Volume 193: November 2-December 19, 1715

Pages 151-164

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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November 2–December 19, 1715

[? About
2 Nov.]
1. Representation of Sir Bibye Lake to the Lords of the Treasury. Has paid into the Receipt of the Exchequer 2,257l. 4s. 10¼d. in part of 13,149l. 10s.d. owing to the Crown from Robert Peters, Esq., late Receiver-General of Hertfordshire. Prays on his appointment a warrant to secure to him the estates of the above Robert Peters. Undated.
Five other papers in relation to these affairs, one of which is docquetted:—“Mr Taylor's certificate in relation to Sr Bibye Lake, Bart, concerning Mr Peters, late Recr-Genl. of Hertfordshire.”
Minuted:—“2 Novr 1715. Send to Ea. Carnarvon & Sr Roger Mostyn to know wt is become of the SS. Stock that was to answer these assignemts. In case it appears to be assigned to the Trustees, then so much to be issued out of the moneys arising by the sale of that stock as will discharge the assignmts, and that money being paid into the Excheqr on Peters' accot a warrant may then be prepared for assigning the extent & securitys as desired.” 7 pages.
[? About
2 Nov.]
2. Statement of the case of the clerks of the House of Lords as to recompense for their services, referring to an address of the House of Lords in their favour, and to an application made by James Merest and Gerard Fitzgerald, two of the clerks who petitioned the Lord Treasurer in 1713, who allowed them 50l. a-piece. The clerks having no allowance whatever for public business, petitioned the Lords of the Treasury since her Majesty's death, and Mr Powys reported thereon. They have again lodged a petition with the Lords of the Treasury on the same subject
The two petitions referred to. On the back of one is Mr Powys's report, by which it appears that the grievance of the clerks arose from their losses by several orders relating to private Bills and the Act for a general naturalization.
This is minuted:—“2d Novr 1715. The Act being repealed there is noe cause for this applicac[i]on.” There is also the copy of the address. 4 pages.
2 Nov. 3. Docquetted:—“Copy of a letter from Joseph Smith to Mr Usher, late Lt-Governor of New Hampsire, dated the 2d of Novembr 1715, relating to the waste committed in the woods there.”
The letter complains of unreasonable waste and destruction in the province, of timber suitable for naval stores, “there being scarce such for bigness, length, and soundness” in America. In a few years it will be utterly consumed. Every winter great numbers of men and teams, chiefly from Exeter, as is creditably reported, cut 1,500 large pine trees, and haul them in logs into the river called Lampreet River, and the great flowing of the river with great rains brings them down to the river's mouth. Out of these they saw at least 2,000,000 pine boards, besides oak plank; and masts and extraordinary oak timber are constantly transported to Spain and Portugal in great quantities. Captain McFredrick has made some voyages from hence to Spain and Portugal, and is ready to sail with two vessels from Piscataqua, so that we supply those who were lately at war with us. Hampton, 2 Nov. 1715. 2½ pages.
2 Nov. 4. Petition of John Elphinstone to Robert Walpole, Esq., and the rest of the Lords of the Treasury, in relation to his salary of 40l. per annum, and for charges about the Cotton Library.
Minuted:—“2d Novr 1715. Read. My Lords do not think it fit to increase the allowance. Prepare a warrt for what is due upon his 40l p[er] anñ.” 1 page.
2 Nov. 5. Viscount Townshend to the South Sea Company. Makes a proposal to the Company to purchase a quantity of arms, amounting to about 2,000, his Majesty having great occasion for a present supply of arms. Whitehall, 2 Nov. 1715. [A copy.] 1 page.
[? About
2 Nov.]
6. Petition to the Lords of the Treasury of Peter Flournoys, Trustee to the Earl of Clancarty's children. The date set down in the patent passed for the continuation of the grant of 1,000l. per ann. to these children, instead of being from the Accession, was from Christmas last; by which means they would lose five months of their pension, unless their Lordships directed 416l. 13s. 4d. to be paid to them.
Minuted:—“2 November 1715. To be laid before the King.”
“Recomd by Lady Sunderland” is also written on the back. 1 page.
