys directions thereupon.”
Again:—“A l~re signed to Mr Blathwayt.”
The report of the Board of Trade, a letter concerning the quit rents of Virginia, and an account of that revenue and the 2s. per hogshead, attested by Phil. Ludwell, auditor, and Col. Spotswood, Governor of Virginia, and a copy of a report from Mr Blathwayt. 17 pages.
[? About 13
8. Memorial to the Lords of the Treasury of John Graham and Daniel Campbell for themselves and others, the proprietors of the three sugar houses in Glasgow. An Act having been passed empowering their Lordships to make reasonable satisfaction to the proprietors of sugar houses in Scotland for the private rights of exemption from Custom and Excise, to which proprietors are entitled, pray that their Lordships will give such directions as they shall think fit about their case.
Minuted:—“Read 13th September 1715. Send to the Barons of Excheqr in Scotland, and desire them to state the case of these sugarys, & report what they conceive proper to be done upon this petic[i]on.” 1 page.
13 Sept. 9. Comrs of Excise (Scotland) to the Lords of the Treasury. Enclose a copy of an express which reached them that day from their collector and their supervisor of Dundee, giving notice of the intended movements of the Earl of Mar, the Marquis of Huntly, and the Earl of Seaforth. Excise Office, Edinburgh, 13 Sept. 1715.
The letter dated 11 Sept. 1715. 2 pages.
[The express referred to states: “That the Earl of Marr designes to-morrow to march what forces he has in Brae Marr to the Moor of Blair in Perthshire, near Cowper in Angus. The Marquis of Huntly is to meet the Earl Marishall at Aberdeen with what men they can raise and to march to Forfar, where at farthest they are to be on Wednesday next, and the Earl of Seaforth is to march with the clans by the foot of the Breas of Angus and joyne either my Lord Marr at Blair or my Lord Huntly at Forfar.”]
[? About 13
10. Memorial of Sarah Carstares to the King. King William appointed her late husband, William Dunlop, in return for his various services, Principal of the College of Glasgow, and Historiographer Royal for Scotland. When he died in 1700 his Majesty granted the petitioner a yearly pension of 60l., which was also renewed to her by Queen Anne. Prays that his Majesty will continue the pension to her in consideration of her advanced age and her family.
Minuted:—“13 Sept. 1715. Read.”
Copy of the warrant from Queen Anne for the said pension. 2 pages.
[? About 13
11. Petition to the Lords of the Treasury from the Spanish Roman Catholic officers of the late Spanish regiment of foot, commanded by the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Galway. His Majesty having on their petition issued his royal order to the Rt. Hon. Mr Pultney, Secretary-at-War, to state their (the officers) accounts, which order is now before their Lordships, pray them to order the payment of what is due to them. Signed.
Minuted:—“13 Septr 1715. Read.” 1 page.
[After 13
12. Petition to the Lords of the Treasury of Dame Ann Dashwood and George Dashwood, Esq., executors of Sir Samuel Dashwood, Knight, deceased, and of Thomas Gibson, gent., executor of Sir John Foche, Knt, deceased. The said Sir Samuel Dashwood and Sir John Foche were two of the Comrs of Excise from 14 Oct. 1689 to 16 Apr. 1691, and were charged certain sums on their accounts. Pray that they may be allowed.
On 11 May 1715 the Comrs of Excise made a report in their favour, a copy of which is annexed. The Comrs of Excise have since threatened to issue out process against them.
The copy of the report referred to, which was read on 13 Sept. 1715. 4 pages.
14 Sept. 13. Report to the Lords of the Treasury of the Officers of the Mint on the annexed petition of John Croker and Samuel Bull, Gravers of H.M. Mint, for the renewal of their patents. An Act of Parliament having been passed, enabling Mr Croker, the head graver (a naturalised foreigner), to be continued in his place by a patent, are of opinion that it is for his Majesty's service that the petition should be granted. Mint Office, Sept. 14, 1715.
The petition minuted:—“Renew the pate[n]ts.”
The petition. 2 pages.
[? About
14 Sept.]
14. Petition to the Lords of the Treasury of Capt. Joseph Embree. Was deprived of his commission by the late Viscount Dungannon for no other fault than refusing to allow his pay and recruiting money to be stopped for his Lordship's use, in compensation for which the Duke of Ormonde, when last Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, ordered him a pension of 100l. in Ireland, which by some mistake was omitted from the establishment. King Charles II. also gave away to King James, when Duke of York, an estate belonging to the petitioner, and likewise gave the late Duchess of Cleveland 13,000l., which had been raised for the petitioner. Prays therefore their Lordships to order him the promised pension.
Minuted:—“14th September 1715. Ref. to the Lords Justices of Ireland.” Again: “18th Sepr 1716. My Lords can do nothing in this.” 1 page.
14 Sept.]
15. Petition to the Lords of the Treasury of John Sherwood of Faversham, in the county of Kent, hoyman. Accompanied his wife to France, and was there presented by her mother with about 18 yds. of silk, which he brought to England with him, not knowing that he would thereby incur any penalty. This was, however, seized by the Custom House at Folkestone, and the petitioner has since been prosecuted for the penalty. Prays their Lordships to order the prosecution to be withdrawn. Referred 14 Sept. 1715 to the Comrs of Customs to report upon. 1 page.
