Volume 238: Miscellaneous, 1721

Pages 100-116

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 6, 1720-1728. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Miscellaneous, 1721

Documents for which a brief description suffices.
Date. Description of Document. From To Purport.
Between 1718&1821. 1.
William Lowndes, Esq. For 1,862l. 10s. for secret services. (Unsigned.) 1 page.
2 Jan. 2.
Mr Auditor Walpole The Lords of the Treasury. The accounts of Samuel Berwick, Esq., Receiver General of Casual Revenue in Barbadoes, are insufficient, &c., asks for a proper person to be appointed in his stead. 1 page.
4 Jan. 3.
Return of number of men borne and mustered aboard H.M. ships in sea pay. 1 page.
11 Jan. 4.
Report -
R. Powys On the claim of Thomas Harley, Esq., for moneys paid by special command of her late Majesty Queen Anne. 1 page.
15 Jan. 5.
Account -
Money due to the Hon. Geo. Feilding, Esq., to the time of the demise of her late Majesty. 1 page.
17 Jan. 6.
Letter -
Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Grafton). The Lords of the Treasury. For 820l. to be issued to defray the expense of new clothing for the State officers in Ireland. (Two enclosures.) 3½ pages.
[? About 27 Jan.] 7.
James King, on behalf of the Hon. Lord Harley himself, and others. The Lords of the Treasury. Asks to be heard by counsel against any grant to fish for “wracks” within the latitudes of 26 and 40 north in the West Indies; the same being prejudicial to Lord Harley's grant.
Minuted: — “27th Jany. 1720–21. My Lords will hear my Lord Harley's councill upon this matter at any time, provided he gives Mr. Rowe notice to attend at ye same time.” 1 page.
[? About 28 Jan.] 8.
Of service and extra service performed by clerks to Christmas, 1720, connected with the South Sea Company. 3 pages.
3 Feb. 9.
Memorial -
Earl of Cadogan The Lords of the Treasury. For payment of balances due to him as Governor of the Isle of Wight. (One enclosure.) 2 pages.
22 Feb. 10.
Do. - -
Lord Townshend Do. - For payment of 34l. 14s. for seizing Robert Clark, a distributor of stamped paper, late of Norwich, and bringing him to England, the same having gone off with a considerable sum of H.M. money. 1 page.
[? About 11 March.] 11.
Col. John Fane and Col. Berkeley. Do. - - For grant of a warrant for new clothing to the drummers and hautbois of the two troops of Grenadier Guards under their command.
Minuted:—“11th March 1720–1. The Secretary at War may obtain his Majesty's Warrt. for this cloathing to be paid out of the contingencies if he thinks proper.” 1 page.
18 March 12.
Report - -
Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Grafton). Do. - On the petition of Captain Charles Morgan to be restored to half-pay as captain of foot. Recommending his case.
Minuted:—“5 Apr. 1721. Agreed to.” 2 pages.
[About 20 March.]
Petition - Marmaduke Bealing The Lords of the Treasury. For a warrant for an allowance of 10s. a day as Secretary to the Board of General Officers for inspecting the clothing of the army.
Also copy of a certificate and another paper. 3 pages.
22 March 14.
Certificate -
Robert Sedgwick, clerk. As to plate delivered to the Rt. Hon. the Lord Carterett, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the Court of Sweden. 1 page.
[After 25 March.] 15.
Duke of Bolton The Lords of the Treasury. For a warrant for paying the salaries due to the officers of the New Forest. 1 page.
31 March 16.
Debt due upon the extraordinaries of his Majesty's stables. Signed Fr. Negus. 2 pages.
[? About 5 April.] 17.
Sir John Eccles - The Rt. Hon. Robert Walpole, Esq., First Commissioner of the Treasury. Praying for an order to stop the sale of his estate in Ireland during “the badness of the present times.”
Minuted:—“5th April 1721. My Lords adhere to the report of ye Commrs. Revenue in Ireland, dated 14th Janry. 1720.” 2 pages.
[? About 9 April.] 18.
Petition -
Seven officers and clerks of the Tally Court in the receipt of H.M. Exchequer. The Lords of the Treasury. For payment of 195l. 8s., being the same encouragement they formerly had, as they had received no fees from Mich. 1720 to Easter last.
Also certificate. 2 parts of pages.