[? About
2 Nov.]
7. Petition of Susannah Clarke, widow, to the Lords of the Treasury, praying for the continuance of a pension of 10l. per ann. granted to her on her husband being killed by the Irish at Gravesend in the reign of King William.
Minuted:—“2 Nov. 1715. To be laid before ye King.” 1 page.
[? About
4 Nov.]
8. Petition of Col. Richard Morris to the Lords of the Treasury, praying to be reimbursed 488l. laid out by him in clothing 122 men, whom he raised to supply the place of those drafted in the year 1710 from the regiment of Dragoons in Ireland, under his command.
Minuted:—“4th November 1715. Ref. to Comrs for stating the debts of the army.”
Copies of two reports subordinate to the above. 5 pages.
4 Nov. 9. Lord Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury. Sends copy of a former letter and the reply of the South Sea Company, asking them to further consider it, and give directions in relation to their furnishing a quantity of arms for the King's service. Nov. 4, 1715. 2 pages.
7 Nov. 10. Mr Richards to Mr Lowndes. On the same subject. Has taken on himself to give his opinion, the Board of Ordnance not meeting until to-morrow. The arms are not fit for H.M. service.
Letter enclosed. 7 Nov. 1715. 2 pages.
7 Nov. 11. Report of Thomas Hewet, Esq., Surveyor-General of the King's Woods, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of the Hon. John West, Master Keeper of the Inner Bailiwick Walk of the New Forest, praying for his house to be repaired; recommending that the house should be repaired, and that the master should be obliged to keep it so. Nov. 7, 1715.
Minuted:—“10 April 1716. Ordered.” “Wt signed.”
The memorial referred to. 4 pages.
7 Nov. 12. Memorial of the same to the same setting forth various defects in the management of the forests, and proposing that he should have a dormant warrant to fell dead and decayed trees to raise money to pay claims for repairs, &c. The keepers are generally the greatest offenders in felling wood for fuel, and ignorant and careless of their buildings, and ought not to be trusted with any repairs whatsoever. Thinks that all the lodges and buildings should be put in good repair, and that for the future they should be kept so by contract. Nov. 7, 1715.
Minuted:—“4th January 1715. My Lords agree to the memorial.”
Also what appears to be the draft of the introductory clause of the warrant referred to. 3 pages.
7 Nov. 13. Memorial of Basil, Earl of Denbigh, late one of the four Tellers of the Receipt of the Exchequer, to the Lords of the Treasury, praying that the bonds he gave for the discharge of his trust may be given up to be cancelled, the balance of his cash having been transferred to William Powlett, one of the Tellers of the Receipt of the Exchequer.
The auditor's certificate of the same, signed, “Halifax.” Dated Exchequer, 7 Nov. 1715. 2 pages.
8 Nov. 14. Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, desiring them, without loss of time, to move his Majesty for 5,000l. to be employed in the purchase of arms and ammunition for his Majesty's stores. Dublin Castle, 8 Nov. 1715.
Minuted:—“Wt signed.” 1 page.
2 and 8
15. Two letters, one being from S. Compton and the other from R. Eyre, to William Lowndes, Esq., approving of the alterations in the draft of the royal warrant to prepare a Bill for the jointure of the Princess of Wales. Dated 2 and 8 Nov. 1715.
The draft referred to, with a certificate of approval, signed by the Attorney and Solicitor-General. 12 pages.
9 Nov. 16. Memorial and certificate of Archibald Douglas, Receiver-General of the land tax, crown rents and revenues in Scotland, to the Lords of the Treasury, showing the balances of the several funds remaining in his hands. 9 Nov. 1715. 2 large pages.
Feb.–9 Nov. 17. Memorials, &c. from officers of the Office of Works to the Lords of the Treasury touching works at the barracks in the Savoy Windsor Castle, &c. Feb.—9 Nov. 1715. 6 pages.
9 Nov. 18. Report of the Comrs for Hides, &c. to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Samuel Francis, late Surveyor of the duties on houses in the co. of Montgomery, who was removed from that employment in August then last past, and succeeded by John Meredith. His discharge was not occasioned by any complaint from the Board, and they have no objection to restore him. Office for Hides, &c., 9 Nov. 1715.
Minuted:—“11 Novr 1715. If Mr Francis can clear himself of the imputac[i]on of being disaffected to the p[re]sent Government, my Lords will restore him to the office of a Surveyor of the duties on houses when a vacancy offers.”
