Volume 245: 1723. Classified

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Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 6, 1720-1728. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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1723. Classified

1723. 1. Reports of the Controllers of the Accounts of the Army (Medows and Bruce, and in one instance, H. R. Westfaling added) to the Lords of the Treasury. (1.) On the state of the accounts of the Regiments of Foot commanded by the late Major General Wightman, the late Brigadier Bowles, and Col. Thomas Harrison. (2.) On the memorial of Captain Verman on behalf of the Captains of Col. Franke's late Regiment. Minuted:—14th Augt 1723. My Lords do not think fit to give any directions in this matter.” (3–8.) On memorials of Mr. Missing, Contractor for Victualling the Garrisons of Placentia, Annapolis Royal and Gibraltar. 36½ pages.
2. “An Accompt of the debt which at Michaelmas day 1723 was due and owing to his Majesty's servants and others payable in the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office, distinguished under General heads of expence, and by the several quarters in which the same became due and payable.” Signed:—“C. Stanhope, Trea[su]rer of the Chamber's Office, October 1st, 1723.”
Another Account for the quarter ended at Midsummer day 1723. Dated 12 Dec. 1723.
Also certificate of arrears due to Mr Daniel Malthus, Apothecary to her late Majesty's person. Minuted:—“27th Feb. 1722. A moiety ordered out of the first money that shall come into tħe Excheqr of the Queen's arrears.” 11½ pages.
3. Four warrants signed “Holles Newcastle” to the Master of the Great Wardrobe to provide a large folio bible for the use of the Warders at the Tower, and various articles of furniture at other places. 5 pages.
4. Four papers connected with the Civil List. The first is:—“A Declarac[i]on of the expence on accot of the Civil List for the year commencing Micħas 1722 and ending Micħas 1723,” &c. Two others are “Gross and Nett Income of the Civil List Fonds stated from the Weekly Certificates transmitted to the Treasury.” 19½ pages.
5. Reports of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury and one or two other papers connected with Customs affairs. The reports are chiefly on smuggling cases, one of which relates to the division of the shares, arising out of the seizure of 10 smuggling vessels, between the Commander of the “Solebay” man-of-war and the Custom House Officers. There is also a letter relating to the expected arrival on the coast of St. Malo of a French ship infected with the plague, and a report as to ships coming from Egypt, from which there was a fear of plague.
Another letter relates to a complaint of rudeness on the part of Officers of Customs in examining the baggage of the Morocco Ambassador. 46 pages and 6 halves.
6. Two Memorials and a Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury (1) as to auditing the accounts of the duties on hides; (2) as to a petition of Robert Payne and a bond for 5,000l. given by Thomas Crabb Junr to one of the Collectors of Excise; and (3) as to the resignation of Mr Isaac Hide one of the General Accountants in the office, and the recommendation of successors. 9 pages.
7. Various financial papers, including:—“A state of the Public Debt at the Receipt of his Majtys Exchequer;” an “Abstract of the gross and nett produce of the several revenues under the management of the Commissioners of Excise, in that part of Great Britain called Scotland;” a “State of the supplies for the year 1723.” &c. 23 pages (some double).
8. Memorials &c. connected with Lottery affairs; the first relates to exchange of tickets for certificates and is minuted:—“17 July 1723. Renew ye comn with Musgrave and Newnham instead of Arnold and Duncomb.” 4 pages.
9. Memorials chiefly signed “S. Compton” or “Robt Jacomb Depy” addressed to the Lords of the Treasury representing the necessity of remittances to Port Mahon and Gibraltar, and enclosing proposals from Henry Furnesse to give his bills at the rates he specifies. Also other demands for pay of guards and garrisons in Great Britain and elsewhere. Dated Horse Guards. 18½ pages.
10. Four papers addressed to the Lords of the Treasury entitled:—“Abbreviate by Sir Robert Sinclair, Barrt, Receiver Genl in Scotland; of receipts, payments and remains of the rents and profits and sale of the forfeited estates in Scotland.” 1 July, 1 Sept., 1 Oct., and 1 Dec. 1723.
Also “an account of what money has been paid into the Excheq[uer] of Scotland from the rents, profits and sale of the forfeted estates, from the commencement of the commission for forfeitures there; what has been paid thereout to creditors or otherwise and what now remains therein (vizt) on the 8th July 1723.” 5 large pages.
11. Certificates or memorials signed:—“Jno Monteage Accota Genll” and one signed:—“Gilbert Heathcote, Govr” [of the Bank of England] addressed to the Lords of the Treasury as to the state of the capital, or joint stock, erected by Act of Parliament 1 Geo. cap. 19. and transferable at the Bank of England: also as to the deficiency to be made good to the Treasurer of the Navy appointed by act of the 5th year to be supplied out of the general yearly fund of 724,849l. 6s. 101/5d. established by another act 3 Geo. [I.] &c.
In that of 28 Jany it is mentioned that the Bank was to receive 3l. per cent. for paying the interest at their own cost as also in reward for their service upon all bills to be circulated by them, so long as they shall exceed one million in principal, and an allowance after the rate of 20s. per cent. per ann. for the like when under a million. And further that the Court of Directors of the Bank of England memorialise for six months allowance.
The memorial of 3 May is docketed:—“Relating to Exchequer Bills, The Loan to ye Trea[su]rer of ye Navy and the charges for the annuity offices.” 8 pages.
12. Three reports of the Comrs for Taxes to the Lords of the Treasury (1) recommending the augmentation of the salary of the General Surveyor of the Duties on Houses in London the same being at present 70l. per ann. and further recommending that Mr Thomas Sanderson, a surveyor in the country, be appointed for London, Middlesex, and Westminster, and that Mr James Underwood, a surveyor in Staffordshire be appointed in the room of Mr Sanderson and that Mr Robert Winniatt the present General Surveyor of London, &c. be removed to Staffordshire.
Minuted:—“4th Feb. 1722–3 My Lords agree to this representation.”
(2) On the backwardness of the payments of Sir Robert Sinclair, Bart., Receiver General of the land taxes in Scotland. Also as to the difficulty of prevailing with the regiments quartered in Scotland to take their subsistence of the Receiver: asking that orders may be given to the troops to take their subsistence from the Receiver General. Memorial enclosed.
Minuted:—“12 June 1723. A l~re to ye D. Paymar, Mr Jacomb to attend on Fryday & Mr Douglas to the Barons abt the arrears.”
(3) On the backwardness of the Receivers Payments on the Land tax, 1722. Several counties and several Receivers are more remiss than they have been in former years notwithstanding the threatening letters sent to them. Have very little power to compel the Receivers to clear and pass their accounts till Michaelmas term after the expiration of the year, and then only by mean-process, to which they are not obliged to plead till the term following. 5 pages.
13. Papers of the Surveyor General and the officers of the Board of Works, viz., (1) Report on the Memorial of Charles Earl of Carlisle, late Constable of the Tower of London as to the state of repair of certain houses of the officers and warders which are also places of reception for prisoners. The estimated cost for repair is 4,922l. 0s. 2d. A new building would be of more service if a convenient place within the Tower could be found. There is a strong large Tower commonly called the White Tower which may be very proper and secure for prisoners and large enough for such a purpose without taking away the Record Office. This may answer all ends and at a reasonable charge and much less than a new building, &c., which may be thought to crowd up the spaces and obstruct the air.
Minuted:—“Agreed to. The repairs to be done gradually.” (Also the memorial) (2, 3, and 4) States of the Debt in the Office of Works. 6½ pages.