11 April 19.
Lord Carteret - Do. - For the issue of 1,500l. to the Board of Ordnance, to enable them to replace 300 barrels of powder of that value, which they are about to send to the Emperor of Morocco from Gibraltar. 1 page.
13 April 20.
Certificate -
Robert Sedgwick, clerk. Of delivery of plate from the Jewel office to the Rt. Hon. the Lord Carterett, one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State. 1 page.
16 April 21.
Bill - -
Mr. Manning, his Majesty's Resident with the 13 Canons of Switzerland, and the “Three leagues of the Grisons.” For incidental expenses. Dated Berne.
With note allowing the amount. Signed “Carterett.” 1 page.
18 April 22.
Letter -
Comrs. of Ordnance Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Grafton). For restoration of Captain John Seliok to half pay. 1 page.
24 April 23.
Memorial -
P. Medows - - For half-a-year's salary due to his father, who was a Commissioner for Trade, to whom he was executor.
Minuted:—“25th April 1721. To be paid in proportion as the rest have been.” 1 page.
26 April 24.
Balance Sheet
Comrs. of Forfeitures “Account of money paid by, and due from, the York Building Company.” Parts of 2 pages.
[? About 1 May.] 25.
Petition -
Edward Bangham, Esq., Receiver General of Taxes for the county of Hereford. The Lords of the Treasury. Asks to be heard, before their Lordships appoint another Receiver.
Minuted:—“1 May 1721. Read. My Lord's resolve to appoint Mr. Robert Clayton, Recr. Genl. of ye Taxes for Herefordshr.” 1 page.
[? About 1 May.] 26.
Memorial -
Col. George Feilding For payment of 178l. 14s.d. due in her late Majesty's reign out of the Cofferer's office.
Minuted:—“1 May 1721. To be considered when the state of the Queen's debt is layd before my Lords.” Again “4 May 1721. My Lords order 4/5ths.” 1 page.
2 May 27.
Do. - -
Comrs. of Excise - The Lords of the Treasury. “Relating to accounts of excise, &c., at the Treary., which are refused to be delivered to the Secretary of Excise, though Mr. King, a late clerk belonging to the Treary., recd. the fees due for passing the same.” 2 May 1721.
Minuted:—“18 May 1721. The accot. to be issued.” Two enclosures. 3 pages.
[? About 19 May.] 28.
Account -
“Money disbursed in entertaining grenadiers for the King of Prussia's service and sending them to Hamburgh.”
Minuted:—“19 May 1721. Prepare a S. Manual. 25th do. Warrt. signd.” 2 pages.
22 May 29.
Earl of Cadogan The Lords of the Treasury. For 1,200l. to be imprested on account of robes for mournings and other uses.
Second Minute:—“25th May 1721. Warrt. signd.”
Also an abstract of the moneys due. 2 pages.
25 May 30.
J. Burchett (Admiralty). Do. - Encloses petition of Mr. John Bridger, late surveyor of H.M. woods in America; also a certificate: prays payment of his salary. The Lords of the Admiralty think his case very hard and recommend the payment.
The petition is minuted:—“28th June 1721. Prepare a S. Manual to the Trea'rer Navy to pay Bridger to the time Burniston's Depty. came over.”
Again:—“Warrt. signd. 2nd Aug.” 5 pages.
26 May 31.
Lord Townshend Lords of the Treasury. For 1,000l. to be lodged with the Treasurer of the Chamber for the expenses of the Messengers abroad.
Minuted: — “12th June 1721. Order'd.” 1 page.
May 32.
Memoranda -
As to sums due to Mr. Peter La Roche and Mr. Daniel Crohare.
Docketed: — “Queen's arreares.” 4 pages.
2 June 33.
Commrs. of Victualling. Mr. Walpole - Send an account of the salaries payable to themselves and their officers.
Also the account. 2 pages.
2 June 34.
Account -
Commrs. for Hackney Coaches and Chairs. The charges of the office. 1 page.
17 June 35.
“Memorial & Caveat.”
Charles Cox on behalf of Samuel Cox, president and Commander-in-Chief of Barbadoes. Lords of the Treasury. John Frere, Esq., took the administration contrary to his Majesty's express commands. Objects to the salary being paid to him.