15 Sept. 16. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifying his Majesty's pleasure that they supply Adam Cokburne of Ormistoun, Lord Justice Clerk in Scotland, with a credit of 1,000l. for his Majesty's special service in Scotland. Whitehall, Sep. 15, 1715. 1½ pages.
15 Sept. 17. Copy of a represention from the Board of Trade to the King as to the exports of the East India Company from 29 Sept. 1702 to 29 Sept. 1714, made in obedience to an Order in Council of 22 Nov. 1714. Whitehall. Sept. 15, 1715. 7 pages.
16 Sept. 18. Report of the Board of Works to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Thomas Kynaston, Clerk of the Works at Somerset House. The petitioner states that the former clerk of the works had lodgings in Somerset House, until the Queen Dowager came to live there, when she gave him 20l. a year as compensation, and that Mrs Malows, Lord Feversham's niece, now occupies them without making any compensation to the petitioner; and prays therefore that she may be forced to quit them, or that compensation be made him. Find that the petitioner's statements are true, and are of opinion that his prayer should be granted, especially as his pay is only 2s. 3d. a day. Whitehall, Office of Works, 16 Sept. 1715.
Minuted:—“28th Decr 1715. The clerk of the workes to have the lodgings at Somerset House, which belong to him by his office, now in the possession of Mrs Malows; a warrt to be prepared accordingly.”
The petition. 2 pages.
17 Sept. 19. J. Hayne to —, begging for the despatch of Capt. Taverner's affairs, H. M. Surveyor in Newfoundland, for which matter Mr Yonge, Mr Treby, and Mr George Trenchard are also suitors to their board. His family are starving in his absence for want of this money. Sept. 17, 1715. 1 page.
17 Sept. 20. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. The Board of Ordnance refusing to give out the stores appointed to be sent to South Carolina, until their Lordships issue to them the money for the same, signifies his Majesty's pleasure that they issue the money to them. The address from the House of Commons to the King to send relief to these poor people is sufficient security that the extraordinary expense will be made good. Whitehall, 17 Sept. 1715.
Two other letters from the same to the same on the subject, and an estimate of the stores required. 5 pages.
18 Sept. 21. Copy of a report of the Comrs of Stamps to “Charles, Duke of Shrewsbury, Lord High Treasurer,” as to the truth of a certificate signed by the Earls of Carlisle and Wharton in favour of John Stone, formerly distributor for York. Certify that in compliance with a Treasury warrant of 12 Nov. 1713, the then Comrs appointed William Thompson distributor for York in the room of the said John Stone, and gave the latter directions to clear his accounts. His balance, however, though these directions have been often repeated, is now above 1,500l. If, therefore, he be restored to his employment, this balance should be first reduced. The allegations in the certificate, that the then Comrs affirmed to Mr Stone that his removal would be a manifest prejudice to the revenue, they conceive to be a mistake. “Stamp Office, Lincoln's Inn, Sep 18, 1715.”
Petition of John Stone, a letter from Mr Bridges to Richard Powys, Esq., enclosing Mr Stone's balance, and a copy of the certificate referred to. 5 pages.
19 Sept. 22. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifies his Majesty's pleasure that they answer such bills as shall be drawn upon them by the Lords Justices of Ireland for the transportation of Major-General Evans' regiment of dragoons from Ireland to the West of Scotland. Whitehall, 19 Sept. 1715.
Minuted:—“My Lords will direct the bills, when they arrive, to be accepted and paid by Mr Hill, paymr of transports.” 1 page.
20 Sept. 23. Same to the same. Signified on the 26th ult. his Majesty's pleasure that they should procure a jewel as an additional present for the Emperor of Morocco; but his Majesty having since found that gunpowder will be more acceptable, desires their Lordships to at once procure and send by Capt. Paddon 100 barrels of powder instead of the jewel. Whitehall, 20 Sept. 1715.
Minuted:—“Wt signd.” 1 page.
20 Sept. 24. Col. R. Congreve to the Lords of the Treasury. Since his last letter, Mr Missing's agent has received from Lisbon nearly 12,000 pieces of pork. Does not, however, yet hear of any provisions coming from England. Encloses an account of provisions remaining in store, and will do all he can to have the garrison supplied until ships come from England with provisions. Gibraltar, 20 Sept. 1715.
The account mentioned. 3 pages.
[? About
21 Sept.]
25. Petition to the Lords of the Treasury, of William Bromley, Esq. and others, executors to Dr. John Radcliffe, deceased, and of John Fellowes, of London, Esq. The Doctor contracted in March 1713 with the Comrs of Customs for the purchase of the house and freehold estate at Cashalton, late of Mr Edward Carlton, merchant, which were seized for a debt to the Crown. The contract was made in due form, and the Doctor laid out more than 900l. on the premises, but the Queen died before she could sign the warrant. The petitioners, having contracted for sale of the estate to the petitioner John Fellowes, applied to their Lordships to have the conveyance perfected, who had a report made on the matter by the Comrs of Customs and the Attorney and Solicitor-General. The petitioners on 14th Sept. inst. left notice with one of their Lordships' secretaries that they wished to be heard by their counsel before them, but are informed that their Lordships on the 12th inst. ordered the Comrs of Customs to put the estate up to sale. Are advised that at the least the money expended by the Doctor on the estate should be repaid with the interest, and pray that they may be heard by their counsel before their Lordships upon the validity of the Doctor's contract.