The petition referred to. 2 pages.
10 Nov. 19. A state of all the money that is now remaining in the hands of any of the Commissioners, receivers or collectors of the revenues or taxes in Scotland.
Docquetted:—“A state of ye publick money in Scotland the 10th day of Novembr 1715.” 1 page.
[? About
10 Nov.]
20. Memorial of Brigadier Lewis Petit, late Lt-Governor of Port Mahon, in Minorca, to the Lords of the Treasury for allowance of certain charges laid out by him for fortifications at Port Mahon.
Minuted:—“10th November 1715. To Comrs for stating the debts of the army to determine how far this is a debt to proceed thereupon according to the Act of Parliament.” Again:—“His cravings sent to audrs imprs, and the stated accot to the Commrs.” 2 pages.
11 Nov. 21. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, respecting a demand by Commander John Gray of H.M. ship “Folkston,” and of a similar demand for freight by Capt. Beal, Commander of H.M. ship “Deal Castle.” Think it not reasonable that his Majesty should pay freight for his own money in his own ships. 11 Nov. 1715.
Minuted:—“15 Nov. 1715. To the Lords of the Admiralty to give the proper orders that the money may be refunded.”
Three enclosures. 4 pages.
11 Nov. 22. “An abstract of the accot of the Honoble Conyers Darcy & George Feilding, Esqrs, Commrs for executing the office of Master of the Horse, between 19th July 1712 & 11 Novr 1715,” &c. 1 page.
12 Nov. 23. John Middleton to William Lowndes, Esq. Being in Sussex in order to raise the money due from Mr Eversfield to the Government, heard there was an extent coming out against his (Eversfield's) estate and his own, by which he was obliged to hasten to town before he could effect the settlement. Has contracted with Mr Gale for the sale of some part of his own estate. Hoped the Government would indulge him for some short time to have raised the remaining 1,500l. The methods he would pursue would bring in the money much sooner than any others. Dated 12 Nov. 1715. 1 page.
12 Nov.]
24. A case drawn up for an opinion. Docquetted:—“Lottery Act case stated.”
Minuted:—“12th November 1715. Read.”
14 Nov. 25. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, as to allowance of the charges for searching vessels and passengers, especially all persons coming from France without passes from the Earl of Stair; pray directions. Also praying their Lordships' order as to how 37l. 7s. 6d. is to be paid to their officers for apprehending and securing Sir William Windham. 14 Nov. 1715.
Minuted:—“15th November 1715. A general warrant to be prepar'd, & the inclos'd bills to be allow'd.” 1 page.
14 Nov. 26. The Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury. Have nothing to object to the putting on the Irish establishment of the Count of Vivans, Major Henry Bouguet, and John de Durand, a French minister at Dublin. Remind their Lordships of a petition of Messrs. Saintipolite, Sausin, Bodens, and Col. Boisrond. Dublin Castle, 14 Nov. 1715.
Minuted:—“Prepare war. accordingly.” 1 page.
15 Nov. 27. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on a letter from William Roberts of Topsham, a tide surveyor, to Mr Secretary Stanhope, respecting regulations for the better security of the revenue in that port. Have no intention of removing Roberts, as he seems to suggest. Are sorry that their Lordships or Mr Secretary Stanhope should be troubled with such groundless complaints. 15 Nov. 1715.
It is mentioned that the officers of the port of Exeter had appointed Thomas Davey as landwaiter at Teignmouth, &c., but Davey had informed them that he was concerned in the prosecution of Mr Gilbert Langdon, minister of Woodberry, for speaking treasonable words against his Majesty, and it would be inconvenient for him to remove to Teignmouth.
The letter referred to, and a covering letter from Mr Secretary Stanhope. 4 pages.
15 Nov. 28. J. Burchett, for the Lords of the Admiralty, to the Secretaries of the Treasury. Asking them to move the Lords of the Treasury to issue money to the Treasurer of the Navy to satisfy the Provost of Edinburgh, who had with much zeal for the King's service, supplied the commanders of the men-of-war employed in the river against the rebels, when no one there would give them credit. Admiralty Office, 15 Nov. 1715.