Minuted: — “21st July 1721. To be considered when Mr. Frere applys to the Trea'ry for his salary.” 1 page.
17 June 36.
“Of the produce of wool licences to his Grace, Charles, Duke of Grafton, Lord Lieut. Genl. and Genl. Governor of Ireland from the 18th day of June 1720 to the 17th of June 1721.” 1 page.
20 June 37.
Letter -
John Delafaye - As to a warrant for 1,000l. per ann. to the Duke of Newcastle during the joint lives of the King and the Duke.
Also a brief note on the same subject. 3 pages.
[? About 24 June.] 38.
Scheme -
Entitled:—“A distribution of money and annuity tallys towards payment of the debts of the Civil List.” 1 large page.
25 June 39.
Andrew Shields “My Lord” For speedy payment of balance due to him for subsistence.
Minuted: — “26th June 1721. Prepare a warrt. for 212l. p[er]suant to this petition. Warrt. signd 24th August.” 1 page.
26 June 40.
Bond and counterpart.
“Bank of England. Security for their Cashiers as Receivers of the Lottery, Ao. 1721.” 2 large pages.
26 June 41.
Certificate -
“Of plate delivered out of his Ma'ties Jewell Office to the late Mr. Secretary Craggs.”
Minuted:—“3rd August 1721. Prepare a warrt. for a P. Seal for the discha. of this plate.” 1 page.
29 June 42.
Letter - -
Edward Southwell - Mr. Walpole Asking for payment of the salary of the four clerks of the Council.
Minuted:—“29 June 1721. To be paid up equall with the Board of Trade.” 1 page.
[? June] 43.
Peter Voyer Richaussee. The Rt. Hon. Robert Walpole, Esq., first Lord Commissr. of H.M. Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer. For arrears of his pay for taking care of her late Majesty's saddle horses.
Also certificate. 2 pages.
8 July 44.
Certificate -
Comrs. for Alienations Lords of the Treasury. Of the charges of the Alienation Office. 1 page.
9 July 45.
Order in Council.
Referring the case of William Gratwick and Elizabeth his wife to the Lords of the Treasury. Elizabeth Gratwick having a claim on the government as executrix of Ph. Warwick, Esq., envoy to the Crown of Sweden at the end of the reign of King Charles [II.], King William gave directions that (since money could not be spared) her husband should be employed, and he was afterwards employed as Customer of Chester until 1718, when he was deprived, and thought he ought to be restored.
Minuted:—“9 July 1721. My Lords can do nothing in this.” Five enclosures. 7 pages.
10 July 46.
Cornelius Cayley - Lords of the Treasury. Asks that William Cayley, Gent., may be appointed his deputy as Commr. for Alienations during his absence from London.
Also a letter from the petitioner to Sir Charles Turner, one of the Lords of the Treasury, on the same subject.
Minuted: — “10th July 1721. Agreed to.” 2 pages.
11 July 47.
Lord Townshend - Do. - - For payment of 200l. forthwith to Mons. Carrard, who lately came from Vienna with despatches of great importance. 1 page.
12 July 48.
Memorial -
The Judges - Do. - - For payment of their salaries for last Trinity term, they having suddenly to go their circuits.
Minuted: — “12th July 1721. 6,370l. to be paid to them for Trinity term last past.” ½ page.
13 July 49.
S. Percivall - - Chr. Tilson, Esq. Stating the amount of the salaries and pensions under 100l. a year. Navy Office. 1 page.
13 July 50.
Do. -
Wm. Jessop - Lords of the Treasury. Similar letter as to salaries in the Alienation Office. 1 page.
13 July 51.
Do. - -
Tho. Holdip - Chr. Tilson, Esq. Similar letter as to salaries in the Salt Office. 1 page.
13 July 52.
Certified copy
Of Minute of Council at New York for allowing Mr. Blathwayt 5 p. c. as Auditor-General of their Majesty's revenues arising in America. 1 page.
13 July 53.
Memorial -
Managers and Directors of the Lottery for 700,000l. Lords of the Treasury. Asking for 1,000l. to be paid to Mr. Christopher Rhodes (one of the managers) to pay wages to clerks, &c. Banqueting house. (30 signatures.)
Minuted: — “14th July 1721. 1,000li to be imprested to Mr. Rhodes for the purposes in the memll. mentioned.” 1 page.