Minuted:—21st of Sepr 1715. Read.” Again: “The sale suspended, l~re writ.” 3 pages.
22 Sept. 26. Comrs of Excise (Scotland), to the Lords [of the Treasury]. Have received a warrant from the Barons of the Exchequer there, a copy of which they enclose, to pay to the Duke of Argyle any sum not exceeding 10,000l., out of the moneys in their hands arising from such part of the revenues of the Excise as are applicable to the uses of H.M. Civil Government. Conceive that the hereditary and temporary Excise since 1 Aug. 1714 is the fund meant, from which they have only 2,266l. in hand. They have, however, 6,993l. in hand, which arose upon the same branch before that date, and if their Lordships direct to have this applied in the same manner they hope they shall be able to meet the whole demand by the time it is made. Have removed all his Majesty's money in their hand into the castle in consequence of the disturbed state of the country. Excise Office, Edinburgh, 22 Sept. 1715.
Copy of the warrant mentioned. 3 pages.
[? About
22 Sept.]
27. Memorial to the Lords of the Treasury of Nicholas Roope and Thomas Layton, Esqrs, late Comrs for disbanding the marine forces. Have paid off and disbanded the detachment of Lt-Gen. Holt's late regiment of marines, which was quartered in Westminster, but the Paymaster-General refusing to pay them and their secretary the usual allowances for the time they were employed without a special order, pray that such order may be given to Sir Roger Mostyn.
Minuted:—“22nd September 1715. Ref. to the paymaster to know how many days they were imployed, & what is the amount thereof.” 1 page.
23 Sept. 28. Comrs of Hides to the Lords of the Treasury. In obedience to their Lordships' commands, lay before them what moneys of the public taxes remain in the hands of several Receivers-General, and also what sums they have respectively paid into the Exchequer since their respites. Office for Hides, &c., 23 Sept. 1715.
Three other letters on the same subject. 5 pages.
24 Sept.]
29. Memorial of Edward, Earl of Clarendon, late Envoy Extraordinary to the Court of Hanover, for 289l. for his extraordinary expenses in that service, from 19 June to 20 Sept. 1714.
On the back is a note from Lord Townshend, dated 24 Sept., allowing certain of the charges.
Minuted:—“1st Novr 1715. A wt to be prepared.”
A memorandum on the same subject. 3 pages.
24 Sept. 30. Report of the Comrs of Hides to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Lawrence Ambrose, and on an annexed affidavit signed by Joseph Blagrave and Thomasin Ambrose, relating to Mr Shermer, Receiver-General of Berks, viz., as to his appointment and the sufficiency of his securities. The affidavit affirms that Mr Shermer was a zealous partisan of the Pretender. Office for Hides, &c., 24 Sept. 1715.
The petition and affidavit. 3 pages
24 Sept. 31. A state of the income of Richmond manor, according to a survey taken at West Sheen in the county of Surrey, in 1703.
Signed:—“H. Cholmley, Supervis[or]-Geñ. Sepr. 24, 1715.” 2 pages.
26 Sept. 32. Lord Galway to Mr Taylour, at the Treasury Chambers, begging him to move their Lordships for their order as to an affair which concerns Mr John Walker and the rest of the family of the late Dr Walker, the papers relating to that matter having lain before the Lords of the Treasury for some time past. Sept. 26, 1715.
His Lordship says:—“I have a particular regard for the memory of that good man, and the welfare of his family.” 1 page.
26 Sept. 33. Lords Justices of Ireland (Grafton and Galway) to the Lords of the Treasury. Remind them of a report lying before their board in favour of the Earl of Lifford, who petitions to be restored to the half-pay list in Ireland, off which he was unreasonably struck in 1706. He prays to receive the arrears from that time. Earnestly recommend him to their Lordships. The arrears would help him to repair to Ireland, where his service in Parliament might be of great use. London, Sept. 26, 1715.
Minuted:—“Read.” 2 pages.
27 Sept. 34. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. His Majesty desires them to direct the Comrs of Customs not to suffer the ship “Industry,” bound for South Carolina with arms for his Majesty's service, to sail until security be given that the ship shall go under the convoy of the man-of-war which carries Capt. Paddon to Gibraltar, so far as their way lies together, and shall afterwards sail direct to South Carolina. Whitehall, 27 Sept. 1715. 1 page.
27 Sept. 35. The same to the same. Encloses the memorial of the three gentlemen whose names were omitted from the last Irish establishment, and also that of Major-General Montolieu, alias St Hippolite, Brigadier Sausin, Abraham Boden, Esq., and Col. Boisrond, together with the letter relating thereto from the Lords Justices of Ireland, and signifies his Majesty's pleasure that their Lordships cause the mistakes mentioned in the former memorial to be rectified, and that pensions set forth in the latter memorial be settled upon the persons therein named. Whitehall, 27 Sept. 1715.
The enclosures not now with it. 1 page.