Minuted:—“Read.” 1½ pages.
15 Nov. 29. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, relating to certain brandy seized out of the ship “Mary,” the master of which, Lancelot Errington, had surprised and taken possession of the castle of Holy Island. The riding surveyor on the coast of Northumberland immediately went to Berwick to give notice thereof. He apprehended that Errington (who had for several years been a common smuggler) might have brought stores for the rebels then at Wooller; he (the surveyor) came to the island the next day, when several persons sent by the magistrates of Berwick, with about 20 soldiers, came and retook the castle. Whereupon the riding officer and others made a seizure of the brandy, &c. on board the vessel. The officers of the castle pretended to have made the seizure, but the Comrs were of opinion that the officers of Customs were the prior seizers, and entitled to the officers' share. 15 Nov. 1715.
Minuted:—“17 December 1715. Read. To be consider'd when the petition from Berwick comes up.”
Eleven enclosures 20 pages.
17 Nov. 30. “Copy of the Attorney-General's opinion, dated the 17th of November 1715, concerning the Collectors of the Customs in the Plantations receiving the duties of enumerated goods in pieces of 8/8'—A.” 4½ pages.
17 Nov. 31. Henry Baker to the Lords of the Treasury. Was commanded by the Comrs of Customs to inquire into the behaviour of the collector and other officers at Weymouth, and into the management of the revenue, and how the officers were affected to the constitution. Encloses certificate from the mayor and bailiff of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis. Custom House, Poole. 17 Nov. 1715.
The certificate referred to, which states that Thomas Bower, Esq., the collector, was not well affected to the House of Hanover. 2 pages.
19 Nov. 32. R. Congreve to the Lords of the Treasury, describing the very “malloncolly curcumstances” the garrison [at Gibraltar] was in for want of provisions, the contractor having failed to send a supply. If it had not been their good fortune to be relieved by a ship that came by accident from Ireland they would have been reduced to the greatest distress. Gibraltar, 19 Nov. 1715, O.S.
Minuted:—“Read.” 1 page.
21 Nov. 33. Lord Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury. Asking them to give directions for 40s. a day, to be paid to Mr Luke Schamb, Lord Cobham's secretary, who, on his Lordship's leaving Vienna, continued the care of his Majesty's affairs till the arrival of another minister. Whitehall, 21 Nov. 1715.
Minuted:—“Orderd, 24 Novbr 1715.” See also Minute Book, Vol. 20, p. 192, to the same effect. 2 pages, quarto.
22 Nov. 34. Mr Secretary Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Asking that his Majesty's pleasure, as notified in a former letter, in favour of Captain William Taverner, might take effect. Whitehall, 22 Nov. 1715. 1 page, quarto.
23 Nov. 35. J. Burchett, for the Lords of the Admiralty, to the Secretaries of the Treasury. The Lords of the Admiralty have received a memorial from the Governor and Directors of Greenwich Hospital, representing that the Prince of Denmark intended, as her Majesty did, after his decease, to settle upon the Hospital the Queen's house at Greenwich, with the park, gardens, and appurtenances. The Governor and Directors laid out a considerable sum on the house to fit it for the reception of the Governor. More than seven years have elapsed without a settlement of the same, and more than 4,000l. have been expended. The house is in a ruinous condition. Asks that they will lay these affairs before the Lords of the Treasury, and that the latter will move his Majesty to bestow the house, &c. on the hospital in regard that the present revenue is hardly sufficient to defray the expenses. Admiralty Office, 23 Nov. 1715. 2 pages.
[? About
23 Nov.]
36. Petition of John Lane to the Lords of the Treasury. Petitioner was Commander of the ship “Herne,” belonging to the East India Company, trading to and from the Indies, and was charged by Clark, the Quartermaster with bringing home serges, bullion, tea, &c. Clark, being unsuccessful in his charges before the East India Company, carried them before the Comrs of Customs. Prays for directions to be given to the Attorney-General to stay the informations, and for a warrant to “non pros” the same.
Referred to the Comrs of Customs, 23 Nov. 1715.
Also five affidavits. 5 pages.