14 July 54.
Petition -
William Watkins, Surveyor of H.M. Private Roads. Do Asks for payment of his salary of 200l. per ann. Sir Thomas Hewet, the Surveyor of the works, takes upon himself to set aside the royal sign manual, &c.
Minuted: — “21st July 1721. Read. Sir Thomas Hewett and Brigadier Watkins to attend on Monday morning next.”
Again:—“24th July 1721. Upon a hearing, my Lords direct that the salary of 200li p[er]. ann. granted to Mr. Watkins as Survr. Roads be paid quarterly to him out of the 14,000li (the sum allowed for the ordinary) as it usually has been.’
Also copy of a letter on the same subject. 2½ pages.
14 July 55.
Letter - -
S. Manesty - - Sends account of salaries in the Victualling Office under 100l. per ann.
Also the account. 2 pages.
14 July 56.
Account -
Salaries payable in the Wine Licence Office under 100l. per ann. 1 page.
14 July 57.
Letter - -
Lord Townshend - Lords of the Treasury. For payment of 200l. to Captain Charles Briemer sent hither with despatches of importance from H.M. minister at Stockholm.
Minuted: — “17th July 1721. Order'd. Warrt. signd 24th July 1721.” 1 page.
14 July 58.
Report -
“Fairfax” The Lords of the Treasury. View of the salaries and pensions payable in the Office of Treasurer of the Chamber. 1 page.
28 July 59.
Memorial -
Rice William, a poor Knight of Windsor. Do. - For directions to be given for the repair of his house in Windsor Castle.
Minuted: — “30th Augt. 1721. See the report of the Board of Works.” 1 page.
3 August 60.
Lord Townshend Do. For the reimbursement of 92l. 16s.d. disbursed by Mr. Joshua Kenworthy, the King's agent at Dantzick.
Minuted: — “24th Augt. 1721. Order'd.” 1 page.
11 August 61.
Lord Chamberlain (Newcastle). Do. - For 30l. to be paid to Mr. George Cook as a gift from his Majesty at the christening of his child. 1 page.
21 August 62.
Lord Townshend Do. - - For accounts of the duties on the exports of English manufactures, and of the duties on unwrought silk and dying materials imported. 1 page.
24 August 63.
Return - -
Debts due to the King from the late collectors of the duties on Scots salt, &c. 1 page.
[? About 30 Aug.] 64.
Petition -
John Maddocks - Rt. Hon. Robert Walpole, Esq., Lord Commr. of the Treasury. Is in fear of arrest for debt and of losing his serjeant's place in the guards: prays relief.
Minuted:—“30th Augst. 1721. He has already rece'd a sume of money in full of his pretended service.”
Again:“10th Novr. 1721. My Lords agree to give him ye sume of 10li. by Mr. Lowther upon condition that neither he nor his wife attend or sollicit the Treasury any more.”
There is also a promise signed by them not to trouble the Treasury any more for the above consideration. 2 pages.
[? About the same date.] 65.
Do. -
Do. - The Rt. Honble. Esq. Bayley, one of the Lords of his Maties. Treasury. If he grants his last request he will never be any more troublesome. It has the same minute on it as that above given, viz., on 30th Aug. 1 page.
August 66.
John Gore Lords of the Treasury. Relating to the tin at Hamburgh. There is due to him 21,600l.
Do. - Charles Gore Do. - The first is minuted:—“29th Augt. 1721. The memorialist and his brother Charles Gore to attend my Lords on Thursday morn. next.” 2 pages.
1 Sept. 67.
Letter - -
Lord Cobham - [? Do.] For payment of 40l. to defray the expenses of the swainemote Court of the forest of Windsor.
Minuted:—“10th Octr. 1721. Orderd.” ½ page.
5 Sept. 68.
Bonds -
Governor & Co. of the Bank of England and Thomas Madockes, of London, gent., chief clerk of the Bank of England. The King - To pay 100,000l. in money received into the Receipt of the Exchequer under the act of the last session for raising 500,000l. upon the Civil List Revenues. 2 pages.
[? About 6 Sept.] 69.
Memorial -
Joseph Carpenter Lords of the Treasury. For an advance of money for repair of H.M. private Road leading to Fulham.
Minuted: — “6th Septr. 1721. 600li to be issued to the paymr. upon accot. of these works now in hand.” 1 page.