27 Sept. 36. Comrs of Stamps to the Lords of the Treasury. In answer to Mr Taylour's of the 24th inst., acquaint their Lordships that Sir Francis Head became security in 2,000l. for Mr George Bowles of Deal, when the latter was made distributor for the county of Kent. Sir Francis has since applied to have his security given up, which they have declined to do, till they had got another equally good security from Mr Bowles. As Mr Bowles has taken no notice of several letters from the Comrs desiring him to find new securities, owes the office more than 900l., and has never made any return of money since he was employed by them, they think it unjust to Sir Francis and unsafe for the revenue to give him any further credit. Are well informed that Bowles is now trying to hire securities, being unable otherwise to procure any. Think this, therefore, sufficient reason for removing him from being distributor, and propose Mr Thomas Winter as a fit person to succeed him. Stamp Office, Lincoln's Inn, Sept. 27, 1715.
Minuted:—“28th Septr 1715. A copie sent to Lord Dorsett.” 1 page.
27 Sept. 37. A list of various presents bought for the Emperor of Morocco by Thomas Baker and George Paddon, Esqrs. The last date is 27 Sept. 1715. Among the items are: “A rich crimson velvet sedan or chair for the darling sultaness, a native of England, 50l.,” and “10 pound of the finest tea at 30s p[er] pound, 15l.” 1 page.
27 Sept. 38. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury, enclosing the memorial of Col. Toby Purcel, with the report of the Lords Justices of Ireland thereon. The memorialist sets forth his various services during 50 years (viz., that he commanded a regiment during the wars in Ireland, was afterwards Governor of Cork, and from thence removed to Duncannon Fort), and his losses, and prays that as he himself is now very old the King would grant his son Richard a pension until he can be put into any civil employment in Ireland. His Majesty desires their Lordships to order a pension of 200l. a year on the Irish establishment for the son till some other provision can be made for him. Whitehall, 27 Sept. 1715.
Minuted:—“19th October 1715. Read.”
The memorial which was referred to the Lord-Lieut. to report upon.
The report is not now with it. 4 pages.
28 Sept. 39. Bonds given by the Governor and Company of the Bank of England and Mr Thomas Madocks, first cashier of the Bank of England, for the payment by the latter of moneys received by him into the Receipt of the Exchequer. Dated 31 Aug. and 28 Sept. 1715. 4 pages (brief size).
28 Sept. 40. J. Burchett to Mr Lowndes. The Navy Board were directed by the Lords of the Treasury on 16 Dec. 1714 to make forth a bill for paying the Duke of Leeds the arrears of his pay as a Vice-Admiral in the Fleet, to the time of her late Majesty's demise. The Lords of the Admiralty wish to know whether these orders were given in pursuance of his Majesty's commands, as such a proceeding is not only unusual, but is directly contrary to the methods of the navy in such cases. Admiralty Office, 28 Sept. 1715. 1 page.
28 Sept. 41. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. The envoy from Tripoli not being about to return as soon as was expected his Majesty desires them to deliver the present intended for the Dey to Captain Paddon, who will receive directions to convey the same to Tunis. Whitehall, 28 Sept. 1715.
Minuted.—“15th October 1715. Order'd accordingly.” 1 page, quarto.
28 Sept. 42. Two letters from James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifying his Majesty's pleasure that they prepare warrants for bestowing a yearly pension of 200l. on Stephen Cailland, and a yearly pension of 50l. on Mr Visconte Cigala, both to commence from Midsummer last. Whitehall, 28 Sept. 1715.
Both minuted:—“Wt signed.” 2 pages.
29 Sept.
43. Petition of the coachmen, footmen, &c. of her late Majesty, to the King. Have only received one half-year of their salaries, which are in arrear for one year ending at Michaelmas next. Pray payment. 1 page.
29 Sept. 44. Report of Ja. Bruce to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Col. Thomas Pitt in behalf of himself and the other officers of Major-General Pepper's late regiment of dragoons, touching a claim for 1,251l. 18s. 5d., being the subsistence of two troops of that regiment more than is allowed upon the Irish establishment. In favour of the claim. Controller's Office, Privy Garden, 29 Sept. 1715.
Minuted:—“2 Nov. 1715. A wt to relieve this regt of the surcharge in Ireland.”
The petition, a report of the Lord Lieut. of Ireland, a report of the Lords Justices, the reference to the Lord Lieut., copy of a warrant of 23 Feb, 1713–14, and copy of a report of the Duke of Shrewsbury on a memorial of Major Bellamy of the same regiment, together with the memorial, all connected with the same business. 15 pages, or parts.
29 Sept. 45. Lord Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury. Encloses the petition of Frances, Viscountess Bolingbroke, praying that his Majesty will grant her the remains of the estate of her husband, Henry Viscount Bolingbroke, attainted for high treason. His Majesty grants her the personal estate of her husband for her own use, and the real estate during her life. Desires their Lordships to give the necessary directions for rendering the grant effectual Whitehall, 29 Sept. 1715.
Minuted:—“3d October 1715. Read. Ref. to Mr Attorney and Sollr Genll to advise the proper methods for making the grant above mentioned.”
The petition. 2 pages.
29 Sept. 46. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifies his Majesty's pleasure that they give orders for answering such bills as shall be drawn upon them by the Lords Justices of Ireland for the transportation of four foot regiments from Ireland to the River Clyde, in Scotland. Whitehall, 29 Sept. 1715. 1 page.