23 Nov. 37. Memorial of the Board of Greencloth. 62,000l. used to be payable as great pensions and charities out of Mr Compton's office at Whitehall, which were rated and paid towards the taxes laid by Act of Parliament upon the palaces of Whitehall and St. James's; and now there is about half that sum payable at Whitehall “whereby the tax upon ye family must consequently be raised to make good the other half.” It is hoped that the Lords of the Treasury will transfer as many pensions as his Majesty already hath, or shall grant to be so paid as to be taxable in Whitehall. 23 Nov. 1715.
Minuted:—“23 Xbr 1715. Read.” 1 page.
24 Nov. 38. Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Col. Toby Purcell, desiring a pension for his son until otherwise provided for. Recommend a pension of 200l. per ann. till some other provision can be made. Dublin Castle, 24 Nov. 1715.
Minuted:—“18th January 1715. Prepare a warrant.—Wt signed.”
The petition referred to, and another petition setting forth his services and disappointments. 4 pages.
24 Nov. 39. Report of the Solicitor-General to the Lords of the Treasury, on the question:—“Whether the Crown has not a power to make a third auditor for accounts whereof the auditing is not already granted to others, and particularly of the new duties therein-before mentioned.” Has no doubt that the Crown has the power, but the question depends on the extent of the grants to the present auditors. Upon the whole matter is of opinion that when the patents to the present auditors of imprests determine, the Crown may distribute their offices into as many auditors as the Crown shall think fit. During the continuance of the patents the Crown may create a third auditor for the accounts of such duties as the Treasury shall from time to time refer to him, but as to certain accounts the present auditors are well entitled to them by their patents. 24 Nov. 1715.
Also “Copy of a view of the auditor's office, as granted by the letters patents to Mr F. with relation to the new Duties.” 30 pages.
25 Nov. 40. Lord Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury, signifying his Majesty's pleasure that the enclosed bills of Capt. Williamson be paid, amounting to 113li, likewise a bounty of 100 guineas for his services on account of his having brought over from Antwerp the Barrier Treaty signed. Whitehall, 25 Nov. 1715.
Minuted:—“4th January 1715. Warrant to be prepared.” Again: “Wt signed.”
The account of his expenses, the first item of which is:—“July 10th 1715. Expences in going express from Brussells to London by the way of Calais with the first news of the Pretender, 15l.” 3 pages.
25 Nov. 41. Memorial of the Lady Catherine Jones, daughter of the Earl of Ranelagh, to the Lords of the Treasury, praying for the advance of the 500l. for which she had obtained their minute, and for such other sums as would be necessary for clerks to bring her father's affairs to a satisfactory conclusion When the final accounts of her late father are faithfully stated, it will appear that the many millions said to be unaccounted for, have been applied to the uses for which they were given. 25 Nov. 1715.
In the Minute Book, Vol. 20, p. 193, is:—“My Lords will issue to Lady Katherine Jones, to enable her to pass and finish her father's accounts out of the first publique mony coming into ye Excheqr applicable to such a paymt.”
Also a previous memorial from her of 2 Dec. 1714. See also the same Minute Book, p. 39. 6 pages.
28 Nov. 42. Petition of Nathaniel Blakiston, Esq., to the Lords of the Treasury. As the revenue from tobacco for the support of the Government of Virginia has fallen short, and by the assistance which that government has lent to Carolina the deficiency is greatly increased, and as the Receiver-General has 2,156l. 6s.d. in his hands, and further, as his Majesty's predecessors have always made good the above revenue from the quit-rents, prays that the above sum may be transferred to make good the deficiency. 28 Nov. 1715.
Minuted:—“24th January 1715. Prepare a warrant for the cash now in hand.” 1 page, quarto.
30 Nov. 43. Copy of warrant signed by the Duke of Bolton to Sir Isaac Newton, Knt, & others, “referrees” to H.R.H. Prince George of Denmark, and Mr. Churchill, printer, for the delivery to the author of 300 copies of the Astronomical Observations made by the Rev. John Flamstead, H.M. Astronomer at the Observatory at Greenwich, comprised in a book entitled, Historia Cœlestis, printed at the expense of the above Prince, and for the remaining 40 copies to be sent to the Duke to be disposed of as his Majesty shall think fit. 30 Nov. 1715. 1 page.