[About 12 Sept.]. 70.
Henry Villiers - Do. - A year and ¾ is due upon the King's bounty of 100l. a year. Has nothing else to depend on, and by the death of his brother, the Earl of Jersey, and the growing charges of his education at the University, is put to great distress. Prays for the arrears.
Minuted:—“12th Septr. 1721. To be paid the arrear due to him.”
There is also a memorandum that there was granted in 1708 to the widow and children of Col. Henry Villiers (late Governor of Tinemouth Castle) a pension of 300l. vested in the Earl of Jersey. The widow afterwards, with her youngest son, had 100l. of it apart. As she is dead it is hoped the 100l. may be again joined to the 200l. and vested in the Countess of Orkney for the children's use. 2 pages.
12 Sept. 71.
Memorial -
Cofferer of the Household. Lords of the Treasury. For 70,619l. 8s.d. to clear the household expenses for a year.
Two other papers on the same subject. 4 pages.
[? About 13 Sept.] 72.
Petition -
James Merest, one of the clerks attending the service of the House of Lords. Do. - For recompence of his labours.
Minuted: — “13th 7br. 1721. Augment his usual allowance to 100li p[er]. an.” 1 page.
19 and 26 Sept. 73.
Letter -
Lord Carterett - Do. - For payment to be made to Francis Smart, gunmaker, of 500l. for 2,500 gun locks to be shipped to Barbary to Captain Stewart upon his conclusion of the treaty with the Emperor of Morocco.
Another paper on the same subject of 26th Sept.
Minuted: — “4th Novr. 1721. Prepare a warrt. for 1,000li upon account for these locks. Warrt. sign'd 19th Decr. 1721.” 2 pages.
20 Sept. 74.
Memorial -
Samuel Edwin, Usher of the Receipt of the Exchequer. Do. For warrant to the Auditor of the Exchequer to examine, rate, and allow his accounts.
Minuted: — “10th Octr. 1721. Order'd.” ½ page.
23 Sept. 75.
Board of Greencloth Do. - Have made disposition of the 4,000l. tallies assigned in part payment of the household, &c. 1 page.
26 Sept. 76.
Petition -
Ann Powell, widow of William Powell, deceased. The Rt. Hon. Robert Walpole, Esq., First Commr. of the Treasury. Her husband served King William as prime huntsman to the stag hounds forty years. The present King granted him a pension of 40l. per ann., which had ceased at his death: prays for its continuance.
Minuted:—“Septr. 26, 1721. A warrant 30 pr. an.” 1 page.
27 Sept. 77.
Memorial -
Comrs. of Excise Lords of the Treasury. As to proposed surrender of himself by Francis Norwood, a notorious smuggler.
Minuted: — “28 7br. 1721. Read to his Maty. In case Norwood surrendrs and do any service, his Maty. will grant him a pardon and reward his service as ye Comrs. of Excise shall think reasonable. Lre. writ.”
Encloses letter from the Supervisor of Ewell giving the conditions. 2 pages.
[About 27 Sept.] 78.
Daniel Owen - Do. - For appointment to an office in the Custom house.
With letter from him to the Hon. Wm. Lowndes, Esq., in which he says that at the last election for Westminster, notwithstanding he was severely bruised and beaten, he voted in his honour's interest, and created what votes he could, whereby he lost many customers. 2 pages.
29 Sept. 79.
Letter - -
Mayor and [Bailiffs or Jurats] of Yarmouth. The Rt. Hon. Charles Turner, Knt., one of the Comrs. of the Treasury. For their interposition in favour of three tide-waiters discharged through Mr. Negus, a land surveyor.
Minuted:—“4th Octr. 1721. Send a copie of this l~re and the 2 affidts. annexed to the Commrs. Customes, who are to state the cause of the dismission of the 3 tide-waiters as it appeared to them.”
Also two affidavits. 3 pages.
[29 Sept.] 80.
Debt due to the extraordinary expense of H.M. stables and stud, payable by Francis Negus, Esq., Commr. for executing the office of Master of the Horse. 3 pages.
[After 29 Sept.] 81.
Memorial -
Andrew Drummond, Attorney, to the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Lauderdale, Genl. of H.M. Mint, North Britain. Lords of the Treasury. For payment of arrears connected with the mint. 1 page.