29 Sept. 47. Accounts of his Majesty's Civil List revenues, &c. for the year ending Mich, 1715. Some are duplicates. With one or two other financial papers. 27 pages.
30 Sept. 48. Lords Justices of Ireland (Archbishops of Dublin and Tuam) to the Lords of the Treasury, as to the petition of Col. Henry Monro. Have referred the petition to the Muster Master General for Ireland, whose report, and the papers connected with the petition, they enclose. As the report states that the petitioner's statements are true, suggest that he should be placed on the establishment of half-pay. Dublin Castle, Sept. 30, 1715.
In the petition the Col. states that he was the only surviving colonel, except Col. Michelbourne, who served in “the late siege of Londonderry or Inniskillen.” The petitioner sets forth his services and losses, and states that there is due to him and his officers upwards of 10,000l. Prays for a pension or to be placed on half-pay.
Minuted:—“27 Janry. Prepare a wart.”
The enclosures. 15 pages.
[? Before
49. Petition of Ezekiel Johnson to the Earl of Carlisle and the rest of the Lords of the Treasury. Was employed by the Surveyor-General to inspect and look after the leads in the Savoy and several houses, the leases of which had expired and fallen to the Crown. Was ordered to repair the same and carried the repairs out. Was to be paid out of the rents, but these were ungathered through the sickness of the surveyor. Petitioner and the workmen petitioned the Treasury. Sir Chr Wren reported thereon in July 1714, and the report has not yet been read. Prays an order thereon or they will all be utterly ruined. Undated, but ? between May and October 1715, from the Earl of Carlisle being a Lord of the Treasury.
Minuted:—“9th April 1718. Look out the reports.” 1 page.
1 Oct. 50. Memorial to the Lords of the Treasury from Lieut.-Gen. Charles Wills, Governor of the town and castle of Berwick-upon-Tweed. Prays for a warrant to the Paymaster-General of H. M. Forces, directing him to allow the master gunner and another gunner upon Holy Island their pay from 24 June 1713 to 25 Dec. 1714, amounting to 82l. 7s. 0d., they having been omitted during that time from the establishment of the garrison of Berwick and Holy Island. 1 October 1715.
Minuted:—“2 Nov. 1715. To be laid before ye Comrs for stating ye debts of ye army.” 1 page.
3 Oct.]
51. Extracts out of a report from Mr Keith, late Surveyor-General of the southern continent of America, dated 16 July 1715, and out of a memorial from Col. Rhett, Surveyor and Controller of South Carolina, dated 3 Oct. 1715, and out ot several letters from the other officers there, showing that Mr Craven, Governor of South Carolina, had obstructed the officers of the Customs in the execution of their duties. Signed “Cha. Carkesse, sen[io]r.” 2 pages and 3 lines.
52. Another paper signed by the same, as to charges against Mr Norris, Naval Officer of Jamaica. Undated.
The articles about these charges were taken out of letters and papers sent home by Mr Keith and by Mr Beckford, now Surveyor and Comptroller of Jamaica. 3 pages.
3 Oct. 53. Thomas Missing to the [Secretary of the Treasury]. Complains of the many enemies opposing him in his contract for the supply of provisions. The Government is to be thanked if any provisions supplied were bad as it was through their delay. It was April before he began killing, and it was then somewhat too hot. Will engage his life for the future. Has already killed six months' beef and pork. 3 Oct. 1715. 2 pages.
[? About
4 Oct.]
54. Memorial of John Dear, gardener to the late Earl of Halifax, to the Lords [of the Treasury]. Prays for 50l. for making good Cotton Garden, where the King's kitchen was made at the Coronation. His Lordship died before the work was finished. Dr Bentley refuses to be at the expense of keeping the garden in order.
Minuted:—“4th October 1715. Mr Wise to pay the money arising out of the sale of the boards used in Cotton Garden at the Coronac[i]on into the Excheqr, out of wch mos 50l is to be paid to the petitioner.” Again:—“Warrt signed.” 1 page.
4 Oct. 55. Board of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury. The Surveyor-General of the Ordnance and Mr. Edwards, H.M. Second Engineer at Portsmouth, report that they cannot carry on the works ordered there for want of sods, and that the lands purchased for the fortifications there afford the only place from which to obtain them. Desire their Lordships to empower the engineer to cut and take away from thence such turf as may be required. Office of Ordnance, 4th Oct. 1715. 1 page.
6 Oct. 56. Wm Popple to William Lowndes, Esq., giving the result of the examination by the Board of Trade into the memorial of John Rayner, Esq., Attorney-General of New York. The memorialist prays for arrears of salary, having received none since 24 June 1713, and states that he was appointed to his office by Queen Anne in 1708, and has been continued by his present Majesty. The Board of Trade find that he was appointed Attorney-General of New York in 1708, but having nothing to do with his salary cannot say anything as to that part of his petition. Have found, however, an Order of Council of 16 Feb. 1698, a copy of which he is ordered to send to Mr. Lowndes, that no persons should be allowed to have patents for places in the plantations unless they resided there. Mr Rayner has produced a licence from her late Majesty to be absent, but the Board of Trade leave it to their Lordships to decide as to allowing an Attorney-General (who is also Advocate-General) salary for the time he is not in residence. Whitehall, Oct. 6th, 1715.
