Volume 237: 1721. Classified. Part II

Pages 99-100

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 6, 1720-1728. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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1721. Classified. Part II

1721. 1. Several papers connected with lottery affairs for the year 1721, or about that period (some being undated are perhaps later).
One of them is docketed:—“Scheme for a lottery of 50,000l. for Greenwich Hospital, 1721.” 15 papers, wtth one or two enclosures.
2. Letters of the Comrs of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury relating to salaries, powder, &c. Also two estimates, 6 papers.
3. Memorials of Robert Jacomb, Deputy of Sir Robert Walpole, Paymaster General; with one or two from Sir Robert Walpole and the Earl of Lincoln addressed to the Lords of the Treasury for issues of money for subsistence, pay, &c. Horse Guards. 30 papers and some enclosures.
4. Various papers relating to the late Queen's debts, including a list of salaries in arrear, and an account of the income and issues of his Majesty's Civil List revenues. 11 papers.
5. Scotland. Accounts of salaries and incident charges of the Commissioners and Trustees for the forfeited estates and their officers. One of the papers contains a list of the persons and the yearly value of their estates remaining to be sold. 4 papers.
6. Papers relating to the affairs of the South Sea Company, including a return to the House of Commons. There are two memorials of contracts between the Company and the Governor and Company of the Bank of England. Dated 28 and 30 October 1721, and a paper docketed:—“For the Bill for the relief of the unhappy sufferers in the South Sea Company.” This last consists of a series of resolutions, the first of which is:—“That the late Sub-Governor and Directors of the South Sea Company, and their officers, and their aiders and abettors, in lending out the Company's money upon stock and subscriptions, without taking sufficient security for repaymt thereof, have been guilty of a notorious breach of trust and have thereby occasioned great loss to the Company, for which they ought to make satisfaction out of their own estates.”
Some of the papers are docketed:—“For Mr Lowndes,” and they were probably under his consideration. 21 papers (one with enclosures).
7. A few papers touching expenses of his Majesty's stables and stud. One relates to the “debt in the stables, whilst the Duke of Somerset was Master of the Horse to her [late] Majesty.” 7 papers.
8. Reports of the Comrs of Taxes to the Lords of the Treasury on claims made by Receivers General of Taxes, &c. 5 papers and enclosures.
9. Two estimates of the debt for the Transport Service. 3 pages.
10. Various reports and papers connected with business of the Board of Works, relating to repairs of “the guard rooms, officers and sutlers at St James, Tilt Yard, and Whitehall; works at the Bird Cage house in St James's Park; extraordinary work performed by direction of the Lords of the Treasury; proposed lazarettes in case the plague should break out; stables for the service of the young princesses; also the debt of the office, &c. 10 papers (one or two with enclosures).
11. Warrants of the Lord Chamberlain to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for the delivery of various articles. (Part of a series.) 4 pages.