2 Oct. 82.
Letter -
Lord Townshend - Lords of the Treasury. As to informations received, connected with the suppression of the gang of smugglers who resorted to Horsham in Sussex. Also eight informations and a letter. 11¼ pages.
3 Oct. 83.
Certificate -
Commrs. of Alienations (Wm. Ashburnham and Cor. Cayley). Do. - Of the produce of the office. The post fines are collected by the Sheriffs and accounted for to the Pipe. 1 page.
3 Oct. 84.
Salary bill -
[? Commrs. of Customs.] List of extra clerks employed in the “Company's service,” with their salaries. 25th Dec. 1720 to 28th Sept. 1721. Numbered 10 and 17. They are probably two of a series. 2 large pages.
13 Oct. 85.
Letter -
Lord Carteret Lords of the Treasury. For payment of a bill for 12,900 dollars to Mr. Moses Beranger who had given a credit to Captain Charles Stewart, H.M. Plenipotentiary for negotiating a peace with the Emperor of Morocco.
Minuted:—“19th October 1721. Prepare the proper warrt. Warrt. signd 25th Octr.” 1 page.
16 Oct. 86.
Do. - -
Do. Do. For payment of a bill of 300l. drawn by Sir Luke Schaub, for money expended by him at Paris for H.M. particular service. Also a schedule of sums issued to the above Schaub. 2 pages.
20 Oct. 87.
Secretary of the South Sea Company. H. Walpole, Esq., Secretary to the Lords of the Treasury. Relating to a subscribed annuity in the name of Brand H. Schilden.
Also another report, a memorial, and “the case.”
Minuted:—“21st Oct. 1721. Read. Make a copie of this rept.” 7 pages.
24 Oct. 88.
Lord Townshend - Lords of the Treasury. Encloses copies of affidavits taken before Mr. Eversfield, connected with the affairs of the smugglers at Horsham.
Also a letter signed:—“M. Tupper,” connected with the same affairs. 9 pages and 3 halves.
24 Oct. 89.
Lord Cartret - - Lords of the Treasury. For arrears to be paid to Mr. Davenant, Mr. Burges, and Mr. Manning, the King's Ministers abroad, whom he had recalled.
Minuted: — “Warrants drawn and signed. 7 Novembr 1721.” 1 page.
31 Oct. 90.
Memorial -
Thomas Lyndford, Sub-Almoner. Do. - - For sums due to the Lord Almoner and others.
Minuted:—“Orderd.” 1 page.
[? About 31 Oct.] 91.
Of the creditors of the office of Ordnance: pray payment of their debt. (Printed.) It is stated that the creditors consisted of above 500 families.
Minuted:—“31st October 1721. Read. There is no provision made by Parliament for this debt, therefore my Lords can do nothing in it. 2 pages.
[After 1 Nov.] 92.
Petition -
Elizabeth Frere, widow and administratrix of John Frere, Esq., deceased. Lords of the Treasury. Prays payment of a moiety of the salary of the Governor of Barbadoes.
Also a certificate. Dated 1 Nov. 1721. 2 pages, much decayed.
4 Nov. 93.
Letter - -
Lord Carteret - Do. - For directions to be given for payment of the allowance of 1,000l. per ann., granted by the King to Col. Charles Du Bourgay, Lieut. Governor of Jamaica.
Minuted: — “9th April 1722. Prepare a p. seal for paying 1,000li. p[er] ann. to Colo. Du Bourgay, as Lieut. Govr. of Jamaica, out of the revenues of that Island, in the form and manner as hath been before used.” 1 page.
6 Nov. 94.
Account -
Produce of the several branches of the Civil List revenues.—Exchequer, Auditor's Office. 1 page.
14 Nov. 95.
Anthony Cracherode Lords of the Treasury. For 500l. to be imprested to him.
Minuted:—“500 to Mr. Cracherode, and to deliver in an account of ye law suits depending, and a state of them.” 1 page.
[? About 18 Nov.] 96.
Order - -
Lords of the Treasury Mr. Cracherode - To pay Mr. West, one of H.M. counsel, his fees for his attendance at the Board of Trade twice a week, about H.M. affairs, at the rate of 3 guineas for every attendance.
Minuted:—“18th Novr. 1721. Order'd. L~re writ.” 1 page.