Minuted:—“2d Novr 1715. My Lords cannot advise the King either to grant a salla or pay arreares, the petr not having been on the place for any the time that the said arreares are claimed.”
The copy of the Order of Council not now with it. 3 pages, a piece eaten away at the top by mice.
6 Oct. 57. Report of the Attorney and Solicitor-General (Edw. Northey and N. Lechmere) as to building leases. 6 Oct. 1715.
A copy. 4 pages.
7 Oct. 58. Report of the same to the Duke of Bolton, Lord Chamberlain of H.M. household, as to how his Majesty may take possession of lodgings in H.M. palace of Whitehall, said to have been granted to the late Duke of Ormond by the Crown, and now forfeited by his attainder. Are of opinion that the grant and his attainder by Act of Parliament must be found by inquisition, and that thereon the lodgings will be seized into his Majesty's hands. 7 Oct. 1715. 1 page.
8 Oct. 59. A list of sums of money due upon his Majesty's establishment for civil affairs in Scotland, bearing date at St James's 23 Dec. 1714, for one quarter ending 29 Sept. 1715, made up by the Barons of the Exchequer at Edinburgh the 29th of Sept. 1715.
With a copy of a note of approval by the Lords of the Treasury. Dated 8th Oct. 1715. 5½ pages.
10 Oct. 60. A list from St Christopher's of shipping, from 25 June 1715 to 25 Sept. 1715. St. Christopher's, October 10th 1715. 1 page.
12 Oct. 61. Report of the Comrs for Hides to the Lords of the Treasury as to affidavits made by Mr Joseph Blagrave and Mrs Thomasin Ambrose, against Mr Shermer, recommended as Receiver-General for the co. of Berks, which matter they were ordered to examine into. The persons making the affidavits charge Mr Shermer with treasonable words used, &c. Office for Hides, &c., 12 October 1715.
Minuted:—“12 Octr 1715. Read.”
Six enclosures, consisting of affidavits and certificates rebutting the charges. 8 pages.
13 Oct. 62. Lord Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury, signifying his Majesty's pleasure that they get letters patent passed for settling 50,000l. a year and the Palace of Somerset House on H.R.H. the Princess of Wales, pursuant to Act of Parliament. Whitehall, 13 Oct. 1715.
Minuted:—“Prepar'd accordingly.” 1 page,
14 Oct. 63. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. His Majesty desires them, notwithstanding his former orders of the 27th ult., to direct the Comrs of Customs to allow the ship “Industry,” bound for South Carolina with arms for his Majesty's service, to proceed on her voyage without waiting for the man-of-war which is to carry Capt. Paddon to Gibraltar, upon giving 5,000l. to sail direct to South Carolina. Whitehall, 14 Oct. 1715.
Minuted:—“15 th October 1715. Warrt to be p[re]par'd.” 1 page.
17 Oct. 64. N. Lechmere to William Lowndes, Esq. Is sorry he is unable to attend at the Treasury at the hour signified to him by Mr Powis. Has before written to him his opinion of Mr Shermer. Has known him for more than 10 years, and is as certain as it is possible to be that he is zealously opposed to the Pretender. Trusts that notice will be taken of the many suspicious circumstances attending the accusation made against him. Oct. 17, 1715.
Two other letters on the same subject, from the same to the same, dated respectively 24th and 28th Sep. 1715.
17 Oct. 65. A paper of totals docquetted:—“Deficiency's Lottery, 1714.” Given under the authority of “Matthew Barton, Comp~. 17 Oct. 1715.” 1 page.
18 Oct. 66. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Encloses by his Majesty's orders extracts of letters and informations from Berwick, as to one Lancelot Errington, and the ship “Mary,” of Newcastle, under his command, which ship was seized for the King's use. His Majesty desires their Lordships to give directions for disposing of the same, Whitehall, 18th Oct. 1715.
The enclosures not now with it. 1 page.
[? About
19 Oct.]
67. Petition to the King of John Borland, of Boston, in New England, merchant. States that he was in 1710, upon the reduction of Annapolis Royal, appointed by the Council of War who commanded that expedition, to furnish provisions to that garrison. This he has done for three years, and holds bills of Col. Vetch, the Governor, upon the Treasury, to the amount of 14,655l. 0s. 8d., for provisions so supplied. Prays payment of the bills, and that half the above sum of 14,655l. 0s. 8d. may be ordered him in the meantime to stop the mouths of his most urgent creditors.
On another leaf is a copy of a certificate signed Sam. Vetch, as to the truth of these statements, and an account of the garrison's subsistence for 434 days.
Minuted:—“19th October 1715. The bills drawn by the petr being so extravagant that it was thought fit to make considerable deductions from them, and the remainder being a Debt of the Land Forces, their Lops think it proper to refer this to the Comrs appointed for stating the Debts of the Army.” Again:—“Sent with Vetch's papers to Commrs Accots.” 2 pages.
20 Oct. 68. Report of the Board of Works to the Treasury, on the petition of Mr James Thornhill. Are of opinion that he may be allowed 457l. 10s. for painting the ceiling of the Prince and Princess of Wales' bedchamber in H.M. Palace of Hampton Court. The work is skilfully and laboriously performed, and is at the rate of 3l. 11s. a yard, which is less than what was always allowed to Signor Vario for work in their opinion not so well executed. Whitehall, Office of Works, 20th October 1715.