Nov. 44. Copy of the Attorney-General's report on the Sheriff of Warwickshire's representations relating to the charge of raising the posse to suppress the riots in and about Birmingham, in the co. of Warwick. Does not know of any law that obliges the Crown to pay the posse for doing their duty. It seems hard that if the constables have been necessitated to make the disbursements that they should not be repaid, but it can only be done by his Majesty, as they cannot make a rate for these expenses. 1 page.
Nov. 45. “Abstract of the accots of his Majesty's stamp duties and moneys ariseing therefrom, now remaining in the hands of John Hamilton, head distributor and collector of the same in North Brittain.” November 1715. 1 double page.
1 Dec. 46. Report of the Attorney-General (Northey) to the Lords of the Treasury. Since he sent in his report on the making of a new auditor, finds he was misled in one matter of fact, which is, that the words “and of all other subsidies whatsoever by Act of Parliament granted, or to be granted,” were anciently in the auditors of the imprests' patents. This induced him to apprehend that the word subsidies should be taken in a restrained sense, and be confined to such as were anciently and properly called subsidies, when the word subsidies was first used in the patents; but until 21 May, 24 Car. II., finds these words were not in the auditors' patents. This has altered the question, and he now thinks the whole clause concerns only customs. Mr Solicitor-General and he often met to consider this question, and it was apprehended by both, and so they were told, that these words were in ancient patents, and they directed their clerks to search at the Rolls “how they had been.” Mr Solicitor-General's clerk laid before his master what was found, but he (the Attorney-General) was not informed thereof. At Mr Solicitor-General's desire, he let him see the rough draft of his report, but did not obtain a similar favour from the Solicitor-General. 1 Dec. 1715.
Also a brief note of various Acts as they touch upon the question of appointment of auditors. 6 pages.
2 Dec. 47. “Copy of a letter to Mr Secretary Stanhope from the Board of Trade, upon the petition of Mons. Durepaire, for some lands in the late French part of St Christophers, dated Decr 2d, 1715.” His claim was void, as neither he nor his wife were naturalized. 2 pages.
5 Dec. 48. Order in Council made on the petition of Edward Semeins, gent., who proposed to raise five millions annually by a scheme which will be so far from being a burthen to the King's subjects, that they will gain great advantage by it, commerce will be made more large and flourishing, and all fraudulent and clandestine practices detected. Petitioner prays that some persons of distinction may be appointed to examine into it, and that he may be rewarded. Petitioner is ordered to attend the Lords of the Treasury with his scheme, who are to examine and report on it. 5 Dec. 1715.
The petition and the paper referred to, which he calls “An Essav.” His scheme was that all persons engaged in inland trading should pay the 120th part of a pound “out of such stock or money as they shall annually in their severall and particular manner of dealings be found to vend or sell.” 9 pages.
6 Dec. 49. Commrs of Customs (Ireland) to the Lords of the Treasury. In obedience to their Lps' commands, ordered their solicitors to attend the Attorney and Solicitor-General to ascertain what legal steps should be taken to possess themselves of the estate of which the late Duke of Ormond was possessed at his attainder. Their answer was that the Crown should issue commissions to inquire of what estate the late Duke was possessed at the time of the attainder. Their solicitors are told that no motion can be made until the act of attainder is transmitted. Custom House, Dublin, 6 Dec. 1715.
Also copy of the case submitted for the opinion of the Attorney and Solicitor-General.
Minuted:—“15 December 1715. Read. Let Mr Cracherode take care that what is here desired be done.” 2 pages.
7 Dec. 50. Report of the Comrs of Hides, &c. to the Lords of the Treasury, on a letter from Portsmouth concerning abuses committed by the sheriffs' bailiffs, in collecting small sums which have been set in super on the accounts of receivers of the duties on houses in former years. Office of Hides, &c., 7 Dec. 1715.
Minuted:—“Read 4 Jan. 1715–16. Lett the sollr enquire further into this matter, and informe himself what particular persons are guilty of this fraud, and p[re]sent their names to my Lords in order to prosecution.”
The letter referred to. 3 pages.
8 Dec. 51. Moses Beranger to the Lords of the Treasury. Sends an account of the tin sent to Amsterdam under his direction. There remains due to him about 21,105l., and the quantity of tin unsold in Holland is about 770 tons. London, 8 Dec. 1715. 2 pages.