27 Nov. 97.
T. Fauquier Various particulars as to her late Majesty's tin unsold. Mint Office, 27 Nov. 1721. Another paper on the same subject. 2 pages.
2 Dec. 98.
Report -
Comrs. for the debts due to the Army. The King In favour of allowances being made to certain regiments which served in Portugal in the late war; for the maintenance of mules.
Minuted:—“Warrt. signd 19th Jan. 1721–2.” 1 page.
4 Dec. 99.
Richard Payn, of Wallingford, Berks, gent. Lords of the Treasury. For further stay of process to enable him and his fellow securities to discharge the debt of Robert Payne.
Minuted: — “Warrt. for stay of process for 6 months, is sign'd 19th Decr. 1721.” 1 page.
5 Dec. 100.
Letter - -
Lord Carteret - - Do. - - Transmits report from the Comrs. appointed to determine the debts due to the army.
The report is not now with the letter, and there is nothing to show to what they related.
Minuted:—“10th Janry. 1721. To Audrs. Imprest to prepare a S. Manual.” ½ page.
9 Dec. 101.
Letter -
Lord Carteret - - Lords of the Treasury. For directions to be given to pay Mr. Chirac, jeweller, 500l. for a diamond ring by his Majesty's order sent to Spain.
Minuted: — “15 Decr. 1721. Warrt. sign'd accordingly.” 1 page.
11 Dec. 102.
Do. -
Comrs. for the debts due to the Army. Do. - For directions to be given to issue to each of them 125l. for his allowance. 1 page.
11 Dec. 103.
Do. -
Do. - Do. - - For payment of 750l. in part of his allowance to Mr. James Moody. 1 page.
14 Dec. 104.
F. Osborne - William Lowndes, Esq. For arrears of wages (in the Queen's time) due to Mr. Osborne, to whom he was executor. Is at his son Digby's. He says, “if you knew the tenth part this family hath suffered by the Crown you would think they had hard measure. Sr. John Digby was prisoner in the Fleet several years for money borrowed for the King's service in those unhappy times.” 1 page.
[? About 14 Dec.] 105.
Petition -
Robert White, grandson and executor of Robert White, deceased, coroner of the verge, &c. Lords of the Treasury. For a warrant for salary due to the late coroner (during King William's time).
Minuted: — “14th Dec. 1721. Order'd accordingly.” 1 page.
14 Dec. 106.
Letter - -
Charles Carkesse (Customs). Mr. Lowndes - Sends copy of a letter from the Collector of Falmouth, announcing that a tide surveyor had given leave to the master of a ship under quarantine to sail; for which he was suspended.
The letter referred to. There is also another paper which appears to have been sent by the Collector of Falmouth, relating to the manufacture of copper and brass, and complaining of the importation, under fallacious titles, of metals from abroad. 6½ pages.
11 and 16 Dec. 107.
Two letters
Lord Falmouth Mr. Lowndes On the above quarantine business, also two other letters and an extract from another on the same subject. 6½ pages.
18 Dec. 108.
Ja. Hilhouse - Daniel Campbell, Esq., M.P. Gives a long account of the tobacco trade carried on at Bristol, Scotland, Liverpool, &c. Dated at Bristol. 1 page.
[? About 19 Dec.] 109.
Do. - -
William Norris - The Hon. Robert Walpole, Esq. For a letter in his favour to the Comrs. for Hackney Coach Licences, he being anxious to obtain a licence.
Minuted: — “19th Decr. 1721. Enquire if Pugh, lately recommended by the Chancr. to the Comrs. for the like favour, be made a coachman.” 1 page.
19 Dec. 110.
Comrs. for Stamp Duties. Lords of the Treasury. Setting forth the hardships arising out of the deduction of 6d. in the pound, the difficulty of renewing their contracts with the stationers, &c.: asking for directions. 2 pages.
25 Dec. 111.
Account -
“Extraordinary payments made by concordatum from 25 Dec. 1719 to the 25th of December 1721.” 3 pages.
[? 1721 or 1722.]. 112.
Noah Regnaut Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Grafton). Prays to be put upon the halfpay list again, having been employed by the Crown from 1689.
[? About 1721.] 113.
Of part of Act of Parliament entitling persons holding debentures to an annuity at 4 per cent. in lieu thereof. 3 pages.