Minuted:—“2d November 1715. Order'd.” 1 page.
20 Oct. 69. Report of R. Powys to the Lords [of the Treasury] on the within written memorial of James Craggs, Esq., late resident and envoy at Barcelona, praying to be allowed 500l. for a campaign equipage. Finds that 500l. has been usually allowed for this purpose to envoys directed to take the field with the princes they attended upon. This charge was disallowed in Jan. last, on the ground that Mr Craggs, as Commissary of the Stores, was obliged to attend the army in that capacity; but Mr Craggs said that office only required his attendance at Barcelona, and when he was ordered to take the field with King Charles III. of Spain he had to pay a deputy to take charge of the stores at Barcelona. 20th October 1715.
Minuted:—“21st Oct. 1715. A wt to be prepared for paying this 500li out of the Queen's Arreares.” Again:—“28th October 1715. Warrt sign'd.”
The report is on the back of the memorial. 2 pages.
[? About
21 Oct.]
70. Representation to the Lords of the Treasury from the owners of the four ships employed to transport forces, &c. to Placentia, Newfoundland, in 1713. They contracted by covenants of charter party with the Comrs of Transports for 12s. per ton per month, and are much concerned to find their Lordships have tied them down to accept 10s. per ton per month. Can see no reason why their contract should be thus broken, and pray their Lordships to issue fresh orders.
Minuted:—“21st October 1715. My Lords think the Comrs of Transports, gave suffict reasons why they should have but 10s. p[er] ton p[er] month, and see no reason to alter their former opinion.” 2 pages.
[? About
22 Oct.]
71. Memorial of Elizabeth Sherman, widow, to the Lords of the Treasury, to the same effect as that hereafter noticed under date 18 Dec. 1715.
Minuted:—“22 October 1715. Qur where she was p[ai]d.” Again: “150 guineas (the arrears of her pension) to be pd out of the 2,000li left by the late Queen to charitable uses.” 1 page.
24 Oct. 72. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Signifies his Majesty's pleasure that they lodge 1,200l. with the Treasurer of the Chamber, out of which he may advance money to the messengers sent abroad on H.M. service, to defray their expenses. Whitehall, 24 Oct. 1715.
Minuted:—“24 Oct. 1715. Issue 1,200l. to the Trea[sure]r of the Chambr to be advanced to the messengers as the Secrys. of State shall direct, to enable them to go on the services they are sent upon, taking care the sums advanced go in pt of their bills wn they shalbe made out.” 1 page.
24 Oct. 73. Paper headed, “Estimate of the Debts on Accot of her late Mats Civil List at the time of her demise. The sums paid in part of the said debts between that time and Michãs 1715. With an acct of what is wanting to bring up all payments thereupon to Xmas 1713, and the complement that then remains to answer the whole estimate.” 24 October 1715. 1 page.
24 Oct. 74. Isaac Manley to [the Secretary of the Treasury]. Is prevented, by having to hasten to Ireland with the bills approved by the King and Council for opening Parliament, from paying his duty and thanks for the pension on the Irish Establishment granted him by the Treasury. Prays that his pension may commence from Lady-day last. 24 Oct. 1715.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” 1 page, quarto.
[? About
25 Oct.]
75. A paper commencing “My Lords,” and docquetted:—“Memorial concerning the Coins and Medals.” Sets forth how poor the engraving done at the Mint is, and offers some observations for improving it. At the beginning the memorialist says, with regard to well stamped coins, that “the King is in his lifetime, and to all posterity, thereby honoured, as the antick medals to this day do wittness, and as the most part of his subjects never see the original, the only idea of his S.P. is what the coin represents them, which being done to disadvantage, gives no satisfaction to the well affected, and creates a contempt by the disaffected.”
Minuted:—“John Croker appointed 10th of Mar. 1704–5 to be first Graver of ye Mint, sal. 200li. p[er] añ for self and 80li p[er] añ for two assists, continued, 25 Oc. 1715, dureing pleasure.”
The following are the observations made with a view to improve the engraving:—
“1. To provide the Mint with an engraver that is able to produce ye best work both for heads and revers of medals and coin, skild in embossing of wax, as also to do all other work of engraving in steel, silver, and stone to excelling, who not only will be fittest to do the best service att present, but also to bring up others with good instruction to succeed after him.
“2. The Government having provided for the expences of ye Mint the engraving as an art may be regarded as the most considerable work thereof, all the others being but mechannik; to allow for it a suitable salary, will be the chief motiv to animate a man of capacity to use his utmost endeavours to deserve it; and if the salary hath been diminished, to restore it as it was in former reigns.
“3. It would be of great service that 2 or 300l. should be employd to make a collection of all sorts of antik and modern medals or impressions thereof, fine prints, antik bas releivs, figures and heads to remain always in the office of the engravers for the present and future use.
“4. It would be usefull to give permission to such an engraver for some months to make the say'd collection partly att Paris, and att the same time to examine all the methods that are in use there for the perfection of the work in coin and medals, to the end that it might be perform'd here so good as in any place of Europe.