8 Dec. 52. Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury. Sending an address of the House of Commons, recommending Captain Arnold Cosbye and several other officers, formerly of Brigadier Wolseley's regiment of horse, to be put upon the list of half pay. Asking for his Majesty's pleasure thereon. Dublin Castle, 8 Dec. 1715.
The address referred to. 3 pages.
8 Dec. 53. Similar letter and enclosure in favour of Captain James Sterling, formerly of the Earl of Donegal's regiment. Same date.
Memorandum that the Lords Justices would readily comply with the request of the House of Commons and lay their recommendation in favour of Captain Sterling before his Majesty.
Also petition of the above Captain James Sterling, detailing his services. He was in the expedition against Cadiz, and by lying in the trenches was incapacitated from going with his regiment to the West Indies, and was deprived of his commission by the Duke of Ormond. 4 pages.
9 Dec. 54. Memorandum that John Clarke, who made an information against one Captain Lane, late Commander of the ship “Herne,” for running goods, had said that he knew nothing of the matter now, and would not appear against him. 9 Dec. 1715. 1 page.
9 Dec. 55. Board of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury, as to what was due to them for providing and sending ordnance and other stores of war to North Britain, also for fortifications abroad, for saltpetre, and for accepting the bills of Mons. Klingraffe for 10,000 muskets and bayonets sent from Holland. 9 Dec. 1715.
Minuted:—“Read 14 Xb~r 1715.” 2 pages.
12 Dec. 56. Report of Mr Thomas Hewett to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of the Keepers of Windsor Great Park, for the repair of the paling there. Sends an estimate thereof, and also of other repairs not valued by the keepers, which the Duchess of Marlborough desired might be represented. Proposes how the repairs may be carred out. 12 Dec. 1715.
The petition and an account of the repairs that are wanting. 6 pages.
12 Dec. 57. Report of the same to the same, on the memorial of the Countess Dowager of Berkeley. Finds by the surveyor's certificate annexed that there remains of the 6,000l. granted by King William to the Countess, to be raised out the scrub, birches, and other trees in Dean Forest, 750l. Is informed that the sum may be raised out of the woods in Dean Forest. Dec. 12, 1715.
The memorial and certificate referred to.
Recommended by Mr Speaker. Minuted:—“15th Decr 1715. The Prevy Seale to be renewed for the 750li remaining.” 3½ pages.
13 Dec. 58. “A method to raise one million of money immediately for the exigency of the public without any new fund.” By Richard Carter. Dated from the Woolpack, in Cornhill. December 13, 1715. [It is a scheme for a lottery.] 3 pages.
13 Dec. 59. Deposition on oath of Richard Wigg, Surveyor and Searcher of his Majesty's Customs for the Port of Charlestown, in the province of South Carolina, before Richard Trott, Esq., Chief Justice of the province, and William Rhett, Esq., H.M. Surveyor and Controller, as to certain goods clandestinely taken on board a sloop, of which Christopher Hall was the master. The Custom House officers were forcibly prevented from searching the vessel. 13 Dec. 1715.
Similar deposition of Walter Clarke, a mariner of H.M. Custom House yacht of Charlestown, to the same effect. 3 pages (brief size.)
14 Dec. 60. Accounts of moneys received in the Alienation Office for fines upon alienations. The last date is 14 Dec. 1715. Signed, “E. Whitaker, Deputy to ye Right Honble ye Earle of Orrery, Recr Genll.” 4 pages.
15 Dec. 61. Presentment of the Comrs for Salt to the Lords of the Treasury. The exportation of pilchards in Cornwall and Plymouth has very much increased of late years, which they take to be owing to fraudulent practices in exporting fish not well cured for the sake of the drawback, &c. This gives besides great demand for foreign salt, which requires the utmost care to secure the duty on it. Recommend the appointment of a supervisor to reside at Fowey, whose district should be from Plymouth to Penzance. Pray a warrant to place such supervisor upon the establishment. Salt Office, 15 Dec 1715. 1½ pages.