“5. It would not be sufficient only to bring up disciples to instruct them with all care and application, but to render them more perfect they should be for some years brought up in the Academy of Drawing and Embossing att Paris, that they may have a solid foundation to do the work in future with more perfection, by which method the kingdom will always be serv'd to great satisfaction.” 3 pages.
25 Oct. 76. Board of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury. Have attended on the [East India] Company, but as there is above 7½ per cent. difference in the refraction of the salt petre they are to receive from the Company, were advised not to mention what they had in charge from their Lordships till that was settled. As this is not yet done, think it their duty to lay the same before their Lordships. Office of Ordnance, 25 October 1715.
Somewhat injured by damp. 1 page.
25 Oct. 77. Comrs of Customs (Scotland) to the Lords of the Treasury. His Majesty on the 10th inst. ordered 10,000l. to be paid to the Duke of Argyle, for a month's subsistence of his forces, out of the moneys remaining in the hands of the Receiver General of the Land Tax, the Comrs of Excise, and the Receiver-General of the Customs. Mr Grame, the Receiver-General of the Customs, has advanced 2,200l., nearly all the money in his hands; and the said Grame, so far from being able to advance any more money, must be repaid from London what he has already advanced, otherwise the Revenue under their hands may suffer from want of money; for as so much of the Kingdom is in possession of the rebels, he will receive no sum of any considerable amount from the Customs this current quarter. Custom House, Edinburgh, 25 Oct. 1715.
Minuted:—“1st November 1715. When their Bills come they shall be comply'd with.” 1 page.
[? About
25 Oct.]
78. “Charles Harison's report concerning lycences granted by the Court of Excheq. to compound upon penal laws, &c. from 15th June 1715 to 14 July following, inclusive.” “R. 25 Oct. 1715.” 5 double pages.
27 Oct. 79. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury on the case of Isaac Giles, who had been dismissed by the Comrs from being a land waiter at Bristol on the charge of being disaffected to the Government. Have, in obedience to Mr Taylour's letter of the 10th ult., examined into the matter again. Enclose four papers on the subject. Have presumed to put a stop to their Lordships' warrant of the 3rd inst., requiring them to appoint Mr Samuel Parmiter to succeed Giles, until they hear further from their Lordships. Custom House, London, 27 October 1715.
Minuted:—“2d November 1715. Read. To be further considered.”
Two petitions of Isaac Giles, a letter from Lord Bradford in his behalf, and the four enclosures referred to. 12 pages.
[? About
28 Oct.]
80. Petition of Hugh Speke to the King. The French translation of his book of the happy Revolution in MS., as presented to his Majesty by the Earl of Berkeley in May last, cost him above 50l.; prays therefore for his Majesty's bounty.
Minuted:—“28th October 1715. 30l. to be pd p[er] Mr Lowther.”
In Latin and English. 2 pages.
[? About
28 Oct.]
81. Petition to the King of Lt-Col. Walter Butler, one of the seven Irish officers who quitted the enemy's service and came over to the Allies on her late Majesty's proclamation. There was due to him four years' pay for the time he served under Prince Eugene of Savoy. Francis Gwyn, late Secretary-at-War, had made a most unjust report on his case, as appears from the Hon. Wm Pulteney's report to the Lords of the Treasury, on the 10th June last. Begs his Majesty to order the Lords of the Treasury to examine into his case, and to pay him his demand if his allegations be found to be true.
Minuted:—“Look out his papers. 28th October 1715. Read.” 1 page.
29 Oct. 82. Comrs of Excise (Scotland) to the Lords [of the Treasury], giving an account of the cash which will remain in their hands when all the demands upon them are satisfied. Most of the country north of the Forth being in the hands of the rebels, they can expect no money from that country for some time; there will also be a considerable decrease in the revenue from the counties south of the Forth, as many of these have been overrun, and the excise collected by the rebels. Excise Office, Edinburgh, 29 Oct. 1715.
Minuted:—“11th November 1715. Read.” 2 pages.
31 Oct. 83. Rob. Aston to Wm Lowndes, Esq. Encloses an account signed by the Deputy-Governor of Gibraltar, of the number of persons victualled in that garrison from 18 July to 14 Aug. last, inclusive. Beg that their Lordships will issue the sum due to the paymaster, with orders to pay the same to the contractor. London, 31 Oct. 1715.
Minuted:—“1 Novr 1715. Send this to Earle Lincolne, and desire his Lordp. to make a demand for wt is due to be paid thereupon according to the contract.”
The enclosure not now with it. 1¼ pages.
31 Oct. 84. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on a letter from Paul Docminique, Esq., to the Duke of Marlborough, wherein he proposes that in order to encourage the English weavers to make lustrings, alamodes, and rastageens, some persons shall be nominated by the Weavers' Company, and be empowered to seize all such French silks as shall be run without paying duties. Have desired Mr Lekeux, of the weavers, to consult with others of the Company concerning the best methods to prevent the running of foreign silks. Mr Lekeux's proposal thereon was referred to the Patent officers. They report that some part is already observed, and that the other is impracticable. Are of opinion, as they have been for many years, that the giving of extraordinary commissions to persons, not officers of the Customs, for such seizures, may be detrimental to the revenue and injurious to trade. Custom House London, 31 Oct. 1715.
Two enclosures. 3 pages and 2 halves.