[? About
15 Dec.]
62. Petition of Edmund Watkinson, John Sheffield, and William Downer to the Lords of the Treasury. Petitioners are the securities for Edward Carlton, late of London, merchant, who failed, being indebted to the Crown 16,000l. In the sale of the bankrupt's estate the Comrs accepted a proposal from Dr Radcliffe far below the value of the estate. Pray to be heard before the grant passes.
Minuted:—“15th December 1715. Read. My Lords think they cannot hear this matter over again.” 1 page, brief size.
[In the Minute Book, Vol. 20, p. 184. 15 Nov. 1715, is a report of the arguments by counsel at a previous hearing in this case with their Lordships' decision upon it as follows:—“My Lords on considering this case are of opinion that as to ye suretys and credrs of Mr Carlton, they having had due notice when this estate was offered for sale, and none appearing to bid more, have no reason to complain, and therefore my Lords can have no considerac[i]on for them, but their Lops think with Mr Attor. and Mr Sollr that this bargain was not obligatory upon the Crown, in strictness of law. Nevertheless, for ye honor of the Crown, and in justice to the proceedings, my Lords instead of setting the estate to sale again, will move the King to accept the 500li offered, and to grant the Privy Seal immediately, to wch Mr Fellows (being first calđ in againe) agreed to, desiring that in regard to this 500li more bonds may be assigned to protect the estate.”]
17 Dec. 63. Report of the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army to the Lords of the Treasury on a memorial of Mr Merrill in behalf of Mr Howe, praying a warrant for the allowance of a corporal, a drum and 50 privates drafted from the out-pensioners of Chelsea Hospital to reinforce the invalids at Greenwich. The money has been paid to them and should be allowed to Mr. Howe. Privy Garden, Comptroller's Office, 17 Dec 1715.
Minuted:—“Prepare a warrant for Mr Howe for allowing this sum.”
Certificate connected therewith. 2½ pages.
[? About
18 Dec.]
64. Memorial of Elizabeth Sherman, widow, to the Lords of the Treasury. Is reduced from a plentiful fortune by losses and the expense of educating 12 children (seven of whom survive.) Through her Majesty's late almoner obtained 100 guineas a year; a year and a half of which was due at Michaelmas, by which she is in extreme distress. Prays payment and the establishment of her pension.
Minuted:—“18th December 1715. Read. Issue to the Trea[su]rer of the Chambers as much as for a year at Midsr to be pd to Mrs Sherman as part of the 400li p[er] ann. issued to the Tr of Chambers.
23d. To be abstracted and layd before ye King.”
A paper headed:—“Extrait de la requete d'Elizabeth Sherman,” which contains the additional information that she received the pension for service rendered to the Duke of Gloucester (French.) 4 pages.
A letter from Edward Oliver in corroboration.
[? About
18 Dec.]
65. Memorial of Mary Wilson, widow of Dr Thomas Wilson, late physician to the English hospitals in Flanders, to the First Comr of the Treasury, &c. About 10 months previously represented her great misfortunes and the sufferings of her husband, who died of the barbarous usage received from the enemy in Flanders about four years before. No provision was made for petitioner or her children. Mr Pulteney reported that there was no establishment in the War Office for any provision for her as a physician's widow, but mentioned 30l. a year as a sum to be settled upon her by the Treasury, which she presumes is the reason no more was settled upon her. Hopes that this allowance will be thought inferior to her husband's post and character, whose pay was 20s. a day. Prays for an additional pension.
Minuted:—“18th Decr 1715. The 30li p[er] ann. is all the petitioner can have.” 1 page.
10 Dec. 66. Mr Secretary Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury, signifying his Majesty's pleasure that out of the remainder of the 500li ordered to defray the funeral expenses, &c. of Don Bentura de Zari, the late Morocco Ambassador, the bills of his physician and apothecary should be paid prior to any other creditors. Whitehall, 19 Dec. 1715.
Minuted:—“Read 29th Dec. 1715.” 1 page, quarto.
19 Dec. 67. S. Molyneux to Mr Lowndes. Has laid before his Royal Highness's Council the enclosed certificate from the Auditor of Wales of the fees usually paid to the Barons of the Court of Exchequer out of the revenues of Wales, together with the warrant for payment. Is desired to say that there is no objection to the signing of the warrant. St James's, 19 Dec. 1715.
The papers referred to. 3 pages.